Big Brother 15: Round 2 Of Final HoH Later Today

Andy and Spencer on Big Brother 15

The second round of the final HoH competition is nearly upon us. Typically part 2 of the three-parter is held on Saturdays and features a physical skill comp. The winner of this round will earn a seat in the third round and face the first round’s winner.

If you’re waiting until the next episode to learn how round 1 went then turn away now. Otherwise let’s carry on for a little speculation.

GinaMarie has locked in her place for Round 3 which means Andy and Spencer will face off later today. Neither player could really be considered a competition king, though both have won comps and had their moments. Andy has 2 HoHs and 2 Vetoes to Spencer’s 1 HoH and 1 Veto so there’s a slight edge to Andy but nothing dramatic.

I would expect this challenge to introduce a physical element while requiring a strong knowledge of events in the season. Andy has the lead here. He knows his dates, events orders, and general season trivia. If it was a straight up knowledge challenge then I’d be calling it for Andy now, but the physical element keeps this one up for grabs.

While we’ve seen cases of HGs throwing a final HoH comp because of their confidence on being dragged to the finish line, I do not see that to be the case here. Both Andy and Spencer will want and need this win for a guaranteed chance at the Final Two.

Last year the second round’s results weren’t revealed until well in to the night on the final Saturday so it’s difficult to predict when we’ll hear an update on this. Of course we’ll be watching the Feeds around the clock to make sure we know when it starts and will be ready to report back as soon as we hear the results.

Which HG do you want to win Round 2? Andy or Spencer? Why?

If you join us on Facebook, Twitter, or by Email then we’ll let you know when the Round 2 of Big Brother 15’s Final HoH is complete.


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  1. Didn’t we just have a comp with events and knowledge of the season in the last veto? The fly on the wall comp was a knowledge comp. We didn’t have the comp with the blended faces yet, did we? We may see that this time.

    • They can’t repeat every comp on every season. But they may do that one. But it usually is part knowledge and part physical.

  2. For the life of me, I simply can not understand the hatred towards Andy…being called a rat and snake not playing the BB game…a game of letting both(all) sides think you are part of them….it got him to the end rounds….as much as I dislike Spencer..I dislike GM more..her rudeness, foulmouth and overall demeanor makes me not want her in the final two. I think this has been a great season, after all why do we watch BB but for the lying, backstabbing and flipflopping…I did however not enjoy all the hatred and racist remarks from Aaryn, GM and the horrible remarks from Amanda. They will find how America feels once they leave the jobs…etc…too late gals..should have kept your mouths shut..Thanks for a great season tho BB.

    • Hey Wayne…so exactly how ARE you related to Andy? He’s not only a RAT and a SNAKE….but a lying backstabbing CRYBABY who couldn’t win anything until there were only 4 people left in the house….a totally disgusting crybaby rat…but the other 2 left aren’t much better. Worst F3 EVER!!!

      • Oh yea…in case you haven’t heard, Andy doesn’t have a job when he get’s out either…all unemployed…as it should be :)

      • Spencer still has his job, thanks to being in a union, but GM ans Andy are both unemployed, as it should be. I look for the railroad that Spencer works for to find reasons to let him go, in the not-to-distant future, but for now…his job is safe.

      • What I read is the company Spencer works for is looking into his behavior…he is representing his company as he gave the name of where he works so they can let him go if they so choose….no union can protect him from his vial behavior! If he wouldn’t have given the name of his company, he might have a chance to stay…not the case!!!

      • Clearly, you have never been union. His union will protect him as long as Spencer did not violate any part of the collective bargaining agreement.

      • The company is very careful when they talk about Spencer’s status as an employee. He is a union member and has the right to challenge and file grievance against any disciplinary action by his employer. Obviously the company is concerned about his bad behavior that hey have to release statement to the press. I have a feeling he could be in trouble and the company is just following the proper procedure per Unions contract…..i have some knowledge about union.

      • Right..Something like six steps proceedings before it goes to a labor fact is, It’s hard to fire a Union member.

      • But not impossible. His boss said he could not fired him while he was on a leave of absence, but as soon as he would come back, he said he would fired on the spot. Then he will be allowed to file a grievance, but with all the video evidence, I doubt he has a chance to win.
        BTW I was in a Union for a long part of my career. Union are not all powerfull, except when you work for the government.

      • Well, I’m not sure about that. Unless he violated a part of the collective bargaining agreement, he can’t be fired. If the RR fired people because of rude, perverted comments, who would conduct the trains? Choo, choo!

      • Oh yeah, It’s not impossible. It’s a high profile company. It would be interesting to see the Unions contract. I have no doubt the company’s lawyer have been checking if Spencer has violated anything. Unions lawyer will do the same thing……………I was once a Union steward.

      • All contract have an all inclusive clause that cover “conduct detrimental to the company”. Spencer will be fired. The company will take their chance with the court.
        Again, if it was a government job, then it’s another ball of wax.

      • Captain, the contract between my Union and the Company does not have that. Unless the local company of “Big Three” (haha) have chosen to not enforce it in the last 24+ years locally. I would think that getting busted for theft and being in drug ring would have fallen into such a thing. Just saying.

      • the company said they will fire spencer because of his drug use and he freely admitted to using drugs on BB

      • As a 24+ year member of the UAW let me state that they cannot fire him while he is on a leave of absence. They also cannot fire him “as soon as he gets back”. What they can and in my opinion will do is immediately begin to watch for an opening in which to start the process of terminating him. If I were Spencer, I would be watching my breaks, my attendance, my job performance and most importantly my attitude towards my supervisor. Insubordination would be the easiest and quickest way to get him. I am in no way condoning his horrible actions, just stating what Iknow from my own years as a union member.

      • Lisa,

        Andy did not get fired from his job…he is a part time professor…meaning he only gets a contract for that semester…and at the beginning of the season he stated he didn’t have a job at that time….

      • But the college issued a statement that ne would no longer be employed there. Something to the effect that they did not condone his actions. Not the lying and backstabbing but the trash talking of other HG and talking about wanting to kill Elissa.

      • I never said he “got fired”…I said he was unemployed as the school he worked for said he was not coming back to work for them…ie…UNEMPLOYED!!!!!

      • Yippeeeee! Just what I wanted to hear. There is no way that his institution should have allowed him to return. I hate to see people lose their jobs (or not be asked to return). However, there is no way in hell that Andy should be allowed to continue to teach college age students.

      • Andy is not a part-time professor. That is a doctored up resume used either by him or by BB.

        1. Community colleges rarely employ ‘professors’. They use lecturers, teachers assistants, and instructors.
        2. A Professor needs to have a PhD. Most Assoc. and Asst. professors do as well.
        3. Andy has a masters. Some schools hire adjunct professors with Masters degrees, usually to fill in for the summer term, and dependent upon the area of study.
        4. Andy has a masters degree and has worked at a community college and is therefore unlikely to be more than a contract per-term/per-class instructor. I highly doubt that school will renew a contract with him based on the misogynistic language he used during bb (considering more than half of all college students are women).

        He better like busing tables at Dicks, and he better hope he wins more than $94 from the comps, cause he’s gonna need it.

        Andy for 3rd!

      • Not all professors have a doctorate degree. Some professors only have a masters degree (especially when the degree is terminal like a MFA). However, part-timer and adjuncts are never professors. They are hired on an as needed basis and are not offered contracts. And, you can be fired from an adjunct/part-time faculty position. When the department does not ask you to return,you can consider yourself fired.

      • And, how do you know that it is not true? Do you work in a college or university setting? Are you responsible for hiring faculty members? If it were not true, I would not have wasted my time typing it.

      • Actually, I do. I do have to sign a contract every semester. My title is Adjunct Professor because of my length of employment and hours taught. I worked my way up from part-time faculty, adjunct faculty, adjunct associate professor, adjunct assistant professor to Adjunct Professor. If I am not offered a contract for the following semester, I am not considered fired. It simply means the class didn’t make, although this has never happened to me personally. We have a very strong union and represent the majority of the teaching force at the college. At my college we have 165 full time faculty and over 800 adjuncts. I have a masters degree plus 30.

      • I have never heard of anything like that……and I mean never. Doesn’t mean that it is not true, though. Full time faculty member are not promoted based on years of service, so I don’t understand why a part time faculty member would be promoted based on that. Are you eligibible for tenure, as well? Just asking.

      • Full time faculty receive tenure after six years, so in effect, tenure is a promotion. Adjunct tenure is a little different. My tenure allows me first choice on assignments, and if my class doesn’t make I can bump someone else from theirs. It gets complicated, and favors faculty who have achieved a higher status. Not all CC are the same. I just happen to work for a good one.

      • You have no clue as to the structure of CC. Most faculty members DO NOT have PHDs and their titles are either Asst. or Assoc. Proffs. People with PHDs are at colleges and universities. Part-time adjunct are contracted each semester, and they can certainly hold proff titles. Andy did not get fired, but the college may no ffer him a new contract for Spring.

      • I said 1) he’s not a professor, 2) he’s a contracted adjunct at best, 3) he’s likely under contract.

        You really need a reading comprehension class.

      • People with PHds do teach at community colleges e.g. Dr (Mrs.) Biden. I have friends with PhD who teach at community colleges. It all depends on which state you are in. Also, you can be a ‘full-time’ adjunct which my husband is. He does not get benefits but he is guaranteed 6 classes a year. He has a PhD.

      • Are you sure Andy lost his job Lisa? I haven’t heard that. I know Spencer is going to be punished and also had the police involved after he made those comments re: the kids but I didn’t hear a word about Andy loosing his job (although, I think he SHOULD). I only heard about Aaryn and GM!! I guess we’ll see what happens when the show ends!!

      • Yes, terrible F3, but in terms of playing the game, I have had a change of heart…I would want Andy to win over the others. They did NOTHING; call Andy a rat, but at least he earned his F3 seat.

    • It’s ok however for Andy to keep bashing on Elissa every moment of everyday for no reason at all? That alone doesn’t make me want to like Andy. I could care less who gets it at this point because I don’t think any of them are “good people” or deserving of $500,000. With that being said, that’s just my opinion. I am one of the people who dislike Andy most of all and it’s because of everything that he is and everything he ISN’T!

      • So you COULD care less who gets it at this point? Meaning, part of you actually could care less than you do right now… Nice!

      • Get a brain and start saying “couldn’t care less” instead of “could care less.”

      • I don’t like the things Andy said, but let’s not forget GM with her n****** insurance comment, and her several racist comments…and Spencer isn’t any better, especially regarding his comment about child porn!

      • My response was about Andy and the person or person’s who think he is so innocent with his words. I haven’t forgotten anything that any of them have said or done.

    • I agree that Andy’s lying and backstabbing is part of the game but that is not way people dislike Andy. The reasons we dislike him are that he is a crybaby. If there is even a threat that Andy will be put in an uncomfortable position, he starts crying about it to everyone, like when he thought Elissa would put him up on the block. For him to cry to Spencer, who was on the block 5 or 6 times already by that point was comical. And Andy was crying BEFORE he was even nominated!
      Then there is Andy talking about himself as if he is the best BB player ever. Please. Andy is fortunate to be among morons who joked about him popping in on every conversation but then trusted him!

      Finally, there is the constant Elissa bashing. The way he says, “When I get the chance I am going to tell her how I really feel”, then he never says a word. He is a coward in addition to being a crybaby. In the meantime he trashes her, Judd and McCrae behind their backs. Calling Elissa’s step son an idiot and Elissa a C word is not game play and it is not nice. It is obvious to me Andy is not a good person outside the house. Lying to someone’s face without blinking is not something he acquired in teh house. It is something he has practiced before ever coming into the BB house.

      All of these things make Andy a very unlikeable person which is why his popularity is near zero among BB fans.

    • The season is almost over, and you still don’t understand why Andy’s popularity is dead zero? I don’t understand you !

    • It’s not just the lying it’s the way he goes about it. Backstabbing someone that’s his best friend and part of his alliance. Then talking trash all the time about everyone. And you think GM is worse then Spencer? Spencer is the most vile, disgusting person I have ever seen. His perverted, sexual, disgusting remarks every single day in my book makes him the worst player ever in BB History. But then again your a guy so maybe you’ve enjoyed his behavior.

    • Personally, I get why people “hate” Andy (he is pretty annoying and talks a ton of unnecessary trash), but the guy HAS played a very good game. His deceitfulness got Helen, Amanda, and Elissa evicted. HIS vote could’ve saved both Helen and Amanda (which he swore he was working with), and he turned McCrae into a sucker and had him go after Elissa.

      He laid low in the beginning, but turned it on as the house guests started to dwindle. He cut ties at the right time, and won competitions when he needed to the most.

      Andy is a trashy individual, but he’s played a solid BB game. Don’t blame Andy for being a rat, blame the other house guests for not catching on to him. It’s easy for us viewers to see all the lying he’s done, but everyone in the house has no idea he was playing all of them. Amanda’s reaction when she found out he played her sums it up.

    • It’s weird that you don’t get it. No one cares that Andy lied – BB is a game predicated on deception, after all. What bothers most is that after he took competitors out he continued to trash them in very vile ways, and sometimes extending to family members. So did GM and SP, but I’d say that Andy did it worse than any of them, and often was the instigator for Elissa hating conversations. Those conversations were not necessary to play the game, since the competitor was out, and it just displayed how Andy’s skill at lying, betrayal and general ew-ness are not just a game-playing strategey, but part of his inherent personality. That’s why people don’t like him. That’s why I’ll enjoy watching his face when Elissa gets the $25,000 check. And that’s why I’ll *really* enjoy watching his face if he goes out in 3rd place, with just $94 in his pocket.

    • Anyone who constantly states they hate someone even when those people are nice to you makes you a rat. He only had loyalty to a nasty hateful vindictive person, Amanda and she was just blowing smoke you know where and he liked it. If he wins gets to the end and wins the big money then someone is askew. He was so bragging about how he lied to everyone so to me, yes, he is a rat weasel just like the others who did the same. There is a better way to play the game and still be liked.

  3. I hope Spencer wins this because Andy has been nothing but a rat through out the whole season and playing everyone. Playing everyone I guess is a good play but ratting out and turning on the ones who trusted you most and that has been there for you is not right. Gina Marie I hooe wins it all though.

  4. I absolutely do NOT want that rat bastard Andy to win anything!!! He’s a slimy little weasel! Even though I don’t think any of the three are deserving of anything short of a good “flogging” I would rather see GinaMarie win..maybe she could use the money to take classes in English,spelling,speaking&most of all ETTIQUETTE lessons!! I can’t believe she’s been involved with Pagents.

  5. I think it’s funny how all these comments talk about how horrible people are for talking trash but all they’re doing is talking trash! Hmmmm

    • If BB did not want us to engage in talk about the contestants they would not give us a chance to vote for our Favorite player. We watch these people on the show and we comment on what we see.

      • These HGs are trapped with no where to go and they comment on what they live. Then they are judged by what they say and do. I’m just pointing out it’s lucky some of these comments are not being judged with $500, 000 at stake.

      • Every season the house guests are locked in the house under the same conditions. It just seems like this year we have seen more nose picking, more ball scratching, more cursing and use of the C word, more trashing of families, less showering, more farting, more graphic sex talk and more inappropriate comments than in the past. People are reacting to it.

      • I agree with you Prince. I have to think that these F3 must be just what they portray themselves as in the house. I can’t believe they just did the things they did just for the show. They have to be that way in the real world. How sad for them and their families.

      • I agree they have done some horrible things. I’m just glad I’m not judged for the things I say and do. I have only the people that know and care about me to judge me. That being said, I don’t put myself in these kinds of situations.

      • You hit on a good point, and it makes me think about Andy in RL. If I were a friend or family member of his, after watching this stuff, I don’t know that I could ever look at him the same way again. He clearly is excellent at lying, but worse, he’s really good at saying nice things to your face, and despicable things behind your back. I can’t imagine ever being able to trust him fully after seeing him expose that part of himself so clearly.

      • As long as it adds to the conversation, and it’s approved by the moderator, I don’t give a s**t on what kind of comments they want to post here. I’m ok with everything that’s going on here.

      • I never said I wasn’t okay with it. Comment on! I’m just not going to judge people so harshly when I’m not living in their situation. You judge and comment all you want.

      • She said “comment all you want”, but she thinks comments here are harsh, and we have to be more…give me a break !!…that’s why this board is fun.haha

      • So just because they’re trapped in a house it’s okay for them to make racist comments, talk about child porn, make disgusting sexual comments every single day? This is how they probably act in the real world. They know they’re cameras on them 24/7. And they knew what they were getting into before they went into the house. So please don’t make excuses for the terrible behavior.

      • I never said it was okay and I never made excuses. I just find it interesting that people are making such strong comments. It’s a free world. Judge and comment all you want. All I said was it’s interesting to me. Carry on lavendargirl, carry on.

  6. On the plus side these 3 HGS return to the real world with no job…at least Andy and GM’s job loss confirmed. Spencer is still iffy with the railroad, he still has some explaining to do with the police.
    Between the rat and pig I want the pig to pull out the round two win…why? It will be GM/rooster and the pig in F2 round…I am going to be okay, since I am force to choose. Yuck. I want rat boy to give us something on the feeds other than obsessive Elissa hate…I want him to beg and see what kind a drama, bus running rover, backstabbing lies he will spin to attempt to get to the F2. Spencer and GM are thinking Andy is not the way for them to see the money. Spencer and GM any money is good for them, their words..but Andy wants the 500k and AFP hahaha I say no cheese for the rat..When GM was on the block the last time she had a revealing conversation with Spencer…she said you are my new NIck…Spencer. If this is true we know where her loyalty is. We know Andy will take Spencer simply because he hates females.

    • I never thought I would say this and I’m choking a little as I do but I want Spencer to win round 2 also. And that’s just because I want to see Andy cry like a baby and pace back and forth until finale night. But it was funny Andy in the DR and GM and Spencer it’s us 2 for finals. Then GM in DR and Andy and Spencer I got you it’s us 2 in the finals. Then Spencer in DR and Andy/GM same thing. It’s us in final 2. Those 3 are such a joke.

  7. i want spencer to win the 2nd!!! i love what people are saying ,The adventures of the new old yell er, the nose picking perv, and howdy doody in garanimals!!!! too funny!! not the best season but still entertaining!!!! love big brother,thanks for bbad on tvgn!!! hoping for gm to win it!!!

  8. I know everybody is entitled to their opinion, but are people seriously talking about picking any of the current HG’s for All-
    Stars? Just my opinion but I don’t see any of these 16 that I would want to see again…especially as an All-Star.

    • I’ve only heard the current houseguests talk about All Stars – did I miss something? IMO this current group is not All Star material.

    • I have the same opinion I do not see an all star this season..yet they have delusions of grandeur all to hear them speculate who is a riot. Some say McCrae because he is a super fan, plus they want to see how he plays without Amanda, Next Andy because of his social game? Then I heard Aaryn’s name too…the HGS excuse her comments and say she is possible. Some were curious about Nick, yet they call him shady and a schemer. Even Amanda’s name has been throw around? To which they excuse her unstable borderline violent behavior. IMO these HGS are looney tunes, If BB bring one of them is and all star …fool me once same on you, fool me twice shame on me or watching.

  9. I think Andy played a good game. He knee what sides to play on and look how far it got him. He has a good chance of winning and I don’t think he’s a rat for the way he’s played he knew when to leave Amanda and McGree when he did and played BB the way you should. Do how it comes down to Andy and GM!

  10. When this finale night comes I would love when they are all there (the jurors and F2 by camera) Julie tells them how the public feels about their actions and racial attacks in the house.
    Aaryn – Unemployed
    GM – unemployed
    Andy – unemployed
    Spencer – deep trouble
    While I don’t wish anyone bad things, where I retired from there was a moral clause. You could be fired for actions they displayed in the house. I hope they learn from this experience and become better people in the future.

  11. This is the first time I’ve ever watched big brother and did not like any person in the final 3. I hate all 3 of them. They suck.

    • Well hopefully this cast of HG doesn’t turn you off from trying next season. They have never had HG this bad before. If Andy had been playing against GOOD players he wouldn’t have lasted till jury. There have been some really nice players in the past and real game play. Try again.

    • I think that the majority of fans are not trilled with this cast but there’s not much we can do about it. Am hoping that production adds some rules to their rule book adding warnings and penalties.
      Just maybe people outside the house watching this season will remember how to behave when and if they’re lucky enough to be picked. We want great gameplay and excitement on who will win and not “I can’t believe he/she said or did that”.

  12. What makes Andy a rat floater and bad game player to me is that he formed a strong alliance with Amanda and McCrea and it worked, they got out everyone they wanted. Then Andy decides to turn on them for really no reason. Yes they are a showmance that will take each other to the final 2, but there was still a lot of game to play and there was no guarantee that McCranda would have made it there together, it all depended on who wins what. So he turns on the 2 people that trusted him the most and decides to saddle up with the floaters in the game, hence making him the biggest floater of them all. So now we are left with the worst final 3 people in BB history. It would have been so much better to have McCranda, AAryn and even Elissa in this spot with Andy where the real backstabbing for the win is necessary and exciting. BB is a game of lying, backstabbing and manipulation, but its also a game of making strong alliances, staying loyal and fighting to get to the end. Like the Brigade they stuck together from beginning to end. Why America hates Andy is because he is a hateful and unlikeable person. The continuous bashing that these 3 people do of the other house guests is completely unacceptable and unnecessary. WORST SEASON OF BB EVER, SO SAD.

    • And also Andy’s excuse was McCranda had to be split up so why when Amanda was gone didn’t he stay loyal to McCrae that was loyal to Andy all season. What was his excuse then? Because he’s a “Rat”.

  13. What bothers me the most is the people in the public that support these horrible people this season. What is wrong with our world.

  14. Spencer needs to win part 2 of final HOH so GinaMarie can win the third part and evict Andy and take Spencer to the final two and she will win Big Brother 15 and become the first ever woman to win against a man in the final 2 in Big Brother USA history.

    • I definitely want Sp to win round 2, but mostly because I’m about 75% confident that both he and GM would send Andy steppin’ if they got to make the call. Both must know that their chances of winning the big prize go down a lot if in competition with Andy, and Sp said at the start that he wouldn’t trust any hg, and would say anything to anyone to be the last man standing. I think he latched onto An early on because he saw he could ride his coat-tails to the end. and I think An let him do that because it was strategically sound to keep a floater close-by. I’m sure An thinks he can win the JH votes over Sp, just as I’m sure Sp thinks he can’t win the JH votes over An. With a Sp win in R2, there’s a good chance, regardless of the R3 outcome, that An is sent to jury.

      eta: I think there’s a reasonable chance that Sp could throw the R3 comp if he’s sure ahead of time that GM will sent An out. This way he can probably keep An’s jury vote.

  15. Spencer is a disturbing asshole! The way hr talks about Elissa….wanting to rub his dick across her face every morning calling her a cunt, bitch and other vial things but then turn around and say how hot her body is…..gez! If I was his girlfriend I woukd be so embarassed to be associated with him how sick of a person is he? Oh yea also about the sickness of his mind sayong all those things about kids porno! I hope he gets fired and the next person who gets to steppin! BIG BROTHER SHOULD HAVE KICKED THEM ALL OUT! I WOULD HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR CBS THEY ONLY HELP THE BULLIES TO WIN THIS YEAR SO F#$ K YOU CBS! SHAME ON YOU! YOUR THE BIGEST PUSSY OF ALL DEFENDING THE BULLIES!

    • Did you hear what he said about making a hole in a cantaloupe and fucking it? That was so gross !!!! WTF!!! He needs help!!!

  16. Andy is THE most disgusting person (I cannot call him a man because he’s not) … you should hook up with Spencer. He seems to like kiddie porn and by the way you dress it’s like a bid red flag). … Elisa has class maybe that is why you are obsessed with her!!!! Karma is a b**** . Just saying!!! Have fun shopping for 12 years clothes…I’m sure it will impress your students!!!! I hope Elisa wins America’s most favorite player…Elisa… YOU GO GIRL!!! I ADMIRED YOUR GAME PLAY!!!!

    • Since everyone hates the final 3, the jury could rebel and not vote for anyone. Then BB would have to divide the money up with all of the houseguests. Sounds like a good plan and a saving grace for CBS!

    • Gee CBS, did you delete my comment on dividing the money to all the houseguests because no one deserves to win this year?

      • I totally agree. Nobody deserves to win … But the charity option will not happen. Sucks but that is the way the game is played!!!

  17. Weasel, I know you cannot help it but you make Spencer look like a movie star. You are not only obnoxious and a double dealing bat rat but you are also u___!

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