Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Final HoH Round 2 Competition Results

Big Brother HoH

The final Big Brother 15 Head of Household competition consists of three parts. First, an endurance competition. Second, a physical and knowledge based comp. Third, a battle to see who can fit the most gummy bears in their mouth. Wait, that can’t be right. No matter, the second round is over and we have your results.

The winner of Round 2 has been revealed and it decides which HG faces off against the winner of Round 1 during Wednesday night’s Big Brother finale event.

Big Brother 15 Final HoH Round 2 Comp Results:

  • Andy won the second round, beating out Spencer.

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Andy & Spencer described the competition as the hardest one they’ve faced all season. Spencer said he was going to sleep all day tomorrow out of depression. Andy is highly elated, obviously.

GinaMarie won the endurance competition that lasted likely less than thirty minutes on Thursday night. Now she’ll face off against this round’s winner, Andy, in the third round. The winner of the next round has the power to cast the final eviction vote and decide who will sit next to her or him in the Final Two and face the Jury.

Either GM or Andy will make it to the F2 for sure, but I’d guess that both of them will want to take Spencer to the end with them. Though maybe Andy will take GM considering no woman has beat a man in a co-ed F2 and hope to keep that streak alive. If Andy gets to the end, I do believe he will win.

All that’s left for the HGs to do between now and Wednesday night is sit, contemplate, and for one, beg like hell. Which two HGs do you hope survive that final eviction?

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  1. yuck. I was hoping Spencer would win this one, and Andy would be the one on the short end for a change.

  2. BB why? Come on GM, knock that smug rats teeth out next round. I want you to tell the rat get to steppin.

  3. It’s basically whoever wins round 3, will win the game. Andy vs G.M. They’d both be smart to choose Spencer over the other because they’d beat him in the final 2, so it’ll all come down to the final HOH comp basically. I can’t wait for this season to be over. Bring on Survivor!

  4. I want a rat meltdown…instead I get let down again. GM you better be thinking about your boy NIck…you won’t get nothing if you don’t win.

    • Oh boy Dianna, I’m not sure God wants to intervene and choose GM (or any of this year’s cast) as a means of showing who he favours. Pretty sure He’d be hitting the reset button on this year’s cast.

  5. Wow the “Rat” gets to play in the final round. He won’t stop talking. Just want to slap him. If Spencer would of won he would of been crying like a baby. Ok production we know you fixed it the whole game for the “Rat” to win. Lol

  6. I checked the feeds for about a minute. As soon as I heard Andy’s voice saying “OMG !”…I exit right away….he’s annoying me to death !

    • My worst nightmare is coming true… Andy will probably win the third part and take Spencer to the final 2. I said halfway through the game I just don’t want the “Rat” and the “Pig” in the final 2. Now look what’s happened. :-(

      • There’s still hope. GM will win the 3rd part. I’m returning my voodoo candles and exchange it for better ones. I kept the receipt.

      • at this rate I will be in church tomorrow, as long as I don’t turn to ash upon entering…I need GM for the win.

      • 3rd round is really anyone’s game. Finishing an evicted HG’s sentence…but, considering Andy busted in on almost every single conversation in the house..I would say he has this one in the bag. I really wanted Spencer to win last night so I could take the next three days and sit back just to watch Andy implode from him not knowing whether he would be going to F2 or not…that would have been priceless and maybe a little consolation prize for this terrible season!

      • Same here ! I was looking for a Spencer win last night. Andy will be so agitated. It will make me watch the feeds again. You’re right, Andy’s got this one in the bag.

    • i can’t stand andy either. he’s a big cry baby and a rat and a snake all rolled into one. he may think no woman has won against a male in the finale but he counts as a little of each.

  7. I hope that the final 2 will be GM and Andy. GM will win hands down. Spence is just plain disgusting.

    • Andy will win against Gina Marie because majority of the jury will vote for Andy! Even Candice and Elissa will probably vote for Andy! What about Judd, Helen, Amanda and Mcrae? They will all vote for Andy!

    • I have been trying to figure out jury votes, I really don’t see a clear favorite with these final 3..Andy pissed off most of the jury members…Spencer sorta laid low, just ran his filthy mouth the whole time, GM..I really don’t know who would vote for her.

  8. if Andy DID win this challenge and its him and GM as the final 2, I can’t see the jury voting for Andy once they hear from Judd and Macrae all the back stabbing he has done.

      • The house guests say a lot of things but, do the exact opposite! Remember Judd saying he wants to work with Elissa yet, went around and betrayed her first chance he got? Helen who said she still likes Andy? You will be shocked but, a number of those in the jury will vote for Andy to win it all! That is why if Gina Marie wins, she should take Spencer! If Andy is not in the Final 2, he cannot win! Why even chance it?

    • Andy will win because even now, the dummies have not figured out what he has done to them! Even Helen likes Andy and has not figured out he betrayed her! What about Judd, he is not smarter and will vote for Andy! Andy will get most of the votes including from McCrae and Amanda as they were his ally! Aaryn will vote for Gina Marie but, even Elissa and Candice will probably vote for Andy as well! Whoever wins the Final HOH should take Spencer to Final 2 to get the easy win and that $500,000!

    • It would be sad that the jury would vote over feelings and not over who should actually win. It’s always a disgrace when the jury votes that way. So many BB players have lost because everyone was so hurt that they were evicted (i.e. Danielle). Adults should be able to take a second and consider the game play and for that reason alone they should vote for Andy to win over the other two. Andy has said some nasty things but GM has said things that were even worse so it looks like if you consider that he still should win. I love the game and I can only root for someone who has played so I will never agree with anyone believing that GM should win. A final 2 with her and Spencer will really be a complete waste of this whole season.

      • The social game is a huge part of BB though. You can’t have a successful strategy that doesn’t include figuring out how to get the votes of those you evicted/backstabbed. If you forget that piece, you’re not a good player. You can’t just get rid of a hg, you have to do it in such a way that they’ll vote for you afterwards. If you didn’t do both parts, it’s shame on the player, not shame on the jury.

  9. If you missed it in the other thread, news came out tonight that Britney Haynes of BB12 and BB14, found out last Sept 1st, that her daughter born July 13, was diagnosed with cancer. There a trend #PrayForTilly, on Twitter.

    Good night.

  10. I have a funny feeling Spencer was eliminated from the final HOH Competition after losing the first two rounds

    • You sound like a psychic. Do you see Andy having some kind of stomach problem during the 3rd round?

  11. I predict that GinaMarie could become the final and most powerful HOH this coming Wednesday night and if she does, she may have to evict Spencer from the Big Brother House after the final competition is done and over with, causing Spencer to become the ninth and last member of the Big Brother Jury, which is coming up on the second half of the Live Finale on 9/18/2013!

    • If GM wins HOH and evicts Spencer Andy will win Big Brother 15 and GM will win the biggest moron in a season of gigantic morons.

      • GM
        would beat Andy based on what we heard in jury house Thurs, but she won’t take him regardless

  12. It looks like Big Brother is going to continue to disappoint me until the very end. I know if I have to depend on GM to win a quiz comp, I have no hope at all. I just want Andy to go and not win anything. He is the biggest jerk in the house and that is saying something considering he is in there with GM and Spencer.

    If Andy wins, I am going to be so angry at CBS for ever casting him in this show along with all of the others who are disgusting individuals.

  13. I really know I should be rooting for Andy since he has played the best game out of the slim pickins left.I just cant root for him, though. He really annoys me. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I will root for GM to win. Spencer has does absolutely nothing to win. I guess surviving eviction 7 times is something, though. If Andy makes it to final 2 he will definitely win.

    • You definitely should be rooting for Andy despite his ‘annoying’, as you put it, ways… can’t stand the weasel but though he has the tendency to take a topic (namely Elissa), run with it & drive it into the ground, GM’s remarks were as low as it gets, particularly throwing E’s kid into the mix. As I mentioned earlier, she hasn’t changed, she simply knows how to turn her ignorance off & on to get ahead… she is a manipulator. In terms of her game… she’s won comps but not the most strategic of players & has relied on others, in fact, for game moves. Yes, she put Amanda & McCrae up…. anyone at that point would’ve & her bunny Aaryn told her she should do so before she left. So should she reaaally win the 500,000? I mean, none of them are my picks but out of the three, it’d have to be the as*-hole Andy, for me…. her second, if anything. Spencer, of course, has done nothing in this game.

    • They’re produced by the same umbrella company. All those pissed at BB are supporting the same folks when they switch to survivor. The producers are laughing all the way to the bank, and will do the same again when survivor ends and the amazing race begins.

  14. Think GM will win it all. Jury questions? Jury is mostly women so how they think may be slightly in GM favor.. But more so then that think Andy is delusional and believes jury still like him which may cloud his thinking when comes to who said what

  15. I find all of this GM love beyond stunning. How or whY did this come about suddenly?…and I don’t believe the ‘lesser of the evils’ theory applies here. Not bashing but couldn’t help but share my surprise (& displeasure).

      • I just cant hate this gm who’s self esteem is so low that she rips on others to feel better about her self! Its classic, so I do hope she wims cause she really needs the money. I hate andy for all the nasty things he has said about elissa! N OT SURE WHAT HAPPENED TO SPENCER BUT HE JUST CAME UNGLUED ON AFTER DARK! Go gm!

      • I know… this is all about folks unhealthy Elissa obsession…& I am a fan of hers too, do not get me wrong…however I don’t allow that to skew reality. The reality is that no one is asking you to hate GM, but this blanketed amnesia that has fallen over Elissa’s fans…. aside from all of the racist remarks, how about GM’s trash-talking Elissa’s son…nasty accusations & innuendo. & Yes, Andy was a rat… he is a vicious a-hole, and I put emphasis on ‘vicious’…. but being rat, whether you like it or not, is a form of gameplay… & his bitchy comments aren’t any worse than GM’s…. though he does have a tendency to harp on a topic. GM hasn’t changed for the better, she knows how to manipulate….throw on the so-called ‘charm’ when need be but at any given moment she doesn’t hesitate to show her true colors again… and has. I can’t stand Andy either & haven’t been able to since Candice was in the house. He was always trash talking her… throwing slick jokes her way… simply a d@ck…. however, I know how to look at the bigger picture.

      • Ann, here’s my copy & pasted message to another poster below on the matter….

        I know… this is all about folks unhealthy Elissa obsession…& I am a fan of hers too, do not get me wrong…however I don’t allow that to skew reality. The reality is that no one is asking you to hate GM, but this blanketed amnesia that has fallen over Elissa’s fans…. aside from all of the racist remarks, how about GM’s trash-talking Elissa’s son…nasty accusations & innuendo. & Yes, Andy was a rat… he is a vicious a-hole, and I put emphasis on ‘vicious’…. but being rat, whether you like it or not, is a form of gameplay… & his bitchy comments aren’t any worse than GM’s…. though he has a tendency to harp on a topic on them. GM hasn’t changed for the better, she knows how to manipulate….throw on the so-called ‘charm’ when need be but at any given moment she doesn’t hesitate to show her true colors again… and has. I can’t stand Andy either & haven’t been able to since Candice was in the house. He was always trash talking her… throwing slick jokes her way… simply a d@ck…. however, I know how to look at the bigger picture.

    • Finally, a couple of people who have really been watching the game play out. When did GM become great? When more than half the house was gone? Everyone with their logic on her being deserving of the win is ridiculous. Their biggest complaint is that Andy was sneaky…hello, are you ever supposed to let the whole house know that you’re in an alliance with everyone? You’re supposed to be sneaky, many greats have been (definitely not calling Andy a great though lol). I think everyone has lost sight of what this game is supposed to be about. I loved Judd but I know Andy deserved to win over him. He definitely deserves it over GM. Andy has been playing the game since he walked in. He was the loyal 3rd in 2 alliances from the beginning. He positioned himself to make sure he was in good with everyone. GM just started playing the game and I must add that her evicting Amanda was a group decision so it’s not like she made a big move. It was the END of the game. GM and Spencer should have been no where near the end of the game. Andy was playing at least a “final 4” game the whole time. I hope he wins the final round and/or makes it to final 2 because out of everyone left he more than deserves it. GM for the lose! (I’ve been rooting against her since those nasty adoption comments, so classless. During that time she hadn’t done anything besides guzzled down yogurt).

      • I agree with both of you. It’s almost like the people for GM and those bashing Andy have either never watched BB before or have been watching a different show all together. Baffles the mind. GM was hated up until 2 weeks ago for being racist and everyone wanted her gone, now they want her to win because Andy played the game on a social level? Lol. People are nuts.

  16. The fact that anyone, besides the people that personally know Spencer, want him to win over Andy is completly ridiculous. If you are a BB Superfan, you would be able to put aside all of your personal distaste for as person and step back and see who played the best game, just like the jury members have to do. Yes, there were many players who should have won over Andy. But unfortunately at some point, he played better than them, because he is still here and they were gone WEEKS ago. He may be a snake, or a rat (for those of you Amanda and Aaryn’s out there who like to attack personal appearance), but he was all of those things because he HAD TO BE in order to make it this far. So yes, there were better players this season than Andy, but from what we have left, he’s the cream of the crop. #Andy4BB15Win

    • Andy has outplayed most of the other players except for Gina Marie. However, people have their own biases and values and you cannot ignore that! That is the same way in the jury house that people vote according to their perception whether accurate or not! Personally, I do not like Andy so, cannot root for him! He may still win if he makes Final 2 so that, Gina Marie if she wins Final 2 would be wise to evict Andy and take Spencer to Final 2! I am sure Andy will take Spencer as well!
      This is a very bad group of house guests but, with ratings up—-we might have the exact type of house guests next season again!

  17. I can not stand Andy he is so gross his mouth is so not able to stand the shrill of it all please do not let him beat gm nooooo noooo

    • I hate Pandora’s Box…I hope they keep it out. I have a problem with all of those gimmicks to keep people in…even if it’s keeping in someone I’m rooting for.

  18. Hard to believe (and accept) that it’s going to end like this… Casting team, look at what has happened as a result of going with too many young, sheltered, uneducated, prom queens & kings. Time to get back to what the show was originally about: Everyday people (old people, young people, good looking people, gruesome people, white/black/asian/hispanic/native…etc people all coming together to compete for 500k)! Yes you’ll get those people who won’t want to watch because there’s not enough smut (TNA & Mental Health Issues). But you’ve pushed it the other way and look what has happened? You’ve offended most of us who have been long time fans since the beginning and many of us have become indifferent to the show… a fate far worse than disliking it!

    • The big problem we have is the ratings are up so, that might encourage the producers to continue with the trend of casting bullies and racists because to them it means higher ratings!

    • Yeah, look what happened; ratings went up 11% because people can’t look away from a car wreck. It’s the Jerry Springer syndrome, and all reality tv eventually devolves down to their lowest common denominators. I suspect we’ll see more of the same after this season, not less (unfortunately).

  19. Let’s be honest did anybody really think Spencer was going to win this HOH? He has been the house pawn for the season for a reason. While a lot of people don’t like Andy I rather see him win then GM or Spencer. He played a great social game and played everyone in the house when he needed to. Is it his fault that the HGs were stupid and couldn’t figure out that he was running back and forth with the power of the house? Bottom line he did what he needed to do to get where he is and being the rat got him there. I cannot root for a person like GM and I know i’m probably in the minority saying this but at this point Andy is the only person I want to win. What I really want is a reset button on the whole season bc I don’t like most of these HGs (they’re disgusting to me). Since that won’t happen I guess i’ll say with a heavy heart go Andy :-/

    • I like Andy and he played how he knew he would have to…with all those other models/actor wannabe’ s in the house. I am getting tired of the bullies on here. How many of them know what he went through in life as a kid who happens to be gay and have red hair. I know because my son with red hair who is gay..went through hell. You really don’t know these people and what happens when they open themselves up to play a social game in front of millions….except the one’s chosen cause they looked cute in a bar. I miss Helen.

      • I am sorry to hear about your son I do understand cause my daughter was bullied in high school with that been said I do not like Andy not because is gay or has red hair its his constant bashing against women and especially his bashing Elissa every single conversation he has she is been gone for over 2 weeks now and everytime he opens his mouth is to talk about her, her husband and he even said nasty things about her kid if he has had a hard time in life and been ridiculed then he should know better then to do it to somebody else

      • Hope you get this. Come join us on Facebook, there 6 of us from here already.

        Captaine Cinq

        I’ll connect you to the other.

        Or email me:
        captain555@hotmail dot com

      • I’m sorry to hear about your kid. That’s not why I’m rooting for Andy he really is the lesser of 3 three evils to me. I don’t like him because he has said some very offensive things. In reality I don’t want any of them to win.. but if i’m going to root for anybody I’d rather root for him. I don’t like GM at all she should have been kicked out of the house for the things she has said. Like I said I know i’m in the minority but I just can’t root for someone like GM. They all suck!

  20. I hope none of the judges vote for the RAT ANDY to win, and if they do maybe he could cut host teeth and ears to start to look human. LMFAO he is such a rat I can’t stand him. I want to spit on him and smack him. He is the only gay person I have ever been disgusted with in my life, they are always the best and good, he is the worse!!!!!!!

  21. The third round is really anyone’s game…it is how well do you know the HG’ they would finish a sentence. But, the way Andy busted in on every single HG conversations throughout the game..I am sure he knows exactly how they would finish a sentence! Nosy….but, it might just get him the money.

    • True, but at the same time And is completely delusional about people. He thinks he is entertaining and funny when we all think he is annoying. Also, the house guests were aware of his running back and forth. They chose not to do anything about it.

      • Andy lied about of a lot of things, saying thing that HG did not say and omitting the truth. In BBAD be admitted to saying things Candice said that were untrue to Aaryn and GM and started the first big fight.

  22. I read a post somewhere last night that said Britney’s baby girl has cancer. Please keep little Tilly in your prayers, along with Britney and her husband, so sad.

  23. This third competition is not fair, GinaMaria already stated in the house that she can not eat GummyBears??? Really is this a cast set up or what?

  24. I don’t understand why people hate Andy so much. He seems to have the best social game, where he strategically placed himself at the right place at the right time.

    • It’s. true GM is an uneducated foul mouth racist, Spencer is a slob with a equally foul mouth(I can’t help but believe any that knows him is denying it) but Andy is again foul mouth, made his share of unacceptable comments, but the way he talks about women shows a total disrespect for all women. Sadly he has played the game and will probably win. I am just hoping there is something sharp near by when Elissa gets AFP!!!!!!

  25. go gm kick that puke faced pig andy to the curb take spencer. thank god its almost over WORST season of bb ever. next year has to be better it cant possibly be as bad as this season. hopefully bb will screen their hgs better next season.

  26. Wow, i am so torn. I don’t like any of the final 3. Andy has been a “Rat” the entire season(didn’t GM call Candice a rat and said she didn’t like them). He has lied and cried so much this season it’s beyond ridiculous. Spencer is just there. He tells his perverted stories, lays around being a pawn, and just being an all-around slob and then there’s GM. She’s third on the racist board, obsessed with Nick and Candice, not the brightest bulb and only recently did she truly wake up and realize she was playing BB. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  27. These three hg. Are worthless but since one has to win. I guess the lesser evil one is gm. Spenser is. Slob with no respect for women or this game. And Andy is a floater with a big mouth. So let gm win

  28. GinaMarie needs to win Part 3 of the final HOH and evict Andy and take Spencer to the final 2 so she can win Big Brother 15 instead of Andy and be the first ever woman to win against a man in the final 2 in Big Brother USA history.

  29. Do we have to cancel the feeds on our own, or does CBS automatically cancel after season is over?

  30. I still can’t stand the thought that any one of these players are going to win the money. I can’t say anything nice about any of them and every comment I have ever made is based on what each one of them has said during the live feeds. What I am most interested in is to see how BB is going to handle these people on the final show after announcing the winner. What annoys me is that each of them have all received kind edits on the TV show except for the live show where GM yelled out to Candace that her birth mother never wanted her. The problem with GM winning is that she continued on with her racial remarks and they actually got worse with time. IMO I think she is worse than Aaryn and Aaryn did deserve to be talked to, but what about these 3 that are left? Aaryn was even talked about by Julie on the Letterman show. I hear excuses that GM has a good heart, is uneducated, etc. Believe me all uneducated people do not talk that way. How big of a heart can GM really have after saying what she has said? Andy the rat I feel the same way the rest of you do and can’t add any more that hasn’t already been said except that he is educated and talks trash about everyone. The same thing goes for Spencer and his vile disgusting remarks. Everyone has either heard him themselves or heard it on here. My wish is that whoever wins that all 3 from the F3 don’t escape the talks by Julie that they so deserve. What a farce to see one of them win and it is handled like typical years where everyone is happy and the confetti surrounds the winner.
    I know it won’t happen, but my wish would be that BB would stand by one of their own Britney Haynes, her husband Ron and their precious daughter Tilly who was just diagnosed with cancer. I still remember the episode when BB had Brittney on and she was proudly showing her very large baby bump since she was due very shortly and the reason Brittney couldn’t be there in person.
    My heart breaks for Brittney and her husband and wish that instead of any of these three winning that the money could go to help out with any medical expenses for baby Tilly. I know that won’t happen, but they are in my thoughts and prayers and I have already heard that there are scams out there that have already been started for people to send money. Brittney is asking for Prayers for Tilly.

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