Big Brother 15 Week 10 Player Rankings


We just lost two of the major forces in the Big Brother 15 house, so now the rankings are going to get very interesting from here on out.

Amanda and Elissa have been a Top 5 staple for a while now, so now that they’re gone, who is going to move up? And will they really deserve to move up? Let’s take a look.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Player Rankings

1. Andy. This guy didn’t win any competitions this week, and he didn’t need to. Since he’s played a nearly-flawless social game all season, he was able to convince McCrae that he was not that stray vote to evict Amanda. That lead to McCrae nominating Elissa, his actual only ally in the house, which lead to her eviction. Andy masterminded that. At this point, Andy is poised for a Big Brother win. Now, if he was only more likable…

2. Judd. It immediately gets tricky because no one really deserves a second-place spot. For every good thing someone did, they did something bad or stupid to negate it. Judd, for instance, decided to turn his back on Elissa despite her really being on his side. But in the end, he knew being teamed with her would only put a target on his back, and it would be those two against the rest of the house. So when he won the power of veto in the double eviction, he did not save Elissa. That actually bought him some more time in the house and solidified his alliance with The Exterminators.

3. GinaMarie. She won the Head of Household competition and nominated McCrae and Amanda. And that was something every HOH before her was afraid to do. And that resulted in Amanda’s eviction. I’m not a GinaMarie fan but she finally has a slight grasp on how to play the game.

4. McCrae. I would put McCrae in the #2 spot had he not nominated and evicted Elissa. He survived eviction and won HOH in the double, but then he targeted the wrong person. He had no idea that he really should have targeted Andy, so it’s hard to fault him. But Amanda did place the blame on Andy before she walked out the door. Looks like McCrae is finally done listening to Amanda, though.

5. Spencer. Well he wasn’t nominated this week. So there’s that. Actually, despite his vile nature, Spencer has done a decent job of keeping himself safe. He has everyone believing hes’s on their side in some way or another.

6. Elissa. She lands in the #6 spot simply because she was evicted in the double eviction.

7. Amanda. She takes the very last spot because she had all week to turn the vote around but couldn’t make it happen.

How would you rank the Big Brother 15 houseguests from Week 10?


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  1. Would give # 1 to GM, for getting Amanda out.

    Bump everybody up

    Would give # 5 to Andy, he did nothing but keep himself off radar, not enough for # 1.

    • He’s done nothing but keep himself off the radar?

      No way. Your hatred for him is blinding you. His actions this week got the two biggest threats in the house evicted. HE’S the reason Amanda got evicted, and he duped McCrae into thinking Elissa flipped, which is why Elissa got evicted. And this is after McCrae had been skeptical of Andy all week!! McCrae STILL believed him. He’s not just laying low anymore.

      He’s played a huge part in deciding who’s been going home. Is he playing a slimy game? Sure, but it’s damn effective. The house still can’t tell he’s been working everyone. I don’t care for “Andy the human being”, but “Andy the Big Brother player”, is playing one heck of a game.

      • Andy was also so convincing he had dumb Elissa believing that McCrae was the one that flipped and voted out Amanda lol

      • LOL!!! Exactly. That’s how much she trusted Andy. Like really Elissa, you thought McCrae flipped? Come on…

      • I think he was agreeing that he has stayed under the radar, but the person said that’s all he has done. And that’s the part he disagreed with!

      • You know “Andy the human being”? Or just the Andy on Big Brother? Don’t assume someones actions inside the BB house are truly how they are in real life.

      • True he has played his game…but a snake in the grass, pig, cockroach, sniviling rat are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Andy!!

  2. I have to disagree with Andy as one. GM should be since she got Amanda our, Andy has pissed everyone off and won’t win BB. he did not mastermind anything, your giving him to much credit

    • The ones who “piss” off people and do what they have to do to win are usually the ones who do win this game. In the end, the jury vote with their hearts (whom they became close to and who needs the money) and with their heads (who played the game the best and who won when they needed to and made the moves they needed to to get themselves ahead). If Andy makes it to the final two, which I don’t see happening because he will not win an endurance comp for the final three and no one is dumb enough to take him to the final two with them, he will win the game. He may be conniving and a flat-out liar but that’s what Big Brother is all about really! Andy has gotten into all of their heads at some point, he had Amanda jawdroppingly surprised when he was the one to evict her, he convinced McCrae that Elissa voted out Amanda and vice versa. He is definitely a BB fan and knows what he is doing!

    • I really wanted Judd to win when he came back into the game, but his game play hasn’t really improved. Now that I look at who is really “playing” Big Brother, Andy will most definitely win if he gets to final two!

  3. The only saving grace for this season’s finale is for Judd and GinaMarie to make it to Final 2. At least they’re the only ones from the five that actually stands on their ground. McCrae and Spencer had potential with the Moving Company. But they only relied on others like floaties. McCrae relied on Amanda, and Spencer relied on Andy. Clearly, Andy’s the other head to the snake and used his so-called charm and friendliness to get him to the end. Judd has made a smart move to restart his game and GM used the Mean Girls alliance to strengthen her gameplay. Not to mention, they’re the only two genuinely entertaining in that house. Think about the other side of this final 5 people. We’ve seen worse winners like BB6 Maggie and BB9 Adam.

    • Did I miss some épisodes ?? But GM is racist and made very nasty and personnal remarks to Candice ehen she left… No game moves should implicate personnal informatio to hurt a HG..I really really dont think GM should win not even second place

      • piss off BBFC, there are no rules against psychological warfare in the house and the last time i checked being a racist wasn’t a crime. Time for you to go back into your igloo and watch some more BBC reruns.

      • it’s not a crime, it just shows how disgusting and vile someone is. and i agree someone like that-gm- shouldn’t be rewarded w winning BB.

      • And everyone has been horrible. Andy been worse than GM. She made ‘racist’ comments but Andy was much worse in how he has made fun of Elissa

      • So ‘making fun’ of someone behind their back is worse than using racial/homophobic/derogatory statements? I understood people’s love for Elissa as I am also a fan, when that stymie’s your ability to know better, that, in my opinion, is a problem. Yes, Andy has made some unforgettable & disgustingly vicious remarks about Elissa behind her back…. but all due respect, sir, that does not outweigh all of the horridness of GM’s statements. Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions….

      • Really ?? This is exactly what I mean by personnal attacks ! Bye the way , there is a lot more in Canada than igloos but it is part of our heritage yes. So if you meant it as an insult…i’m sorry to disapoint you

    • Gm is a pig and is a nasty one at that. Racist pig to add to it. Don’t know what game your watching

      • If she is racist because of some of those comments, everyone is racist. Get off your high horse that never said a racist comment, you may say them without even realizing they are

  4. It seems that as soon as the player America hates leaves, they choose a new house guest to hate, and try to ruin their personal life. Sure you can hate them, but don’t make petitions to get them out of the house or make it even more possible for them to lose their jobs.

    • Maybe if the HGs didn’t say and do such terrible things, there wouldn’t be anything terrible to blog/etc about that might cost them their jobs…just saying.

  5. In My Opinion:
    1. Andy- He has played the smartest game. He’s not a rat… when he was alligned with McCranda he just told his alliance what they needed to know…
    2. Judd- I don’t like him, because he’s already been evicted, but he’s in good with everyone. Even McCrae
    3. McCrae- He help Andy get Elissa out of the house, yay.
    4. Spencer- He may do nothing but scratch his beard and joke about child pornography, but he’s under the radar.
    5. GinaMarie- She is a disgusting person. But, she got Amanda out. The reason she is so low is because In my opinion she was only doing Elissa’s dirty work.

    I understand this might not be a popular opinion. But, I’m still not jumping on the “I hate Amanda” or “Andy’s a rat” bandwagon.

  6. My Player Rankings:
    1. Andy- As much as I dislike him and the style of game that he plays I cant deny that hes played a near perfect game. He has best chance at final 2 and if he makes it there hes a deserving winner.
    The next for are harder to place and could be in any order and would be hard to argue.
    2. GM- She has one competitions and has a good nice resume to pitch to the jurors. Dont think shes in danger of leaving this week. The house guests will want McCrae or Judd out before her.
    3. Spencer- Has solid alliances in the house and I think hes a lock for final 2. Think the other house guests will be reluctant to take him to final 2 however bc of being on the block so much.
    4. Judd- My favorite house guest of the season. Has played a very good game since coming back into the house. But if McCrae wins POV this week then Judd is in serious trouble of being evicted.
    5. McCrae- My putting up Elissa and having her evicted it pretty much solidified his fate in the house. He has to win out in order to make final 2 now. But I think he is capable of doing it bc the other house guests are pretty week in comps.

    • Judd has played a godawful game since coming back; he’s allied himself with the wrong people and betrayed the only people who would have had his back (and didn’t bother trying to find a way to save those good alliance opportunities, which was 100% possible to do).

      • Disagree with you there. Judds game has been pretty good. He couldnt align with McCrae, Amanda, and Aaryn bc they had already proved untrustworthy.and Elisa is very hard to work with bc she doesnt care to consult an alliance and does whatever she wants even if it hurt the alliance. So his only option was to align with who he did in Spencer, GM, and Andy.

      • He couldn’t have allied with McCrae when he first came in, but he certainly could have once it was clear McCrae was willing to defect, OR when Amanda and Aaryn were both out; Elissa’s unpredictable but she’s at least loyal, which is the kind of alliance he should have tried to establish with at least one other person in the house. GM probably has his back, but he’s nuts for thinking he could trust Andy and his BFF.

  7. I agree with everything, except I would rank Spencer ahead of McCrae. Talk about clueless. He nominated the only person left who was going to work with him. What a dummy.

    • SPOILER ALERT :GM was a pawn, McRae is the target. Any of the HG’s would have made the same nominations (GM and Spenser reversed is she had won). Judd will be the next target for sure since they other three exterminators have repeated said behind his back that he has already been evicted and should go next. That leaves GM , Andy and Spenser final three. At that point it will be strictly up to who wins the comps to make it to final Two…. Spenser almost surely will lose but will be taken to final 2 as the weak player to stand beside when in front of the jury. Winner : Andy.

  8. Please don’t let Andy wins please I beg you CBS!!!! There is something about him that is NOT likeable even though his gameplay is good enough to get him this far… I hate all the nasty things that come out of his mouth!!!!!

  9. I actually don’t mind Andy. I don’t really think he’s slimy – he’s playing a GREAT social game – every single person in the house trusts him, and I think everyone in Jury trusts him too… I don’t even think Amanda and Helen going to Jury and telling them he backstabbed them will change their minds… I won’t be upset if he wins. He’s played the smartest game of everyone, keeping everyone on both sides happy and liking and trusting him. The other options are – GM, who finally did something good (I could stand her winning too), Spencer, who’s been nominated 7 times and done nothing else, McCrae, who handed his game over to Amanda until it was too late to save himself (assuming he’s leaving this week), and Judd, who was evicted, and came back and still hasn’t really done anything.

    Truthfully, Andy’s the only one who is actually playing the game to win it. I actually hope he wins.

    • Actually I think Andy’s farewell confession to Amanda that he back stabbed her was a quite clever calculated move. He knows she will tell the jury house and it will probobly raise his stock with most of them

      • Depends if jury takes things personally like they seem to always do. Meaning 3 votes against dandyliar.

      • It was an idiotic move. Look how Amanda acts when she is put up. You think she gonna vote for the one who voted her out? And her manipulative ways in jury house… Think Andy sealed deal he doesn’t win

      • I truly think that it depends on who ends up in Jury and how they got there. If they think that he “voted with the house” to not upset anyone, then they may vote for him. If he lied to them, like H and A, then they may not. It’s going to come down to the very end but if he makes it to Final 2 I wouldn’t be surprised if he won.

    • Andy has been playing a great game in a sense, but he’s still a snitch and I think a lot of people have an issue with someone who plays THAT kind of a game. There will be a lot of flack from viewers if someone like that wins the game…I’m not convinced that Andy would have the jury votes to win. My one question would be, when Andy recorded his good-bye message to Amanda, why in the world did he admit that he was the one who voted to evict her and not Elissa – assuming that McCrae is evicted, Amanda will fill him in, he’ll know that Andy was the one who betrayed them and not Elissa and there would go TWO jury votes that Andy probably would have gotten otherwise.

    • All I can say Diggity is that it must take a lot to make you see a real “Slime Ball”!All I can say is that Andy is the A#OneSlimeBall!! He reeks of Slime and

  10. If McCrae is evicted then he’ll find out in the jury house hat Andy flipped. Hopefully Elissa and McCranda take it personally and won’t vote for him to win if he makes the finals. So 2nd or worse for that schmoe.

  11. Likely it’ll be Judd, Spencer and Andy in the final three. I’m guessing Judd will take Spencer and vice versa…both country hicks…Andy the odd one out. At least that’s how I hope it goes, even tho there’s no point watching anymore.

  12. I would not give howdie doodie the number one spot. He’d get the number 5 spot. I’d give GM the number one spot because she evicted that pig of a woman – amanda! I’d probably give Elissa the last spot because she remained clueless about ms. andy and did not fight him when he lied during the doudle eviction conversation in the BB lounge.

    • there was point to fight, the writing was on the wall. Andy will sale out his family before he tells the truth.

    • For not having saved Elissa, Judd deserves to be the next one evicted…I don’t believe Andy will be the renom, so I hope it is Judd and that the votes will be against him.

    • Good! Amanda was playing a game people. She apologized for everything she did. She tried to get under peoples skin for her game and it worked till the dimwit GM got rid of her. GM is the real pig and a foul mouthed loser

  13. The rat is going to flip now and join back up with McCrae because that would be the rat thing to do.

  14. Andy the rat fink is now plotting with McCrae. McCrae says he knows “everyone” in the house hates him…duh? GM’s says well it’s you and me bud too Judd. Judd knows he’s will be the re nom. IMO Judd and GM should say put Andy up. He is McCrae’s inform/rat fink/ buddy…All summer he has been aligned with McCranda. Sending ANDY home….the votes will be, McCrae will vote to keep Andy…Judd if he is not the re nom saves GM…Spencer the big move is to “exterminate the rat.” IMO that would be my pitch to Spencer.

  15. Andy is steaming rolling Spencer to McCrea…Spencer needs to over hear this convo. Please Andy get caught in the rat trap. Judd and GM go to the DR and request De-con.

  16. I think I’d rather watch 50 minutes of jury house and 10 minutes of the BB house for the rest of the season…rank the rest of these knuckle heads however you want…..also,I threw this out there a couple of seasons ago and after this mess this year I’ll throw it out again.How about whatever country where they play BB,send 2 or 3 of your past/best players and have a world wide BB house.I think it would be great viewing.

  17. Ian hosted the completion. The HGS are where super hero costumes. GM injured herself…yet again….discussing is she needs stitches.

  18. Judd is talking to McCrae…trying to make a deal. McCrea want GM in jury because she sent Amanda home. Judd is trying to clue in McCrae about Andy. McCrae we all no will not buy it. The only plan is GM and Judd make a two person to one deal to save Spencer. Andy is only one playing hard with McCrae. Andy is playing both sides. Let’s smoke the rat out…play the guilty by association card GM and Judd. Sell it…please!

  19. Just want to share tis with you. BBLeak is running a pool on AFP. We all know Elissa is leading, but what’s interresting is the other. So with almost 12,000 votes:
    Elissa 70% (8319)
    Howard 7% (389)
    Judd 6% (741)
    Candice 2% (284)
    Helen 2% (244)

    Everyone in the middle 0 or 1 %

    Nick 0% (67)
    Andy 0% (34)
    David 0% (28)
    Nick has almost twice the vote of Andy.
    You can make up that stuff.

    • How can Judd have almost 400 more votes than Goward and be a percentage point less? I am still confused at how people like Elissa. She acts high and mighty and has said some pretty horrible things but even though she is smart enough to only say it in the shadows or with only a single person around. If people are voting on who is the most “wholesome” they would have to vote David because he didn’t have time to conject any of his potential flaws other than not knowing anything about BB.

  20. I have not been a GM fan and hate her ghetto talk, but since she put up McCranda, I’d make her #1. She’ll need to win since her behavior lost her her real life job.

  21. As hard as it is to like andy….he did play a brilliantly…he had everyone believing he was with them and skated his way to the final 5…he definitely be in the final 4 but to make it further he will have to win comps next week…

  22. The only way I can see GM winning is if people truly feel bad for her. She dug her own grave with her pageant career, but she is still living with her parents in her late 30s. I would almost vote for her out of sympathy! Maybe then she can buy Nick’s love :)

  23. McCrae has done nothing all season, well except be Amanda’s puppet. He has just now starting playing, so screw him. He is nothing but a wimp. He doesn’t deserve to win anything. Andy the rat….lol is playing a very good game. No one has a clue what he is doing. I hope Gina Marie win it all, now that Elissa is gone. (thats who I wanted to win)

  24. IMO it’s not that Andy has played such good game….its the house guests that’s in there with him. BB is def one of my favorite shows and I’ve watched it for the past 14 years (I didn’t watch 1st yr) and this is the worst set of folks (no harm intended) I’ve ever seen. Any other season….he would’ve beeeeeennnn sent packing!!!

    • I completely agree. The people in the house are really dumb and let Andy get away with a lot more than he should. They all watch him lie to everyone else and think, “but he wouldn’t do that to me!”. That is of course until they walk out the door with Andy fake crying and apologizing behind them.
      Last night GM said to McCrae with Andy sitting right there, “you should thank us for getting rid of Amanda, so you can play your own game”. Do you think McCrae would realize what she just said? Nope. He just gave it the blank stare with the cobwebs in his cranium and bats flying around in there.
      Seriously, these people are as dumb as I have ever seen in BB. Let’s just hope they are not dumb enough to give Andy $500k.

      • As much as I basically don’t like any of the houseguests left, Andy would be the one who I would have the most issues with winning. Dirty rat-fink snitches like Andy do not deserve to win.

  25. I think mcgay will win the whole thing, how else will he measure up to demanda, he’s just a pizza delivery boy, and if she is pregnant how else will he support their baby, on bead sticks…

  26. I will say I miss a player like Will who was honest about betrayal and laughed all the time. Andy is like sandpaper against the skin. Judd needs to read a book. Gina Marie sign her up for etiquette lessons. Mccrea go back to school and learn the word ambition. Spencer is hopeless and a pig. Suffice to say no one deserves the money…what a waste of cash. Please BB next season please bring some mature people into the fold, pretty just isn’t interesting.

    • So true, well put! It will be positively nauseating when one of the scumbags left ends up being the winner.

    • Of course “pretty” excludes Spencer and Andy… hog man and rat face. ..respectively…

      • And McCrae and Gina Marie…plain pizza and Gina Man? Judd … read a book and learn to speak english!

  27. McCrae knew he was stray vote… He just didnt care. He wanted guy alliance instead of Elissa alliance

    • I also think McCrae never intended to honor the deal with Elissa. He is jealous of Elissa because she has money. But Amanda comes from money too yet he had no problem hooking up with her.
      Elissa should keep Amanda’s jewelry and tell her she kept her end of the deal. If Amanda wants the jewelry back, have McCrae buy it from her.

  28. I am going to give an alternate assessment of Judd’s play. Judd could have stayed loyal to Elissa, who saved him when he came back into the house. At the same time he could have brought McCrae into the alliance by telling him Andy was the rat all along. If McCrae then put up Andy and GM, with GM going home, it would have been Judd, McCrae and Elissa against Spencer and Andy. If Spencer put up Judd (for double crossing them) and Elissa, with McCrae winning POV he would save Judd or Elissa and then McCrae and whoever was saved would vote out Andy. Then it would be 3 against Spencer and Spencer cannot play for the next HOH. So Judd, McCrae and Elissa would be guaranteed final 3.
    The only wrinkle could be that Spencer puts up McCrae instead of Judd leaving a 1 to 1 vote with Spencer evicting either Elisa or Judd. Even then McCrae and Judd would play Andy for the next HOH.
    So Judd had another option and maybe a better one.

  29. Is it worth complaining to CBS, do they really care? I loved watching BB and was only annoyed with previous players when they evicted people I liked. This is the most vile group of whatever they are in this house. Now I’m afraid next yr. I will not take a chance on watching what they’ll have next . I feel this network is really pushing the envelope on their choices for ratings. I guess the outrage gives them good ratings as well. I think I’ll watch a lot reruns or Netflix next season.

  30. I hate ANDY campaign!!!! I can’t believe all the people in the house who suspected him as a rat failed to stand ground to their conviction. Helen warned duhduh Judd….Elissa, also. McCrea thinks like a TERD you can’t squeeze off. Dip……SH**S

  31. This game has gone to hell. No one wants to win HOH because they are cowards. Most try to win by NOT playing the game. Has become a total waste of time. No one left DESERVES 500K.

  32. I dont think Andy has played a good game at all……I just think the other houseguests are so stupid that it makes it look like he is playing a good game!

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