Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 11: Friday Night Highlights

Big Brother 15 September 7, 2013

There are only five Big Brother HGs left and four of them are in an alliance which means we’re not going to see nearly the same level of Friday night post-nomination contention we’ve enjoyed in the past. Instead we get to watch as the final alliance starts to chew on itself in anticipation of the next move.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, September 6, 2013

5:28 PM BBT – Feeds return. McCrae & GM are nominated.

5:45 PM BBT – GM is sitting tethered outside the shower stall while McCrae takes a shower.

6:55 PM BBT – Spencer, Andy, & Judd talking about how dangerous it’d be to let GM to get to Final 3 with so many girls in the Jury.

8:05 PM BBT – McCrae and GM, still tethered, talk about how hard it’ll be to win against Andy at the end.

8:30 PM BBT – Spencer and Andy alone talking what to do with Judd vs GM in case McCrae wins Veto. They’ll shift to him if he wins Veto.

9:05 PM BBT – HGs wondering who will host the PoV comp since they’re all playing. Julie said a former BB winner will be returning, so it’ll probably be Hayden Moss to promote Survivor Blood vs Water.

10:10 PM BBT – GM and McCrae talking about Amanda and his post-BB potential relationship. He thinks he could move down to Florida and live with family. She warns him not to throw anything away over her.

11:59 PM BBT – Judd gets one final exercise punishment from the Drill Sergeant.

12:50 AM BBT – Andy and Spencer promising McCrae he is safe. Andy says if any of them win the Veto then Judd will go home. They also discuss how GM has the votes in Jury. Sounds like they’re positioning themselves well in case McCrae wins Veto.

1:50 AM BBT – HGs all heading in bed and getting ready for Saturday’s Veto comp.

Andy and Spencer appear to be splintering from the group, but if one of them wins Veto I imagine they’ll still be sticking with the plan and sending McCrae on off the Jury. We’ll find out what happens in that comp later on Saturday.

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  1. I hope McCrae wins it all, this bunch as talked more trash about ppl than Amanda ever did. These ppl are nasty. It will be how ever production manipulates the situation and who production wants mot win.

    • Agree with you. Got so sick of After Dark last night I wanted to choke Andy and slap Spenser. Had to turn it off. Would love to see GM go off on Andy.

      • I mean really…..what is the point of continuously bashing Elissa. I hate that I signed up for the live feeds because I’m tired of that…..

      • They are bashing Elissa because they do not want her to win AFP. They are trying to make her look as terrible as possible so America does not vote for her. I think this is Andy’s plan because Andy is convinced he is America’s favorite and only Brenchel’s Army is going to keep him from winning.

        To me, Andy has become the most unwatchable, unlikeable person in the house and that is pretty bad considering the pig that Spencer is. I noticed last night that GM was not as engaged in the Elissa bashing as Andy,Spencer and Judd. Maybe she is started to see she is a target now or maybe she has a little sense of guilt considering Elissa saved her a couple of weeks ago.

      • I think they are going to get a rude awakening!!! I really wish we could see their faces when they realize how much nobody likes them.

      • Yea it would depend up the hour of the day the vote was taken who was fresh in your mind. Today is Andy with Spenser close behind. Andy is an embarrassment to the gay community as well to be judged by his actions.

      • Elissa will win AFP..for sure! If Andy is this good at lying in this game, it comes so naturally for him, wonder how he is in “real life?” I hate to say it, but he has played the best social game, if you count lying all the way through it. But, I really don’t want any of these five to win the money. They are so mean and nasty.

      • Llike all the “voting” on BB, the vote counts are NOT verified by any independant source. The voting by “real viewers” will just go into the garbage can. The producers will give the AFP award to the player they have already promised it to. Most likely Elissa, since she was hand picked to play and given the fake MVP award to help her out. But this season, who really cares who gets it, its a prize to just one of a group of losers. Bag it and tag it is where this season should go. Why doesn’t the CBS run the show with integrity, because it is manipulated so much that the FCC will not allow this show to be labelled as either “reality” (because its’ not) or a “game show” (because the rules aren’t enforced) Q.E.D.

      • What Andy has always been a back stabbing, sleazy, rat that crys and lies at the drop of a hat??? I wouldn’t admit knowing him let alone being related to the SNAKE.

      • I will be voting Elissa fo my fav player. I know Andy and Amanda both want AFP but REALLY. come on they are OUT OF THEIR FLIPPED OUT PEA BRAINS???

  2. I really son’t know why I’m even caring any more. I loved McRae to begin with because he’s from a small town by where I grew up. I’d still like him to win just for that reason, but I hate him with Amanda. ugh.

  3. Honestly I’m afraid for Candice if GM ends up in jury.. It’s not going to be very pretty if that happens..

  4. Andy, Spencer, basically did nothing but float, Judd the dudd has been throwing all the events {watch him, he has been slow so he wouldn’t win and get blood on his hands….}which is why Spencer won this last one…..and GM and her smack talk and sitting outside McCrea’s shower was so creepy to see………ah….when is Survivor on?!

    • I wouldn’t say that Andy “basically did nothing but float”. Andy has really turned it up as of late and was the reason Helen, Amanda, and Elissa got evicted. HIS vote could’ve saved both Helen and Amanda, and he played that sucker McCae into thinking Elissa turned on Amanda.

      Andy laid low in the beginning, which a lot of people do, but the guy has done some great behind the scene work lately. I think he’s played the best game of everyone left.

      • if you look at the past several weeks, he’s been in the middle of every eviction, whether it be from being 3am or the exterminators. to call Andy a floater is just plain not knowing what a floater is.

  5. Just a waste….. I’m not rooting for anyone….. Just DON’T want Andy or GM to win….seriously don’t understand how Judd blamed Elissa for his eviction but not Andy……these folks don’t THINK….. They are just there…..

    • Judd blames Helen for his eviction not Elissa. Elissa was sent home because of her association with Helen and knowing about the plan to back door him and did nothing.

      • OK I understand that but….why isn’t he mad with Andy & McCrae then….their leader was the main ones talking against him….

  6. Been an avid watcher of Big Brother for the past few years, but this season, I’ve only watched the Thursday night eviction episodes. Other than that, I just come on this website to catch up on what’s going on within the house.

    I honestly think that this cast had potential, meaning that if the people who were evicted earlier in the game were still in the house, we probably would have seen some good game moves (e.g) Nick, Jeremy, etc).

    All the strong players were evicted earlier, and now we’re left with the floaters. Oh well, at least Survivor’s starting soon

    • You’re absolutely right. The “twist” this season was actually it’s downfall. What was supposed to get the floaters out, actually got out the strongest competitors. Had the final 8 or so been something like Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Jeremy, Nick, Helen, Elissa, and Andy, I think things would’ve been much more interesting.

      Unfortunately, a lot of the stronger players got bounced early and we’re left with a bunch of mediocre players who made it this far because they all teamed up.

      • Who were the strong players? Jeremy was a bully and that’s why he was evicted. Nick was a weirdo who refused to talk game to people, remember?

        There were no strong players in this house from day 1. Everything that was said between people was repeated to everyone else within 5 minutes. There was never an opportunity for strong players to emerge.

        The entire house made fun of Andy for popping in to every conversation between two people, but no one ever thought to get rid of Andy because he is a snake?

        I think Elissa made a mistake taking out Aaryn. Once she went to Aaryn about back dooring Amanda she should have stuck with the plan to work with Aaryn and GM. She could have put up Spencer instead of Andy and Aaryn would have stayed.

        Helen messed up by not taking out Amanda when she had the chance. She also made a huge mistake by trusting Andy. Helen also evicted her potential allies one by one.

        Amanda made a mistake by getting rid of Helen so quickly. She should have tried to work with Helen to get rid of the Spencer’s, Judds, GMs etc.

        The thing about being a strong player as opposed to a floater is once you decide on your bold moves, you need to make sure you follow through.

        For us, Rachel was right. Get rid of the floaters before they have a chance to win the game. Floaters at the end is an undesirable outcome for the fans.

      • I agree with u completely on this post prince. Elissa tried to encourage that by saying whoever didn’t try to win at comps would be the ones Going up. But, it was already too late in the Game. I think production deliberately chose Mean spirited ppl this year, thinking it May liven things up. There were just too Many Mean cast for it ti be coincidence. But, it has certainly backfired! And I think Andy has been the worst “Mean Girl” of them ALL!!!

  7. These “exterminators” are a joke. I might could have some respect for them if they had started this alliance weeks ago, but to get a 4 person out of 7 HGs is nothing to brag about.. much less be as cocky as they are. It’s just silly.
    And, what’s with the continuous bashing of HGs that are already evicted? We get it, you are jealous of them, move along. Find something else to talk about.
    I really wish that BB would do a reunion show or some kind of follow up.. I want to see how these idiots reacted when they see what we thought of them.

    • I agree, the petty jealousies of this group is disgusting. The constant bashing of HGs, especially Elissa. They were even talking about her son again. I really would like to see everyone in jury to just walk out of the finale and not give any of them the money.

      • I don’t think the jurors dislike these people as much as we do. Of course they don’t see what we see. I am afraid Andy is going to win it all. He and Spencer are going to go final two because Judd is too stupid to see where he is in this alliance. GM too. Instead of thinking F2 which is what they should be thinking now, they are thinking F4. This is why this season has been so bad. Not enough people are playing teh game strategically. They are just going along hoping to survive one more week.

      • I made a big move last nite….,I got up from my computer turned it off and left the house…something I have not done in a few weeks…

      • I was switching channels between BBAD and boring movies. I can no long stand to hear these people bash Elissa all the time. They don’t don;t think, they just bash Elissa as if that is going to help their games. It hard to watch and its lousy TV. I am surprised production doesn’t tell them to stop talking about her because they are turning off the TV audience.

      • I can top that. After being an avid, if not rabid, BB fan for Most of its history, I did not even watch BBAD last night. DVR is no longer recording it and have canceled live feeds. What a waste of My summer. Don’t even know if I’ll watch finale, too disgusting.

    • Not to burst your bubble, but I highly doubt they care what we think of them. In a matter of months, life will go back to normal and we will forget how disgusting they were.

      • I think you are right when it comes to the final 2. But for 3, 4 and 5, they got no prize money and will go home to find out what everyone thinks of them. I don;t think that will be easily forgotten for some of them. I think Andy in particular, if he doesn’t win anything, is going to be very upset about America disliking him and calling him the Shelley of BB 15. Go to his FB page and read how many people are slamming him for his behavior, not his lying and game play, for his unnecessary comments about women in the house. I Andy can ignore than he is a worse person than I thought.

      • but what makes a big player big? Making moves. The exterminators are making moves. Call them floaters, but they are dominant in the house.

  8. Looking at the current five. I have been trying to figure out who has the best shot at winning the game.
    I am leaning towards McCrare if he gets win the veto this week.He should easily win against any of the 4 in final two.
    Judd is probably second as long he isn’t sitting against McCrae.
    GM could probably beat Andy or Spencer but not Judd or McCrae.
    Spencer probably could only beat Andy maybe if a final two.
    As for Andy, I think he actually voted out his only shot at winning the game when he voted out Amanda.

    • Truthfully none of are deserving of a win. one sure thing is that if Spencer is in the final 2 he has a 90% chance of getting 2nd place 10% of winning it all. Its hard to say who would win cause I don’t like any of em not even Judd or McCrae. Its the constant bashing and vile vulgar talk that I can’t handle. Its not game play related it s just a disgusting group of degenerate slugs sitting around running other people down when they are (ALL 5) completely loathed by the BB fans. Andys “fan page” indicates that he has no fans at all. Spencer I think has 2 positive post. I thought Shelly Moore was hated but she is now # 2 (most hated) with Andy taking the top spot. I am just so disgusted with BB15 season and the way that CBS handled the matters of racism & bullying. They could have done more than put up a disclaimer.

      • But we don;t vote – unless someone leaves the jury house. I can see Elissa leaving because she doesn’t want to vote for any of these people and I bet she would prefer not to go to the after party too. I would feel the same way. The less association with these pigs, the better. They are all going to be painted with the same brush.

        But I think GM beats anyone in final 2. Then Andy is next followed by McCrae and Spencer. Judd comes in last. Since he got a second chance I think a lot of people are going to discount him for that – unless he does something big before the season ends

      • idea….If the Jury decided to “not vote” America would get to vote Who would be ur choice.??

      • Beg for a charity. None deserve it. Out of who’s left Judd or McCrae. The lesser of the evils. If Andy or Spencer no idea.

      • Out of these 5? What if America decided not to vote too, because we don’t think any of these people deserve the money? Better yet, can we vote for America and have CBS give the money to charity?

        If I had to vote for one of these 5, I would vote for Judd, I think. He is the least worst of the bunch.

      • I said before, we all know lying and backstabbing is part of the game, but other BB’s (even evil Dick) weren’t racist.

      • You are so right. I have to admit that only Amanda tried to keep it from being personal most of the time. At the end she went off on the personal too, but in the middle of the season she kept it very strategic.

      • Or picking on another players. child. See you can’t say what you want_ about me but pick on one of my baby’s (or someone. else. that can’t defend themselves ) I’ll give you something to talk about AFTER your Jaw heals and the wires. come off. ;)

      • spencer has a good chance of winning. Since he was on the block 7 times, he didn’t vote to evict many people in the jury house

  9. Judd, McCrae and GM have no idea how to play this game. They are not playing to win. This is the time when big moves are required to get to the final 2. They need to preempt the other player’s moves. Instead, they play for F4. Only Andy and Spencer are playing for F2 now, already plotting to get rid of GM and Judd. What are GM and Judd doing? Nothing.

    Spencer too. Does he really believe he can win in a final 2 with Andy? If you look at the jury votes, I think GM wins against anyone. Then Andy, despite his treachery wins against everyone but GM. Remember, the jurors do not see the Andy we see. They see Andy as a Dan G. and he won so Andy can too. They won’t hate Andy until they go home and see the rest of Andy if they recorded BBAD or the Live feeds.

    After Andy its a toss-up with Spencer and McCrae.

    Then Judd, who I don’t think has a chance to beat anyone left. Maybe he beats McCrae or Spencer. But he would need to win another HOH and do something big, like get rid of Andy.

    But Judd and GM are just going along with Spencer and Andy hoping nothing happens to them. This is why this is the worst BB ever. Way too many people have just floated through the weeks and not making any moves for themselves.

    • Amanda will poison the Jury house against Andy. I dunno she just has that “vindictive” feel around her.

      • I think the jurors are already sick of Amanda’s bullying. They are not going to let her dictate their final vote of the season.

        But the jurors are going to think that Andy just outplayed them, that includes Amanda.

      • and if Elissa helps poison the jury against Andy? He betrayed pretty much all the Jurors-to-date (Candice, Jessie, Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa). Besides I didn’t say “bully,” Prince. Amanda could point out that Andy lied straight to the face of all of them.

      • Again, the lying is game play and I think the jurors will see it that way the same way they saw it with Dan G. The things that make so unlikeable are things he does behind their backs and in DR. Maybe I am wrong and they will see the real Andy once they have a chance to reflect. I just don’t. For them, admitting Andy outplayed them is better than admitted how stupid they were for believing all of his BS.

      • I have to agree. As much as Andy annoys me with his two-faced tattling strategy, it’s really the only kind of game he’s cut out to play. He obviously can’t play the game of a “Hottie Charmer” like Jeff. He can’t play the game of the “Ditzy Cutie” like Jordan. He doesn’t have the cajones of an “Evil Dick”, and he’s no “Competition Crusher” like Rachel. How else is he supposed to play the game? I think he’s playing it the only way he can.

      • I agree too, it’s not Amanda the bully, that walk into the jury house. It’s Amanda the juror. She will be on her best behavior from now on. The dynamic in jury is completely different then in the house. Don’t forget that Helen saw Andy bad side before she left.

      • when the jury sees two people taht had issues agreeing with each other and Helen already onto andy I think he is toast.

    • I know the jurors dont see what we see, but I always was under the impression they got to talk about what happened in Jury house. Hence I have feeling the only person Andy really can beat is Spencer. If he does make it to final 2 and win. I would say he deserved it because. He played the best game playing both sides of house and never getting caught.

    • Andy screwed himself in his goodbye message to Amanda. She is going to let the other jurors know about the alliance. He won’t win because he will not get Amanda’s, Ellissa’s, or the next three out’s votes. that is 5 and he doesn’t win.

    • spencer has a better shot than you think. He was on the block against most of the people in the jury, and did not vote to evict them

      • Okay, but what did Spencer do to avoid being evicted? Spencer coasted to where he is because there were always bigger targets. The question the jurors will as is what did Spencer do? I don’t think he can reply that he survived. That is not playing the game.

        And as I have said, Spencer is playing the same game as Andy only Andy is playing it better and is more will liked by the jurors than Spencer. If Spencer wants to win, he needs to evict Andy.

    • I read Jokers cause I can’t stand to hear the smut. I have the feeds on but muted. I can’t listen to the smut. Its too late in the season to cancel. I will watch the comps if they show them. I DON’T REALLY CARE WHO WINS JUST GET THIS PITIFULL EXCUSE OF A SESON OVER WITH.

  10. It’s fun to visit Andy Herren’s FB. He’s being lambasted daily. The pics that people post are hilarious. He has the lowest likes, only 135. haha. I’m pretty sure he’s more hated than Shelley Moore.

      • He could talk smack about Elissa all he wants but the fans are insulting him on his FB on a daily basis, lol

      • U should see the pics & comments posted on twitter. ALLOW ME A MEAN MOMENT…..there IS A PIC OF Shelly Moore (the one with the tan sleeveless dress remember that?). Somebody took that pic and photo shopped Andys face on to it. It reads “Meet Shandy”. Some are just tooo funny…

    • I am surprised he has 135 likes. those must be from early in the show before he started showing his true colors. I wonder what his friends and employer think of him. He lies with such ease people must be wondering if they can ever trust him again or if he is lying to them too. Andy did not learn to lie like that when he entered the BB house.

      • I actually went to his page and it looks like he has a couple of friends defending him. It looks to me like most of the attacks are on Andy’s behavior towards Elissa. I don’t see his friends defending that, they are just defending him as a person. The argument back is Andy’s behavior in the house defines him as a person, at least the nasty unnecessary comments do.

    • I agree. Other site are already running pool and Elissa is at 70%. None of the bozos in the house will be able to change that now.

      • More like 10 votes, but I will continue to campaign for 100 at a time.

        Elissa for AFP!!! Make the pigs realize the America prefers her behavior to theirs!

      • The house guests will claim it is all Rachel fans. But I for one am not a Rachel fan at all. I couldn’t stand her annoying behavior on BB. Elissa is annoying too but it is about Good and Evil to me. Elissa is the lesser of all of the evils in the house. I don’t find her quirkiness as disgusting as the ugly behavior of the rest of them.

        Funny how GM and Spencer we saying Kids are off limits and if anyone talked by their nephews they would definitely go to the mattresses. Yet there they were talking about Elissa son again. These people are such low creatures, CBS must have scraped the woods from the bottom of the barrel to come up with them.

      • These people were so immature and disgusting all season that they would not understand a person like Elissa who has a little class. They think she thinks she is better than them but really all it was is she does not like the way they behave like animals. Most people would find the farting, belching, graphic sex and toilet talk uncomfortable to be around. I don’t think that makes Elissa an elitist. I wouldn’t want to live with those people either. The filth alone would creep me out.

  11. If u read these comments on this site and check out other sites along with FB nobody cares who wins. When 95% of BB (true) fans cannot give a choice of a deserving winner then there is a problem. Somewhere along the way CBS/Allison Grodner lost control of the show and the cast as well. They tried to correct the issues but they waited to late and it was not fixable the damage had been done.. I have not heard that BB has been renewed and normally by this time each year we are aware of that status. Or I have not heard anything on a BB16 season.

    • Great point. BB lost control now trying to bring pervious winner in to give some direction but to late.

      • I’ve said it way back, all they had to do, when the bed flipping incident happen, is throw Aaryn out. That would have set the tone for the rest of the season.

      • Yea, the way you treat people shows the kind of person you are. Guess they are all that kind of person.

      • That is exactly what should have happened. When it was evident that racism was gonna be a factor in the season thaty should have stepped in right then & there. But they did not.

    • Just read some of whats been posted on Andy FB page. That can’t all be Rachel fans. And most of what’s been posted is about Andy talking behind Elissa’a back the way he does and how that is not game play. If Andy does not win anything and all he as is the comments on his FB page he is going to be pretty upset about his life when he returns to the house. The funny thing is, Andy always talks about how he does not want to be portrayed like Shelley and yet people see hm as a worse version of Shelley! Andy is all about his image on BB so this will be the deepest cut of all.

    • Good for you. I’m sure GM will be so happy that there is at least one person out there that love her. That’s really going to make her day.

  12. what I dont understand what with all the hate
    why do they hate elissa so much
    ever GM & she dye her hair for her
    these people are the pits

    • Their Elissa bashing is vile and totally unnecessary in the game.
      GM told Elissa it was the best hair color she had and Elissa keep her off the block. GM said appalling things about her son.

      • yes, it is truly a sign of bad character when the ask Elissa for hair cuts and hair color, dinner, cleaning up, but then they talk about how much they hate her when she is not there. This is why these people are so unlikeable.

  13. These people are awful. They spent a good portion of the night bashing Elissa. Spencer was threatening to hit people in the face. On the outside he would be in jail.

      • I would try to come up with a witty comeback but its just not worth it because your ignorance is blinding you.

      • Talk to the people who wrote the laws not I. As stated in the California Penal code ”

        A “criminal threat” is when you threaten to kill or physically harm someone and

        that person is thereby placed in a state of reasonably sustained
        fear for his/her safety or for the safety of his/her immediate family,

        the threat is specific and unequivocal and

        you communicate the threat verbally, in writing, or via an electronically transmitted device.

        Example: In real life someone who is bigger then me threatens to hit me.

        The person’s prior behavior has shown he is at best unstable.

        He stated that if I was in front of him he would harm me.

        Now back to your regular CBS episode of Big Brother.
        Criminal threats can be charged whether or not you have the ability
        to carry out the threat…and even if you don’t actually intend to
        execute the threat.2

  14. I’m more excited on the announcement of AFP than the winner of this season. I can’t wait to see the look on their face realizing that, Yes ! The constant Elissa bashing worked against you all !!

    • I am with you on that one. I just hope CBS dedicates enough time for it when it happens. But if Andy wins, the AFP will not have the impact on him that I want it too. At that point he won;t care. But it will piss of McCrae.

    • I really hope that Julie says something like “Elissa got 90% of the vote, or Elissa won by a landslide.” Just to piss all of the other HG’s off, well, besides Helen!

  15. learned something new…..Just found the site called The RED MIENI . The cast of BB 15 is rated as to their pro/con game possibilities. Just read that Helen named Rachel Riley as her least favorite player. Spencer could be gay. Jermery could be related/associated with the Hantz crew. It is interesting reading. Did not know this site existed.

  16. The producers seriously have to be scrambling to salvage this season. They are going to have to bring back someone to spice things up. Maybe a “comp” that brings Amanda (after Mcrae is gone) and Elissa to do battle with the remaining HG’s. What a disaster!

  17. I agree, they are not the smartest bunch of people, Spencer has a nasty mouth, I cannot imagine being the girl friend of his and hearing all that he said about her on live television, he is a sexual pervert!!

  18. Andy’s friends are defending him but we all know that they are shouting “Andy, stop!” when he starts bashing Elissa again and again. They see the damage he is doing to himself outside the house. Andy, in his hubris, thinks America loves him.

  19. Getting out Nick was probably the best game move they did. And aside from Amanda. But as far as everyone else it was too personal. None of these jerks deserve the money. I lost all respect for all of the HG’s. There is no reason why they are still bashing Elissa. Tbh I think she did a pretty damn good job making it to 6 people because she was the target day 1. Mad respect for her. Not happy with these results.

  20. For the last 10 or 11 weeks, I have eagerly. waited the announce nominee, veto comp. and veto ceremony spoiler alerts. Not this week. I just now found out who is on the block. I know unless McCrea wins veto he is going home. I have never seen so many throwing comps. I do understand that lying and backstabbing is part of the game. But to talk about ones family is inexcusable. I used to enjoy watching BBAD to catch up. Even though I do not care for the 5 remaining HG it is still better then the first five evicted quest. I just wish the middle guest were there instead of jury. OBTW I have erased my dvr strings to tape BBAD

  21. Andy is his “show off” self has made a fatal flaw. He would have a chance, but he and his big mouth has told departing house guests that he was personaly responsible for getting out of the house. He has told everyone who have left that he was in a final deal with everyone and that he made their dismissal from the house possible. If he had kept his mouth shut, the jury members would be in thedark about who was going behind ther backs. His wanting tobrag and tell everyone how he has masterfully done them in is his downfall. Amanda was beliveing thay Andy had voted to save her and was still true to her–but Andy’s big mouth and huge ego has sunk his own ship!! GOOD! Because I can not stand his ugly face, anymore!

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