Big Brother 15: Veto Plans Send Amanda On The Attack

Amanda as Bubby the Granny

The Veto Ceremony will be held later today and McCranda is stressing what’s about to happen. So much so that Amanda has taken it upon herself to make life difficult for Elissa in hopes it’ll change her upcoming move.

With the Veto set to be used Elissa will have to name a renom. The new target became aware of what was going to happen just after we did and the results have been dramatic. In an attempt to divert that renom aim Amanda has been making some, well, “interesting” game moves that are likely to thrill her fans and make her detractors even more unhappy.

McCrandy know that Elissa is planning to renom Andy when Amanda uses the Veto and saves McCrae. Reminder: Amanda is not an eligible renom option as the Veto winner can never be renom’d. Amanda believes they can influence Elissa to nominate GM instead of Andy. If that happens then McCrandy could vote out GM and keep 3AM in tact. That’s not going to happen.

Elissa has repeatedly said that she won’t waste her HoH week on GM or Spencer. She’s also said that she knows if she put up Judd as a pawn the house would vote him out. She’s being very strategic in her nominations with the goal in mind to evict Aaryn.

Amanda has stubbornly refused to believe she can’t get Elissa to do what she wants. Most everyone else can see it and are ignoring her instructions to go do this or that. As a result, Amanda has taken it upon herself to make it happen.

Flashback to a little after 3PM yesterday to find Amanda dressing herself up as “Bubby, the Torturing New Years Granny.” She made herself look old and is going around the house blowing a party horn and yelling at Elissa. Amanda believes if she drives Elissa nuts then they can send Andy up to be her comforter and earn enough appreciation from Elissa to keep him off the block.

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Amanda was brutal in her attacks on Elissa. She blew her horn in her face, followed her around doing the same, and then sat downstairs shouting verbal abuse after Elissa locked herself in the HoH room.

Later on Sunday close to 6PM BBT the Feeds went to nearly an hour of Trivia. That’s not normal. When the Feeds returned nothing seems to have happened. Elissa was sleeping in her HoH room & Amanda was still downstairs laying on the couch and screaming at Elissa that she was a “bitch” and this was all her fault.

Not too much later we got extended Fish for about fifteen minutes. When that was over Amanda had stopped. Aaryn asked Amanda if she was told to stop. Amanda says she’s not breaking any rules, but is just taking a break. Later McCrae asked if she was in trouble but Amanda said she wasn’t.

Was Amanda’s behavior brutal and unpleasant? Absolutely. Was it against the rules? No. We’ve seen this a lot before in past seasons and it’s been done to even more extremes. In this case Amanda is not going to get what she wants and risks polarizing the other HGs over the behavior. I believe it’s a poor game move on her part, but we’ll have to wait and see if there’s any long term damage from it. Probably not.

In a few more hours the Veto Ceremony will be held. Amanda will save McCrae. Elissa will renom Andy. From there the battle will be on and 3AM will become 2AM by Thursday night one way or the other.

What do you think of Amanda’s tactics and which HG do you think will head to Jury?

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  1. Amanda is just terrible. I really hope that somehow the other HGs find a way to beat CBS’ plan and get her evicted. Then hopefully she will lose her real estate career and end up homeless and on the streets, preferably with a venereal disease as well.

      • not only did she lose her job, so did Aaryn, Ginamarie, and Spencer, CBS picked the worst cast of bullies, raciest, and pedifiles ever, its not even fun to watch its down right boring.

      • Spencer hasn’t lost his job… his employer isn’t happy with him but he is union so they can’t fire him.

      • Spencer used poor judgment in his choice of “jokes” but I don’t believe he’s a pediphile.

      • No, but his constant comments about women are truly nasty. He has called them every bad word in the book.

      • Yes they can. They just said they need to wait for him to get out. Then he will be fired. Union might start a grievance, but they will lose.

      • I read that Spencer employer is having him investigated by the local police in his town..

      • Spencer has made some class-less jokes, but calling someone a pedophile for making jokes is a pretty extreme and uncalled for statement.

      • Spencer works for the railroad, in a unionized job. That means he’s not an at-will employee. He can still be fired, but not just because the employer doesn’t like what he said on TV. Did he break any contractual policies. Did he break company rules. If he did, he’s entitled to answer their questions iun an investigation. If he’s disciplined, he’s entitled to grieve it – and even arbitrate it – if he is reprimanded, suspended or fired. Union means he’s protected from capricious actions by the employer. He doesn’t mean he can’t be fired. But when employers can’t prove it, or know they’re in the wrong, they won’t fire even though they may want to.

      • I have a feeling Spencer will be asked to take some cultural and gender/sexual competency seminars and be done with it.

      • I have watched all 15 installments and you are right. These people are truly just AWFUL. I have read that CBS President, Les Moonves personally had final approval of this cast. If this is the case, the job should be returned to whoever was doing it before.

      • She has not lost her job, they just temporarly removed her profile because people kept calling and emailing. But her job is waiting for her

      • I wouldn’t think so. As a real estate agent, she is technically self employed. But she needs an agency to hang her license. I could see them refusing because of the negative publicity.

      • But she hasn’t, first of all where she hangs her license the owner of company is a family friend & they have stated they support Amanda & understand it’s a game. Just worry about her in the house no need to worry about her once she leaves the house. That’s why they’ve removed certain things from the site because crazy people keep calling

      • I would never buy a house from that disgusting pile of trash.- I’m fairly certain many others will agree. She might still have a job – but she won’t be selling many, if any houses.

      • I might would have bought a house from her before the show, but i’d be dumb as dog sh*t to buy a house from her after the show. the way she lie and the things she doing. she the type that will sell you a house and once you get in it everything start falling apart!!!

      • because selling a house is totally the same as big brother. I would never buy anything from Dr Will… He lied in a gameshow based on scheming…

      • She seems like an awful person but she has a talent for selling her bullsh-t to anyone and getting them to buy it. That could be a real asset when considering realtors. When buying or selling something as pricy as a house I care less if I like the agent than I care hat they are good at their job.

      • Her company tweeted yesterday that she is still an employee & they are waiting for her return & that she has their full support. They also said anything you may read about her losing her job is a LIE

      • What company ? That might be a hoax. She was working for Watermark Realty, part of Prudential Florida. They pull her license from the Florida State Licensing Bureau, 2 weeks ago. She is now listed as inactive.

      • Not a hoax lol it was a real acct that’s been verified. Her profile was listed as inactive for awhile actually because people were commenting and calling and making threats. You read she “MAY BE” fired on gossip sites so you can’t always believe what you read. She is apparently one of the highest agents in that area. I’m pretty sure she will be fine outside the house.

      • Verified ? Anybody can create a tweeter account and say just about anything. Go to the website of her agency, You’ll find nothing. If they were really behind her, it would be on their website. I’ll believe it when it’s on their website.

      • Yes the little blue checkmark thing that is only on twitter. No not anyone can create that. Again you’re just reading it now on some gossip site but her profile has been removed for about 3 weeks now because of the harassment and threats. I know you probably want her to be without a job but I don’t think that is happening.

      • well thats all good but I am sure not many people will believe anything she has to say or want her as their agent so her company can keep her on she wont be making a living off it!!

      • LOL not everyone watches big brother. Not everyone takes everything so personally. She will be fine just stop caring

      • She lost her realtor license. But the story about her losing her job is inaccurate (unfortunately). I think that these people deserve to suffer real life consequences for their actions. After all, the rest of us have to.

      • Yes, most realtors are independant workers. But they need to be affiliated to a realty company. The company she was affiliated with, delisted her with the Florida State Licencing Bureau. So her licence is now inactive. When she comes out, she will need to look for another realty company to reactivate her licence.

    • LOL I kinda like that….LOL that is too funny but very true…I agree, I hope the HGs can find a way to beat CBS’ plan and get her EVICTED….she is a horrible person with a very fowl mouth!!!!

    • While I don’t agree with her tactics and I do believe she should be sent packing, I don’t wish any ill will to anyone. It is just a game. We should wish the best for anyone, and not be wishing someone homeless, jobless and disease ridden.

      • I would agree with you on that if she had not made it such a personal attack.Game or no game don’t. ever talk about someones parenting! That was. the very lasts straw. she is an awful person, and McCrae needs to rethink their relationship!!! If she. acts like this on national T.V. how will she act with him? Will she bully him? I’m sure of it.

    • Is this sort of statement at all different than what Amanda has been saying in the house? This, my friends, is hypocrisy at its finest!

  2. Let’s just hope someone decent like Judd wins HOH and puts up Amanda and McC next week and hopefully Amanda gets evicted. I can’t stand her.

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. There’s a difference in this kind of bullying that she is doing. Amanda doesn’t seem sane to me. In addition, I think she has issues when it comes to popping pills. She isn’t right in the head, and I think that is the difference with this situation in comparison to the previous seasons.

    • Her parents should be embarrassed. They’ve raised a foul mouth, bully whore. It would be one thing if it was a rumor, but I have seen on the live feeds what she does and what her and McCrae do after everyone has gone to sleep. She is a really mean and nasty person. Hoping Karma catches up with her, but I’ve noticed that Karma has been on vacation lately in the BB15 house.

      • Karma is waiting for the end of the season so it doesn’t have dish out punishments multiple times. It will hit them when they least expect it.

        I remember when her parents were on and seemed embarrassed that she was with McCrae, “Amanda is usually with strong men [with money and better jobs]”. Well, I wonder who would want to be with the likes of this “foul mouth, [dirty] bully whore” now?

      • I wish they would do an update with both their parents again. Something tells me McCrae’s parents are totally disappointed with their son’s choice in romance.

      • I’m embarrassed for McCrae. I bet their parents are trying to save face & would refuse to be on camera. I mean seriously what nice things can be said about DeManda’s behavior. Her boyfriend us probably glad he had an easy out in their relationship!

      • The sad part is McCrea isn’t an idiot when he actually speaks. Hes just in such a situation he can’t get himself out of
        Or get recognized for bc of Amanda.

      • I hope he’s trying to mentally distance himself from her after all her antics this week. He can’t help what the other house guests do as far as nominating her. I just hope he figures it out before he’s the target. Although he literally made his bed with her & continues to lie in it.

      • My parents would be embarrassed, if I took to using online forums to disparage the personalities of people I didn’t know.

    • I believed they (her parents) raised her to be that way! Get what you want, at all costs. You don’t turn out like that by accident. Sickening!

    • They should be, but more so She should be. If McCrae needs to really rethink staying with her after the way she has acted in the house, How does/will she act outside the house? Will she bully him? How will his family fill about her.If it was my son we would have aa very LONG talk about her
      I would say woman.or lady but she acts like neither for sure.

      • McCrae can’t say anything to Amanda about her behavior, he doesn’t know where she hid his balls.

      • Don’t you think he might just be using her to advance his own game? I also suspect that he might have a bit more (career wise) going on than delivering pizzas and hiding it for strategic reasons.

    • I’m pretty sure her parents have seen this kind of behavior before, so it’s not really surprising to them. As a parent myself, embarrassed doesn’t even begin to describe how I’d feel. Mortified comes to mind!

      • Me too. As a parent, I am always thinking, I wonder how her/his parents feel about this or that? I am also wondering what Spencer’s girlfriend thinks of him after watching this show.

      • I’m sure if you asked Marilyn, her response would be, “Spencer who? I’m single.”

  3. Man,i never hit a woman in my life but for Amanda i think i would make a exeption all that bullying make me sick….

  4. Elissa is rocking it and I am so proud of her. (Never thought I would say that!!!)
    Happy the rest of the house is FINALLY catching on to Amanda as well, I am so ready for her nastiness to end with a Julie Chen interview!
    Rooting for that Julie Chen interview with Aaryn this week!

  5. I think amanda is the bitch! An tbat is the nice thing i can call her,she needs to shut her fat ugly mouth. Her teeth r bigger than her face. I hope it does bites her in her ass n the end. What a. Ig mouth bitch. !!!!

  6. It’s one thing to torture but when talking about someone’s family it’s just disgusting! Amanda is in for a rude awakening when she sees how much America hates her!! Her game play yesterday was out of line and the fact that mc never even tried to stop shows how disgusting he is too!

    • That’s the difference to me. Pick on Elissa all you want, she’s a big girl and has been handling it fairly well. Picking on a spouse who isn’t there is low & classless, but I’m sure Elissa’s husband couldn’t care less what Amanda thinks of him . . . but bringing an 8 year old child into things is where she crossed a line for me.

    • The queen of eating constantly and showing her flabby ass and plastic tits to anyone who is around.

      • At the risk of sounding superficial, I cannot understand why a woman with a body like Amanda’s is so willing to walk around so everyone can see all of its flaws. For being only 28, Amanda has a pretty bad body.

      • Say I am wrong but her body best represents a 38 year old woman not a 28 yr old. Blacklash expected lol

      • wow thats malicious. She’s a little overweight so she should hide it from the world? I applaud Amanda, because she’s a confident woman.

  7. This cast is the worst ever and it’s look like they all going to lose their job after the show(Aaryn lost her modeling job,Amanda her real estate job and maybe McC is going to lose is pizza delivery job too… Julie won’t get bullie by Amanda went she’ get evected

    • And Amanda has made Elissa such a sympathetic character her business will thrive after this. Because Elissa, while being a bit of a loose cannon, says things like when Judd said Amanda’s business is going to suffer outside the house,Elissa responded she did not want that to happen to her. There is a quality there that does not exist in Amanda.

  8. If Amanda was actually a man, most people wouldn’t think twice about the way she has played. She would be idolized… Evel Dick, anyone?

    • Couldn’t stand Evel Dick. But never has someone’s name so perfectly described their character.

    • Evel Dick was an asshole too, but at least he owned up to it. Amanda gets offended by being called a bully lol. She’s totally out of touch with reality.

    • Where did this idea that everyone loves Evel Dick come from? He was infamous in Big Brother lore. Being well known does not mean well liked. He was like the bad guy in professional wrestling. People wanted to see him lose. Amanda is the same way. Look at how many fans are watching and hoping she get evicted. Their pleasure will be from her going home not winning.

      • Compared to Danielle Donato, Evel Dick didn’t seem like that bad of a person. He was a jerk, but she was an annoying self entitled little brat. So she made him seem better by comparison. So maybe Amanda better work her flat ass off to save Aaryn, because that is the only person she might look good next too.

  9. If i were the other HGs i’d be thinking if she will go this far with Elissa, what would she do to me when numbers dwindle and i put her on the block. The further along in the game she gets, the more stubborn and entitled she will become. The next HOH should think about that and nominate her before she bullies her way to F2.

    • Why do you think she has these public outbursts. She did it with Candice, Spencer, Helen, Jessie. She is sending a message to the rest of the house that she is in charge. Its like she is the alpha male in a pack of wolves. If any of the pack gets any idea they are taking over, the alpha males trikes hard and in front of the pack so they all don;t forget who is running the show. That is Amanda.

      • I said it once, I’ll say it again, She has the biggest balls in the house. I pretty sure she has a bigger dick too.

      • I have said that before, if they had expulse Aaryn when she flip the bed, they would have avoided lots of the crap that happens after. Amanda could have flip anyway tought.

      • True but, 1. she wouldn’t have Aryan playing her game. 2. she may have a second thought on some of her actions and 3. some of the players may have feared her less because they know there may be consequences to her actions. Right now, CBS is condoning (by not reprimanding her).

  10. If Amanda wasn’t doing this stuff (also done by Dr. Will, Evil Dick, etc.) this show would be even more boring than it has been all summer.

    • If we need to see personal attacks and vile behavior to be entertained, what does that say about us?

      • In truth I don’t watch it & I have the feeds I have no desire to watch it. Since the “Osama Bin Laden” Amanda made I mute her & go to another cam if possible. I have no desire to hear/see such an evil /vile person.

  11. Matt is right, this kind of treatment toward another HG has happened in the past, however I don’t like seeing it any more now than I did before. It shows just how childish and crazy the one doing it is.

  12. Amanda is hurting her own game by doing this. She is making the target bigger and bigger. I say let her make a full of herself. Elissa isn’t giving her the attention she so desperately craves. Amanda isn’t going to win no 500k. I’ll be shocked if she is not evicted within the next 2 weeks. She’s making her jury members HATE her!

  13. I don’t understand why Amanda thinks bullying is going to get her way… and why doesn’t McC shut her down. I say it’s time to send that duo/3am team packing!

    • In case you haven;t noticed, McCrae is a little wormy weasel. The way he always talks about how is going to o this or that and how great it would be then does shows what a little wimp he is. When he was talking about how if Elissa bumped him around during the Oteve comp he would have, “oh, man I would have knocked her down blah, blah, blah”. Even in the promo for Big Brother on TVGN he is saying in the diary room, “I have to play this game for myself” but in the game he does whatever Amanda tells him too.

      But none of the men in the house intervened and only Judd went up to talk to Elissa and tell her Amanda is only hurting herself.

    • So that makes Amanda’s behavior acceptable? And what lesson was learned from Evel Dick? The fact that he did it and nothing happened has made it okay for Amanda to do it now. CBS should have stopped Evel Dick than and Amanda would not be acting like this now.

    • Well, So far it’s not working for Amanda. Outside of BB, I don’t think it’s helping her career either.

  14. Kinda ridiculous the witch hunt that goes on when someone says something offensive. For these people to lose their jobs is a bit much. If you met Amanda when looking for a house you wouldn’t know anything about her personally and would think she’s a decent person. If everyone knew everything about what their co-workers thought half this country would be fired. That’s the beauty of Big Brother is that it is uncensored. There’s bound to be 2 or 3 people out of 16 that have some controversial behaviors and or views. Calling Amanda’s business and mom is taking it too far.

    • If I ever bought a house from her, I would feel disgusted that I lined her pockets. She is not a nice person, and I hope that she gets a lot of backlash, so there is a chance she could learn something from this. If there is no backlash, she will learn nothing and we will continue to have one more nasty person on this earth.

      • A nasty person being one who posts, assessments as to the personalities of people they see on television? You don’t know these people, only how they are presented to you on tv and the feeds. It’s asinine to judge someone based upon how they are presented acting in a situation that you have never been in, or can likely not even fathom. Get over yourself, and go back to tweeting to Rachel’s PR.

      • But maybe you judging me is the same thing, since you are making your judgements based on a short comment.

      • I’m not judging you, simply am giving an apt retort to your commentary. However if I were to judge you, based upon your comments. It would be as ill informed and inane as your judging television characters. touche.

      • Sometimes it is best not to respond.

        When a person signs up for a reality television show, they sign themselves up to be judged. The things that came out of many of the contestants mouths were/are deplorable. We may have the character that we root for but that doesn’t make their actions correct. Amanda has said many disgusting things and it speaks to her character, wishing bodily harm (just to name one) to others is vile. Yes, she is being judged by the character she has displayed on this show.

      • He/she is a troll.. sent in to agitate & harass regular posters. Try to tune him/her out.

      • I totally agree with you….. Chris Foster is obviously auditioning to be Amanda’s PR rep when she leaves the house…… because ANYONE with any moral compass can see that she’s a bully and mean person…. you don’t have to know her personally…. we get to see her in action 24/7…. what more could you possibly need to form a legitimate opinion about a person’s behavior.

      • I don’t have a degree in psychology, thus I won’t be making psychological assessments on any internet forums, or anywhere else. I don’t think it much to ask those also unqualified to do the same.

    • Amanda volunteered to be on a reality show. With that comes 15 minutes of fame that could be positive or negative. Amanda (and Aaryn and GM) choose to make their 15 minutes of fame negative. I am only going with their wishes to be seen by the public as horrible, vial people. If the real world reacts the same way, so be it. These are adults that should be responsible for their actions.

    • You don’t have to act like an idiot to play this game, and I certainly don’t want to give my business to a person like her. You have a choice how to behave yourself in front of America with 24//7 camera

  15. Amanda is saying she feels so bad having to pretend to hate Andy, so he doesn’t get nominated. But she feels completely justified in the things she is doing to Elissa.

    • It’s hilarious that Amanda thinks “pretending to hate Andy” is going to somehow change Elissa’s mind lol

      • All her other lame plans worked, so why should she think this is any different. I didn’t think Elissa would be the HOH to have her own mind and opinion. It makes me respect her game more.

  16. I think is time to BB make some new rules! That behavior makes the looks game ridiculous, and I’m not interested in watch that. This is stupid TV! Sometimes a wish BBUS were more like BBUK, where this actions results in punishments!

  17. Amanda is a bully simply because she has Low self esteem, she picks on Elissa because she is jealous of Elissa and any housemate that is better then her. Saddly to tell the truth I can see Amanda Bullying a prize pig because she is jelouse that the Pig is cleaner and has better manners then she has. Amanda is a classic Level three Bi polar. Saddly she will never get help as long as people keep giveing her attention and bellying up like a submissive dog.

    • I see, and your degree in psychology comes from where? Don’t make medical assessment, when your not not qualified to do so.

  18. Evil dick was not as evil as these people. Adoption slams, racial insults, it’s disgusting. I hope Elissa or Judd win

      • Amanda said that she would murder Elissa in her sleep. She said this after she made a statement comparing her actions to those of Osama Bin Laden. So use ur best judgment as to what a low life Amanda really is.

      • Amanda is a sad little girl. Wonder who hurt her so much why she would dare to even think much less to speak such things. (Or is that just her… vile deplorable disgusting etc… person).

  19. I think is time to BB make some new rules! That behavior makes the game looks ridiculous, and I’m not interested in watch that. This is stupid TV! Sometimes a wish BBUS were more like BBUK, where this actions results in punishments!

    • I agree. I am not in my 20s anymore and I don;t watch shows like Bad Girls, Real House, etc. because they do not appeal to me. I find that behavior hard to watch, not entertaining. When BB gets like this, I want to turn it off. Just play the game respectfully or at least as much as possible under the circumstances.

      But at the end of the day Amanda did more harm to herself than she did to Elissa. I hope Elissa realizes that. But I am afraid after her HOH is over, she is going to leave and that would be a shame. But what choice does she have? Would you want you husband mocked and your son brought into this stupidity? I can only imagine the pain Amanda’s behavior is causing Elissa’s family and Amanda’s. I am sure her parents are probably embarrassed by the way Amanda is behaving.

      • I totally agree with you.

        I think the game have to be played separate of real life and any attemps to use that should be punished! BB is a free game, no rules, but it’s time to make some.

        First we have racism and homophobic, now, for the good of the game, racist people and homophobes have been reintegrated in the major group, a real big shame!

        BB needs to starts eject people from the house, not only for violence, but agressive and offesnsive behaviour!

  20. Imagine if Amanda doesn’t use it on McRae….I wouldn’t put it past that piece of crud, low life…she looks like the devil resides within.

  21. Yesterday, Aaryn was saying that she hopes that this does not make Amanda look like a B. Elissa has been horrible to them and she deserves what Amanda is doing and saying.
    Aaryn is one messed up person if she thinks people deserve to be treated like this.

  22. And why do they HATE elissa so much? Because she will not do what Amanda wants. Because she put McCrae on the block. Big freaking deal get over yourselves. So immature.

  23. I love how any one who lies to Amanda is evil, but she lies to everyone else. Aaryn really should buy Amanda a Christmas gift this year, for taking some of the heat off of her this season.

  24. it is just a game people….omg….helen was bullying people and so was Ellisa…just laugh and get over it… is just a game, entertainment….

    • Oh yeah, its just a game to talk about someone’s spouse, their children or family. I forgot that is acceptable. Give me a break.

    • Not when you bring my family into it. Then its ass kicking time! That’s. when it turned for me.I have nothing good to say about that trash so as I preach if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything, you can talk bad but find something good also, and she has.shown nothing good.

    • Bullying is not threatening to get someone evicted if they don’t vote you way. That is playing the game. When it becomes personal, bashing someones family, people who have nothing to with the ‘Game’. Then that is ‘Bullying’! Helen never made comments about any ones family. She never screamed at anyone. Amanda is a disgusting person, Period.

    • Yes it’s a game. But you don’t use racial comments and adoption insults in a game. Play fair that’s a game

    • Helen was not the type of bully that Amanda is Helen was not foul mouthed or threatened anybody with physical harm or talked about anybody’s family.

    • Big Brother is a Game, but their experiences are REAL, and their own character sips in. As a viewer, my reaction to Amanda is revolting. I can’t laugh on Amanda’s behavior.

  25. So did anyone else notice that they photoshopped Helen out of the clip of Aaryn drinking the nail polish remover? If you go look at the tweets next on the live feeds, someone shows the actual pic and then what they showed on last night episode.

    • Funny really. And the editors were great at removing Helen out. Did Helen speak throughout the whole ordeal?

      • I’m not sure. It was something so random to put in last nights episode. But I guess it was a big topic of conversation.

      • I’m sure they needed to balance the drama out with some light-fare which has been at a minimum this season.

  26. Amanda needs to be expelled from the house. I admired Elissa’s strength and will not to engage Amanda’s vile trash talk. Go Elissa!

  27. I hope the power shift continue to gain momentum. Personal aside, the HGS should put McCrae and Amanda up together and let them duke it out. Amanda going terrorist bat crazy this week, should be rewarded with being nominated. Elissa is a free agent and could be very useful to the HGS if she stays. Andy hasn’t been nominated yet, and is talking like insanity and wanting a different result.

  28. Amanda, even if she was in the final she will not win, she is the most horrible women I ever seen on big brother. come on hoh use your brain and get rid of the bully

    • That’s what worries me. I believe that Evel Dick made if further in the game because everyone really thought they could beat him. And anyone other that his daughter would have. So the more of an ass Amanda is, the more likely someone would take her to the end to beat. I hope it doesn’t happen, but now is the time when people start looking around at their best shot to win.

  29. Lets all pray that Judd or even GM (yes I know the classy GM) wins HoH because Amanda and McCrae DESERVES to be on the block and DESERVES to get their jaws broken

  30. Judd last night tells Elissa, “She (Amanda) is the one who will be suffering when she gets out of here. She’s never gonna sell a house again. Who would want to buy a house from that?” Elissa agrees but then says “I don’t even want that for her, that sucks.”
    So Amanda is looking to anyone to justify how she is treating Elissa, and wants people to tell her Elissa deserves this treatment. While Elissa is upset with Amanda, she still doesn’t want Amanda to be suffering after the show. Elissa has done some wacky stuff, but Amanda is a mean, miserable person.

    • That is true…I saw/heard that. .yall can say what u will but Elissa is a ‘unique’ BB player.

      • You can complaint about her looks or whatever, but in the end, she’s is just a decent human being.

  31. Veto winner can never be renom’d. <– that sh*t needs to be changed… that's one suck ass rule… Anyone agree ?

    • Yes and no. If you could renom the veto winner, less people would use it. And we have seen some good game changes by using the veto. But in this instance, it does suck.

    • I agree that it sucks that Amanda can veto McC and stay off the block, but if this was a duo that you actually liked, you’d be singing a different tune.

  32. Isis this a way of CBS of distracting the public from the negative feedback at the beginning. Because at the beginning Amanda wasn’t like that. I think she was CBS messenger to let Aaryn know about the racism remarks

  33. The Most Awaited Exit Julie Chen..”The Bride of Chuckie” Coming Soon to a theater near you.

  34. Why is it cool for Evel Dick to do this sort of thing, but not Amanda? You people are such hypocrites.

    • If you read most of the posts on this thread, you will see most people didn’t like his behavior either. No double standard, just revisionist memory.

      • no. everyone liked Evel Dick. Thats why they made america’s player do things in his favor. Dont get it twisted. You are all hypocrites.

      • Thanks for telling me who I liked. I forgot you and I have been friends for a long time. I remember we watched that season together and talked on the phone all the time. Oh wait, am I making things up about you now?

      • Deny it all you want. Also, dont call Amanda a bully if you’re going to insult her on this site. That’s just another hypocritical thing that goes on here.

      • Well calling her “nasty” and “fat” (like you did in a comment below) is also bullying. Pot, meet kettle.

      • She is nasty when the other HGs start telling u that u stink theres a problem and Amandas waist is getting a little its not bullying its stating a truth..

      • Then call her overweight. Calling someone “nasty and fat” is not telling the truth. Go on the street and call someone nasty and fat. See what happens. i bet they wont say “thanks for your honesty!”. You’re deluded.

      • What??? You’re kidding right? Now pointing out bullying when we see it is bullying? You want to re-think that post?

      • Well, people here are calling her names and wishing harm upon her. thats bullying. So calling her a bully and proceeding to be a bully is hypocritical. Thats what I’m getting at.

      • Hold on there. You can not say how any of us felt about Evel Dick. I know I dislike him and felt he should have been kicked out of the game for some of the things he did. I didn’t mind the banging of pots and pans, but some of his behavior was bullying and it was wrong.

      • They stated the majority liked Evel, not anyone personally. “he was voted favorite player” note he didn’t say “you” voted for him, he was simply stating a fact. One used quite often in “america wants Amanda out”

      • Eh, false.

        Quote: “no. everyone liked Evel Dick.” Not “majority,” but “everyone.”

      • is that the same “everyone” who nominated Amanda, with America’s mvp vote? Odd how that everyone is ok,

      • And I said that, when?

        You guys need to stop putting words in people’s mouths. You have a problem with what one person says, you respond to them about it; you don’t go around telling the entire board that they suck for saying/thinking something, when not everyone you’re speaking to applies to your statement. It’s over-simplistic at best.

      • I am pointing out, despite your trite retort. When someones say’s “everyone” voted for Evel, it’s blasphemous, thou saying “everyone” wants Amanda out is apt. How does this have any implied logic?

      • Again, when did I say everyone wants her out?

        Your fundamental point is flawed. You’re arguing a strawman.

      • Never did I state you implicitly. Perhaps before replying, you should read as to what you are replying to.

      • So your “thou saying ‘everyone'” was not directed to me? Was that a typo? Did you read your own post before you submitted it?

        And perhaps when you respond to someone, you shouldn’t expect them to explain or argue viewpoints they’ve never expressed in order to prove your point. That kind of tactic makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      • if your capable of scrolling upwards, you’d see it was in reply to prince, not yourself. So when you respond to someone, you shouldn’t agrue viewpoints or anoint yourself in discussions not pertaining to you. So no it was not directed at you, go look it was to Prince. See it the arrow beside my initial post, funny, that’s not you.

      • Many people didn’t like his or his daughter’s strategies. Don’t put words in people’s mouths just to support your incorrect assessment.

        As for Amanda in particular, her bullying behavior is bad enough, but add in the racist/homophobic/etc stuff she said (not to mention the time when she talked about killing one of the female contestants so it’d be easier to rape her), and her behavior is 100% unacceptable and inexcusable.

      • Yet its ok to call her names here. That’s cool. Not completely hypocritical in the slightest!

      • You shouldn’t have replied to me then with that (nor, again, should you accuse everyone of doing something when in reality it’s only a few who are doing it)…

      • You’ve lost your mind. If he was such a hero where is he now. We’re not hypocrites you must be a bully too if you condone any of that behaviour. Grow up. Your the reason we let bully’s get a pass

      • do not call me a hypocrite you asshole i did not like dick at all and i hate amanda even more so stfu you asshole prick

    • I think that evil asshole was just as bad.. he should have been ousted as well… and his daughter…

    • Never liked Evil Dick nor Danielle Donato, the same goes for Janelle, Helen, Jeremy, Kaitlyn, etc. Bullying is wrong and there is no excuse for it. However, lying, manipulation, backstabbing is allowed in this game and house guests should stick to it! Helen bullied Candice and Jessie too which is why I wanted her evicted! And why would anyone condone bullying when it can happen to you, your spouse or child! Do you really want that to happen to you? Why would you want it done to others?

    • I’m deluded? No right minded person would condone any of this behaviour. I don’t care who does it. Look up the meaning if deluded and it says fool. Now who’s the fool? You want to condone bullying. Go right ahead but to me that puts you in their category. I’m no hypocrite my friend

      • Thanks for the word definition. I actually thought deluded meant “level headed” (thats sarcasm, btw). I’m not condoning anything – in fact, im against people on here being bullies! Calling someone you’ve never met nasty names is bullying, no matter who the victim is.

  35. Amanda’s shelf life might be limited if Judd or Gina Marie win HOH next! Hopefully, they use their heads this time and put both Amanda and McCrae on the block together! That guarantees one of them goes home even if one wins POV!
    Preferably, Amanda goes home this coming week!

  36. Amanda is a disgusting human being and I can’t wait for her to come out of the house and see what America REALLY thinks of her. She’s a pathetic POS! I have never seen so many wimps in the house afraid to stand up to this HO!

  37. I am taking a break from Amanda for a while – maybe the next 15 minutes. In the meantime, what about Andy? He is going crazy over being nominated. Andy has never been up once. People in the house have been up 2, 3 or even 6 times!

    What I don;t get about Andy is his denial. He claims he never targeted Elissa. Really, Andy? We have your bitch session with the boys recorded. You have been bitching about Elissa for a while. You lied right to Helen’s face last week about not voting her out. The vote was 4-1 to evict and Elissa cast the only vote for Helen to stay. We have that on tape too!

    But my real question is this. Andy, if you were so much more comfortable being with Amanda, that you stabbed your most loyal allies in the house in the back, why are you so afraid of going on the block today? Why are you afraid you are going to go home if Amanda and McCrae have your back?

    • I think its funny. He tells everyone to trust him, but you can tell he doesn’t trust them. I wonder what is going to happen if he goes up. Will the lying continue to both Andy and Aaryn?

      • I think Andy is just acting emotionally like everyone does when they think they are going up for the first time. But his recollection of events differs from recorded history by a lot. Elissa and Helen really liked Andy – to a fault. If I was Andy I would not have been disloyal to them because I know they would never be disloyal to me. Amanda and McCrae, on the other hand, are clearly out only for themselves and just use other people.

      • That’s why I hope he goes up. Can you actually imagine Andy and Aaryn getting together and confronting McCranda about who they want to keep. It would be great to put those to on the spot.

  38. You know I keep hearing its a game and the things that are happening are ok. Play fair play tough play smart. But if racism and evil comments about children family etc is what you call good Plainfield. I don’t want to play

  39. Amanda wrath should be coming to an end. If these HGS continue playing like dogs with their tails between their legs, is difficult to believe or stomach. The HGS need to take a page out of Elissa play book, playing the BB game, make your own decisions. Playing a fear based game, because of one person, should not make you rethink. Why? When you could have the numbers remove the dark fae Amanda the cancer of the house. You odds of winning increase. Duh.

  40. If Andy survives this week, she should thank Elissa for breaking the spell the evil witch Amanda put on him.

    • Did you see last night how Andy’s lies got exposed by Elissa? He’s been telling Elissa for days that GM is gonna vote for Aaryn to stay. Elissa said, “Can you ask GM in front of me that question? Andy said, “I don’t want to cause problem”..Then GM came out in the BY and Elissa asked GM in front of Spencer and Andy, “who are you going to vote to be evicted?” ..Aaryn !..LOL. BUSTED…it was hilarious!…Tell me who’s playing a good game? lol

      • I didn’t see that but I saw him crying to Spencer and Judd about he never targeted Elissa and but now he s 10,000% going to target her. He thinks we didn’t see his conversation with Amanda this week about Elissa has to go next week? And we didn’t see all of those previous conversations with McCrae and Spencer about how Elissa has to go next?

        I think these house guests don;t like the fact that Elissa is show more balls in 1 HOH than the rest of them have shown all season. She keeps pointing out to them how they have been playing Amanda’s game for the entire year and they keep denying it while heading back to Amanda’s throne room to find out what their new orders are.

  41. I think a Realtor Agent will sell more houses if they walk around t**s sticking out and only wearing their underwear. hihihi

  42. Honestly, I think I’d be more okay with the show and all the crap people spew, if more of it was put on television. That CBS censors so much of the vile stuff some of these people are saying/doing and makes them look like angels enrages me about as much as the stuff they’re saying in the first place.

    • I think I feel the same way. Spencer has gotten a great edit on tv. I think while they show Amanda being pushy and bossy, they haven’t shown her racists or homophobic remarks.

    • I think CBS protects the house guests to a certain degree because we have to remember they are being watched all day and all night. If any of us were under the microscope like that I am sure we would all say or do something we would regret later. CBS aired the racist stuff with Aaryn because too many people had already seen it on the live feeds. The controversy had already bubbled up so they had to address it somehow.

      We don’t know how they will portray Amanda’s outburst yesterday but the fact that they stepped in and stopped it leads me to believe they will not portray Amanda in a positive way. I am more curious to see how they portray the rest of the house who basically just watched and did nothing.

      • Saying “I hate that b****” in anger is one thing; saying you’d kill the person so it’d be easier to rape her is another thing entirely. Getting into a heated argument with someone is one thing; saying that you hope you get to see the Black come out of someone during the argument is another.

        These people are so far over the line that they don’t deserve all that protection. They don’t need to air every bad/annoying thing the houseguests do, like whether they smoke three packs a day or whether they hope someone gets sick and can’t play in a competition, but when houseguests are being this vile, some of it should be shown to the public. That they continue to be depicted as wonderful, normal people is an insult to the people that these people have been targeting.

  43. She is really a sick witch. Judd needs to win HOH and nominate them together. That way one will go home. So tired of Them. They look dirty all the time.

  44. Has anyone noticed how Spe.cer and McCrae are alwAys picking there nose, fingers,toes….whatever and then sti k ther hands in food bags…UGH….pigs…and talk about how each other zmell bad…lay arou.d in filty clother and rooms…don,t do anythi.g …. ut can,t even shower….and Amanda sleeps with him…Grow up .. all of them…they know America is watching all day…have they mo personal pride?

    • Yes, it has been noticed. Someone point out on BBAD how Spencer had his hands down his pants playing with his junk, then he got up and grabbed a handful of M&Ms with the same hand without washing them. Not exactly in the book of etiquette.

    • How about all those clothes piled on the floor…..I would have self evicted a long time ago.

    • Not to mention Spencer can’t keep his hands out of his pants….and McCrae…CUT THAT GD HAIR!!! They do all the picking, scratching, etc., etc. then into the food bags they go…HOW GROSS

      All that is bad enough…but at least they are picking their OWN noses. At least twice I’ve seen Amanda pick McCraes. JEEZ LOUISE!!!! And he let her!

  45. So, with all the bullying and hypocrisy going on, will I get slammed for calling Andy a “Ginger Pee Wee Herman”?

      • I kind of think that he looks like one of the characters from the animated Gargoyles show.

      • I don’t know that show…I just notice that his expressions change quickly and can’t figure out why he had become everyone’s friend, when he is overtly dishonest expression-wise…

      • I like Andy…think he’s probably a very nice guy….but who really knows? The first time I saw him I was reminded of a Keebler Elf ! He just needs a pointy hat! ;)

    • nah man you’ll be fine! people here dont like Andy. Dont call Elissa names though… that’s crossing the line…

      • Calling Elissa or anyone names is immature but no one is really upset about that. Amanda was mocking Elissa’s husband and child. Are you defending that Gellie?

      • No, Gellie. Your comment was an affront to people who are disgusted by Amanda’s comments and I think you know that.

      • Yeah, the mentioning of someone trying to threaten a contestant’s husband and child for a vote does send me off the deep end. As it should to anyone, really.

  46. Omg end up homeless over something she said on a tv show? Come on now wishing such things on people makes you no better than him/her. Take a breath, count to ten and think about what you’re saying. Amanda was outrageously over-the-top and should have to pay for it true, but it’s a game after all.

    • Its not the game or TV show. It’s Amanda’s behavior. And yes, there are consequence for bad behavior in our society.

      • Did I say anything about Amanda being homeless? Did you hear what Elissa told Judd about something like that happening to Amanda? She said she did not want that to happen to anyone. I don;t hear Amanda saying things like that about Elissa.

        I think people here are expressing outrage to Amanda’s bad behavior. You on the other hand seem to be defending Amanda’s bad behavior. Of course you have a right to do that but I am pretty sure bullying is wrong. Perhaps some day you will come to the same conclusion.

      • Im not defending anyone, come on… im just pointing out how funny it is that people here can be disgusted by bullying then proceed to act like a bully.

      • I like Elissa’s style, she isn’t buying what Amanda is selling. If it were me, I would have punched Amanda in the mouth by now. I think people know who they can try.

      • Bullying is so overused these days….these people are all grown-ups and went into this show knowing full well what they were getting into. These aren’t children thrown into a unknown situation! They all have the power to self-evict if it’s too much for them. If I ever saw a real bully on BB, it WAS Evil Dick….he had no qualms in using the most foul language and belittling terms to endlessly berate the other Houseguests! Yet, so many people admire him and claim him as a favorite. I don’t get it!

      • It is a game and it’s called trash talk. Have you heard the things said between football players during a game? Some hate each other, others are like best friends after the game. It’s just some people’s way of getting under the skin. It’s an advantage and a good one.

        I for one love getting under people’s skin in competitive online games, but I would never say anything to someone in the real world like I do in those games. And there’s not a half a million dollars on the line in those online games either. ;d

      • The problem isn’t the fact that she is trash talking, the problem is that the nation is watching this trash talking. Yes, it is just a game, but every word is being recorded and the “good” stuff is being extracted and displayed to the public for reaction and interest. It’s working, but these people are going to come out of the game and have to pay for what has been shown on this show. I truly don’t think they realize how bad they are being depicted.

      • Really?? I know many snarky, mean people who get by pretty well in life. Now, Karma may catch up with them at some point, but, sadly, mean, vulgar behavior abounds in this world without consequence.

    • At last, a voice of reason! I have known some “Amandas” and she is the poster child for overly ambitious, controlling, and probably very spoiled people! That’s probably why she was chosen for the game!

    • Yes, she definitely exhibits control issues. She has to control the house and she has to control McCrae. There are a lot of people who seems to be okay with that.

      But I think this is from Amanda’s insecurities about herself. She is trying to control the hurt by controlling all of the events around her. I am not a psychiatrist – but I did stay at a Holiday Inn lat night!.

      • You just got it right! She definitely has deep issues! And….I laughed out loud at the Holiday Inn reference….I love those commercials.

  47. Amanda is such a terrible person ….I hope her family is proud of her and the way she is acting….PLEASE. …someone get her out

  48. CBS should get Amanda out now bullying is not acceptable period. This should not be allowed. They should make an example of Her. This is not how grownups act. We don’t want to let our kids think this is ok.

  49. Doesn’t GM realize that Aaryn is not on her side, if Aaryn is pushing for GM to be the renomination?

    • I know. Elissa told her in no uncertain terms how Aaryn and Amanda are pushing for her to put up GM so they can vote her out. Thankfully, the more they push the more Elissa resists. Amanda cannot get her way with Elissa and it is driving her crazy.

  50. I know there is a lot of lying going on in the house, but does anyone know who McCranda is really keeping between Aaryn and Andy?

    • Neither. There isn’t another HG they care about. And, I truly believe Amanda feels that McCrae should let her win.

      • I don’t think Amanda would win the jury vote if she makes it to the final two over McCrae.

  51. The big dummies in the house need to wake up and see that they NEED to get Aaryn out this week to really hurt Mcranda. They aren’t good at comps and if Aaryn stays she will most likely win hoh and Amanda wins. Gm and Spencer need to open their eyes and see that they are pawns to them. Andy is not as useful as Aaryn to them. Judd and Elissa are the only ones really seeing it all. GM might be waking up but shes unpredictable, Aaryn may have her convinced she is on her side. Spencer does what ever they say because they keep “saving” him but they are really only saving him to evict later. They have no intention on taking him to the end. Aaryn is the only person they are worried about becuase she wins comps and WILL make it to the final 2 if shes not evicted. No matter if she takes Amanda or Mcrea to the end they will win against her because she was playing their game not hers.

  52. Y’all words about the people playing BB is way to harsh! These people are playing a game for your amusement to win money!!! Chill out people it’s a game and no one should lose their jobs over it…

    • They aren’t losing their jobs because they are playing a game. They are losing their jobs because they are making racist remarks outside of the game. Unless you think that using the N word or making fun of black and Asian people is a necessary tactic to play Big Brother.

      Amanda lost her job before this bullying started. She lost it because of her racist and homophobic remarks which never had anything to do with play the game. I am sure her latest behavior has only reinforced her former employer’s decision.

      • Then I guess it’s all right to glorify rap ‘artists’ when they use all the offensive language you mentioned, in the name of “MUSIC”? They should get awards for the extreme profanity and violence they promote?

  53. I can not wait for this to be over and Amanda can see all these neg comments about her and how America hated her game and mostly got to know who she is by the character she chose to show us all, I know I would never buy a house that she showed me, she would mostly likely try to bully me into buying it and lying that nothing was wrong with it!!

    • Another one in for a shock is going to be Aaryn. She hasn’t realized that she is going to be one of the most despised people in the world! Her racists comments are going to come back and bite her in the ass!

  54. I am pretty much disgusted with everyone but Judd at this point. I think he learned a lot from being evicted and is being cautious about where his loyalty should be. But then again, it’s been hard to pick a favorite this season. It’s a shame that we have to pick the least offensive hg as a favorite.

      • Oh, I forgot about him. And to think I was irked about him feeling up his own pecs and messing with his hair all the time. Ah, the good ‘ol days!

    • Great way to describe the show’s dynamics this year. We are just picking the least hated person in the bunch, lol!

  55. Amanda is the worst player in bb history even EvilDick has a heart this slut is the Devil

  56. At least we’ll get to see 3 A.M. diminish!! My only hope is Judd wins HOH and makes another attempt at this alliance. He needs to work with Elissa and get the others out.

    • I hope that’s the case. I am so nervous waiting for the feeds to return. It might be a while because Amanda is technically running the POV meeting. Something tells me she has a lot to say.

    • I just worry that he is playing game, and isn’t sincere to Elissa. I’m afraid he will throw her under the bus at the next Veto. I hope he is sincere to her, because in reality she really was on his side when the others voted him out.

      • Reality check………none of them are totally sincere. The closer it gets to the end, the more they have to lie and deceive to make it to the finale. Favors will not be returned. Deals will not be kept. It’s at the point that each has to play for him/herself and do whatever they can to actually win! Why are you people so appalled about the fact that they are ALL playing each other? BB has been like this from the first season!!

  57. Please don’t compare Evil Dick to Amanda he never threatened anyones family. Amanda is disgusting I would never list any of my properties with her. What respectable woman talks about blowing a guy and having sex all over the house on national television DISGUSTING!!! Elissa got it right.I feel bad for Elissa she is the only player this season that has made big moves. As an MVP she nominated Nick and Jeremy that made the moving company alliance fall apart and for her first HOH she targeted Amanda and McCrae everyone is so scared to do anything she did all this and she is alone people that is awesome! But nobody sticks up for her when Amanda is being such a bully to her. This is a game and Elissa has annoying tendencies however I rather she win this game for being true to herself and the under dog. Not a RACIST or a WHORE on the show.

    • I understand why they do not like Elissa. She says some things that can be a turnoff. For example, when she told Helen and later Amanda that she can’t stand anyone in the house and wouldn’t associate with them outside. How can you say that to people in the house? I think she was referring to Aaryn really, but the way she says things it is understandable why people do not like her.

      On the other hand, Who in this house has not said mean and ugly things? Helen, maybe? Personally, I agree with Elissa. These people disgusting. I would not want to sit there and listen to Amanda talking about sex or be in the company of Aaryn when she makes racist remarks. I would also not want to hang out with McCrae when he farts in front of everyone. Who wants to smell McCrae’s waste gases or his body odor? I mean this is truly vile behavior.

      But Elissa needs to learn to be more tactful in her remarks. I do not always disagree with her. But I often disagree with her timing and delivery.

      • I agree with tact, but I have a feeling that Elissa is “fed” up and her timing and delivery are given within disgust. I’ve watched her facial expressions when she is in a conversation with other HG’s an it is obvious what she is feeling. When watching Amanda her expressions remind me of a queen that is doling out orders and expects her orders to be done posthaste! I could not believe during that one show where someone told her that she was coming across as a bully and she truly didn’t see it! Amazing!

      • I guess nobody remembers when Elissa went on and on about Amanda wearing a one-piece swim suit? When A was getting ready to spank McCrea on his birthday….E first asked A “why would anyone bring a one piece suit to BB”… “nobody wears a one-piece suit”….”who ARE you”…”you look like a hooker”….and A just kind of ignored her….so don’t think that Elissa is so perfect….she has been very snarky and rude at times. Again, I’m not defending any bad behavior, but lets be fair in our criticism. Helen is probably the nicest, most sensible of them all, but even she did some shady things…’s the nature of the game!

    • Amanda thinks that if she retaliates to Elissa with such wrath, that no future HOH will go against her because they in turn will not want to experience such behavior. I just hope that Elissa shows the other HG’s that bullying is not acceptable and to just ignore it. The HOH room is a safe room for such behavior. Man, I hope Elissa wins in the end. She has played such an exemplary game, even if she doesn’t need the money. Kudo’s to her!

  58. What’s going on in the house reminds me so much of middle school. It’s pretty pathetic…

    • Totally, it gives a true dimension of what kids that experience bullying truly have to endure. Let’s make an example of Amanda and get her ousted!

  59. Have you people not ever watched BB? There have been MANY houseguests who have been rude, obnoxious, racist, homophobic, bullies, and even physically abusive! Think back and I believe you’ll find that Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer and GM have been relatively tame in comparison! Candace and Jesse are not saints, by any means. They just didn’t have the social skills to ‘recruit allies’ like some of the others did. (Remember Evil Dick? In real life he would have been beaten to a pulp for his behavior. More recently, Brittany in her first stint in the house, was totally ‘mean girl’ and trashed everyone!) Sure they are fighting, lying, scheming, and all the rest……’s a GAME in which the prize is half a million dollars!!!! I don’t think any of you can honestly say for sure how you would behave in that same situation. Aren’t those of us, who rejoice in the loss of jobs and other opportunities unknowingly by the HGs, just as hateful as we are claiming them to be? Part of the attraction of watching BB is that we “love to hate” the houseguests and make ourselves feel maybe better than we really are by thinking that we would ‘never act that way or say those awful things’………but are we kidding ourselves? If you are so incensed about it all….the remedy is simple….don’t watch the show!

    • I totally agree….people need to get a clue. This is what the people signed up for when they entered the game, and It’s not like the houseguests are being forced to stay. They are allowed to self-evict whenever they want.

      Bullying/lying/making other people’s lives miserable is a part of the Big Brother game, and it has been since the beginning. It’s not a way you have to play, but it is a strategy, and a strategy that has even worked in the past.

      People who are asking for Amanda to get kicked off the show for bullying are just like the lawmakers who are trying to ruin football. They don’t understand the game, and it’s people like them who will ultimately mess up a great thing.

      The whole point of Big Brother as a reality show is to paint a real-life picture of how people would act in a given scenario. The more rules you create limiting their behavior, the farther away you get from seeing their true personalities, and the less craziness you will get. Believe it or not, there are Amandas in the world (and people a lot worse than Amanda).

      People don’t watch Big Brother to watch to see good manners and please and thank yous. They ultimately watch it to see how desperate people will get in a competition for a huge cash prize.

      • I would have to disagree no one signed up to have their family members talked about and made fun of especially not children. At some point enough is enough. Amanda’s behavior is completely unacceptable. She should not be talking about Elissa’s children or husband. Now if Elissa’s family and her step-children’s mother found Amanda and beat the sh*t out of her for what she has said about the children and how to brought the children into a game then everyone would be saying they were wrong. Amanda has taken it from game to personal and that’s where the line is drawn. When Elissa leaves should could press-charges against Amanda for harassment and threats, so maybe Amanda should be thinking about the consequences of her actions and people should not be defending her actions.

      • I don’t think anyone is defending bad behavior. I’m certainly not. I just think we should take it for what it is….a game where people are isolated from the outside world with complete strangers….with a goal to win money. Of course, unfortunately, most of them do forget or forfeit manners, truth, good sense, common courtesy, and resort to extreme measures to advance in the game. It can bring out the worst in people for sure. They probably even surprise themselves at times! There are obviously rules that have been set, and since none of the HG have been kicked out by the producers, the lines have not been crossed as far as the show is concerned….that said, if your sensitivities are offended, then don’t watch. That’s the freedom we have…to choose NOT to support the show.

      • Again, when people agree to enter the Big Brother House, they agree to enter an isolated society with a very small set of rules. The game is meant to be a power struggle, where the contestants ultimately decide the norms and rules for their isolated society. They are each put in the house with an equal vote, and if the majority of the houseguests don’t like someone or their actions, they have the choice to vote them out.

        If you don’t like conflicts, Big Brother probably isn’t a show for you.

      • I have no issues with conflict. I have an issue with someone physically threatening harm to others because once you go there that person who was threatened has every right to do bodily harm to the person who threatened them. Not to mention no one should be talking about others children. I ind it unbelievable that so many ppl on here (including you) are justifying Amanda’s action and not standing up for what’s right. None of them signed up for the bullshit that Amanda is putting Elissa through point blank period and no one should be talking about anyone’s children. If you can’t see how that’s a problems and all you will say is, “it’s a game and this is what they signed up for” then there’s not need for you to reply because obviously you don’t get it.

  60. Amanda really is a pig of a woman. However, I don’t think Elissa is intimidated by her at all.

  61. Will everyone please remember this is A GAME and even if you don’t like the way they are playing, it is still just A GAME. These comments on here are just as bad as what everyone is accusing the players of doing…bullying, defamamation of character, personal attacks, etc. IT IS JUST A GAME!!!

  62. it seems the laws are different in the US, in Canada racism is illegal and while I think what Amanda is doing is grotesque, its not illegal imho what arryn did was illegal. cbs is gaining notoriety based on all this outrage/discussion which is good for the network. its sad that racism was not only condoned, but shown in a prime time show where children and other individuals/groups are watching. so don’t watch, problem solved!

    • ” in Canada racism is illegal”

      Where the hell did you get that. That totally untrue. Only extreme case of hate speech are prosecuted in Canada.

    • In the USA we have freedom of speech, no matter how it may offend you….as long as you don’t yell “Fire” in a crowd or something like that to cause physical harm. Have you ever heard a rap ‘song’ or a stand-up comedian? Why all the fuss….don’t watch if you are offended.

  63. for sure Aaryn is getting out. but i wich on so many levels that Andy will go instead! i really dont like hs game strategy (but harsh words are just not nice)

  64. well we all know that Amanda is a bully and bullies behave this way we seen it with evil dick and we will continue to see this type of behavior in this game but I truly believe that if you behave this way inside the house then you probably behave this way outside the house

  65. hey big brother I hear a lot of rumors about Amanda being friends with your producer I hope that this is not true and that you would keep a fair game i have watch Big Brother since day one and enjoy the game played by the house guest but this year some things truly are not what they seem especially the manipulation tactics of Amanda. I just don’t believe that she’s that good sorry no looks like she has been coached on what to do and what not to do for someone who’s never played the game before makes me wonderand oh yeah big brother when you play the competition make sure theiy r fair if other contestant have the sprinkler on them getting them fully wet why was Amanda’s off to her left barely hitting her

  66. Amanda is a cockroach and needs to be exterminated,she is also fat and ugly,just like most cockroaches.

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