‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

Houseguests have wrapped up the Veto Ceremony for this week on Big Brother 15.” You can sign-up for the live feeds now and watch the houseguests plot and plan for Thursday now that they have the final nominations.

Read on to find out the latest spoilers and discover who is on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Amanda, obviously used the Power of Veto to save McCrae.

Elissa was forced to name a renom and just as we expected she put Andy up on the block. Andy has been crying and fake-crying about this since Amanda won the Veto and he realized this was the plan.

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Andy doesn’t understand why he is up on the block though it’s been explained to him several times. Elissa wants Aaryn gone and if GM was up on the block instead then McCrandy would vote out GM and keep Aaryn. With that in mind, Elissa had one choice to break up the 3AM alliance.

Do you think Elissa made the right choice for the Veto renom? Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted next?

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    • u got that right about time someone did not bow down to Miss Bully even after all that harassing that she did only made her target on her back grow larger and whatever Andy an Mcray see in her is beyond me lol

  1. Amazing move I hope she wins veto next week and hopefully she joins the Exterminator alliance :)

  2. No the right choice would have been to put up McCrae against Amanada then only one could be saved but I suppose this is second best because Aaryn is a bigger threat than McCrae.

  3. Aaryn out NOW Look now like it will happen. Ok, CBS cancel the real audience, send a memo to the CBS employees, they are the audience again this week.

    • There will no audience this week, you can count on that! I am sure Aaryn’s PR person will be front and center, and will probably have to approve what Julie asks Aaryn. Pathetic. She should be held accountable.

      • Will probably be very limited, remember she’s going to jury. At finale, weel, that’s another thing.

      • A PR person is not an attorney. Aaryn is under contract with CBS. CBS ( for a better choice of words ) “owns” her. CBS can say or ask Aaryn anything they like.. Yall need to understand that. A PR person is hired to improve a persons image. Which cannot be done in Aaryns case. If its true that CBS keeps the HGs contracts in force for a year after the show then Aaryns PR was hired for nothing.

      • More and more, I think Aaryn’s mom hire the PR more for them than for Aaryn. I wouldn’t be surprise their business was hurt, and they might have even received death threat.

      • None of us know what’s in the contract that these assholes signed before BB started. But I highly doubt that any PR agent has a legal right to dictate to CBS what they can and can’t say about their client. Once the season is over I wouldn’t be surprised if the one’s who lost their jobs try and sue CBS and blame them for the reason they lost their jobs.

      • The way I see it, I would ask that whoever sit in the audience, not to say a peep, nothing, no applause, no boo, complete silence.

      • I actually think that would hurt Aryan more than anything. Booing her would just give her a reason to make excuses and whine about how hard it was being a “minority” (blond and blue eyes) in the house and how others were racist calling her “barbie”. Silence would send a stronger message.

    • I am hoping the audience all boo her when she walks out, and the HG’s hear. A girl can dream can’t she lol

  4. Well atleast Aaryn is leaving…. or Andy. I dont care which one of them leaves honestly. I hope GM or Judd wins HoH next so that McCranda can be on the block together

  5. Its a win win in my opinion. Unless there is some new twist or special power, either Andy or Aaryn will be evicted come Thursday night and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully its Andy and hopefully it hurts the alliance of 3AM and whatever alliance Andy is in with Amanda and McCrea.

  6. boo hoo Andy. Sheesh….for someone who stabbed just about every person in the back, he sure whines a lot.

    • Now he knows how everyone else he stabbed in the back felt. He will finally know that McCranda was just using him to get info from the other HGs if he gets evicted with a 4-1 vote.

  7. Elissa better watch her back lol she’s gonna have everyone gunning for her now…& judd will switch to whoever is in power as will GM smell ya later Elvira :)

    • I totally agree! E wasted her HOH if she was smart she would have taken out McCrae or Amanda (putting them both up) but she didn’t! Probably because she is a person filled with hate for aaryn and went with a personal decision over actually playing the game! So now she will be left alone again for another week w/ no real allies and we will probably hear her self evict bullshit for the whole week! Wah wa wah

      • Um… Aaryn wins most comps and was gunning for her anyway… So better get out person who wants you out and wins comps then people who want you out but dont

      • Aaryn has stated time and again she will not work with Elissa. EVen this week with Elissa as HOH, Aaryn chose to go back to Amanda rather than work with Elissa and possibly stay in the house.

      • Aaryn is her biggest threat. Aaryn put up Elissa and Helen last week, have you forgotten already? She had to take out Aaryn this week in case Aaryn wins HOH next week. She tried to make a deal to save Aaryn and then the two of them would go after Amanda, but Aaryn wouldn’t do it. So now Aaryn’s loyalty to Amanda will send her packing.

        If Aaryn was smart, she would have joined with the HOH. It is never wise to go against the HOH. Elissa could have saved Aaryn by putting up Spencer instead of Andy. Aaryn chose to trust Amanda to save her. They both underestimated Elissa.

      • Meanwhile, in reality, Aaryn was doing whatever Amanda told her. Those were Amanda’s noms last week, and Elissa even knew it.

      • She tried and after POV Elissa turned on Aaryn again first. She told Judd she wanted Aaryn out. Stupid mistake because Judd, GM, Aaryn and Elissa could have teamed up and got rid of everyone. Now Andy, Spencer and Judd have an alliance. Spencer the pig is going to float and flip flop to the final 2.

      • Aaryn put Elissa on the block twice already so if you want to talk about it being personal then you should direct that towards Aaryn, because from the very beginning Aaryn was gunning for Elissa. Not to mention Aaryn is a huge threat because she wins comps.

      • Aaryn had 4 HOH’s and for 2 of them left Elissa alone. It was after Elissa’s personal attacks on Aaryn and GM and also Amanda wanting Helen gone the reason why she nominated her this last HOH>

      • No Aaryn has always wanted Elissa out from the very beginning that is why she put her on the block during her 1st HOH. Not to mention Aaryn made personal attacks about Elissa 1st so again, Aaryn made it personal 1st. During Aaryn’s last HOH her target was Elissa, Amanda is who told her no we’re going to go after Helen and because Aaryn didn’t have the guts to stand up to Amanda to ensure Elissa went home she allowed Amanda to run her HOH and therefore nominated Elissa and Helen, had Aaryn when with what she wanted which was to get Elissa out she would have went with her 1st choice which was to nominate Elissa and Spencer. Regardless at the end of the day Aaryn went after Elissa 1st and made it personal 1st.

      • Oh, please. Aaryn put Elissa and Helen up last week. That’s all that matters. You know very well Aaryn is Elissa’s biggest threat in the house. It funny, no one faults Amanda for taking out her threats or even paranoid delusional perceptions of her threats. Howard, Jessie, Judd and Helen all went home because Amanda thought they were threats to her.

        Andy tried to work with Aaryn last week together to go along with keeping Helen. Aaryn refused because she was afraid it would make Helen and Elissa stronger. This week she refused to work with Elissa even though Elissa is the HOH and could save her. Aaryn deserves to go home and Elissa was correct in nominating her. Aaryn isn;t playing her own game anyway which is why Amanda is trying so hard to save her.

      • I never said Aaryn wasn’t a threat. I said 2 of her HOH’s she could of got rid of Elissa and didn’t. And Aaryn wanted to work with Elissa this week and it was after POV that ELISSA was the one that was telling Judd she wanted Aaryn gone. Aaryn went up to HOH right after POV and was asking Elissa now what. So it was Elissa that stopped working with Aaryn. Like I said the last 50 times I could care less who goes I’m just stating my opinion how if Elissa doesn’t want everyone after her next week she should of played more strategic. The only person that won’t be after her is Judd. And that probably won’t last long because Judd thinks he has a deal with Andy and Spencer. And as far as voting out Spencer last week Aaryn tried and tried to get Amanda backdoored and didn’t have the votes. She even said to Spencer if I keep you safe would you vote Amanda out. And he wouldn’t and as far as Andy he tried to change his vote 2hrs before the live show. How could Aaryn trust him.

      • What happened to Aaryn being a threat? It could have been Amanda, McRae or Aaryn to go this week… I think Elissa made a great move… more balls than any of the guys in the house!!

      • I agree…maybe she will follow through on her threats and really self evict. She don’t need the money. Did you here her talking about how they bought a Hockey Arena and her husband owns a manufacturing company?

    • Actually last night, Judd. Spencer, GM and Andy all agreed to go after McCranda next week. They have finally seen the light and agree that they need to go and that they dont like the way they are acting and treating Elissa. Normally Andy would run back to McCranda and tell them everything but he has not informed them of this plan, so I believe they are all sincere about taking them two out. Also, GM gave Elissa her word that she would not put her up next week and so did Judd. Judd actually gave Elissa something of his mother’s to prove to Elissa that he has her back until the end. So, it looks like the tables are truly turning.

      • Andy and Spencer are both snakes, but I am inclined to believe they have had enough of Amanda. Andy should realize Elissa would not have put him up if she thought there was any chance he would go home. Her goal was to get Aaryn out that that means putting someone up who will not be evicted.

      • I agree their both snakes, but I do believe that the final 4 alliance that was created last night (The Exterminators) are going to go after McCranda because they all realized none of them will win if they go against either of them two in the end. Neither Spencer or Andy have shared with McCranda their conversation with GM and Judd last night.

      • That alliance will only last if they get HOH next week. If McCranda gets it. You will see people jump ship in a heartbeat.

      • Come on do you really believe that. Their word means nothing. And Andy later is saying now that Elissa needs to go. This season nobody knows what anyones doing because not one person is true to their alliance. The only 2 people that are true to each other is Amanda/McCrae.

  8. Man do I wish Pandoras Box was now and Elissa got some power to play in the hoh this week.. won’t happen but still!

    • I was thinking the same thing or if not get to play in the HOH maybe have a special power or the ability to not be nominated.

    • I wish she would get Pandoras Box & it would hold the power of her not getting put on the block for the next 2-3 weeks. Elissa is the only one that I have seen play the game this season.

  9. And wth is with Aryn crying in the DR? Like “everyone is picking on poor sweet me” these people crack me up.

  10. Good for you, Elissa. All that stupid behavior by Amanda resulting in absolutely nothing!! I tell you Elissa has a problem expressing her thoughts but she is no dummy. Last night after the boys cornered her again about putting up GM, Elissa found GM and told her, they are still lying to me! You are safe. Smart girl. Amanda may be underestimating Elissa. I just hope Elissa does not fall apart from Amanda’s bullying and go home. That would be a shame to let the bullying succeed.

    But I also understand that when your family is brought into it, particularly your 8 year old son, you are going to have a strong reaction.

  11. Elissa’s made her move, the POV’s a done deal, and Amanda’s still hounding her. Are we really gonna have to put up with this all week?

    • Let’s see who wins HOH. I hopes its GM. Let’s see Amanda hound GM like that. If not GM then Spencer.

      Amanda is just proving to them what Elissa has been saying.

    • A POV ain’t a done deal if u get a penalty nom To my understanding if u get the penalty nom and have POV it can be taken from u and U CAN BE PLACED ON THE BLOCK WITH THE ALREADY SEATED NOMINEES. So keep the crap flowing Amanda maybe the viewers will get lucky in seeing u go out the door..

      • In Season 8, Jen Johnson got a penalty vote for eating regular food despite, being a have not! She was assessed an extra vote to evict but, it did not matter because she was getting evicted anyhow!

      • True she’s the only one. Amanda is not breaking any rules and they cannot take the POV away from someone. That has never happened in all of the seasons so I don’t know where that’s coming from.

  12. It will be interesting on who the house actually votes out this week. Does amanda and McCrae keep the beast or the agent. I think they might lean to keeping The Beast. Just so they can up their percentage on getting HOH next week.

      • If Amanda votes against Andy it will only be because she thinks that is not what Elissa wants. Amanda has now been overcome by her own emotions.

      • I could see Amanda and McCrae wanting to keep Aaryn over Andy. Just because there is few weeks left in the game and she has proven time after time on winning competitions. Where as Andy is more a crapshoot on winning competitions. Amanda gets McCrae on board. All they need is GM. Which I still think will keep Aaryn.

      • Nope he doesn’t which is a mystery to me because she’s done everything they have wanted. It will be fun to watch the feeds until eviction day because things will probably change 500 times before then.

    • Yup it really depends what they are thinking in terms of. Short term, Aaryn seems the better choice for them because she has a great shot at HoH this coming week and always has a better than avg chance of winning POV every week. Andy is a good long term investment cause he’s dumb enough to keep following Amanda right up until the final 3 when McCrae & Amanda look into each other’s eyes lovingly and say ”Ready? Now!” (while they push Andy off the plank together).

  13. I think it was a great move! Amanda needs to go next… So tired of watching her boss everyone around.. and threatening people.. it is getting VERY old. If Mccrae wants to win, he needs to split with Amanda.. she is playing HIS game. That is all.

  14. She made the right choice. Andy got his hands dirty and can only go so far being on multiple alliances. Let’s hope McCrae and Amanda are not HOH next week.

  15. With Andy, there is always the chance he’ll vote with Elissa… with Aaryn, you know she’s with McCranda…. I think Andy can still be persuaded back. Need to get rid of them both though!

  16. at least they won’t have the spy doing the dirty work for McCranda if Andy goes….keeping Aaryn might not be bad idea for Elissa to use her word that she’ll do her bidding (if that’s true)

    • Elissa doesn’t get a vote, and it’s too late to capitalize on that deal because Aaryn’s already on the block.

    • For the last 3 weeks Aaryn & Andy have been flapping their jaws about anything & everything. They are keeping no secrets. Both need muzzles for 48 hrs.

      • Excellent :) You got it…could I get a Hannibal Lector mask and restrains for Amanda?

  17. Judd mcwhipped and Spencer are stupid for allowing andy on the block the women are gonna win this one

  18. Of course this was the best person to go up. Amanda or Mcdirty would have been better but this is the next best thing.

  19. Good move by Elissa. This forces McCrae and Amanda to choose between Aaryn and Andy since, they control the 3 votes to evict! This will have an effect on the 3AM alliance for sure! Now, we will see who McCrae and Amanda will keep! It also guarantees one hostile juror against Amanda and McCrae at a minimum!

    • Judd and Spencer are going to vote to save Andy. So all they need is MCCrae and I think he will defy Amanda on this one. I thinkhe already told Spencer he would not go along with Amanda if she wanted him to save Aaryn. I don’t think McCrae trusts Aaryn and I think he is worried about why Amanda does trust her. GM just needs to tell McCrae how Aaryn has been talking about splitting him and Amanda up for weeks, which she has.

      • To which Amanda immediately replied: ”Psh! No, we need to vote out Andy!” (Let’s guess who’ll win THAT debate?)

      • Amanda already told Aaryn that she was voting to keep Andy and Aaryn then told GM to play neutral and now show her cards. She told GM to vote her out.

      • I think Aaryn will be evicted! Amanda and McCrae probably think their spy Andy can do more snooping for them but, he has already been exposed! We all know what happens to spies—-they get eliminated! And this spy might be ready to be a double agent so, that may be a decision McCrae and Amanda regret down the road!

  20. Spencer and Judd need to go after McCrae no to make sure he does not vote to evict Andy. I think McCrae is ready to split from Amanda if the opportunity arises.

  21. Looks like we are going to be in for a ride on Andy’s train of insanity talk and expecting different results. All aboard… First stop is the “Land of Denial” next stop is “Boo Hoo Wah.”

  22. Andy will be out this week. Elissa the following Thursday. Sorry to see Andy go but will cheer when Plastic Face goes through the door.

    • It is going to Aaryn going this week and with the new alliance Judd has formed with Andy, Gina Marie, Spencer—-it could be Amanda and McCrae targeted next week!

    • So, you want an independent thinker and game player Elissa out? She is the only one in the house to make move to remove and remove strong player. So, point scored for Elissa. She was the only one in the season to not do what the house wants and voted to keep Helen. Another pointed scored for Elissa. Elissa did not cower fear like the rest of the HGS who are IMO (dogs with tailed between their legs) and do what Amanda bidding. Another point scored for Elissa.

      • Right! She has been the only HOH that has not made nominations by the concensus of an alliance or by fear or bullying. Other than that, she has been the worst HOH this season.

  23. I don’t think it’s a done deal for Andy just yet. As bad as McCranda are at competitions, they’re still…smart *shivers*

    They have 2 choices: Get rid of Andy and hope Aaryn can keep winning/protecting them or get out Aaryn because she’s just that damn good at competitions. They already don’t trust Aaryn as it is.

    I for one hope Andy is gone though ;x

    • It is no guarantee that Aaryn wins the HOH. She didn;t win the POV this week when she needed to save herself.

  24. Yes she did! But, should have Amanda and pizza man up and one of them go home for sure !

  25. Everything Amanda is doing has been scripted by production to liven up this deadly season. Amanda will win the $500,000.

      • Unfortunately it is a TV show, not real-life. All of the HG’s are currently employees of the network and I’m sure they (CBS) have a fair amount of influence over their votes. Although I hope I’m wrong. I would really like to think the HG’s will vote with their own minds. In which case, Amanda doesn’t have a prayer! IMO :)

      • Amanda could get the beat down on her departure. She has grossly offended many people. I think they should let her have a stay at Guatenamoa with the terrorist ….whom have not had sex and have a history of being abusive towards their women…especially if she is high mindedly CHOSEN.

    • Don’t crown the Queen Bee yet. She may still get evicted next week depending on who wins HOH! I am rooting for a McCrae and Amanda on the block this coming week! That would be awesome!

    • aMANda’d only have 3AM and Spencer’s votes (4). That’s not going to get her the win since 5 of the other 6 definitely wouldn’t vote for her (Candice, Judd, Helen, Elissa, GM, Jessie).

  26. Aaryn going into the jury house, I wish we could see. I think Jessie and Candice will get there justice and give Aaryn a uncomfortable stay.

    • Candice: Well, if it isn’t Miss Prissy.
      Aaryn: Stop it, you are being mean to me!
      Candice: Like you were to me in the house?
      Jessie: Boo, we missed you. Think about how much time you have to think about losing that $500,000 because you were loyal to Amanda!
      Aaryn: I wanted to evict Amanda but, but, I was scared of her!
      Jessie: Boo, is Amanda a ghost or a vampire?
      Aaryn: I am still scared of her!
      Candice: Don’t worry hun. She is coming next week to keep you company! I know you will like that!
      Aaryn: You guys stop it! Why are you being mean to me?
      Jessica: We just want you to be happy with Amanda coming—-I am sure you have a lot to talk about!
      Aaryn: You guys are so mean!
      Candice: Ha ha ha! Just enjoying it!
      Jessie: Me too…Have not had this much fun since, Judd was her! Now, you can keep us company!

      • Hey Matt :0) I think it will be. Do you think Aaryn will attack them in the jury house? I wonder if Candice will consider bed flipping? Maybe just old school fun of putting cereal in the bed? You crawl into bed and surprise.

      • lol. As sweet and nice as Candice was, I really do think she’ll turn into an aggressive person and make Aaryn’s life pretty miserable once they get in the house. Helen might be a buffer zone between them however cause she doesn’t strike me as the type who would hold a grudge after she’s had time to cool down (both Candice & Aaryn seem to respect Helen).

      • Good point. Yes, how could I forget Helen is there. Helen’s talking that can make your ears bleed. Hope they have wine for Helen, and she will be quite and let the girls work out their differences.

      • lol Wine might be the ONLY thing helping all these women in the Jury house right now! (Providing they’re the type that gets tired like I do when I drink wine). ;)

  27. dang that kinda sucks. but i always said i wouldnt be sad if it was just 2am and they ditched Aaryn. as long as Andy and Amanda dont leave im happy

  28. Please please please let Aaryn go and she made the absolute best decision available to her. Shes playing the best game out of

  29. I can not believe BB is tolerating Amanda’s nonsense. Amanda needs to grow up. They need to give Elissa a Pandora’s box or a super power. She deserves it as she is the first one to actually be playing the game we call Big Brother!

  30. At least it wasn’t Spencer this time! For 6 weeks in a row, he was either nominated or backdoored! Looks like the streak is finally over! Spencer can now breathe a sigh of relief!

  31. She is playing the best game out of everyone because the rest are mindless puppets of Amanda. Way to play HER game and get the racist bigot out of the game. Kudos to her

  32. Leaving amanda in the game with her nasty mug and poor sportsman ship makes me hate watching

  33. Awesome move Elissa. The first “power move” of the season! I’m fine with Andy leaving so that he can live in purgatory with his frenemies.

  34. Well, this was a crazy weekend in the Big Brother house. Elissa impressed me by standing up to Amanda. However, if she really wanted to send one of them home, she screwed up. The ONLY way to get Amanda out is to nominate both McCrae and Amanda. I predict that Amanda or McCrae will win HOH this week and go after Elissa. I may not even watch this week if it happens, but I think it will. Big Brother is getting harder to watch every week because Amanda is a nightmare of a human being.

      • At this point in time, I will agree with you about Judd, but I see no redeeming qualities in GM. She is Loud, Obnoxious, & Ignorant! She is one of the reasons I always say I am from Upstate NY when I tell people where I am from.

    • Keep Aaryn with a vote from her BFF GM, send Andy packing. That way Mcranda has 3 chances to win HOH next week…4 counting GM. 2-2 vote next week would have the HOH breaking a tie…

    • Amanda wasn’t her fisrt target. She wanted Aaryn to go home and she put up McCrae to make sure that Amanda and her alliance had to vote Aaryn out to save McCrae. It wasn’t until after she made her noms she realized she could get Amanda if Aaryn came off the block. But Aaryn lied to her telling her they could work together. Then she ran back to Amanda and told her about Elissa’s plan. Aaryn could have saved herself but instead chose to trust Amanda could fix everything. But as Amanda has found out, she cannot control Elissa.

      • She didn’t run back to Amanda until Elissa refused to talk to her after the POV. Aaryn went up to talk to her and said what should we do next. Elllisa just gave her a blank stare and said she needed to take a shower. I think it was pretty clear to Aaryn that Eliss no longer wanted to work with her. She also told Judd that Andy was not trust worthy and yet her target remained Aaryn and she then made an alliance with Andy who she doesn’t trust, GM, Spence and Judd. Andy, Spence and Judd make a deal with Andy and Spence being the F2 of that deal. The first thing they said was they were going to go after MaCranda and five minutes later changed it to Elissa and either McCrae or Amanda. Spence has a F2 Moving Co with McCrae so basically Elissa will not be able to count on either of them.

  35. I think that Mcranda–who has been aligned with Aaryn for most of the season should persuade GM to vote with them and vote Andy out. Let’s face it–Andy has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning HOH this week–Aaryn is the beast in them. With McRanda voting 2 against 2 and HOH voting on the tie, it would be bye bye to one of the “others.”

    • They should try to get someone to flip, Aaryn is much more likely to win a HOH and/or veto.
      They could make a deal with Aaryn not to put them up if she wins HOH on Thursday and dump her later.

      • McCrae doesn’t trust Aaryn. Besides, I think Aaryn is tired of doing Amanda’s dirty work to. It would not surprise me is GM convinced her to put up Amanda and McCrae to get Amanda out. At this point, I think the entire house wants Amanda out.

    • Aaryn already told GM to vote with the majority. She also told her to play the middle from now on but not to trust McCranda as much.

    • Well, she nominated them. The house voted them out. Elissa was on the block at the time. Also, Elissa didn’t want to nominate David week 1. McCrae told her had to or she would go home. Elissa wanted to put Nick up.

  36. She did the right thing she let Amanda know she doesnt control her and I think that pisses Amanda off more then anything else It wasnt about Keeping Andy Its more Amanda didnt get her to do what she wanted to and this forced the house to see Amanda for what she really is The ultimet bully because they are a;ll getting tired of doing her bloody work

  37. Spencer was making me nervous about asking Judd how serious he was about working with Elissa. . .wished he was more committed.

  38. McCranda should try to get Spencer to flip and vote Andy out, Aaryn is far more useful than Andy is.

  39. they need to evict Amanda that type of behavior should not be tolerated and allowed to go on. You shouldn’t be allowed to harass anybody that is not a game move and is unacceptable. I hope Big brother gets cancelled and doesn’t come back next season because this season has been horrible and these people need a reality check. Hope everybody involved loses their jobs and get what they deserve.

  40. Watch this people i’m sure Andy gonna be voted out and Aaryn will be safe,,,,check for something special to blow yours mind…..this is big brother do not forget anything possible..

  41. Actually this has been an interesting season. Though different. Ever worked around a bunch of female nurses…outside of their skillsl..they all talk bout one another….catty..catty…Moms always said a female is best to have male friends around cause too many females in the kitchen causes too much BB.

  42. lol…If Aaryn does go & gets to talk to Julie hope all goes as normal Chen/HG conversations go. But then Julie says “one more thing Aaryn…Could u take this bowl of fried rice to Helen?/ and hands it to her…I would crack up.. Highlight of BB15…. Aaryn gets evicted comes out the door & realizes that all the audience members are African Americans & Asians…whoa that’s even better than the rice scenerio

      • I know that, but once she used it, then she no longer has it. I thought I’ve seen that done before, but not sure which season. Is it a rule, or do hgs just think it is?

      • Coup d’état gives one the power to overthrow current HOH and remove one or both noms from the block and replace either one of them or both. The holder can then renom his/her choice.
        If I understand it correctly: The POV can be taken from the holder if the holder receives a “penalty nom”. If the holder used the POV to take someone off the block then that person is no longer safe & can be renomed..

  43. Just watching the way Amanda is treating Elissa cause she didnt do what she wanted makes me sick to my stomach. I cant believe she would carry herself like that especially on national television and the fact that mccrae is not completely disgusted speaks highly of his character

    • I know!! When Amanda said on live feeds that Elissa is stinking the house up with her nasty human behavior I was thinking that Amanda might need to look in one of the many mirrors. If anyone is nasty it’s her for being such a horrible nasty bully and McCrae for just being nasty and scummy (seriously does the boy ever wash his hair or his clothes?).

    • Poor McCrea, I have a feeling he can’t wait for the season to be over. Might even be why he doesn’t clean himself too good, maybe he’s hoping she will find him gross and leave him alone.

  44. Well I really hope that it is a tie breaker vote that way Aaryn can go out the door…..

  45. I don’t really care who goes this week. I’m 50/50. But if McManda were smart they would keep Aaryn because of her being a strong competitor and she has done everything they wanted. Even though I want McManda gone that would be the smart move. Andy runs from person to person and they should see that he tells everyone everything. Also if GM votes Aaryn out then she will go next. Aaryn has had GM’s back this entire game until this week when she’s on the block and is trying to stay. If GM was on the block and Aaryn wasn’t Aaryn would vote to keep GM. So I don’t think anyone knows how the vote will go right now. Probably won’t know until the day of eviction.

    • What happened to “what the House want”. The House want Aaryn out. It has to 5-0. Helen said it. LOL

    • Actually if GM was on the block Aaryn would not keep her and she’s said it plenty of times. So GM is doing what’s right for her game and that’s to vote her ass out. Elissa respected GM’s wishes when she wanted Candace out so now it’s time for GM to return the favor.

      Also as long as McCranda doesn’t win HOH one of them will be going. Spencer, Judd, GM and Andy made a final 4 alliance late last night and stated that they will put them two on the block if they win HOH. They are all finally waking up and realizing that they need to get rid of them in order to win.

      • LOL your funny. Do you honestly believe anything they say. People change alliances like they change there underwear. And Aaryn would NOT of voted GM out. She was crying to Andy last week saying she heard they all wanted to put GM up and Aaryn said then you cannot go after her.

      • I’m glad YOU BELIEVE what Aaryn said last week yet you’re questioning me on believing the others. Silly girl, you’re obviously an Aaryn fan so there’s no need to even respond or go back and forth because you BELIEVE everything Aaryn says even though she has proven to be a liar. SMH…

      • Who hasn’t lied in this game or hasn’t voted with the house the majority of the time? Aaryn actually went to GM and told her to vote for her and not show her cards. She told GM to play safe and her voting for her would only be one vote and show her hand.

      • I’m not saying no one lies if you read our exchanges you would see why I said what I said.

        Aaryn told GM to vote for her and prior to that she told her to vote with the house and vote her out. So what’s your point?

      • Since you have not been on this site from day one maybe you need to read ALL of my posts. I’m not and Aaryn fan. I want her gone just as much as all of the others. It was just a question to you asking do you believe. Don’t get so defensive. I don’t believe any of them and the reason I believe what Aaryn said about keeping GM is because it wasn’t game talk at the time and she has said that to everyone. So chill out.

      • I actually have been on this site from the beginning, which really doesnt matter. I find it funny that you question me believing what they say yet you believe what Aaryn said even though she’s proven to be a liar, so again maybe you should think twice before responding because u clearly believe what she’s saying. I’m far from defensive because this isn’t that important for me to get defensive about or to read ALL of your post – its not that serious, so maybe you should chill out.

      • Maybe you should just skip past my posts from now on. Clearly you don’t get it and I’m done going back and forth with you. Have a nice life.

  46. I think that McCrae and Amanda will vote Andy. Andy is more dangerous than Aaryn is. Aaryn can’t think for herself. She has and can be manipulated by Amanda. Andy cannot. While I cannot stand Amanda as a person, she’s played this game the best. She’s got these people scared to death of her, they do and vote any way that she says. They’re literally escorting her to the prize money.

  47. I’m glad that big Spence is safe. Plus, Andy can feel the heat of the eviction nomination seat. He talks way too much.

  48. Until the abominable Amanda/McCrae is gone, I wouldn’t believe on anything that comes out of Andy’s mouth. He’s still lying up to this day. He’s lying to Judd, he’s lying to McCranda. He’s lying to everybody. After McCranda, I would like to see his effing a*s gone. Andy is a CHRONIC LIAR !!!

  49. No Elissa did not do the right thing… she should have put up wack job and pizza wuss… that way one of them would be going home….. but stilll either the racist idiot or the rat fink cry baby will go home… so it’s still a win win for Elissa .

    • Anyone realize that every time they showed amandass on last nights show, she had the same green hoodie on. I think my 7 yr old granddaughter has more class and knows what’s right and wrong in her pinkie then McRae and amanda combined

    • Elissa was trying to not have Amanda play for Veto, which is a 25% percent chance that she will, so she could backdoor her.

  50. They have to realize they need to get Amanda out then everyone else can play their own game including McCrae. Also at this point in the game with so few left 4 person alliances can’t work for long. If McCranda win HOH this week that alliance will splinter. A HG needs to remain fluid day by day in order to remain to the end.

  51. Why do I have a feeling that CBS…….I mean Amanda is going to win HOH. Can someone tell me if Judd still has f2 with Elissa. Please tell me he is not falling for Andy and Spencer’s bs. I want Elissa/Judd f2. And I don’t care which one wins. They both deserve it. Elissa just because of what she has been going thru the last two days.

  52. Guess I am one if the few that have enjoyed the assertiveness of Amanda! Elissa is such a whiner ugh. Oh well llet’s see what happens Judd maybe the lucky one for coming back because spencer, Andy and GM are nothing but floaters

    • Look up the word “assertive”, & then look up the word “aggressive”. There is a difference.

  53. Elissa is the only one in that house that has balls to go against Amanda And McCare if he didn’t have Helen in her ear she would have been sent Amanda packing I really hope Aaryn goes home but if Andy goes home who cares we don’t have to deal with him telling people secrets anymore

    • Amanda is crippled with either one going home. No Andy the trusted journalist that reports everything or the puppet who will do whatever Amanda tells her.

      Either one is just fine.

  54. Elissa has had a better HOH than anyone in the house. She put up who she wanted, when she wanted and didn’t care what everyone else tried to bully her into doing. She gets my respect for handling her own HOH and not letting anyone dictate it for her. Getting Aaryn out is a victory. She may not control people like delusional Amanda the bully but she’s a beast a comps and someone in mcrandas alliance has to win to give them power. Kudos to Elissa. She’s shown so much class and strength against the vile disgusting attacks Amanda has sent her way. Amanda is garbage and I’m sure her parents are totally embarrassed. I would be if that were my daughter. I’m glad my kids were raised with better morals than that.

  55. Go Elissa! So freaking glad that someone finally made their OWN moves in this game!!!!

  56. Send Aaryn out the door this week and Amanda next week. Then we will see if McRae can actually play the game instead of being her slave. All he needs is a leash.

    • YES!!!! If Aryan is not evicted, seat her right next to her… The puppet master and its dummy, I mean puppet.

  57. Another Troll enters the chat room.. “Rachel” is the name of the this one…must be an admirer of “the” Rachel Riley

  58. I’m sure that when Amanda leaves, at least one person will say, “Smell ya later!”. Have you seen the pile of clothes surrounding Amanda’s bed? What a slob! Probably changes clothes by selecting something off the pile of worn clothes.

  59. Now I’m hoping for Judd to win HOH and continue to work with Elissa to get McCranda out the door.

  60. next week Ellisa is definitly going up on the bloc unless judd wins maube GM and Spencer but who knows right?

  61. I’d rather see Andy go home cuz he’s a lying snitch and for Elissa’s game. Having McCranda targeting her next week is better than McCrandy, assuming she convinces Aaryn that she needs to side with the house or face eviction again and she always does what the house wants.

  62. Well Aaryn had to learn racism somewhere and the apple don’t fall far from the tree! Children learn racism at home not the streets! It’s very sad…

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