Big Brother 15 Episode 27 Recap: Zingbot Returns As Amanda Takes On Elissa


Zingbot made an appearance on Wednesday night’s Big Brother 15, but Amanda had a few zings of her own to deliver before winning her first competition of the season.

The episode picks up right after Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae for eviction. Amanda is not happy with those nominations, she she knows she has to think of something. Aaryn is crying and McCrae is McCrae.

Elissa asks Amanda if they plan to retaliate against her next week. Amanda says as long as Elissa doesn’t put Amanda up after the veto, then they surely won’t. Elissa is not a very good liar, so it doesn’t take Amanda long to know that something is up. And something was up. Elissa had totally changed her mind about Aaryn and wants to backdoor Amanda. Judd gets very excited about the prospect.

Aaryn goes to the HOH room at Judd’s prompting and Elissa tells her that she thinks they need to work together. She says she sees the real picture and thinks Amanda needs to go. Aaryn smiles and agrees and so they know they have to fight to win the veto so Amanda can go up.

It’s time to see if Amanda can actually get backdoored! Nope, not officially anyway because her name was chosen to play veto. And as true Big Brother fans know, you can’t really be backdoored if you play in the veto competition. So joining Elissa, Aaryn, McCrae and now Amanda in the competition are GinaMarie and Judd. Aaryn picked Judd after getting houseguest’s choice. And Amanda was very suspicious of that move.

Battle alert: Amanda vs. GinaMarie. Amanda is trying to throw GinaMarie under the bus in front of Elissa, so a shouting match starts. And GM wins this one hands down. But only because she can scream louder than anyone else and knows how to keep the other person from getting a word in.

Amanda is getting very nervous with how Elissa is acting, so she tries to do some damage control. She goes up to the HOH room with Elissa and does her best to get Elissa to not nominate her this week, but all Amanda gets from Elissa is her laughing in her face. Elissa is very amused by Amanda’s paranoia and she laughs in her crying face. Hilarious.

And then Zingbot shows up to wake the houseguests up. Time for the HGs to get roasted by Zingbot. The zings were pretty lame this season. I think the best was probably the one where Zingbot called Andy a floater. He was not happy about that. In a close second was Elissa’s zing that called her a cheap imitation of her sister.


It’s time for the Zingbot Veto competition. It’s the roll the ball back and forth without letting it drop competition. But the hard part is, they have to do it 250 times without it dropping. And it’s hot. The HGs are overheated and ready to pass out. But Amanda kills it and wins her first challenge of the season. She has won the POV and has ruined Elissa’s plan to backdoor her.

So Amanda has won the veto and Andy immediately starts sweating. The others think make she’d put up GinaMarie. But Elissa has promised GM she will not put her up. And there’s no question that she won’t put Judd up. But what about Spencer? No. It’s going to be Andy.

Elissa decides to mess with Amanda, so she starts telling her that she threw the veto competition so she’d win. And of course Amanda can’t let someone have any jabs without losing all inhibitions. She she goes off on a rant and calls Elissa bitch a few times and in typical Amanda fashion goes too far.

But she’s not done yet. She tries to be Evel Dick and goes on a complete attack. Elissa locks herself in her HOH room and everyone else is sitting outside kind of annoyed by it. Even GinaMarie thinks Amanda is making a fool of herself. And that says a lot. If the person who poked at adoption on national television thinks you’re going too far, you might be.

At the veto meeting Amanda steals one of Rachel’s famous lines (Rachel said it better) and then uses the veto on McCrae. Elissa puts Andy up in his place. So it’s Andy or Aaryn who will be heading to jury this week.


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  1. I think it should be Elissa saying “sit down trash” after the veto meeting, not Amanda. Amanda is the trash in the house.

    • Agreed! Elissa is married w/ a family…Amanda just goes from man to man trying to find a ‘rich guy’ to settle down with. Amanda is insanely jealous of Elissa and that’s where the hatred comes from. Elissa has a better body and married a wealthy guy…All Amanda wants is a sugar daddy…even with her fake breasts Amanda still can’t ‘beat’ Elissa…Amanda wouldn’t say it out loud, but she obviously has issues…her deep rooted jealousy is what is making her act the most crazy toward Elissa… my $0.02 :) Sianara Amanda – all of America see’s your true self now… good luck getting a sugar daddy who wants to put up with you!

  2. Someone else hear GM on phone call [wednesday1:53am (est)] she forgot she had her microphone on…and production cut her mic…#CBSFAIL

    • I thought it sounded like she was talking to someone in production. Like they apologized for calling her away from the beer pong game. She said it was ok it was fun but she doesn’t drink so its all good.

  3. Amanda totally sucked delivering that line. You can tell someone told her to say it. Elissa’s comeback was far better.

    • Elissa’s comeback was terrible. Amanda’s delivery of the line could’ve been better, for sure, but Elissa’s comeback was worse.

      Elissa has social issues it seems. If she can’t lie in the Big Brother house then something’s wrong. Started laughing for absolutely no reason when Amanda was concerned. Yeah, that’s not a sign or a tell at all. Amanda asked why she was laughing, her response? “You just have relationships with everyone in the house.” Um, what? That equates to laughter? Alright then…

  4. Danielle from last season must be totally thrilled with this season. She is no longer the most hated player in Big Brother history. Amanda, Aaryn and GM will have to battle it out for that title. My money is on Amanda.

  5. If Amanda’s reputation is not bad enough, this episode tonight only degraded her more. Thank you CBS, for the confirmation.

    • whiny when I do not get my way full speed bully when in power I honestly can watch anymore my daughter watched tonight she is 20 and was appalled

    • and the other house guest who just stand there and watch and do nothing about it so they can win half a mill
      you are just as bad as she one of you will get the money bet you will never be a decent human been

  6. Without Amanda ranting and raving the house would be like a graveyard. The BB15 HGs are the most boring bunch of creeps in BB history.

    • I agree, Amanda is the only one left that makes the game and live feeds interesting. Without her I would have stopped watching the show a long time ago.

      • Drama is one thing. When you start bashing a woman’s child and leaving ketchup drenched kotex etc. on someones dresser (things they didn’t show on Wednesday’s show), you have gone too far. I can live without her drama!

    • I agree too. She’s making the show at this point. Really with her bathrobe and the birthday hat, come on, I couldn’t stop laughing. To a point some, what she was saying about Elissa was right on. Poor McCray, at first he thought he was getting the jackpot…

    • The thing is the guys do not have the balls to stand up to her! Even when she was shouting to Elissa in the house—-the guys were saying how bad Amanda is but, not one of the guys stood up, went to Amanda and told her to stop what she was doing! All of them are wussys!

  7. Amanda is such a disgusting piece of crap. I hope she truly believes she is well liked, so her dreams/hopes are crushed.

  8. I have to give elissa an applause she held her self by not buying in to amanda i would have beat the living hell out if amanda she is the worst human ever and she cant say its just a game

  9. Based on what people here have said they saw Amanda do on the live feed I thought she got a very nice edit on the show tonight. None of the comments about Elissa husband and family were included in the show.

    Also, The more I see of Elissa, the more I am impressed with her ability to see thing in the house. She nailed Aaryn, Amanda and Andy in her DR sessions. She is a terrible liar though. Is that bad? I am not sure. Anyway, she outmaneuvered Amanda this week.

    • Could you share some of those comments? I’m always open to hearing things that make me hate Amanda even more than I already do ;)

      • I only know what others who watched the live feeds said, but I think she made comments about Elissa’s husband being really old, she stuck a condom over Elissa picture on the memory wall, she blew horns in her face and was generally harassing her non-stop – even after Andy was nominated.

      • Also – I heard she was threatened with a penalty nomination if she didn’t curb her behavior … (the night it got terrible, the condom incident, blow horn etc… I read all the same things ;)

    • “She outmaneuvered Amanda this week.”

      Really? If that were the case, McCrea would be on the block with Aaryn because Elissa would have nominated McCrea and Amanda in the first place.

      I don’t like Amanda, but she certainly outplayed everyone this week.

      • Sorry, Elissa put two of Amanda’s alliance on the block this week and one will go home. Amanda tried desperately to get her to put up GM, but Elissa held her ground despite all of Amanda’s worst behavior. Now Amanda is forced to make a decision as two which of her two alliance members she will vote out of the house.

        On top of that, Everyone is not done with McCranda running he house, even Andy. I am not sure how you can say Amanda outplayed everyone when she played herself into isolation with McCrae. She better win HOH this week or she or McCrae will go home.

      • I’m sure BB will do everything they can to make it easy for either Amanda or McCrae to win so they can’t be nominated. if that happens then I will be convinced this show is fixed. I also feel Elissa was told not to nom. both of them together.

    • Oh yes she is so good at seeing what is going on in the house. Please production is feeding her all of that

  10. I don’t have live feeds but know from on here Aaryn has still been campaigning. Is she getting anywhere?

    • No. Going home tomorrow! Good riddance to bad rubbish! Hope they tell her she lost her job on Finale!

      • lol that’s so unprofessional, there’s NO way they’ll tell her on live television that she lost her job. That’s way too personal and something Amanda would do, not normal people lol

  11. Come I Judd get HOH .. I’m sure you lavender girl will have something smartass to say back to me as usual .. You should be on BB

    • LOL! She is so insecure. Those shorts were too short…her cheap shoes made her look … well… cheap. She tried to hide her fat rolls and love handles with that red blazer… sorry girl!!! You lose! –> wow that was mean… I just don’t have any tolerance for people like Amanda. She takes low blows for fun – but she can DEF. NOT handle low blows thrown at her… too bad no one in the house will give her a good ‘dig’. I guess Elissa has more class than that…..

  12. Hate to say it (literally shuddering in disgust here), but Amanda had the best strategy at the VETO comp – and that’s the only reason why she won. It was blazing hot, poor Judd got sick, so clearly going fast and furious wasn’t an option unless you WANTED to get heat stroke. Amanda kept pausing every so often to catch her breath. And as the Tortoise and the Hare tale proves, slow and steady wins the race.

    It was good to see Zingbot make a return to the Big Brother House. All the zings were spot on this year, but the one about Aaryn was wasted – it went right over her head.

    All in all, maybe BB should just hold the Zingbot VETO comp at midnight next year?

    • If Gina Marie played a bit slower—-she might have won! She was leading with 51 points when she dropped her ball. However, she rallied towards the end and almost caught up with Amanda. It was one of those breaks that wound up in Amanda’s side.

  13. Elissa stood up to Amanda which very few on this season ever did. Jessie and Gina Marie stood up for themselves too! Kudos for that and standing by her decision! She should focus on winning the next POV because she is going to be targeted by both the Exterminators and Amanda next week! Be ready to win POV and vote to evict the bigger threat, hopefully, Amanda or Andy. If not, Judd because he has already betrayed Elissa!

    • Yeah, Elissa stood up to her, and then when her plan fell apart with Amanda winning the Veto, Elissa cried saying “Everyone who goes against Amanda goes home.”

      Kind of took the toughness right out of Elissa’s actions.

      • Everyone who has gone against Amanda ended up regretting it! That is why she is able to instill fear in the others! Their problem is they do not stay united long enough to evict her and they had multiple opportunities! Amanda cowed Spencer, Aaryn, Judd, Andy. Elissa probably did not want to deal with the harassment from Amanda. Jessie was the only one not cowed by Amanda, she even cussed Amanda when she fell off the HOH!

      • I didn’t hear any cussing, like you and even Matt/Branden (can’t remember who wrote it) both used/are using the word ‘cussed/cussing’. All I remember is “Ugh I HATE you Amanda!”

        Maybe I missed something, but I’m not sure how unless it was muted out completely, but even when I went and played it back all I heard was “Hate you Amanda”.

  14. OMG I can’t stand Andy the floating rat! I’ll be happy if anyone wins but him… I even root for Amanda over him! I don’t know why people keep trusting him…he’s been in an alliance with each one of them!

      • I believe you. Because she ate 2 small packets of alcohol wipes too. She thought it was “after dinner mints”

      • Aw thanks! I miss Jacee. Yesterday was major stress at work with an email saying they were trying to come up with $130 million to get back on budget & people r going to be losing their jobs to try to offset that. Ugh! Big stress, big find out that I was safe & BIGGER celebration last night :-) It’s probably better for everyone that I didn’t voice my opinion then :-)

      • BAM! You got it. Lay off’s, early retirement, etc. I’m good & reassured by my supervisor today :-) Now if I could just get them to understand my BB addiction & cut me some slack in the mornings when I’m dragging in half dead from watchin feeds all night, I’d be golden.

      • Hmm….and you are on the west coast too….hmmm…I luckily am not graveyard. Are you? Do we work at the same place? Is your job in jeopardy? Are u the lady that i share an office with? Hahaha I know better than that.

      • lol..No, they’re ok for now. It’s Oncology, and they raised a lot of money last year. It’s a non-profit, but everybody knows it’s for profit.

      • Gotta love the “non” profit for profit idea :-) At least you know the feeling. I’m glad your job is safe. But now I am super curious, what state do you work in? What if we work at the same place? How crazy it would be!

      • OMG ! None of my co-workers know my addiction. lol …………………….California..thats to be incognito lol

      • So funny! I came out to one of my co-workers after they were talking about the show & then found out they don’t get BBAD or feeds! I kinda felt dumb but now I get questions every day… what’s happening, who’s on the block, who won veto, blah, blah,blah. Happy to share if it means job security. Glad to see we are not at the company. You sound much more secure where you are. Hope it stays that way.

  15. I don’t see how that comp could have been rigged. Unless…maybe did they subtract points from GM? lol.

    • I don’t either, but I am still shocked that Amanda won. I was certain she could not run back and forth that many times without passing out. But something to note – GM would have won easily if she did not drop her ball with around 50 points. Oh what a different game would have been played if she won. Aaryn, Elissa, GM and Judd would be aligned and Amanda or McCrae would be going home.

      • That was the shocker. Judd was throwing up and cannot continue! Who would have thought? Aaryn kept dropping the ball as well as Elissa. Gina Marie could have won if she played a tad slower. She finished strong at the end coming close to Amanda but, Amanda already hit the 250 mark!

    • We’ve seen that competition before. Not a chance it was rigged. People are just complaining and grasping at straws because things aren’t going their way. Amanda never dropped it once, there’s why she won. GM not only dropped it, she dropped it when she was at somewhere in the mid-100’s.

  16. Wow, CBS aired Amanda wanting to take brass knuckles to GM’s face. The Amanda and Elissa edit was kind of fair, I guess.

    • I am one of those “i would never hit a woman” type of guys but if I was in that house with GM, for instance after she mocked adoption…they would have had to expel me because I’d have unleashed a flurry of curses that would make Dave Chapelle blush upon her.

      • Hey, I for one was not amused. I totally see your point of view. I was adopted and it was not a great experience. I do not know what I would do besides say that person is ignorant. I have had to develop thick skin, I would do my best, but in the movement and a nerve touched, I would unfortunately explode. Which that person would probably take delight in.

      • Yes everyone gets mad, but we all have limits that should never be crossed. If a person doesn’t know there are limits during anger, that person is a danger not only to others, but to themselves.

      • Yeah I can’t believe the level of malice towards another human being she has. Who would ever stoop so low and say ”At least my mother wanted me!” How could anyone be raised to think such a thing is acceptable in any circumstance (and no amount of anger could ever justify it).

      • Oh agreed, but the level of malice it takes to say something like that is beyond s socially acceptable. From my perspective, it’s not all that different than justifying racism, adultery or sexism and passing it off because you were ”mad”.

      • Well said. I just wonder where did some of these HGS gets socialized? The degree of malice, utter hate, among the other things you mentioned floors me. The actual plotting to threaten and harm another HGS makes me squirm.

      • Yeah it really is disheartening. Though I don’t like to jump to quick conclusions, I can’t help but think there has been some very poor parenting skills with many of the house guests this season. It bothers me knowing that there aren’t just parents out there supporting the actions of these house guests, but there’s also communities of people who see nothing wrong with what is being said and done in the house. At least when Chima was in the house, they would show her grandma saying things like: ”Oh Chima, why would you do this to our family? Why would you do something like that?” (we need more parent clips showing us that maybe some of these parents aren’t responsible for accepting their children’s bad behaviour).

      • That probably could be why Aaryn’s father revoked the release he signed and why she’s not allowed to mention him, I think he pulled it after the 1st couple of racist comments. From my understanding he was also being harassed on FB. I don’t think her mother ever signed a release, which is why she hasn’t received a letter from them. But here’s the thing that bothers me, if you’re embarrassed by your child’s behavior or comments then you as a parent should dig in that child’s ass and tell him/her that their behavior is unacceptable and disgusting. We as parents have to do a better job at holding our children accountable for their actions, because if we don’t, there will be a lot of people in this world that will say and do whatever to whomever and not understand that there are consequences and repercussions for your actions.

      • I don’t mean to interrupt, but this season has taught me SO much about people. I’m not sheltered & I see what goes on in the world but damn these people took it all to a new level that I was hoping didn’t exist. It’s pathetic that they will probably never know any different.

      • Oh goodness no need to apologize for interrupting. You are completely right Jillith. The level of disgusting manner & cruelty this season is shocking. I know there are those who will say: ”It’s Big Brother, you’re not here to make friends”. But in that same vein, why not then argue, ”It’s Big Brother, why make statements and actions you will regret for the rest of your life?”

      • I think that some of these ppl this season will relish the fact of house they are perceived and boast. Now, that to scary.

      • hey Jillith :) missed you. Yes, I agree and yes to the pathetic, and I do not see some of the HGS turning the page and understanding right from wrong. Amanda and Aaryn just won’t get it. GM I think maybe will, I hope. Andy being a teacher and doing and saying is odd behavior.

      • Thank Emma, I’ve missed everyone too but somehow this whole work/life deal is taking up too much time! I am SO glad you said that about GM because I have been thinking the same thing for a couple weeks. I think of all the HG’s she’s the one that might actually come out of the house a better person then when she walked in. As for Andy & his professor job I just don’t really get it. And he claims to teach at college level?

      • I know this season baffles me. Would CBS stoop so low? It just feels like a failed experiment and no game play.

        Yeah work/life haha. Same problem here :) I have to get ready for tomorrow :(

        Happy to have caught up to you tonight.

      • Have a great night! And yes, I’m afraid CBS hit a low this season. As much as I would like I can’t hold it against them. These HG’s have been total opposites of what their interviews were. Good luck with balancing work/life. IMO work is over-rated :-)

      • LOL.
        It amazes me how so many of them don’t stand up for what’s right. The crazy part is if you had done that then everyone would have called you a bully and said you should never speak to women in the manner – which I think is BS because if a woman can say some of the things GM and Amanda say out of their mouths then she can take it when anyone (including a man) says it back to her. They are horrible.

      • They wouldn’t have had the chance. At least not to my face. When I get rolling rant wise, my voice raises and anyone that tries to interject is drowned out. After I was done I would have dropped my Big Brother microphone and stormed out of the house.

  17. Okay for “paula” if it was production they would have know she was playing beer pong and she wouldn’t have to explain that….she was on a phone rewind…listen to it carefully the conversation wasn’t one you would have with someone directly or if they knew what she was doing…#CBSFAILBB

  18. Has anyone else heard that someone found a bunch of discarded used condoms and Amanda was joking about it

    • Amanda & used condoms in the same sentence makes me want to puke. I need the barf bucket STAT!!!!

  19. Holy sh*t! Amanda & aaryn talking about hating Asians. These girls have NO chance when they get out of the house.

    • There are only 2 billion Chinese, not counting the various asian countries out there! With globalization, your next employer could be an Asian! Employers check Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get a grip on what type of person you are so, a lot of what they said will be out there for employers to see!

    • They’re stupid and ignorant and that’s why it will all come back on them sooner rather than later. Aaryn has already lost her modeling gig and I also read somewhere that Amanda’s real estates licences has been taken away (which I’m not really sure how that works because I thought you could only loose your license if you don’t do your “continued education” and pay your license fees, but I guess it’s different in every state.)

    • Yeah, because that’s how the world works, you get reprimanded in your actual life for things you do on a TV show, in a game, where CBS is likely asking them to create a little drama as well.

      Think about that again, losing your job for things you do or say in a game? Aaryn’s situation was a little different, as a model you need to have a good public image and she damaged hers. I don’t see why a railroad conductor or a real estate agent should lose their jobs for behaviour in the house.

      • Would you want someone with that kind of crude behavior representing your company? Game behavior (lies, manipulation and backstabbing) are one thing.. these HGs have taken it to a whole new level.

      • I wouldn’t be crazy about my employee conducting themselves that way, in general, but that’s outside in the real world, where it matters. Maybe I wouldn’t love watching them act this way in the Big Brother house, but to me it’s still a game, in which I’d be aware they’re under contract to CBS and I would bet it’s somewhere in the agreement to create a certain amount of drama. I would also expect this if I heard my employee was headed to the Big Brother house, because it happens every season.

  20. So, For thise who may have been thinking that Aaryn has a spiritual awakening, she is on After Dark making derogatory remarks about Asians and being topped by… Amanda!

  21. I just have to say this: aaryn (not worthy of capital “A”) and Judd will hook up before either of them leave the house. I just have to say that.

  22. well Judd & GM talking HOH win will put Amanda & McCrae and they want (REALLY SAMRT MOVE) McCrae out 1st…Yes very smart plan

  23. Are my feeds messed up or is everyone is bed?! What a waste of a pre-holiday celebration. Dumb HG’s ruin my fun right now.

  24. Good night everyone. Have an amazing Thursday. Tomorrow is my Friday…just gotta brag for a moment :-)

  25. Why would Zingbot leave out a jab for Spencer or Judd? Unless the zings for them were so lame that CBS decided not to air them.

    Speaking of lame, Andy’s “zing” about not wanting to participate in a “robot party” was almost as bad as Elissa’s zing about winning/not winning.

    • They had one for Spencer, but it had to do with weight and Spencer didn’t like it and thought it was a cheap shot. He deserved one regarding his disgusting, vile talk. I can’t even find a way to type the things he says. It makes me furious that CBS gives him a good edit when he is nothing more than a pig. All these HGs are disgusting and anyone who has the live feeds knows what I mean.

      • If you don’t mind my asking, what has Spencer said? I’ve asked someone else before, but honestly I lost track of what article it was in for me to check back for a response lol. I’m aware I may regret asking, depending on how bad the answer is, but curiosity is getting the better of me. I remember someone talking about what he said he’d “do to Jessie if he could”…what did he say about that? What else did he say on top of that? I completely missed all of this.

  26. Finally the game is being played like it should be!!! Tonight was the best episode yet, only would have been better if Amanda had not won the veto and was put up on the block.

  27. Did anyone catch Andy admit his alignment to Amanda when he was trying to “console” Elissa? He’s been nothing but a little tattle tale this whole season and then has the nerve to be upset that he’s on the block! Go home Andy please… no respect… you are a floater. Zingbot was right on!

    • Not that I’m defending Andy, but that was part of the plan. Amanda was to torture Elissa and then Andy was to go and console her and say things like I can’t believe I aligned with people like that, etc. What made me sick was Andy’s comment about how much he doesn’t like seeing someone treated that way but it’s helping his game so… pretty much oh well. The smirk he gave after they had come up with this plan and Amanda had walked away tells a whole other story about him not liking this kind of thing. Andy is a rat and by not doing anything to stop this behavior he’s just as guilty but I would like to see Amanda gone before him.

  28. Why is Amanda not licked off. My kids like to watch the comps but cant watch BB because …who wants their kid to see Amanda acting like BB

  29. Some of the Zing’s were a little weak, but I really thought the ones to GinaMarie and Elissa were pretty good. Fatal Attraction, ha. Maybe she wouldn’t hurt Nick but I’m already feeling sorry for the poor bunny. As for the cheap imitation of Rachel well that was good as well. Andy’s was the best and I think Zingbot should get a reward, talk about outing someone.
    I’m sorry but can someone refresh me on what Zingbot said to Amanda?

  30. Ok, can we all put down the tin-foil hats and agree that this veto comp was not rigged for Amanda to win? Not even sure how to rig that…

    • Amanda’s strategy to go slow and steady was what won her the game. She didn’t drop any balls. Unfortunately, we have to put up with her trash awhile longer.

  31. What the crap did Amanda have on? Red blazer and daisy dukes and flesh colored heels? Talk about trashy!

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