Big Brother 15 Episode 27 Recap: Zingbot Returns As Amanda Takes On Elissa


Zingbot made an appearance on Wednesday night’s Big Brother 15, but Amanda had a few zings of her own to deliver before winning her first competition of the season.

The episode picks up right after Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae for eviction. Amanda is not happy with those nominations, she she knows she has to think of something. Aaryn is crying and McCrae is McCrae.

Elissa asks Amanda if they plan to retaliate against her next week. Amanda says as long as Elissa doesn’t put Amanda up after the veto, then they surely won’t. Elissa is not a very good liar, so it doesn’t take Amanda long to know that something is up. And something was up. Elissa had totally changed her mind about Aaryn and wants to backdoor Amanda. Judd gets very excited about the prospect.

Aaryn goes to the HOH room at Judd’s prompting and Elissa tells her that she thinks they need to work together. She says she sees the real picture and thinks Amanda needs to go. Aaryn smiles and agrees and so they know they have to fight to win the veto so Amanda can go up.

It’s time to see if Amanda can actually get backdoored! Nope, not officially anyway because her name was chosen to play veto. And as true Big Brother fans know, you can’t really be backdoored if you play in the veto competition. So joining Elissa, Aaryn, McCrae and now Amanda in the competition are GinaMarie and Judd. Aaryn picked Judd after getting houseguest’s choice. And Amanda was very suspicious of that move.

Battle alert: Amanda vs. GinaMarie. Amanda is trying to throw GinaMarie under the bus in front of Elissa, so a shouting match starts. And GM wins this one hands down. But only because she can scream louder than anyone else and knows how to keep the other person from getting a word in.

Amanda is getting very nervous with how Elissa is acting, so she tries to do some damage control. She goes up to the HOH room with Elissa and does her best to get Elissa to not nominate her this week, but all Amanda gets from Elissa is her laughing in her face. Elissa is very amused by Amanda’s paranoia and she laughs in her crying face. Hilarious.

And then Zingbot shows up to wake the houseguests up. Time for the HGs to get roasted by Zingbot. The zings were pretty lame this season. I think the best was probably the one where Zingbot called Andy a floater. He was not happy about that. In a close second was Elissa’s zing that called her a cheap imitation of her sister.


It’s time for the Zingbot Veto competition. It’s the roll the ball back and forth without letting it drop competition. But the hard part is, they have to do it 250 times without it dropping. And it’s hot. The HGs are overheated and ready to pass out. But Amanda kills it and wins her first challenge of the season. She has won the POV and has ruined Elissa’s plan to backdoor her.

So Amanda has won the veto and Andy immediately starts sweating. The others think make she’d put up GinaMarie. But Elissa has promised GM she will not put her up. And there’s no question that she won’t put Judd up. But what about Spencer? No. It’s going to be Andy.

Elissa decides to mess with Amanda, so she starts telling her that she threw the veto competition so she’d win. And of course Amanda can’t let someone have any jabs without losing all inhibitions. She she goes off on a rant and calls Elissa bitch a few times and in typical Amanda fashion goes too far.

But she’s not done yet. She tries to be Evel Dick and goes on a complete attack. Elissa locks herself in her HOH room and everyone else is sitting outside kind of annoyed by it. Even GinaMarie thinks Amanda is making a fool of herself. And that says a lot. If the person who poked at adoption on national television thinks you’re going too far, you might be.

At the veto meeting Amanda steals one of Rachel’s famous lines (Rachel said it better) and then uses the veto on McCrae. Elissa puts Andy up in his place. So it’s Andy or Aaryn who will be heading to jury this week.


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