Big Brother 15 Veto Ceremony Today – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Later today in the Big Brother 15 house the HGs will gather in the living room and hold this week’s Veto Ceremony. The winner will have decide whether or not to use the Veto and on which HG. If you’ve been reading our BB15 spoilers then you should have an expectation of what’s about to happen. Let’s take a look at the latest.

Yes, as it seems to usually happens, the one person most HGs did not want to see win the Veto did exactly that. Kaitlin is up on the block and she secured the PoV win this week at Saturday’s comp. Now the HGs weren’t aiming for her to go, but her win means she controls whether or not a spot opens up for their real target: Jeremy.

Last week before the Veto competition Kaitlin said if she was drawn to play and she won she wouldn’t use the Veto to prevent Jeremy from being backdoored. It didn’t end up being an issue since he was MVP nom’d up front and she didn’t play, but it set the tone for the situation if it should ever happen again. Well, it happened again this week.

So now with Kaitlin playing potential gatekeeper to Jeremy’s eviction the other HGs stepped in to insure she’d take action. On Saturday morning Amanda threatened Kaitlin that if she won the Veto and didn’t use it then she’d be evicted as retribution. I expected this to backfire after Kaitlin kept saying she wanted to go home on Thursday night, but instead it actually worked. Kaitlin was in tears when she realized the house was going after Jeremy and she could end up being the enabler of that situation.

Kaitlin cries to Jeremy

Once the results were in and Kaitlin was confirmed as the winner the HGs were in a panic that she’d keep the nominations the same. McCrae said it’d be “disrespectful to the game” to have the Veto, be on the block, and not use it for her own safety. Those concerns were soon put to rest.

Kaitlin and Andy met in private where she confirmed she was going to use the Veto. Next she went up to meet with Helen where she again confirmed she would use the Veto even with Helen telling her there was no way to avoid putting Jeremy up in her place. Kaitlin cried. Helen cried. Andy even cried. Why those last two cried, I don’t know.

After Jeremy’s fate was confirmed, Kaitlin went back down and told him the news. Jeremy took it surprisingly well and told her she needed to use it to make sure she was safe. He wasn’t upset and told her he wasn’t worth crying over as someone she just met.

Baby Jeremy

Since then we’ve seen Jeremy lightly campaign. “Do you want to hear my campaign speech?” he asked Judd. “Don’t vote for me!” But overall he’s taking it very well. That could all change when he is up on the block and sees there’s no way to avoid going home. He’s told the girls he’ll go out with a bang and we believe he could do it.

We’ll keep our eye on the Live Feeds and share the spoiler results when the Veto ceremony is over this afternoon. In the mean time, be sure to sign-up for the in-house Live Feeds and see what happens next.


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  1. Bye Jeremy. I wish I was in that house so I can literally push Jeremy out the door. I would have got his stuff threw it out of the house and pushed his ass out the door and closed it…. Than win HoH and put up Aaryn and Gina

    • you mean you would have been expelled from the show . super smart move smh

      • Not really because I think if you punch somebody you get expelled or in Willie’s case headbutt somebody. A push wont really get you expelled.

    • I am not celebrating until it happens. After the 1st two weeks when Elissa looked like a certain eviction I am not assuming anything.

  2. Too bad Kaitlyn did not hear what Jeremy said to Helen. I did not come to this game to get married. I came to win that $500,000. LOL Kaitlyn should realise that the showmance was a fake. Anything Jeremy tells her is for his benefit. If Jeremy can stay by throwing Kaitlyn under the bus, he will do it!

    • I hate to say this, but I don’t feel bad for Kaitlin. She had never heard of Big Brother before she was recruited for the show. So I think she’s genuinely surprised when people lie to her in that game. Which is sad, because 90% of the game is built on lying to each other.

  3. Really hope this isn’t a Frank Eudy situation. They have him dead to rights then take sympathy on him and he ends up having 9 lives

    • He would have been gone from the get go had it not been for discontinuation of the coach’s twist last season.

      Plus, he kept on winning vetos and HOH’s back to back that it became all too difficult to get rid of him.

      • yeah you’re right. I forgot about that stupid coach twist. Why can’t Big Brother go back to the simple Twists. Project DNA…reuniting a brother and sister that never knew each other. The X-Factor. trapping them in the house with an ex with whom it ended poorly….these “MVP” and the like (cliques, duos, etc) are so lame…

      • For the most part the twists are okay, I don’t like seeing returning house guests or relatives of former HGs. Save that for an all star version. My least favorite season was probably the newbies vs. vets, which should have been named newbies vs. couples.

      • I think they’ve been avoiding doing a BIg Brother: All-Stars 2.0, but want to bring back favorites like Jeff & Jordan. Survivor has had at least two Fans vs Favorites seasons and they were pretty popular. They also haven’t had a Survivor All-Stars 2.0

      • They should do another season of all new people for BB 16. Then for BB 17, I bring back 8 all-stars against 8 tv celebrity. Hey it works for Trump. Of course, if the celebrity win, the money goes to charity.

      • They do “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK. US should try a season of that. I bet a lot of A-Listers would line up to try it.

      • Cool, I didn’t know about the UK. I’m sure they could find 8 celebrities on hiatus that would be willing to do it. Can you imagine somebody like Charlie Sheen doing it. That would be hilarious. Rating would go thru the roof.

      • Why just 8? Typical Big Brother season needs 14-16 HGs. The Big Brother UK Celebrity Big Brother editions are all Celebrities.

      • I read somehwere, producers might find it difficult to cast HGs for a celebrity edition of BBUS. That and the probably unwillingness of them to expose themselves to the public on a 24/7 basis.

        If they were to cast though, it shouldn’t be limited to strictly washed out stars and B-list showbiz celebs but also people who have reached a certain level of career achievements (athletes, singers, actors, film directors). That was how CBBUK lasted for so long.

      • Many BB blogs say that Jeff constantly makes homophobic remarks. If this is true BB shouldn’t put him in another showl Please – no more bigots.

      • I think one of the times he was talking about Harry Potter – he didn’t think it was a good idea to have a gay character (Dumbledore) locked away in a castle with children in a story aimed at children. I know there were other instances with him, but that is one that I remember well.

  4. Mary, why would you even bring up political problems to compare it to a Big Brother game? Howard is as Christian as Christian gets, so just because you’re not satisfied with your body, doesn’t mean you should accuse some one of doing drugs just because theirs looks better. And to say that Elissa is real, that made me laugh. I honestly like Elissa, probably playing the best game in the house right now. But for you to make such remarks about Jeremy’s looks and then say Elissa is “real” after all the work she has done on her face, your mentality level truely shows.

    • “I honestly like Elissa, probably playing the best game in the house right now.”

      Really? What show are you watching. She’s been nominated twice, has won 0 competitions, and if not for America, she’d be gone by now.

      • But she got to lock Jessie’s vote to keep her so that’s at least her playing the game for survival.

      • She and the rest who’s not on Aaryn’s side. But Elissa had to do her share of the campaign as well and was able to break through Jessie knowing her vote can make a difference for her and Nick.

        That happened while Nick and GM were sorta kinda cozying up on the hammock (and BB untimingly called the two girls out for their mics).

      • Her cover was blown and was able to survive 2 scares. It’s too early for me to judge her game play, but we’ll see how she maneuver herself with a target that’s getting bigger and bigger. MVP is an advantage and a liability.

  5. Let’s say Kaitlin uses the POV and takes herself off the block with Jeremy going up in her place. The magic question I have is, who would really go home…Spencer, Aaryn or Jeremy? I wonder because the house really can’t stand Aaryn for her comments, but yet Jeremy is clearly the strongest player on the block and to add to that, Spencer is the MVP nominee that in both times this year has gone home.. Get ready to be surprised on Thursday night of who really goes home.

    • Majority of the Rebel Alliance want to take Jeremy out!
      Granted that Aaryan is also at the top of the undesirable list, she is the least of threats competition wise. Jeremy will probably get evicted if Kaitlyn uses the POV as she should!

    • If they decide to keep Jeremy, my question would be, “What are they thinking?”

  6. AAryn should be the one to go. Then she can go try out for the Bad Girls Club. Since she likes to mess with peoples beds.

    • and how childish is that when she turns over the bed? OMG, what a juvenile thing to do. And while she is doing that, Kaitlyn is telling Jessie her behavior is “high school!” I am wondering if Kaitlyn is going to wake up once Jeremy and Aaryn are gone. She seems to be pretty good at the competitions and could win if she did not make herself a target with her behavior.

  7. If they don’t evict Jeremy this week, they will be sorry at some point.

    In the meantime, I was thinking about the disclaimer CBS put up last night for the 1st time and it got me to thinking that CBS appears to be distancing itself from the show and all of this racism could lead to CBS dropping Big Brother after this season. That would be terrible for BB fans. But what a legacy for Aaryn to carry with her for the rest of her life – being responsible for the end of a well liked TV reality show because of her evil behavior.

    • I believe CBS can’t do anything more. In past seasons of Big Brother, anytime a player got ejected from the game/house, it was always due to physical damage. Meaning the player broke a mic on purpose, hit another player and so on. But never for their comments. CBS and Big Brother is under contract with each player and that contract spells out the rules and I bet no where in that contract does it say anything of comments can get you ejected…

      So putting a disclaimer might be the only way CBS can deal with the problem. But I bet that might change for BB16 if there is one.

  8. I love Amanda Hug N Kiss. Aryan Nation, Hatelyn and Va-Gina Marie are sick individuals and I can NOT wait until they get out of the house and realize how much everyone dislikes them for their ignorance!

  9. I for one will be very happy to see the Jerkokee going to the great tepee in the sky.

    Old Indian saying: Don’t crap where you sleep & expect all the little indians to like sleeping in your crap.

  10. I hope everyone realizes after Jeremy leaves the show will get increasingly boring every week

  11. The SMARTEST game play yet!!!! Now, they just have to get Aaryn’s, Kaitlyn & GM’s asses out of there & I’m sure the house will be a MUCH better place to be!!!!

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