Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 3 Sunday Highlights


It was a quiet Sunday in the Big Brother 15 house as everyone eerily got along and had fun for the most part. Most people in the house spent the day convincing Kaitlin to use the Power of Veto, which might be a Big Brother first. If not, then it’s definitely rare that a house has to actually campaign to a person TO USE the POV.

Read about all the moments from the house on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 14, 2013 

11:25 AM BBT – Judd and Helen discussing Jeremy’s attempts to stay. He told Judd he has 3 votes, but they think he only has 2. Jeremy will need 5 votes against Spencer or Aaryn to stay.

11:40 AM BBT – Judd tells Jeremy he’s offended no one asked him to join the MC, but then says he wouldn’t have joined it anyway. “Terrible idea that early,” says Judd.

11:50 AM BBT – Jessie comes out and joins in on ‘dump on Jeremy day’. She’s upset that he lied to her about the MC and their own deal. Jessie is also giving him grief for his behavior.

1:00 PM BBT – Aaryn and Kaitlin agree that Jeremy’s ego and aggressiveness in the house was his downfall.

2:45 PM BBT – Andy working on Kaitlin to make sure she’ll use the Veto. She understands that even if she saves him and goes home this week herself he’ll continue to be the target and go home next.

3:45 PM BBT – Photo booth is open. GinaMarie taking pictures with Nick’s belongings.

4:49 PM BBT – Jeremy has a fly around him. He says, “I’m African. We’re used to it.” Howard & Andy get up and leave.

6:15 PM BBT – Spencer says if he wins Head of Household that he won’t target Judd, Helen or Andy.

6:48 PM BBT – Kaitlin is still suggesting she may not use the Power of Veto in order to save Jeremy. Helen and Elissa tell her that if she uses the veto they will protect her and support her. Helen tells her that America will love her. They even tell her that she can vote for Spencer so that she doesn’t have to actually cast a vote to evict Jeremy.

7:50 PM BBT – Amanda asks Kaitlin who she’d nominate if she wins HOH. She says Spencer and Howard. Amanda likes that answer.

7:57 PM BBT – Jeremy goes outside wearing GinaMarie’s baby outfit and Kaitlin gets mad at him because she says her parents will not like seeing that. OK?

8:39 PM BBT – Elissa, Helen and GinaMarie do Jersey Shore impersonations for the other Houseguests (full makeup and hair).

9:24 PM BBT – Jeremy tells McCrae and Amanda that if they keep him and he wins HOH, he will nominate whoever they want.

9:30 PM BBT – Jeremy asks McCrae, Amanda and Judd to evict Spencer. When Jeremy leaves Amanda says there’s no way he’s staying (if Kaitlin uses veto and he actually goes up).

9:40 PM BBT – Really ridiculous talk fueled by boredom and cabin fever starts about keeping Jeremy.

10:43 PM BBT – Jeremy is now appealing to Judd to not let all the guys get voted out. Judd isn’t too interested in keeping Jeremy it seems.

11:05 PM BBT – Most of the house agrees that if Kaitlin doesn’t use the veto she will be the one evicted.

11:28 PM BBT – Amanda and Aaryn are talking about Elissa saying she wants to leave the game before jury so she can get back to her family. Interesting.

12:00 AM BBT – Amanda, Judd, Andy, and McCrae pledging allegiance to each other to the end.

It sounds a little like Kaitlin has finally got the Big Brother fire in her belly and is ready to play the game. She may be making the others sweat a little with threats that she won’t use the POV, thus saving Jeremy. But I think we can expect her to use it and Jeremy to go up in her place.

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  1. Here is my opinion of those most likley to least likely to win:
    Judd- in a final 4 pact and not any1’s target
    Mccrae has final4 and final 2 pact
    Amanda final 4 + 2 pact
    Helen well liked, but getting hohitus
    Andy has lots of pacts, but may catch up to him
    Jessie on right side of house, but near bottom
    Candice on right side, but Howard may kill her game
    Howard large threat + shady
    Ellisa prob won’t win b/c of sister
    Kaitllyn she is turning her game around

    Spencer shady
    Jeremy- To big of threat
    GM no way this happening
    Aaryn yeah no…

    • Everyone above Kaitlyn is my ideal Final 10.

      And yes, King Judd is becoming my best bet to win this game. :D

      • Judd really is doing an incredible job. This weekend Helen was talking with someone about who they had deals with and would keep safe, but when it game to Judd she said she wanted to keep him because “Judd is Judd” and everyone likes him.

      • I like Judd’s floating strategy better than Andy trying to keep his hands in as many cookie jars as he can. It’s not on the immediate horizon, but I think Amanda/McCrae will be a major target come mid-game.

      • Agreed. That’s the kind of floater I want to see in this game. On the outside, you might think he’s not doing much, but he’s actually performing a well-covered social game without any suspicion.

        People can carry him through the game because of he’s so easy to get along with and he is seemingly non-threatening. You gotta give props to that.

        Unlike most of BB14’s floaters who literally didn’t anything in any aspect of the game (Jenn may have won a Veto comp but her “best move” has proven to be fatal to her game, no thanks to Dan’s Mist).

        Compare Judd to Howard who also have a similar laidback strategy and yet his place in the may be of the rocks because of his secret alliance being exposed and his shady approaches to the other HG’s. To be fair, he stood by Candice to protect her from the brunt of the Mean Girls.

        Judd could possibly be the Ian for BB15: Completely underlooked, an outcast from the more physically adept men, sociable and seemingly non-threatening (although Ian’s BB smarts should have been seen as an early sign but that too was underlooked).

      • @artyom:I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. lol about the hands in the cookie jar regarding Andy. I thought there had to be more than one of him at one point because of the way he seemed to be in every screen on the live feeds and with a different group of people. I would say to myself how did he get there that fast?

  2. I really hope they vote out Jeremy this week and Aaryn next. They are two of the most disgusting pieces of crap around. I really hope they leave sooner rather than later (aka before jury).

  3. So far, the strongest players in my opinion are Amanda and Helen. Together, they orchestrated Nick’s eviction. There seems to be two groups in the Rebel Alliance which is Helen’s an Amanda’s. It would be interesting to see how it turns out. Judd might be a dark horse. He seems to be lying low for now which is good and not antagonizing anyone. This is as much a social game. Jessie might do well in this game although she has not done anything much. Her break with the racists bunch of Gina Marie, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and Spencer shows she has potential. She was very cool too even when she was being bullied by Kaitlyn, Gina Marie and Aaryn. I like that. Howard still clings to the Moving Company bunch when they have separated. I guess his hope that they can re-unite. Bad move. And one thing that bothers me with Howard is he was hit with racial slurs along with Candace but, it seems his loyalties lie with the racists and bullies group? I understand that when he formed the alliance with the Moving Company, he did not know probably that Jeremy and Spencer were denigrating others including him but, how is it that you continue to hang out with them and vote with them after this time? He has heard the racil slurs hurled and the bullying that has happened he has seen first hand so, he still loyal to them? For one thing, if I were in Howard’s shoes, I would have voted against my alliance and betrayed them and got them evicted and joined forces with others! Instead, he sticks with them? Jessie was way better getting out of the alliance and turning against them because of the way they treated her! The break of the Moving Company and comeuppance of the racist and bullies group turned the game on its head and now, it is fun to watch atleast! The first 2 weeks was wasted though.

    • I think Howard doesn’t want to burn any bridge. Maybe play each side against each other eventually.

      • At this point, being loyal to the racists and bullies group does not make sense. They are hated by most in the Big Brother House considering the way they are acting. If Jeremy
        gets evicted, they will be much more weaker as a group. Amanda also wants Howard out probably because Howard, Spencer and Jeremy tried to break up her alliance with McCrae and tried to get her voted out too. Time for Howard to pick a side and stick to it. If not, he will be on the outside looking in!

      • I didn’t say that it make sense. Remember that there is lots of stuff we’ve seen and that we know, that Howard doesn’t know.

      • Well said Capt. I think many who comment assume the house guests know as much as we do. Truth is they don’t get the bird’s eye view we do (and we don’t get the ”extra” information from production that they do) – so there’s still a lot going on inside the house that may not make sense to us, but makes perfect sense to them…

  4. Kaitlin gets angry with Jeremy for wearing GinaMarie’s baby outfit from last weeks POV competition because she says her “parents won’t like it”….Oh, but I guess she thinks they’ll really like all of her slutty behavior rolling around in the bed and wrapping her legs around Jeremy in the HOH bed last week…LMAO

    • Or his racist & homophobic jabs… Or his cocky attitude… Or his willingness to hop into bed with the other girls… Or… He’s a dream candidate for all parents of 20-something year old women! ;)

  5. Was just reading some french news site. BB US is big news there, I was surprised. They seems to “know for sure” that Spencer will be fired as soon as he get back to work.

    I check on Union Pacific website and found this bit of News: “Omaha, Neb., June 26, 2013 – Union Pacific Railroad has been named a 2013 Best Diversity Company by the readers of Diversity Careers in Engineering and Information Technology for the fifth consecutive year. The magazine honors companies, government agencies and other organizations for their support of minorities and women, attention to work/life balance and supplier diversity commitment.”
    Me think Spencer’s goose is cook.

  6. On the same french website, they were also talking about Aaryn. Most European country have law against hate speech. They say if she had said that on French TV, she would be in jail. They really don’t understand how the US can be so liberal and accept stuff like that.

    • I think one of the amendments in the US constitution regarding the right to free speech have been left subjective and open to interpretation so it has been a center of a lot of debate when someone abuses that right.

    • John Galliano, the noted designer, was arrested in 2011 for making anti-semetic remarks in a Parisian bar.

    • She is on a little bit of a power trip this week as HOH. Kind of annoying. All of the crying, saying that she is going to keep everyone safe who comes into her HOH room. I like her, but, she needs to not be do darn opinionated and bossy right now. May come back to bite her in the rear. I would like a final 3 of Helen, McCrae and Amanda. Although Andy is working hard in the house, I don’t think he will make it to final 3.

    • I agree BB Fan 1 to 14. Helen became a different person from what I originally thought of her. She was totally annoying. Watching her on the live feeds on Sunday showed such a different side to her. Between her and Andy they were driving me nuts just listening to them. Haven’t watched yet today to see if she has finally settled down. I don’t like Amanda either. I have watched every season and I don’t think I have ever disliked so many people so quickly. At this point I like Judd, but since there has been so little game to really talk about because of all the other stuff going on it’s hard for me to judge anyone based on game play. IMO there hasn’t been a lot of game play to really discuss. I know Jeremy is who they want out this week, but I would rather see Spencer go from who is on the block. I heard Helen say America wants us to vote out Jeremy, but based on what I have seen on the CBS show (not the live feeds) I think people who don’t have feeds would expect and want Aaryn or GM out. I know Jeremy is a bigger threat as far as comps. go, but based on what has aired on the live show I would expect people to think she would have put GM up and gone after either Aaryn or GM.. I do realize that when a person has the live feeds it is different and she is going after Jeremy because he is the bigger threat to her game as well as the people in her alliance. They want the ones gone that have a better chance at winning physical comps. Once they are gone it gives those that might not normally be that good at physical comps. a better shot at winning.

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