‘Big Brother 15’ Veto Ceremony Plans For Week 5

Judd's HoH group photo on Big Brother 15

Today on “Big Brother 15” the Houseguests will gather in the living room for the Veto Ceremony. This week’s PoV winner will announce whether or not it will be used and then if it is used a replacement nominee will be revealed. Right now you watch the HGs prepare for today’s meeting if you signup for the live feeds of the in-house cameras.

So far there has been plenty of drama throughout the house over both the nominations, the MVP nomination on Saturday, and the potential outcome of the Veto win from Saturday. Read on for those spoilers and find out what is going to happen later at the Veto Ceremony.

Spencer won the Veto in what sounds like a puzzle competition from Saturday evening. As one of this week’s nominees it is obvious that yes, the Veto will be used and it will save Spencer from possible eviction. Realistically, Spencer was never in much danger and would have been safe this week as long as Howard didn’t win the Veto. All the same, Spencer should keep himself safe and he will.

Once Spencer vacates his seat on the couch a new HG will be named and that will be up to Aaryn since she nominated Spencer on Friday. The obvious expectation is that Candice will be nominated. Aaryn doesn’t like her and the house wants Howard out so putting Candice on the block keeps one supporting vote out of Howard’s hands.

When that happens we’ll have a final set of nominations for Week 5 featuring Howard, Candice, and Amanda. Come Thursday I still expect Howard to be the target though Candice was crying last night saying she was the target and the house was trying to backdoor her this whole time. Nevermind that she played in Veto which means she couldn’t technically be backdoor’d.

Who do you think Aaryn should renom when Spencer saves himself? Which HG would you then want to vote to evict to help your own game if you were on Big Brother?



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  1. If I was in there.. And my name was Helen… There is no doubt I would work hard to take out DEMANDA!

    • For Helen to claim to be a smart BB player, she is passing up a golden opportunity to get Amanda out this week. Only problem is, Amanda has too many people protecting her. Aaryn, McCrae, and Judd for sure..I am not sure Helen can pull this one off like she did with Nick. Would be great drama though if she could. I am tired of Amanda..bullies and dictates to the house.

    • Yeah! Helen got the number! Her, Elissa, GinaMarie, Spencer, and Aaryn! But I don’t think Aaryn is on board with this decision. It might even hurt Helen’s side in the process if Aaryn didn’t use the tiebreak.

  2. This is the only time to make the power move of the season and get out Amanda! I want her out so bad! If she’s not out I believe she will make it to the end without a doubt. She says exactly what everyone wants to hear and she has everyone on her side. Especially Andy! (Besides mcCrae) break that up and let’s see some action!!

  3. If they don’t vote out Amanda now, they will have a lot of trouble voting her out later.
    With Mccrae, Andy and Judd firmly in her corner, they might be stuck with Amanda for the rest of the game.

      • While I agree that Judd’s loyalty is questionable compared to Mccrae and Andy, I think Judd is much more in the Amanda camp than he is in the Helen or Elissa camp.

      • Indeed, but yesterday mcranda and andy were saying judd is kind of shady and should be watched

      • Andy is kind of “SHADY” and needs watching.. Who are these fools playing this game???

    • They need 5 votes and I don’t think they can get them. Helen, Elissa and Spencer would be definite. Then they need two out of Andy, Judd and Jessie. Since Elissa brought it up to Judd already and he shot it down, it means they need Jessie and Andy. Would you trust either of those two to keep it quiet if you approached them? They will run right back to Amanda or Aaryn and tell them what was said. If Amanda doesn’t go home, then Helen, Elissa and Spencer will be the targets next week unless one of them wins HOH. It may be a bold move but it is also a dangerous move right now.

      • You forgot Ginamarie! And Helen should make a new tiebreaker deal with Aaryn!

  4. K my input lol. Technical excellence as well as poor morality from Helen. Lets start with morality from Helen. Biggest lia in the house starting with her job and then telling Howard and Candace they will be friends outside of the house forming. Bond etc all while working hard on votin them out and having no intention on keeping the friendship she promised them. Why I say that. Howard once invited himself to Chicago where Helen loves while se invites Andy and Jessie. Her reply to him was why dont you visit Jessie in Texas lol. Ouch. So I understand why people are upset with Helen’s morals and her word being as valuable as a penny. But her technical side is brilliant. Howard has proven he is just dead weight with a big mouth. He can’t win anything had he won hohs and povs Helen would have aligned with him and their friendship would have probably be real too but not only did he let her down in competitions he also blindsided her in a secret alliance a move she will never forgive him for maybe because she never thought of it herself and she felt he was gunning for her which isn’t true ofcourse or at least wasn’t. If he stays he’s obviously going after her now. Anyway Howard is in her way to the 500,000 dollars and I agree he should be taken out over Amanda at this point as Amanda can help Helen take out a few more houseguests. Candace is some sort of psychic seeing through BS so I’m pretty sure Helen will take her out very soon if no one stops her or Amanda. As far as people saying this is the only chance to vote out Amanda, ofcourse it’s not! We as MVP will put Amanda on the block every week lol and Helen has figured that out. She’s sacrificed a lot of her integrity in front of our eyes and her family’s but that’s Big Brother and I totally think she deserves to win but I secretly want her out preferably by her own confidant Andy or her enemy Amanda. That would be bittersweet.

    • That’s all fine and well but the MVP may last another 2 weeks possibly less and then who is gonna help get Amanda out?? If possible get her out now… Helen can get 4 people to vote her out and I think the fallout from McCrea will be minimal as he is beginning to realize (even tho he has committed to a relationship of sorts with her) that Amanda s gameplay may be costing him a better chance at the $500,0000.00.

  5. It they knew the game at all..This would be the time to get a power player out. That would be AMANDA..Come on ppl lets get this party started….

  6. You people do realize once Amandas gone its 12 weeks of Candice taking naps and Spencer scratching his nuts as the highlights of the day right?

    • I think your right she us runnng the house they shouod get rid of Helen. She is really backstabbing everyone she says she is with.. she needs to go.

  7. It does not matter who Aaryn puts up. Jim Crow Howard is going home. I want to thank my people that have been keeping it real on here and the haters have nothing else better to do. Someone has to do it. Keep hating biatches. I just hope Spence, Elissa or Candice wins HOH so the tide can turn. The wave of insolence and Fascist reign will be over in that God forsaken house.

    • I don’t think Elissa would know what to do if she won HOH. She would probably do what Helen asked her to do. I mean told her to do.

      I would love for Elissa to win and have the others tell her how Helen is trying to throw her under the bus. Elissa putting Helen on the block for her treachery would be awesome TV. Voting Helen out before jury would be even better.

      • thats what I want get Helen out soon, she really thinks she can run that whole house..

  8. I think Howard or Spencer had to go this week and since Spencer won veto only Howard can go. Once Howard is out, Candice will have to turn back to her alliance for protection keeping the numbers up. I don’t like Candice and her antics last night made me like her even less. but everyone in the house is unlikeable for one reason or another. Keeping that in mind I guess the best game move is Howard this week.

    I know people want Amanda out but if Helen moves on that and doesn’t get the votes it is going to blow up the alliance in a big way. Plus, Jessie and Judd cannot be trusted not to tell Amanda about the plan. Its too dangerous right now.

    • Helen got the vote with vote from Elissa, Ginamarie, Spencer and Aaryn as the tiebreaker, but yeah it’s like 5 people SO DANGEROUS

  9. I have a CRAZY IDEA, what if Spencer are using POV to save Howard. It’d make Spencer look stupid and making Amanda more of a threat. Well it’s a stupid idea nevermind

    • It’s not a stupid idea, but it is a little crazy, though. If Spencer uses the veto to save Howard, Candice will still be placed on the block and Spencer will get evicted. Really, the only way that Howard and Candice can be saved is if Amanda is evicted.

    • nor stupid but they need the help of aaryn. put up andy in place of howard and BAM easily enough votes to evict amanda

  10. I hope Amanda stays! Let’s see how long everyone keeps working for her….this is how you win the game….manipulation!

    • It’s not like we hate amanda, well some of us are, but taking Amanda out will be a quiet exciting process.

  11. I lije tgat idea but jessie, andy, judd are floaters,but you’ll are right amanda needs 2 go

  12. What if Jessie is the new Jun (BB winner season 4). The Ultimate floater who didn’t win anything unless she was on the block. My mind would be blooown

    • I keep forgetting Jessie is even in the house. Well if Jessie cleans, cooks and stays under the radar, then yes she is playing the a similar game to Jun from BB4.

  13. If the house evicts Howard, its a waste of an HOH in my opinion. Howard isn’t a threat and he doesn’t have much going in his game right now. The only reason why Howard is a threat is because of Amanda. More so I would rather have Howard on the jury than some of the other players.

    It would be better to evict Amanda, Candice or Elissa. All three are bigger threats and/or cause more trouble in the house then they are worth. Hell all three cause more trouble in the last two weeks than both Aaryn and GinaMarie combined.

    Just a thought, but now is the time for a big game more. America put up Amanda, take the opportunity.

  14. honestly I think Amanda needs to go really I’m thinking Aaron but considering she’s HOH it got to be Amanda

  15. I think amanda should go she has always thought she would win the whole game with no problem. She is to self centered

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