Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Sunday Highlights


It was a long Sunday in the Big Brother 15 house as Howard and Candice worked on keeping themselves safe. Candice is pretty certain she’ll be going up when Spencer comes down. So they’ve been working to get the target on Amanda’s back. But has it been working?

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 28, 2013

9:55 AM BBT – Helen is up and running her laps. Everyone else is sleeping.

10:18 AM BBT – Wake-up time.

10:45 AM BBT – Helen tells Judd that they need to ditch McCrae and Amanda right before Jury or right after it starts. She says sometimes you have to make moves you don’t want to to better yourself. She uses cutting Elissa soon as an example.

11:05 AM BBT – Judd and Helen are now talking about Aaryn and they’re no longer sure if she’s actually racist or if her words got turned around. Ack.

12:50 PM BBT – Elissa starts poking around Judd with Amanda eviction talk. Judd sort of shuts her down.

12:54 PM BBT – Aaryn joins them so Elissa leaves. Aaryn says she’ll be happy if either Howard or Candice goes home this week. Candice right now is the most likely replacement nomination when Spencer uses the veto on himself.

2:10 PM BBT – Houseguests are taking photos in the photo booth.

2:45 PM BBT – Jessie and Spencer talking. He says he’s fine with becoming the first jury member. She tells him that is the plan for him. (I don’t think you’re supposed to tell people those things, Jessie)

3:15 PM BBT – Helen is starting to sympathize with Howard and Candice is starting to look more like a target.

4:28 PM BBT – Candice tells Howard she knew she was going to get backdoored all along (even though she played in veto and can’t be actually backdoored by definition).

5:00 PM BBT – The Goof Troop meets and Amanda asks if they should keep Howard. The others talk about reasons why not to keep him.

6:25 PM BBT – Helen tells Aaryn she’s sorry for thinking she’s a racist (Helen remains unaware of the rice comment).

7:25 PM BBT – Andy and Amanda are afraid they can’t trust Judd anymore.

7:20 PM BBT – Another nail party in the Head of Household room.

9:20 PM BBT – Candice has retreated to the Have-Not room. She’s very upset. Over the next few hours (yes hours, but it felt like days), she’s visited by Andy, Judd and Amanda. During the Amanda talk, Helen and Elissa finally join in after eavesdropping outside the door. The talk goes on for a long time. Candice explains why she’s so upset and how important is for Howard to remain in the game. Helen tells her to play for herself. Amanda tells her that Howard isn’t fighting for her like she is fighting for him.

11:10 PM BBT – The conversation continues. Helen just told Candice that Howard has been using Candice. Then Candice tells them that Spencer told her to campaign for Amanda to go. Helen tells her not to trust Spencer.

11:20 PM BBT – Aaryn is worried she’s upset her family with some of the things she’s done in the game.

11:50 PM BBT – Houseguests finally decide to chill out for a bit and head outside with the alcohol BB proved them for the night.

12:25 AM BBT – McCrae, Andy, & Judd discussing Final 4. McCrae reminds them that no girl has won against a guy at the end of Big Brother. He points out Amanda will have all the blame for the group’s actions.

1:30 AM BBT – Aaryn confirms she’s going to renom Candice on Monday. She says she will look like a bad person when she does it, but she doesn’t care.

2:20 AM BBT – Howard talks with Helen and suggests she should vote against him over Candice if it comes down to that.

2:45 AM BBT – Andy thinks McC & Amanda should make a fake F4 deal with Helen. He’s worried about her coming after them and thinks this could keep them all safe.

3:45 AM BBT – Amanda & McC are having a little spat over trust. She comes back in to the Lounge after having left earlier for alone time. McCrae is frustrated about things she’s telling other HGs. Earlier she told Andy about Judd making up the Kaitlin coming after Helen lie. He’s upset because he hadn’t told Andy so he’s worried how it will impact Andy’s trust of him. This debate lasts over an hour. Amanda is upset. McCrae wants pizza. That pretty much sums up the situation. Finally McCrae says he trusts her and they go to bed.

So right now it sounds like Howard is still the target, but Spencer and Howard are both sort of throwing Candice under the bus in their own ways. Amanda isn’t really on their radar because they don’t think they can get enough votes to send her out. But it’s only Monday now. A lot can happen.

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  1. The MVP twist has been a huge flop LMAO, elissa 3 weeks, then it cant get aaryn when they cope out and give it to us

    side note, congrats to everyone who voted amanda on the block, your the reason howard will go home, shoulda tossed elissa back up

    • Howard would still be going home even if Elissa was up. Amanda wants Howard out and would have been fighting for that even with the chance to evict Elissa. At least this way we get the added panic drama of Amanda being on the block.

      • In my opinion, the house could have very well turned on Elissa this week considering the feelings that other houseguests have towards her, especially Helen. But Amanda has not upset her fellow houseguests as much, so putting up Elissa would have given Howard a much higher chance of staying. Also, putting Amanda on the block did not give off that much drama because the houseguests think Howard is MVP and Amanda isn’t even worried about getting evicted. The panic only lasted for a couple of hours.

      • I loved watching Amanda sweat for a bit, but it was not nearly long enough and there she was back running the show just like she always does.

      • Wait till Amanda is on the block again next week unless she wins HOH then, the paranoia really kicks in. See, a lot of them have not been on the block yet. Put them on the block over and over and they will probably snap! I intend to nominate three people each week and my choices are: Aaryn, Amanda and Helen with Judd being the 4th choice depending on who gets evicted this week! Let us see how they play it when they are on the nomination block over and over! And don’t tell me they are good in HOH or POV because even the good competitors can be evicted like Frank last season or Danielle Donato for instance. They will lose when they need it the most! Even if they are nominated by HOH does not mean a wasted vote because now, I have maybe, 2 people I want out on the block and if lucky, I will have my 1st and 2nd choices nominated by the HOH and my 3rd choice becomes the MVP. Now, I have 3 nominees I wanted—-all on the block! LOL

      • I without a doubt disagree with that sentiment. Everyone is waiting on an excuse to turn on Elissa, if she was conveniently put on the block again, they woulda jumped at the chance, esp since she couldnt play in the veto

    • Personally…. I believe it don’t matter who we vote for…. CBS will put up who they want and call it “America’s vote”……

      I been voting for a Elissa to go since it started….

      • But you are one person and Rachel Reilly has many more minions than you or I. She put the word out to vote Amanda this week and guess what, that’s who went on the block. This MVP twist will suck until Elissa is gone.

      • That is nonsense. In the week that Elissa was nominated as MVP because her fans voted for her—-she only got the 2nd highest vote. Majority of votes went to Aaryn. Polls on this site was 69% wanted Aaryn out! The reason you will not get majority votes against Elissa because at this point, you have Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer in addition to Amanda who are the most hated house guests in the house! They will get the most votes because the viewers will try to get them nominated and hopefully, evicted by the house guests!

      • The only thing with that is the votes are wasted because she isn’t going anywhere. America has to be smart about who we put up. If Helen doesn’t get HOH I’m voting for her this time if we get to vote. She thinks she runs the house and I think she would get voted out if they had the chance.

      • lol.. you are too funny. Changing again?!! What happened to Elissa, Aaryn & Demanda?!!

      • At least Julie did reveal the results of the top 3 the public voted to be the MVP nominee. :D

      • That’s not true. Why would CBS want to put up America’s favorite or a useless GM last week? They wouldn’t.

      • Aaryn was first choice. You got to look at Ellisa being 2nd like this. even is she has 1 million in her favor could be half that against her. All those who voted against Aaryn were lost that made Ellisa the next cause I think one for as many who liked her sisters they are many who didn’t. Plus I think Ellisa misuse of MVP in week 3 may have rubbed a few the wrong way. Also think about that being the first week the revesred the vote and some may have voted wrong. GM is a logically choice as she also made racial comments. Plus you knew she is allies with Aaryn and Kaitlynn and you figured if Judd put them up she would be up as 3rd that week. The fact Kaitlynn was top 3 did surprise me. Figured GM would been up as 4th place to be honest.

      • yeah, I agree with you. I was saying in my comment that CBS did not put up their own choices. The show followed the votes of America. Why would they not? The show wants to please the viewers who watch it.

      • In the same scenario: why would “America’s favorite” be nominated even if she was the third choice it still makes no sense…. As far as your comment that CBS wants to keep the viewers happy I disagree I know of SEVERAL petitions going around to CBS top get Aaryn out because of get racial comments to the other HG’S….

      • The votes for MVP do count. In the week that Elissa was MVP because her fans voted for her, she only got 2nd highest number of votes. The highest votes went to Aaryn. As long as Aaryn is in the game, she will be a prime target as well as those house guests coddling her! That means Amanda, Helen and Judd. I used my votes on Helen and Amanda and I got Amanda on the block as MVP nominee! The fact that Amanda went up as expected tells me majority of viewers voted for her as MVP nominee (1st choice). Next week, I intend to continue targeting Aaryn, Amanda, Helen and Judd depending on who gets evicted this week! I hope it is Amanda. If it is, my votes would be for Aaryn, Helen and Judd and I am sure, atleast, one of them will be on the block for sure!

  2. I two agree with you Connie!! It’s a shame so much production manipulation!!! Too bad Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa or Helen won’t be going home anytime soon!! And I can’t stand floaters!! Judd, Jessie, Andy !!!

    • AAryn & elissa should just work together they’ll both go farther that way..i don’t really think judd is a floater (he did win hoh last week) think he’s just more of a follower andy & Jessie are huge floaters…and btw I wonder are they ever going to find out Jessie told Candice about the deal and not elissa?

      • I thought the same about Elissa & Aaryn teamimg up…That would be good TV plus game play..

      • Honestly, I don’t think Elissa will ever form any kind of alliance with her. I believe Elissa is just using her this week for safety. Watch how fast she goes on the block, if Elissa wins HOH next week.

      • Judd i a total floate,r it was funny to watch him win HOH and get so confused as to what to do with it…

      • Finally someone who agress with me on Aaryn and Jessie.. But Andy though he is close to alot people. He IS in a solid alliance with Judd Mccrae and and Amanda.

    • Don’t be too sure about that! In fact, Helen and Amanda stand a very good chance at being evicted ahead of Aaryn and Elissa. Why? For one thing, they have pissed of house guests who will given the chance vote them off and they have pissed off viewers who will vote against them and put them on the block! Then, they compound their problems by coddling Aaryn and thinking of Final 2? Seriously, who thinks of Final 2 when there are 12 people left in the house? You should be looking to make it Last 4 before you even think about it! Lots of game play left and most especially lots of chances of being backdoored or blindsided the coming next 7 weeks atleast!

    • Judd a floater? Even Andy? Both are in solid alliances. Andy is linked to Helen and and Ellssa for most part, but is actually in a solid alliance. Judd is in an alliance with McCrae, Amanda and Andy

  3. OMG, these people, ALL OF THEM, are going to be in for a rude awakening when they get out.
    Helen is so gullible. She will be looking for a hole to hide into when she hear everthing she missed.

    • I agree with you! When she was being isolated and crying all the darn time, she wanted people to understand and sympathize with her. Now that she has a little power, she has turned into a totally different person.

  4. I watched BBAD last night and felt so bad for Candice. I like Candice, but I don’t know why she would even want to stay in that house. No one likes her. Well, maybe Andy does. Since he goes wherever the power is, he can’t be trusted. I’m trying to figure out if I were in Candice’s situation (which I highly doubt I would ever be), would I want to stay in a place that makes me that miserable? I know I would not want to accept defeat, but I sure wouldn’t waste my time fighting for something that I know I probably won’t get, anyway. I would like to see Candice stand firm in what she believes and do what her head tells her to do. She can deal with the pain of disappointing her heart later. I read on Jokers this morning that Howard has apologized to Candice for everything that he has done. That makes me feel a little better about him. And, Helen will definitely have egg on her face when she finds out the truth about her alliance and the racial issues.

    • I do know that if I was a 20 something year old female and playing a game for $500.000 that I would not let a man that I have only known for a month wreck my chances of possibly winning that money. This has got to be the most gullible group of females on the planet. And they can get 4 votes to evict Amanda.. McCrea will be fine on his own and he won’t blame anybody but Amanda and her bad gameplay..

      • They need to get her out now, if not, she is in finals. I hate the way she plays this game, she is the female version of Jeremy. Bullies and dictates.

      • Not sure I think you are considering a lot of things here Fly… We who sit in front of our computers and tv’s think its soooo easy to go into the game with a strategy, a plan, and method of winning, and if you keep to it, then poof you win…right? But it’s NOWHERE near that easy. You are seperated from your loved ones, your comforts, your lives, your livelihood, your community, your…etc, etc, etc. Essentially you are ‘stranded’ inside a jail with only your fellow house guests for comfort. This is part of the reason hookups happen so easily (especially when you get horny 20 & 30 something year olds with super hot bodies). So why would Candice who is used to a loving & supportive environment blow her game up over Howard? Because she has become emotionally attached to him (as most normal people would be given what he’s done to help her combat the racism she faces)! Now is that ‘smart’ game play? Of course not. But this only goes to prove that Big Brother really messes with your emotions and then edits your responses however they want to portray you. I feel horrible for Candice.

      • I did not say that the HG’s should not make friends or have somebody to share confidences with. Everybody needs at least one ally in the game of BB. It’s when u “attach” urself to that one person in a way that makes u forget why ur in the house. U cannot allow friendships and romances to screw up ur game. I think that even Amanda & McCrea would be fine if one was voted out (pissed for a few hours) that the game would go on.

      • Think you might have missed what I was saying, but no worries. I agree that it seems like such an easy thing to do from our perspective…

      • Matt, I agree with you about Candice and why she attached herself to Howard. Hell, I probably would have done the same thing. But, I would not have gone up to that HOH room on Howard’s behalf… way, never, can’t see that ever happening, just not going to do that, really….you want me to do what…..hahahaha, I don’t think so.

      • Like I said, that decision is far easier to make in our position than it is once you’re inside the house and the psych experiment has begun…

      • Matt I agree with your analysis and feel horrible for Candace as well. It’s sad because I think she is a smart girl. If I remember correctly she is the one who figured out the all male alliance along with other things. I know she has to be hurting to know that the people who she felt the closest to at one time have flipped to the other side. It is easier for us who see everything to know what we would do, but being in that house has to be torture and why I know I could never handle it.

      • We are definitely on the same page with Candice Jacee. I wish there was a way to make her the HoH! ;)

      • Good analysis Matt.
        Toronto ha. Lived 4 years in Whitby in mid 90s. Worked for EDS/GM at Oshawa plant.

      • If you work long enough in a large enough office, it is probably pretty similar to Big Brother where you have people deliberately lying, cheating, subverting others to get ahead. Imagine the stakes are lower including a tiny raise, a small promotion yet, you have people doing everything under the sun to destroy others just for the heck of it!
        You are also locked up in the same office with the same group of people for atleast, 8 hours each day! So, in a sense, we have played a form of Big Brother in more ways than one! Only difference is most of us will use common sense in making decisions that will impact us—-these house guests use emotions pretty much which is why the wrong people get evicted! Even common sense is hardly common anymore in the Big Brother House!

      • I was in a situation like the one that you described. I was the new kid on the block, as well, I had to put my morals aside (don’t do much gossiping and if you tell me something in confidence, I will do everything that I can to keep it confidential). In order to stay in the loop, I had to join the “in crowd” (a bunch of gossiping and catty women). I knew that I was not going to survive if I didn’t. I played their game (without kissing any butt) until I was able to find a new job (1 year later). I must admit it was a very stressful situation, but since I wanted to know who got a raise, who was getting fired, whose head was on the chopping block…….I did what I had to do.

      • Well, me, I played a version of Big Brother being the jovial and friendly guy that I am. That said, I compiled evidence against those targeting me and add some nice touches about the bad things they were saying about management. LOL. One guy was lying about so many things to get promoted. I talked to management and exposed this guy’s incompetence and his deliberate ploys to destroy others. He never got promoted ever! And he still cannot figure out why! His big mistake was targeting me when I was minding my own business. I do not turn the other cheek but, get even! Lesson of the day, be careful who you screw over because they might just be a tad smarter than you and you will lose in the end!

      • Well, since I was the new kid, my goal was to survive. One of the catty women was the type that would stab you in the back and then ask you if you were okay. Unfortunately, she was the person who was closes to the boss (by the way, I didn’t like the boss, either). Since I was an exceptional worker (tooting my own horn), I knew that I couldn’t be touched…..may be setup, though (lol). I wasn’t interested in working in an environment like that and was glad when something else came my way.

      • Its because the “gullible” females you speak of, have never watched Big Brother. Candice, Kaitlin and GM all have stated that they weren’t fans of the show and they didn’t apply to be on the show, someone approached them.

      • Showmance is not a good idea when playing this game, according to my fav. player Dan Gheesling. A lot of these players should have read his book before entering the house…esp..Howard OMG!

    • I felt bad for her at first too. Then I realized her antics were just annoying. She pouting because she thinks she is going up on the block. When Amanda asked Candice if not her on the block then who else should go up she had no answer. I hate to say it but I even think she brought the race thing into it saying that because Aaryn is racist it makes it worse for her to put Candice and Howard on the block. When Amanda told her Candice is a vote to keep Howard and that’s why she is on the block again, no answer.

      I will say it again. A lot of people dislike Elissa because of how she behaved when she was put up 3 times. But look at how the rest of these people act when they go up. Candice had a temper tantrum and she’s not even on the block yet.

      • Prince, I think Candice’s emotions are much deeper than you think. I am sure Candice feels alone in that house and when she found out that Howard wasn’t on her side, it got to her. From what I can tell, Candice is use to having friends that she trusts and can rely on. Candice is hurt that her friends (Elissa and Helen) decided to go to the other side. Then she has all that racial stuff going on, as well.

      • So true… sadly it’s people with pure hearts that often have it hurt and manipulated the easiest.

      • That is why I would like to see her make a comeback. She is a smart girl and has figured out a lot of stuff. If she starts playing really hard she may be able to pull it off.

      • Yes, I’m hoping a good couple days of crying will get this out of her system and she’ll come back to play hard. If not, then hey, at least she showed you CAN play this game and still keep your true self without being a manipulator or villain.

    • Considering that $500,000 is at stake and a number of non-deserving house guests floating in this game and getting free passes—-if I were in Candice’s shoes, I would stir the pot and let them fight amongst themselves. Obviously, she has not watched Big Brother at all! Has she not seen Dan Gheesling, Dr. Will Kirby (best one in my book), Mike Boogie, Janelle (on the women side) manipulate, lie in this game? It takes a little bit of effort. If you do not atleast, try something including form alliances—-you are not going to get anywhere! And the alliance with Judd, Howard, Spencer, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn has to be the dumbest one of all! Seriously, these guys are in the minority and they did not even try to save Kaitlyn instead voted her off themselves! Dumb, absolutely dumb!

      • Candice needs to win HOH and be smart about her nominations. Don’t believe all the BS that Amanda and Helen were telling her last night. They’re just covering their own asses in case Candice wins. She needs to put up Elissa and Helen and hopefully America gets the MVP and puts up Amanda. Now that would be funny. All the power girls on the block together.

      • 3 of them lined up would look like they’re ready for execution by firing squad.

      • Hey Cyril, no I am still every bit as confused as you. I think this may be the first season ever I may never pick one unless things drastically change. lol

      • I’m waiting for a hero to emerge in this group. Otherwise, I might just keep posting crazy stuff

      • Whether we get a hero or not please keep posting crazy stuff Cyril. You are making my season more enjoyable.. :)

      • Hey hey, why not Candice for hero? She’s not an evil mastermind, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a ”Jordan” style winner once again (only this time a lot more intelligent, and a lot more deserving)?

      • I know, Imagine if she was handled by Dan G as her guide, she would have kicked ass. Instead she has Howard that has no plan A,B, and C in placed after MC was dismantled. He’s not cut out for this disappointing.

      • I like that idea. I believe Candace is a smart girl who lost her way because of Howard. I agree she needs to not believe either Helen or Amanda. She knows Helen turned her back on her and went with Aaryn. I don’t believe she has any love for Amanda at all. Let’s hope this happens.

      • I would have stirred the pot, as well. BB is not a game for people who have hearts. BB is for people who let their brains overrule their hearts. If you have nothing to lose, why not be a loose cannon. By now, Howard/Candice should have gone to Helen and told her that someone (never reveal your sources…….especially when they don’t exist) told him/her that Amanda said she (Helen) was her next target. I would have gotten all in Helen’s head, stroked her ego (would have said that she is an exception player), and I would have asked her not to say anything (gossip sure does travel fast).

  5. Now I am confused..Helen is not included in any Final 4 deal with Andy, is that right? So, basically he is just using her too? Andy is the snake in the house..follows the power, gets in buddy buddy with everyone..tells the other side what he hears.(Shelly Moore!) He is in Final 4 with McCranda, and Judd? I am so confused with these alliances.

    • Andy may be in a final four with them, but I highly doubt if they are in a final four with him. Judd and Andy must realize that Amanda and McCrea are in a final two together and that is the only alliance that really matters.

      • I’m not even sure if that F4 is solid. There’s a soft alliance talked between Helen/Andy/Judd/Jessie yesterday. So, who knows what’s going to happen. Everybody is aware though that Amanda has to be taken out at some point because she can win this game. Helen is the most vocal about this. It’s just a matter of, who’s gonna fire the first shot. My question is who is Andy, the dog sniffer loyal to?..and the undecisive Judd?

      • None of these alliances are worth anything! Only thing that seems solid is Helen, Amanda and Judd all want Aaryn for Final 2 this early in the game! They do not even consider the fact that they may not even make it to Final 2. There are still 12 people in the house. LOL
        Delusional pretty much describes it!

      • Cyril that’s why I like you so much. You entertain us. I am wondering the same thing about the “dog sniffer” (love it) and do you think we will ever know what Judd is thinking? The two biggest questions of this season.

      • Thanks Jacee, That’s nice of you to say. I would say, Andy getting busted and seeing him on the block would be a must see episode. I don’t think anybody in the house knows what Judd is thinking..and talking which is good.

    • The two alliances are Goof Troup ( a final four deal with McCranda, Judd and Andy) and the KnockOuts (Goof Troup + Elissa and Helen). But the KnockOuts have no clue about the Goof Troup.

      • I really wish Amanda would go this week, but, I don’t think she will. Helen is so gullible and naive. I think when she finds out that Andy does not have her back regardless..she will be very upset. I really thought those two had a final 2 deal. Really want McCranda to go.

      • Can you picture Helen when and if she finds out about Andy? She went on and on about Spencer and Howard. I can’t imagine her reaction to Andy. Well, that’s not really true I can and it won’t be pretty I promise you that.

  6. So after telling about the deal Helen made with Aaryn Jessie now tells Spencer about the plan to get him out?

    Helen is turning out to be very naive. She blamed Elissa for telling about the plan she had with Aaryn and it was Jessie. She fell for the Judd lie that Kaitlyn was after her and moved to evict Kaitlyn instead of Aaryn. And now she is trying to make a deal to work with Aaryn? Dumb move Helen. If Aaryn is as close to Amanda as she implied to Candice, she is going to let Amanda know about Helen’s offer. If Amanda stays this week, Helen will be going home and I for one won’t miss her.

  7. This season is so boring I keep waiting and waiting for someone to do some power move and they don’t know how. They are all one big happy family totally targeting the wrong people in the house! A huge amount of floaters, two people thinking they are in control (they are) I could not be in this house letting these people control me. I keep hearing them say “she/he’s messing up my game” I would not get people out to help someone else’s game! Put me in the house these people are idiots! We need some shaking up in there!

    • i totally agree.people are followers and not playing their own game.they need to think for themselves

      • Exactly! It’s too boring for me and if there is no major game moves soon I will not be around to watch the jury lol they need to target the string players who clearly are not Howard and Candice!? Come on break up McC and Amanda one of the strongest manipulators while u have the chance ! Make us viewers want to watch.

    • The biggest problem IMO is no one wants to waste their HoH on the floaters. No one wants to waste their valuable HoH on Jessie, Andy or even Candice.

      Floaters are also important at this point of the game for numbers. Keep them safe and happy until Jury and then send them out the door with an apology. This is all about stacking the Jury. The “power players” know this and their actions reflect it.

      I’d love for America to put up a floater instead of some one playing the game. They aren’t adding much to the game. Except constantly leaking information to the wrong people.

      No one wants visible blood on their hands at this point of the game. Helen has blood on her hands but it was “what the house wanted”. It’s a good strategy. “Everyone wanted him gone. I did the work of the people” and she doesn’t seem like mastermind behind it.

      People will be so upset when Helen finally sacrifices one of her flock. I don’t anticipate any big moves until Jury. Unless the house flips on Amanda. But Helen and the rest of her flock know ousting Amanda will put hellfire in to McCrae. McCrae could easily get floaters to rise up against Helen.(all it takes is a light breeze for the floaters to switch allegiance. Big move too soon will ruin Jury votes.

  8. Amanda this week, Aaryn next week, McCrae the following.

    Andy and Jessie are floaters – they flock to the power!

    Both Howard and Candice need to step it up if they stay.

    • Well, the producers could always give Candice or Howard one of those “cheat d etat” and make it have special power… save yourself and one other person.

      • I could see BB pulling out a BBMVV or something. Most Valuable Veto.

        “Ok America! You get to choose who gets the MVV”. Probably will only come around if a favored/popular HG is in danger of going home.

  9. I love how these dolts consider the “biggest targets” the ones who have not won any comps and have zero social game.
    Meanwhile 2 people are obviously pulling all the strings and one of them is on the block, yet no one considers them a threat.
    These HG’s are the worst lot yet.

  10. Aaryn winning the HOH this week was the worst thing that could have happened for the show.
    It’s lost all momentum now because the noms and evictees have been uber predictable for past several weeks.
    They need to shake up this house! Producers throw in a double elimination or have the MVP perform the re-nom this week! This season is getting stale. The producers need to make a big move because obviously these snoozer contestants won’t.

    • This season is stale because they cast one person who has a former winner as a sibling. If Elissa wasn’t in the house the MVP would be more exciting and create more chaos.

      • Elissa’s casting certainly didn’t help, but it’s not the only reason. Even with the MVP the votes have still been pretty one-sided. Once the numbers dwindle the MVP can be more effective, but right now all the sheep are following the herd which equals boring TV.

    • The viewing being the MVP is the best thing the producers have done. Elissa being MVP was ruined because she blabbed about it and told everyone! Now, everyone is paranoid because they do not know who is the MVP. All the viewing public needs to do is put up 3 house guests you do not like every week! Sure, at times, the house guests will not evict them but, at some point—-someone is going to make a move! They will be dumb not to! If they do not then, they could wind up on the block and be evicted! Our job is to continue to torment the house guests by nominating 3 people each week that we do not like! That way, if one is already nominated—-we end up putting two people on the block (one chosen by the HOH which is our first choice) and our 2nd choice atleast, if both are already on the block, we actually end up putting our 3 hated house guests on the chopping block! Two from the HOH (our 1st and 2nd choices) plus our 3rd choice which becomes the MVP! We will have the power then because we have effectively nominated 3 disliked house guests on the chopping block. Then, let the chips fall where they may!

    • I wish they would bring one of the big power guys back it would make it more interesting then.

  11. Ok now what’s going on with CBS and Aaryn. Now all of a sudden a lightbulb has gone off in her head? I mean when she says anything nasty, there isn’t even a giggle come out of her. Now that the family has a PR, Aaryn looked like a Angel last night on the show. Especially since she kept her deal. I am so ready for her to go home. She should have been sent home second week. Question, on the day of the house meeting and Elissa and Kaitlin were standing by the sink and Aaryn was blow drying her hair ( which I don’t know how you can hear), did Elissa tell Kaitlin about the deal Aaryn had with Elissa and Helen? Because I know Aaryn went to Helen and talked s…. About Elissa. I just don’t know if it was a lie so she could get out of the deal. And what has happened to Helen? Why has she turned on Elissa?

    • Aaryn has lowered her negative comments that last few weeks, but the show is still portraying her as a mean girl. For instance, on last nights show, it showed Aaryn blaming Candice for saying “aksed” instead of “asked” which definitely made her seem racist. Her DR sessions also seems like she thinks she is better than everyone else.

      • Aaryn’s comment in DR that she can flip a switch and than Candice is not in her world anymore, that didn’t make her very lovable.

      • When Candice was in the bathroom talking to Aaryn and Aaryn was taking off her makeup, I told my husband she isn’t even listening to Candice. Then bingo comes the flip a switch comment.

      • Richie, she lowered her negative comments when she was on the block. She is now doing the same old bs.

      • Of course, a leopard does not lose its spots! Who is kidding who? Jeremy and Kaitlyn pretty much brushed off what they said like they did not say anything bad—-no apologies, no nothing! We will be dumb to accept at face value what these racists and bullies do because they have shown no remorse whatsoever! Aaryn is acting so as not to get booted out of the show! She knows she will get her weekly allowance as long as she remains in the Big Brother House and if she floats all the way to Final 2 because Amanda, Helen and Judd are all coddling her—-she is guaranteed another $50,000 at the very least and maybe, even that $500,000 prize.

      • I actually thought she was taking to Gina Marie when she said aksed instead of asked

  12. I hate when people don’t sympathies with other people because it wasnt involving them and since Helen didnt hear the racist stuff Aaryn said about her she don’t think shes a racist I can’t wait until she get out the house and see the footage

  13. OK, now what is going on with Spencer and Judd? Outside this morning they were talking about a big move and that Judd is in..Spencer thanked him over and over..what’s going on..Is Judd going to evict Candace and then start alliance with Spencer? Good Lord, not another alliance, please!

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