‘Big Brother 15’ Veto Ceremony Later Today In Week 2

GinaMarie scares Nick

Later today on Big Brother 15 the Power of Veto Ceremony will be held where this week’s winner of the PoV can decide what to do and set up a new series of events depending on that outcome.

We’ve been watching the Live Feeds and have a pretty good expectation for what’s heading our way. Read on for the spoilers discussion.

Over the weekend, MVP nominee Jeremy secured his safety be winning this week’s Veto. He will of course be using the Veto on himself and forcing a renom. This should be interesting as it’s the first time the MVP will have to replace the original nominee. For those wondering, yes, the MVP replaces his/her own nom while the HoH would replace his/her own noms, depending on how the ceremony went.

This week’s MVP, Elissa, is wavering between two options. She could renom Kaitlin to still go after Jeremy in an indirect manner, or she could renom Nick who she sees as a strong competitor and challenger in the game. Both could be a mistake, but one more so than the other.

What Elissa doesn’t know is Nick’s connection and protection from the Moving Company alliance. Just as Jeremy would be protected by the MC, so would Nick. That’s four votes toward safety out of the six needed to stay in the house this week. Elissa has been deceived by other HGs including Howard who is doing a great job of hiding his MC alliance. She believes they have the support to evict Nick, but they don’t.

Elissa’s other option being considered is to go after Kaitlin. While Kaitlin would likely draw indirect MC support she might be an easier target. It appears Aaryn could be turning on Kaitlin which could help create eviction votes against her from GM and possibly Jessie who would likely do anything to gain favor from Aaryn again.

No matter who is named as the renom I believe Elissa is in real danger this week. Helen, her co-nom, is in really no danger of going anywhere so it’s either Elissa or who she picks as the MVP renom. If she chooses poorly, it’s all over for Rachel’s sister.

What do you think Elissa should do? Does she have a better chance against Nick, Kaitlin, or a different HG? Share your thoughts.


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  1. Hope she chooses Kaitlin. Can Andy or Helen please talk to Elissa about Kaitlin…

  2. Don’t think it will matter, she is going home if the others are smart. Plus it would be nice to see new MVP and off it could be used to stir up the house like it’s meant to be used.

    • I agree. The only problem is that if one of the MC get it then they will tell each other. And if they don’t get it then it narrows the field for them as to who did. I wish all of them would keep it secret. That would make for more backdoors and hinky votes. Much more interesting than having both sides being able to figure out who will be nom’d (within one or two people). It would enable someone to jump ship with their alliance without being detected.

  3. she should choose nick to seal her fate & send her home to her husband and children

  4. Elissa should choose Gina Marie. She is one of the most racist in the Big Brother House and Candace and Howard might be persuaded to vote for her instead. Add to the mix, Amanda, McCrae, Judd, etc. could decide Gina Marie is more trouble and they do not want to associate with her. They know by now that Elissa has the viewing public’s sympathies and they would incur the ire of the viewing public if the evict Elissa. Gina Marie on the other hand being the racist she is, is very much expendable. The Moving Company could decide outside of Nick, Jeremy that Gina Marie is a safe eviction for them and they could care less if it happens! Only 6 votes are needed this week so, I feel it is the best chance of Elissa to survive yet, another week. If Elissa gets evicted this week, I will vote for MVP whoever are the enemies of the racist group. At some point, their luck will run out on them and the sooner the better!

    • You may want Gina Marie out, but even if she went up no way it happens. GM is too much of a non threat, and too easy to control. And while Aaryn has made her comments in front of EVERYONE, I don’t think Howard or Candice have heard any of GM’s racist remarks.

      As for the “ire” of the public. Those that love Elissa will still hate multiple people (the racists, Jeremy) more than anyone else who votes her out. The pro Rachel crowd might give Helen MVP, but thats about the extent of the revenge. And Helen would probably put up Amanda with MVP both because she doesn’t like her, and because it will help her disguise that she got it.

  5. I don’t care what happens. These horrible people aren’t worth bothering about.

    • If they bring Elissa back if she gets voted off then this whole show is fixed… I have watched since the first season and most years have had the live feeds too. If this does happen then I will not watch the show ever again.

      • There’s probably at least an even money chance she gets a chance to come back.

        The show is not completely “fixed”, but it has never been balanced. If you’ve watched since S1 you should know that.

        In Jordan’s season, Jeff got an “america’s vote” coup d’etat he did zero to earn, and trust me, production knew who would win it. Completely shifted that year.

        In Rachel’s winning season, they set up the twist to guarantee returning houseguests would make jury, and when Dick left unexpectedly, they made the second HoH just about the only game Jordan had ever one, and let the outgoing HoH (Rachel) pick the order of players (which afaik is the only time that has happened and is a big advantage). Then you have an America’s vote to bring a houseguest back in, and production plays DR mind games. Then when Rachel and Jordan looked doomed in final 6, you get a pandora’s box twist that can save them both for the week.

        Show has never been fully rigged, but they care more about ratings than fairness. So if you’re popular, you get the breaks.

  6. The only thing that’s going to happen is whatever CBS and the BB producers want to happen. They control and manipulate the game in the diary room that’s why we aren’t allowed to see or hear most of what goes on in there. I don’t know how many more terrible cast I can stand. I haven’t watched a full episode yet but I do read a couple of the update sites.

  7. She could try to go to Jeremy and strong arm him. Bluff. Say she figured out that he’s in an alliance with Nick and if he comes down he’s going up. In that scenario, Jeremy would have the votes to stay and Elissa would go.

    Or if not Nick, Kaitlin, his girl. He might try to protect her.

    Or maybe try to break apart the MC. Tell Jeremy that Nick is planning on betraying him. There are many different angles that Elissa could play to save herself. If she breaks up the MC then Nick could become a casualty. Elissa has an opportunity here.

    • Elissa is an idiot and doesn’t even know the MC exists.

      She certainly won’t be coming up with a plan to break them up. Plus she already thinks she has the votes to get Nick

      • All I am saying, is she has the opportunity. She isn’t as dumb as people thinks she is. She could lie and tell Jeremy that she got it figured out

  8. The only thing to do is to remove Aaryn’s HOH for cheating in the HOH competition, instead of giving a one minute delay, obviously she was doing so well one minute never hurt her. In Canada’s BB when someone cheated the HOH was taken away from that person, allowing her to remain HOH and sending Americas choice as the MPV is a travesty.

  9. I think whoever Elissa picks, she is gone this week unless someone in the MC turns against their own alliance. The only person I can think of is McCrae who is influenced heavily by Amanda. I still think Elissa does not have a chance if everything goes as planned.

  10. I think she should nominate Kaitlin and then work hard to get the votes to get Kaitlin out. Of course we also see everything from the outside, not from their point of view and she has no idea Nick is really working with all the guys. If she puts up Nick she will for sure go home. If she puts up Kaitlin, she has a chance of staying. I don’t believe she should put up Amanda because Amanda is more on her side than Kaitlin will ever be! So she would be in a sense getting rid of her own. As for the comments that she doesn’t deserve the MVP, the reason (IMO) she is getting it isn’t ONLY because of her sister, but because everyone hates all the other HG so much. Elissa is an all around good person, she isn’t being mean or bashing other HG and is one of the few not throwing out racist comments. She has handled the mean girls and Jeremy very classy. America I think feels sorry for her. I also agree with Ashley above who said Jessie, although Jessie hasn’t even been talked about for some reason. Jessie is annoying the crap out of Nick and several others and could probably be just as easy to get rid of as Kaitlin. Sadly it looks like she will be putting up Nick and that will be her demise! :(

    • She could fracture the Moving Company if she tried. Tell Jeremy that Nick confided in her that he’s planning to ditch the MC this coming week and team with the Mean Girls alliance and get Jeremy out. Jeremy goes down, Nick goes up, Nick goes home because Jeremy is too dumb to not fall for Elissa’s lie. Then the Moving Company is weakened and tears itself apart.

      • Yeah but then you are assuming she knows about the MC (which she doesn’t) and I think the house overall doesn’t trust Elissa because she has told too many petty little lies, and Jeremy trusts her the least, so not sure she would buy it, he would see through her and I think he has full trust in the MC. He knew they would all be voting out David, but he chose to go against them. I’m still surprised that the MC isn’t upset about it!

      • Easy. you pretend you know something. It’s happened throughout history. If she just tells Jeremy, “i figured out your alliance.” “Nick told me about your alliance.” Jeremy was already paranoid when he was barking at the MC members to reveal their side alliances

  11. If the MC were smart (and i’m beginning to question it), they would arrange the votes as 5 for Elissa, 5 for whoever she puts up and 1 for Helen. This would force Aaryn to deliver the final blow and get blood on her hands. They know that whoever evicts the MVP is not going to sit well with America (or most of it anyway). Their plan is to use the girls anyway to further them in the game and they could always cast suspicion on one of the other girls for the vote count. They need to think STRATEGY. I’m not necessarily in their corner but strategy needs to step up to the plate to keep the game from getting boring. And most likely Elissa will reenter the game at a later date anyway. She’s good for ratings whether she plays the game well or not.

    • 1) That’s way too risky, as fringe voters like Candice are unpredictable.

      2) It accomplishes nothing. Aaryn nominated Elissa and has been against her for 2 weeks. She already has blood on her hands. All it would do is make it more obvious there is a secret alliance.

      Their best play is to convince Amanda (through McRae), Andy, and others that Elissa has to go, and try to make it a washout vote. Votes that don’t go as expected are conspicuous. Easier to hide your alliance in unanimity.

  12. They need to go after all the “potty” mouths..start with Gina Marie..then on to the biggest the blond HOH with the dumb name..what’s her face?

  13. If Aaryn cheated for HOH, she should be kicked out not any of the 3 Noms!

  14. It’s a really disapointing season so far. I don’t feel like I connect to anyone in the house, and don’t feel compelled to root for anyone. These people are too young and there’s no real age diversity. They are just wanna-be reality stars. I feel like I am watching The Real World instead of BB. Shame on the casting crew for this bunch of misfits. I think they alienated a bunch of true fans with this cast.

    • I think its been a pretty good season early on, in spite of the racists and a twist made dumb by Elissa’s presence. Good alliances, most people scheming. Seems the only ones with NO IDEA how to play are GM, David (evicted), Elissa (about to be evicted), and Kaitlyn, and thats a smaller ratio than normal.

      As for no age diversity, the show always skews young and beautiful. They have 3 thirtysomethings, and that is pretty typical.

  15. It looks like Elissa is going home. But if the trend continues, then I don’t see any of the MC members getting the MVP. At least not anytime soon. Eventually, they have to wonder, why in the hell America hates us. Honestly, I wanna see MC crumble and see who’s the best gamer.

    • MC is unlikely to ever get it just because as a big hidden alliance, it would feel unfair to hand them another advantage. They are a couple weeks from being able to 100% guarantee who goes home if they have MVP.

      Helen will probably get it thanks to Elissa next week. How long she keeps it will depend on how well she hides it. If MC knows she has it, she’ll be gone soon too. After that, who knows who will get it?

      • No matter what she is still on the pecking order according to Jeremy. Because she’s smart. If any HG from MC wins HOH, Jeremy will push for her nomination. It would be nice if Helen wins MVP/HOH and couple of MC jumps to the other side. Dividing MC alliance should be one of the goal. Somebody has to corrupt MC.

  16. I don’t think she can put up anyone and be safe. Amanda is a maybe depending on whether moving company could sell people like Andy and Judd on it. But no one is even pitching that to the great clueless one and she is not enough of a game player to even think its an option.

    Candice is pretty hated, but the ones who hate her most hate Elissa more.

    Kaitlyn isn’t liked, but she is useless and MC would not waste an eviction on her, plus they want the two sides fighting and that means both sides need some victories.

    Jessie isn’t liked, but again zero threat.

    It probably seems like she can get Nick out, but she would either need Amanda to turn McRae away from MC (no way), or get GM or Kaitlyn to evict him (not happening), and that’s assuming every else lines up against Nick.

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