Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The latest Big Brother 15 Power of Veto ceremony has been held and the results are in on the Live Feeds. With three nominations this season there are even more combinations of what could go down during this ceremony Read on to find out if the Veto was used and who are the latest nominations.

No surprise here. Jeremy was on the block and had the Veto in his hands. Of course he’s going to use it to save himself. The real mystery was who would Elissa name as the replacement MVP nom with her original target moving to the safe zone.

Nick Uhas nominated

Elissa secretly named Nick as the MVP renom for Thursday’s eviction. Either Nick, Elissa, or Helen will be voted out next. Might as well take Helen off that list because there’s not a chance she’ll be going anywhere this week. Then again, the next eviction is still a few days out and anything can happen on the Feeds so keep watching with us.

I think this was a really bad choice and one she should not have made. Her alternative option was Kaitlin and would have been much easier to secure over Nick. With his connections in the Moving Company I wouldn’t expect him to go anywhere this week.

Later this week we’ll see who heads out the door when this week’s live eviction moves to Thursday night instead of Wednesday.

Jump on your Live Feeds now to watch the house react. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Get your Free Trial right now and see what other fans are watching right now.


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  1. That was a dumb move on her part. Sure she doesn’t know about the Moving Company but Katlin would have been a better target. She’s going home this week unless she throws Helen under the bus but we know she wont do that. Nice knowing ya Elissa. See you in a few once production lets you back in…

    • Since Helen claims to like Elissa so much she should have let her in on her and Candices thoughts????

    • She is dumb, but I can’t fault her for the move. She can only go on the information that she is given and based on what she’s being told Nick looks like an easier out.

      • She made the decision to nominate Nick because he wouldn’t promise to vote Kaitlin out if she put Kaitlin up. Really bad decision.

  2. That was a crazy move on her part. (Elissa) She signed her own eviction notice. I was hoping Any would talk to her about Aaryn’s wanting Kaitlyn gone from the BB house.

  3. Uh oh she chose Nickels to go up. Could still go Elissa’s way but I think she’s toast. I voted for Nick to get MVP last time, but I think I’ll switch to the underdogs.

    • Nick has been running shit so you never know the MA might take this opportunity to back door him.He’s definitely a strong player.

      • We’ve got 3 days. Anything can happen. So many times a person thinks they are safe and turns out they’re not. I’d much rather see Jeremy go before anyone else, but he is part of both the smaller alliance as well as Moving Co.

    • Do you think since they didn’t show the comments made by Arryn and the HOH competition scandal, it would give CBS a reason to throw this eviction away, say locked door. Even if it is Nick?

      • Many of the HGs already believe Elissa has an unfair advantage. If Elissa stays because of intervention it is only going to add fuel to that fire, making things worse not better. If production wants they can send her to sequester and hope America votes her back in.

      • That was done in BB Canada, but with the HG’s so vocal about how MVP was specifically design for Elissa, I don’t think it’s gonna happen….but then again, “expect the unexpected”

  4. Damn, I like Elissa too. This is the nail in her coffin. Dumb move. I hope she somehow pulls a miracle, but doubtful.

  5. Oi, I can only imagine what production is thinking now. Something tells me this was the last thing they wanted to happen.

    I was all for Elissa staying in the house, but now I’m torn. I want Elissa to stay in order to screw over Aaryn and Jeremy and watch them implode, but on the other hand, I don’t want to lose Nick – he’s hilarious! I love watching him.

  6. Bye Elissa! Bad move on your part but.. :(
    Lets just all pray that Candice figures out the moving company and rallies up the house to get Nick out (even tho I like Nick)

    • Candice rally the house? Nobody really likes her, and the only person who listens to her at all (Helen) is on the block.

  7. I don’t think it really mattered who she put up. She doesn’t stand a chance. Her only chance is if this ends up being a “no eviction” week or she miraculosly finds a coup’d tat under her bed. But i seriously doubt this is the last we’ve seen of her. She was their ace-in-the-hole to draw in viewers. And even more so now that she is Aaryns biggest nemesis.
    Did anyone see Julie Chen on The Talk today? She addressed the racism in the house. She said she was stunned when she first heard about Aaryns comments because it hit her personally.

    • With Aaryn suddenly turning on Kaitlin, I think she could have supported GM & Jessie voting against K. Would have been close.

      I’m hoping to write up the JC commentary on The Talk once I get through transcribing Brah’s interview.

  8. Elissa’s best strategy now would be to talk to Jeremy privately. Start the waterworks and tell him that she didn’t want to live in Rachel’s shadow. Tell him that Nick told her in secret that he (Nick) is planning a massive betrayal of his alliance. Tell him that Nick outed the alliance. You lie like you’ve never lied before. Lie, Lie, Lie. Lie your backside off. If Jeremy is smart he’d listen. I don’t even care that much about Elissa in the game. If she was just “Elissa Slater, nondescript Big Brother player.” people wouldn’t care about her.

    She can get through this if she plays it right.

    • She is not that smart…she is not Rachel.. Rachel could see through people and figure out their plans and stragities Elissa cannot… These people should realize that Elissa is a very weak player and stop using Rachel as a means as to why they hate her..

      • Ok, what kind of revisionist history is that? Rachel never saw through anyone. She relied on competition wins and BB twists to get anywhere.

      • Its not that Rachel saw threw people she just wasn’t weak like Elissa. Elissa is wayyyy too nice and I think its because of her sister. She’d play a harder game if it wasn’t for Rachel being agressive in her seasons. Thats my take.

    • How can Elissa pretend she knows about the alliance when she doesn’t know about the alliance? You are using circular logic.

      Even if she did know, she’d get nowhere with Jeremy. If you want to fantasize about how she’d stay safe, it would involve telling Kaitlyn and Aaryn that Nick told her he voted David out and she thinks he’s playing both sides, and then get Amanda to try and convince McRae to vote Nick out, while Helen works on the rest. That’s about her only shot. And since McRae hasn’t told Amanda about the MC, I don’t see any way it works.

      • I don’t care if Elissa stays or goes. I am saying there are avenues she can use to stay safe. I honestly don’t care if she gets voted out unanimously Thursday or stays. She’s just not “for sure, absolutely, dead in the water.”

        that’s all.

  9. I am SO happy Julie addressed this issue on The Talk, and I am glad to see she hopes Aaryn faces the consequences of her actions. I can’t WAIT to see Aaryn’s eviction interview! I hope the crowd boos her as soon as she steps outside and then Julie asks her: “Are you sure you want to sit here, considering I’m a squinty eyed Asian” and “I’m not going to make you any rice, if that’s what you’re thinking!”

    Aaryn won’t even be able to get a job at McDonalds after this! No company would jeopardize their own public image by hiring her. Except maybe a porn studio.

    Entertainment Tonight / Entertainment Tonight Canada are also going to be airing Aaryn/GM’s racist footage tonight!! Millions and millions of people will witness it!

    • I am anxious also to see if and when Aaryn gets evicted what Julie will say to her.

      • They’ll probably save that for the longer next day interviews. Unless it keeps up and CBS keeps showing it, it would be tough to fit in to an eviction episode.

    • BB infamy has a short shelf life. She will have a rough time when she gets out, probably try some damage control, and then disappear from public consciousness. In a year or two when she’s done school employers won’t be worried about a PR disaster.

      Of course if a prospective employer checks the tape, they might be just as concerned about a college student who can’t multiply 9 by 3 as by anything else.

  10. I bet deep down inside Elissa is ready to get out of the constant negativity thrown in her direction. Everyone is realizing if they become associated with her they end up with a huge target on their back as well. Putting up Nick was a bad move though. He will get a bunch of votes to keep him and Elissa will walk out the door.

    Oh well, time to move on. I just hope Helen or Candice can get HOH this week and do some housecleaning in the process.

  11. can anyone explain why CBS or BB couldnt call those racist pigs in diary room and tell them you are gone from the show!!!! I think they would get more people liking CBS more if they did that!!!!!

  12. Could the racist montage be a setup for production to intervene on this weeks evection? I could see them (in an effort to keep Elissa) setting aside the typical elimination, play the montage for the rest of the house guests, and have production put Aaryn, GM, and Spencer on the block. The rational would be to let an informed house decide what should happen to these people (and save Elissa at the same time).

  13. Okay, I like Elissa as a person. I think she’s caring and funny. But i’m getting really annoyed at viewers worshiping her every move, because, quite frankly, she’s not that good of a player. The only reason why she has power is because America is voting her MVP every week. She hasn’t won any competitions and it was stupid of her to put up Nick. She’s basically causing her own eviction unless somehow things change by Thursday. She’s a great person, but not that great of a player.

    • The legions of viewers worshiping Elissa Slater do so because she shares Deoxyribonucleic acid with Rachel Reilly. That’s the only reason.

    • I cannot agree with you more! Elissa is in the house mainly because of Rachel being on a campaign to keep her. Elissa has been disappointing and her decision to vote Nick will oust her. If she leaves, she will go down in history as being one of the worst players as she piggybacked on Rachel and America’s vote.
      I think her leaving will make the game more interesting as she bring too much negative energy in the house. MVP becomes anybody’s award and not just Elissa’s if she leaves.

  14. I would have liked to have seen Jeremy so sure of himself and give up the POV to Kaitlyn. Perfect chance of a back door by the MC on Jeremy

    • Which they would have passed up and evicted Elissa anyway, and the only thing gained would be that the alliance became more obvious.

      • Not sure I agree with you. Some of the MC have already had enough of Jeremy’s arrogance as well as several other HG’s. Amanda already tried to tell him he does not have the numbers he thinks he has. So I think he easily could have been back doored.

      • Amanda does not know about the Moving Company.

        Jeremy may grate on people, but he has still done what the MC wanted, and the whole point of the secret alliance is being able to control the votes. As long as Jeremy doesn’t break faith with them, they would not turn on him so soon.

        I think he is likely to be the first one they cast aside given the opportunity, but that won’t happen until the alliance is outed or jury, whichever comes sooner.

      • I know Amanda does not know about the MC. She was trying to count votes as individuals not as alliances for Jeremy’s support. Moot point now, as Jeremy did not use the POV to save Kaitlyn.

      • That’s just it. Her counting of votes is irrelevant, because she does not honestly know how McRae, Howard, Spencer, or Nick will vote. She thinks she does, but is wrong.

  15. Love it…Elissa going home (or maybe sequester if CBS has anything to do with it) and another blind side. Can’t wait to see the look on Andy’s face. Can’t stand him.

  16. I find it disgusting that cbs is letting this continue, as most of their viewers are against this and most consider this enough CBS needs to step in and tell them enough with that As I know a few people that have now stopped watching because of this! So I imagine quite a few have stopped nationwide, Our kids can watch this show and see that racist language going around and how do we explain that to them. CBS needs to do the right thing here and put a stop to them or remove them from the house pure and simple!

    • I think its pretty ridiculous to expect CBS to somehow stop the show because of a few remarks by 3 houseguests.

      As for your kids watching the show, so far the only comments to make the show were one segment CBS pretty much had to air because the rest made the news. And it didn’t include any massive racial slurs, just one reference to skin color, one to different eyes, and a whole bunch of bad accent imitation. Inappropriate, but not a clan rally. If your kids are watching prime time tv there are far worse things to protect them from than that.

      To see the worst, they’d have to watch the feeds. And if your kids watch BB live feeds there hasn’t been a season that would leave you without some explaining to do.

      Let the show run, let the people face the consequences when they get out.

  17. I like Ellisa for the sole purpose of pissing off Aaryn and Jeremy…otherwise she is one of the most boring, uninteresting people I can recall in BB history.

    She had my support for staying…until now. Nominating Nick was just such a dumb move that she literally deserves to go home this week.

    I’m sure someone else will step up to the plate in the anti Jeremy/Aaryn crusade for me to cheer for.

    • More than half the house is anti-Aaryn. Elissa was never really needed for that. Week 1 was fun because it was evicting Aaryn’s showmance.

      But Elissa is making the show worse and needs to go.

  18. Hate to say it, but Elissa deserves to go home this week. Her renom is a big waste; she knew she didn’t have the votes… or should have, anyway.

  19. nice. house begins turning on Kaitlyn, so you should probably put up Nick, who everyone seems to gel with. Good one Elissa. Why does this girl keep getting MVP again? isnt it a reward based on good gameplay?

    • Nope, America vote for different reasons. American Idol is a good example.

    • I voted for Elissa because the racists in the BB house aside from their racist remarks were bullying her! It is more a sympathy vote than anything else! And if the racists succeed in getting her out this week—-I will vote for the next HOH who happens to be an enemy of the racists! That way, the racists can be sent home packing. It is an injustice for the racists to be in the BB house while, Elissa gets evicted! She deserves to stay longer than the racists and bullies (Jeremy and Spencer) who will probably end up staying longer. No matter, the viewing public will exact their revenge soon enough!

  20. I think Elissa is too dangerous to be kept around, she exposes your alliances because she keeps winning MVP’s. People will know who is a co-conspirator due to the nominations and the assumption that Elissa wins MVP. She needs to go.

  21. I agree with all the comments that states Elissa made a big mistake nominating Nick. However, Howard and Helen told her to nominate Nick. Those are the people that she trusts the most and she let them talk her into nominating Nick. Bad choice…. Kaitlin would have been a better choice.

  22. Bye Bye Elissa, you just sealed your own fate *applause* Unless they can find out about the Moving Company AND then convince everyone else to start taking them down one by one, but that seems incredibly unlikely right now. I personally don’t want to see her come back to the house, I’ve had enough of this Elissa drama.

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