Big Brother 15: Veto Ceremony Coming To Finalize Week 10 Noms

McCrae on Big Brother 15

Today in the Big Brother house the HGs will gather for the Veto Ceremony and from what we’ve watched on the Live Feeds it’s safe to say what’s set to happen. Read on for the spoilerish discussion and learn who will be the final nominations for the upcoming first round in the Double Eviction on Thursday.

McCranda found themselves blindsided at the Nominations Ceremony, but they didn’t let that slow them down. McCrae went on to win the Veto and it was a good thing for his game as he was definitely the real target.

Despite the Exterminators attempts and wishes, McCrae will be using the Veto on himself and not Amanda. When he comes down from the block GinaMarie will have to name a replacement.

McCranda pushed for Elissa or Judd to be the renom and GM acted as though she was considering that option, but that was never an option for her. Since McCrae won the Veto the Exterminators agreed it had to be either Spencer or Andy going up on the block. They could still control the votes with two Exterminators voting and GM breaking the tie. This would also help to hide their alliance from the three HGs not included.

Spencer offered himself up as the pawn after Andy whined to them that he didn’t want to go up again. Sure, make the guy that’s already done it five times do it again. Spencer will be safe so he really doesn’t need to worry.

The final nominations for Week 10 will be Amanda and Spencer. On Thursday Amanda will be voted out and that might even include a vote against her from McCrae as he’s told her he’s worried about voting with the house.

What do you think of this renom plan? Is GinaMarie picking the right HG to put up against Amanda or would you have made a different choice?

The Veto Ceremony will be held midday and we’ll post the spoiler results to confirm what we’ve detailed above. With her back against the wall we could be having some great times ahead on the Live Feeds as Amanda counts down to her big night.

Images from last night at 10:25PM BBT as Amanda yelled at GinaMarie over renoms.



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  1. Let’s see if she lays around the jury house as much. Let’s also hope the other jury members do not allow her to control their vote.

    • I think Helen will have more influence on jury votes than Amanda. She will know how to get her points across in a persuasive manner

    • Amanda is not going to control the jury house when everyone including Aaryn are all hostile to her! Jessie, Aaryn and Candice are not going to put up with her crap! They have nothing else to lose!

      • It might even be a bonding moment for Aaryn and Candice. Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.

      • I see BB World War III in the jury house. If Mc goes to f3, you can imagine the torture that the jury members will go through with her campaigning. Watch out, Candice, Jessie, Helen and Aaryn, the dragon is on her way!

      • ITA – wish they’d show the action from the jury house instead of the same old boring fights, fussing and feuding.

      • Yea!! I can’t remember, for all of the seasons of BB, a more slovenly bunch. They are filthy slobs. It reminds me of Planes, Trains and Automobiles when Steve Martin goes to the bathroom and comes out to find John Candy has destroyed the room with all his crap!!!

      • I think on some seasons they were told to clean up the house and am sure they were told this time also. Doesn’t mean they also listen. lol.

    • Why in the world would they listen to Amanda??? SHE IS THE REASON THAT THEY ARE ALL IN THE JURY HOUSE. If they ain’t had time to figure that out by now they dumber than I thought…

    • Amanda may have controlled their vote in the House but the jury is a different story. Truth be known Amanda will cause trouble in less than 2 minutes of entering the Jury House.

  2. Gina Marie should put up Andy to make sure he does not do anything stupid! If Andy is on the block, he cannot create any mischief. That would guarantee Amanda gets voted off for good!

      • Unfortunately ratsnakes can only shead their skin, but they can’t change their habit of being sneaky.

    • I agree but even if its Amanda and Spencer, Judd and Elissa will be unwavering votes to evict Amanda. Then GM can break the tie and send Amanda home. Andy knows this and will not vote to save Amanda because then he would be exposed to his new alliance.

      • I agree; no way are Judd and Elissa flipping. So even if Andy tries to save Amanda, all it’ll do is expose him for good.

    • Good idea, but Andy would be shooting himself in the foot if he turned on the exterminators. GM has the tie-breaker, so Amanda will still go, even if he votes to save her, and then he’ll be the odd man out.

  3. I would not put up spencer, even if he was safe. Guy has shown his loyalty and even volunteers to be on the block. I would of have put up andy just for being a little bitch about it.

    • Spencer deserves the award for most successful pawn ever. I guess these houseguests don’t realize that the pawn always goes home.

  4. Amanda says that she has created this persona for Big Brother however I would like to see how she acts in the jury house…guaranteed she’s still going to bully everyone.

    • She will try. Don’t think those angry women will tolerate it, especially that spitfire Jessie. She communicated quite clearly how she felt about Amanda when she fell off the wall. Of course Amanda pretended she didnt understand why Jessie was so angry. Amanda is not only delusional, she’s narcissistic.

    • That is no act. Amanda has some serious issues. She may have been acting at first when she was tormenting Elissa, but her need to control and the way she thinks everyone else is not as smart as her is all Amanda and no act.

    • Agreed; highly doubt that a 24/7 act is really an act. I’m sure some of what she did was over-the-top even for her, but I’d say the majority of her behavior is 100% her.

      • Amanduhs father said in a TV interview that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
        I guess she takes after her father. They say that is his behavior also.

  5. Its going to be awesome to not have to hear Amanda’s annoying voice.. All she did was make threats, order people around, bully people and fake cry. I don’t believe her actions are from a game playing acting I believe she is mentally disturbed and needs help. I hope she gets help.. This not to be mean I truely believe she needs help..

    • Lets not forget her inability to refrain from talking while eating. Etiquette 101 is a class she could definitely benefit from, amongst other much needed help.

    • Well enjoy Elissa ‘s fake annoying voice how can you not see they her narcissistic condescending behavior

      • How can her voice be fake? She sounds just like her sister. Elissa is not a narcissist. Elissa sees the behavior of the other people in the house and she doesn’t like it. I think she should keep her thoughts about them to herself but her fault is she doesn’t have a filter.

        When you consider that Jeremy took her hat and wiped if between his butt cheeks early in the game, and how these guests have no manners, don’t clean the house, some don’t shower, they fart in front of the other house guests and exhibit all kinds of other disgusting behaviors, do you blame her? After all, she has to live in the same house with them. Frankly, I am shocked that out of 16 house guest only Elissa has an issue with these people.

      • I agree… for the longest time it was only Helen and Elissa doing any housework… with that many people in the house it should be spotless!!!

      • Have you seen the bedroom where Spencer, Amanda and McCrae sleep? They may have to burn it down when these people leave that house.

      • I agree wholeheartedly, Elissa’s inflection while talking is valley girl airhead to the extreme… i have to fast forward my DVR everytime she starts yapping.

      • Like what about like Mccrea like doesn’t he like talk just like that – every other word out of his mouth is “like” – you know like what I mean like right?

    • Totally agree, it is not being mean. Mental illness is so untreated in America. Had a stepson that way. Told people when he flipped I would tell news that we tried to get help and judges just slapped him on the wrist. Her family needs to recognize she has a problem.

      • Instead her father went on TV and applauded his daughter’s “performance” on BB. In fairness though the interview was before she truly evolved as the nasty person we’ve seen over the last several weeks. I do however believe they won’t be completely shocked. I heard Amanda on live feeds speak of her mother as being someone who routinely chastised her about not getting fat and how her mother NEVER admits when she’s wrong. NEVER. Could be a case of the apple not falling far from the tree. Family dynamics or dymanics as GM would say plays a big part I’m sure in her case.,

    • I wish Elissa was going soon, she has the MOST annoying voice of any of them. What an attitude she has. I pity her husband and family that have to listen to the way she talks forever…. yikes !!!

    • That has been inevitable since day one. Brenchel’s army is going to whip up the internet for her, and TV viewers have been sympathetic to her because they know her sister.

      • Elissa would have been gone week one if not for Amanda. She owes Amanda more than she owes Rachel. And she owes Rachel everything.

      • Gratitude maybe but with how Amanda’s game went from good to sort-of good to weeks-long domination and intimidation, that gratitude is only good for the week Elissa was saved by Amanda through the Moving Company.

        By week 3, Amanda was already pushing Elissa to put up Howard as MVP nom but she didn’t see the need for it (as Howard was not as physically competitive as others have thought him to be) so she ignored her.

      • More revisionist history. Week 1 Elissa nominated David for eviction as the MVP. Nick wanted David out and it was the moving company that evicted David and saving Elissa was just coincidence.

        Week 2, the moving company was discovered and again, Amanda saved Elissa only yo get Nick out and break up the moving company.

        And btw, Week 1 Elissa was on the block because McCrae put her there!

      • Exactly whyyyy does everyone keep saying Ellisa got these people out? Mcranda was responsible for almost every eviction. Manipulating everyone to do what THEY want. They could have saved arryn and campaigned for Andy to stay.

      • They tried to save aaryn and keep andy off the block, but it failed. They had power, but that time has now passed.

      • McCrae had to put up Elissa week 1. He would have been the target for not nominating the person that everyone wanted out. The brilliance of the plan is that they got to put her up and make everyone happy, but also save her and use the MVP to their advantage. It was a win-win. McCrae took Amanda’s MVP plan to Spencer (i.e., the Moving Company), who realized it wasn’t a bad idea.

      • The moving company had no hand in anything Elissa did as MVP. The first week she acted without anyone telling her who to put up, and the Moving Company saw David as a bigger threat but were not responsible for his nomination. The second week she nominated 2 MC members so I don’t think they would have told her to do that, and then the alliance was over. It was Helen and Amanda who realized the power of MVP, but Helen was primarily responsible for keeping Elissa safe.

      • Here we go again with the so called Brenchel’s army. How can a small group of voters affect the votes? They cannot. That was proven over and over by Amanda being nominated overwhelmingly the two times she was put in as MVP nominee! In the week Elissa got put in as MVP nominee—-this was a mistake of the so called Rachel army who voted for her without reading that the votes was for the nominee. Still, 69% of those polled on this site voted for Aaryn. I gave all 10 votes to Aaryn and even Julie revealed Aaryn got the most votes but, she was already nominated which is the only reason Elissa was put up on the block. The votes Elissa got was so small to affect the result! Aaryn still got the most votes overwhelmingly. Enough of this nonsense. There is overwhelming evidence proving the contrary!

      • First, this site doesn’t speak for 7 million people watching the show. When I talk about Brenchel’s army, I’m not just talking about the internet, but also the TV only viewers who are predisposed to like Elissa because they like returning players or relatives thereof. Elissa has gotten a huge free pass with viewers this season (and with production, who gave her MVP, let her call her husband, meet with producers in the diary room, and get things during her have-not time).

        Brenchel’s army (along with the rest of America) overwhelmingly voted to put Aaryn up, but she couldn’t be put up because she was nominated. The reason Elissa was nominated instead was a combination of a few Brenchel fans who misunderstood the vote and a very vocal minority of people who didn’t like Elissa and the MVP twist that was benefitting her. When all of the Brenchel voters were nullified by Judd putting Aaryn up, the minority of people angry with the MVP helping Elissa were able to get her nominated. Get it? Elissa wasn’t put up by Elissa supporters, but by Elissa protestors. Elissa supporters were all in on Aaryn.

        The next time, Aaryn won HoH, so everyone moved on to the next most hated person, Amanda.

        The third time, Amanda was even more hated because she was pushing for Howard over and over, and everyone (not just Brenchel’s army) didn’t like him being put up after having to endure Aaryn’s bed flipping incident. On top of this, this is when Amanda starts confronting everyone about everything. That’s why she was put up. Brenchel’s army and America are arm-in-arm by this point.

      • The simple point is all the so called Brenchel or Rachel army of voters is a tiny sliver compared to all the voters who do not even post on this blog. So, answer the simple question, how can a tiny sliver of voters affect the MVP votes? The simple answer is they cannot and that is a fact! So, saying that Elissa was helped by the Brenchel or the Rachel army is utter nonsense!
        They do not have the votes to affect the overall outcome because in totality, they are only a tiny sliver of votes!

      • Brenchel’s army isn’t limited to this website. It’s everyone who wanted Elissa to win as soon as they heard she was in the cast and was Rachel’s sister. That’s a huge majority, not a sliver of the viewership.

      • you people just don’t get it, all the voting was just a sham by the production people to allow them to pick who THEY wanted to have the power… this was just another tool in their tool box to steer the game the way production wanted the game to go in. Do you not think it odd that no outside accounting firm was ever used to be the impartial vote counter ? Did you ever see an actual tally of any vote ? Don’t you think it strange that Elissa alway was awarded mvp even though she was never even close to the “best” player in the house. And isn’t it odd that the whole MVP twist was cancelled when so many viewers were calling FOUL for the obvious fakery of the selection process. This is WAY too many irregularites to be ignored. Conclusion : the MVP twist was RIGGED.

      • Who else was America going to vote for week one? It was a no-brainer that it would be Elissa. As for weeks two and three, that still doesn’t shock me. America will never vote for strategy over likability or someone it already knows, or someone it feels sorry for.

        And as for it being rigged, doesn’t this fly in the face of everyone convinced that this season is rigged for Amanda? I don’t believe that CBS can rig it with so many lawyers around the game, but there’s never been a doubt in my mind that any production manipulation this season has benefitted Elissa, not Amanda or anyone else in the house. The only things CBS cares about is ratings. It will do whatever it can to boost them, but it won’t open itself to a lawsuit because of rigging.

    • Elissa deserves nothing. She was handpicked to be on the show and was given the FAKE mvp award to help her along. The only award she should get is the most duck like lips.

  6. Amanda is someone I wouldn’t like no matter the circumstances. It’s great to see the house finally getting her out. I still want to see Elissa, Judd & Gina Marie as final 3. I want to see Elissa & Judd final 2. If either wins, I’ll be happy.

      • Only half? LOL GM was horrible earliler in the season and made comments about Candice’s mother not liking her. McCrae and Andy have used the C word more than once to describe Elissa. Spencer has said so many things I don’t need to enumerate them. Of the guests in the house, only Judd has been less bad than Elissa from what I have seen.

      • Yeah…GM is getting a bit of a free ride for making the big move, but she made some awful statements early on that should have had her butt kicked out of the house. She is a little smarter than I thought…I said a little! But she is ultimately responsible for her horrible treatment of Candace…

      • GM was/is definitely Aryan’s sidekick when it came to racist comments. While she made the move to break up McCranda, no way does she get a pass for the type of behavior that got the season off to its horrible start.

      • Have you forgotten the things Candace said?? She was a big troublemaker from the start. I agree that Judd has probably been the most low-key…and even McCrae is pretty chill…Elissa has not been nice or smart in this game….she came in thinking she would skate through because of her Rachel connection……and she just may, sadly!

      • I think minuialear was being sarcastic….what really makes Elissa “disgusting” (her fav word) is that she is so high and mighty and whines over and over about “what a good person” she is. She was a liar from day one…saying things and then swearing she didn’t say them…..when it was all on tape. She is passive-aggressive to the nth degree!

  7. I really like Elissa she seems like a really cool person. I hope she wins but she prob will get Americas favorite player…. But is it just me who things this or does McC look like he could be Loki’s Evil ugly step sister! lol !

  8. McCrae it’s too late to separate yourself from Amanda; it doesn’t matter whether you vote for or against her, because either way everyone’s assuming you’re upset your best ally is being voted out.

    • Whos anybody kidding . They will go from being a grossmance in the BB house to being a grossmance in the jury house. HES OUT THE DOOR RIGHT BEHIND HER. Judd Ellisa & GM final three!!!

  9. God finally that witch is up on the block. time for that control freak to go walking out the front door.

  10. Amanda is probably figuring if she can help McCrae get further by throwing Andy under the bus SHE has a better chance of winning the $500k.

    But I think the people left will realize McCrae will get at least 1 vote from Amanda and she will campaign with the rest of the jury to get them to vote for him too, if he makes it to F2. Andy will not like this and he will target McCrae at some point, unless Andy goes next.

  11. The house has been filled with bottom-dwellers this season, and Amanda is no exception.

    I can not believe I was actually rooting for her in the early weeks of the game. What a rude, immature, and nasty person. I get that it’s a game, but you can (and should) play the game without multiple personal attacks and abusive behavior. She is VERY fortunate that Elissa was not still standing outside that storage room door when she blasted it open with the intent of physically harming her. What a rotten human being. Goodbye Amanda. You LOSE.

    • ITA she has made herself very unpopular with everyone and nothing can save her now – so bye now!

      I also find Miss Prissy Elissa annoying and hope they can evict her next.

      This is one season that I don’t really care who wins which is just sad.

      • I totally agree…..and, this is not the only season I have felt like this. Let us not forget this game brings out the worst in people and by the end, they ALL resort to pretty bad behavior. The only winner I can think of who actually stayed true to herself and others was Jordan! She is a class act, UNLIKE ANY of the players this season!!

      • Yes each season has winners, losers, and those we can’t remember. Am just sad about the gameplay this season. Who can forget Dan’s funeral.

    • Well said…I feel the same way. I look for someone that is at least likable and shows some semblance of intellect. That combination does not seem to be there this season.

      • At first I thought Amanda was very smart and was excellent at strategic thinking. But Amanda got too caught up in who was trying to flip the house and who was MVP. She really fell apart at that point and started making stupid moves, like Helen. When Elissa won HOH, Amanda really lost it. Now I believe Amanda was only good at getting other people to do what she wanted by convincing them she had power in the house.

        Aaryn was the best thing in the house for Amanda. She was good at comps and had no idea how to use her strengths to take power. She gave her HOHs to Amanda.

    • I’m betting they will – her game play sucks. She sure thought she had everything thought out and going her way but hey this is BB and when you think you’ll really safe – you’re gone.

      • She even said that when Julie asked her a few weeks back. “Is anyone truly safe”. That was the question…

      • LOL saying her gameplay sucks, considering her gameplay was the best in the house. Says something about this season huh?

      • She was controlling things yes but when it wasn’t going her way, she let her mean attitude rule.

        Yes agree about this season – when I first saw the cast which looked mostly like young actor and model wannabes I thought this would be a horrible season – and it’s turned out that way with all the nasty comments and actions. This also has to be the season with the most showmances ever. Wonder if Nick has joined the Witness Protection Program!

  12. GM actually SHOULD nom Elissa…and let Judd, Spencer and Andy vote Amanda off…she wouldn’t even need to use a tie breaker vote…

    • That would be a bad move. If Spencer and Andy decide for some reason to keep Amanda, then GM would be the biggest target next HOH. She is right not to completely trust Andy and Spencer. Putting Spencer up ensures Amanda goes home and there is no funny business. Elissa is not going to go after GM. She thinks they have a final 3 deal.

  13. Demanda finally goes to jury! Do you sense the relief from America???? This woman is delusional as she claims she has never been mean, bullied or threatened anyone in the house and why would they come after her and not her arch nemesis, Elissa? WTH? She kept telling GM, “it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense, it makes a lot of sense to keep me and McRae”….have you listened to yourself lately, Amanda?
    Your reign must come to an end! America and the house is sick of seeing and hearing your voice!

    • So many people have been playing the game for her and McCrae, she couldn’t comprehend when someone did something that wasn’t in her best interest. The same thing happened last week with Elissa. Amanda could figure out why Elissa wouldn’t do what she was told, so she must be evil. The only reason she had any power was because of Andy telling her what everyone was saying, her powers of perception are seriously defective.

      • Bingo!! Even now she still thinks Andy and Spencer are on her side. How can anyone be so blind unless her ego is controlling her brain.

    • I can’t wait to see the audiences reaction to her as she does her walk of shame to talk to Julie.

  14. I’m proud of Elissa for being the only one to stand against the house and vote for Helen to stay! I mean no one except her has backed their “partner” 100%. Even McCrae is going to vote against Amanda! What a coward!

    • I agree. As if a vote for her to stay will be the reason he’s a target. Its too late to separate yourself from her now.

    • The second eviction will come after another HOH comp, 2 more nominations and a POV comp. Spencer is safe for the first eviction and he is not more at risk than anyone else for the 2nd eviction.

  15. I find it truly interesting that nobody realizes that Dumbanda had no intention of winning 500K from Big Brother!
    She knew and knows she could easily scam the cash from her illiterate, dirty slug of a boy (and I MEAN boy) toy!

    Just sayin’

  16. Does anyone know why Andy hates Elissa so much?!?! They seemed like best friends and then now all he does is go around bashing Elissa.

    • The school of thought is that Andy is afraid Elissa has figured him out and knows he is a rat so she is a threat to his game. But I think he started disliking her before the Helen eviction. I don’t recall Elissa doing anything or saying anything for Andy to be upset about before she used him as a pawn when Aaryn was evicted.

      • That’s right. I hope Andy’s on the block next week, he’s floated from alliance to alliance depending on where the power is and in the BB game, he’s totally a coward.

    • Andy seems to always be looking for an advantage to his game and it involves getting pockets of people on his side, so, should the time arise, he can latch on to whatever group he needs to support him with numbers. It’s like always having more offense on your side than the defenders have on theirs. Elissa is disliked by enough people to make it unpopular for him to be openly supportive of her. Also, she will impact his game negatively because she knows what Helen told her about him.

  17. Once Mc Pizza had, well if that $500K had been deposited in the joint account, DumbAnda knows. . She would just have to arrive from work with : toothpaste, deodorant, soap and a job application and he would “Head for the hills ”


    • Can’t wait to see how he flies solo in the house. I don’t think he can make a decision on his own, let alone even think using only his pea-brain!! I hope he goes next!!

  18. Amanda is delusional. She is the epitome of spoiled rotten brat. Her parents must be very proud. I hope she gets sent to jury. Then the racist and bully can comfort each other until they get out and find out America couldn’t stand them. Would anyone let Amanda sell them a house? Hell no! Go Judd Go!!!

  19. None of these people deserve to win, at this point it’s more of rooting for your favorite personality. Elissa is self-rightous, Amanda is a bully, McCrae is a coward, Spencer is a pedo, Ginamarie is a racist, Judd is an idiot, and Andy is a rat. I can’t root for anyone. Plus all their games suck.

    • All the characters you mentioned, I’ve seen them all in past seasons. There’s no guarantee to have a perfect cast.

    • I’m rooting for BB Canada to start soon. It absolutely blew this BB15 out of the water. Hopefully after this dismal failure of a BB season, Alison Groedner, Julie Chen and all of the casting department will be fired and replaced. This crew needs a huge shake up.

  20. I just want to say as a piece taken from an 80’s song

    I’m gonna take you by surpise and make you realize Amanda

    I’m gonna tell you right away I can’t wait another day Amanda

    I can’t wait to see the door hit her in the butt! Wishing that it had a big boot that would spring out and kick her right square in butt like on wipeout! Lol that would be the prefect ending of her ruling the people in the house!

  21. Can’t CBS evict everyone and give the money to charity? And maybe next year they can take their time on picking the houseguest.

  22. This is the most hateful site on the internet. The ten or so regulars write the same hate-filled comments every few minutes. Get a life, people. There are more important things in life than watching BB 24/7.

  23. Although not probable, I think it would be hilarious for GM to put up Elissa as the pawn next to Amanda. This would give Amanda hope of staying, yet would be the ultimate humiliation to Amanda in the end to be unanimously be evicted over Elissa. I am not an Elissa fan, and started out really being an Amanda supporter, but think this scenario would be Karma to Amanda after how despicable Amanda became throughout the game.

  24. Spenser going for the record of being on the block the most why he wanted it. Andy would have been the better choice.

  25. Glad it is double eviction week – with Amanda apparently being first to go I hope the next one is Elissa ..i have to mute and fast forward through all of her things as she is that nasty

  26. can’t wait to seem Amanda the whore, tramp, whatever you want to call her, leave… she thinks she has a nice body, well think again those fat legs and assssss……. she better take a look in the mirror……. the way she dresses, shorts with spiked heels and a blazer looks like she is walking the old 42nd street in NY (ooppps, that’s where she is from, maybe that was her job , lol…………. well glad to see her leaving and feel bad for those in the jury house because trouble is coming their way!

  27. My allegiances keep changing just like the HG’s LOL Elissa is growing on me and The exterminators are disgusting!

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