Big Brother 15 Twist: Jury HGs Likely To Compete To Return To Game

Judd and Julie on Big Brother 15

Last night on Big Brother 15’s Double Eviction episode we began hearing some cryptic messages from host Julie Chen. These messages and what we’ve heard on the Feeds this morning appear to support the theory that an evicted HG will be returning to BB15.

Before the evicted HGs came out last night, Julie announced to us that she would not reveal any information from the outside world. When she spoke with them she did not mention the MVP twist or how America voted for it nor did she reveal any other unknown details to either evicted HG.

Instead Julie told viewers when Candice was about to be evicted “she is still part of the game” and then told Candice “it’s goodbye for now, but there’s still a lot of summer left.”

Also of interest, you may notice we don’t have an eviction interview today. No chance for us to indirectly pass along details by asking questions keeps these HGs in the dark.

Then this morning (9:47AM BBT) on the Live Feed, sign-up now for your 2-day trial, Aaryn announced she was asked in DR what she would think about an evicted HG getting the chance to compete to return to the game. Fish eventually arrived, but we were able to hear her full statement before that happened. HGs didn’t sound happy about it.

Update: Hah! Well nevermind on Aaryn’s comments. She then added when Fish returned that she was joking. The rest of these supporting points still stand.

If this is happening then I’m guessing Big Brother will be keeping all the Jury members isolated from one another to avoid a repeat of Big Brother Canada’s situation. Gary was able to return to the game after having spent time mingling with other evicted HGs in Jury. They were able to share notes and commiserate over their eviction, possibly galvanizing support for one another. I don’t think we’ll see that happen again anywhere.

I think there’s a definite possibility that an evicted HG from Jury (not pre-Jury) will be coming back. No idea if it would be by viewer votes or a competition like we saw when Brendon trumped Lawon’s “special power.” And really I have no idea if this is a sure thing, but the signs point to something like this happening.

What do you think? Should a Big Brother Jury member return to BB15? Vote below.



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      • Aaryn was the puppet, in both cases. Helen and Amanda called the shots. They have Aaryn believing that if she doesn’t do their will, she’s the next one out the door.

    • Really?? Judd got evicted based on game play. Judd’s plan how to get Jesse evicted.. Aaryn flipped the script used his plan on him instead.. Hence his shocked reaction of getting his own plan used against him.. Priceless!!

      • Aaryn said just before she sit down, if I didn’t do (put Judd up) I will be out next week.

      • That’s the company line. I’m sure Helanda would approve. Of course, it’s not what happened. Judd was evicted because paranoid Helanda are certain Judd is the great evil mastermind and MVP.

  1. I don’t like the idea about someone’s coming back. I hope it’s just some kind of game or voting that affected the game inside the BB house

    • The “coming back” twist is just another in a long series of production tweaks, to steer the game. There are NO rules in the BB house for the (wo)man behind the curtain. It the reason this game rubs me the wrong way. It teaches today’s youth that rules are made to be broken… we’ll all pay for this when society and morality crumble in the near future. The NWO are creating a bunch of socialist, obama-bots who feel that they are owed entitlement.

      • Well this season’s rules are trying to be used to get the racists out which imo is a good thing…

      • Changing the rules for a subjective moment, or agreeing to a manipulation because you think “It’s a good thing,” is the opposite of justice. Society exists because of rules.

      • Did you really just bring politics into BIG BROTHER??!! Kill yourself….

      • Go scratch!! leave politics out of your posts. Jesse V. There is no need to express your stupid political vomit in Big Brother post!! Take your teabag lovin’ self to a political board!!

    • I’d love a Wheel of Veto where each week you either play for the Power of Veto,Golden Power of Veto,Diamond Veto,Platinum Veto, or Coup D’Etat. The house would constantly be flipping and no one would be safe. Production needs these changes to keep the Game fresh.

      • Changing the rules constantly because the houseguests are so useless is not the answer… the casting department for BB needs to be completely replaced.

      • My hangup on blaming Kassting Inc. is that they also did the casting for Big Brother Canada and that cast was fantastic. The only difference was CBS vs Slice. CBS has final say so on the cast so it the blame might fall on them, not Kassting.

  2. I’m ok with someone coming back, but not after being with others in the jury. Keep them sequestered. Gary should have never been allowed back. If I were production for BBCAN, I would have offered Topaz a bit of cash to screw her vote up just so Gary wouldn’t win.

    • It did seem a little staged didn’t it? Best was when Topaz asked Dan to fix it!

    • BBCAN was too fresh and they didn’t have people from the US helping them out. My friend was actually a driver for the show and it was a huge learning curve in Canadian reality TV. It’s too bad ’cause I loved Gary but it’s true he should’ve been sequestered. There was certainly no production involvement in BBCAN. They let the plot flow freely. I personally, think Topaz did it on purpose-out of jealousy, though she would never admit it. But my friend who worked for the show thinks she truly had a brain fart. Who knows.

  3. Awful idea. Once you are evicted, you are evicted. Stay away. The idea that you have two chances (in the same season) to win 500k is ridiculous.

    You were obviously evicted for a reason and the HG’s went through a lot of trouble to get you out of the house. They shouldn’t have to do it again…

      • Judd was evicted because the other players in the house could see that he was screwing over Aaryn. He was a two timin’ bee-otch.

      • Screwing over Aaryn or Jessie he was snuggling with Aaryn while making out with Jessie

      • Do you really believe that? He was evicted because of the paranoiacs in the house…Amanda and Helen. And wrongly so.

    • Whatever happened to the $100,000 prize last season for the “coach” of the winning player ? Does anyone know.

      • so many people said this season is the worst, but I think that season 14 is, the worst season

      • I thought Dan was a complete A-hole, found him very hard to watch, he came across as a complete phony.

      • I do find him very hard to watch as well, but it’s because he’s playing such a good game manipulating all these HG’s to do his bidding before backstabbing them in the end.

        But unlike this season, Dan had the benefit of already having the best gameplay from his original season, and from last year’s “funeral” and “mists” that sent a lot of people packing that you can’t blame people to say that he is just as deserving to win that 500k prize again.

        Ian, meanwhile, is such a rootable guy from the start. He’s smart enough to know when to go against the more powerful players, play hard for comps when his safety is in jeopardy, and managed to make a deal with Dan first that ensured him a spot in the final 2 and Dan is a man who can keep at least his word to one person.

    • But the whole concept and idea of Big Brother is expect the unexpected. I understand what you’re saying but “Big Brother” can do whatever “Big Brother” wants and houseguests go in there knowing that. I think viewers should too.

    • Why would you assume the voting by “america” was actually counted ? Production does whatever they want and the “vote” is just a means to an end. Wake up you lost souls, are all people this stupid ?

      • LOL, Lavendargirl. Avatar, the vote is covered under federal regukation. BB is not going to try to manipulate the show in that way, especially when they can do it with production.

    • He got played because he was a player that is how the game is they thought he scheming he was not but that is how this game is played who can lie the best someone ( Helen and Amanda) told lies if he was planning to do something they would have known about it instead they knew they were wrong and felt guilty about it and cried about it

  4. Yes, that really angered me last night, because he was my favourite HG and he got voted out because of some stupid inaccurate theories.

  5. I think it’s because if Elissa is evicted or when she is evicted, they want a chance to be able to bring her back in because they know with America voting her to be MVP so much that America loves her being there and the ratings may be so high because she’s there.

    • No, the ratings are so high because of all the hatred racism on this season. Big Brother was scrapping the bottom of the scum bucket when they got this year’s cast. Sad.

    • Wow..Shelly didnt think about that. I dont like that idea, I like her but she’s not a good player.

    • Elissa is the REAL plant this season. Handpicked by Grodner to be the winner… How do you think she escaped that huge target that was on her back from day ONE…. production GAVE HER the MVP award. There WAS NO VOTE you stupid idiots !!!

    • She’s one of the worse floaters in the game – A floater who thinks she’s important. Helen will dispose of her a some point. Elvira (Elissa) has no skills within the game.

  6. He got voted out for running back an fourth between Aryon and Jessie
    And Amandass paranoid self

    • that was a total FAIL… bringing someone back into the final FIVE… what, what , what….. holy phuck man this show is fixed, ain’t there no rules, give yer head a shake, wtf is going ON here ????? I dunno man, its gettin’ hard to take this …

  7. I hope Candice gets another chance. Judd doesn’t deserve it because he had so many chances to get the power players out, and decided to be a follower.

    • I agree, he was given numerous opportunity to make a power move and got backed door. He had an alliance and still got the boot so no bring back Candice who was evicted because of prejudice not game play.

      • She was evicted because of game play. Amanda wanted her out and everyone does what Amanda wants.

      • At the end I think Candice was ready to leave those horrible bitches and have piece and then found out that she was still in she was excited because in the end she will have a say in who wins

    • I agree, I would totally vote Candice over Judd, because Candice will go after the bad people like GM Amanda and Aaryn and Judd won’t, he said he wants Elissa out? WTF, Candice would be better, and then Candice could also GM for herself and America

  8. If Judd is brought back, he’s the only one who will put up Amanda and Helen because he knows they backstabbed him. He’s the best chance to get them out.

    • No, he won’t. He passed on evicting Amanda twice! Judd does not have the cojones to vote out Amanda which is why I will never vote for him to come back!

      • And Candice will never win a HOH, she’s not very good at comps and the houseguests will be targeting her as soon as she gets back in the house! I agree Judd is the best chance right now only if he realizes who backstabbed him and come back for revenge.

      • Jessie might get evicted next and if she does—-she gets my vote! She will get Amanda out because she has been targeted by Amanda a number of times. She also stood up for herself against Amanda which Judd never did for himself. He just followed what Amanda wanted!

      • That was before they voted him out. I imagine he’s had some time to think and is really upset about it though.

    • I would agree but I think he thinks it was all Helen and not Amanda at all. All the alliances this year are stupid though because none of them know what is going on! Amanda and Helen are the only ones that are playing the game, and Amanda is just plain nasty. She was my favorite until about week 3. I’m just bored and annoyed now!

  9. Judd should not be brought back. He was a moron. The reason why he is out the door was because he was a sheep of Amanda. Even in his exit interview Julie asked him who is running the game and he said Amanda, why not target her? Candice deserves to be brought back, she played a very observant game and would make smart nominations.

    • Candice would not make smart nominations. She would make it personal and nominate GM.

    • Yeh she would prob nominate GM and Aaryn…
      Also she has proven herself a nongamer with poor social skills (granted having halve the house hate you doesn’t help) and is very poor at comps so prob wouldn’t win hoh

    • Amen to that!!! He was out fair and square by BB rules…..Candice on the other hand……they really hated her and were mean from the getgo. Never had an ally unless you consider that lump Howard. And the attacks that had nothing, NOTHING to do with BB strategy. Helen, who I don’t like at all….is playing the game…by BB rules…lying, backstabbing, etc., etc. But I’ve never heard a ‘personal’ attack.

  10. I say bring back Candice.. Stir the pot a little.. Judd would just go back to being a puppet!!

    • How about this? Have a ‘switcheroo’….Gm goes out…Candice comes in. And let GM know it! That way GM is in Jury house with Judd. It won’t happen of course…but I can dream right?

  11. I love Candice dearly but I don’t want her to come back because unfortunately she couldn’t pull out a win. Everyone will target her and she won’t be able to win veto or HOH. Judd could win comps so he’s the better choice.

  12. Why should a person be able to come back? They already had their chance to play the game, and if the person ends up winning, then it won’t really seem fair to me. Another thing to mention is that a lot of you commenting are very hypocritical when it comes to bringing players back.

    • I agree, the house guests got rid of him and now have to go through their own series of trials just to stay in the game. Judd got a raw deal but so did many others in the game who were eliminated previously. That is just part of the game.

  13. Yes Judd should be brought back and at the same time the hg should be told who the MVP was to give him another chance.

  14. Bring back Judd…what was done to him was so unfair and if Candice is comes back I am so done with BB…..BRING BACK JUDD!

  15. Judd coming back would be boring he would just do what the house wants. Bring Candice
    back that would wake up the house.

    • Judd is the same guy who is pissed at Helen and Elissa for voting him off when the vote was 7-0? Dummy Judd, your alliance betrayed you and voted you out or can he still not wrap his head in that? Here is a clue: Amanda and McCrae has been planning on evicting you for a couple of weeks now and Andy also was in it!
      You made the dumb move of not voting to evict Amanda when you had 2 chances to do so!

      • McCrae wasn’t really planning that; he was just placating Amanda. GET HER OUT!

  16. I don’t think we will have to worry about Candace coming back as long as there is a compatetion

    • Why would she want to go back into that house with those hateful people?? I bet she’s grateful to be away from them.

  17. Would love to see the look on GM face if Candice comes back. Anything but boring. Lol

  18. I don’t like bringing anyone back, but at least they were warned it might happen. It’s much worse when it’s a complete surprise.

  19. We never saw the Reset Button yesterday, Wonder if if it will be involved in the “maybe” bring back somebody.

  20. The only way it would be awesome is if the evicted houseguest came back into the house as HOH automatically! Because the houseguests are already saying they would Band together and Vote out whoever comes back into the house immediately.

  21. Bring back Candice!!! She stands her ground and I think she will Shake things up because she speaks her mind.

  22. As usual, another unanimous decision by the house again who will be on the block. It’s Jessie and Spencer, and Jessie is the target. If Jessie gets off, GM goes up, and GM is the target. It will probably take two more weeks to break this routine….aaagh!

    • All this collective thinking is stinking! And I don’t get why there are convos in the house that don’t even include the hoh discussing who they want to put up, etc. Why not just make all of them hoh?! This is Big Brother, not a court room jury…ugh! Agreement is not necessary…

      • You’re not in control of your game if you’re always going with the house. A lot of missed opportunity of HOH to evict the strong players. This group seemed to have a different orientation of the game

      • I’d sure get blood on my hands! Think of the movie “Carrie”. (Hehehehe)

        Wait, that’s gross! LOL

  23. Bring back Judd he got screwed by the MVP paranoia .. Not fair. I hope he wins it all !!

    • Why they’ve brought people back in previous seasons. And don’t you want to see someone come back and shake up the house?

  24. At least Big Brother will be good in 2 weeks (after they evict jessie/spencer.) Of course, by then, there’s no one to root for… :[

  25. I hope we get to vote if someone gets to come back. Which I really believe someone is coming back just by the things Julie said last night. As of right now I would love to see Judd come back, win HOH and get back at the ones behind his eviction. Imagine how paranoid Amanda would be then.

    • If we had to vote, I would like to see Judd back in the’s “The Return of the Juddi”

    • If Judd got back and to his mind settled the score…he’d put up Aaryn and Jessie. Amanda would play dumb and cry and that fool would buy it.

      • If Judd had a score to settle with, it should be against Helen and Amanda who planned his eviction! Instead, he is taking it out on Aaryn and Jessie or Elissa? That is a joke! I will not vote for Judd for that reason! He does not have his head where is should be which is the actual perpetrators!

      • They are just as guilty in Judd’s eyes. They still voted for him and he was betrayed. If it were only Helen and Amanda’s fault, Judd would not have been unanimously evicted. They all chose to evict him.

  26. No way should a house guest be allowed a second chance. Number one, someone did a lot of work to get that person out. Number two, that person didn’t do what it took. 500 large is on the line. I can imagine the new person coming back having a bit of a hold over the entire house and calling the shots.

      • Helen aka “The House” definitely puts in the work.

        Putting my conspiracy theory hat back on (aka tinfoil) the only people that would be thrown back in the game would be ones that would create drama. A second chance at winning is not the intended effect. If Amanda or Elissa get evicted they will be put back in to cause problems not play the game. Like when Rachel was put back in the house.

        Judd, Candice, Jessie, Spencer or GM being put back in the house would be a waste. They have no one to help them. They would simply get evicted again. Throwing Elissa, Amanda (maybe Andy if he was blindsided) or even Helen in the game again would assure drama would unfold. Even in the likely event they would be evicted again, there would at least be drama.

      • I’m all for that K,, Anything that will spice up this season. Interesting how picked the returning players. You’re right, they’re the ones that will create major havoc in the house. lol

  27. Interesting, but not surprising concerning the poll results. Normally, we don’t want an evicted HG to return, even if it happens to be our favorite player. If you are done, then you are done. But, this has been no normal season. Too many negative things have happened. Too many HGs are playing some weird, personal game. We want someone to come back and “get revenge” on some of the trash left there.

  28. I think everyone will agree whether they want someone back depends on who it is. If its candice or Judd ya, if its amanda hell no

  29. It really could get ugly if Candice comes back. She and GM almost came to blows on live, national television. Candice also made a fool out of herself by taking her time to attack GM verbally. GM did the same by attacking her right back and that comment about her mother not loving candice was sickening.

    • Depend. If GM is evicted, then maybe you better bring Candice back to keep the peace in the jury house. lol

    • I didn’t think Candice made a fool of herself at all. GM should have shut her big fat racist mouth and let the woman talk. I wanted to hear Candice; I never want to hear the inanity that is GM.

      • Yes but please understand: Candice started that exchange. She could have used her alloted time to do last minute campaigning. Instead, she attacked GM personally. Now if Candice comes back GM I promise you will be 10x worse and it will get ugly which is not what I want to see. I want that to be clear. In no way am I hoping that she comes back and GM kicks the racism-o-meter up 10 notches.

      • Candice doing last minute campaigning wouldn’t have worked whatsoever, everyone’s mind was made up and she knew that. GM has been personally attacking Candice from day one. It was time for Candice to defend herself for once. I applaud her to be honest.

      • Well GM and Aaryn have so much hate for Candice so it would get bad as it’s been two days and they’re still talking bad about her.

  30. Production got nervous that Amanda might be voted out, so this leaves a door open to her if that happens, to guarantee her win.

  31. I like Judd and Candace better than everyone in the house so I don’t mind them getting a second chance. Unfortunately everyone who would have legitimately given the rest of the house a run for its money were evicted before jury…

  32. Judd shouldn’t have never went out that door Jesse should have she is nothing but a floater and she and Andy need to go and so does a couple other ppl like AARYN

    • Jessie was trying to get Amanda out despite, being targeted by the mob! She is all alone on the house and had been put on the block repeatedly! In contrast, Judd was all safe because of his alliance but, had two chances to evict Amanda and turned it down! Was warned by both Jessie and Candice about Amanda and he simply ignored it! Judd is a dumbass who deserved to be evicted because he did not use his head!

      • Jessie is an idoit and a flip flopper and she deserved to go home to and I don’t care what u think this is what I think

      • I don’t like Jessie either. What’s sad is that I dislike other hgs because of their racism, etc, but I dislike Jessie just because of her personality…who she is. That’s pretty bad.

  33. Yes and I hope it’s Judd. I hope he comes back on the night Amanda or Aaryn leave.

  34. Candice needs to come back. The way she was treated was not right. Candice is a strong woman proud of her for taken up for her self.

  35. The did this a couple of years ago (when we had to put up with brenchel the first time) didn’t they and I don’t think they had those 4 isolated. They were all in the jury house together weee

  36. LOL YEAH BRING BACK CANDICE, she is the one so many wanted out for so long! That would be hilarious, with a twist of the HG thinking she has a power to use at her will! LOLOL

    • I agree I would totally love to see her and GM throw down. Oh and Judd had his chance to make a power move and get Aman(duh) out ago why being him back.

  37. Yes, bring back Judd! He did nothing to deserve his eviction. Like he said, he was blindsided. Although, I do feel bad for Candice too.

    • They should replace Aaryn and Gina Marie with Howard and Candice for obvious reasons.

  38. Candance needs to return to inflict the raft of RACISM upon Aaryn, Gina Marie & Amanda ~ What a show that would be! I can see her coming through the door like Rachel “I’m back Bitches”!!! Go straight to HOH & evict the mean girls.

  39. please bring judd back. do not let it be a competition. PLEASE just let Judd back in the house.

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