Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Friday Daytime Highlights


In the wake of the double eviction that sent Candice and Judd out the door, the Big Brother 15 houseguests are wondering if they made the right move blindsiding Judd and are beginning to look ahead. As for Andy, he appears to have no intentions to rock the boat this week. It looks like if you want any dirty work done, you have to get Aaryn to do it.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 9, 2013

8:03 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

8:31 AM BBT – Production loudly tells the HGs to get out of bed.

9:40 AM BBT – McCrae still feels bad about Judd. Helen, of course is running her big mouth saying Judd going was for the best.

9:50 AM BBT – Aaryn says the Diary Room asked her how she’d feel about one of the houseguests returning. Feeds cut. Aaryn tells them she was joking. Helen was freaking out.

10:27 AM BBT – Spencer and Andy solidify an alliance. When Andy leaves, Spencer calls an alliance with himself the “kiss of death.”

10:50 AM BBT – Andy is talking to McCrae and Amanda about his plan. The plan is to target Jessie, put her and Spencer up and if one of them comes down, GinaMarie goes up. They agree that if GM goes up, she needs to go. Then they start all this foolish talk about Amanda or Helen as a pawn to blindside Jessie. They’re truly acting like Jessie is some sort of threat. This cast truly can’t get any worse at this game.

11:11 AM BBT – Now that Helen got her way and sent Judd out, her devious mind has moved onto Amanda and McCrae. She tells Andy she’s afraid they’re running out of time to get them out. Andy says he doesn’t think they’ll be coming after them so sending them out doesn’t make sense.

11:15 AM BBT – McCrae says if he finds out Judd wasn’t MVP he will be really upset.

12:16 PM BBT – Andy tells Jessie that she is not his target.

12:45 PM BBT – HGs are on backyard lockdown.

1:40 PM BBT – Feeds return after being cut. Have-not food revealed to be mung beans and mackeral.

1:44 PM BBT – Andy again says he wants to blindside Jessie. Not sure why, but OK.

2:08 PM BBT – Andy presents a soft reveal to Amanda that Helen might be coming after her. He says she’s a thinker and was just thinking out loud when she said they might need to go after McCrae and Amanda.

3:48 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae she has a weird feeling she no longer trusts him after the whole Judd blindside thing. He says he’s just still upset over it all.

So right now the plan is to blindside Jessie because Andy apparently feels she is a threat? Whatever, nothing any of them are doing makes sense so I’m going to stop trying to understand them.

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  1. The only thing about Big Brother that I am looking forward to anymore is the day its over and they find out what an awful game they played, that America was the MVP vote and how many of them lost their jobs. The only one I wanted to win was Judd, and I hope production makes that happen!

      • You are right that would piss so many of them off if Candace came back and won it. That would be awesome!!! I would love for GinaMarie and Amanda get a big ole dose of karma!!

    • With Judd gone, I don’t care who wins. None of them deserve a penny of prize money! I’d pay to see a show where they are told about America as MVP, lost jobs, their racist rants making the news etc.Thats only thing would make this season not a big waste of my time.

  2. They have no idea what a threat means. Well a threat to their Alliance maybe, but come on you people! Think of who the hell is a threat of winning this game?

    • Yeah and everyone is secretly allianed. Helen and Amanda controlling every hog is BS. Look at all of the unanamas voting. Grow brains

  3. 3:48 PM BBT – Amanda tells Judd she has a weird feeling she no longer trusts him after the whole Judd blindside thing. He says he’s just still upset over it all.
    Amanda tells Judd?

  4. Idiots they could have pick preschoolers and they would do a better job. Btw Amanda needs to learn how to cover it up. Dressing trashy no modisty these days

    • I know she walks around in her underwear and calls them lounge wear or briefs what’s the difference she is still walking around show her nasty bits that no one wants to see because being so ugly on the inside starts to affect the way people see your outside too.

    • I know, ewww. Yet, she got so jealous when McCrae sat next to Jessie. Amanda is just insecure, she has spoken about her breast augmentation one too many times. I don’t want to see them, or you in your underwear. If a man in the house was walking around in the house in there underwear, oh, we would hear about it. Do you think?

      • It amazes me that Amanda is 5 years older than MacCrae and acts like she is 5 years younger!!

      • I am so confused why he is with her. She is now fight picking with him, is jealous, how dare he sit next to Jessie, she is crying and pissed at him for her not winning HOH. AHHHH run McCrae. But, it is too late.

  5. I think they made a big mistake casting Elissa solely because she’s Rachel’s sister. I forget she’s even there. That spot maybe could’ve gone to someone who actually knows how to make independent moves and really play the game.

    • Personally, I just think every one of them is an idiot! I don’t enjoy the show this year at all! All the ones I liked are gone! The rest are paranoid, stupid, controlling idiots! I can’t stand them! I would have liked Andy if he wasn’t such a snake, slithering into and out of conversations and carrying it all to Amanda and McCrae.

      • One of these days he is going to get caught – I cannot wait for that to happen – I would rather keep Aaryn in the game than him – and I think Aaryn is a racist bigot

  6. Wish we could have kept MVP a little longer, we could have nominated Amanda again this week, bet that would have made things interesting

    • Yes! She is so paranoid now–America could keep nominating her and it would drive her crazy!!

  7. I swear this show is driving me to drink!!!! Just when I hear (and have some hope of some BB plays) McCrae has approached Helen with a backdoor Amanda idea…’somehow’ Amanda gets suspicious of McCrae. I’m beginning to believe the conspiracy theories for Amanda to win.

    And Andy…I just want to smack him all the time!!!

    And GM…folks I am from NY and sincerely apologize for her. That is one nasty piece of work. She gives all NYers and Italians a bad name.

    Sighs…so disappointed this season.

      • I read somewhere that she is friends with the producer Allison Grodner and that it is fixed for her to win.

      • Matthew said that was just a rumor. But Amanduh did do a web series that was distributed by cbs. However, she did not WORK for cbs. So, by the letter of the law she is eligible…Unfortunately…

      • @CudaDebbie you are right. CBS did distribute the Big Shot Live. But, I can not help think that something stinks that Amanda is casts and is basically getting away with murder.

    • I believe the fix is in here is why. Check out online the IMDb page search “Big Shot Live” under cast and crew Amanda “Joy” Zuckerman. Distributors CBS! So, the claim that BB is an experiment and have no idea who or what they say is BS. Also, YouTube Amanda Zuckerman Big Shot Live. You will see that she had made it in Hollywood and is interviewing celebrities “Adam Levin” just to name one. Also, with everything from racist comments and homicidal threats Amanda has made, why has her so call Real Estate Company that she works for in Florida not a peep. Everyone else in the house is suffering repercussion’s outside the house. So, you can thank CBS and Amanda’s industry buddies. This is such a huge disadvantage to the HGS. Or should I say did the other HGS even have a chance to start with?

      • Wouldn’t you think that if Amanda is associated with CBS in any way she should automatically be ineligible to play in the game? And by allowing her to continue to play wouldn’t that open CBS to lawsuits?

      • We shall see if lawsuits happen. Amanda in deep in the industry, plus IMO CBS knowingly cast her, they distributed Big Shot Live.

    • I thought McC was talking to Spencer when he said that. Are you sure it was Helen? If so, a lot of peeps are asking where it is so they can go back and watch. I’d appreciate the info if you have it. Thanks!

    • I know! Gina Marie is brain dead!! She has no class! How in Hell did she get in the Miss Universe pageant world!!

  8. Here’s an idea… Have a nine(?) person eviction next Thurs. and just throw eight people from the studio audience back in the house to finish the season!

  9. I look forward to this show every year. This season has been such a disappointment. I liked Helen in the beginning, now she is super annoying. Amanda just sucks at life, McCrae is whipped, Jessie is useless, Andy is blind to everything, GM & Aaryn are so mean and racist, Elissa is a waste of space and Spencer is boring. I hope Candice or Judd come back and maybe they will do something to get out McCranda or Helen. Ugh!

      • That would shake it up! She is annoying but a decent player. Bring back Evil Dick!

    • Spencer is not just boring – he is scary – with the comments he has been making I would not be surprised for the cops to be waiting to grab him as he walks out the door the final day!

  10. McCrae….can you say P.W.?
    Amanda:…Racist and a Bully
    Jessie…..the whinner…
    Andy…..What a snake
    Spencer….can’t call him a pig…would be insulting to pigs.
    GM….A big mouth disgrace..OMG how ashamed she should be
    Elyssa…WAKE THE F^&%^& up!!!
    Aaryn…I’m sure you can guess what I think of her.
    Helen….Well she is playing the game…a snake for sure and they should give her a set of pom poms…all that jumping down and praising people she can’t stand. WOW.

    Who in the world would you all vote to get the 500K?

      • I agree. The winnings should be given to every race creed or color and all groups that the HGS have offended. Also, Howard and Candice should get a bonus for all the hateful things done and said to them. Agreed to homeless should get some plus, each HGS should do community service at the shelters.

    • Wow. You are on point about everyone. I wish you were playing BB, you have game :)

    • Pam, your comment about giving Helen a set of pom poms totally cracked me up. Thanks for giving me a laugh regarding tghis dreary season.

  11. I’ve been watching Big Brother from the beginning and this is hands down, THE WORST season EVER! The house guests have no idea what they’re doing!

  12. If Amanda wins Big Brother, then I really believe that it was rigged by executive producer Allison Grodner. It is being said that Amanda and Allison are best friends.

    • IMDb page Big Shot Live, check it out. Amanda “joy” Zuckerman under full cast in crew. Distributors CBS!

  13. What cracks me up is every season people complain this is the worst season ever and I’m not watching anymore and the players are so stupid. So I guess next season will be the same complaints.

    • That’s what people get for whining so much about how they wanted an all new cast. No returning hgs!

    • I complain – but I still will watch because it is great entertainment to watch people who are a) more stupid than me and b) give me a reason to truly love my life

  14. How in the hell can anyone get information from McCrae. All he says is yup…yeah…yup.,.yup. It’s a freaking one way conversation.

    • …and he is always shaking his head “yes” with that dorky half smile. When did he make the deal with Helen to backdoor Amanda..anyone know? Maybe I can find it on flashback.

      • I saw it on bbad after Candice was evicted. McC said that he was gonna have to cut her loose, etc. I can’t remember who he was talking to though. Possibly Spencer? It was in the bathroom though.

      • Oh. I have it recorded, I will have to pay attention to the bathroom. I saw part of it last night, started getting mad at Helen saying to Aaryn you are the “Janelle Piezina” of the house. Or something to that effect. So, I was done put a fork in me, and went to bed.

      • I know, I feel the same way. If she says I have love you to one more person, or do her bad impression of a cheerleader, I’m gonna puke! Yikes!

        Hey, if you find that info on where it was recorded, plz let me know where it is, ok? I would like to go back and watch it again because I can’t remember who he was talking to and how that got brought up, etc. Thanks Emma!

      • Btw, I agree with you about something being rotten with the Amanduh thing (comment is down the list a ways). She might be “legal” to the play BB, but something stinks.

      • I am listening to Amanda crying and throwing a tantrum that she did not win HOH in the have not room. Everyone comforting her and Andy is awe is okay, your such a good player, you will win. I am annoyed all over again.

      • Sure! But I didn’t coin that one…I saw it on an earlier post. I wish I would have thought of it though!

      • Okay. I am at the point where McCrea is talking game to Spenser in the bathroom, he is not happy that Amanda took away Judd. McCrea is saying he is not going to tell Amanda. McCrea say Judd leaving hurt his game.

      • So it was Spencer. And did McC say that he was all for a plan to get Amanduh out as long as he wouldn’t be associated with that plan? (Cause I heard him say that, too.)

        You should post this above with the info on what time that convo is, etc. Thanks Emma!

      • It was about 30 to 40 minutes into the after dark show last night. No real plan, with McC just to not keep Amanda in the loop, and McC is to play as though he has no knowledge. Is basically it. The convo was hard to hear. My TV was blasting :(

      • Thanks! I’ll look at it again. If I remember right, you could hardly hear McC at all…

      • Yep. I had my TV blasting. I now believe my neighbors,have to know, I watch BB. LOL

      • Janelle lol’ed on that comment on Twitter. If she were Aaryn, she would have put up Amanda and Helen as they’re the most obvious threats.

      • I am happy Janelle found it funny. Yes, I agree if Janelle was playing there would be no McCranda, and Helen would be up…even Elissa would be her target. At least there would be game moves and serious game play.

      • Janelle was a beast in competitions but, she is very poor in strategy that is why Mike Boogie and Dan Gheesling backdoored her! All she had to do is agree to the alliance and she waffled and cannot commit! As a player, Janelle is not that very good!

    • Question when Helen and McCrae where noodling the idea to backdoor Amanda, has Andy ratted out the plan, like he always does?

      • I’m not sure if Andy was present, and I’m not sure if McCrae is really serious about that. Now, Andy the elf had already gave Amanda some kind of heads up. Andy is slowly revealing that his loyalty is with McCranda.. If Helen doesn’t strike fast, she will be out soon, Amanda is so paranoid that she’s already preparing for Helens eviction for next week.

      • I can’t believe that Andy thinks he will be taken to Final 2 if the Final 3 are Andy, McCrae and Amanda. Surely, he’s not that dumb..McCranda will take each other.

      • Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn just finished talking about the plan. Helen and Elissa could be in trouble soon. Amanda is working Aaryn so hard. Amanda is starting to look like the girl from “the grudge” (older version) she looks scary.

      • I can always rely on you for a good laugh Cyril! You know, The Grudge really scared me, and not much does. But Amanduh really scares me too…now

      • Hey Debbie, I was trying to respond to the link you gave me, but it’s awaiting moderation. I don’t think they allow links here. Anyway, I know about Amanda getting fired, but losing your license is pretty big deal. The State licensing Board must have a strict code of conduct…wow Karma just keep on going.

      • I know, I just watched them all in the have not room. That Andy is such a little snake, slithering right through this game. Helen needs to win HOH next week, or she is gone, now that Amanda knows she is on her radar.

      • Not really surprised. Helen had two chances to evict Amanda and passed it by! She like Judd think Amanda will not move on her. If Helen gets backdoored, she deserves it like Judd. This is a game for $500,000. If you have a very good chance of taking out a threat—-you take them out! When Helen evicted Nick and Jeremy, she had no problem and she did not hesitate about it! Now, she is waffling now is not a good week—–well guess what? Amanda is going to evict you and you will look pretty dumb afterwards!

      • Amanda is throwing a fit, crying and whining about not getting HOH. Andy is right there with everyone else in the have not room comforting her. Andy is telling her how good of a player she I and will win. That to me is dumb.

      • Yup, that was quite ridiculous. Amanduh truly thinks that she can talk someone into throwing a comp for her. News flash Amanduh…not even McC would!

      • At this point with these HGS, I don’t know. Jessie, Spenser, and Elissa I hope will not fall on the sword for her. I see Helen, Andy and McCrae doing it.

      • Oh. Andy is dumb. Can they guy count? McCrea and Amanda are two ppl, he is one. So who do you think will be the odd man out? Andy.

      • I know. I can’t believe that Andy doesn’t see that scenario happening. If it is those three in the end, why in the world does he think they would take him? Helen would have been a much better, he has used her for information this entire game. If Helen doesn’t find out (i.e, Aaryn) that she is on Amanda’s radar and does something to fix it..she is out within a week or two. I can kind of hoping Aaryn clues her in.

      • McCrae said that he was all for back-dooring Amanduh, so long as he couldn’t be connected to the plan by Amanduh. He wants to loom completely innocent in her eyes. And now that everyone will be sequestered, it’ll stay a secret for quite awhile.

      • Andy has already told Amanda that Helen is toying with the idea of putting her and McCrae up very unless Helen strikes first, she is gone next week if she doesn’t win HOH. Amanda was just telling Aaryn that they have to get Helen out soon. That is why I wonder if this backdoor plan of McCrae and Helen’s is a real deal. Helen should never have told Andy that she is thinking about putting her up..but, then again she doesn’t know that Andy loyalty is with McCranda. Like they would take Andy to final 2.

      • I knew Andy had told Amanda that Helen was toying with the idea, Helen and McCrae conversation, I would have listen to McCrae yeah sure you want to back door Amanda, If she buys what he is selling, it is Helen’s game to lose.

  15. This season is like a car wreck. We complain about the traffic back up, as we pass by the accident, we can’t help but to look.

  16. I wish someone in that house of fools would grow a pair and evict Amanda!! Why is she still there!! I know she has to be on every ones last nerve! Does MacCrae have that much clout???

  17. Jessie questioning why anyone would put her up on the block is just like Amanduh not believing that America would nom her. Good grief and yikes!

    Just 5 minutes ago Jessie was bombarding Spencer with a thousand questions. This is the ONLY time I’ll say this…I felt really bad for Spencer. “Spencer, you sure look too comfortable being on the block…how can you be comfortable? Spencer….Spencer, um Spencer”. Ugh!!

  18. These hgs are just hippies…mean hippies, but still hippies. It’s all love and hugging, and let’s not hurt their feelings, but with the occasional knife in the back. These peeps are weird! Anyone got a fitting name for this season? I need titles for a hippy movie and a bloody movie. Any takers?

  19. Last year when real players (like Dan) were actually playing it was so much better. This is just a boring group of people being idiots.

  20. If Andy goes home soon, Helen will finally be able to go after Amanda. Andy is the one person stopping Helen from taking the opportunity to make that big move.

  21. Gina Marie Zimmerman DESERVES NOTHING but a swift Kick IN THE AZZ!!! She disgusts me!!! I HOPE I get to see her face the day they tell her that she lost her JOB in the REAL WORLD for being a RACISITS! AND that all of AMERICA DESPISES the way she has treated CANDICE and as far as we are concerned she is nothing more that the DOGSHIT that we step in and get on our shoes!

  22. Reading the comments on here is like gossip in a girls high
    school locker room.You bum rap their play,condemn their
    actions and call them racist,homophobes, etc.Well look at
    the envirorment around in todays pop culture,filthy foul
    mouth gangsta rappers who are given music awards for
    this type behavior,youth who idolize them and copy them
    and these HG’s are sad to say a part of this .Sorry if your favorite
    was kicked out or talked bad about..Gee maybe BB
    next time should select its canidates from geek bandcamp*
    PS..Comments like I cant wait to see them when the find
    out they were fired..etc shows either your vindictive or
    no better then those your condemning*

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