Big Brother 15: Nomination Anticipation In Week 7

Big Brother 15 - Spencer

Now that we have a new Head of Household for Big Brother 15 thanks to a late night competition it’s time to start looking at the pending nominations. If you’d rather wait for the HoH to be revealed on Sunday’s show then steer clear of our spoiler discussions.

After surviving a knock-out style competition to be the last HG standing, Andy became Head of Household. That means we’re in for a very predictable “whatever you want, Amanda & Helen,” kind of week.

You can sum up Andy’s entire plan for the week in one short minute. Flashback on your Feeds to 10:28PM BBT 8/8 Cams 3/4 to find Andy and Amanda talking alone.

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Andy confirms what we would expect. He’s going to nominate Jessie and Spencer. He plans to pull Spencer aside and promise him he is 100% safe this week. Jessie is the main target.

If Jessie wins Veto and comes down then GinaMarie will go up as the renom and become the new target. Andy fears that GM wouldn’t understand the plan and come after him if he were to put her up against Jessie in the first place.

Amanda agrees with the plan and idea of making Jessie the main target. They quickly break and go back to what they were doing before.

So there you have it. There’s no MVP twist anymore to shake this up so we can just skip ahead to next Thursday’s eviction episode and hope for a shift in power.

The Nomination Ceremony will take place later tonight and then the Veto Competition will follow on Saturday afternoon with the Veto Ceremony on Monday afternoon. Keep checking back all weekend for more updates and details from inside the house as we continue our daily BB15 coverage.



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    • Anyone know if local police in his home town found anything on Spencer? Or was this ‘sick talk’. Such a creepy guy. CBS really dug down deep for this crew.

      • I read an article that the police didn’t find anything. It was just a sick “joke”…

      • Just like TMZ to put out the filthy inuendo and not the end result. Course, he did bring it on himself and I bet the locals would love to get a look at his puter.

      • The police didn’t find anything. It was a joke, not a funny one and in bad taste.

      • From the article I read yesterday there hasn’t been any evidence found that he watched child porn. So no nothing has been found, unless something has changed from yesterday to now. However, that is still something very sick to even joke about. Most of this cast are just plain sick and disgusting.

      • His home town police investigated (chked computer) and NO evidence was found. Just a sick joke with McRae.

      • I’m not crazy bout Spencer, but that’s pretty serious s**t to be pullin’ on anyone.Cops are outta line too if they got a search warrant on hearsay.

      • Its not hearsay he said it on the livefeeds. That’s more then enough for a warrant!

    • You should be more careful labeling people like that.

      Spencer was obviously making a very distasteful prank when he tried to impersonate McCrae by saying that in to McC’s microphone.

      Stupid, awful, & dumb of him, but that does NOT make him a pedophile or even close.

      • I think he made an insensitive and poor choice but we all say foolish things without thinking it through sometimes. Only God know what’s really in his heart.

    • He made a joke pretending to be McRae. He said nonsense into Mcrae’s mic. It was a prank. Because you don’t find it funny (I agree, not funny) does not give you cause to label someone as a pedophile. It’s easily offended people like you who are going to get the show canceled over phony controversy, and I don’t want that. There’s nothing else to watch in the summer.

  1. Someone wrote in here that McCrae and Helen have agreed to backdoor Amanda this week if they can. But only if they can backdoor. McCrae is ok with this as long as Amanda doesn’t know he’s involved. No one had told Andy yet. Any confirmation on this conversation?

    • I don’t think Andy would put up Amanda at all. He runs to her every time there is any type of plan to evict her, they have a final four deal and now that he’s HOH, I would say Amanda is very safe.

      • But if it is McCrae and Helen with the approach and they use their tried and true argument of ‘if you don’t do what we say…you’re out’, he might. He will weigh Helen/McCrae vs. just Amanda ally. Of course, they could not say a word until after veto comp. I don’t even know if this conversation took play…saw it on another blog that McCrae went to Helen with the suggestion.

      • It would be the biggest move yet this season if it happened, but in my opinion with Andy running to Amanda regularity, I don’t see.

        That said I will say one thing, McCrae is getting tired of Amanda and her game play and treatment, so anything is possible.

      • Yes it was discussed,, I saw it and heard it.. Can’t pinpoint the time but it happened…Mc told her that he had no problem BDing Amanda but he could not be directly involved.

      • I heard McCrae saying something about back-dooring Amanda. Yes, it was Amanda. I don’t remember who he was talking to though. I don’t think it was Helen. It surprised me, but can you blame the guy?

      • Actually Wed or Thu afternoon McRae had words with Andy about in the near future they would have to take Amanda out because she is too unstable in her game playing. Andy agreed. So if they wait till after POV and tell Andy this is the week, he might do it because he hasn’t told Amanda about conversation with Mc.

    • I said it but I did not say it would be this week…They discussed it in the HN room yesterday.. Elissa was privy to the conversation but when Andy came in they stopped talking. Candice also came in but conversation was stopped.

    • No this isn’t true… People thought they were talking about Amanda, but it was about Judd before last night’s eviction.

      • NOOO I THOUGHT THAT TOO and that I had misunderstood but in the chat for live feeds it was mentioned by somebody else that saw/heard it. If I can find the time (cause feeds were off most off yesterday) but it happened long before eviction time..

    • Apparently not. As long as Helen and Amanda are around everyone will do whatever they say.
      The only person who would be bold enough to go off script would be Spencer, but he’s terrible at comps so he’ll never be HoH.
      As sad as it is to say, Aaryn might be the only one left with a real chance to shake things up. I’m betting she’s pissed at the way Helen forced her to put up Judd.

  2. andy should throw someone else up there as a pawn with as much as he pulls for spencer. make a big move andy nominate amanda and helen

    • It’s horrible, unless Jessie win the veto she will go and next week Spencer will go unless he wins HOH or the veto because everyone is scared to make a move.

  3. it is time to grow some testicles Andy, man up and make a move that is your own, not one approved by Amanda and Helen…. geesh, these players are pathetic this year!

    • Andy act like a man ? His testicles shrivelled up and went back inside his body long ago.

  4. Andy has no backbone, he’s a first class floater and should have been gone a long time ago. The boy cannot think for himself. If he had ANY brains he would have nominated Amanda and McCrae.

    • Exactly.
      He will never do it because he has no backbone just like everyone else in the house but he should put up one of the pairs.
      He should know that he is the low man on the totem pole in everyone alliance that he is in.

    • Yuuuup. I’m not a fan of Andy, but winning HOH was probably the worst thing for him. Now he actually has the make some decisions.

  5. Andy needs to break up McCranda this week! That will open up the game and make it a fair fight. Then the house needs to give Ms. Helen her walking papers. If she does not go nxt week she could win the game by making an alliance with Aaryn for final two.

  6. I don’t believe the game is rigged, but you gotta start to
    wonder…someone posted a link in the comments here to someone who used
    to work on BB and said Amanda has been preselected to win. I think they
    said something like since America keeps voting Amanda as the third
    nominee, they will eliminate it.

    Deep down I don’t think it is fixed, but if Amanda’s wins, you gotta wonder!

    • The question I want answered is Amanda a friend of Allison Grodner? This is answerable by a simple yes or no.

      • Well they can only say if they are “friends,” but the fact remains, they have a working history together so I’m sure they have a friendly relationship!

    • It’s so easy to make up a bogus rumor. BB Fans love conspiracies and that was nothing more than someone having fun w/ gullible readers.

      Let’s make our own rumor: Amanda is actually Allison Grodner in a completely convincing costume. They’re not friends. They’re actually the same person! This is all part of Allison’s plan to win BB15 so they can keep the $500K and put it toward HD cameras for next season.

      • I scratch my head pretty hard on that one. 2013 and still no HD camera. What give ?

      • Maybe they want to keep using the old cameras for some reason? They must have some sentimental value by now!

      • What is not a conspiracy theory, is that Amanda was an employee of CBS when she was in L.A. Proof is on Youtube, videos of the show she was on (Big Shot Live) are there. And she has her page on IMDB.

      • Amanda had a bit part in a web series that was associated with CBS. That’s not enough to be a connection with Grodner, Fly on the Wall, etc. What’s the motive for Grodner to do that?

        Might as well say Charlie Sheen is best friends with Grodner because he was on a show on CBS.

      • Fair enough. But that’s not what I was implying.
        What I’m saying is that it is enough to raise some eyebrows and feed the other rumors.

      • I don’t actually think the show is rigged, I think that would be pretty dumb of CBS to risk that, considering they can get ratings without fixing it. All I’m saying is that IF Amanda wins, this conspiracy guy (girl?) looks pretty good!

      • If it was a simple rumor. Why no press release specifically denying it? This is a simple yes or no question. There is no ambiguity to it to misinterpret it. Is Amanda Zuckerman and Allison Grodner friends? If they are, there would be enough proof out there to prove it! If not, then, it would have been denied publicly to clarify that it was mere gossip.

      • Why would CBS put out a press release just because someone put out a baseless Facebook comment? If they started responding to every conspiracy and allegation out there then that’s all they’d do all day.

        What proof is there that Amanda and Grodner ARE friends? That’s what you should be demanding for rather than a statement from CBS.

      • The person said they would supply the proof on the day of the finale. I guess we will have to wait in see if there is any truth to the accusations. To just dismiss it is just as irresponsible as blindly believing it.

      • I will wait for the season finale because no one is answering any questions which make me think someone is trying to hide something! If something is true, it is going to come out sometime!

      • For the simple reason that if you do not deny something—-you affirm it! I do not remember the exact legal term they use for it but, if there are serious allegations against you and you do not deny it—-you have in effect affirmed it! One other reason is it makes CBS look bad when you can simply issue a press release for the record that Allison Grodner is in fact not a friend of Amanda Zuckerman.

      • The rumor was Amanda was pre-determined winner of BB 15. Do you really think mainstream media will not be all over this story if there is a ounce of truth? This is in the same category as Obama was born in Kenya.

      • I just read this thread and started laughing so hard! Thanks! I really needed it after such a depressing show last night…

      • Still does not answer my question. Other blogs I read have not put it to rest nor confirmed it but, Amanda did work for CBS before as someone has already mentioned so, are they friends or not?

      • You can’t “put it to rest” because it’s totally bogus. But tell you what, I will call Grodner if you can settle this rumor for me: I heard Amanda has a condo on the moon. If you can prove that’s not true, then I will prove Amanda is not friends with Grodner.

        And no, once again, Amanda did NOT work for CBS before, now, or ever.

    • how can you not think its fixed when the whole premise of the game is for “production” to monitor and control every aspect of the houseguests stay in the house. As seen in previous seasons, rules are changed, created and ignored at will by production to achieve THEIR desired outcome. They try to influence the game immensely when the talk to the HG’s in the DR room… that’s why they get pissed when the HG’s talk about their DR sessions. The fix is in… but the HG’s ultimately get the last word.

      • (First time poster!) I thought the houseguests’ reactions to Judd’s eviction were very bizarre…except for Amanda. Everyone was crying and she was looking from person to person, really sketchily. I know this is conspiracy fodder, but it was almost like they were frustrated/sad because perhaps they had been influenced by Production to not put up Amanda so she wouldn’t be evicted. I mean, come on- she was SO evil last week that even McCrae was embarrassed. Her behavior during the Veto alone would make me want her OUT if I were a houseguest. Maybe their hands are tied in some weird way.

  7. Can’t believe the HG’s this season don’t have a backbone or a mind of
    their own.

  8. Ugh. Make a big move. Put up the couple. If one wins veto, Helen goes up. Get out the big players while you can. No one is voting for Jessie if she makes it to the end anyway.

  9. Worst season of BB yet. Why even vote in secret why not just ask the house as a whole and send that person packing.

  10. I still think it is funny. People think Mcrae and Amanda has the most power in the house. When it is clearly Helen. Helen controls the majority of house. That being Elissa, Aaryn, and Gina Marie.
    Where as Mcrae, Amanda, and Andy sent one of their alliance members out the door, due to America voting. Hopefully they might wake up by time the veto comes around and backdoor one of Helen’s alliance members

  11. I swear Amanda, MC, and Aaryn are going to be in the final 3 or at least one of them! I can’t even stand to think that or one those 2 one be there. They have had plenty of chances to get them out and like always they will probably make it farther now. So messed up Aaryn.. and Helen are the main ones scheming.

  12. Helen is trying to push for Amanda/McCrea this week. Andy is having NON of it. He trusts them 100%. He does not want ANY blood on his hands and nobody coming after him next week. Andy is just the example of why this season sucks so bad. NO ONE will make ANY moves at all.
    I applaud Aaryn for using the veto to get Judd. BUT. We all knew that it was either Jessie OR Judd going home. So it was not out of left field and it was not getting a power player.

    • Give Helen time to twist Andy’s arm and we might see Amanda get evicted this week yet! It is just Friday so, lots of time to lobby.

  13. Am I crazy but Amanda does not annoy me like Helen and GM. I can’t wait until they are gone They think they derserve to be there and they don’t, the whole cast is weak this year. At least I find some entertainment in Amanda’s paranoia.

      • It’s kind pretty telling, it’s probably the 100th persons (including me) who come here and ask that same question: “Am I crazy or what ?”

    • and big brother took the paranoia away (MVP). I also cannot wait until Aaryn leaves either. They all need to face the music and get back to reality because they are so not self aware.

    • They all annoy me so, I could care less who goes first as long as it is Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, Gina Marie or Spencer! That would leave Elissa, Andy, Jessie and McCrae. I could live with those 4 people as the Final 4 in the Big Brother House! Maybe, not likely to happen but, I am still rooting to get those 5 undesirables out of the Big Brother House!

  14. Does no one in that house have a back bone. Get Amanda out….Then Aaryn, Pizza Boy, GM, Spencer, Jessie, Andy and the winner is Helen….

    • Helen is extremely annoying and a bully… why on earth would you want that peece of sh*t to win?

  15. Andy just asked Helen who she would put up if she was HOH. She said Amanda and McCrae. Make a deal with one of them and have the house evict the other……PERFECT !!

  16. Why are the so call pedophiles, racist, bullies, illiterates, and jerks still in the house? This mess has to be rigged.

  17. Why can’t Andy see that Judd went home and he was in an alliance with McCrae and Amanda, so why does Andy not think they will put him up? This season is horrible.

  18. This week’s noms are gonna be predicable, but it won’t be so bad if the end result is GinaMarie leaving the house this coming Thursday.

  19. Not even interested any more…. Amanda and Helen will tell everyone what to do, so why watch???? If you know what Amanda wants then you know whats going to happen …..

  20. This is the worst group of people ever. Can’t they see Helen is running the show….. Weak bunch of cry babies,and why does everyone cry when someone leaves and the person leaving hugs everybody. Wake up they just stabbed you in the back…

  21. Spencer is despicable. He was talking about Kaysar saying that he didn’t get the hype over him then said “they needed to bring a likeable Muslim on TV” because apparently all Muslims are unlikeable. He then said “is that bad?” If you have to question whether or not what you said was bad, it means it’s bad and you should not have said it. I cannot stand anyone in the house except for McCrae and Elissa. Final Two please!

  22. I find it hilarious that everyone was so upset over Judd leaving especially McCrae yet they voted him out. If you didn’t want him to leave you didn’t have to evict him. McCrae was upset saying that he was good for his game. He voted him out because Amanda believed Judd was coming after her. Amanda is only looking out for herself, not McCrae or else they would have kept Judd. Amanda is selfish.

  23. Please get rid of that creepy picture of spencer in the pool it is giving me nightmares lil

  24. Spencer went way too deep explaining the scenario in which he wanted to see the porn, I’m sure Ms Marilyn will always be scratching her head about how someone could come up with thee most vile comment, Spencer party of one for the Bahamas vacation now boarding

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