Big Brother 15 Twist – Julie Chen Says We Need Your Help

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Big Brother 15 is teasing us with more details on the 2013 summer twist. First we learned it’d be a “no floater summer” and now Julie Chen says we will all be involved.

The latest promo from CBS says “Big Brother is back with a twist so big, we’ll need your help to pull it off.” Oh but wait, there’s more. “You’ll impact the game like never before,” says the commercial featuring host Julie Chen.

So according to these new details the viewing public will get involved which means voting, which we’ve done before, so what makes it “like never before?” Another rumor floating around could possibly have the answer to that.

If true, this unsubstantiated rumor suggests Big Brother 15 viewers will vote weekly to empower one HG with the ability to… we don’t know. But letting the majority of viewers give power to the next HG-Jeff should go over great. I’d hope there’d be some sort of limitations there, but who knows what producers are planning or if this is even accurate.

Personally, I’d rather see the viewing public stick to voting for the next batch of silly food items rather than directly impacting the game much less doing so on a weekly basis. With that in mind I’m hoping the twist will work out differently, but we soon shall see.

What do you think the twist will be with these new details and would you want America voting with such great power for Big Brother?

Big Brother 15 twist commercial:


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  1. I’m guessing there’s the possibility of allowing the public to nominate HG’s with the HOH posing as their messenger (but letting the rest of the house believe he made the noms on his own terms). That will probably be good on the first week though.

    That and other public vote-related twists that I have in mind.

      • The whole thing regarding greater public participation would really go either way. Whether it could benefit the game at the expense of players, otherwise or both, we just have to wait and see.

  2. Maybe America gets to vote on keeping one HG safe for the week -before noms are made – and revealed at the beginning of the nom ceremony. That would limit the HOHs nom possibilities since the safe HG would not be known beforehand and the HOH would have to possibly rethink noms on the spot if they had already chosen the safe HG as a nom.

    • Yeah but if “we” get to vote to keep someone safe, that’s the producers way of keeping their golden boy safe.

      Absolutely hate America getting involved this much.

      • have to agree with you on that one, Brad, the voting is usually just a ruse that allows production to do whatever THEY want, as there is no way to verify that vote counts. This whole audience interference will wreck the show, unless its only for food etc.

  3. I would not do it this could go bad look what happened when Obama was voted in everything went to hell all lies.

  4. If you allow the vote to go like should leave it that you have the final word. Because the vote can really kill the game and you could lose viewers I hated thee glass house yuck. To much control.

  5. If were living in a pretend universe where Big Brother Isn’t already manipulated from an outside source, Then this would be an unfavorable idea if it does mean more direct power influencing the game for viewers, which would take out the fun of watching how people work their way to half a million. It becomes a popularity contest amongst the HG’s For Who can become America’s Favorite, hence Having the Best shot of taking down the show, but wait isn’t that how it already is and Aren’t the Majority of the hg’s going in the house just going to end up vying to become our favorite because they know their high ratings can keep them in the house longer?
    The Viewers and Production have always directly impacted the game, al about ratings.

  6. Big Brother has worked from the very first show. Some better than others, depending on who is picked to be in the house. Last season was a disaster because of a few HG that should have not been there. They did not now how to play the game especially with former players playing the game. Once you start to change something that works, it stops working. The HG are the ones playing the game for the money, not the viewers. The HG should be the ones playing and making their own decisions.

  7. BB has made a mistake in shows by bringing in former players with newbees. you cannot do that and have a fair game. You cannot even bring them in as coaches and then re-enter them as players. They have such an advantage over newbees. They even did not like it and said so. So please keep the game on a fair playing ground. Who ever picks the players really needs to look at ever aspect of how they do their picking because it has everything to do with how the show works.

  8. This is the worst group of girls they could ever have picked.
    It may help if they removed all the mirrors. These are not real
    men either. This group could do this show in. There may never
    be a season 16.

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