‘Big Brother 15’ PSA: Live Feeds Not On SuperPass For 2013

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds

Fans of Big Brother 15” should take note this season that unlike previous years, Real’s SuperPass service will not be providing the Live Feeds access for the 2013 summer series. Instead readers will be able to subscribe directly to the Big Brother Feeds from CBS via the sign-up page here.

We expect the change in hosts of the Live Feeds to have no impact on the actual viewing experience (ie. there will be no additional blackouts, etc. as CBS has always controlled those buttons), but there are some differences in the pricing, subscription methods, and international access this time around that you should know about.

Lower prices are now available for all subscription plan options. $23.99 will cover you for the entire season of Big Brother 15 if you sign up now. The season pass rate goes up to $26.99 on June 26th. A month-to-month rate is available for $9.99 once the season begins. With SuperPass out of the loop, CBS was able to lower the price and get the cost down to about a $0.25 a day or nearly one penny an hour. That’s silly cheap.

There will be no recurring billing past the end of the season. This is not a year-round service. If you sign-up for the season pass then you are billed once and never again. If you wait until the season begins then you can pay a higher rate for the month-to-month access, but once the season is over they’ll stop billing. This should be a very welcome change for the fans who feared complications in cancelling their SuperPass subscription each year.

On the not-so-great side of things is the news that the Big Brother 15 Feeds are US-only this season. If you’re traveling this summer there are work-arounds available for using your subscription abroad. We sure wish everyone could access the Feeds this summer, but it seems someone in control is preventing US Feeds from reaching Canada as the Canada Feeds were blocked from US viewers.

Keep in mind the Early Bird discount price will expire on June 25th. Sign-up now and avoid paying a higher price for the exact same subscription to Big Brother Live Feeds!


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  1. It’s funny how even broadcasters play kids games. Canada blocked their feeds from us so we are going to block ours from them. Give me a break. I could care less I have never watched the live feeds so it does not affect me. Couldn’t be that the Canadian station was trying things out since it was there first year before sending out feeds internationally. Come on I say grow up to these broadcasters. I believe only they will lose money by not providing it internationally. Only my opinion of course

    • As we’ve said over and over, this isn’t some petty game. If CBS could sell a product to a market that wants it then don’t you think they would? Some arrangement is preventing CBS from allowing Canadian access just as BBCAN was blocked from US viewers.

      • Here’s an idea. Give the feeds back to Realplayer and let them charge us 28 cents a day OR fire your useless IT guys that don’t seem to be able to fix feeds so that a neighbouring country can watch, and hire someone that can figure it out. They have been supporters for 14 seasons. I am in the US so it is of no great concern to me but over thr years we have enjoyed the company of some of the Canadians.
        Just fix it – it is no groundbreaking stuff.

      • Since CBS may already have the IT infrastructure required to host the live feeds, they no longer need an outside partner with a similar set-up to do so.

        But at the same time, they basically are starting from scratch so if CBS wants the streaming service available to Canadians, then they have to go past several government agencies in Canada to get clearance, something that Real had probably done so during the early years of their partnership with the network but took great pains to make it possible when the internet was about to take off in the early 2000’s.

        CBS might find it difficult to do the same now given the current marketplace. I’m sure they’re aware of how popular the show is to Canadians (and probably make at least a good share of the total average number of feed subscribers for the past decade and a half), but even if it means losing potential overseas revenues, it’s too risky now for them to make the feeds available there.

        I’m sure you guys would find a way, even if it means going the illegal route of checking out pirate streams and of couse catch recorded feed clips off of Youtube (that’s not live).

        -PS I’m not from America nor Canada by the way/ :D

      • This is definitely not an issue of infrastructure or figuring out how to let Canada access the Internet. I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain it again since you’re clearly not reading what we’re writing.

  2. Whatever happened to free feeds? Or was that just BB after dark? What is the difference between the feeds and after dark? Thanks!

  3. i think the big problems are with the laws that prevent USA sites to be viewed by Canada and other Countries. So i think because we in Canada can’t watch full episodes or access some videos on sites like CBS, NBC, Fox, ect… since feeds are on CBS then it’s against the law to allow other countries to watch.

    i would think CBS is going to lose a significant amount of money this year and they could have gone other route to avoid this.

    option 1 would have been to create a website separate from the official(much like a Superpass) but run by CBS.

    option 2 and in my opinion the best option would have been Global, in Canada we can watch on BB15 tv show on CBS or it also airs on Global. so my question would be why CBS wouldn’t made some deal with Global to air BB15 live feeds on Global website for Canadian, same can be said for After Dark. if they have permission to air BB tv episodes, then i can’t think of why they couldn’t stream the feeds through them and make a pile of money

  4. The thing everyone seems to be missing when discussing the feeds situation for Canada is that the show is being broadcast in Canada on Global TV in syndication. The feeds should have been part of some agreement with Global and should be made available on the global website. As for BBCanada live feeds not being available in the US — well it wasn’t picked up on a US Network … Sure it would have been nice not to geoblock, but really I feel it’s not the same situation at all.

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