Big Brother 15 & The Showmance Angels Of Death

Big Brother 15 - Angels of Death

They’re not just unlikable and downright offensive, these girls will kill your game. The Big Brother 15 Angels of Death have ended two HGs’ journeys and are about to rack up their third victim this Thursday when their final showmance exits out the front door.

Now I’m not going to say these ladies meant to get their boy toys evicted from BB15, but clearly sharing a bed with any of these players could be hazardous to your BB-health.

First week we saw Aaryn’s man-shield David head out the door after finding himself the center of the MVP’s attention and on the opposite side of the Moving Company’s support. The second week it was GinaMarie’s fauxmance, though he claims the relationship and feelings were genuine, partner Nick caught off guard and out of luck when the votes were tallied. Now there’s just one more guy to go.

Big Brother 15 - Kiss of Death

Jeremy is on his way home in all likelihood and out of both the previous evictions his is the most tightly coupled with his showmance. Again, there’s no correlation between his showmance with Kaitlin and his pending doom, but it was Kaitlin’s use of the Veto to save herself that put him on the path out of the game. The HGs also don’t like Jeremy and he’s competent enough at competitions to be considered a threat, so he’s done.

Now with their third and final showmance partner being evicted we’d expect the curse to be broken, but if not, then watch out McCrae! Unless, of course, it’s possible for GinaMarie’s shrine of Nick memorabilia to get evicted, then he’s got one more buffer before him. And if there’s any chance these three girls can be the next set of evictees, then that’d be just fine with me.

Update: A reader pointed out that if Howard goes next week, as some HGs have discussed, then we’d be adding Candice to this list of “Angels” considering her new showmance with him. Not a good summer for romance in the Big Brother house!

Update 2: I joke about McCrae and Howard falling victim to the showmance curse, but the real focus here was supposed to be the interesting pattern of these three girls and their linked male partners ending up being the first three evicted. Just something that I’m sure many of us noticed and thought it was worth highlighting for those who hadn’t.


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    • Why do you say that andrew9300? She isn’t in a showmance, is she? If you’re saying they (Elissa and Helen) should target Howard next, I agree. He lied to Helen about MC even after she told him she knew about it. Huge mistake Howard, huge!

      • Howard & Candice have been snuggled at bed time, but I can’t remember if there’s been a kiss or not. That sounds familiar, but with so many HGs doing that it’s hard to keep track!

      • He is a huge target now. Everyone wants Howard out if they have the opportunity.

  1. Let us just say Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn gave their boy toys the “kiss of death”. The guys probably wished they never hooked up with these women. Jeremy is a douche so, he is as much responsible for the other house guests hating him! I guess karma is starting to catch up with the racists and bullies in the Big Brother House. Which is one more reason you should not do anything bad to another human being because karma is sure to hit you and hit you hard!

  2. Aaryn should be kicked out for her actions by CBS and told on national TV she lost her job over her hated remarks. She is a mean person and no way is only like this because she’s on BB. GinaMarie to follow and Kaitlyn is almost as bad. Wake up CBS you may think it’s good for your ratings but we’ll turn on you for not taking a stance!

    • They’re not showmancing, at least not yet. I know they share a bed, but I haven’t witnessed anything slightly romantic between those two. But maybe I missed something if anyone has seen it.

      • She thought there was and he pretended there was which was why I called it a fauxmance. It’s more of the pattern of these 3 girls who are paired with 3 guys and all 3 guys are evicted.

      • Hey Matthew, did I miss something? I get the feeling it’s more of a brother/sister type of love. He seems compelled to protect her, build her up, teach her, love her, and shelter her from what is going on. She seems to feel he is the only one who fully understands what she’s going through. Seems pretty legit and genuine without romance to me…I could be wrong though.

      • Oh sorry about that, this was my impression for Howard & Candice. I get the feeling it’s more of a brother/sister type of thing…

  3. Aaryn should be kicked off BB for her hatred in her comments and actions. BB ratings may be up over this national TV attention but CBS will lose a lot of BB fans if they don’t take a stance against her and GinaMarie.

    • …And what about Spencer for his sexist and potentially illegal comments? What about those who have made homophobic slurs? (Now here’s the tricky part)… What about those who invade other people’s personal space without touching them? What about people who make physical threats? …etc, etc, etc. I agree a line has to be drawn, but at what point do we allow smut tv because we’re mostly ”ok” with it?

  4. Evict Jeremy and kick Aaryn out! Her cruel behavior has no business being on CBS. Come on CBS what is wrong with you letting this be shown on your network!

  5. So who does everyone want to see at the end? We all keep saying who we want gone but not who we want to win. lol

    • Too early to pick a winner. But I would bet on final 4, not who I want but who I think will.

      – Amanda, she will somehow hook up good with Elissa, and they will help each other.

      – Elissa, especially if she keep getting the MVP.

      – Howard, last guy to survive.

      – Jessie, somehow she is so non-threathtening, she will fly under the radar.

      • That could be possible but I hope not. I think Judd could make it to the end. Amanda’s mouth is going to get her evicted and Elissa I think will be gone when MVP goes.

      • Too much game left to play but maybe:
        Guys: Judd, McCrae, Andy, Howard
        Girls: Helen, Amanda, and then either Candice or Jessie.
        A mixture of those.

      • Last year I only had my TV and Jokers, but I already had my favorite players the first week. This year, I have feeds and I’ve never been so confused on who to root for. It’s crazy!

      • I feel the same. I had BBAD last year but this is the first time I’ve had the feeds. I usually don’t get a chance to watch them until late at night. But I think because they have so many ignorant players this year it’s hard to pick one. I still like Judd and Jessie. Only thing is they haven’t done anything but because they seem the nicest that’s kind of why I’m rooting for them. At least for now. That could change by next week.

      • Usually by this time I have someone concrete to root for. I thought it might have been Nick this time, but he is out of the game. Now it’s like who displeases me the least? LOL

      • Don’t feel bad. Me and my friends play a game, (pick your BB pony. We do this on the first episode. So, it is essentially a blind pick. I choose McCrea> I felt bad for the guy cause no one was friending him, then he won HOH. I was surprised. Now, he has a succubus Amanda attached to him. LOL, I really didn’t think he would hook up, with anyone. I could not have guess that. Amanda in the first episode her expression on her face looked like she had a mad grumpy face.

      • Those are my four favorite and I also really like Judd. Amanda and Andy just get on my nerves sometimes for some reason.

      • Yeah I’m with you there. I do kinda like Judd and wouldn’t be too upset if he replaced any of my fave four.

    • I want the person who played the best to wind up in the end. Of course, it does not happen every time but, that person who plays the best deserves atleast, 2nd. Dan Gheesling last season played almost perfectly. I say almost because he passed on evicting Ian when he had a chance to! The only other player who played somewhat good but, compared to Dan is not good enough. Yet, he won because Dan did not evict him when he had the chance! If he did then, Dan would have won last season! I bet he is kicking himself for that dumb move! How could he miss the only other player who played the game almost as good as him?
      At this stage, too early to call who will play the best game. So far, Amanda and Helen seem to be playing well but, lots of game play remaining. Judd and Jessie could surprise us all! Or even Candice!

    • I would love to see Andy and Jude at the end. They were both very instrumental in getting Spencer and Jessie to vote Nick out instead of Elissa. I think they both play the game very well, letting the others believe one thing yet having their mind set on doing the opposite. I loved how they would talk to the “ignorant side” and have them believing they were going to vote Elissa out all the while their intentions were to vote Nick out. Also, Elissa (I know a lot of you may not agree) was instrumental in working Candace and Jessie was well for them to not vote her out. She did a great job in woe’ing them both to her side too.

  6. I hope Jeremy goes home and I wish there was a triple eviction to get rid of these racist bullies

  7. Amanda thinks that McCrae is some kind of genius and a somebody. “I’m scared I’m falling for you”…”There’s nothing to be afraid of, McCrae said.”I’m afraid of finding out that you are really a Pizza Delivery Boy. lol

      • Don’t worry, the sad realities of life will kick in after the show… They’ll date for a short time until she realizes that her fake boobs can’t be further enhanced on a delivery boys salary. I kinda feel bad for the guy cause he seems like the type of ”Average Joe” I’d like to see win this kinda show! :)

    • Sometimes, the underdogs will surprise us! Nobody knows how he will turn out because lots of things can happen to our lives. Being a Pizza Delivery Boy is of course, not the dream job of most people but, even the movie stars started as waitresses or some other menial jobs to pay bills. Getting into a relationship, the character matters more than anything because you can have a rich girlfriend or boyfriend but, if they are always cheating on you, what good is that? If Amanda is looking at his job as a criteria—-that is the wrong way to look at a potential life partner. Everyone has the potential to be someone great if they have the drive and the perseverance for it!

      • Dude, I know what you’re saying. You’re too serious….you need to relax a little bit.

  8. i’m really sick of helen, elissa and candace. there conversations are inane and condescending. it seems like the old moving company has just quit playing altogether and every comment out of them is indicating that helen & elissa are a lock for the final three… wtf is up with that.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own self delusions. Including those 3. Might change if HOH goes to back to other side.

  9. with jeremy gone, the show will be unwatchable. this cast really, really sucks bad. Hope they fire the whole casting department after this fiasco

    • They did pretty good for the first 14 seasons. They overtought their process this time. They need to go back to basic.
      I’m sure CBS will give them a chance to redeem themselves next year. Maybe with a bit more of oversight.

      • I think they need to scale back on the amount of frat party princes/princesses. Let’s get a GOOD mix of people (age wise, culture wise, income wise…etc). Nothing worse than watching a doctor whose looking for something to do, compete against a politician who is in looking for recognition, who is competing against a spoiled rich kid, who’s competing against a former Ms.America, who’s competing against…etc! Heck, I’d like to see some of the faithful commentators from this site (or others) get a shot at winning.

      • I think especially age wise. I mean you can clearly see that all the 20 something they have in there, are lacking maturity big time. Re: Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlyn, …
        They need to bring more people in their 30s. There is plenty of 35 year-old that look good in a bikini. And they are more mature. Heck I know a few 40 that look good in a bikini.

      • lol. I was thinking a bit more broad than that – but you’re on the right track. I miss seeing a senior (or two) in there competing. I know they are less likely to compete physically, but there are some great social game players I’m sure at that age.

      • lol, I thought it would be interesting to see somebody so conflicted with their belief play the game. Remember Kayser?

      • I loved Kayser! I don’t think he was very conflicted though. He could separate his religion from his gameplay. Which was what made him “must see tv” (plus it helped that he was good looking :) ). I think Howard is very conflicted at times but he’s not able to compartmentalize things as well as Kayser. Maybe his downfall.

      • Now THAT actually would catch my interest! It’d be even cooler if the Monk was a beast of a man who’s like 6’2, built like a tank, and really outgoing! :)

  10. Amanda is the only one who I don’t see joining the Angels of Death. She and McCrae seem pretty safe.

  11. “Sharing a bed with any of these players could be hazardous to your BB-health”… more ways than one!!!

  12. I would call Aaryn a lot of things. “Angel” is not one of them. Whether that’s Angel Big Brother death or otherwise.

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