The Big Brother 15 Angels Of Death Face Their Own

Big Brother 15 - Angels of Death

Last week I joked that the Mean Girls alliance was actual a trio of angels of death as all three of their showmance/fauxmance partners had been evicted. Now it looks like it’s their turn to face the chopping block.

Once the dust settled from all of the MVP chaos we were left with three final nominees: Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin. One of these three girls will be going home on Thursday. Now it’s just up to the HGs to decide who they want walking out the BB15 door.

GinaMarie was never a real target even when she was being considered as an original nominee. Now that she’s up on the block as Elissa’s replacement for the MVP nom things are no different. She went on a silly tirade yesterday that she’s been nominated because she’s a competitor and she’s ready to compete. HGs laughed at her for this since there are no more competitions and she won’t be doing any competing as a nom.

Aaryn was the ideal target for the house. No one really likes her and even those that don’t mind her are just using her as cannon fodder and a puppet. Aaryn’s game has been a dead man walking in the house for sometime now and everyone knows it, including Aaryn for the most part. This would be one of those evictions where you’d leave no vengeance seeking ally behind as even Kaitlin and GinaMarie are voicing annoyance with Aaryn.

Kaitlin is about to have a bad week. Again. Last week she used the Veto to save herself and saw her in-house boyfriend walk about the door as a result. Part of that deal was a promise that she’d be safe and earn the gratitude of the house. Maybe Helen shouldn’t talk for future HoH’s and house decisions.

On Monday Kaitlin became the new favorite target. She’s more likable than Aaryn, at least by a little, and she’s a competitor. Now the house wants her out for that. Best of all, they want to keep it a secret and make it another blindside. Of course that will probably last 15 mins before Helen tells her. Then Andy tells her. Then Andy tells Amanda that Helen told her so Amanda tells her. Then… you get the idea.

What do you think of the HGs options? Should they stick to the original Aaryn plan or is Kaitlin the right choice for this week?


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  1. I feel like if they keep passing on Aaryn she may NEVER get out!!!!! I understand getting out the competition, the one’s who are a physical threat, but good lord that girl Aaryn needs to get the boot and let America have their chance with her!!!! I CAN”T wait for that exit interview with Julie!!!!!

    • Does suck but they like having a target in the house, and who on earth could like such a vile witch like Aaryn

      • I like Aaryn, i think she is just misunderstood. and she’s awesum cute too. Get out the airheads first , helen and ellisa. goofballs shoud go first. Go aaryn go. !!

    • This how Aaryn’s delusional conversation with Julie might go: her answers will be, Julie “I never said that.” Then if we are lucky, the clip will air, to prove it…Then Aaryn will say to Julie “Don’t get it twisted.”

  2. Aaryn is just wasting space, she’s extremely rude and disrespectful but it would be smart to get Kaitlin out this week

  3. if you take Aaryn to the final two.You are for sure going to Win Big Brother.But do not forget Aarryn .is and always will be a very evil .Disrespecting of others.Always and Forever.

    • That is the dumbest argument I have heard because you give Aaryn $50,000 just for being a racist and doing nothing to deserve it! If you play the game, just take a floater to the end and you win hands down! There is no reason to take these racists to the end and hand them so much money when they do not deserve it!

      • Well, the point of the game is to stay in the house and win, by whatever means necessary. If taking Aaryn to 2nd place gets her some money, then she’s earned it by virtue of staying in the house that long. The show isn’t about who is racist, and who isn’t. The cash reward at the end isn’t for being racist, it is for making it to the final 2.

        I do not want Aaryn to sit in the jury, so she needs to go soon.

  4. I think the tide is turning to Kaitlin, although I wish Aaryn would go so they could disinfect the house!
    IF Kaitlin goes and Aaryn stays I just hope someone will tell her the ONLY reason she didn’t go was because no one sees her as a threat, she has no allies, she isn’t good at the game and has no chance of winning.

    • kendall wasn’t aaryn the last girl to fall off in the first hoh that’s right people forgot about that and maybe aaryn game was to be a bitch to get to the end if she was nice wont make it

  5. Kaitlin is the most dangerous because she’s the most competitive comp wise. My only fear would be that Kaitlin is evicted and Aaryn wins the next HOH. She may not be good at comps but even the worst player can get lucky. Would we be subjected to another week of mean girl attitude or would she tow the line knowing that her BB life depended on it? The HGs have made plans to evict all 3 in consecutive order. But as we know, things don’t always go as planned.

    • I think we are due for a skill challenge. We’ve had 2 q&a, one endurance but no skill yet. And as we know, skill benefits whoever stays up and practices the most, which probably won’t be Aaryn.

  6. ugh! get rid of stupid Aaryn.. I cannot WAIT til she gets evicted and
    walks out to everyone booing her! and Julie saying.. oh btw…in the
    words of The Donald… “You’re Fired!”

  7. Why would you vote out someone you can beat for the half million dollar prize? Your goal in this game isn’t to make it to the final 2, it’s to make it to the final 2 against someone you can beat. That means taking out the socialites and physical competitors, not the nuisances and assholes.

    • Well, since they are all nuisances and assholes, I don’t think it matters who goes first.

    • I would vote her out because I don’t think she deserve second plac either. I don’t think she deserves any money. The second place winner also wins cash. AAryan deserves nothing. She is just mean and rude. Please get her out soon. Hppefully before Jury.

      • the winner at the end wont give a rat’s ass who came in second. why would they care, they would be holding the bag of cash 248,000 dollars after taxes. besides aaryn deserves the money for second place, she has lost her job and will probably never get hired for the rest of her life. she will probably become a crack hore on the streets of arkansas.

    • You take a floater who has done nothing in the game but, you do not need to take a racist to the end! Why should you reward a racist $50,000 when she has done nothing to deserve it? In contrast, a floater in the house also did not do anything but, since, they are not racist, as a person deserves it more! Each of my votes would be to help evict all the racists and bullies, Aaryn,
      Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer. After that, may the best player win!

  8. Please get aaryn out of the house.Thats crazy, i understand if someone takes her to the final 2 that she has no chance of winning. But morally she needs to face US! The public. Shes rascist, get her out!

    • And I believe there are about 3 or 4 others that are racists. In fact 2 of them are worse then Aaryn But CBS just doesn’t show it. Which in my opinion is wrong.

  9. What I don’t understand is how Jeremy thought he was a good competitor and won everything. I think he won maybe two things….or it might have been just one. Real winner. Also, Kaitlin has won what…..two competitions and got close in several others. So this makes her great and a threat. The girl has not won HOH and didn’t win veto win she needed to. Real winner.

  10. It’s sad when you don’t like any of the houseguest. I am thinking about calling it quits for this season. I said I’m thinking about it………I love BB, but this season is just too much. Right now, I don’t care who they send home. Hell, I wish they would send three or four of them home on Thursday.

    • I agree as well. I still have no favorite which is really ridiculous. Just when I think I may like someone they make a stupid decision that changes my mind. I think I have more people that I would rather see leave than stay. I can’t find one person that I think is playing a brilliant game by any means. I can’t even keep up with all these side alliances. CBS decided to make an example of Aaryn and it obviously didn’t bother these HGs since she will most likely be staying. I don’t know why they picked just her because several of these HGs are just as guilty. A complete dud of a season imo. Really sad because like you I normally love BB.

  11. I wanted Aryan out this week too. BUT, GM has been so obnoxious and letting the racist crap spew out of her mouth. I would like to see them go in this order: Kaitlin, GM, and then Aryan Nation (at least she has been trying to muzzle herself). But I still want Aryan gone before Jury. Can you imagine having to spend more time with this creature? Yikes!

    Just out of curiosity, has anybody noticed the big change with the mobile view of this site? It is way different, and it wasn’t available last night at all. I don’t know if I like it yet, but looking around. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks!

    Debbie Sutterfield

  12. My prediction of Julie’s “greeting” for each of these three

    Aaryn: “Well, I’d say it was nice to meet you but I’d be lying. You’re a racist, disgusting person. You lost two modelling contracts because of what you said. Don’t even sit down. Bye.”
    GinaMarie: “You are one of the worst contestants I’ve ever seen. And a guy actually asked to be voted out because he thought he’d come back with super powers. Don’t sit down. Bye. Oh and by the way, you lost your job because of the racist hate you’ve been spewing.”
    Kaitlin: “Well, you let that dumb oaf Jeremy wreck your game. Good job. At least you have a job still.”

    • Unfortunately Julie has too much class to say that. I think she will warn her that America hates her.

      • Here’s how it should go.
        Julie sit next to Aaryn and tell her: “please look at this clip”. They show her the clip when she said “Shut up and go make some rice”. Then Julie turn around and look her right in the eyes and tell her: “I took that personnally and it hurt me”. And wait.
        That should be enough.

      • Asking someone to go make some rice is a pretty tame comment… it is only assumed to have racist overtones. What is so wrong with making rice. I love rice and could eat it every day. Y’all are jumping to conclusions. I think yer’all a bunch of idiots (regardless of your ethnicity)

      • Even if it’s not these precise words, this may be the “tone” of each. Cold and harsh with Aaryn, bluntly honest with GM, and indifferent with Kaitlin.

    • NAILED it… except, Amanada is a eating machine and wants to boss everyone around and stay in the HoH even when it is not hers. She is so annoying also. Not one of them really is a great player duds this year.

      • She was kinda right about backdooring Howard, Getting that kind of power out of the house as fast as you can is a good idea ,or it might come back to bite you. Cant say I dont like the 3 witches all wishing it on each other. Once the vote is in the other two will just be stupid enough to think they’re safe.

      • The other night she thought she was royalty in the HoH room. I couldn’t believe she was sitting in Judd’s bed eating mangos. That fruit is so messy. Then she had her
        P-ons practically bowing to her feet

    • I have been wishing Julie Chen would lose her job for many seasons now… she really , really sucks as a host… all of my friends who watch BB agree 150 % that she should be replaced.

      • The Chenbot will probably never lose her job. She’s married to the President of CBS. Only way I can see her not hosting Big Brother is if CBS decides the bad publicity isn’t worth it and doesn’t renew the series and it gets picked up by, say, NBC.

        And while some people would agree with your opinion, many more would strongly disagree.

  13. Aaryn is not a threat at all, and as much as I really dislike her it would be waste to vote her out this time around. The one competition she “won” was really won by Jeremy who handed it to her on a silver platter. Girl can not win comps, she has no social game…..get out Kaitlin she is the bigger threat and actually has a chance to win if she makes it through.

  14. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE HAVE SUCH SHORT MEMORY!!!!!!!! I don’t see where the hell KAITLIN all of a sudden is a phisical threat while AARYN was the one who almost won the first HOH (endurance) and won one HOH. Kaitlin hasn’t won sh*t besides that veto and all of a sudden she’s a bigger phisical threat than Aaryn? Let’s not forget that the next HOH is probably ENDURANCE and if they leave Aaryn she will prob win it… It will be really stupid of them. “Kaitlin phisical threat.. ha! what a joke”. She’s smart, but we know that the next comp will not be a quiz…

    • Good I hope she stays and wins HOH. Then she can nominate that disgusting, vile pig Howard.

    • Remember that Aaryn is a member of the girl squad on her college… but she got many pounds up on this weeks.
      On the first one she was the little girl that grabbed the pole and stayed there… if the competition was know, i think Aaryn would be the 3 or 4 going down.
      Worst, she is so alone (remember on the first she was thinking on Jeremy and nick to be her possible show mans of the season) and her moral is very low.
      The other competition she won… was because of a cheating and Jeremy had big fingers.
      (funny side: she was HOH but it was Kaitlin that got her way with the ones that got on the block)
      Kaitlin is a good physical contestant, she has a very good social game (she botched that when she got into Jeremy bed) and she is very smart.

  15. I think that the production team and CBS got the opposite of what they wanted. They promised and season free of floaters and what we have is a house full of floaters. Let’s see
    Andy – king of floaters (BB15)
    Candice – Queen of the floaters (BB15)
    Elisa – not smart enough to be considered a floater (she’s a bad player and now going a bit cra cra)
    McCrae – floater but latched onto and strong player
    Jesse – floater that wants to be latched onto a strong player
    Here is the prediction as of right now in order of leaving the BB house:
    David – never had a shot
    Nick – played too earlier too soon
    Jeremy – Bullied himself out the door
    Kaitlyn – victim of poor choices and alliance selection early in the game
    Amanda – Howard mounts a push to out a stronger player
    Howard – finally seen as the threat he is
    Gina – open mouth, open door out of the house
    Elisa – final goes all out nuts and CBS will stop protecting her
    Spencer – will run out of guys to make a alliance with since McCrae and Judd will still be working together
    Helen – will be overheard saying something to someone, planning a plot
    Candice – will run out of allies between other alliances
    Judd – luck will finally run out
    Andy – McCrae knows who he can beat
    Aaryn – HG know she is the one to bring to the end
    McCrae – winner, if Amanda is out early

  16. Gina Marie will win HOH, if the competiton involves anything you insert to the mouth. Hands down !.Her mouth is a waste muncher.

  17. Oh well I would vote for Kaitlin to go so she won’t be able to compete in any competitions… Bye-Bye Kaitlin :)

  18. Aaryn needs to go… BASICALLY because I want Julie to see her walk out the door and TELL HER LITTLE BUTT she is unemployed and see if she says the same thing she told Amanda when she was trying to help her! I bet her attitude changes then. PLUS who wants her on the jury.

  19. LOL. The last full paragraph is pretty funny because it is so true. Helen is such a big mouth but she is only one of several in the house who cannot keep anything secret from anybody. The paranoia from not divulging the MVP is hysterical.

    But I see the point in not evicting Aaryn. I think everyone is thinking if they take her to the final two there is no way they can lose with the final jury vote. I know Aaryn wins $50 thousand for that but the winner of the $500 thou is not going to care about that.

  20. Calm down people!!! Of course Aaron will get evicted. CBS will never allow her to win. She has already been sentenced to death row, the wk it occurs is immaterial. Let’s get back to all the backstabbing we look forward to, on big brother!!!

  21. Well, this is the first season that almost everyone here has the same opinion about the hgs. No one is defending any of the hgs (except for the racial stuff). There really isn’t anything to disagree about, either. Game play is very weak.

  22. When do they start doing Jury? I thought it was when they went through 4 people out of the house?

  23. Could someone tell me who is with who as far as alliances? And has Howard started a alliances with the mean girls?

  24. Aaryn is my favorite i love vilans, would love to see her getting to final 2 and winning.

    Too bad kaittilen gotta go.

    Howard and Spencer gotta go next

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