Big Brother 15: Tensions Boil Over As Week 8 Eviction Nears

Big Brother 15 - HoH fight

While things look set for one HG’s eviction tomorrow night that hasn’t stopped the campaigning. Even better is that it boiled over in to argument on top of argument.

Flashback to 12:00PM BBT to find Elissa in the HoH room telling Aaryn about all her terrible decisions this round as HoH. Elissa makes some valid points, but her delivery is terrible and not well received. Thirty minutes later Helen is in there and Aaryn complains to her about Elissa’s behavior. It’s not helping Helen’s case, but really Helen has no case at this point in Big Brother 15.

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The real fun starts at 1:35PM BBT when Andy arrives and Helen breaks out the claws. “The jig is up, Andy!” Helen goes right in to him that they know he isn’t going to vote to keep her. Andy gets upset and says he’s pissed off that his allies are coming at him like this. Of course it helps to forget that Andy is voting against one of these allies, Helen, and keeping Spencer who in this situation is not his ally.

Meanwhile Aaryn runs downstairs to report to McCranda. Amanda heads upstairs (1:45PM BBT) and walks in mid-sentence on Elissa telling Andy he shouldn’t listen to a 28-year old real estate… Amanda busts through the door and demands answers. She wants to know what Elissa is saying about her.

Elissa starts to argue. Andy is upset that he’s being threatened. He’s complaining to everyone who walks through the door asking them to side with him. Amanda sides with Elissa that saying if Andy goes against Helissa that he’ll be made a target isn’t threatening. Several others side with Andy that he was threatened.

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The longer a HG lasts the higher the chance of them complaining about another HG doing the same thing they’ve done earlier in the season. It’s funny to watch.

Later Andy and Helen met in the Lounge and cried and cried at each other. Both are big fakers when it comes to crying so I’d guess both are faking it again here, which is funny to watch a battle of on-demand tears.

The target remains. Helen will be voted out on Thursday, but it’s nice to not see her lay down and die like we saw for the past two weeks. Now we can look forward to the next twist hitting the house!



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  1. Why doesn’t Aryn see what’s going to happen? Amanda and McCrae do nothing and are reaping the rewards…this is getting boring…get Amanda out!

    • Asryn knows everything. However, she is too scared to make a move. It’s funny how Asryn wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe with Candice, but won’t do the same when it comes to Amanda and Elissa. Asryn knows that Amanda is holding a butcher knife in her right hand and is waiting for the perfect time to stab her in the back. If she wants to stand back and let it happen……I say good, because I’m sitting back and waiting for it to happen, as well.

    • It seems like every week we have someone go crazy and make herself a bigger target than the person who is the target. Candice did it when Howard was on the block. Elissa is doing it with Helen on the block. I have no idea why these people think that the way to play this game is to insult everyone in the house, call them out in public and act like a jackass. I know we have seen this in the past on BB from one or two players, but this year it is expected every week.

  2. I can’t stand Amanda!!!! Her family must be pretty embarrassed as to how bitchy…yeah I said it, bitchy she is! The HG’s should just give the game over to her. I’ve never seen so much manipulation going on and everyone taking it like the bitter pill it is. Not a back bone in the house. She would be so easy to Back Door, if they would realize that.

    • The thing is all they do is plan and talk about evicting Amanda then, still plan and talk about evicting Amanda again, over and over! All talk and no action! Talk is cheap they say and nowhere more apparent than in the Big Brother House!

      • Makes you wonder if the players are the one writing the script here, or is it BB?

    • I, honestly, don’t mind Amandah’s being bitchy. It’s the rest of the stuff I have a hard time dealing with.

    • Apparently she’s getting back doored enough by McCrae…she even asked him to do it to her. She’s a pig…

    • Honestly, whose family is going to be proud of what they are seeing on BB – of the house guest that remain? If my kid was one of these people I would not turn on the TV and I would not show my face in public for at least 6 months.

    • Andy is the biggest sniveling weasel in BB history. I have no problem with the lying, its part of the game, but the way he won’t own it is just disgusting. In the last few weeks I have learned to really dislike both Andy and McCrae. Both of them are nothing but smack talking worms. I love the way they were talking tonight about how they are going to tell Elissa off next week – after the veto ceremony! Give it a rest you two wussies. McCrae should climb back into Amanda’s pouch before he gets hurt.

  3. Aaryn see that Amanda is running the house but Amanda has the whole house terrified if everyone stood together they could get Amanda out but for some reason Amanda has everyone so scared BB just give Amanda her check already Amanda so good at manipulating she can manipulate everyone to just self evict

  4. Let’s all just hope helen or jessie that get the second chance to return and win hoh to take amanda out

  5. I’ve never been so excited for a BB finale as I am this season. Not because I’m anxious to see who wins. I’m just tired of feeling obligated to watch each episode. Every other season, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out who won HOH or veto, or who was getting evicted, or which HG was going to make what big move! This season is so predictable and boring. It’s like a chore to watch back my DVRed episodes. I don’t even have a HG to root for (I’m Team Elissa because she’s the only one left who seems as disgusted as I am by the ugly, personal attacks the HGs have been launching on each other.)! I just want it to be over. And I might be out of the BB-viewing business after this season as well…

  6. the perfect thing is helen gets evicted tomorrow night and Amanda gets all smuge then Helen is the houseguest that returns I would love to see Amanda face when that happens..I cant stand Amanda

    • Her mouths gonna hit the ground if Judd comes back.mccrae said he will not evict Judd again end of mccranda may come soon

  7. Can’t WAIT for Thursday! I’m predicting that the camera will be panning to Amanda often once the twist is revealed to the house. They’re really gonna need that slight delay just to bleep her out every other word.

    • Are they going to reveal it? It’d be great if they did. Yes Amanduh, America really hates you…you are a sloth and a gross pig…

  8. Once again we can only conclude this is the worst cast yet on Big Brother. They are all just horrible players or horrible people. I wish none of them would win anything.

    I figured out the reason why they all talk so much trash about Elissa. Yes, she deserves a lot of it but no more than the other people who are just as bitchy and horrible. The difference is, Elissa is talking trash to them while they talk trash about the people not in their little high school clique. Anyway, I am convinced they talk about her constantly on BBAD to try to pollute the voting for America’s favorite player. I think they think that she has a lock on it because of Rachel’s fans. Of course what they don;t realize is that most BB fans dislike all of them.

    At this point, I am voting for Candice even though she is a terrible player. I just want her to win so these cretins all know how much America dislikes them and wishes they all went away soon.

      • I can’t vote for Howard for two reasons. 1. I believe he did make a vile comment to Amanda. And even though she was in her underwear in the kitchen and she is a disgusting pig herself, the comment was unacceptable. 2. He was trying to convince Candice to turn against Elissa even though Elissa was the only one in the house to take a stand against the racism with Candice. Howard let Candice fight that battle by herself and tried to turn Candice away from her friends in the house.

        I like Candice even though she did not try to play the game. But I understand that. Once the racism started I think Candice decided she had a bigger battle to fight than Big Brother.

        My point was the rest of the house, with the exception of Elissa, would be dumbfounded if Candice won AFP and I want them to watch her take that check from Jullie and I want the live audience to give Candice the loudest standing ovation in BB history. Since I won’t be there to see GM and Aaryn find out they don’t have jobs anymore, I will settle for the looks on their faces when they see Candice take that check.

  9. I bet amanda can fart hard like a man! Ron howard, I mean andy needs to save his tears for her mammoth fart when she tries to get rid of him!

  10. the whole rest of the season is a charade. Aaryn said herself that she was ‘scared’ of what could happen if Amanda remains in ‘power’. Last I checked HOH was h.b.i.c….so Aaryn had the ball in her court to ‘make a big move’ she could have single handedly gotten Amanda out this week, but she is a wimp. Elissa is a proven threat, when it comes down to it. She has won veto I think twice this season, which has completely saved her. Andy needs to go, I am glad he is finally getting called out on his four-faced ways! He talks to everyone and spreads the word…did he think he would never get caught?! I think Amanda is ‘playing a part’ in this game, meaning she is obviously trying to act like a hard a**. In reality what is she going to do?! She cannot physically harm anyone…so she’s going to yell and berate you….big deal, you can take it for a week if it means getting her out! I don’t like how when someone is HOH they get the whole house to vote ‘their way’ … this case is even more pathetic b/c the HOH essentially has no power b/c they aren’t willing to go up against Amanda, LOL…that is beyond laughable. She is a 30 something, overweight (with delusions of feeling attractive) w-h-o- – e who has no respect for herself or her family. I hope when she gets out she is embarrassed and ridiculed for her actions in this house.

  11. I can’t believe aaryn wasted this hoh getting one of her closest allies out. Helen and her would have gone far. Shouldn’t have listened to amanda. Now the 3am alliance is almost over. So sad to see the house slowly turn into amanda’s house

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