Big Brother 15 Episode 24 Recap: OTEV Shows Up As Amanda Continues To Rule


Amanda continued to run the house in Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 15. And once again, the house had a chance to get her out and they skipped it again.

The episode picks up right after Aaryn nominated Helen and Elissa for eviction. Aaryn reminds us that she doesn’t want Helen to know she’s the target and also she wants to keep it a secret that she’s in the 3AM alliance.

Helen, meanwhile, thinks she’s definitely safe because of the fake alliance Amanda made McCrae and Andy make with Helen. Elissa is Elissa and Helen does what she can to keep her in line while they’re on the block.

Helen pulls Andy aside and he immediately starts telling Helen lies. He says he’s out of the loop and he can only imagine that Aaryn is targeting Elissa. And then the tears start. Andy says he doesn’t want to lose Helen or Elissa. But he knows what’s going on. He does a good job covering for himself at this moment.

Amanda gets to work trying to turn Elissa against Helen so that when Helen goes home, Amanda can work on Elissa as a puppet until she’s ready to be discarded. Elissa isn’t sure what to believe, but she knows that she’s next to alone as it is. So when Helen goes, she’s all alone.

Hey everyone, it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Chosen to play along with Aaryn, Elissa and Helen were GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy.

Helen is bummed that Spencer got picked to play because she expects him to go up and go home this week. But she’s happy Elissa picked Andy because she thinks he’d use it. But he has no plans of trying to even win it, much less use it on her.

It’s time to play the veto. And it’s one of the better-known competitions: OTEV. Of course the first person out is GinaMarie. Helen is knocked out second. By Elissa, none the less. Andy is out next, also taken out by Elissa. Aaryn is the next one out. That leaves Spencer and Elissa. Spencer isn’t fast enough and Elissa wins the veto. She killed it.

Helen is thrilled that Elissa won the veto, so she gets to work with trying to get Spencer up and out. Everyone keeps Helen in the dark, so she doesn’t realize what’s going on. But Andy is starting to wear thin with his lies and Helen is getting a little suspicious.

Amanda decides not to keep the secret any longer, so she tells Elissa that Spencer will go up and Helen will go home. Amanda does this to prove to Elissa that she’s willing to be honest with her. Oh, and to get the chance to threaten Elissa into not flipping the house. You know, typical Amanda fashion.

Elissa wants to warn Helen, but she’s afraid of Amanda, so she’s not sure how to do it or if she should. So Helen asks Elissa if she thinks so. Elissa does say yes, matter-of-factly, but she says “I’m sure, don’t you think?” Helen picks up on Elissa not being able to come clean, so she basically figures it out that she’s the target and has been threatened by Amanda.

Helen talks to Aaryn about coming together with her, GinaMarie and Elissa to get Amanda and McCrae out. Aaryn reveals to Helen that she thinks Andy is even under Amanda’s thumb. Aaryn thinks Helen’s idea is appealing, but everyone is always so afraid of Amanda.


On top of the idea already being planted in Aaryn’s head, Amanda blows her top at Aaryn and McCrae is freaking out because he knows Amanda could go up. So she’s considering putting up Amanda. But Andy gets to work on fixing Aaryn’s annoyance with Amanda.

Elissa of course uses the veto on herself. And Aaryn of course is too afraid to put up Amanda, so she once again puts Spencer up.


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  1. Amanda’s got to go. I can’t imagine how much time is left before I finally lose it and throw my remote at the TV, in hopes that it will impenetrate the glass, and end up in the BB house, where it will appropriately hit her in the head.

    • Amanda is going no where. The numbers are completely in her favor now, even if her boy toy goes up on the block with her. Elissa is likely the remaining hope of getting her out.

      • Or maybe if Helen or Jessie come back and win HOH. I would love it if Jessie came back and made a deal with GM, Spencer and Aaryn that if she keeps them off the block will they vote her way. Then put Amanda and McCrae up and watch them freak out. If one of them wins POV put Andy up. Let’s see how good the alliance is then. And I can’t believe I’m not hoping Spencer goes up because I’ve wanted him gone since week one. He’s still a pig but he can go after Amanda.

      • McCrae and Amanda is the better combo to put up because you strip them
        of two votes. Also, they will vote out Andy given a chance to vote to
        save each other! If they are both on the block! They cannot save each
        other! One of them gets evicted!

      • Andy may not win the money but he deserves an Oscar for all the lies he’s told. Can’t believe it took these people this long to figure it out. I’m voting for JU double D for America’s favorite.

      • Can’t you imagine the hissy fit Amanda would have to be on the block again and this time with McCray. Now that would be something worth watching.

      • Amanda is going to be livid and raving mad if she and McCrea end up on the block together because nobody can save her! It was Amanda’s plan to get Helen into an alliance with McCrae and Andy so that, even if Helen puts one of them on the block—-the two others can vote to save him or her!

      • I’d like that also. Only thing is if McCrae won POV he would save Amanda and then they would both be there for another week. All I know is I can’t wait for tonight. Lol

      • Spencer wouldn’t make that deal with Aaryn this week. He chose to go up on the block instead of voting out Amanda. I am guessing he would do the same thing if someone else offered him the same deal. However, if the returning house guest joins with Elissa, GM and Aaryn to make another alliance of 4, they just need to win HOH and it would be certain that one of the Amanda group would go home by a 3-2 vote. I hope Helen comes back and Elissa or Helen wins HOH. That;s the only way to force the alliance. If GM wins, I am concerned she will just put up Elissa and Spencer with Elissa going home. If that happens, then I don’t see another chance to take them out after that.

  2. One thing has been shown here this season – the HOH has become powerless. You can’t play for it the next week, so you have to make Amanda’s nomination or else you are threatened to be on the block next week.

    • Exactly. Just like Elissa was saying she wants Amanda gone but she’s afraid of her. The rest of them need to forget their personal feelings and hatred towards each other and ban together to get Amanda out. Then they can go back to hating each other. Lol

      • There is more of them and only Amanda and they are afraid of Amanda? What is wrong with these guys? They have the votes to take Amanda out if they want to! The problem is they do not want to get rid of Amanda! They find all sorts of reason why they cannot evict Amanda! A lot of it is utter nonsense!

      • They are afraid of each other. Aaryn keeps talking about how every times she says something Elissa knows it like 5 minutes later. I think Aaryn is suggesting production is telling Elissa things. These people are so blind and paranoid. They all run around the house telling everyone what they just heard then they complain about it. Get rid of Andy and all of that will stop.

      • I agree getting rid of Andy the tattle tale can improve game play a lot! However, it does not look too promising considering you still have Elissa, Gina Marie, Spencer and the returning house guest as easy targets to evict! And we all know how the entire house likes to take out the non-threats but, leave Amanda, McCrae and Andy alone! The next HOH has to be Elissa because she might be able to put Amanda up with Aaryn but, she might put up Aaryn and Gina Marie instead! Elissa is afraid of Amanda! That is why I am rooting for Jessie to come back and win HOH! If she is able to do both—-Jessie will put up Amanda and McCrae and finally break them up!

      • Exactly! And who knows, if they succeed in taking down Amanda, maybe they will even learn to like each other. On second thought, that might be asking too much.

  3. Just watched the episode tonight. Seeing Amanda talking to Aaryn the HOH rudely, and not nominating her, is just mind boggling. Is that a sign of somebody taking you to the end?

      • I mean, you don’t disrespect the HOH. You are under their mercy. I have no fav this season, but I’ve never seen anything like this. I like good game.

        ..anyway, double shot of Patron coming right up!

      • I tought Tequila and Mezcal was the same thing. I guess you can figure out I don’t know much about Tequila.

      • Honestly, wtf did Amanda say to aaryn that was so wrong? Aaryn was playing the victim when clearly she is anything but.

      • It all went back to when Jeremy was in the house and took the bottle of wine and Aaryn got blamed for it. Childish crap.

      • But she drank the wine lol admittingly doing so because everyone hated her anyway, what did Amanda say for aaryn to get so pissed? Lol she is always playing victim

      • Amanda said to the others, why don’t you check people’s mouths? Aaryn did not like that and said that Amanda was being rude and that started their argument! Amanda said that she did not drink the wine so, whatever she said did not matter but, Aaryn did drink the win so, don’t act innocent and not to blame for it!

      • What happened is Jeremy stole the bottle of wine and he shared it with David and Aaryn and the three of them finished the whole bottle. When the heat was on from Elissa, Candice and other have nots looking for the wine, Jeremy took the blame entirely and said he took the wine and drank it all!

      • And remember, they thought they were saving that wine for when their have not period ended later that night.

      • Aryan was not blameless in that. She laughed at the have nots as she was drinking it. She could have refused, but…

      • There is nothing wrong with what she said. Its the timing that was probably suspect. But at this point, Amanda is certain she controls all the votes so she just says what she wants.

        I loved how Andy was complaining about being threatened by Helen and Elissa. Frankly, they should have throw his skinny lying ass into the hot tub. But he was saying it in front of Amanda who basically told Elissa if she tried to save her friend she would become the next target. Now that’s a threat!

  4. Wow I don’t get to see the DR sessions on the live feeds and after watching Amanda in the DR tonight I want her gone even worse then I did before. In fact whoever gets that big mouth bully out the door will get my vote for America’s favorite.

  5. if the vote to take Helen out and she doesn’t come back, the show is going to be boring!! we all know how it will end up!! Amanda and McCrae of course who else? Helen knows that you have to get rid of them two, or they will go to the end and she is right!!

    • Helen and Judd had two chances to evict Amanda and both of them passed on it! Also, Helen backstabbed Candice and Jessie and threw them under the bus for good measure! I am glad Helen is getting evicted! Hopefully, she does not win the competition to get the right to go back into the Big Brother House! Helen and Judd both deserve to stay in the jury house!

    • I keep hoping the Elissa and Aaryn can drop their hatred of each other long enough to form an alliance with GM and whoever comes back into the house. I think Aaryn is tired of Amanda too but she needs allies she can trust. That’s not Elissa, but I think she trusts Helen. So if Helen comes back there may be a chance to get rid of McCranda yet. The problem for Aaryn is Elissa and GM will be the next two evicted along with the returning house guess. That will leave Aaryn at the mercy of Amanda.

    • “Helen knows that you have to get rid of them two, or they will go to the end and she is right!!” — I’m sorry, what show are you watching? Helen only “knew” that she had to get rid of Amanda once Amanda’s alliance was sending her out the door! Other HG’s came to her TONS of times in the weeks passed saying to vote out Amanda, and Helen kept saying “not this week, not this week”. Helen thought she was invincible and therefore getting out a huge player wasn’t a priority. Helen got exactly what she deserved.

      • Well in truth, I think Helen did see the need to do it, but she wanted to wait until Amanda wasn’t needed anymore. What Helen didn’t anticipate (and her biggest downfall) is that Andy is the 3rd member of the McCramdy alliance. Helen thought she controlled 3 votes (herself, Andy & Elissa), but as it turns out, it’s Amanda that controlled 3 votes (herself, McCrae & Andy). Too bad Helen, you really got bamboozled! I wish it was the other way around, but meh, that’s big brother.

      • Either way, Andy’s game has been exposed more or less to Helen. No use getting duped by him any longer.

  6. Truth is Amanda is playing a great game everyone is going home like she plans.. Next Helen yeah :)

    • If all the other house guests were men, Amanda has them whipped! They are all wussys! And no woman will ever respect a guy who is a wussy! In this case, even the women are all wussys! Such a pathetic bunch! Only Jessie has ever stood up to Amanda but, she is out of the Big Brother House!

  7. Amanda has played a perfect game. You don’t like it because whomever you support is gettin their ass handed to them by Amanda!!

    • No, we don’t;t like it because she is a nasty disgusting pig. If she wasn’t we would probably agree with you.

    • I don’t know if it is a perfect game. Really watch her in action, it’s her tone of voice, her conviction when she says things, those mean, black dead eyes. I really think there is something about her that is intimidating to other people. I wish they would all wise up, she needs to be kicked to the curb. She hasn’t won a damn thing either

    • She hasn’t played a perfect game – a perfect game involves the right balance of social and competitive success. Amanda has literally terrified everyone in the house because she’s a loose canon and will scream in your face the second you slight her. That’s far from a perfect social game IMO.

  8. Are the STILL fighting about the wine incident that happend like 7 seeks ago?! Give it up already!

    • Amanda knows it upsets Aaryn and she can’t be HOH next week so she is trying to make her look bad to other HG so they will (a. put her up or (b. vote her out.

  9. Helen’s DR, OMG !!!!!!…”.Whatch out Amanda ! I’m coming after you !”…………………………………………… year !!!!

      • Kat of Season 24 is coming back with guess who? Hayden of Big Brother who is her boyfriend! Kat said that a backdoor was fun because you do not expect it! She got backdoored that very episode! LOL

      • Kat and Hayden? lol..OMG this is gonna be epic. I hate “One World”.Remember Colton?..anyway, I can’t wait.

      • That was Season 24. I liked that season because Kim Spradlin totally dominated it. She evicted all the men and it was the first Final 5 all women in Survivor history! At the last few weeks, she won 4 immunity challenges and won the season going away! She won it 7-2!

      • There going to need a 4hr finale with a 5 min delay to bleep all the cussing out. Will need a censor for each person.

  10. Amanda HAS to go she is being a B??.? If she Wins BB15 then I know it has been rigged

    • I think she will be the winner her or McCrae they will be the f2 certainly not hoping or wishing that happens but everyone is so afraid of her I just don’t get it

      • I don;t think McCrae can win against Amanda or anyone else for that matter. He has to show he is playing his own game and not going along with Amanda. I don;t think the other house guests respect McCrae at all. He talks big about the other girls in the house then he heels when Amanda calls him.

  11. Why didnt they show clownies many suicide attempts? It would have brought some humor to the show

    • Some bullies are worse than others. The only reason she seems mild is McRae works hard to keep her in check. The only reason she hasn’t been physical is automatic removal from game. I think she could very easily be physical.

      • She has not shown the least inclination to be physical. You’re making her out to be what you want her to be. Just because she tells people what they don’t want to hear doesn’t make her a bully, and it certainly doesn’t make her a violent threat.

      • You better hope your son or daughter do not get bullied then, you will know that bullying someone is never right and no excuse for it! And these bullies will get their just desserts because their bad karma will come after them soon enough! That you can take to the bank!
        And there is no place on earth for these bullies to hide when their bad karma catches with them and now, they have to face the music!

    • Hope the when the 4 returnees are set that they let America choose the next HOH. Would give time for the returnee to get acquainted with the house.

    • You are so ignorant. Bullying takes many forms including hurling insults, mocking you, making your life hell at work for instance—-there are more forms of bullying than you can imagine! I know because I have been bullied but, I did not turn the other cheek and went after the bully! In other cultures, you as much as sully someone’s name and that would be enough reason for them to kill you!

    • No, she meets the definition of a bully when she threatens people that they will be sent home if the do not do what she wants them to. A good example is the way she told Elissa not to try and save Helen this week or Elissa would go home next week. First, that just proves Amanda thinks she runs the house and controls everything. Second, to not allow Elissa to try to save her friend Helen is kind of ridiculous. But, this is bullying.

      I am glad Elissa told Amanda she is going to play her own game even though it was a dumb game move. I just hope Elissa wins HOH and puts Amanda and McCrae up.

  12. OMG ANYBODY WATCHING THE FEEDS???? Aaryn just drank nail polish remover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I commented in the feeds chat earlier that she appeared dopped up….maybe she is..

  13. Update on Aaryn We have fish on feeds so production must have stepped in. She claimed she thought it was her water bottle. Evidently she ingested a good bit of it.. She & Helen were doing their nails.

    • I’m trying to find info on the net. Acetone free, can get real sick. With acetone, you can die.

      • You can drink up to 200ml safely. To get rid of it you can either puke it up or just breath heavily to get rid of it through your lungs.

      • I don’t get how she didn’t know immediately it was nail polish remover. The smell alone would tip you off. Also..the color..usually it’s purple, blue or yellow. Sometimes it’s green.

      • Non-acetone nail polish removers contain methanol. Methanol can blind you in lesser amounts and kill you in larger amounts. Acetone based polish removers have all kinds of toxic effects if you ingest large enough quantities. Basically, anything that can remove the finish from your furniture is probably not good to drink.

      • When I was 3 or 4 I drank a whole bottle…I loved the smell. (and the taste) UGH! Had my stomach pumped, and still remember it. The only way anyone knew what I did….my mom smelled it on my breath. VERY distinctive smell.

      • I accidentally licked my finger after doing my nails and I had to go rinse my tongue it was that disgusting. And that was at least an hour afterwards. Gross.

    • You have to injust more than 200 ml of acetone before its starts to cause problems. The liver is pretty good about breaking it Down. I doubt she drank more than that so I’m sure she is fine

      • Are you certain that it was acetone and not methanol? Some people drink or try to rink methanol like regular drinking alcohol. It used to be a big problem during prohibition when bootleggers would mix it with various oils and coloring agents to make fake booze. Lot of people wound up blind or dead from drinking too much of it.

    • While, no one wants bad things to happen to others, this incident of Aaryn ingesting Acetone could be part of the bad karma she has sowed and now starting to reap the effects of it! Colton in Survivor 24, was especially mean towards Christina and he ended being evacuated due to a medical emergency. His appendicitis too him out of the game—-he was especially rude, mean and arrogant towards Christina!

  14. UPDATE on Aaryn she must be in DR getting checked out…Amanda and McCrae have already taken over the HOH bed.

  15. Update Aaryn is back in the HOH but no talk of her condition per say as to ill effects…

  16. Spencer was apparently watching her drink it and didn’t tell her. He claims he thought she was drinking for the alchohol… is this guy dumb?

  17. the perfect thing is helen gets evicted tomorrow night and Amanda gets all smuge then Helen is the houseguest that returns I would love to see Amanda face when that happens..I cant stand Amanda..Amanda is a child

  18. They need to back door Amanda and mcCrae at some point. Have one of them on the block and then back door the other. Getting one of them out! Just for kicks! I just want to see Amanda sweat and them loose each other. The 2 playing together is like Pinky and the Brain! Break them up! Now!

    • Wouldn’t it be great if McCray went to the jury house where Jessie is, bet Amanda would have another one of her hissy fits just thinking about him being out of her sight and around Jessie.

  19. Everyone is Afraid of AMANDA are you kidding me..If Aaryn had put her up she would of only had 2 votes to stay McCrea and Andy..Spencer GM Elissa would of voted her out

    • When Aaryn was considering putting up Amanda she said she didn’t have the votes to get her out because of spencer.

    • NOPE….when Elyssa came down…Aaryn went to Spencer and he REFUSED to vote out Amanda. Said he’d rather go up on the block. So when Helen finally got thru to Aaryn……too late…not enough votes. McCrae/Anda/Spencer would have voted Helen out anyway. So Aaryn wasn’t being cowardly THIS week…she had no choice. The time for the move was putting them them both up originally. God knows these morons have had the opportunities.

  20. If Amanda wins this year i will never watch BB USA again BB UK and BB AU is 1000000000000% better anyways

  21. Is this a first in BB history?

    Someone hasnt won anything yet they have controlled the house/hoh/nomination 90% (or more) of the time.

    Give that girl the 500k already. Shes not going anywhere anytime soon. They had their chances and blew them all

  22. The second this year show is over Guarentee McCrea is going to dump Amanda she is such a needy immature child ..He’s only still with her to have someone to make out with..Amanda will never win a competition either

    • I think the only reason he hasn’t dumped her already is that he is afraid of how she will react and they are both stuck in the house.

    • Am I the only one noticing that McCrae seems to be putting some distance from her in? When they enter a room…he waits for her to sit….then sits away from her. He did it in the kitchen and the HOH room. Or if she’s laying down, he sits up.

  23. OMG say what you want about Rachel but i never seen a more nasty skank than Amanda..wanting to do a BB porn and shes ugly..

    • Does anyone else think she is older than 28? She has the body of an older woman and she’s getting grey hair. I know that’s not totally unusual but I am wondering if she is really in her 30s or something.

  24. Helen is only starting to have suspicions that Andy in not in her side? She noticed Andy not half trying in the POV and Aaryn told her that Andy is in Amanda and McCrae’s pocket? Helen is really a dumbass like Judd! Give her a road map as she is lost like a little kitten! She will get evicted and not know that Andy has betrayed her time and time again!

  25. I am having a problem here. since when did a crew member be allowed to perform on BB? I mean, how else could a player be allowed to get away with all the crap that Amanduh has, and instill such fear in other actors to the point that the rigged game has been exposed… if this sounds silly then think about it,, they are paid so called houseguests, and someone supposidly wins half a million, well maybe the truth is the so called winner is just compensated for the acting job they just performed..seems no one hears too much about former houseguests who were the performers..

  26. I thought the Elissa’s loyal support for Helen, even though Helen has been throwing Elissa under the bus was classy. Elissa saying she wishes she could use the veto to save Helen and that Helen has her vote to stay was the first real sign of loyalty I have seen from anyone in this house this year. The fact that Elissa told the entire house she would vote to save Helen and not go along with this “vote with the house” nonsense was a lesson to everyone in what real loyalty means.

    Elissa is basically blowing up her own game trying to save Helen. So when I hear Amanda and Andy asking why would Helen connect so well with Elissa it is understandable. Neither of them knows anything about loyalty and integrity.

    Too bad the rest of Elissa’s game sucks.

    • Elissa could still salvage what is left of her season by focusing on her strength. Seeing her compete on the POV (Otev) showed she has it within her to be competitive in the HOH and POV! That said, she has to focus like Danielle Donato when she is playing for HOH and POV—-the focus is to try and win each and every HOH and POV every week! That way, Elissa stays safe. Now, her big problem is overcoming her fear of Amanda! If she does not overcome this fear—-Amanda wins because even if Elissa wins HOH then, she will not put up Amanda! And that would be a huge waste!

      • Elissa has finally showed up. She already stated on the live feeds that she will put Amanda up next week if she wins. She is dead focused on splitting Amanda and McCrae up. She even tried to get Aaryn on board. She is actually playing a great game because she doesn’t sugar coat anything, the problem is the HGs are too dumb to understand what she’s doing on how what she said will benefit them. For example, she told Aaryn that she did not see Aaryn as a threat in this game, normal people would see that as a plus and an opportunity to align with her so that she can take out others in the game that are a threat to them also – what did Aaryn do, she gets upset and complains to Helen that Elissa said she doesn’t see Aaryn as a threat. Aaryn is a dumbass like the rest. All of her wins have been luck and she hasn’t controlled any of her HOHs. The entire house is truly threatened by Elissa. She tried once again to flip the house on getting Amanda out, this will be the 3rd week in a row that Elissa has tried to get the house to vote Amanda out and their all too damn stupid to see the benefit. Elissa knows Andy is not to be trusted and the only reason she even speaks to Aaryn and GM is because of gameplay. Andy tried to say Elissa threatened him and Elissa told him straight up, don’t come to me the threatening stuff, this is BB, its a game move not a threat. She actually speaks her mind a lot on the live feeds which I appreciate. So while they may not show it on the TV, Elissa truly is playing the game.

      • What these HG’s don’t get about Elyssa….is the absolute Honesty about her. And instead of holding up Danielle as one to follow…How about Rachel? That girl could compete!

    • And really too bad Helen wasn’t at least a little loyal to Elyssa. Or Candice. Or Howard. Or Jessie. Or Judd.

    • I noticed he is one of the more disgusting people in the house, but then it seems like Amanda and GM are competing to be the bigger pigs in the house.

  27. It’s official, the only reason I am watching now is to see either Andy, Aaryn, Spencer or Amanda squirm. They all can’t win so I will take great satisfaction in watching the incredulous disappointment on their faces when they go. Spencer is the most crass, gross, low class person out there….oh wait a minute that’s the perfect description for Amanda, Aaryn is a racist, nasty turd and Andy so fake and two faced. Helen deserves to go and Elissa seems like she is not firing on all cylinders. Gina Marie seems dumber than a sack of hammers. It has been said at a nauseating rate but I think this is THE WORST Big Bros ever. P.S. I also can’t stand Mcrae, anyone associated with Amanda needs mental help. It is really interesting what they show on regular T.V. as opposed to what is seen after dark. Then again, it would be so offensive, x-rated and bleeped they couldn’t show half of it anyway…

    • I believe McCranda have agreed to ditch Aaryn asap and take Spencer to F3. Oh the tears when Aaryn wakes up to NOT putting them up 4 times!!! But instead chose to take orders.

  28. Can someone PLEASE write an open letter to Amanda and ensure that it will get to her once she’s out of the house? I really want her to know that she has made this show borderline unbearable to watch and every time she says something smug in the DR everyone in America wants to punch her in the f*cking face.

  29. Does Amanda work for the Big Brother Mob? Has a horse’s head been placed in anyone’s bed? Has she threatened anyone’s family if they don’t do things her way? I am so sick of hearing these grown ass people say they are AFRAID of the Boca Whore!!!

    • They are like little kids afraid of what is under their bed! Grow up already! You are all adults now and your conduct is inexcusable! Go ahead and evict Amanda and if you all stick together—-she and McCrae will be gone for good!

  30. Andy saved Amanda and I hope it bites him in the butt. Aaryn should have nommed Mandy and Andy should have grabbed Spence and voted that Florida Bully’s ass out the door. Funny thing is with Mandy in or out Mac has the best shot to win. He is loved by all, has not burned britches, yet got the lay in bed all day with his girl-except its Amanda. Much better to hang out with Aaryn, a magnificent beauty~!

  31. This episode of Big Brother is brought to you by Knorr Chicken broths, Big Brother’s favorite broths that can only be found at the storage room just above the trash bin area where Amanda goes to for her crying sessions with herself.

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