‘Big Brother 15’ Tempers Boil Over: Spencer and Amanda Fight on Live Feeds

Amanda Zimmerman - Big Brother 15

The tension in the house this week as Amanda scrambles for safety boiled over this afternoon on the Live Feeds. Big Brother 15 HGs Amanda and Spencer have been at odds for weeks now and when they finally found each other alone in the backyard their tempers boiled over in a heated argument that you’ve got to watch to fully appreciate.

Everything has been intensified this week as Amanda’s paranoia and fears found life in a nomination. Sign-up for the live feeds now and watch the action for yourself.

Flashback to 12:29PM BBT Tuesday to watch the story unfold. Amanda is sitting alone with Spencer when she asks if the deal she had with him, Howard, & McCrae was ever real. He says it was but won’t include Howard anymore. She suggests “the proof is in the pudding.” Spencer doesn’t care for that comment and it unravels from there.

Amanda: “I know what you think you’re doing, but it’s not going to work. You’re just making yourself more of a target.”
Spencer: “I think part of the reason I’m on the block is because of you, so I think that’s just fine pudding.”

They’re both right. Both HG is going after the other, but both are going to lie about it here.

Amanda tells him she had nothing to do with that deal [Helen & Aaryn’s deal]. “I don’t believe that for one second, Amanda,” replies Spencer. Insert dramatic pause and silence between the two.

Amanda says Spencer was never the target, but Spencer points out he was point blank told he would go home if he didn’t in the Veto. McCrae told him that in the Storage room just after Amanda was nominated. I thought it was a mistake for McCrae to suddenly turn aggressor in that heated moment and lash out. Now Spencer is holding that very action against her and him.

Spencer continues to argue with her that and Amanda continues to battle back. When things get even more intense Spencer tells Amanda she threatens people to follow her will. He says he isn’t a “punk ass bitch” who will bend to her demands.

Spencer says she is the reason he went up on the block. When she starts to talk over him he tells her to “shut up” and she starts raising her voice saying “you’re a bully, you’re a bully!” Amanda claims if you tell someone to shut up that makes you a bully. No, Amanda, that does not make someone a bully. The word “bully” flows like water in that house and is completely abused.

Spencer tells Amanda it’s “chicken shit” to accuse someone of being a bully just because they disagree with her. That is what she’s doing here.

Helen, who has been outside exercising in the backyard, heads inside to wake up McCrae and send him to rescue Amanda from the battle (12:38PM BBT).

If you haven’t started watching the Live Feed yet then right now is the time to start. You can sign-up now to get the free trial and watch the Feeds with other fans.

What do you think of their argument? Which side would you take? With just two days before an eviction, starting fights might not be the best idea for someone on the block.

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  1. Awesome. See what a simple MVP nomination can do? We can certainly have more excitement next week. Whether Amanda gets evicted or not. The wheels have already turned and soon we will have more excitement in the house as it should be! No one should feel safe and everyone should make their move or get evicted! Time to play the game folks or get evicted watching others makes their own moves!

    • Spencer is a pig. I’m really tired of him scratching his junk and making misogynistic comments.

  2. Get Amanda out of there! So sick of seeing her make out sessions with McCrae. Then kick Helen’s busy body a** out next!

    • I think Amanda, Helen and Judd have gotten to cozy to float along and not worry about game play. Well, we are here to stir the pot and put some more paranoia in the Big Brother House! Shocker!

  3. oohh..Interesting house meeting today, called by Candace Spencer got roasted….and Howard’s speech…Zzzzzzzzzzzzz, hello This is Big Brother !

    • I never really understand what Howard’s point is in his speeches. He’s kinda all over the map and doesn’t make any sense.

      • He was critical of the game itself, and sort of conflicted with his moral belief. I don’t know why he signed for Big Bother. I don’t know why he got casted…and I think he’s full of it!

      • To him, playing the game is wrong and against his belief system. I do agree with you-I have no idea why he’s even there. It’s not like he has never seen BB. Maybe he went in with the hope that he could change the way the game is played. Obviously after 15 seasons it was just a pipe dream of his.

  4. That was funny… but i hated what Candice did on the “house meeting”. She just gave a out of jail card to Amanda.
    She should have stayed down and let the things go… when she attacked Spencer she made a choice that will send Howard or her out of the house.
    Strange to see that… but it could be a result of Amanda been bullying everyone telling them if they vote for her, they are out next week.

    • Paranoia and strife in the Big Brother House is what we need. Without the viewers, these house guests are lost and do not know what to do! Let us help them along by increasing the level of paranoia and driving them nuts.
      Then, they can go after each other! it is about time! We viewers deserve a bit of excitement even if we have to create it ourselves! Next week, we need to increase the paranoia levels much, much more! Let us see who makes the first big move. I think it will be Amanda if she does not get evicted this week! Atleast, my MVP nomination for Amanda this week was not wasted!

  5. I don’t like either one of them, but kudos to Spencer.. the only one who seems willing to take Demanda on.

    • I give Spencer props for having the cajones to stand up to Amanda! He has nothing to lose and everything to gain if he somehow manages to turn over the apple cart!

  6. The only way someone can rule you is if you allow them to. Someone needs to grow a backbone and plot Amandas demise. It’s time for the tables to be turned.

  7. Aaryn and GM are waking up. After the Candy fight, the light went off. Let’s see what happens

  8. Thank goodness someone grew a pair and stood up against Amanda. I agree throwing the bully card is a disgrace, if anything Amanda is the bully. I agree with Spencer don’t go around calling someone a bully because someone disagrees with you. Amanda thinks she knows how to play the game, but she needs to quit her whining. It’s about time she actually gets off her ass anyways, she was looking mighty comfortable laying in bed all day or having make out sessions with McCrae or laying in the HOH bed. Wish she would just go home and then her pizza boy can follow. I’m pretty sure McCrae would get one punchf from Spencer and he’d fall down, lmao. Why is Helen such a little snitch? Stay out of people’s business, you don’t run jack sh-t lady.

  9. If Man makes it this week. Let America MVP3 her again.
    If we do this a second time, maybe it will wake up the “sleeping” house guests. Maybe, just maybe!!

  10. “The word ‘bully’ flows like water in that house and is completely abused.”

    Couldn’t agree more, Matt.

  11. Grown adults don’t generally forcefully tell someone to “shut up” just because they don’t like/can’t handle the convo. Spencer could have walked away any time. He just wanted to run his mouth. Spencer only has tiny itchy balls cuz all he can do is degrade women with his disgusting comments and tell them to shut up because women probably aren’t allowed to speak in his little world. I can see why Marilyn’s family hates him!

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