‘Big Brother 15’ Scandal: Did GinaMarie Cheat As A Have-Not?

GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15

Drama arose this morning from events on the Live Feeds where viewers suspected GinaMarie of cheating as a Have-Not this week on Big Brother 15.”

Flashback to 8:27AM BBT Tuesday on Camera 1. GinaMarie rises from her airplane seat bed and heads out of the Have-Not room for the Storage room. She first checks the cabinet and then steps over to the fridge. Reaching in GinaMarie grabs a 2-liter soda bottle of clear liquid, lifts it to her mouth, and drinks for a solid ten seconds breaking once in between. GinaMarie replaces the bottle and heads back to the Have-Not room. Scroll down to look at all the images or click here to start the gallery.

So, did GM break the rules? As a Have-Not she is definitely not allowed soda like Sprite. Violating Have-Not status in a move like sneaking a quick bite of food or drinking a soda would usually net the HG an extension of his or her role as a HN or possibly as severe as a penalty nom. Lucky for GM, it doesn’t appear she will face punishment.

Another viewer on Twitter, @JaniTholemyDoll, was quick to point out the soda bottle was most likely actually a bottle of seltzer water. GM has complained of an upset stomach and gas for awhile. Anyone who watches the Feeds knows GM’s infamous burps and gas. We hear the burps all day and hear HGs complain about the gas as well. GinaMarie has specifically discussed needing carbonated beverages to help with her stomach and this would fit that request.

Stand down, Feedsters. While we always enjoy the added drama of another Live Feed scandal it looks like this isn’t that case this time around. Check out the event on Flashback for yourself or take a look at the screenshots below. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Sign-up for the free trial and watch it now on the in-house cameras archive feature.

Update: @Baby_Zingbot says that according to GM, production wouldn’t give her anything with “bubbles.” So either production changed their mind, GM was wrong about that, or she drank something she wasn’t supposed to. My first guess would be the former two options, but the third is always a possibility. What do you think?

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  1. just the fact that she drank from the bottle and put it back. ugh now someone else will get her germs LOL

    • True, but none of them are too clean. Have you watched them wash dishes? I wouldn’t want to eat or drink from them.

      • you think they’d have a dishwasher for them at least – do you remember one year when there were ants all over the kitchen?

      • Last night on BBAD they were cooking steaks and instead of putting the steaks on a broiling pan or something they put then right on the oven rack! Aside from making the rack a filthy mess, the fat could drip down onto the oven shelf and start a fire! Imagine if they burned down the BB house mid-season!

      • Is that what was on the oven racks? Holy crap! And I saw Helen checking on those! At the very least she should have known better. Yikes! I don’t even put pizza on the rack.

      • Haven’t seen a bbq grill anywhere. Maybe production didn’t trust this particular cast with it…they might have burned down the place by the look of things…lol

      • And, have you seen all those dirty bath towels stacked on top of each other on the shower door? And, why is there a room in the bathroom? I would never just sit in there.

      • I wouldn’t sit in there. I heard some hgs talking about how Spencer never sprays after he pooty-poos, and that he REALLY needs to. There are a lot of gross things that I see.

  2. Yes, that is a bottle of seltzer water (I wouldn’t have known it if someone didn’t point it out(. Google for image. And I would say Big Brother bought it just for her hence when she drank from the bottle. Beside why would any other HG want to drink that?

  3. I don’t know why they even have penalties if someone breaks a rule, they never enforce them.

  4. I’m sure that’s her story and she’s sticking to it but carbonated beverages do NOT help gas, they cause it!

  5. Scandal? Are you serious?Is that all ya got BB???? Come on this season is getting BORING!!!! SPICE IT UP A LITTLE! Although I dont care for her Yeah I agree more like disgusting! Poor it into a glass. That’s just gross!

  6. GM was talking about production giving her seltzer water as a have now a few nights ago, and I am pretty sure no one else is drinking it, so let her drink out of the bottle. Everyone in the house knows she is the reason it is there. No need to make a mountain out of a mole hill people!

  7. Really? THAT is a big “SCANDAL”? WTF? OK but not all the really blatant racist remarks are just brushed under the rug by CBS, meanwhile even Julie Chen said on THE TALK that she was so upset with all that crap being spewed she was literally SHAKING. But that is ok and drinking soda is scandal? Paleeze! Stop the bullshit! Ugh!

  8. She will get punished if another hg tells bb. I think bb should the be all and end all, and be a bit more harsh when they try to get away with things. Like nope not in my house, bb sees everything.

  9. She’ll probably get punished, but that could just be a mental lapse. Looks like she just woke up. Its not like she pulled a Jen from bb8

  10. I think Helen is a sly snake and andy is like a 10 year old really
    even some of the 15 year olds watching say they cant believe the childish things he does also elissa is nasty she looks like she has a plastic face and I think she really is a mean mean person she has to go

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