Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


I’m going to go on record and say that Helen, Amanda and Andy should not be allowed to discuss things in private. Their imaginations fueled by paranoia are making some Big Brother 15 fans crazy. But the drama they’re bringing along with it is making for some great Live Feeds. I kind of wish Helen and Amanda would shut up and chill out, but then we’d have some pretty boring days on the feeds.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 30, 2013

8:27 AM BBT – GinaMarie gets up and drinks some Sprite, which is against the Have-Not rules. Or maybe it was seltzer water.

10:25 AM BBT – Judd and Andy are up and talking about the vote. Andy says they should tell Spencer just before the vote that they’re sending Howard home. Judd doesn’t like that idea because now he’s paranoid that Spencer has a special power. The two of them get a bit snippy with each other.

10:25 AM BBT – Wake-up time.

11:40 AM BBT – Helen asks Judd why he was mad at her the other day. He says he wasn’t mad at her he just wasn’t happy that she was falling for Howard’s sob story.  They go on to talk about Candice and Spencer. Judd said he wants Candice out before jury and before Spencer.

11:45 AM BBT – Helen tells Judd that she loves Elissa but she’s bad for her game and that she needs to cut her at some point.

12:30 PM BBT – A long and heated conversation between Amanda and Spencer begins. She tells him he was never the target, but Spencer is still upset because his ally is the target. They end up yelling and cursing at each other. Amanda is  upset that she’s been his and Howard’s target for weeks. Helen goes to get McCrae because the talk is very heated. McCrae doesn’t say anything. Things have calmed down a bit and the three of them are joined by Judd, Helen and Elissa. Amanda are Helen are telling him that if he votes with them he can work with them. Spencer tells them that he thinks Elissa is still MVP and that she put up herself and Amanda to throw people off the MVP trail. He tells them that he is certain that Howard is not MVP. Spencer also tells Amanda that he doesn’t foresee her having any votes against her Thursday.

1:34 PM BBT – An  hour later Amanda and Spencer are still talking/arguing. Amanda tells him that she knows he’s trying to flip the house on her and send her home. He tells that’s not what he is doing, but instead he’s trying to get Candice to go home instead of Howard.

2:oo PM BBT – Amanda, Helen and Andy are still on the crazy train and saying they know Judd is trying to flip the house  on Amanda. Totally not true.

2:05 PM BBT – Helen tells Candice to watch out for Spencer because he’s working to get her sent home.

2:08 PM BBT – Amanda tells Elissa there’s a secret alliance and she’s getting it all wrong in another fit of paranoia.

2:10 PM BBT – Andy telling everyone about Judd flipping out on him this morning, thus making Judd look even worse. Amanda, Helen and Andy are all currently in the process of ruining Judd’s game based on their own unwarranted paranoia and suspicion.

2:15 PM BBT – GinaMarie joins the living and rambles about a bunch of nothing. Looks like Big Brother never punished her for breaking the Have-Not rules this morning.

3:00 PM BBT – Candice has called a house meeting. Candice screams at Spencer about campaigning against her. Amanda calls out Howard about him saying Candice was a cancer to his game.

So despite and paranoia going on in the house, Howard is still the target. But if Helen and Amanda keep it up, Amanda might not be as safe as she currently seems to be.

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  1. McManda is running this entire house. If the other house guests don’t turn on them soon, you might as well tell Julie to write a half a million dollar check for their wedding.

  2. Candice destroyed any possibility of Amanda going home. When she targets Spencer, she made the choice obvious to everyone: Howard or Candice.
    And Amanda jumped on it to get it just for them… and she will have 0 votes.
    Only if Judd and Spencer try to get Jessie and GM, they can have a chance…

    A few moments ago, Alissa was talking with Aaryn (those became best friends) and Aaryn was thinking that she should had placed Amanda instead of Spencer. Alissa tells her that she could still change the rules… if there is a tie.
    They where talking about votes… and It can go 4-4 between howard and amanda… but Elissa made a wrong choice since she was saying that she could tie or she could send howard home. Then they got somewhere else to finish the talking, i couldn´t find out of Aaryn could send Amanda home instead of Howard. (since Aaryn is accepting all the advices she get…)

    • We got 2 days to go so, anything is possible with this bunch. They can still flip and send Amanda out of the Big Brother House. If not, we got next week to try to get our targets out of the Big Brother House.

    • Elissa is so wishy-washy. I used to like her, but now she gets on my nerves SO MUCH. They have a reason to not trust her with info. And it seems that she will stab anyone in the back (including members of her own alliance), at the drop of a hat…hat-brings back the Jeremy ass-hat incident. LOL

  3. It’s like Amanda, Helen and Andy are seemingly writing up the, “Judd Commission Report”. It will suck to see Judd go home just cause of paranoia and suspicion.

    • Its cuz Helen is a Fembot. She targeted Nick, David, and Jeremy simply becuase they were male. And originally wanted Kaitlyn safe, but since Judd was so uncomfortable with a female-dominated house, he did the right thing and evicted kaitlyn. Now, her fembot brain wants to become besties with the racist aaryn, and target Howard,Judd, and Spencer, The only men that arn’t getting whipper and arnt gay

  4. When I was just a kid I used to move for dad brand new Micheal Jordans Chicago public air and I know how it is.
    So now I’m giving back and no I don’t think I’m this and no.
    I don’t think I’m that I don’t think it’s wrong You might not think it’s right but I was in da hood gettin off da white I was living life cash not swoll and these are the tales from Shawty Lo

    Buy my mix tape!

    Real talk dough.
    Cancer is no joke and my nephew Howie knows that. In the end, a Nubian Sister or my nephew will be leaving. That blonde hair blued eyed racist freak is still causing drama and animosity. CBS needs to screen these people better. Bankhead throw your lighters and candles in the air. I’m drinking some Henny and smoking a blunt tonight. The block is stunting and out of control. We will not tolerate this.

    • Use your MVP votes on CBS and ask all your friends to vote. Put up Aaryn (4 votes), Helen (3 votes) and Judd (3 votes) for next weeks nomination. It is not too late to evict Aaryn but, we need to nullify the votes of her coddlers which is Helen, Amanda and Judd. That is 3 sure votes to continue keeping Aaryn inside the Big Brother House! Nullify that and we may have a shot at getting Aaryn out next week! I still think there might still be a slight chance that Amanda can get evicted this week so, I will keep my fingers crossed. I hope it happens so, Howard can stay.

    • You seem like a nice guy. But this is a BB blog. There is a place to sell your “beats”, but it isn’t here. With all due respect, I’d rather just read your comments. At this point, I just scan down to the comment below yours. But I am like that…I always record my tv shows so I can fast forward through the commercials. No disrespect, cause I like what you’ve got to say. But at this point, your comments are like a commercial. Sorry ’bout that…honestly.

  5. Suspicion and paranoia. Two good reasons to zip your lips and power up your observation capabilities.

  6. They need to get Helen Out she is running the House, they are putting the money in Her greedy little Hands. She making things go Her Way so she can win. Wise UP PEOPLE VOTE HELEN OUT.

    • she is your winner she is controlling everything and everyone.props to her and shame on the bigbrother fans as house guest who cant see it.she is tbe female dan!!!and noone sees it.

  7. If they don’t get Helen out in the next couple of weeks she is going to win the game. Helen is a lying rat who would betray her closest friends (if she had any). This woman is one of worst HGs ever.

  8. These HG’s are spoiled. I wish I could get a wake up call at 10:25am on a weekday!

  9. The only thing I have against Amanda is when she takes over the HOH room. Including Hoh’s food,bed tub and remote. And that she is protecting Aaryn. Yes she is running the house. But if she is voted out, how boring the game will become. I think she at least deserves jury. Have you noticed that andys name is rarely used on this blog. What happened to the McCrey, Amanda Andy and Judd alliance? This is what I hope. Howard this week then Aaryn then a spencer gone. Iam so afraid that people are not focusing on the real people to get out. Especially Aaryn. Don’t want to even see her injury.

  10. Didn’t I read that GM drank sprite and she is a have not??? Isn’t that breaking the have not rule???? I have always been a HUGE fan of BB but they are allowing the HG basically be racist and not following the rules this season.

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