Big Brother 15: Target Flip Brings New Drama & Fighting Overnight

Elissa laughs at Amanda's fight

Last night brought all the things we love about Big Brother. Stress, fighting, target flipping, false assurances of safety, and drama. Lots of drama.

All day we knew where the new HoH was heading with her nominations and most the HGs knew it too. The nominees had been point blank told to get ready for a trip to the block. Despite all those warnings they were still upset when it became a reality at the Nomination Ceremony and when that happened we were surprised by even more fun.

Elissa’s stated target has been Aaryn since she won the power as the new Head of Household, but before that she had told others she wanted to split up McCranda. So was she secretly hoping to BD Amanda or was Aaryn her real target? Well it doesn’t matter anymore because Amanda is now in the hot seat.

Flashback to 10:40PM BBT 8/23 and you’ll find Elissa unleashing her new plan to Judd. Elissa wants to keep Aaryn and target Amanda this week. She has Judd send Aaryn up to see her. Jump to 10:45PM BBT and Elissa is telling Aaryn all about this new plan. Aaryn is very excited and on board with the “Evict Amanda” plan.

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In a surprise move the Veto players are picked just around midnight. When the Feeds return we discover that Elissa drew Amanda’s name and was not happy about it. Aaryn drew Houseguest’s Choice and picked Judd, surprising those in 3AM thinking she’d pick Andy, and then McCrae drew GinaMarie. Elissa’s hopes for backdooring Amanda were dashed (backdooring does not allow for the target to play for Veto, so this is technically not a BD move), but there’s still a good chance for Amanda to be renom’d.

Amanda starts to suspect she’s in danger and, doing just what we’ve come to expect from Amanda, she blows up. Flashback to 12:28AM BBT 8/24 to find Amanda fighting with GinaMarie. Amanda thought Elissa and GM were whispering about her as she paced back and forth through the house like a caged animal. GM isn’t having any of it and goes back at her. Of course Elissa is laughing through the whole thing and even took a spit-take when Amanda first started yelling at them.

Amanda accuses GM of floating to Elissa for having power. Amanda keeps asking “were you talking about me?!” GinaMarie is yelling back that she’s allowed to talk with Elissa. Elissa tries to stop GM but GM is wound up and keeps fighting back.

McCrae eventually shows up and drags Amanda away but she keeps yelling back at GM who invites her, with a yelling reply, to come be a big girl and talk s**t to her face. It’s a good time on the Feeds and it’s only going to keep getting better.

Later Amanda is up in the HoH room trying to convince Elissa of this and that but Elissa isn’t buying it. She starts laughing at Amanda’s fears and it’s only getting Amanda more upset. Flashback to 12:50AM BBT. Amanda keeps asking if Elissa wants to get rid of her, but Elissa denies it. Again McCrae shows up and they soon head back downstairs.

There are more talks through the night reaffirming that Amanda is the new target. Aaryn builds up support for it with GM and Spencer. Everyone seems on board. The house is once again divided along a new line.

Saturday’s Veto competition results will be HUGE and could determine everything. If Amanda wins she’ll save McCrae then we might see Andy go up in his place. If Aaryn, GM, Judd, or Elissa wins it then we’ll see Aaryn come down and Amanda go up. If McCrae wins it, well then that’ll be very interesting as Amanda would go up in his place. If he doesn’t use it then I’d expect McCrae to go so they can cripple Amanda.

What do you want to see happen next in the Big Brother house?

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  1. If Mccrae doesn’t use it, he’s an idiot. You always take yourself off the block. Exception being you take your ally off the block.

    • McCrae will use it and Andy and Spencer will convince him too if he think about not doing it. I really believe McCrae wants to break free from Amanda and this is a great opportunity for him to do it while keeping his hands blodd-free. If Amanda expect him to go home so she can stay, even McCrae would see the problem with that. Besides, if McCrae goes, what power would Amanda have left. She would be the target next week.

      • I was hoping that Aaarn was still the target, then if Macre win the veto, Spencer would go up then he would go home

        Please keep Amanda and Aaryn

      • If you’re a good player and u know the game, you have to try and keep Amanda and Aaren. They r the most disliked in the house. They’re the ones u want to go up against at the end. It’s a no brainer!!!

      • He said once before he cares for Amanda but if it came to him or her she would go home. He wants to win.

    • He actually tried to convince Elissa to put Amanda up instead of him right before the nominations, which I found interesting. I guess he finally realized that aligning with Amanda could be his biggest down fall. I love it, this is great. So happy Elissa is HOH, she is stirring things up – CTHU

  2. Honestly can’t stop laughing while reading this, finally the “Queen” is in desperation mode

  3. It would be best for McCrae to go home because then Amanda will self destruct and no one will want to align with her any more and she will go out next week.

    • I think Mccrae has the votes to stay, no matter who he is up against,

      Spencer is in love with him for some reason. Andy really likes him. Amanda is on him and all you need is 3.

      The only one who could possibly flip is Andy, but Spencer will go down with the ship that is Mccrae’s game .

  4. What I think is funny is the bitch everybody hated and wanted out at first may win it lol douchebags

    • On any day anybody can win even somebody that hasn’t won crap. She hung in with the HOH.

      • Elissa won this HOH and she has also won two veto competitions when she needed to. How many of anything has Amanda won? -0-

    • I so agree with you if honestly drives me mad ! If she wins this game I will no longer watch !

  5. Amanda is a drama queen. She cried till after 5am when Elissa won HOH. Even Spencer said she kept him awake crying while McRae slept. Should be great fireworks if she goes up. Here’s hoping she does.

  6. Why does BB need to know who plays in the veto the night before ? That could feed a good conspiracy theory.

    • Seriously. If the comp will be “fair” regardless, then who cares.

      Whatever, I know it’s fixed but hopefully the “Get Rid of Amanda” crew pull out a win.

      And I am not just saying its fixed for Amanda, it’s fixe every season. BB can’t control everything (otherwise Jeff would have a million dollars) but they do control a lot of things,

      • David, Nick and Jeremy was a big surprise to production. They wanted the men for showmances.

      • Unfortunately, they were all immature or narcissistic and not very manly! Poor fodder for showmances. The first guy out was more interested in his hair than anything else.

    • I’m convince only Ginamarie’s and Amanda’s names along with the house guest choice were in the bag. HAHAHA

    • If they give the shirts or outfits they have to fit. Mainly because of Spencer, everybody else is close to same size.

  7. I hope Mccrae goes home.

    I hope he wins and does not use it.
    Or Aaryn win and even if Amanda goes up, she will convince Aaryn, Andy and Spencer to keep her.

    No matter what I hate that Judd is back
    and will be really bad if either Amanda or Aaryn leaves

    I want final 2 btw Amanda and Aaryn

    • I’d like to c that too. They r the most hated in the house. Not sure who would win, but no one would know!!!

  8. Amanda is mad as hell because Elissa is the one person she can’t control, can’t bully or threaten to do what she wants. I like that Elisa keeps laughing in her face….it was riling Amanda. I believe Elissa was laughing wondering why everyone is so scared of Amanda and thinking “Biotch there’s nothing you can say to change my mind!!”

    • Don’t really care for Elissa but I am laughing right along with her. Glad to see someone finally show some balls.

      • It might have been funny, but wasn’t really smart on elissa part to laugh at amanda. All amanda winning the veto and then she just looks like an ass and her whole plan is shot.
        I wonder if this veto will be what will you do for the veto style comp. Seeing they have done that one this year

      • At this point I really think Amanda has only McCrae on her side. Andy and Spencer are willing to flip on her the first chance they get.

      • I understand that, I just don’t think it was smart for Elissa to do what she did. when the veto hasn’t even been play. It is one thing to act foolish to someone when you know that person is going out the door.
        Especially when history in BB house has proven. alot times when the deck is stack against someone. They usually end up winning the veto. Hell I believe Rachel’s first season. This scenario exactly happen. Matt wanted to backdoor rachel. he put brendon on the block and She won veto and he was basically screwed.

      • Sure she is showing some balls, but that’s what is making er HOH fun for a change. I think she has cracked the facade that Amanda needs to be feared. No one will fear her after this week, whether she wins POV or not.

  9. Almost wake up time. All still sleeping since they were up so late. Usually give them an hour to wake up and eat. Can’t wait to see the veto comp.

  10. Amanda will never be evicted. Elissa is in the house only as a distraction. This entire season has been scripted by Allison Grodner’s production co.

    • have ever heard of standard and practices? fcc gets a wiff and they are all in hot water. its bad enough when two people know a something let alone about 16 some would blab there goes CBS. tv had abad time in the late 50’s early 60’s with game shows (21) riged. one of the contestant went to the press and they had a field day. I tried out for match game way back in the 70’s and we had to sign papers per standards and practices.

      • I think the charges of the game being rigged are when people do see what they want to see. But as I surmised in another post, I have to believe the house guests signed contracts to play the game with a chance to win $500,000. If the game is rigged every one of them could sue CBS and possibly even win a court award of the prize money plus other damages.

      • The show has been running for 13 years or so. We have the most aggressive investigative reporter. It would be a breaking story and they would pursue it if it was rigged….they busted Nixon remember?

      • What it is called is creative license. The judge in the Storage Wars case filed by David Hester was due to planting of valuable items in the storage lockers. The judge sided with A & E the producers saying: Since this is a show, the producers had the creative license to steer the show any way they see fit! That is a precedent ruling which would be difficult if not impossible to overrule! Since, Big Brother is a show, by the same inference—-the producers can steer the show any way they please with impunity! The voting on the show is probably legit since, the results is likely audited. However, any twists as well as HOH, POV, Pandora’s Box, Diamond POVs are in the box of tricks which the producers can use under the umbrella of creative license!

        What you are referring to are game shows like (Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make a Deal, etc) as opposed to shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor, etc. (reality shows). Huge difference there so, that does not apply to Big Brother!

  11. Elissa is getting my vote for America’s Choice. She is the only one who stood up to the house and is making a huge game move.

    • I am not sure yet. I am definitely happy about her doing her thing and not Amanda’s but if Amanda win POV, Elissa’s miscalculation or not making a deal with Aaryn sooner will really backfire on her.

    • She would be the last one to get my vote. Just don’t c what everyone c’s in her. She’s more worried about looking at herself in all the mirrors on the walls than playing the game. She is sooooo stuck on herself. I can’t stand looking at her lips anymore. She has to go

      • If you noticed, I didn’t say I hated her. Apparently Andrew, u can’t comprehend what I said.

      • I am sorry you come off vulgar when you speak. You think she has to go because you can’t stand her lips. Isn’t that a little harsh?

  12. Well at last its starting to look like Big Brother!!! Play on Elissa take it all and run with it,,,channel Rachel!!!

    • Actually, the biggest play was the removalof helen, elissa IS still in her sister’s shadow. She only tried to do what Helen told her to do, but she could not get her anger out of her head, so she blew it. She is a looser big time!

      • I agree totally, ya know??? Helen’s famous words. If she had stayed, I wouldn’t be watching anymore. I just wish I had an automatic calculator to count all the times they say “like” . I could screem!!!

  13. Some things up. Trivia, with an announcement every once in awhile that HG are playing a “secret comp” not to be shown till Wed I guess since that’s when they show the veto comp. Whink it’s being rigged for Amanda to win???

    • Secret comp? Could it be Pandora’s box? Elissa opened it and something bad happened to her but the house guests got to play a luxury competition? Maybe Elissa got locked in the room with Jesse while the house guests played for vacations, big screen TVs and cash?

      • Just waiting to see the results of the veto. They can’t hide that for long because the HG can’t help talking about it.

  14. Was last night the best “live feeds” or what !!..What a turn of events. When Amanda saw Elissa and GM talking in the kitchen, Amanda decided to fight with GM. While this was going on, Elissa was LAUGHING uncontrollably. It was HILARIOUS !! Amanda’s wackiness continued when she followed Elissa in the HOH rm. She was begging her and bawlng her eyes out. “The whole house wants me gone. I feel so defeated” You can see Elissa trying to hold back her laughter. Elissa asked her “I thought you had a good relationship with the HG?” Amanda said, “I thought I did” then Elissa started laughing. hahaha…it was the best night !

    I’m telling you guys, I wasn’t a fan of Elissa in the beginning, but boy!..did she turned this boring season into a funny one.

    • In a couple of days Elissa made Amanda go from looking formidable to looking ridiculous. I just hope this doesn’t just turn out to be a switch from Amanda running he house to someone else. I hope the whole house starts playing the way Elissa is playing this week. If Elissa can drop her issues with Aaryn, which I think is actually the biggest move in the house this year, then the rest of these people can start playing the game too.

      • That’s what I have wanted all year. Real backstabbing and lying of BB. If it gets to that I will love the last few weeks as much as I hated the first part.

      • I under estimated her. She knows the game and it’s her own style of playing. Her digs are different and I find some of them funny,

    • I knew Elissa had great potential. Elissa wasn’t able to show her skills, because she was crippled from the very start (the she’s Rachel sister thing). On another note, I find it very strange that Asryn was Elissa’s target until Elissa had her diary room session (right before she made a deal with Asryn and told her that Amanda was her target). Elissa was adamant about Asryn being evicted (based on the conversation that she had with GM, before that diary room session). I, now, believe that production is telling them what to do.

      • Agreed, since Aaryn said the other night contract they signed not a level playing field. Leads me to believe Amanda WILL win veto.

      • I have an answer to that. In past seasons, Dan, Janelle, Boogie and Ian, talked about the stress that they feel after DR sessions. They have questions that are “leading” obvious suggestions, questions like “how is this move good for your game. In other words, they know where the Production want this to go. At the end of the day, It’s the players decision what he/she wants to do.

      • I agree. I just know it was strange for Elissa to have changed her mind about who she was going to target, right after her diary room session.

      • Yeah, Have you noticed too, Once Elissa’s changed of plan was confirmed, Aaryn was called by DR next. Of course they have to shoot the story line and I’m sure they want to re-inforce the idea.

      • Cyril. BBAD was off by then (I don’t have the feeds), but it is very fishy……lol.

      • I think Elissa is doing what Helen advised her to do. The day before Helen left she kept reminding Elissa that she shouldn’t play emotionally and if she won HOH she should get rid of Amanda……even though she can’t stand Aaryn. This was the perfect opportunity…..she nominated Aaryn and Macrae. If one wins veto then Amanda goes up. Either way if Amanda or Aaryn leave Ellissa don’t care…one of them is gone.

  15. I hope , McCrae wins it lol and shows Amanda how much he loves….big brother hahahahhahhaha

  16. Well they are saying the Next TV episode so maybe they will show it Sunday night. They need another double eviction since Judd came back so maybe this week.

  17. So can someone explain the rules im a little confused on one thing…i have only been able to read this so far this season and not watch the episodes or BBAD..if mccrae wins the veto and saves himself can they still put amanda on the block since she played in the comp? Or of amanda wins can she take mccrae off and still be safe? How does that work if technically the backdoor theory is not valid? I have watched for a few years (first year was Rachael’s first season) so im a little confused… I would love for amanda to visit Julie this week…not a big fan of her since she is a floater big time and somehow rules the house…i read that she is arranged to win the whole thing but if that happens I will never watch again since it would clearly be a rigged game…this season has shown too many production control outcomes im sure accidentally but if she wins…its over for me and I do like this show so that would be unfortunate. So Matt did production give your groups direction on which way to vote or tell you to keep someone over the other? I would like to continue to watch BB but if it’s rigged then there’s no point in watching or spending money on the live feeds…thoughts? season have been an Ellissa fan since I found out she was going in the house and not a fan of Aaryn but I would much rather see amanda get out than aaryn…it seems that aaryn has called down a little bit and I know that doesn’t excuse anything she had done but she is much easier to deal with than amanda…i am hoping for elissa or Judd to win the final :)

    • If Mc wins they can renom amanda. If amanda wins and takes down mc then both are safe, amanda can’t be renom.

      Backdoor is just used to mean someone nominated after the veto is used to remove a nomination and the new nomine didn’t play in the veto competition

    • Amanda is not a floater since she is in an alliance with McCrae, Andy and Aaryn. A floater is someone who has no loyoalty to an alliance. He/she just goes along with the house. Spencer is a floater since I think he is just letting everyone else pick each other off while he survives.

      I do not think BB is rigged. That doesn’t mean they can’t ask leading questions to the house guests in the diary room or make comments like Julie made about no big moves. The game by its nature is full of surprises that give the appearance of an unfair game. For example, an evicted juror comes back into the house. But these thing are added to surprise and shock the contestant. “Expect the unexpected!”

      The other thing is, if CBS rigs who gets the prize at the end of the game, they would be breaking the law that was passed in the 1960s requiring TV game shows and contests for prizes and money to be legitimate. CBS execs could be fined or jailed if they rig the show. Also, I have to believe that the contracts with the players stipulate that they have a chance to win the game. Otherwise, why would anyone play unless they are the one who is going to win? If so, then if CBS rigs the show they would violate the contracts of the contestants and would be subject to lawsuits with each contestant potentially winning $500,000 or more.

      CBS has no reason to rig the show. They just want it to be entertaining. I doubt they really care who wins as long as people watch the show.

      • Prince, Spencer may be a floater now, but he was actually trying to play the game when Howard was there. The true definition of a floater is Andy.

      • Yeah since the reign haven’t been over yet, Andy is still on Amanda’s side, once they’re gone she’ll be floating through!

      • Yes, I hate to quote Dan G again, but I will. Andy took the “floater” to a different level” Hasn’t made a decision of his own, when he could. Those players last longer than some but they don’t make it to the end. He’s in a bad spot right now.

  18. Time to watch it again, I only watched it on Thursdays. I’m so glad elissa is turning the game to what it suppose to be.

  19. It was just plain & mean of Elissa to laugh while Amanda was crying…….(YEAH)….. .roflmmao

  20. Sick of Amanda! Screwing someone that you have known for 2 months and not in private. What a Hussie! she does not deserve to win the money. McCrae either! I hope Aaryn gets taken off the block and Amanda goes up in her place and gets evicted. Then McCrae and Aaryn. I still hope Judd wins the game plus America’s favorite player..

  21. McCrae wins-takes himself off, Amanda goes up gets voted out.
    Anyone else wins- take Aaryn off, put Amanda up and Amanda goes home…..

  22. Tell mcCrae if he wins and doesn’t use it then HE goes home just for protecting Amanda

  23. I am so happy that Gina Marie a d Elissa are not scared of Amanda,,,,,AAryn I don’t know,,she’s doing whatever she can to stay safe,,but it’s Andy I would put out next,,,now he’s the
    Snake that slithers back and forth! Can’t wait for live feeds to come up!

  24. Come on !! I have to eat !!!..I have to keep repeating to myself…Amanda shouldn’t win…..Amanda shouldn’t win…Amanda shouldn’t win

      • Hahahahaha! Right. I was totally surprised when Elissa changed her mind last night from wanting Asryn out to wanting Amanda out. I hate that Amanda won the veto, though.

    • Too bad Elissa didn’t realize she needs to work with Aaryn right from the beginning.

      I guess Elissa’s only chance to save Aaryn now is to put up Spencer hoping Andy will save Aaryn and get Spencer out.

  25. Elissa needs Pandoras box with special eviction power …this crap cannot continue it simply cannot…I cannot stomach Amanda & McCraes entitled asses any longer I just can’t do it…

  26. The comp must have been laying around giving orders because that is the only thing Amanda is good at.

  27. Amanda won POV I’m so pissed! Ugh, it just makes me mad because if Elissa put up McCrae and Amanda from the start and Amanda won the Veto it would pretty much guarantee splitting up McCranda but not anymore! Oh well, at least get Aaryn out this week :)

  28. I’m hoping they do use Pandora’s Box before this season is over. Loved Elissa from the start.

  29. Elissa YOU MESSED YOURSELF UP GIRL! Had she put Amanda and McCrae up together, ONE OF THEM WOULD BE GOING HOME! Sorry to say but……Elissa, you screwed up!

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