Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The latest Big Brother 15 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the spoiler results for you. The fireworks were exploding last night as the target shifted from one HG to an even bigger one. Now the Feeds are back and we have the results.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

  • Amanda won the Power of Veto

Well so much for Elissa’s big plan huh? Amanda will definitely use the Veto and McCrae will be saved. Reminder: the Veto holder can NOT be renom’d. This is and has been the way PoV works. So who is going up? Andy or Spencer? Andy thinks it’s him. I’d agree.

This was a physical competition featuring the Zingbot possibly as a birthday part for Baby Zingbot. HGs say GM nearly won but dropped something early on that set her back.

As for all the people screaming “rigged!” you should keep in mind that over and over we see someone in imminent danger win their safety. Elissa just won HoH or she would have gone. Remember Frank last year? Rachel after Pandora’s Box? Janelle? Daniele? This is the way BB works. HGs get backed in to a corner and turn in to comp beasts. So put down your tinfoil hats and enjoy the drama.

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The HGs playing in today’s comp were Aaryn and McCrae as HoH’s noms, Elissa as HoH. Amanda, GinaMarie, and Judd were picked also picked to play.

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What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday afternoon. We’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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    • Seriously bummed about this turn of events. Not sure I can stand to watch Amanda and McCrea bully the house any longer. And, beginning to understand how some people think this game is rigged.

      • I liked Amanda when she first started playing the game, but the longer she has been in the house, the more nasty, rude, threatening, and disgusting she has become, I can’t stand the girl. I don’t like bullies and that is what she has been for the last five weeks or so. You can play the game of BB and not act the way she has.

      • Totally agree.If this bb game is rigged I’m not watching it cbs hasn’t done anything to anyone who made people upset for not doing something about racist remarks.This is the worst cast and none of them have any balls to play the game and make big moves.Jan Wood

    • I agree with you. BB has been “RIGGED” Many times before. Just look at last season as production tried to influence and interfere with aspects of the game.

  1. OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY tell me now Big Brother Viewers that Big Brother is not FAKE and RIGGED..

      • Probably in reference to the rumor about production trying to set amanda up for the win from the beginning…its makingvsense

      • Thanks for that backhanded answer. Bb junkies it is from now on. I don’t come on here for attitude from the administrator. Thanks!!

      • Then leave. No one needs your bad attitude and whining when something doesn’t happen your way.

      • There’s no way that a friend of Grodner is going to be guaranteed a win when a sister of Reilly who has an army of fans is in the game. The whole MVP twist was set up to help Elissa.

      • Hey,Matt… just want you to know that’s not from THIS Becky at all. I LOVE your work here.

      • 2nd time writing this .. it was probably in reference to the rumor that bb production had amanda slated to win from th beginning. This is just following suit!!

      • Actually, yes, I do believe it is. I think that’s how BB likes to up their ratings. They help out those who bring in the viewers. I think Elissa’s had help this season too.

    • I don’t understand when something doesn’t go your way people thanks it’s rigged. It’s BB and she knew she was the target, people do crazy stuff when their backs against the wall.

    • I hope Elissa has the number to kick Andy out, They need spencer vote and he’s totally a wildcard. I’m not surprised if this is not unanimous vote to evict Andy/Aaryn

      • They are trying like hell to confuse Elissa, which really isn’t a hard thing to do, but they are laughing about it. These people are the worst cast ever and the meanest.

      • It seems like Spencer wants to defy Amanda’s wishes to get Elissa to put up GM or Judd so Amanda can keep Aaryn in the house for a couple of weeks. Yup, she said it as if she has all of the power and will decide EVERY week what will happen. Aaryn is a dummy for hitching her wagon to Amanda. She is worried about Elissa again when it is Amanda who is going take her out first.

      • Aaryn need to do something, At least before she got out she need to tell spencer about 3AM and what happen if he keep Andy over her. If she’s not, Aaryn is definitely deserve to go home.

      • Hope you’re right. Entitled little twit needs to take her adderall and leave the house.

      • But then if Andy is put in McCrae’s place, she will still lose either way. She either doesn’t have a rat of an informer to get the juice from the house or the beast who can win comps that she can easily manipulate.

        That possibility is a big IF though if Elissa’s smart enough to put up another 3AM member, and the most logical choice is Andy.

        Surely Elissa have a back-up plan in case. Once Aaryn goes, at least a big player is out. but if Andy goes, a big social player is out and will definitely weaken Amanda’s long-term strategy to be in Finale 3.

      • Elissa wants to put up Andy. But, now they are trying to make Elissa believe alot of lies about GM. They are really trying to confuse her, (with Elissa, not a hard thing to do,) I hope she sticks with putting up Andy as the renom..Amanda is trying to tell everyone that Andy will go when she knows he won’t. It is amazing to me that a couple (showmance) has been left in the house this long. Not smart.

  2. Well that didn’t work out very well for Elissa, she should put Andy, he can’t be trusted to work with and she would get him or Aaryn out.
    Putting up Judd, GM or Spencer is pointless.

      • But by the looks of it, Elissa, even if she might go next week, will destroy 3AM either way if Andy is put up.

        I would definitely love to see the look of Andy’s face once he finally sits on the nomination chair, and even better, gets shown the exit door to meet Julie.

  3. This is obviously the pudding that proves it has been rigged all along. Please BB fans lets boycott watching til they give us fans what WE want. A show that is not rigged or predetermined. I sadly vote to evict myself from this charade.

    • I vote to Evict myself also Tonya its totally sad i cant believe i kept watching when production kept Rachel..All those calls to the DR they are following a script..You should watch BB UK or Australia.on youtube at least those seem more realistic and fun to watch

    • We’ve yet to see the entirety of the veto competition. Just wait until Wednesday how it all turned out.

  4. I kinda want to see what the comp was like before i jump to “rigged” conclusion. Maybe Amanda just brought it home in the clutch?

  5. hahaha wow I want Amanda to go home but not gonna lie part of me wanted her to win so badly because it makes the game so much more interesting now!

    • Dusty, you may be glad to hear that your whore of a goddess will maybe win this contest…. but one thing, she will not come back for ALL-STARS2

      • She’s not interesting! She is disgusting and lays around all day doing nothing and thinks she is God. She’s disgusting and I would be so disappointed if she came back for another season.

      • Replace “lays around doing nothing all day” with “does yoga all day” and you’ve just described Elissa. It’s all relative.

      • LOL!! DITTO! Elissa would have been gone in the first three weeks if she had not been handed MVP. Helen said herself, she had to carry Elissa. and don’t forget what elissa said, she’s not going to do jury. SHE, her highass,is to good for that.

      • She’s TEDIOUS there’s a difference. For the most part she’s a bully. I base that on the fact that she’ll go behind garbage cans and cry when she’s losing. Alternatively, she is the first one to ask someone “Why are you crying X, it’s only a game.”

      • She did that once, just as Rachel Reilly cried behind a bush once. Rachel was equally annoying and a bully but is beloved by many BB fans.

  6. Since the ‘Yenta from Hell’ is safe, then get rid of loose-skinned Andy. He’s a rat and a floater who votes however Mcranda instructs him to. Time to trim some fat….send him packing….

    • send Elyssa home, she don’t know what she is doing anyway. And she cant keep a secret.

    • I feel the same way. This would be the best move for Elissa’s game as it place another member of the 3am alliance on the block and at least one of them going home this week!

      • Exactly and it will take one more vote away from Amanda and McCrae if they get put back up on the block next week. This is when Elissa and the rest of the HGs should threaten Amanda about using the POV like she has done in the past.

  7. Who knows if its rigged? We sure as hell don’t. Andy needs to go up so that Gm, Spencer, Judd and Elissa have the numbers. If he doesn’t, well good luck Elissa next week.

  8. Ok…Ok..FINE !….Put Andy, and see what happens. Aaryn better abandon the McCranda, or she’ll go. Right now Amanda is pushing for Spencer to be renom…BAD IDEA..please be Andy.

  9. Rigged!!! I knew this was going to happen. Amanda can’t win anything and all of a sudden she does? Elissa should have put both her and McCrae up and then one of them still would have left!!! Boooooo

      • Yeah I heard her say that she is going to say that in her speech. Elissa isn’t going to like that. I really wish this plan would have worked out. I would have loved to see the door hit Amanda in her butt on the way out!!

    • Has Amanda ever washed a dish or done anytiing in the house besides stay in bed? Wonder who does her laundry?

      • seriously, was just thinking the same thing, she lays around with her dirtball boyfriend, this how is totally getting on my last nerve, I want that big mouth know it all gone

    • Wait… watch BB Canada, they are casting for the next season right now !! At least production on THAT show has some integrity …. they DQ, cheaters and stick to the rules…. this version of the show has allowed cheating on a few ocassions and this has altered the game.

  10. She Shouldn’t be able to save someone and be immune from nominations. She should keep it and save herself or use it and be at risk of nomination. this is crap.

    • Thats ridcukous why shouldn’t you be allowed to do that? She did win the veto after all. hoh get same power gets to nominate two people and safe for the week.

    • why shouldn’t she be able to save someone, the same rules don’t apply to her, whats wrong with you, you got sour grapes or something

      • This rule, that the veto winner is immune from being put on the block should also apply to anyone on the block… they should be able to take the other person off the block and save themselves OR just take themselves off the block and leave the other person on the block. It seems unfair that someone on the block, doesn’t have that option of “me and someone else” being safe….

    • You odviously don’t understand the rules of pov. As long as there has been a golden pov. The holder of it can not be nominated

  11. I’m probably the only one glad Amanda won! I’ve liked her and mc since week one. I think people forget you have to have strong personalities and people who can lie and manipulate in this game otherwise you may as well put 16 Boy Scouts in a housewho seriously wants to watch that?

  12. Now it’s going to be Ginamarie or Andy gone, Elissa you idiot, what a waste of an HOH.

    • Ellisa was smart It was the best move for her, it just Amanda won veto. Like how Ellisa won hoh people win comps doesn’t mean there stupid.

      • I agree.I am so happy Ellisa got HOH.
        I don’t think she is an idiot. Thats nasty

      • her best move would have been to put up Amanda and McRae right at the start, then she’s guaranteed to break up the couple. Isn’t this obvious ? What was gained by taking the risk that one would pull the other off the block…. nothing…. STUPID move elissa.

      • If Elissa would of played smart from the beginning instead of personal she should of put up Amanda and McCrae then one would be going. You never know what the comps are going to be and you never know when someone will pull out a win.

      • Elissa made it clear in her nomination speech that it was personal. She said you have made my life a living nightmare now it’s your turn to feel the pain. How is that not personal?

    • GM hasn’t done anything either, she’s been sitting on Aaryn’s coattails since the beginning

  13. Just because she won, it doesn’t mean that the show is rigged. You would think that she has to win eventually.

    • You must be a troll… the show is definitely rigged, beyond a shadow of a doubt. This isn’t the first instance of it, merely another one, now, numbering in the hundreds of times production has “influenced the game” through behind the scenes interference / rule changes / rule bending / favortism / etc etc etc

  14. Well, I guess Elissa shouldn’t of laughed in Amanda’s face. Looked what happened when her back is in the corner. Well that plan is screwed. She should of put Amanda and McC up together.

    • Eh. Amanda is going to go after her regardless. So elissa can tell amanda to go fudge herself from now until she is evicted without any additional risk

  15. Im watching BB UK and BB australia on youtube so much more realistic and better than our version..

  16. Well we all know for sure now, this show is rigged, CBS u had ur chance to fix things, now u will have to deal with losing ur fans, BB I am so disappointed, Amanda hasn’t ever won anything, but now she gets this, whoeve leaked it that this was set for her to win WAS RIGHT!!! THIS IS PATHETIC!!!!!

    • Could not agree more. So sad and rigged. Hope the rat Andy goes up he needs a wake up call….


  18. The only way Aaryn can save herself now is if she throws Andy under the bus and tells Elissa about her alliance with McCranda and Andy. If she doesn’t do that, she’ll be leaving on Thursday.

    • telling elissa will do nothing for aaryn. Amanda and McCrae are basically going to control the vote come Thursday. They are two votes and you only need 3 to evict. Which they basically get a third easily. Be it spencer or andy.

  19. Wow….that is just wow….shame on Big Brother and shame on CBS……. I cry Foul…. and for those who say….oh, CBS wouldn’t do that? I say , Yeah right?!?!?!?!? Ridiculous….PERIOD!!!!!

  20. Me and my husband are done watching this season! Obviously they want Amanda to win this game

    • Because she won a competition when she needed to? Ellisa won hoh when she needed to this week, so its rigged when people win a competition? Or just person your not rooting for wins then it rigged?

      • you don’t know the history of BB production interference, do you Dusty? Too bad you are so stupid and sheltered…. does mommy still help you cross the road too ? Grow a pair man and get with the program.

    • My wife & I will continue to watch, praying that Amanda gets her comeupance. It is frustrating, though. I replied to you because I have taken Peyton, Welker & Thomas in my fantasy league. As a Giant fan, living in Virginia, I have to say Go Broncos!!

    • No one besides the HOH and nominees would try to win veto if they could be put on the block for using it. And you can’t have a comp with only 3 people competing every week.

      • see the comment by Karen, earlier, I think she’s onto something about the veto rules… her’s her comment :
        This rule, that the veto winner is immune from being put on the block should also apply to anyone on the block… they should be able to take the other person off the block and save themselves OR just take themselves off the block and leave the other person on the block. It seems unfair that someone on the block, doesn’t have that option of “me and someone else” being safe….

      • If the person on the block wins veto and is able to take herself and the other person on the block, she has thus entirely nullified the power of the HoH. Who’s going to want to win HoH when her nominees are both going to be taken off the block? She makes a target for herself and doesn’t get anyone she wants out. That makes no sense and isn’t fair to the HoH.

        This way, at least she gets to keep one of her original choices on the block and put up someone else up instead.

      • That makes no sense and would be unfair to the HoH. Why would anyone try to win HoH if her picks could be nullified by one of the nominees winning the veto? She’d have no power. It’s essentially a weekly Coup d’etat except the HoH maintains the ability to renominate.

        At least this way she gets to keep one of her nominees on the block. Also, it would be much harder to backdoor anyone if the HoH has to replace two nominees.

    • Because those have been the rules since golden pov came into play like 10 yrs ago

  21. The one thing that has never made any sence to me is the vetos save two people the one who won it and the person they choose pretty pointless to me if you have the balls to use it then you need to be afraid that you might go home…..

    • LOL!! Yup. She has no one to blame but herself. She let her personal feelings get in the way and just HAD to nominate Aaryn.

      If you wanted to make sure Amanda or McCrea went home, she should’ve nominated em both.

    • Why? We’re going to end up with the same results either way. If E would have put up McCranda, one of them still would have won POV and taken themselves off the block. Knowing McCranda, it would be Amanda either way. And who in the house could you put up against McCrae that would actually result in M leaving? The only way this plan was going to work is if it was Amanda on the block, not McCrae. I could see Spencer, Judd, and GM voting out Amanda, but I can’t see Spencer or Judd voting out McCrae.

  22. I really hope Aaryn leaves this week. I’m so tired of her poor me, doing everyone’s dirty work BS.

  23. Well the person said he had proof said when looks like Amanda is done for she will all of a sudden be good… Then again if Andy goes up now that’s huge blow to her if he goes

  24. Imagine Amanda McCrae & Spencer ARE DISCUSSING who “they” want to go up ..Its not their decision..

    • Even if Andy goes up, he will still be safe! They have the majority votes on Amanda’s side! At this late part of the game, I do no see anyone flipping on Amanda’s side so, it looks pretty bleak for Aaryn right now! And next week, Elissa probably is going home too!

    • that arrogance just shows how phuck’d up this season has been. HOH’s, for the most part have been gutless and weak, only doing what they think the majority of the other houseguests want….. PATHETIC

    • Yeah, I don’t understand this new rule. Before if you took someone off you could go up. Matt???

      • Season 2, the veto was silver, it was a bit different. Season 3 (if I remember well), they made the veto gold and then the veto holder could not be nominated.

      • there was no veto in season 2.. veto was introduced in season 3 and yet it was silver. Then it got change to gold afterwards

      • Actually you’re almost right, the Gold veto showed up in season 3 but just once, as a special power.

      • LOL I am right, not almost right. It was the last veto used in season 3 and was the continuous one used in subsequent seasons.

      • Ok, then I’ll believe you. My memory was that it was once as a special power. But I don’t remember if it was the last one.

      • Well, first BB was in 2000, to me it seems just like that was yesterday. I had just move to Denver in June 2000. First Survivor too.

      • Right, and with the silver you couldn’t take yourself off the block. You could only take the other nominee off the block. But if you weren’t nominated you can take either off but still be at risk. The golden POV gave you immunity.

      • She doesn’t look too excited about winning. I think she can go up in his place. Winning the POV has never given you immunity before, unless you don’t use it and keep the nominations the same.

      • No she can’t! This has been the rule for a bunch of seasons now. You as pov winner can’t go up.

      • Nope it’s been this way for at least the past 5 or 6 seasons Brenda… If memory serves me correct it changed early on (somehwere between seasons 4-7)…

      • What I remember is that one year the veto was silver and the rule was different. Sean just said it was season 3. Season 4, the veto become gold, and the rule became was it is today.

    • If you win the POV you are safe and can’t be the replacement nominee. This has been the rule since it was introduced.

  25. My thoughts on Amanda winning – “bleep” , “bleep” , “bleep”

    The good guys can’t catch a break

  26. I dont like Amanda either but now everyone is saying “Ohh Elissa is a moron” and “ITS RIGGED”

    Nobody has seen the competition yet. Just because Demanda won doesnt mean BB rigged it for her.

  27. Noooo so didnt want her to get it!! She needs to go. Im so sick of her running things! Not fair that she cant still be put up if she uses it. If she wins the game I will not watch again!

  28. This is funny. Amanda is telling Andy to push for Spencer, while McCrae is lying to Spencer and he wants him to stay and is pushing for GM……The McCranda are shady f**k !

    • So is Amanda looking to keep Aaryn and evict Spencer? Elissa needs to reaffirm her alliance with Aaryn, GM and Judd. Then tell Spencer, Amanda want her to put him up as a pawn again but not to worry because Aaryn is going home. Then GM, Judd and Andy can vote Spencer out.

      Next week Aaryn, GM and Judd fight to win veto and put McCrae and Amanda up together.

      • Prince, plans are changing by the minute. What should happen is, they have to compare notes. Judd has to be pro-active on this situation and help Elissa. I think Elissa can trust GM/Judd. McCranda is working hard on everybody right now….we’ll see.

  29. Yeah….. This contest is Rigged. Big time, but one thing…. she will not be invited to All-stars2.

      • Not always, the geocentric theory is believed by some but it’s not popular because its actually untrue.

        Amanda is fantastic player is not a popular theory because it is not true.

      • How is it not true. Because she used every tactic to make sure. who she wanted to get eliminated. got eliminated. Amanda and Helen basically ran the whole house from day one. Not to mention Amanda had the one thing Helen didn’t have and that was Andy.
        You don’t have to win competitions to be fantastic player. You have to know how to work people.

      • I think people don;t like her personally because she is abully, a pig and a crybaby. Look at how she retreated behind a garbage can to cry about not winning HOH last week – and she wasn’t even a target!

        No one wants Amanda to win because of who she is, not how she is playing.

      • I don’t care if she is bully… Evel dick was a bully… Crybaby that was Rachel in first season… I am trying to think of previous houseguest that was a pig but i am stuck on that.
        But if both Aaryn and Amanda are taking adderall like it has been stated on here. I know first hand alot of people who do and those people tend to be very emotional at times and no filters when it comes to what they say.
        I do understand if people dont want her to win because of her personality though.

      • Everything about that statement is a fallacy. You’re trying to say correlation proves causation when it doesn’t. Fallacy. Then you’re using circular reasoning at an attempt to prove that the conclusion is true based on an assumption. Then you’re trying to appeal to probability to prove that she isn’t a fantastic player when in actuality it can be the truth.

    • She hasn’t played at all. She acts like a bully to everyone and demands everyone do what Amanda wants. And if things don’t go her way she lays in bed crying.

  30. Heh,BB production and had better pay attention to all the chat rooms,comments,blogs,etc…fans will be leaving BB in droves due to speculations(?) about BB being rigged..I myself have watched EVERY season,not to mention the live feeds and I will be leaving too..something stinks in Denmark!!!

      • How can Amanda win that ? Wow, McCrea been on the block, really lite a fire under her butt.

      • Forgive us if we find it very hard to believe that a person who spends her entire day in bed like a slug had enough energy to win a physical comp. Right now we are in disbelief. Considering she had to beat, GM, Elissa, Aaryn and McCrae, all people far more physically fit and athletic than her, it is going to be a little hard to swallow for a day or two. But if Amanda does win this this season, I think there is definitely going to be a far greater degree of outrage than this.

        BTW, if Amanda does know AG or anyone in the CBS production company, don’t you think they should not have allowed her on the show? In any other business this would be considered a conflict of interest.

      • There should be outrage if Elissa wins after having the MVP designed to keep her in the game.

  31. As much as I’m NOT an Aaryn fan….Andy needs to go this week. Since Amanda isn’t an option…’pop up’ is perfect to walk out the door. His shady game needs to come to an end. After 2 months of not winning anything – this is the week Amanda actually pulls out a win?! Really?! Ugh..frustrated, but still a fan.

    • They don’t have the votes, spencer won’t evict him and Judd probably won’t either. That already give him 3 votes to stay.

      Looks like Aaryn is going. I can’t believe I was hoping that she would win just so I could watch Amanda crumble.

  32. Just wondering just because the devil(oh sorry Amanda) won the POV,does that really mean she can’t go up herself?

  33. I hope Elissa does put him up then Mcranda won’t have their rat telling them what the others are saying. I hope GM wins HOH & puts Mcranda up & for sure one of them will be going home.

    • I’m pretty sure Andy would stay. He’s got a vote from Amanda, McCrae, and Probably Spencer.

  34. WOW… What the heck??? Did anyone hear Amanda tell McCrae that she knew someone behind the wall during the HOH comp? I’ m sure that it wasn’t her friend Grodner. So she knows at least 2 in production?. HHmmmm. Think I’m done with this year and im not sure about the future. Why watch if its not reality and each houseguest playing their own game… CBS you suck!! JMO

    • Everyone in the cast knows someone behind the wall. They interviewed with them several times, were sequestered with them, and talk to them daily in the DR.

  35. Why not back door Amanda , she uses it on McCrea so then she goes up ? Now that she gave it up u can put her on the block Right ?

  36. Perhaps the best thing to do now is to simply put up a “pawn” and hope that Aaryn leaves the house…she was one of the ones after Elissa, so that would probably be a good move for Elissa. Maybe Elissa can make peace with McRanda and say that she always wanted Aaryn out, that she had put McRae up so no one else would realize they were working together.

    • No way Amanda will forgive Elissa now. If Elissa cuts Aaryn loose at this point she needs to rely on her deals with Spencer and Andy to save her next week. The problem is, she needs to put one of them on the block.

      Elissa is in big trouble and Amanda is going to be even more intolerable than before, especially if Elissa is evicted next week.

      • Amanda was never going to “protect ” Elissa as she was pretending last night.

        Elissa is in the house on borrowed time. So if you’re going to go out anyway, you might as well do what you want.

  37. It’s rigged when you go back and watch the hoh comp and can see a hand touch or push certain hgs

  38. Amanda is a lazy slug and never even comes close to winning comps. Now alll of a sudden she wins…… Yeah right

  39. I totally agree. It is soooo rigged. I am so disappointed in BB now. It totally destroys what Elissa was trying to do. I think no matter who goes up Aaryn is going to go home. I was so happy to see Aaryn and GM working with Elissa. So much for that. This show SUCKS this year.

      • Whenever production wants to create drama or prevent someone who’s bringing in ratings from leaving, they do things to help that person. It’s definitely manipulation, but it’s not rigging. You can’t guarantee someone will go home no matter how much you manipulate things.

        Pandora’s Box usually gives something good to the HoH at the expense of the rest of the house or vice versa. Coup d’Etat is much more unfair and gives all the power to someone else, not the HoH who legitimately won it.

      • haha! Exactly. Had Jeff and Jordan been in this spot (Jeff on the block and Jordan winning Veto), everyone would be thrilled and no one would be asking this silly question.

      • I like Jeff but I know stuff was rigged. Coup de tat anyone?

        Let’s not pretend BB doesn’t rig stuff. Sometimes you win (duo twist with Rachel/Jordan) and sometimes you lose (Amanda winning POV).

        Such is life.

      • Not for nothing but the coup d’état was given to Jeff by way of an America’s Vote poll; we can debate the legitimacy of said poll (but really: If you are jaded enough to think it was rigged, then a debate would be pointless!); however, it was also given to Jeff (by America’s vote) roughly two weeks before it was used.

      • That’s something I didn’t remember. I wan’t sure if they earned it thru vote or Pandora’s box.

      • It’s manipulation, but not rigging. They still can’t guarantee things will go the way they want, but they can give advantages.

      • And Jeff was the biggest “bully” of them all. I still don’t get all of the Jeff love by the same people who hate Amanda.

  40. Nobody should be screaming rigged because you did’t see the POV competition yet which doesn’t air until Wednesday night. But I am disappointed that Amanda won POV. However Elissa should put up Andy and let the house decide on who to evict…Andy or Aaryn. Hopefully Andy and that will hurt 3AM even more.

  41. I can’t stand Elissa I’m so happy Amanda won the veto. I realize I’m in the minority here but I can’t stand how Elissa thinks she’s better than everybody else. Hopefully she goes home next week.


  43. Wait. Elissa hasn’t won anything since week 4. And she just won HOH. Must be rigghed. Right?

    • The reason we are saying it is righted is because Amanda did not win anything and when everything is in place to get her out she win it. Also she said she knows people who work for the production

  44. If your goal is to get out Amanda, don’t nominate her choice. Nominate the one she wants to save. Be true to your word & put up Andy for not saving Helen.

      • I would say, I will accompany you, but I don’t have Tequila. Right now, I’m drinking white wine.

      • Capt, don’t drink too much right now. Save some until after the veto ceremony. You might need it and a couple of Amanda’s pills, if Elissa doesn’t put Andy up.

    • Maybe, poor consolation but, Aaryn is gone and competition wise, it could help Elissa for POV because there is a good chance she will be targeted this coming week! If Elissa survives this week and wins HOH again, she should remember to put two people on the block at once, forget the backdoor thing. Much safer to put them out on the block and let them try to get themselves out thru POV, atleast, one of them will still be on the block. Then, nominate someone else if they get off! So, if Elissa gets another chance at Amanda, she should just nominate both Amanda and McCrae outright and let them fight each other for POV! That is the smarter way to do it!

  45. The best they can do now is put up Andy but, Aaryn is still going home! If they had both McCrae and Amanda on the block, even if Amanda got off, McCrae and Andy can both be on the block and you at the minimum guarantee either McCrae or Andy goes home! Now, the Elissa alliance is screwed because you have Gina Marie and Judd versus Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer for HOH and Elissa could be going home if one of Amanda’s minions win HOH! Holy screw up Batman!

  46. If Amanda was Elissa’s target, she should have just put Amanda and McCrea on the block. I thought Asryn was her target, but she changed that last night.

    • so what, so are several other people in this game. she is playing the game at least and not sitting around waiting for someone to tell her what to do.

    • Wait, WE’RE the idiots even though you’re online calling another person who you don’t even know a bitch?


  47. I don’t think this is rigged at all. Amanda wanted to make sure her and McCrae were safe, so (and I don’t know how because I don’t have the feeds) she managed to win the veto. Rachel and Jordan’s backs were up against the wall when Porche won that HOH, until she opened Pandora’s Box and the Duo twist was back for another week. Sure, that veto comp was perfect for Rachel, but anyone could of won that. This ain’t rigged guys. It will be rigged if Amanda wins this thing, but I don’t believe it’s rigged at all.

  48. Amanda, as a CHOSEN, is allowed to say and so anything on T.V…… her tail, almost naked, give blow jobs then ride pizza spineless …..degrade blacks, gays, and females with her inflammatory tongue. BB you going to loose quite a bit of viewers here on in.You played favorship wirh the CHOSEN. SLEEP WITH THE DEVIL AND THEN YOU..ARE….OWNED…..BY….THE…..BEAST

  49. Amanda is devising a dirty plan to get GM out Telling this to Spencer. She wants them to go up to Elissa and promise her they will vote for Aaryn but instead they’ll vote out GM.. Are they gonna follow Lucifer again?…I hope f******g not. !

    • If Elissa puts GM up, she is stupid and I mean very stupid. Elissa knows that they wanted GM out before anyone else. I’m just going to sit back and hope Elissa do the right thing and put up Asryn.

      • Putting up Andy is a waste of time. Elissa needs to salvage something out of this mess and tight now her best chance of getting somethiing out of it is to put up Spencer. If McCranda decides getting ri dof Spencer is a good idea to save their 3am alliance, then Elissa still has a chance to work with Aaryn and thre is one less unpredictable vote left in the house. At this point, Elissa’s only chance next week is to hope Aaryn will still work with her if Amanda keeps her safe this week.

      • You are aware that Asryn told Amanda about the conversation that she had with Elissa. If Elissa puts Spencer up, I am done watching this mess……..ummm heck no, Spencer is a waste.

    • If you take “Amanda” and replace it with “Dr. Will” and erase her previous actions, only focusing on this week, it would be a brilliant move. Admit it — it’s smart. She’s protecting one of her own alliance members. You only dont want it to work because of your personal vendetta against Amanda — which is not entirely invalid.

  50. is such BS they are going to lose lots of fans if they keep this up
    Its so obvious

    • If they didn’t lose fans by creating the MVP to help Elissa and then showing racist Aaryn week after week, they’re certainly not going to lose fans by having Amanda be the only person in the house to play the game.

  51. That’s how you win Big Brother. Win comps when absolutely necessary and otherwise avoid them like the plague.

  52. whatever I don’t care what no one say this is so rigged… say what you want, i already knew Amanda was going to win its for tv.. she haven’t won not one comp and today was her lucky day, yeah right!!!! this is BS at its finest. like EVERYONE saying, this is no longer worth watching anymore because we are all tired of Amanda whining and crying how thing are not going her way or bulling people to do what she wants. OMG i am too pissed!!! just watching her stank ass walk around everybody all day in her underwear is enough to say ENOUGH!!!

  53. You have GOT to be kidding me! This b!tch hasn’t won Jack all season and NOW she wins?? Ugh….this was the worst possible scenario and it actually happened.

    • Well, it depends. There is still a way out of this. Elissa puts up Spencer to replace McCrae. Spencer goes home. Aaryn continues her relationship with Elissa, GM and Judd. They win HOH next week and put up McCrae and Amanda with Andy being therenom if they win POV again.

      Aaryn needs to convince Amanda she has always been Elissa’s target. Elissa needs to do the same thing. Elissa needs to tell Spencer he is a pawn and he is not going home because Amanda and company promised her they would evict Aaryn.

      So, Amanda, thinks she is saving Aaryn for her allaince when in reality she is taking out Spencer for the Elissa Aaryn alliance.

      • At this point in the game. They cannot fix this. Aaryn is going home as they have only Gina Marie and Judd voting to evict Andy assuming he is on the block. However, Spencer, McCrae and Amanda will all vote to evict Aaryn!

      • I have to agree with Ritchie… I think Amanda will still vote out Aaryn over anyone due to Aaryn track record on competions.

      • Why Spencer would vote to evict Aaryn is beyond me. He’s on the outs and would be foolish not to realize that. He’s disposable and they’d cut him without hesitation.

      • I couldn’t agree more with your logic, it makes perfect sense…which is why it won’t happen, because nobody in that house has any sense or Amanda would have been gone weeks ago.

  54. I am noticing a lot of “rigged!” comments. Well let me ask you. Do you think it’s rigged because you REALLY think it’s rigged or is it because you dislike Amanda and think anything good for her MUST be rigged? [put another way: For those who think it was rigged, did you think it was rigged when Frank kept squirming out from under the eviction hammer? Did you think that was rigged? Or was it, “frank is a likeable dude, so he’s just winning because he’s a good competitor”?

    • Nobody can call this rigged and know what they are talking about, because nobody saw the comp. It all emotions.

      • I don’t know if it is rigged, but I do believe that production is involved……a little too involved.

      • the whole show is designed to create paranoia and then drama so that we will keep watching. I personally don’t have much drama in my life and enjoy a little from the television set.

      • I believe that production and BB powers that be, are bathing in the spike in ratings. They knew the so called experiment blew up in their face, then revived with a half ass warning to the public about the view are of the HGS and they have no control. Sure??? Amanda should have be thrown out of the house for being homicidal threats and actions. Aaryn should have been tossed out with the bed she choose to flipped over. They are no better, even worse offenders than Russell Hantz last year. He was gone in zero to sixty. Why do they get a pass?

      • #1 it was Willie hantz not Russell hantz who was expelled
        #2 flipping a mattress with no one on is not dangerous (I’m still at a lost why everyone has made such a big deal out of that)
        #3 I have never make any life threats that weren’t jokes come out of amandas mouth and what actions has Amanda does

        Just because you do not like someone is not grounds for expulsion. Grow the heck up

    • I know it cannot be rigged because CBS would get in legal trouble of it was. However, you have to admit that there are some funny things going on with this show. Elissa wins 2 POVs when she absolutely must. Judd comes back into the house when the fan polls show they want him over the other evicted house guests. Elissa wins HOH, says she absolutely wants Aaryn out then suddenly flips to wanted to get Amanda out and work with Aaryn. Then Amanda, after a season of winning nothing, wins a POV to save herself and McCrae just when you think the house has suddenly begun to play this game again. When that many improbable things happen in a short span, people are going to scratch their heads and wonder.

    • Did you see the video of Helen in the last HOH? It is all over the internet and it shows a hand pushing Helen off the block. They claim the same was done to Candice although, only Helen’s video was shown. And did you see the jet sprays? it was hitting Jessie and Helen full blast but, the jet blast hitting Amanda was only on half her body. What I want to know is do they draw for spots like in Survivor? That is what they should do to ensure each house guest gets a fair shake. However, the Helen video is disturbing from a fixing point allegation. It seems they wanted Judd back into the game. That is the only conclusion that I can come to!

      • You Tube has been wiped clean. Go search for Was Helen Kim Pushed Off on HOH competition? It should show you. Use Google to search.

      • Captain, go to the big brother fansite “Big Brother Access,” there’s a post there dedicated to it that provides actual analysis.

      • One thing I have to point out, RE: Candice. Judd has stated that Candice told him privately that she really didn’t want to re-enter the game because of GinaMarie. Another thing, RE: Helen. She was a Have-Not prior to this eviction/comp and was likely exhausted. She might have not been able to stand it anymore because she was starving.

      • If you have an open mind, watch the actual video and see for yourself. Going to a Big Brother website, what do you think they will say? You can decide for it when you see it! At the minimum, Helen jumped off, more likely pushed off but, until you see the video itself—-you cannot be objective about it!

      • I have an open mind. It seems to me that you don’t. And I’ve seen the damn video, or actualy the GIF (animated picture).

      • I don’t know what you watched but, it is not an animation but, a live video capture of the HOH where you see a hand coming out of the box for Helen’s foot! It is there for everyone to see!

      • I’ve seen the video. There is no hand. It’s a guy in production fixing the cowl over the platform. Do you really think Helen wouldn’t scream holy murder if she’d been pushed off? STFUHelen? She’d be whining like a banshee if she was pushed off.

      • what I saw was a portion of the video that was converted to a picture that was animated. a .gif image is a image that has some sort of “animation” to it, such as a waving hand. Soooooooo….try again.

  55. This is the most boring BB ever. If it was rigged the smart people would have gotten rid of Amanda and Aaryn ages ago. Unfortunately stupid people think otherwise. We have stopped watching and only read your link for the hilarity of of it all!

  56. Darn it!!! Do you think Andy will go??? The others may vote aaryn out as she is a bigger threat . Aaryn may spill the beans about her and Elissa just to look loyal to them for votes . Darn it I was so excited to see their faces when they are both up. Not so much looking forward to the show now… And for once

    • From what I read, Asryn has already spilled the beans. Elissa, if you can hear me, please, please, please put Andy up……damn it I’m begging you to do so!

  57. Anyone who says this is rigged is being ridiculous. The challenges with the Zing-bot are usually to collect items and build something. Amanda almost won the veto Jeremy won which was balancing stuffed animals on a mobile. The veto Spencer won was running to collect items and putting a puzzle together. Also, Elissa kicked it into high gear in the OTEV comp, why can’t Amanda do it as well. Also, BB has carnival-like games and most have some degree of luck involved. Currently, there is a power shift going against Amanda because a stronger rival alliance comprised of Elissa, Aaryn, GM and Judd has been formed.

  58. Believe me I don’t want Amanda to win but the show is not rigged in her favor….it is not her fault that the other hg are a bunch of “pink cookies”…there is no way in he’ll Ellisa should have not put her and Mc on the block America put Amanda on the block to try and help them but they were too blind to see her influence…honestly she has the best game going…Hate to admit it…the house is full of floaters and all of them are carrying Am to the end.

  59. It’s almost justice that this happened. In my opinion, Elissa should have been eliminated from the HoH comp when she fell off the platform; her feet or foot touched the ground did it not? Amanda was in 2nd at that point and would have had a lead. (I am not championing Amanda specifically, FYI. If the person in 2nd was GM I would feel the same — Elissa fell, she should have been done right then and there). So the person who became the replacement target (Amanda) when Elissa & Aaryn decided to team up saved herself AND her closet ally. It’s Big Brother Justice.

      • You are correct. He won the first ever Golden Veto IIRC and chose not to use it; he was subsequently evicted.

    • Someone can only be eligible for eviction after winning the veto if they were already on the block. Examples include: Marcellas, Dick, Daniele and Brendon.

  60. I don’t know if it is rigged or not however the rumor the she was going to win came very early in the season and it seems that nothing goes wrong for this woman no matter what either for hg stupidity by luck or by whatever she gets her way just like that rumor said also if she worked for CBS isn’t there a rule that says you cannot participate in the show? Or her being friends with the producers? It certainly seems very fishy to me I have only been watching it on Thursdays but now unless a miracle happens I am done with this show

  61. Look at the bright side.Even though Amanda isn’t leaving we’re getting rid of Andy(the biggest cock block ever!) or Aayrn(Who was the one who won most of the comps for McCrappy.

  62. Where is Elissa’s Pandora’s Box? She needs a Coup d’Etat or a Diamond Power of Veto for next week!

  63. And that’s why it was dumb to vote Elissa MVP for no reason. She’s not good at this game. If she put up Amanda and McCrae, they would’ve had to compete against each other. Then if Amanda won, Elissa still could have put up Aaryn and at least one big player would be out the door.

  64. Damm it……Elissa is so stupid, she should had put up Amanda on the block, now Mccrae would go home

    I still hope Spencer goes up and he goes home.
    Even if Andy goes up i hope he goes home also

    Aaryn gotta stay.
    Gina, Amanda, Andy and Macrae gotta vote to keep her

  65. I am seriously crushed. Amanda in a physical comp winning? Am I being punk’d? I am by production and BB powers that be, just for ratings right? I hate to be a pessimist, but I knew this would be the outcome. Even though mathematically the chance was slim to none. Amanda physical??? I do not care about the opinion “in the clutch win.” BS. Amanda probably cheeked her Adderall she saved, the ingested it right before the veto. The only exercise she does is lifting a cigarette and lighter and boinking McCrae and waddling to feed her face, and demand to get alcohol to be so called tipsy! Ugh! Amanda has NO physical prowess.

  66. Judd, Spencer and GM VS Amanda and McCrae, 3 against 2 Aaryn and Andy on the block..If any one of the two gets evicted, it will be bad for McCranda

  67. Big Brother 15 is rigged and Amanda Zuckerman has already been pre-selected to win it.

    Has anyone seen the video that shows Helen getting tapped on the leg then jumping down for no reason?

    Its all over the internet.

    The fix is in!!

  68. Win win for Elissa…she will put Andy up and get rid of Aaryn. What I’m seeing on the feeds now is Amanda bullying Aaryn and she’s told Amanda the backdoor plan and promised Amanda not to work with Elissa. I hope Elissa gets the vote to send Aaryn home. Only to see they lose someone vital in their alliance.

  69. well it seems a little fishy the rumor that she would win it all came up very early in the season it seems that nothing goes wrong for her either by hg stupidity luck or whatever she gets her way all the time again fishy rigged not rigged I don’t know but in regardless I think I am done watching it its not fun anymore so time to let it go and if she wins it all then maybe the rumor its true

  70. Look! Alot of these claims that the show is rigged are fueled by personal hatred of the contestant. I know, because my personal dislike for Frank Eudy caused me to think the game was rigged for him.

  71. I am so pissed this is so rigged.They have its so fixed for amanda can win.give her the dame money.this show need to be cancelled.I used to love big I just want to boy cot it.big brother need to be cancelled

  72. The reason everyone is saying this show is rigged is because early on it was posted online that an ex-employee said production rigged the show for amanda to win. Then just when she is about to get voted out she wins the Veto, her first and only win. The chances of amanda winning the game and the show not being rigged are extremely small.

    • “EX-EMPLOYEE”….honestly that should be a red flag. This “ex-employee” was probably fired for incompetence and decided to publicly smear the show. If the producers rigged the show and did not put that into the players’ contracts (as in, they didn’t say “hey. thanks for playing but Amanda is going to win in the end” [which by the way would have eliminated any chance that anyone else would have SIGNED said contract…honestly]) that would be illegal.

      • And when amanda wins you’ll believe that everyone in the house was really that dumb and spineless. You’ll believe that amanda actually played the best game and deserved to win. Clearly some people are that dumb.

      • Me too. So, is everyone on jury going to play I am scared of Amanda so she wins card? Ugh? Like I said before she has the social game of a serial killer.

      • I am happy you are optimistic. On BBAD last night even GM commented to Elissa about the tramp stamp on Amanda. The two anchors that look like the happy sad face mask most industry/production/ theater ppl get. Plus, I know ppl will slay me for saying the obvious, but tattoos are frowned upon in the Jewish community. I know this first hand because I was engaged to a Jewish man, and I have tattoos, and it did not fared well with his family friends and religion. I really loved the man was considering removing them and changing religion. Amanda professing to be the token Jew of the house is an insult. Elissa thought Amanda was a plant on BB. Both are confused and do not get the McCranda pairing. I guess, production made sure Elissa got punished for having that conversation and Amanda got the win. I know, I am being pessimist.

      • Whatever. I don’t particularly like Amanda. But If they tried to put that in their contracts the people would walk away. Wouldn’t you?

      • It would still be a waste of their time! HONESTLY! “oh, we’ll pay you $1000 for your appearance. You are supposedly competing for $500,000 but since we want Amanda to win you don’t actually have a shot at that.”

      • Well, If Amanda does win BB this season, CBS should hire their ex-employee back because he/she is clairvoyant!

  73. I was thinking… if Aaryn or Andy gets evicted, they’ll have to change the alliance name. Does anyone have all the different alliance names used so far in this BB season? It’s got to be a record… just wondering.

    • Um Do you need glasses? Hope you are being sarcastic. The only hot I see for Amanda is a E ticket ride to hell. The 500k disintegrating in her hands for being a fraud.

  74. well now what ? I think andy should go now because he is a snake too , but I so hope Amanda does not win the game at the end , she does not need to win anything she is so nasty

  75. what needs to happen now is elissa to have pandoras box with the power to override any veto and put up who she wants.

  76. She should have nominated the love birds. Both of them couldn’t be saved and they would be broken up!!

  77. So we know now Aaryn definitely can not be trusted. She followed a major lie that Amanda made up about GM. Aaryn went up to HOH and told Elissa that GM is not working with you, and GM is not voting me out and she is lying to you..hahaha It was so ridiculous! I don’t think she believes it. I think it’s gonna back fire…..I’m disappointed with Aaryn for really doing what Amanda suggested. …..I don’t think she will change. sh*t

  78. I think this blows! But I also think that the plan would have been more believable had ellisa put up who amanda wanted and chances are that amanda probably would have thrown the comp to ellisa just keep the nominations the same, which is why ellisa Can’t play the game with out helen and kinda of deserverd to have her plan back fire.

  79. We can still have some fun with this is Elissa and Aaryn play ball together. Aaryn needs to tell Amanda she is still the target. Elissa needs to tell her that too. Elissa needs to tell Amanda she is putting up Spencer because if she puts up GM or Judd they will be voted out. If Amanda is convinced Aaryn is still Elissa’s target then she may vote to save Aaryn hoping Aaryn will take Elissa out next week. I think this plan has a better than 50-50 chance or working. If it does, Aaryn-Elissa have 4 to Amanda’s 3. If Aaryn wins HOH (or GM or Judd) McCrae and Amanda go up together next week and one of them, barring a special power or something, will go home.

    • Elissa should make a deal with Aaryn, GM, Judd and Spencer. Tell Aaryn that Andy through her under the bus and tell Spencer “Aren’t you tired of being a disposable pawn for everyone?” Nominate Andy giving he and the McCranda alliance the thought that Aaryn is still the target, then vote out the rat. aaryn has to play ball if she wants to stay

      • Spencer cannot be trusted. He will never be in an alliance for real. Elissa needs to put Spencer on the block and get Andy to vote him out. If he won’t then Elissa can tell Aaryn she tried to save her and Andy refused to help.
        At this point Elissa better gear up for winning next week’s POV because I don’t think there is any chance he is not going up. It is very obvious no one goes up to her HOH room unless she asks for them. Otherwise they all hang out with Amanda and McCrae. Its like the Impalas hanging out with the Tigers asking how then can serve them!

  80. I really think that Andy and Aaryn are the dumbest players to ever play this game. Aaryn is now campaigning to get GM on the block. her closest ally. She even went up dropped a lie about GM and then went back down to Amanda and told them that she said everything that Amdana told her to.

    • so Aaryn who has 4 HoH an one POV and was tageted since week tow is dumbest player ever, i think you are dumbest commenter ever

    • That’s why she needs to go. She’s just as stupid as Helen trying to get out people that would actually keep you in the game. Amanda told her to do it. She’s Amanda’s puppet to the end. She tells Amanda everything about what was said between her and Elissa now she’s telling Amanda what she and Ginamarie was talking about. What a total moron!!

  81. Elissa should make a deal with Aaryn, GM, Judd and Spencer. Tell Aaryn that Andy through her under the bus and tell Spencer “Aren’t you tired of being a disposable pawn for everyone?” Nominate Andy giving he and the McCranda alliance the thought that Aaryn is still the target, then vote out the rat. Aaryn has to play ball if she wants to stay, so she has to fall in line

  82. Elissa talked to Spencer about not get re-nomed. He played dumb and said that no one talks to him. He then danced around who he would put up as a re-nom but hinted that GM or Judd would be best. Not Andy. Elissa is not dumb and she knows that they want GM or Judd up and gone, so that they can keep their entire alliance.
    Spencer immediately ran downstairs and told everyone.

  83. Aaryn then talked to GM and went off about Elissa. Gm told Aaryn to her face…. Why would they want me up, I am your closest ally. Why would you want me up anyway. Obviously, Amanda wants me gone because they can control you.
    Aaryn responded with… yeah but that is why I here. you have to let them think that they control you. LOL so dumb.

  84. I have NO clue why Aaryn and Andy want to keep Amanda and McCrae safe. This game is winding down. Aaryn told GM that she is going after Elissa next week no matter what because she put her on the block. Andy said that he is going after Elissa. These are the WORST and most STUPID houseguest EVER! I do not get how Amanda and McCrae just get to completely walk through this game.

    • Only one conclusion I can come to…they are PAID ACTORS….can I say SIBERIA….never seen any house guests in the history of the show act as these people do.

      • I know. Real people at least try to disguise their prejudices (if they have any), and not put it out there so blatantly…especially on 24/7 live feeds and on national tv. I wondered about that this season.

    • Am I wrong or did Aaryn tell Amanda she deserves to win the game. I thought these people were there so they could win the money. This season is so bogus. They should just give the money to charities and call it a day.

  85. Does Aaryn not realize it’s fall in line with Elissa by begging and pleading to stay or going home. She will not stay against Andy and Elissa won’t put up Spencer, GM or Judd………DUH

  86. get over whole racist comments you all have put someone down at some point in your life if you say not then your also a liar. also Elissa made fun of amanda for her one peice suit and you being fat yet it ok, that is bullying. she bullying this week and she puts peopel down for ther appearances all time, yet she one with such low self esteem she has to get lip enhancments. you are all fake and go with flow you losers

      • Ellissa is so ugly with those fake lips and production is so fake the way they show her this show is ajoke

      • Are you serious? You’re comparing someone saying “I wouldn’t wear that” to what Aaryn, GM or Amanda have said?

      • So she attacked her race or made fun of her because she’s jewish? NO. So she threatened her? NO. So she said she had crabs, flipped her bed or said McCrae wanted to **** her? Still a NO. No comparison in words or deeds

      • I am not saying she was as bad as the others but she definitely got few low blows in too.

      • well what aaryn said is truth what amanda says is truth yet it only truth when big fake lip ugly no social game ellissa says is truth

  87. wow what a surprise Judd back in game and he the one they all cried over and what a surprise Ellissa going to get aaryn out. lmao just so cbs can say ellissa got so called raciest out. give me a fucking break! helen told ellissa that amanda was behind her leaving and ellissa acting like aaryn was this has production all over it. we all are raciest and aaryn has said nothing we havent said you are all fake people

      • your girl is going home…sorry…not. There is nothing you can say to get me angry…I’m on cloud nine right now. The truth is you really need to calm down…the adderalls aren’t working?? I hope I’m not being a bully?

      • Come on Vince…I thought you knew your sister well…you getting so mad and defending her??? She takes adderall..that’s why I’m assuming you do. Okay…you must be a boyfriend then or hoping to be when she gets out the house

  88. Big Brother is such a waste of time. Amanda is picked to win this game that’s why she hasn’t been sent home yet. I mean honestly why is everyone so scared of Amanda? Because production tells them not to vote her out. That’s the way it works when Grodners close friend is playing the game. I don’t even look forward to watching it anymore. I’d rather watch Hollywood Game night with Jane Lynch on Thursdays than this staged “reality” show.

    • Even if Amanda were Grodner’s close friend (which she’s not), Grodner is not going to pick her friend over Elissa, who has her sister’s army keeping the ratings up. Grodner might love her friend, but she’s more worried about keeping her job than giving her friend $500,000.

  89. listen you dumb asses this game is a game do you relize those people in there don’t even remember what argument or what thing was said in week one or week two, you and I remember cause we out looking in they are sceeming every min to every hour. so get over commments if you so big on bad comments then you hate three quaters of every person every been on BB. you all are so fucking fake i want to smack your isolated non leaving your own city idiots. bet you all live in a cocoon; listen Aaryn like it or not is one of BB best ever she has won 4 HOH and 1 POV and been targeted so her social game is good. get over it and appreciate a good player. you all biggots against her cuz she hot pretty and good not a ugly dork like you.

  90. Well there goes getting out Amanda. At least there’s a good chance Aaryn will be walking out the door. I just hope Elissa can survive another week. I don’t wanna see Mcranda make it to final two.

  91. your all a bunch of dorks let it go geeks lmao hahahhahahahhashahahahahahah i touched i nerve i touched i nerve my point made!!!! you are all fucking dorks you losers drug addicts

  92. With all but season 1 I have felt the producers lead the show the way they want. But this season? It has been SO blatantly obvious. Its not even enjoyable anymore.

    • BB13 was by and away the most blatant. There’s no way a newbie was going to win that season.

  93. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are all losers 15 comments what a bunch of dorks! yo geeks get over it you are all dorks and i win cause your comment sprove ti hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  94. If anything else goes wrong…at least Elissa got McCranda from under and a top of each other for once….hmmm from off their backs for once.

  95. You know…we see this stuff happen every year..someone backed into a corner and win veto…we don’t know exactly what cbs has contracted these players for…I just think it suspect to get ratings…rigged in my opinion

    • I’ve heard so many interviews with former HGs years after their contracts are up (and from people who’ve either said they’d never return or were so boring that they’d never be asked back), and none of them have ever said the game is rigged. It’s manipulated for ratings, but it’s not rigged.

      There are lawyers in the production studio to make sure everything is on the up and up.

      • So if they manipulate it for ratings, like making sure Amanda stays to add drama to the week, then isn’t that the same thing as rigging the game?
        I just watched BBAD from last night and it is quite obvious that Elissa was dead set on getting Aaryn out. She spent an hour telling GM how Aaryn was bad mouthing her for a long time. Then she comes out of a long DR session and she goes right to judge all happy face telling him she wants to back door Amanda? Then Amanda wins her first comp of the year? I never thought CBS would risk taking a chance and rigging the results or the game, but this just looks fishy. And I am the last person in the world to believe in conspiracy theories. I even believe Lee Harvey Oswald actually did shoot JFK.

      • They do this all the time, every season. The MVP was designed to help Elissa. But manipulating doesn’t imply rigging. There’s no guarantee that production will get its way. They can’t guarantee that Amanda would have won veto. They can’t even guarantee that Elissa would have nominated her in the first place. They just want to create controversy, drama, and ratings.

        DR doesn’t tell anyone what to do. They just ask leading questions. “Elissa, why do you want to nominate Aaryn? Are you worried that the house will think you’re doing this out of spite? Is this a big game move? Who would be the best person to get out to make a big move? What would Rachel say if you got out a big game player?”

  96. i guess it ok for candice to put down people and ellissa to make fun of amanda for being fat in one piece i guess that ok

      • now if aaryn said what you said to me it be horrible yet it ok for you to say it to me, think about it

      • well if Aaryn were referring to spelling and punctuation you be mad, think about it. you just put me down cause i aint as smart as you

  97. my point on all my rants is to let you all know everyone of HG’s have said things wrong yet you all so controlled by media and population that you only see what they want you to see. i didn’t mean to offend anyone i was doing a experiment with my classmates. thank you for your time

  98. Wow! Wth did I just walk into? I logged on to see what was happening, and boom! Had to flag, flag, flag. You know, it’s obvious who the real bb fans are on this. And to them I say ‘how are you all doing today?’…as I grin from ear to ear.

  99. every time you put a comment down on here or you put someone down even if it is putting me or Aaryn or Gm down you just like them

  100. I am so pissed. Been gone all day and was keeping my fingers crossed that anyone but Amanda won POV. Can’t friggin believe it. She hasn’t won anything. I hope Andy goes up and goes home but now Amanda/McCrae are 2 votes and I think McCrae has Spencer.

    • No, no, your consolation price is Aaryn going home. Don’t you want to see what Julie is going to tell her when she come out.

    • Yeah I was thinking about this all last night too. I wanted Amanda gone SO bad and to see her win the Veto at this point in the game was heartbreaking. It’s likely we’ll be seeing Aaryn go this week over Andy but who knows. Maybe they will puppet Aaryn for one more week.

    • That’ll teach ya for being gone…lol! I was too, and came in on all this. It blows

    • You know, I really like what was going on last night. What happened today was just a let down. Look, the house is back to that bad energy that Amanda brings. She’s back to her old ways, walking around, threatening people. I like Amanda last

      • I like to see her crying and quivering in a corner too. I made a post last night about it being my luck that she would pull her first win out. Maybe I jinxed it…damn!

      • Debbie, you know I forgot to eat lunch for this crappy result…..I’m thinking of just hitting the freeway right now…I don’t know

  101. A lotta days between now and Thursday, who knows who’s gonna be the target by then. No matter which two are on the block, they’ll probably flip back and forth all week.

  102. Is it my eyes?…why am I seeing only little brown squares here? What the f**k are those????