Big Brother 15: 3AM Is Dead, Long Live The Exterminators

The Exterminators on Big Brother 15

Another week, another alliance in the Big Brother 15 house. These HGs can’t seem to stick to one plan for more than a few minutes at a time so it should be no surprise that a new allegiance has been pledged as an old one falls.

This week will usher in the demise of 3AM as two of its members now sit on the block. The remaining members will have to either fight on together or find a new home. It seems one of them is already moving on.

Flashback to 2AM BBT overnight (8/26) to find Judd, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Andy in the backyard. They’re talking things over and all agree that no matter who is this week’s renom they would vote out Aaryn. The idea being that any of them could go up. Of course Andy is driving this suggestion because Andy knows he’s going up. Then again so does Judd and GinaMarie, but they go along with it anyway.

“I think we know who the poison is,” says GinaMarie in reference to Amanda. Judd says he’s worried about Amanda getting pushed to the finish line. “Her days are numbered,” adds Spencer. Andy sticks up for Amanda, but says “I’m not a fool. I didn’t come here to play for third place.”

These four HGs come together as a new alliance dubbed “The Exterminators.” Judd thinks it’s fitting because they’re going to get out “snakes and rats,” referring to their McCranda and Aaryn. What about Elissa? Well surprisingly she might be in the clear.

Just before this talk GinaMarie was semi-praising Elissa saying she wasn’t that bad. I guess that’s better than saying you want someone out. They also know Elissa is a lame duck this week. She can’t play for HoH this week so why bother pulling her in right now?.

Now of course I find Andy’s trust to be easily questioned here. He’s floating from alliance to alliance all season and this is possibly no different. Or maybe it is.

After the Veto Ceremony today where Andy went up, no surprise, he pulled Judd aside and told him that The Exterminators was what he still wanted. He added that they needed to keep up their relationship with McCranda just in case they won, but otherwise it sounds like game on. Note: he is keeping his options open.

Shortly after that Judd pulled Spencer aside and they also agreed to stick with their new alliance. What about GM? Aaryn gave her the go-ahead to vote with the majority and send her to Jury. Aaryn knows she’s lost and coaches GM on her next steps forward.

If, IF, this group sticks together it could work well for a few weeks. They’ll have a 4-2 advantage over McCranda for this next HoH competition. If they fail at this next HoH then they can try again the following week with 3-1 advantage.

The HGs learned an important lesson this week: McCranda is not invincible and they do not have to fear them. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if they can stick together.

What do you think of the new Exterminators alliance? Can it work?

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  1. Elissa made a huge mistake putting Aaryn up for eviction. She should have put up Macrea and Amanda that way she was guarantee to send 1 of them to jury.

      • true, she was more worried that if she didn’t put up Aaryn, she would win, pull either Mcrae of Amanda off and 2 of them would be safe.

    • Nope. McCranda is not a competition threat (veto win aside). It doesn’t matter if Amanda has all the plans if she can’t win a competition. Aaryn was the smarter target. Elyssa hating her was just icing.

    • No it wasn’t a mistake. Aaryn is the only one who can win comps. She made the right move. Kudos Elissa. I just hope Judd doesn’t turn against her. I really didn’t want him to come back but if he will be loyal to Elissa then i guess it’s ok

    • I really agree because that is the only way break them up and send the other one the next week.

    • That’s the 237th post on this forum that says the exact same thing. It’s too late. Andy and Aaryn are on the block and nothing will change that between now and thursday. Time to move on.

    • I could see why Elissa put aaryn up instead of the slobs . Aaryn has been picking on elissa and Helen from the beginning , especially elissa. It was a tough call for her because Andy is also a rat and took out Helen, but Aaryn was not nice to Elissa from the beginning and she has won 4 HOHs and a veto and would be hard to get out in competitions.
      Aaryn yes was 4 times hoh but all those times she never did what she as hoh should do and that is do what you want, not what Amanda and mcrae are telling you to do. Aaryn was getting the blood on her hands each time and needs to go but so does Amanda and Mccrae who really haven’t won anything except a big dirty mouth . So, Elissa had hard choices to make. Aaryn, mccrae Amanda and andy the rat. Who was expecting Amanda who hasn’t won anything this whole time to win pov and take her Pizzaboy off the block. Well hopefully new HOH is Judd and he puts up Amanda and Mccrae so one of them is definitely going home. I just pray the slobs don’t win hoh. I AM ALSO PRAYING PANDORAS BOX COMES NOW BEFORE NEW GAME BECAUSE I WANT THERE TO BE THE DIAMOND POWER OF VETO IN THERE FOR ELISSA SO SHE COULD SAVE HERSELF BEING THEY ARE MOSTLY ALL AGAINST HER AND SHE NEEDS A FIGHTING CHANCE TO GET FURTHER.

    • It just sucks that they can’t tell her she was fired!! I REALLY wanted to see the look on her face when they told her, but because she’s a member of the jury Julie can’t give her any outside news.

      • OMG !’re interview. Are you gonna be Barbara Walters on her? or Ted Koppel? lol

      • Don’t get too excited. Once they start Jury we can only do interviews by email via CBS PR. I had really, really been hoping she’d get out before Jury so it’d be by phone. I only had one question for her then and I bet you can guess what it would have been…

      • While I understand you have to maintain some professionalism, please get some digs in… PLEASE!

      • You’re wrong. I just check. Pre-lim nationwide ratings CBS, Big Brother is #1 with 6.8 million viewers. Big Bang Theory #2, and so forth…Did you check Nielsen? Where do you get your facts?

  2. IF they have a brain they will make this happen as it really is the only chance for any of them.

  3. They need to get rid of Amanda first! She’s the head of the snake…. Aaron is small fish and could be taken out later EASILY!

    • Aaryn is not small fish. She has won 4 HOHs and when she wins, she does what Amanda wants. That makes her as bad as Amanda.

    •…no.. Aaryn maybe small but she’s a comp beast. Amanda is irrelevant on any comp….she is loud though.

      • Aaryn- 4 HOH, 1 POV

        Elissa- 2 POVs, 1 HOH

        McCrae- 1 POV, 1 HOH

        Andy- 1 POV, 1 HOH

        GinaMarie- 1 HOH

        Judd- 1 HOH

        Spencer- 1 POV

        Amanda- 1 POV

        Elissa can’t compete in the next HOH and Aaryn is getting voted out. Therefore the competitors in the next HOH have 2 or 1 competition each between them. None of these guys are competition bests. The next HOH is a total crapshoot. Everyone won at least once.

      • True, but GM has been 2nd or 3rd in several of them. I would give the edge to her as long as it’s not a thinking comp. Physical yes.

      • between Spencer picking his nose,wiping it on everything and putting his hand down his pants to play with his weiner is disgusting

  4. The only faithful alliance is McCranda. Other then that everyone is a floater lol. Cant believe all the players this year. I had to quit watching the stupid show, however, I do read the latest updates. To much ignorance, racial, and bullying for my liking. I just want this season over with and hopefully next year will be worth my time watching.

    • I agree with you McCranda has saved how many now from being evicted, and how many have they got out that was coming after all the ones that are left in the house….how many times have they saved Ellisa? I am so sick of how everyone forgets how McCranda has saved their butts and now they turn on them cause they are scared…..

      • McCranda only ever saved people that they felt they could manipulate and use to their advantage later. They saved no one out of the goodness of their heart, so no one owes them a damn thing.

      • no, you are clueless as to how the game is played, you don’t win by being Mr nice guy. Case in point, Evil Dick, winner, Danielle, his daughter, 2nd place

      • They only saved people because someone else was a bigger target. Don’t fall for Amanda’s BS.

      • McCranda saved no one…they only get rid of people Amanda’s, foolish mind, thinks are coming after her.

      • Want to know what there mistake was, using Elissa to get out big players, Now she is winning comps and look out Mccranda’s game has fell apart

  5. I told you! Elissa’s HOH will be the biggest success of the year because she got out the best comp player since Janelle and she opened the eyes of the rest of the house to Amanda’s ways. After seeing Elissa come out of this still standing, they all know they can stand up to Amanda too. That’s how you handle bullies. When Amanda finds out she is alone with McCrae in the house she will retreat to her bedroom, climb in bed, curl up in the fetal position and cry until she is evicted. Every now and then she will come out to eat, hurl some vindictive at the house guests and retreat back to her lair with McCrae. My guess is McCrae will only tolerate this for a short time then he will abandon her too rather than go down with the sinking ship. That’s what rats do.

    • I am so sick of Elissa….she gets under my skin the way her sister did…..but Elissa is worse….she had an advantage coming into this game which is not fair….I hope they get her out soon

      • Everyone else is sick of the bully. Amanda is vile. Go Elissa. Speaking of advantage – it must be nice to be the producers friend. That’s quite an advantage if you ask me ( or anyone else)

      • Amanda would not still be there if she were not a friend of the show!! She would have been ejected for her behavior yesterday!

      • Soooo agree with ur post….I could not watch the feed clips.. I read what happened on here & on the Jokers webpage but I could not bring myself to watch it… AMANDA SHOULD HAVE BEEN EJECTED OR RECEIVED A PENALTY NOM but to my knowledge neither happened.

      • I heard amanda say to mccruddy that next week she will be the HOH then production said don’t talk about production. so something is fishy.

      • What are you talking about, no one was ejected yet, after all the bullying Aaryn and her first buddies did to people in the house.

      • Time to get over it. Elissa has been a target in the house since they found out she was Rachel’s sister. Since then she has saved herself twice with POVs and once by winning HOH. She can be annoying but the rest of the cast is pretty horrible too.

      • You know Prince she doesnt annoy me. I actually think that Elissa is very smart and playing the dumb part. A person who doesnt have their head on straight would have gone back at Amanda. Even GM, Judd do not annoy me. Now the other 4 yes. 3 of them stay in bed. The only reason Andy doesnt stay in bed is because he cant “pop” in from the horizontal position.

      • FYI, if Jeremy and his pals, including Aaryn, hadn’t be so strategically removed, they would have been the biggest bullies in the house. And what about when Aaryn turned over Candice’s bed.

    • Woo hooI The best part is this new alliance will not target Elissa. this next HOH. She should be safe because open up the HGS eyes. I know I am being Optimistic. The one problem I have with this alliance is the rat Andy spearheading in this new alliance. I do not trust him at all. If McCrae or Amanda get the HOH, guess what the Andy rat, will tell McCranda of the Exterminators. Andy is rat poison and the Exterminators maybe D.O.A

    • When Demanduh finds out she is in serious jeopardy, she will throw “rat-boy” under the bus so fast his little pointed head will spin.

    • amanda is in bed yes, but at least she is strategizing. elissa on the other hand while looking in every mirror she passes can’t remember what she was doing 20 minutes ago. never seen so much confusion. if she tripped there would still be someone going home this week. ho hum. not impressed at all. didn’t she make a final 2 deal with the person that she’s now getting out because she screwed up her own plan — oh no, that’s right BB’s plan.

  6. I really don’t like Aaryn, but c’mon, why are you giving up? You can persuade GM and McRanda to vote Andy out! I’d rather have her on my side as a really amazing competitor than the wuss Andy!

    • Well, she can always follow her auntie Amanda’s strategy, torturing somebody. It might work.

    • don’t you just wish we had a way of getting this message to them….I hope she stays and then look out houseguests

  7. I really hope Judd Spencer GM and Andy stick to this and get Mccranda out the house I do not want to see them make it to the end this year all Amanda done is just try to scare ppl she not a threat she suck at competition her and McCare most of the time you see them lying around and smoking I hope the houseguest send them packing

    • I really hope not. I think it would really suck for 4 people who haven’t done squat to be in the final 4, when those that have played their hearts out are sitting in jury.

  8. The EXTERMINATORS alliance is a joke!!! They are going to get out the “snakes and rats?” damn people… there is one among you!!! Andy is only trying to protect himself from all ends so that he is safe to the end. Judd, JUDD, JUDD….smh…you’ll never learn…fool me once shame on you…fool me twice…I’m an absolute idiot!!! that’s why you don’t deserve to win!!!

    • Like in the Spectre organization of James Bond movies, there is a traitor among us and the penalty for that is death! Andy quivering on his chair as the bottom falls out and he falls into a pool of sharks! Now, we have a vacancy to fill! Ha ha ha ha ha! (Devious laugh).
      Anyway, double agents get killed for obvious reasons.

  9. By the way, Judd gave BigBrotherNetwork a shout out yesterday. I don’t remember the time but I he was talking on the couch outside about different BB websites.

  10. If things fall into place, Amanda will be in for a shocker! She is probably going to be pissed off that her scare tactics don’t work anymore! Like the French Revolution, the peasants get sick of eating cake and we already saw what befell Marie Antoinette! Amanda could suffer the same fate figuratively speaking! Off to the jury house with you and the shame of eviction!

  11. I hardly watch the feeds anymore…I feel dumber and dumber each time I do. I SWEAR MY IQ GOES DOWN 10 POINTS EACH TIME I WATCH. Can’t they find anything intelligent to talk about except for farts and the likes????

    • On BBAD last night Amanda and McCrae outside smoking…It was like watching paint dry.

      • When McCrae is sitting or laying with Amanda saying nothing, it looks like he is thinking about how to get rid of her without suffering her wrath.

      • they all need to take baths more regularly! Even Amanda who is supposedly a high end real estate agent doesn’t bathe or dress very well either!

  12. If they put Amanda up, she will become the Terminator and unleash her terror on everyone. No one is safe from that unstable female.

    I strongly doubt the Exterminators will last, all their alliances crumble as soon as they make one; even 3AM changed to 2A(ss)M S(loth) = Spencer replacing Aryan.

    • hopefully Amanda will terminate herself and get herself kicked off of the show since she spent a big part of last night reading the rule book…maybe she will push it over the limit and get evicted yet…I don’t want her to win or go to jury either…just get evicted!!

  13. “Exterminator”…Really??.BB15 will be known for coming up with the most uninspired alliance name. Maan !! This is a household product. lol Well, there’s a rat in the house, name Andy, Let’s see if it works on him.

  14. HeY,
    The following week, if McCranda were to win, they would still have a 4-1 advantaGe . three non-elimed and ellisa v. McCranda member not HoH

    • fingers crossed it stays interesting a few more weeks. i hope amanda wins HOH she deserves it. she has really played a slick game.

  15. Elissa couldn’t get pass the pettiness towards Arryn, however Andy is due another 2 or 3 flips. The so called exterminators are led by a nominee, an evicted returnee, GM & Spencer, no real gamers, just survivors

    • Maybe they should have called themselves, “Left 4 Dead”. Gamers will know what I am talking about! Those four look like the jacket cover anyway!

  16. Well from what is happening on the feeds at this time I am gonna guess that (before the nite is over) Aaryn is going to blow Amanda & McCrae’s game to pieces & take Andy with em…She is sooooo pissed…She is madddd Elissa blowed her off when she tried to make a deal….Gonna be a long nite… keep them feds up &on if u got em

  17. I’m glad that Elissa went for Aaryn because Aaryn would had won the game because she’s intelligent & good @ the comps. But, I would like to see Andy gone too. I’m hoping that Judd isn’t messing up by aligning with the weak links especially with the snake of Andy.

  18. I cant wait for Amanda to be put up on the block..she is always happy when shes bossing people around, but when shes on the block, boowhoo….here come the tears. I cant believe she thinks shes a better person than Elissa. Clearly this girl has issues.

    • All the girls have cried when they were on the block, Caitlyn, Candice, Jesse-until she got mad, Helen & Aaryn

  19. I think the houseguests should actually blind-side Andy, I would love to see the expression on that little weasel’s face! He is one of the WORSE floaters in recent memory, no one can trust him because as soon as one alliance goes by the wayside, he latches onto another one, he has absolutely NO loyalty and does the moron think that anyone on the jury is going to vote for him as the winner when they compare notes and see that he’s been promising a final deal with just about all of them? For allegedly being a “professor”, Andy sure is dumb.

  20. the game is to get the people out that can win and just what elissa is doing getting a strong player out

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