‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

Houseguests have wrapped up the Veto Ceremony for this week on Big Brother 15.” You can sign-up for the live feeds now and watch the houseguests plot and plan for Thursday now that they have the final nominations.

Read on to find out the latest spoilers and discover who is on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Elissa, decided to use the Power of Veto, of course.

Aaryn was forced to name a renom and despite all the action last night to flip the house against Amanda she decided to go with the safe option. Aaryn named Spencer as the renom. The final nominations for BB15 Week 8 are Helen and Spencer.

Last night Spencer said he wouldn’t vote out Amanda which made Aaryn wonder why he’d rather go on the block than vote out Amanda. Aaryn has taken this to mean Spencer is working with McCranda.

This morning Aaryn told Elissa that she couldn’t renom Amanda without knowing for sure that she’d go home. With only supporting votes from GM & Elissa they remained one vote short. Helen remains the target and she knows it.

Do you think Aaryn made the right choice for the Veto renom? Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted next?

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  1. As much as I dislike Helen and Amanda and as much as I want Judd to get back in the house on Thursday, it would almost salvage this summer’s awful show if Helen came back in and we were able to watch the two of them really fight it out.
    The look on Amanda’s face when she walked back in would be priceless!

      • Why would anyone want Judd back. He didn’t play any game either. And he mumbled so much, it was hard to understand what he was talking about. We certainly don’t need any more boring people brought back in – I agree with Kendall, shake up the house and bring Helen back. At least we may see some action.

      • mainly because he is the best option of the 4, and bringing Helen back would pretty much sink the show. Also, it would really piss off the houseguests if Judd came back, due to the way they booted him

      • Both Judd and Helen are both dumbasses who do not deserve a third chance to evict Amanda!
        Helen is damaged goods because everyone saw how badly she treated Jessie and Candice who were her allies! Nobody will trust Helen! Judd is double dumb not even having enough sense to figure out who voted him out! He embraced Aaryn and Amanda when Aaryn put him on the block and the vote was 7-0 which means his alliance voted him out! Instead, he is livid at Jessie who was on the block and Elissa who is a non-threat and has not been playing the game too much. Candice, although likable does not have her head in the game.
        Only Jessie can do the most damage to Amanda and Aaryn given a chance to come back into the Big Brother House!

    • Ha! Never thought about how fun that would be… Mind you I think that would happen with Amanda and ANY of the evicted house guests. :)

  2. Spencer has totally become this seasons Adam. Just keep following people who will cut you off when you are no longer useful.

  3. How is taking out Helen not a big move? Why is it only a big move if you go for Amanda?

      • Becasue if you don’t take out Amanda now they will have a 4 vote and be able to control everything. Helen only has Elissa on her side and they need more then two votes to get someone out

      • You got it Mat. People have been saying they want to see the typical big brother scenario where it’s one alliance versus another, but when the chance came up (today) a bunch of people said ”Get Helen out” which will only solidify the ”house rules” (under Amanda & McCrae) we’ve seen since week#3…

      • True… but with a BIG advantage to McCranda who has 2 votes to everyone else’s one vote… It’s playing out like Big Brother Canada did.

      • No way. McRanda is no Jilmet. When they get F5, it will 3 against 2, their power will be gone.

      • If helen does not return then this house is going to be boring becasue the other three will proble get voted out the first week they return

      • He will not be able to go up against Arryn Amanda and McCrae and andy. Amanda,Mccrae or Andy will win HOH and put him up. Or he will be backdoor

      • If one of them win they will be HOH I bet
        the competition is for the HOH just the
        people in the Jury will play just wait
        until Thursday we will know then.

      • Its already BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Though I usually agree with you, I’d say we’re not on the same page in this prediction. I think Andy is so loyal to Amanda, that he (or even Aaryn) would believe a rediculous deal like ”We’ll take you to the final 3 then it’s every man for himself!” There is very little chance that Andy will work with Elissa & Aaryn (or Spencer) at the same time when it’s down to five.

      • Getting rid of Helen will allow Aaryn to focus on getting out Aaryn. Aaryn will be the next target of Amanda and the same goes for Amanda being the target of Aaryn. Aaryn’s advantage is her ability to win HOH and POV and her ally Gina Marie can also win HOH! If Gina Marie wins HOH this coming week, expect Amanda and McCrae to be on the chopping block!Then, pressure Andy and Spencer to vote out Amanda if she does not get off the block! Threaten them as the renom and make them decide to avoid being put on the block! Strategy matters this late in the game!

    • its a big move but a horrible move , aaryn is now not eligible for hoh next week and as much as i detest amanda shes smart and will realize that aaryn is now the biggest threat left in the house. If it were not for the returning houseguest twist i wouldnt be a bit surprised to see aaryn go next thursday

  4. No she made a ssfe choice . She needs to start acting like she has the power.. she is winning comps not those floaters !! She is carrying WAKE UP AARYN ANDD PLAY YOUR GAME NOT THOSE LOSERS !!!

    • They have to wait until they evict someone else right ? Then are they going to have hoh or jury fight then hoh anyone know how this is going to go down ?

  5. Wow…..Elissa won something?!?! Not floating anymore. ..well, at least not this week.

    • This is Elissa’s second time winning Veto so she’s definitely not a floater. She’s one the two times she was in danger.

      • Maybe BB rigged the comps for Elissa to win when she needed to….Right, Conspiracy freaks?

      • I actually think Elissa is playing a low key game. She only wins when she has to. She doesn’t want blood on her hands so she doesn’t try to win HOH. If she had kept her mouth shut when she was MVP she could have gotten people out she didn’t like. BUT after saying that I believe she truly dislikes her other HG. She has said on more than one occasion that they have no values, and this has hurt her game.

      • I think Elissa is much more perceptive than Helen. But Elissa is not good a communicating or lying.

      • Rigging OTEV?! I don’t think so. I don’t think BB rigs competitions anyway, I think they put ideas into peoples heads in DR.

      • yeah sure they did. .The first one was where they buried the stuff in the mud. And I suppose u think they gave her a map of where the large # cards were
        buried. And on the OTEV I am sure they did the same. Get over the rigged..

  6. I still don’t understand why Spencer wouldn’t support Aaryn to vote Amanda out and why he would instead rather go on the block… I remember him telling her off a few weeks back and I was happy he was against her. I don’t get it… Was he worried they where just testing his loyalty?

    • I think Spencer knows Amanda and McCrae are the only potential allies he has in the house at this point. Voting either of them out, and worse vote them out but they don’t leave/come back in the game, would speed up his eviction.

      He will last longer with them than against them. We all know Spencer has no real chance of winning the game, but he can extend his stay in the house as long as he is up against a bigger threat than him on the block.

      As long as Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, Elissa and McCrae are sitting next to him, he won’t be evicted. A vote for them is one less vote against Spencer.

      • You mean Spncer thinks they are his only allies in teh house. It was just a couple of nights ago when Amanda and Aaryn were saying Spencer would be the next to go. Now I am guessing Aaryn and Elissa will be on the block unless Elissa or GM win HOH. We’ll have to wait and see who comes back.

    • Spencer knows Helen will stomp him when the time is right. Moroever, he knows that she knows he’s nothing but a shady liar. Additionally, he likely feels safer with macrandan as half of it is a buddy he hangs out with.

      • Does he think Amanda won’t stomp him?
        Also Mccrae has no care for Spencer, he should be smart enough to figure that out.

  7. i would love to see helen go and just to shake things up real bad if candice are jessie came back for more cat fighting with gm and amanda although judd is the only one that truely deserves another chance he got the ultimate blindside slap in the face

    • How is Judd being blindsided a reason for him to come back? If he were to come back that would be one more person in Amanda’s back pocket. Judd coming back would do nothing for the game except guarantee an Amanda/McCrae F2.

      • Judd would just kiss Amanda’s butt and do what she demands! If Judd cannot think for himself all the time he was in the Big Brother House, what would make Judd the dummy any smarter?

      • Judd deserves a chance to come back because America and Amanda wrecked his game – he didn’t!! And the HGs should be told he wasn’t MVP. Totally not fair, IMO, that he’s paying for something he had nothing to do with.

    • A Helen return would be best, in my opinion. Helen would surely go after McCranda but Judd would just re-align with them and that most likely means a McCranda F2 which would be dreadful.

      • If Judd come back, and he win HoH. Aaryn going on the block. She need to go out.
        Never forget.

      • I am sure he realizes they all voted him out and Jessie and Elissa and Helen did not want him out Aaryn said everybody but 2 people wanted him out I think when he left he was just so shocked and was not thinking right JMO

      • Agreed! Helen is going out on Thursday but should make a bee-line back into the house. I can’t wait to see macranda’s ugly face when Helen ask it: “Did ya miss me?!”

      • That would be priceless! I’m hoping that’s exactly what happens. Anyone else comes back into the house and it would suck.

      • and on top of that if Elissa wins HOH it would set us up for a great week of BB for a change. Oh, the drama! How about Andy trying to weasel his way out of Helen’s eviction? And Amanda getting all paranoid and fighting with McCrae? Then McCrae pretending to distance himself from Amanda while Spencer gives his best “who me”? to the house.

        I can only dream of watching that much fun this season..

      • Helen is damaged goods. Who would like to trust her when she has been throwing her allies under the bus after she has stabbed them in the back? Trust issues Helen needs to surpass but, thanks to her dumbass moves, Jessie exposed her for the traitorous B***h she is! For that reason, unless Helen wins HOH, she will be send packing in short order!

      • That’s not the reason why if Helen were to not win HOH she’d be out the door. Anyone who comes back into the game will be the target unless they win. No one wants a jury member to come back and they’ll all go after whoever is the one coming back. And, anyway my comment says “in my opinion”. I’m just speculating on what I would love to happen.

      • Trust matters in this game and when your fate lies in the hands of others, how you treat others will matter! That is another huge negative if Helen comes back! She is going to have a hard time forming alliances because they would not trust her! If you are thinking of taking down McCrae and Amanda, you will need allies for sure!

      • Elissa, GM, Aaryn and Andy all trust Helen though. If Aaryn was smart should jump ship and get on board with Helen, Elissa and GM and go after McCranda. Plus, with the anti-Amanda conversation that was going on recently with Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, GM and Andy. I think she’d actually consider and since Andy goes where the power is he would as well.

      • Why does everyone think that Judd would line himself with Mcranda again he has had time to think about what happened he just might come back and pretend he is with when really he is not

      • Because he was 100% sure that it was Helen and Elissa who got Aaryn to put him up and vote him out. He’s most likely sequestered by himself so I don’t think he has any idea of the McCranda backstabbing so he’d most likely just re-align with them. Keywords: most likely. I’m just speculating, as are many other people.

      • This is the same Judd that blamed and was livid at Jessie who was on the block and Elissa who is practically non-existent in this game for his eviction! Aaryn put him on the block, the vote was 7-0 yet, Judd was cool with both Aaryn and Amanda with his eviction! Apparently, Judd needs a clue on who evicted him? He cannot figure out that Aaryn and Amanda as well as his whole alliance voted to evict him?
        The Double D in Judd’s name is appropriate for double dumb! So, yes, if he comes back into the Big Brother House, Judd would be kissing Amanda’s butt while, they vote to evict him! And still he would not be able to figure it out again who evicted him! Elissa and Spencer will get blamed this time out!

      • Yup that’s what I said. Helen stands the best chance to ”do” anything by coming back.

    • I would really like to see Candice come back even if all she does is make people miserable for kicks. At least that would be interesting unlike most of this season.

    • Jesse would create the largest damage even if she does not win HOH. The fact that she is able to expose people’s lies will destroy their game! She destroyed Helen’s game and exposed her for a traitorous liar that she is! Nobody would trust Helen after that! She could do the same with Amanda given a chance to do so! Of course, if Jessie somehow wins HOH then, watch out.
      Heads will roll starting with Amanda and McCrae! Now, we will see some fireworks!

    • I hate to say it but Helen getting evicted and coming back may be the most exciting thing to happen in thehouse. Imagine an alliance of Helen, Aaryn and GM against Amanda, McCrae Spencer and Andy? Not only would it provide us some real drama in the game but also the human interest of the relationships between Elissa, Aaryn and GM.

      At this point, I don’t want any of them to win so I just want to be entertained until the final two.

  8. Right now – Helen, Elissa, GM and Aaryn are talking in the HOH about how much they need to get Amanda out. They are all ratting out Amandas lies and moves. Aaryn is complaining about how Amanda has been controlling the HOHs. BUT…. she still put up Spencer. Just plain dumb

    • I’m telling you right now this girl is about as dumb as a pilot dirt! The smartest thing to do with it to put Amanda up instead of Spencer and get her fat ass loaded out of the house Only these people could see what I see on the live feeds they would change their votes in a heartbeat

    • And AFTER they’re done talking, she’ll go to Amanda and tell her everything that the other 3 have said… she’s a tough competitor, but really lacking in the brains dept.

      • The ideal scenario: Helen this, Judd come back, Aaryn out next week, then GM, then Andy. You’re left with Spencer, Elissa and Judd against McRanda. Now that should be fun.

      • If Judd comes back Elissa is out, not Aaryn.
        He blames Elissa and Helen and for his eviction.

      • After 2 weeks or so by himself in sequester (assuming they are), he will have change his mind i’m sure. Or at least he will be more receptive to Elissa and I’m sure he will forget this idea that Elissa was reponsible. He will shift his rage towrd McRanda and Aaryn for putting him up.

      • Not sure he would totally blame Aaryn as she told him when he was put up that the house made her do it. Remember she was crying about it, so Judd may believe her.

      • Maybe Judd is smarter than I give him credit for, but for some reason I see him coming back and wanting to resume the goof troop all over again.

  9. I cannot for the life of me understand why the hell you people on here like Amanda so much This girl does not win anything at all she does is walk around the house telling everybody what they should do

  10. Am I missing somthing about Judd?? Why have him return he sucks at comps and blames Hellen and Elissa for his eviction.. So Judd comes back joins ranks with Mcranda guns after Elissa and maybe aryan till they decide to blindside him again .. The only thing that will save this season is when Julie Chen tells them how they have lost their jobs, how they are the dumbest cast ever and how America hates them

    • Julie won’t be telling them they lost their jobs she is not the boss there for she can not fire anyone only their bosses can I would love to see their faces too but I know it’s not going to happen

  11. I want judd back in the game as he is one of my close friends but because cbs screwed him over only reason he got the boot when he dis was cause Amanda felt he was mvp and he was a threat to him he is a good guy and was loyal to the people he made a final 4deal with if he comes back he want fall in there trap again

    • Judd is as dumbass. Jessie was on the block, Elissa a non-threat. Aaryn puts Judd on the block and the vote was 7-0 and Judd blames Jessie and Elissa for his eviction! He embraces Aaryn and Amanda and is cool with them when, his whole alliance voted him out! You cannot be dumber than that! Judd deserves to stay in the jury house because that is where he belongs! He is not smart enough to play this game! And if he manages to get back into the Big Brother House, he will be evicted that very week because Amanda will move to evict him! That would be a huge waste of the twist!

      • So he is a dumbass for being loyal to his allience and sticking with them and them feeling threaten by him cause amanda was so sure he was the mvp and helen was the one who pushed aryan to put him up or she would vote her out they saw him as a threat they all have said je was a good stratigic player and that’s why he had to go

      • No Judd would be a dumbass because he would come back into the game and side with the same people who swore he was MVP and voted him out. His alliance could have saved him but they didn’t and would just vote him out again.

      • He is a dumbass because he had 2 chances to evict Amanda and passed it by! If he did evict Amanda, we would not even be talking about this because it would be Amanda in the jury house! The point of the game is to last until you are in Final 2. Being evicted guarantees you go home a loser! At some point, you backdoor and backstab even allies if it suits your game! Otherwise, how are you going to win? And if you do not want to win, why are you in the Big Brother House in the first place?

    • Judd also made alliances with everyone and never appeared to commit to a single alliance. Had he made all of those final 2 deals and told Amanda he did it as a ploy, he might still be here today. Once Amanda got it in her head that Judd was a threat, then he was toast. Also, he made up that story about Kaitlyn wanted Helen out which made Helen, stupidly, evict Kaitlyn. Judd seems like a decent guy, more so than the other house guests, but he made a few strange moves in the house and that made him a target.

  12. I wonder if Helen still thinks it’s “too early” to go after Amanda. If she goes this week, she has no one to blame but herself. You always have to be one step/one week ahead of your opponent, and Helen waited too long to make her move.

  13. If you don’t take out Amanda now they will have a 4 vote and be
    able to control everything. Helen only has Elissa on her side and they
    need more then two votes to get someone Out

  14. It will suck for Candice if she was to return back because as soon as she did she would be target number 1 again by Amanda, GM and Aaryn. Sucks

    • She would be the worst one to come back. Anyone else could align with Aaryn, Elissa, and GM to equalize the other alliance this week and make the game fun to watch.

  15. So Helen win and comes back into the house and she wins HOH then she needs to put up Amanda and Andy and if Helen or Elissa win Vote take Andy down and put Mcradey up

  16. These people are just priceless. Now Aaryn is saying that Amanda was making final 4s with everyone in the house. Then when someone else gets power she goes over to their side and is with them.
    This game should be about loyalty and sportsmanship and friendship… Not backstabbing and lying. That is not the way the game should be played…. LOL have they EVER seen big brother??

  17. Another worthless use of power – no guts, no mind of their own. How do you pick a favorite out of a box of broken crayons???

  18. The only person I can see coming back into the house after this vote would be Helen becasue she would put up a big fight against Amanda. If Judd come back he would not add number to Elissa and GM becuase he blames Elissa for voteing him out. If Helen comes back she would add number to Elissa side

    • Helen is damaged goods because everyone knows she betrays all her allies! They will vote to evict her the very week she comes back! She deserves to stay in the jury house with Judd! Both of them are dummies!

  19. All you Judd supporters saying bring him back, he’ll shake up the house……what big brother are you watching? He blames Elissa and Helen, and would go right back to Amanda and McCrae if he’s the one let back in. He wasn’t a master strategist. He comes back into the game and within 2 weeks he’d be gone again……thanks to Amanda.

    • Judd will be kissing Amanda’s butt the moment he returns to the Big Brother House. Also, he does not even know till now who evicted him! Double D for Double Dumb! Helen is another dumbass who will also get evicted in short order! No one will trust Helen because of her record betraying all her allies! Candice does not have her head in the game! Jessie is the one who can do the most damage if she can come back and win HOH! She will put Amanda and McCrae on the block and will not be intimidated by Amanda! Go Jessie! Win that competition and go after Amanda!

  20. I truly believe whoever comes back in, unless they or their closest ally (if they have one) win HoH, they’re goin to be targeted right away.

  21. I hope something happens last minutes and spencer pisses off amanda so she demands he leaves. Then Jessie or candice can come back and they will have the numbers to vote out amanda. I know its a really long shot but it would be nice.

      • I know I was talking about spencer pissing amanda off so he goes home this week. Then next week they vote out amanda with the returning house guest.

      • Oh my bad that would be great but I hope Judd really thought about his eviction and realize who fault it was that he went

      • Technical it was Helen’s fault that aaryn put him up but amanda was reason for it and really wanted him gone. Amanda convinced everyone to vote him out. elissa had nothing to do with it other than agreeing to vote. Judd would have a chance to win the game if he realized amanda was the enemy but I doubt he will for some reason amanda is fooling all the guys.

  22. Kinda feel bad for Helen – she played a good (and boring) game – keep the bigger target in the house. Andy being a “double agent” ruined her game.
    How did it take so long for people to realize everything said to Andy was repeated to someone in the house!?

    • Nobody actually “realized” it. Aaryn sold him out to Helen saying he is with McCranda 100%

      • If Helen will let it sink in that Andy is a rat. Elissa has told her several times and now Aaryn & GM are telling her but she keeps sucking up to him and then to McCrae. She is ignorant. Of the 2 Elissa is much smarter.

    • Well just because BB fans at home see it doesn’t mean that houseguests see it too. Helen just trusted Andy too much. But Helen now knows thanks to Aaryn telling her. Now I wonder if Helen can will her way back into the house once she is evicted Thursday in the second chance on Thursday?

  23. This show is becoming predictable. No one has the guts to make the BIG MOVE. Everyone is playing in safe mode.. Boring!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL!! So someone finally decides to go after Helen, and you’re still here griping how everyone is playing it safe?

      Helen is one of the bigger threats in the house. How is this not a big move? Playing it safe would’ve been targeting GM or Spencer. Getting Helen out IS a big move. Sheesh.

  24. Hope Helen goes this week and next week really don’t care if its Andy or Amanda either one would ok get either the weasel or the useless out either way us as viewers wjn

      • Oh, yeah, I can see that, too. Mainly because she’s going to fight like hell for it, having just been sent packing. The others will have had time to calm down, and therefore will probably not try as hard (subconsciously).

      • I doubt Judd will have calm down. He will have a fire in his belly like nobody else.

      • After a couple weeks of making out with Jessie in the Jury House? Hmmm… I’d put my money on Candice being the most passionate to come back. But, I think Helen has the best chance to do anything constructive if she comes back in the game.

      • I’m pretty sure BB-Can members were sequestered as well… There was a conspiracy theory that Gary was given one day with his family, but SliceTV (member of the CTV network enterprise) quickly denied that claim.

      • No they were not sequestered separately, they were together in the jury house. They showed them arriving at the jury house and looking at the DVD each HG bring with them. BB 15 evictees are sequestered separately.
        Slice belong to Global.

      • What would Helen be able to do? She does not know any real secrets. They all played her like a fiddle. Amanda knows that she did not have an alliance with Andy and McCrea. Amanda, McCrea, and Asryn know that Andy wasn’t really working with her. So, what will she be able to do if she reenters the house…..my guess is nothing….unless she comes back with a special power. A person reentering the house this season is kinda stupid, since the HOUSE decides who stays and who leaves. Okay, if Candace reenters, the only person that she will have is Elissa…..and that is not going to go so well for her.

      • …and Judd will do…? Align with McCranda. Jessie has who as her ally left in the house? Helen has the potential to unite GM, Aaryn, Spencer together.

      • You are very true judd will have a fire he wants to win bb so bad that’s all he talks bout every year as summer gets close to bb auditions and it starting so to be backdoored and get a chance to come back he will have a fire like no other

      • She will be just like any of the rest of the returners and they will vote her out again

      • Yeah, unless Big Brother has learned from their mistakes. Because the only way that the returning HG won’t be evicted is to give them a special power, or even just a week of immunity.

  25. Production must be laughing their heads off at these HGs. They chose the week of the twist to make a big move? Oh, the irony!

    • Better yet, let’s get Rachel, Jessie (the body), AND Jordan in the box… we haven’t seen enough of those 3 players. ;)

      • lol. You’re too funny Brenda. I’m just kidding with you, I don’t think they could make this season any worse unless they were to bring back players we’ve seen too many times as it is: Jessie, Rachel, Jordan, Jeff, Janelle, and Dan. This season is already a flop because they went out and got mostly wannabe actors, models, frat boys & sorority girls who didn’t even audition for the show! Let’s get back to everyday people with a variety of age, cultures, social classes…etc and see if somebody truly deserving can win the money.

      • Yeap. 48 hres, on tuesday and wednesday, when nothing is happening and let him have a 2 to 3 hres. session with everybody.

    • In Pandora’s box, I want to see messaged to Aaryn, GM, Amanda and Spencer, telling them they have all been fired for their degrading slurs.

      • Not yet, because he is in a union. But he as good as gone from what his employer said.

      • lol dude you rule with all the info,we need you to go work for bb and keep it legit. so do you have any info on amandas “boyfriend” has he come out with any staements?

      • I looked it up. It appears whether she’s been fired is unclear. She has an ‘inactive license’ but she’s also not using her license at the moment.

      • Until early last week, she was listed as active and working for Watermark Realty, part of Prudential Florida. That change in the middle of last week. Now it is inactive with no employer. Since she is in the house, she can’t request a change, so the assumption is that her ex-employer did. I can’t remember what site it was but they had screenshot before and after of her listing at the Florida Licensing Bureau.

      • I’m still pretty sure things will turn out ”ok” for each of them. Aaryn has lost one (possibly two) contracts out of dozens. GM will most certainly land somewhere else because of her semi-celeb status as a straight-talkin’ big mouth. And Amanda, will flash her fakies to the nearest realtor somewhere in California and will soon be selling million dollar houses again very soon.

      • Aaryn lost one contract as covergirl for a magazine that cater to “petite” women. Her other firing is the Talent Agency that was representing her, will not represent her anymore. That’s more than loosing a contract. They had to put a disclaimer on their site (zephyrtalent dot com). Beside the fact that there is probably not many Talent Agency in south Texas, who will want to put themselves in that position.
        It’s not insignificant. Of course, time will work for them but it will take a while.

      • Oh totally agree with you. They will each need to get the right PR firms representing them, they’ll need to take their 3-month acting course for a well rehearsed apology, yada, yada, yada. But they’ll come back stronger than ever and sadly won’t be affected long term the way most people are hoping. Heck even TIger Woods is getting a lot of sponsors back in his pocket and everyone was positive it was the end of him (mind you I don’t think he could match his former success). ;)

      • Tiger is specially gifted for Golf. These bozos, are not gifted at all. So yes, but it will take a lot longer than Tiger.

      • lol dude you rule with all the info,we need you to go work for bb and keep it legit. so do you have any info on amandas “boyfriend” has he come out with any staements?

  26. The real reason I want Helen evicted now (aside from the fact she’s incredibly annoying, but we won’t count that) is that is entirely possible she can win the comp to come back and would be after Amanda & Pizza boy with guns a-blazin. Candace won’t really do anything aside from make GM & Aaryn mad. As much as I liked Judd, he would just attach back onto McCranda and just follow them around. Helen & Jessie are/would be (assuming Helen gets evicted) the only 2 people in Jury willing to make a move at McCranda.

    • you opinion is shared by all. Too bad it won’t sink in to the casting department’s heads as well. FIRE ALL THE CASTING DEPARTMENT NOW BEFORE NEXT SEASON>

  27. Andy just talked down GM and Aaryn from the anti-McCranda wagon.
    Helen and Elissa are a power couple and need to be dealt with. What the CRAP do you think McCranda are??
    Andy now wants to go to the final three with GM and Aaryn. LOL

  28. Honestly and I hate to say this, Spencer did the right thing. When he was campaign for Howard to stay, no one was willing to flip the house. Now that Helen is in trouble, she wanted Spencer’s vote and wanted Spencer to help flip the house. Helen made her bed, got rid of all her allies, and now she has to sleep in it.

    • Helen deserve to be evicted and hopefully, she does not win that competition to come back! She had two chances to get Amanda out and she and Judd passed on both chances. The way Helen also treated Jessie was shameful! Judd’s treatment of Elissa and Jessie was also shameful! Aaryn, Helen and Amanda was the brains behind Judd’s eviction but, he never held any of his allies who all voted to evict him as responsible for his eviction! Dumb is Judd’s middle name.

    • And from Spencer’s perspective, keeping Amanda around isn’t the worst idea. She is AWFUL at competitions and Spencer would have a much better chance of beating her than say Helen.

  29. Amanda is going to win BB without having won a HOH or Veto comp just because everyone else is either too afraid or in her back pocket. I can’t stand her but these people have had 3 weeks to get her out and chickened out every time. When Amanda wins she should thank Andy(rat), thank Spencer(just dumb) and thank Aaryn(scared),

  30. I can’t wait for the feds to get that dumb Spencer when this show is over. At least that rice eating woman is going home to Bangkok.

    • Already case closed. Don’t watch the news much I guess. Helen is an american, and you are rude.

      • She doesn’t look like one to me. Andy does not qualify either. He is a sneaky gay. Aaryn and Gina Marie are classified as Hassedic Jews and needs to go back to that gas chamber in Auschwitz for their horrific actions on this show. Let’s go pizza boy. Ditch the Amanda broad to win.

  31. BOLD PREDICTION: Aaryn flips Andy into voting out Spencer. In a 3-2 vote, Spencer leaves, Amanda goes crazy, and the show becomes tolerable again. BOOK IT.

    • you are almost as dumb as the HG’s is you think that is going to happen. You should actually watch the show and maybe you would see what has happened so far. No one makes any waves and goes with the house.

      • haha really? no fun zone? I know how the show flows my friend, just trying to have some fun.

      • Is it really necessary to call someone dumb over the Internet? What do you gain from doing that?

  32. Spencer is so rude and disgusting. In my day we would call him a PIG hands down.

    • No, in your days, you would have called him out on his bad behavior. I doubt if you would have just sat back and said nothing. I know that I would not have.

  33. Team Elissa <3 I was on Team Helen. .and Team Amanda. . . but they arent even worth anymore. . . I hope Candice comes back <3 :)

    • Candice does not need to come back She will make it “PERSONAL” play not “GAME” play.She will spend to much time arguing with Aaryn & GM that the game won’t matter. I keep repeating this over and over and I apologize but its the bottom line and will happen. I wanna see game play. I am tired of the high school crap and the lame ass arguments over who deserves the crown. Same with Elissa & Aaryn they need to put aside personal differences and be civil for a week cause they could accomplish a lot. I am tired of the kid games. Get on with CBS.. THE RATINGS ARE SUFFERING along with the viewers.

  34. Andy wants to go to F3 with McCranda so badly! Does he not have a brain!? Does he not realize that he’ll have less of a chance making it to F2 because two people would be against him and because they’re allies and he has no one?! He’s so loyal to Amanda he seems brainwashed he’s walking around praising her 24/7 and if anyone says anything about her he runs to her like a lap dog, it’s quite sad. Yet, in his HOH blog he said that he’s “OBSESSED” with Elissa yet he let everyone bash her and just sat there. Andy is Amanda’s lap dog, even more than McCrae!

  35. what i meant by it was since his was a double eviction he had the least time to campaing but it is what it is i dont have a dog in that fight

  36. you are right to a certain degree helen may go after mc and amanda but she will go after ayran first since ayran put her up and i still say jessie are candice comming back would shake things up since both know who talked about them the most and it would no longer be a boreing season

  37. I hate to see Aaryn win anything, they should have gotten her out after Jeremy and ? (can’t even remember her name) then after Aaryn GM, I know, I know it’s personal, but I don’t want to see any people like them win anything.

  38. i wish they would let the 3 outed guest fight for re entry before this eviction to make sure helen isnt the one

  39. Can someoneteach Amanda how to eat, andsit like a lady. OMG her mother must be running a slop huse with the way that women acts, Im just sick of seeing her talk with her mouth full, I dont need to see her chewed food, its just plain nasty. Helen eats just as bdly, none of her food stays in her mouth it drops out. I just can’t belive Big Brothers would have even put something amanda on TV, PLEASE get that women out of the house, so we can actually see a real game.

  40. They are ALL a bunch of sheeple.
    Amanda barks, and they all follow.
    My G_d.
    Is anyone going to make a move?

  41. I hate this year..In fact I might be done watching Big Brother after this year…Amanda is the biggest Bi##h Ive ever seen on this show…and why does everyone listen to everything she say’s????? Helen is also bossy….but not a mean spirited person like Amanda is….She hates everyone…even herself I think….I personally dont care who wins this year..,for the first time EVER !!!!!!

  42. I cant understand why so many people talk bad about Amanda. She is a awesome! She is real and is playing the game. She doesn’t let anyone fool her. She’s straight up with you and a strong woman, smart too.

  43. I’m tired of everyone doing Amanda’s dirty work, what a bunch of idiots, this is not a game any more is to predictable. I hooe Elissa gets HOH and flip the house, Karma!!!!!!

  44. I am soooo tired of reading that Amanda is the master mind and making all of the decisions. Seriously people. Are you watching the same show I am? Helen is the one who has been picking the nominees each week. Amanda THINKS she is the mastermind…but come on. She’s just not that smart. Helen has played a very strategic game. She has been so sneaky since the beginning. Well done….but glad to be seeing her go.

  45. why dose the have nots get use hot tub and the HOH roomlike its theirs they should not get use them . IF they cant have hot showers why they get the hot tub . in back yard???
    this years house is messy they need have clean day for all rooms pick and clean up.
    i think the girls and MCcrae need hair cuts stop the mics get cut off. get hair for the lots love and give gifts for game for the hair, they be funny.

  46. I hope Helen wins the seat back in, takes HOH and puts Amanda and Mcrae up and Amanda goes home. She is a spoiled brat that cries if she doesnt get her way! She is disgusting to watch! Grow up! Go Home Amanda! Im tired of watching the McCranda show!

  47. Hoping it’s Candice.. the entire house will explode in Drama. Elissa and Candice team up and start knocking out anyone of the 3 girls Aaryn,Amanda Gm self evicts lol

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