Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Daytime Highlights


After a long night of talks on whether or not the Big Brother 15 house should be flipped on Amanda today, Aaryn made her replacement nominee when Elissa removed herself from the block. And even though she did not flip the house this week, there’s been plenty of talk about doing it next week. And in an effort to not talk about how stupidly I think everyone is playing, I’ll just stop my commentary right now and let you guys form your own judgments.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Monday, Aug. 19, 2013

8:17 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

9:25 AM BBT – Helen telling Aaryn it’s fine if she goes home. She’s not going to let Amanda make her crazy.

9:30 AM BBT – Elissa and Aaryn are talking about Amanda. Aaryn thinks Helen could stay against Spencer  on the block but not against Amanda. Aaryn says Spencer said he wouldn’t vote Amanda out. So now she thinks she does not have the numbers.

9:47 AM BBT – Aaryn now realizes that Helen doesn’t have the votes to stay no matter who she puts up against her.

9:56 AM BBT – Helen tells Elissa that Amanda is going to try to get them on her side but she has to ignore them.

10:40 AM BBT – Elissa says she’s going to put up McCrae and Amanda if she wins HOH and Helen tells her to not trust Andy. She calls him a rat.

10:47 AM BBT – Feeds cut for Veto ceremony.

11:18 AM BBT – Feeds return. Aaryn nominated Spencer in Elissa’s place.

11:21 AM BBT – Elissa, in an interesting turn of events, is telling Aaryn they HAVE to work together next week.

11:22 AM BBT – Helen tells Andy that if she’s evicted it’s because of him. She tells him to show to America that he’s a good person and no on the bad side of the house. Helen is crying to Andy and he keeps telling her he has her vote. He’s lying.

11:33 AM BBT – Helen tells Andy to think about things. She says stick with the girls who have won 11 competitions and ditch McCranda who have only won one competition between them.

11:40 AM BBT – Helen, Aaryn and Elissa are comparing notes about McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn is tired of making all of their dirty moves. They’re really throwing them under the bus. Andy is just taking it all in.

12:25 PM BBT – Andy is called to the DR and Elissa, Aaryn and GM all agree they need to watch what they say around Andy. No one trusts him anymore.

12:47 PM BBT – Andy is back and now it’s just him, Aaryn and GM. He tells him that Amanda is more loyal than Helen and Elissa and that he trusts Amanda more than those two. He is working hard to get them back in board with voting out Helen.

1:10 PM BBT – Andy tells GM if they don’t get Helen out she could win the game.

2:35 PM BBT – Amanda FINALLY wakes for the day again and Andy starts telling her about all the talk from the morning.

2:40 PM BBT – Houesguests put on outdoor lockdown.

So it sounds like Helen is toast because it seems at this point, she could only possibly get Elissa’s and GinaMarie’s votes to stay. I’m ready to get to Thursday to see what happens when one of the jury members compete to re-enter the house.

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  1. I am glad Aaryn realizes that she cannot trust Amanda and McCrae – and now Spencer and Andy. How could Andy say that anyone would be more loyal to him than Helen? She has been so incredibly trusting of Andy it made America think she is a dope! If Helen, winds up coming back into the house, she Elissa, Aaryn and GM will make a very formidable alliance against McCranda. And that’s all we want, right? A balance of power with some real drama?

    The Aaryn and Elissa things just blows my mind completely, but I think it is a really good idea only about a month late.

    • Helen has been more treacherous of her alliance members. She had no problem backstabbing Candice and Jessie and then, throwing them both under the bus for good measure! It serves Helen right that Jessie destroyed Helen’s game by exposing her a treacherous
      b***h that she is! That is why Helen is in the mess she is in! Amanda betrayed Judd in connivance with Aaryn and Helen so, truth be told, Amanda has been more loyal to her alliance than, Helen has been! And Helen is damaged goods even if she comes back. Who will trust Helen when she betrays her alliance time and time again as she did to Jessie and Candice?

      • But, Helen is more loyal to Andy than to Amanda. She really trusts him and she wants him, her, and Elissa in the final 3. Amanda will get rid of Andy before the final 4 because of his social game. I am so glad that Andy is finally getting exposed of what he really is. He thinks he’ll get into the final 3 with a power couple, Helen is more loyal to Andy than Amanda ever will be.

      • That is what I am talking about. Helen had Candice and Jessie as allies and they were loyal to Helen. Helen stabbed them both in the back and betrayed them both and had them evicted! Helen went over and formed an alliance with Andy and Aaryn who were already in an alliance with Amanda! So Helen is loyal to Andy who is part of Amanda’s alliance. One of the dumb moves of Helen in this game so, whose fault is that?

    • Hey Pamela, are you related to Andy? You must be or you are not watching the same show that I am. The biggest liar and backstabber in the house is Andy and if someone does not get a clue pretty soon, he is the one who is going to win this game. You need to get with the right page girl

      • I agree that Helen needed to go, but I absolutly don’t believe she was the bigges liar and backstabber in the house. In my opinion, Andy, Spencer and GM are the ones that hold that title hands down. Of the people still in the house the only one I would vote to give the money to is Judd because he is the lesser of the evil four.

    • Really, she lies, backstabs and manipulates in Big Brother? Get over yourself, it would be boring if she didn’t.

      • I didnt like Helen because she was stupid to turn her back against Candice & Jessie who had her back. Than after what she did to Judd I was over her. Now I am rooting for Helen but she is leaving :(

        I dont like Amanda
        because she is an arrogant bitch, McCrae is a little lap dog, Andy is a little punk. GM is a trashy cunt. Spencer is a scum and for some odd reason Aaryn the racist is growing on me. If she acted this way in the begining of the game she would have been my fav.

    • your all such wonderful people. god loves you. and so do I. your amazing, believe in yourself, your smart, .. says Helen to everyone she wants to kiss butt to. I’m so sick of hearing her even talk.

  2. Andy is such a rat and he needs to leave. I believe the houseguests all have underestimated him. Amanda wouldn’t have the power she has if it weren’t for Andy’s tattling every single thing back to her. Just when it seems like some of the houseguests figure out that it’s Andy repeating back what they said in confidence, they seem to forget it next time he’s around and continue to talk game in front of him. They need to stop and they need to get rid of the rat. As long as Andy is there, Amanda and McCrae will always know where everyone else’s head is at in the game.

      • Rather have the house racist, house racist trainwreck, house racist mastermind, house delesional mastermind mom, house sloth, house rat, or house entitled angel win?

      • why do you keep watching? CBS has shown that it condones bullying and racism by letting this continue, (even though they try to say that they don’t with their disclaimers). I’m so over this whole season and this program.

      • So you want the pig, sexist, racist, did I say pig oh yes I’ll say it again PIG to win???

      • You missed all the remarks??? He said when a woman says no she means yes, he talks about what he wants to do to Jessie, that he has sex with girls then dumps them, watches child pornography and I could go on and on. He’s being investigated in his home town.

      • Agreed, i’ve watched the feeds and he just has a bad sense of humor and NO political correctness… he has already been cleared by the police in the town he is from… case closed.

      • OMG so it’s ok for him to talk about rape being okay and all the other disgusting things he says that are too sick to repeat. You’re just as sick then.

      • How about joking that he will tell Elissa he is going to go up to Canada and harm her kids? Where did BB find these people?

      • He made an offensive joke about child pornography. One of those didn’t-think-before-he-spoke things.

      • And let’s not forget his comments about women (in general), or what he’d do to Jessie if he had the chance… Yikes.

      • He’s said a lot more disgusting things then just that. Everyday he makes some sick disgusting comment. When I’m watching the live feeds and he’s there I either switch cameras or mute him.

      • I understand it’s most likely things you don’t want to remember/recall, but can you tell me what he said about Jessie? I completely missed this, and it’s been eyebrow-raising to read some of these comments about him. I hate being curious even though I know I won’t like the answer.

      • He said a lot of disgusting sexual things that I won’t repeat. Just imagine the worst and he said it.

  3. I’m reminded of the Wizard of Oz scarecrow “if I only had a brain”. At least they seem to be getting that Andy is a rat. Please check the life IQ’s of next years hg’s.

    • come to thing of it, they have the entire cast of the Wizard of Oz this season; lots of cowardly lions (not brave enough to make big moves, voting with the house nonsense), no heart having Tin Men (most of them, insensitive, entitled, etc…), the wicked witch, Helen the phony wizard (thinking she was really pulling strings)…. Not sure which one is Dorothy, McCrae is ToTo…

    • I hope they do honey. These hg’s went too far this time. Not really enjoyable this season

  4. So for all you bb trivia buffs, has spencer broken the record for the most times being nominated?

    • he is currently tied.
      Seeing as he prob won’t leave this week and prob will be nominated again he will prob have the record.

  5. It’s either a tie or this time passed previous. The HG were discussing it on BBAD last night.

  6. I’m torn on who I want to return Thursday. While I love Judd I’m not sure he could pull off getting Mcranda out unless he has a Diamond POV.

    • Not Candice or (probably evicted) Helen. Judd or Jessie, please. Candice and Helen are probably my most disliked of the entire season.

  7. It’s sad bc every year I have one person I want to win or atleast make it to the final 2 this year everyone in that house I don’t want to win Aaryn and Ginamarie are racist and are mean girls Amanda is pure evil she seem soulless her best trait in this game is bullying and manipulating people McCare rides Amanda coat tail and Andy is the biggest bitch he runs his mouth like a little girl and Elissa don’t want to be there so she don’t try hard enough unless she has too and Helen is a backstabber

    • why bother, she just wants to go home. she already said she is quitting and out the door is she is evicted , she won’t go to jury. this type of person should never have been allowed to play… she was probably promised the win by production and things haven’t gone her way so she’s outta here !

      • None of the people in the house should be there. The screening process was done by the janitor and the backround checks were never verified.

      • How do we know that is not part of Ellisa’s game? Make them think you don’t care. If you really listen to Elissa talk game with Helen and now Aaryn she knows what she’s talking about and has called everyone for what they are to this point. Just last night she told Helen she thinks America hates them they all have issues. All the others think we think they are the best so I say Ellisa is paying attention more than we think.

      • Elissa has been productions “insider” from the start, so it is no surprise that she has probably been told whats going on with americas “attitude” this season….. it makes it obvious that she knows this since she wants to exit the game now and not be associated with such a FAIL. Elissa, even with the help of production, has been a dismal failure herself, has played an absolutely horrible game socially and is hated by the average viewer for being so elitist and part of the “entitlement” crowd that is so prevalent in todays’ youth.

      • Except for the two veto comp wins, Elissa has played a terrible game, particularly the social game. But I think the CBS insider and other stuff about games being rigged is just a lot of nonsense. If CBS was going to rig it would they allow Aaryn to win 4 times and face teh possibility of the racist they outed winning the $500,000? I certainly don’t think so.

      • You know, that reminds me. She was ahving a personal conversation with Helen when shesaid that. She was very down about missing her kids and losing the HOH comp to Aaryn again. Helen was a jackass for even repeating that to the rest of the house. Elissa told her that in confidence. This is why Helen is a lousy player. She complains about Elissa messing up her game and she just kills her allies in the game with her stupid moves and big mouth. Even tonight she was counseling Elissa about who to put up if she win HOH and Helen is out the door. Of course her advice was horrible.

  8. The 2 HGs that really and truly need to be nominated are ta da!!!! Andy and Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that would be a week worth watching folks. We would get to see who could Drive a knife deeper…Make the noose tighter…Who could drive the bus more skillfully and would draw blood first… I would love to see that…

      • I’d like to see Andy and McCray on the block, we know Amanda can’t win anything, then if either McCray or Andy win the veto put up Amanda.

      • None of these people should have been let in this season. The screening process was a failure and the backround checks were never verified.

      • Yeah, I guess we can expect tighter regulations and stricter contracts for next year’s HGs.

      • Seems a bit extreme to say ”none” of them should’ve been allowed on the show. I agree that nobody (and I mean NOBODY) should be allowed on the show if they didn’t go through the same audition process that the others had to. No part time models, no hot bartenders, no wannabe actors, no sorority or prom queens…etc! McCrae, Andy, and a few others rightfully auditioned and got on because they love the show. Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Jeremie…(and I’m sure others) didn’t. They were solicited by casting. Let’s get back to everyday people competing for the money. I said it before, but I’d much rather cheer for a jerk (if it were my neighbour with a mortgage & 2 kids who rely on him), than a jerk who was a wannabe actor cast into the role of being a jerk.

      • I think McCrae and Andy are the only two who have not been on the block yet. Is that right? I would be interesting to see how they both react to being the target for the week. That goes for Spencer too. They all talk and make fun of how the current target behaves but I get those three would whine like babies if they were the target.

    • Fly
      You are brilliant! That would make up for all of the BB season to date if those two HG were nominated for eviction. Is there a crystal ball we could use to wish this into reality? Thanks for making this worth reading.

  9. So, how exactly does Andy see the rest of the season breaking down? How does he expect to get McCranda out?

  10. @Chere, I agree with you!! I guess that’s why we need Judd the Stud to come back and win it!!

  11. What is wrong with these house guest? Even Julie had to tell them that we are all saying they’re not making big moves. They still aren’t. So bored with this. Who ever gets hoh next week better make things interesting. Its time to flip this house and shock Amanda and get her out! I’m sure they have a nice trash can in the jury house with her name on it she can hide behind. Maybe she’ll think about how awful her racists remarks were.

  12. This is the first season I can recall, that a couple was allowed to be together this long.

    • Just last year Shane and Danielle lasted longer in the game than McCrae and Amanda… Hell Dick and Danielle were a couple and made it to the finals. They just werent a showmance. Just to name a couple. I even think everyone’s favorite couple Jeff and Jordon has made it further in the game.

      • Shane & Daniell were not a couple…She was all over him ( like GM to Nick) but he held her at arms length.

      • Danielle actually wanted Shane as her boy toy. She threw a hissy fit when her boy toy got evicted and went after Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel even though she had an alliance with them! Danielle totally blew her own game because she was livid her boy toy got evicted!
        It was more like Jessie liking Nick although, Nick was not really interested in Jessie!

  13. Glad Andy’s spot has been exposed! Can’t wait to see him on the block with Amanda. And a renom with either Aaryn or McCrae. (If the Veto is used.)

  14. Watching BBAD from last night. Helen and Elissa are in the hot tub outside. Coming back from commercial, Aaryn is standing there and just told them something that happen to David before BB. And Helen is like, OMG that’s awful.
    Anybody knows what that’s all about. What happen to David before BB ?

    • When David was a child he accidently blinded another child. That is all the info I want to give. I think that is a private/very personal matter that Aaryn should not have shared with the house. If David had of wanted the house to know it he would have told everyone.

  15. Also Helen ask Elissa what she would change in her season so far. Elissa answer she would have fought to keep Kaitlyn and evict Aaryn.
    Wow, Elissa is smarter than I tought.

    • Ironic that those who coddled Aaryn and moved to evict Kaitlyn have been evicted or about to be evicted on Aaryn’s hand. I am referring to both Judd and Helen. That would leave just Amanda! In both cases, Aaryn was the HOH! Wouldn’t it be nice if the next time Aaryn has HOH that Amanda is the one evicted? That would be poetic justice!

    • That entire conversation in the hot tube showed me a side of Elissa I had not seen much of before. I still think she is smarter than Helen when it comes to strategy, although that doesn’t mean much. But Elissa has a hard time articulating her thoughts and she simply cannot lie or try to deceive people even in this game. She is just terrible at it.

  16. I am watching feeds. Helen is talking to McCrae and trying to get him to keep her. She is the stupidest the most ignorant the most delusional BB player that I have ever seen. What part of “He is totally with Amanda” does she not understand.??? Andy is still stabbing her What part of “RAT” does she not understand?? She has been warned about McCrae & Andy time & time again but she keeps running back to em. SHE DESERVES TO BE EVICTED. She is one of the biggest jokes to ever try and claim she knows how to play the game of BB. such a dolt….

    • Yes, this is Helen’s ego taking over her game. She cannot believe anyone would try to deceive her. Elissa keeps telling her not to trust McCrae but Helen continues to believe the fake alliance is real, even though McCrae spends every minute of the day within arms length of Amanda. Tonight on BBAD, she was talking to Andy again and telling him she will be true to the final 3 deal she made with Andy and McCrae even after Aaryn outed Andy to her! The level of naivete with Helen is higher than if have ever seen.

  17. at the end Aryn GMand Amanda will have to go to Africa and feed starving children Spencer to classes to learn when a woman says no it means no and making jokes about child porn not a joke Andy the professor teaching what a douche bag I am and the others sorry forgat who they are oh Helen she can teach how to kiss ass better then anybody else

  18. I’m wondering how many others see a difference between racism, sexism, elitism, and homophobia versus just being an unlikeable person (in character or tactics). Speaking as a fan, I can relate to the problem of sometimes being a jerk (or selfish, or rude, or…etc) but things like sexism, racism, homophobia and elitism are extremely destructive to relationships and society as a whole. I find it near impossible to cheer for Spencer, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda, and I’m even more disappointed that it means favouring people like Elissa, Andy, McCrae.

    • Disappointed this season. I can’t root for them either. Not enough game play. Just too much disheartening language language. I started rooting for Jesse after she was on a mission to ruin others game play. We need more of that.

    • Yeah, this season is a very tough season. I’m rooting for Elissa. She isn’t a very likable person, but I think her heart is in the right place. I don’t mind villians, liars, fake bible thumpers, and such. Dan is my all time favorite BB player. I think they are all a bunch of losers.

    • I like McCrae less every day I see him. Sloth is the accurate word for him. He is the 24 year old guy who delivers pizza for minimum wage because he wants to. He is a fairly smart guy but wants no part of the responsibility of being a man. He lets Amanda walk all over him despite his occasional passive aggressive comments to her about how she bullies other people when he really means himself.

      And what his thing with Elissa? He talks about her all the time like he is obsessed. The other night he made a comment about if GM is getting her period then Elissa must be getting hers soon too. Really McCrae? You are tracking the women’s periods in the house or just Elissa’s?

  19. I wonder when they will all realize that it’s too late to get Amanda out. Like the group did with Dan last year. Leaving the strongest socializers and masterminds in is just as bad as leaving the strongest contest winners in. At this point they should all self evict so they really can’t “get any blood on their hands”.

    Nobody but Amanda and McCrae have an exit strategy.

    • No it was real. GM kept going on and on and retelling the same thing at least 15 times and finally Aaryn got sick of it. CBS only made it look like GM was saying something and Aaryn got pissed but it was after GM wouldn’t stop.

  20. Well now that just about everyone knows Andy is a rat hopefully he and McCrae will be nominated together. Let’s see what he does then. And why is everyone still talking game in front of Andy? When Aaryn, Helen, Elissa were talking in front of Andy today in the HOH and Aaryn said I’m sure this conversation will get right back to McManda she was right. Andy walked out and right to Amanda running his mouth. They need to quit talking game in front of him. All I know is I can’t wait until Thursday to see who is coming back and who wins HOH. So glad I have the feeds. :-)

    • I am very disappointed with Andy, the way he keeps throwing Helen under the bus. He has Shelley Moore beat for the best BB rat!

      • It is called karma. Helen had no problems backstabbing both Candice and Jessie then, throwing them under the bus for good measure! “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” No truer words have been spoken!

    • That is what I do not understand. They keep saying Andy is a rat yet, they allow him in all their conversations. These house guests are really getting dumber by the day! What they should do is put him in a spot and make him uncomfortable that he leaves the room then, go and talk about whatever plans and strategy you have! When he is around, talk about mundane things or better still ask him about his loyalty and catch him on his lies that he leaves the room! Andy has told many lies that if you grill him long enough, he will hang himself in front of you!

      • He is kind of the swing vote right now since Spencer has decided to crawl up McCranda’s backside.

      • Andy is not the swing vote because he is firmly on McCrae and Amanda’s side. He says he can trust McCrae and Amanda more than Helen and I agree 100% Helen had not qualms betraying her loyal allies and did not lift her little finger to save them! Instead, Helen helped evict her own allies by creating lies about them! If they are looking for a swing vote, it will be Spencer. However, he also has thrown his lot with Amanda!
        Helen’s problem again is why should Spencer trust him and risk his neck when he can see for himself what a treacherous b***h Helen is and how badly she treated both Candice and Jessie of late?

    • You are so right. But since the beginning of he season everyone in the house has had loose lips. They make jokes about how Andy pops into every room where two people are talking but no one put it together than he is play all sides? or playing for only one side? Either way, why trust a guy who runs from room to room to be in on every conversation? Helen really likes Andy and she really wants to trust him even if it means she goes home. I guess she will find out the error of her ways Thursday.

      • Yep and Helen still thinks Andy is voting to keep her. As of last night Andy told her that she has his vote. Helen also told Elissa if I go then you know that Andy is a rat and to go after Andy and McManda.

  21. Yuk..Amanda and Mc are acting like skanky people. BB will have to fumigated that mattress it’s probably stained and smelly. They took showmance to a new all time low. Hope Mc signed a prenup case he wins the money. I’m sure Amanda will want half.

    • If McCrae wins Amanda will have him in front of a Justice of the Peace before the check is deposited in his account. Here comes the bride. There goes the $$$$$…

    • their marriage is fake, duh… if either one wins, you can bet the relationship is OVER>

  22. This is what I do not understand. Helen tells Aaryn and Elissa that Andy is a rat yet, when they have their talk—-Andy is with them listening to it all? Now, how stupid is that? It seems these house guests are getting dumber by the day!

    • Andy is a part of the 3AM alliance. That’s why. He’s playing both sides of the house.

  23. I turned on the feeds this afternoon and I see Helen, GM, Elissa, Andy and Aaryn in the HOH bathroom blasting Spencer, Amanda and they were really ticked off at them. Now Amanda, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are all buddy buddy with Aaryn, what the heck is going on? I really despise Amanda Zuckerman!

  24. Why does some people dwell on Elissa saying she wanted to go home ? She was just feeling down and as any good mother would do, missing her children! If she really meant that she wouldn’t have won the veto, now would she !?!

    • Exactly! Spencer said “she’s just having a bad day” and GM flipped out on him saying she doesn’t deserve to have a bad day because no one talks bad to her and blah blah blah.

      • They talk behind her back all the time. Some of the remarks McCrae and Spencer and even GM make about Elissa have been pretty bad. But not surprising from the guests in this house.

      • Exactly! These people are disgusting. I can’t even watch live feeds because that’s all they do!

      • I love it when gm spazzes out and starts trying to sound intelligent. She has no grasp on the English language. What a dim wit.

      • It’s quite pathetic. She literally asked Aaryn how to spell “boo” once. It’s a three letter word how hard could it be for her to sound it out herself?!

    • Not only that, I think she told Helen that in confidence – two friend in the house talking. Helen immediately went and repeated it to the rest of the house in order to throw Elissa under the bus and help herself. It backfired of course because everyone saw what a backstabbing egotist Helen is.

      I cannot imagine Amanda or McCraw repaeting the rest of the house what they tell each other in confidence or even GM and Aaryn. Only Helen would do such a treacherous thing.

  25. I really hope Jessie or Helen come back into the game so that if either GM, Jessie/Helen, or Elissa wins the next HOH they can put up either Amanda, McCrae, or Andy on the block. I feel Judd would just go crawling back to McCranda.

    • Helen is damaged goods because she has proven to be very untrustworthy with her backstabbing her own allies and throwing them under the bus for good measure like she did with Candice and Jessie. Who would want to form a “true” alliance with Helen? Jessie on the other hand if she wins HOH will go after Amanda! She has already proven that she will stand for herself and is not intimidated by either Helen or Amanda! For that reason, I am only rooting for Jessie1

  26. Is the evicted house guest coming back into the house before or after this weeks HOH comp? Does anyone remember what the comp was the last time they brought someone back in?

    • It would be before they compete for HOH. More likely whatever the competition for the returning house guests, it will be a short one so that, they can go on with the HOH shortly after! I do not remember the competition they had last time out!

      • It was rolling balls in a basket and whoever got the most balls in of a certain color (I thInk) won the comp.

  27. I think that this is the worst Big Brother in history of this show. Nobody has the balls to do anything big. Amanda is disgusting and eats 247, McCrae is a Scumbag, So is Spencer, Helen creeps me out ESP. when she makes her evict vote, Elissa has permanent duck face, Andy is a two faced rat, GM is loud and disgusting and ARYAN freaking Mrs. HIGH HO HITLER and she has never done anything wrong in her eyes can someo ne say PSYCHO!! WOW THIS SEASON IS A TRAIN WRECK. WATCHING BBAD RIGHT NOW AND LOOK AT THAT AMANDA HAS A FUCKING FORK IN HER MOUTH.

    • I think the producers of BB had a deliberate plan to put certain types of people in the house. I think they were hoping for a season of showmances. Of course it didn’t work out when David and Nick were evicted in the first 2 weeks and Jeremy shortly after. If given time we may have seen as many as 4 showmances this year.

      unfortunately, the focus on that nonsense has left the game play for another season. Then again, who knew a month ago that Helen would turn out to be such a dummy playing this game?

      • Totally agree!! But thanks to BB15 I feel like I’m so much smarter now. This is my first BB where I have not one ounce of care on who wins because all of these people are just well not right in the head. Helen isn’t that bad here and there, but wow sometimes though she drives me up the wall started especially when she won her HOH and had her power trips. Andy is ok he just isnt very bright when it comes to game play he is not thinking things out

      • Helen said on BBAD that she has never watched live feeds or BBAD. She is suppose to be a hugh fan but if you don’t watch either show than you do not know BB. Explains a lot about how bad she has played.

      • It was there for everyone to see! Who really moves to evict her allies, Candice and Jessie who were loyal to you? Then, forms alliances with others, Amanda, Aaryn, Andy whose loyalty has not been tested? This is a game of numbers and yet, Helen weakened herself by her stupidity! I have seen other seasons of Big Brother and Survivor and the smart ones have more than one alliance. They do not just discard one alliance in favor of the other without good reason! One reason is not being able to trust people. Why have an alliance with someone if they continually lie to you? The reason you have more than one alliance is to have the flexibility to switch alliances if you have to! That said, you can trust but, verify! I think it was President Reagan who said that! And the worst thing Helen has done is passed on evicting Amanda when she was given two chances to do so! The object of the game is to last till Final 2. You do not do that by being passive and waiting for the big threats in the game to take you out when you had the chance to take them out first! And when you are out you are done! Helen is fortunate to get a 2nd chance although, she does not deserve it!

  28. I hope I don’t offend anybody in America when I say this, but I’m glad they did away with giving viewers important votes, such as who to make MVP or who to make the 3rd nominee. The voting made a mockery of the process. As MVP of course stands for Most Valuable Player, they were supposed to be voting for the player who most deserved it, was playing the best game, etc. and not who their favourite was. Anybody mind telling what Elissa did those first few weeks to deserve MVP? Yet she was continuously voted for. When it turned to 3rd-nominee voting, save for the first week, it was constantly Amanda. That one wasn’t quite as bad, because ok, if you want Amanda out of the house then you want her out of the house, but predictable television isn’t interesting, to keep seeing the same thing happen like that. So for this same reason, I’m glad America won’t be voting on which juror returns to the game. They’ve shown this season that they’re not taking the voting seriously and I’d really like to see the returning juror actually earn or deserve a 2nd chance, which they will by having to compete for it. I personally would like Judd to return (Jessie my 2nd choice) and I believe America would vote Judd back in, but I won’t let that change my opinion since the voting was a bit of a joke this season. I believe production would’ve at least considered continuing on with the MVP twist longer than they had, if the voting was producing more interesting results.

  29. Just call this the Wimp House. Amanda is the big bad witch. Helen is the good witch. Regardless they are still both witches. These witches need to go. Bye Bye Helen, Bye Bye Amanda. I hope Judd comes back and starts to clean house.

  30. This is exactly why they should have gotten amanda out either last week or the week before during double elimination!! Its coming back to bite them in the ass!! I have never trusted Andy!! He’s a spineless snake!!! Amanda needs to go and then Andy! I hope and pray that helen wins the comp between the jurors and returns to the game. I then hope its a Helen, Elissa, GM & Aaryn alliance!! Let them take Amanda, Andy and McC out-one by one and hopefully in that order!! Lets see Amanda show her true colors and turn on the 2 people in the house who have been the most loyal to her-she would and will throw them under the bus!!

    • TV Guide Network does a recap on Friday. Not certain about the time but you will need to have a cable account.

  31. Does anyone know where I can go to watch BB15 online for free?? Looking for the episodes-NOT the live feeds! Either with my tablet, phone or pc

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