Big Brother 15: Another Flip Goes Flop In Week 8

Amanda fights off another flip

Later today the next Power of Veto Ceremony will be held on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds. While the outcome was a foregone conclusion for most of us, one HG thought this is the time to finally make a move against a former ally. That’s right, Helen’s “not this week, maybe next week” finally became “this week.” She rallied for support, but as the night dragged on things started to look like we’re facing another flop on the flip.

It all started at 2:26PM BBT 8/18 when Helen finds Aaryn alone in the HoH room. She starts working Aaryn on Amanda playing the house and controlling both sides. This talk goes on for a long, long time but appears to be gaining traction with Aaryn. Later Andy joins the discussion and promises “100%” to Helen that he has her vote to stay. She says she believes McCranda are working against her.

Whether or not Aaryn was really thinking about it, she goes and tells McCranda (4:15 PM BBT) that Helen is campaigning hard against them. Aaryn quickly goes back inside and leaves McCranda to stress the situation.

Later Helen goes to talk with Amanda, who is well aware of Helen’s attempts to flip the house on her. Flashback to 7:32PM BBT. Helen says she thinks the house is trying to pit them against one another. Amanda says she thinks Helen is trying to pit the house against her (Amanda). Amanda revives her standard “I know you’re trying to get me evicted” speech that she’s used week after week. Amanda tells Helen that they weren’t going after her until they found out she was coming back at them. That’s of course a lie, but Helen might not know that for certain.

Jump to 11:45 PM BBT last night and you’ll find Aaryn upset at Amanda. She’s talking with GinaMarie and Andy and is coming back around to the idea of going after Amanda. When Andy goes to the bathroom Aaryn whispers to GM that what set her off was that McCranda wants GM gone so Aaryn would lose her ally.

Aaryn and Helen get back together to share notes. Flashback to 12:22AM BBT to listen in. Aaryn brings up again her worry about being split up from GM. Helen immediately starts using that to support her case against Amanda. Aaryn drops a bomb on Helen, “You think you have Andy, but you don’t.” Helen says that’s “shocking.” Helen is definitely disappointed.

Aaryn starts asking Helen if Elissa would vote out Amanda. Aaryn is worried that if she puts up Amanda they won’t have the votes if they can’t get Andy or Spencer. Helen promises Aaryn she’ll have her vote at the F2 if she does this and Helen goes later.

Just when you think Aaryn is on board she goes back to McCranda and once again tells them everything. Flashback to 1:25AM BBT to listen in as Aaryn spills the beans to Amanda. Aaryn says she thinks Andy was in support of the plan to BD Amanda. Amanda immediately wants Andy upstairs to explain himself. Andy says we was just appeasing Helen and wasn’t serious.

The plan to flip the house against Amanda officially flops at 3:10 AM BBT when Aaryn promises Amanda that she wasn’t even considering going against Amanda. Or has it? Monday is a new day and the Veto Ceremony is still hours away so anything could happen. It’s still a long shot, but let’s keep watching and see what happens next.

What do you think Aaryn should do at today’s Veto meeting?


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  1. Vote out Amanda. She is a bully. What is wrong with these house guests. Come on and play the game already.

    • If only the racist wasn’t HOH! Racists are way worse than bullies. I also don’t think Amanda is a bully. The rest of the house are just sheep. It’s not her fault that everyone goes with it and is afraid to think for themselves.

    • It is Andy paving the way for McRanda to win the 500k and they have even declared that whoever wins will buy the engagement ring. If that statement fell into Andy’s deaf ears, then I think he will have a rude awakening.

  2. AMANDUH MUST GO NOW!!!! This is the last chance they are going to get I do believe! BD her ass and move a big move for a change! This season sucks!

    • This season does suck! Please tell me what “BIG” moves have really been used….come on ppl!

  3. We all hate the way Amanda acts, but she is pulling a total Dr Will by not winning a single thing and manipulating everyone to nominate and vote out her enemies. She will win on game play if Helen and Aaryn don’t make a move now!!

    • Don’t give her that credit. His plan was to not win anything. Her plan is trying to win, but failing.

  4. Why is everyone saying this season sucks..I think it quite interesting..with everyone flip flopping and having two Hitlers in the game..along with 2 floaters..come on…I think this season is great…what do you all expect??????

  5. They have Helen dead to rights. She’s alone, her back is broken, and she’s blind. FINISH HER OFF. Don’t get distracted by Amanda. Seriously. Helen is the target don’t get sidetracked by Helen’s “look that way” while I punch you in the head move.

    • Though I agree on some levels, this may be the last chance to get Amanda out for a couple weeks.

      • I think that’s what Andy has in mind. Keep Aaryn and Spencer close and then take out either Amanda or McCrae when they get to F5.

      • That may be, but isn’t that the same as Helen’s “not now” strategy”? How is that working out for Helen?

      • I think that after this week, Amanda will feel very confident in Andy’s loyalty and not even consider he might backstab her. Once Amanda can’t bully random floaters into voting her way, she will lose all power. If there are only 5 in the house and McCranda doesn’t win HOH, they will be put up, even if McCrae is the target.

      • Yep. Mind you Amanda is in a much stronger position to wait it out than Helen is/was… Helen’s greatest downfall was thinking she had 3 votes instead of two (Andy being the difference)…

      • Possibly. Hard to say until we actually see people set themselves in rock solid alliances. For the most part this season (exception of the first 3 weeks) we’ve not seen any set alliances fight it out between them. We’ve had ”the house rules” type of mentality where it’s been a mob scene against one person who was targeted that week. I think if Amanda stays we’ll have more of this ”house rules” nonsense. If Helen stays, I think she’d divide the house into 2 factions (McCrae & Andy on one side, with Helen & Elissa on the other… GM, Spencer & Aaryn needing to pick a side after that).

      • Amanda is only capable of playing this game one way, her way. It’s treating a HG with her venomous mouth if she finds out you’re against her. When she found out last night that Helen is trying hard to stay and are making deals,(hello! what do you expect?) She confronted Helen and treated her horribly. I get it, Helen is irritating and not fun to watch, but she tries hard in treating all the HG with decency and respect. I’m hoping Amanda’s spell will be break when she’s gone and players will start thinking for themselves

        Amanda is nasty !

    • I’m with you. Finish her off. She earn her evection by playing dumb. She certainly doesn’t deserve to win.

  6. Hm if Aaryn does put up Amanda and she leaves she will have Andy, Mcrae, Ellisa, and Spencer gunning for her. On the other hand if she puts up spencer she will really only have Spencer and ellisa going after her so honestly this really isn’t week to put up Amanda.

    • Not even Spencer. He is ok with the plan. He knows his role is pawn. It will be funny to see if the person who sits next to him next week realizes that he is still the pawn.

      • Still if Amanda does leave this week and Spencer won HOH who do you think he would target? Andy or Mcrae prob not. GM no. so that leaves only Helen ellisa and Aaryn and Aaryn is biggest threat of those 3.

      • I think that Spencer would target whoever comes back into the house. As much as he talks a big game, he doesn’t want to make a big move either.

      • Probably, but since he doesn’t know some1 is coming back that isn’t part of his or any1 else’s thought process.

      • It really depends on how people realign themselves Mike. Yes there’s set alliances, but for the most part, people seem willing to follow wherever the ”power” lays for that week. If Amanda were to go this week, Spencer could very well end up protecting Elissa, Helen, Aaryn next week (if that’s where the new power were to rest)…

    • If Aaryn puts up Amanda, she will have to work out a deal for safety with Helen and Elissa first – and maybe Andy too. Otherwise, Aaryn is going to be Amanda’s target too. Amanda is super paranoid and she is going to take the opportunity to get Aaryn out before Aaryn can compete for another HOH.

    • I don’t think Andy or Spencer has any true loyalties they just go with the power. If they would get power they would not want to make waves Just like last week when Amanda Whoops mean Andy got out Jessie

  7. Spencer would obviously vote out Amanda he;s made it clear he hates her. Also if Andy knew the vote was 3-2 he would vote with the house because he has no backbone. I really doubt aaryn will nominate amanda but i hope she does. Amanda has her claws in everyone and Helen really has no one but elissa they can easily vote her out any week.

    • I agree Aaryn doesn’t have the nerve to do this It sure would be good TV if she did though

    • Andy would vote with the house so he doesn’t expose his alliance with Amanda and McCrae. That would make him a target of Helen and Elissa.

  8. It is unlikely anyone will do anything like nominate Amanda. She and Aaryn are sailing to F2. Boo!!!!

  9. Yesterday afternoon Amanda tells Helen she is voting her out, but she won’t be the only vote against her and then not even a minute later, says I’m going with what the house wants.

  10. Remember, folks, that the evicted HG will compete to return. So even if Amanda gets evicted she could just come right back. Unlikely with her comp record but she could get lucky.

      • I was saying it more for the benefit of the rabid “VOTE OUT AMANDA” crew. My point? Just because she was voted out Thursday doesn’t mean she’s gone. I personally want Helen gone and Jessie to come back.

      • I got that. Me, I rather have Helen out. I just can’t stand those stupid comment in DR.

    • Amanda could come back….hahaha! I think they better have a trash can ready on the set for her to hide behind.

  11. I really want Amanda and Helen out, this is one week I don’t care who gets voted as long as the one voted out does not come back. I want Judd to come back.

  12. The more I think about it, Andy would be best to get rid of Amanda. I think McCrae would consider an all male alliance, especially if Judd came back in the game. Then it would be Judd, Andy, McCrae and Spencer vs. Helen, Elissa, GM and Aaryn. And Aaryn, the strongest female competitor, can’t play HOH. But I understand that’s a lot of “ifs”.

  13. like to see candice or jessie back or helen if she goes. Judd would just do as amanda says. at least with candice or jessie there would be some fire works.

  14. Aaryn and Andy should realize based on history that they have already tweaked Amanda’s paranoia and they will become targets, my guess is Aaryn will be the target next week because she will not be the HOH. She is absolutely correct that Amanda will want to get GM out of the house because GM will help protect Aaryn.

    McCrae has never trusted Aaryn anyway and I think he will continue to work on Amanda to come to his side.

    At this point, Aaryn is now the target of the entire house with the exception of GM and who knows what GM will do if she win HOH. This is why Aaryn must make a move on Amanda and align herself with GM, Elissa and Helen. Andy is in the same situation. The 5 of them can control the house and removed Amanda from control.

      • Not if Amanda’s paranoia hits its usual peak. If Jessie or Judd comes back in, she will blame their evictions on Helen, while she convinces them to help her get Aaryn out.

    • Aaryn’s target is too large to avoid. Her winning this last HOH isn’t good for her with anyone. I think if she works to keep Helen, she will still be the target next week. If Elissa won, Helen couldn’t keep Aaryn safe, and I doubt she would even try.

      • If Aaryn back doors Amanda, Helen will trust her again. Just like Amanda did with Aaryn when she back doored Judd. Helen has been able to convince Elissa not to target Aaryn in the past so I think she could do it again.

  15. If Aaryn doesn’t put Amanda on the block, then she would see herself on the same predicament like Helen. Another missed opportunity. It could be the last chance. They’re already planning her eviction for all the right reasons. They will keep the “big mosquito”/Spencer and get rid of her, which makes sense for their game.

    • And, if she does not backdoor Amanda, it is a good possibility that she will end up on the block. Asryn has won 4 HOH comps and a couple of vetos. They would be stupid to keep her……Andy got lucky one week and won HOH and veto, Amanda hasn’t won a thing, and McCrae won HOH when it didn’t really matter, plus several people threw that challenge.

      • Those are exactly the reasons why they want her evicted. It’s her accomplishment in the game, and McCranda already realized that.

      • I think ” McNugget” / McCrae needs to put the” teleport jump suit” back on. That is his reset button for his game. You cut the cord, he will still have allies, “big mosquito”/Spencer and “shoo fly” Andy, Spenser wants a no mam alliance.

  16. come on Aaryn…make a big move!! screw the 3am alliance. watch out for your own game.

  17. The truth is…it’s time to backdoor Amanda or she’s going to keep bullying the house.

  18. Put up Amanda already this us the most boring BB ever voting with the house……if a big move dieznt cone soon I don’t think I’ll watch any more

  19. I am so over Amanda, Helen, and Gina Marie and to be honest…I would love it if Elissa goes to the end and wins.

  20. Aaryn should reward Amanda for her wanting Aaryn to throw the HOH. Aaryn should say this is how the game is played. You win on your own, if you don’t, then suck it up buttercup. For your poor sportsmanship, being ungracious and tantrums, I renom you Amanda. I will not just hand over 500K. This is your opportunity to play the game for yourself. Amanda you do not control my noms. I am on to you gunning for me.

    • I agree 100% she got so mad at McCrea because he told he he is not throwing another comp spencer showed her already that he is on his own when he did not do as she told him when he was trying to save himself

  21. She better get Amanda out she seems crazy to me… She’s fake I don’t care for her. And Helen needs to shut up dang

  22. I’m done with this too. Thought someone was going to at leastbbreak up McCranda but no one has the guts. This season is pathetic…a bunch of losers! I don’t even watch the live feeds anymore unless something happens, which is not often!

  23. Back door Amanda!!! She has done nothing as far as winning and controls everyone. What is the threat or power she possesses? Manipulation and strategy. That should not be enough to win BB15

    • Are you insane? Manipulation & Strategy is the best way to win the game. So you must not like Will Kirby either right? Because I consider him the greatest Big Brother player ever. At least from the manipulation side.

  24. If Helen leaves, then returns, I think everything will finally hit her. She knows Aaryn and Andy does not have her back. She will be on a mission to get Amanda out somehow

    • She has no allies, she even try to throw Elissa under bus. If Helen come back it will be a waste of a good twist. Judd need to come back.

      • But I fear Judd will side with Amandass and crew and Elissa will definetly have no one. I was so po’d at Helen saying those things last night about Elissa. She was only thinking about herself and her game. But I can see Elissa’s point. She had just lost the comp. to Aaryn. She probably feels like she is not going to win the $500,000, so she would rather go home. Then to hear the comments like ” I tried two weeks in a row to get her out. She is so selfish. I actually fast forward thru “anyone want to see my HOH room” NOT

      • Was Spencer on the block with Judd? Do you think spencer would align with Elissa? I feel now she has no one and the rest of household are so nasty towards her

  25. In the past there were people who didn’t win any comps or won only one or two who went on to win the game. That said I don’t remember any past contestant who were as openly raciest or just plain nasty and disgusting who won. They at least had a few redeeming qualities but Amanda has none and in my eyes Aaryn GM and Spencer went to far to ever fully redeem themselves. I know it’s a game and in the past I have disliked some houseguest but never to the point that I do this bunch.

  26. Amanda should have been backdoored weeks ago. They had the chance to backdoor her during the double eviction and stupid Helen wanted Judd out! What a waste.

  27. This season just makes me sad! What have you all done to this great show? I just wish I could be there when they all see and hear what the public really thinks of them all! Just hurry this mess up and get it over with!

  28. What a joke, …on BBAD, Helen actually says to Elissa that she thinks America definitely thinks this seasons cast is the best EVER… wtf… that sums us the stupidity of this group of HG’s……. DUMB

    • Yes I laughed out loud when I heard that and was thinking damn they are giving these guest some good drugs if they think that

    • That’s probably the 10th time she said that.
      Better than that, the other night Aaryn told GM that she tought that GM would be America Favorite Player.

  29. No one have a game play, We really don’t care what happens. New Cast please. We are so these people.

  30. I am so tired of Amanda. Kick her out of the house and go on with the show. I can’t stand to even look at her.

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