Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

Big Brother 15 nominations

It’s spoiler time for Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers from the Live Feeds. The Feeds are back and we’re watching to see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

Since last night we’ve listened in as Aaryn, the new HoH, has planned her nominations with the usual help of McCranda. It looks like they’re finally ready to start turning on one another this week, but the real target might be surprised come Thursday night.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Nominations:

  • Elissa
  • Helen

Aaryn has promised Helen that Elissa is her real target, but McCranda want Helen gone after they realized Jessie was telling the truth about Helen contemplating evicting Amanda. I guess Helen should have stuck to that plan, huh?

The Veto competition on Saturday will decide whether or not Helen goes at the next vote. Only the nominees themselves are likely to use the Veto, unless we see Spencer win the Veto, save one of the two nominees, and then force a renom of GM. Even then I don’t think it’d work. Yeah, either Helen or Elissa will be voted out on Thursday so watch along and see what happens next!

Big Brother Live Feeds

That Veto competition will be held very soon, probably on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.


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    • Who should go instead are floaters….spencer, actually amanda is floater never won anything!!

      • Does that make Will Kirby a floater too? BB2. Never won a comp. Ended up winning the season. Regarged as one of the best Big Brother players ever. Made it final four in Allstars. So what if she hasn’t won anything? Amanda has been plotting almost every eviction since the start of the season.

      • Will Kirby is not a floater. Definitely not. One of the best Big Brother players of all time. He played in a season that only featured HoH and food comps, no Veto yet. He was a mastermind. A floater is someone who “floats” between alliances. Will formed Chilltown early and stuck to it.

      • Exactly, that’s why she needs to be found out to be the biggest RAT ever with out any Blood on her hands Just nasty SPERM

      • Please get off AmAmanDa nuts, shes a bore nasty bully, and keeps using break up so-so because their a threat but really, her patnership is a threat. She’s a sicken feony.

      • Amanda isn’t a floater… she’s on people’s radar because of her GREAT social game.
        she has no blood on her hands but has everything to do with every person who has been evicted. you want to talk floater is that precious stepford wife Elissa…. she hasn’t done anything but win a popularity contest… and she didn’t even win that…. she is just a sister to a previous player….

      • Winning competitions does not make one a non-floater. Some of the worst floaters ever won comps, while some of the best players ever have never once been HoH.

      • I think it’s being mistaken what a floater is…..has nothing to do with winning comps…as to do with loyalty to one and only one alliance and not flip flopping week to week depending on who is in power.

      • Amanda is a floater her only loyalty is mccrae but she been playing alies to the first group of mc to go home. The house was stronger to make a stand against Amanda at the eviction of Kaitlyn. She hasnt really master minded anything all she did was suggest certain people were threats to everyone’s end game. Now she did throw dirt in the eyes push a few people’s face in the mud to get her point across that certain people needed to be voted out and the HOH nom who they wanted gone. But remember she is also good at playing the victim. Sulking when she was up for eviction or at the rumors of the house flipping, she almost doesnt have to win anything with mccrae and andy going to bat for her. What she doesn’t need is for anyone to take a serious look at their game play (likely spencer or elissa) and note how to realize how everyone else has gotten dirty except for her and backdoor her. If they do not get rid of Amanda some fool will get the bright idea they would have a better chance of winning in the final 2 standing next her. THEY WILL LOSE. MCCRAE would leave b4 her in this case. It makes sense to bring the first jury members back in the game whether the 4th person is spencer,elissa or helen, those 4 are ballsy enough to strike against mccranda guns blazin as helen would say.

    • So, Helen had plenty of chances to get Amanda out, but soon as Amanda start crying she get nervous and say it was to soon, Well i read where Helen was crying today, and do you think Amanda patted Helens back and told the house it was too soon?? HELL NO!!!! So oh well.

      • Helen’s crying was fake and it was obvious. Amanda saw right through it. In fact, the look on Amanda’s face when Helen was crying about Elissa was priceless. I can;t wait to see what Amanda had to say about it in the DR. I bet anything she knew exactly what Helen was doing and figured it would make her plan to blindside Helen even better.

  1. I am not going to join the ranks of those who complain about this season of BB and the HGs. Their inability to think for themselves has actually made this season kind of fun to watch. BB is always about lying and scheming and this season is no different than any other. I must admit to a little guilty pleasure in anticipating Helen’s reaction when she finally realizes she’s been had. I also wonder if Rachel is watching and wondering how her sister could have become such a floater.

    • Am so jealous that you’re able to enjoy the season. I didn’t sign up for the feeds this year and I can barely get through the episodes when I happen to catch them. I find the HGs so annoying that it’s just not fun for me this year.

      • I don’t think I’m alone in my feelings on this. Lots of people are saying how much they hate it or how it’s the worst season ever. But they don’t quit talking about it. Sure, it’s frustrating but that is just another attraction to BB. If the message boards were silent then I’d say BB has lost its touch.

      • I still hate it but, will stay on because I am rooting for some house guests to be evicted! Maybe, Helen will be evicted this week and that would be super! There is still a lot more in the Big Brother House I will be rooting to evict including Amanda, Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer! Maybe, Jessie gets back into the house, wins HOH and sends Amanda or Aaryn packing so, not outright impossible even if not improbable! Anything can sill happen!
        Part of the excitement is seeling the bad ones get their bad karma unleashed on them! That would be awesome!

      • I do see his point. Its not the game play that is so bad, its the people behind the game play that are so bad. There is way to much personal stuff this time around and not enough of it is based in the game. It really is personal and I think that makes a lot of us uncomfortable. Its one thing for Evil Dick to roam the house banging pots and pans to piss everyone off, But it is another thing entirely when GM says to Candice her mother didn’t like her either as Candice is walking out the door. That had nothing to do with game play.. When the game becomes personal, it is no longer Big Brother.

      • So Evel Dick saying he wanted to shove his boot up Jenn’s azz and rape her til she bled wasn’t personal? In season 2, Nicole threatened Dr. Will, to his face to “kick the crap out of him”, cut his head off, etc… Jeff’s homophobic rant… I could go on but every season there is lots of personal stuff.

      • Of course there is some personal stuff every year, its unavoidable. But this year it seems like it is almost all personal with the exception of one or two players.

      • That was true in the beginning, but not sitting on the couch with GM and Aaryn or ignoring Aaryn who is asking her if she feels okay is not flying under the radar. Its this kind of nonsense that makes Elissa a terrible BB player and it makes me wonder why she is even in the game she claims she loves so much but refuses to play.

      • Elissa is a idiot. She got on because of her sister. Did you see the math conversation. If intelligence was a light, Elissa would be the dark ages.

    • Remember what a floater actually is….someone who basically plays multiple alliances and is not strictly loyal to one alliance/group of people….like Andy for example who would have jumped ship and keep going with Elissa/Helen had one of them won HOH…That Is a Floater. Someone who really hasn’t done much or won much of anything is just a weak player. At least that’s my understanding.

  2. I feel for everyone that paid for the live feeds..CBS owes them their money back and them some. Nothing can save this season at this point, nothing!!

    • Yes, it is funny to watch her as she says things like, “its less work to go back to work and make $500,000 than it is to win Big Brother” as the other house guests who can barely make a car payment are wondering what the heck she is talking about! Or to watch her throw her only ally left in the house under the bus while claiming to want to keep her in the house!

      Helen is a dummy who has no clue on what a BB strategy is. It is fun to watch Amanda toy with her and it will be fun to watch Helen blindsided this week. She has no clue that she has no support from anyone but Elissa.

  3. Helen and Elissa can only blame themselves. They betrayed 2 people of their own alliance (Jessie & Candice). Jessie and Candice are actually the only 2 people in the house that have balls to go against Amanda.
    Go home Helen! You should have pull the trigger first but you were too scared! That proves that you are not made for this game! Same thing for Elissa who is totally the opposite of her sister!!! Elissa=boring=floater=no gameplay whasoever=follower!

    • Lol
      I agree! This is the season of the majority rules! Or maybe season of cowards!
      Just give Amanda the damn prize and move on to the next season now… with a completely new and brave cast please CBS!!!
      I really love your show since season 1 but not the way how this game is played this season…. with predictible and safe moves like previous weeks :-(

      • Does anyone notice Andy’s name never comes up even on these posts? He will probably
        win by default. Great game play on his part
        even for us who don’t like his playing both
        sides.He will never rock the boat.

    • I don’t think Helen & Elissa had enough votes to get Amanda out which is why they never followed through.
      Remember what a floater actually is….someone who basically plays multiple alliances and is not strictly loyal to one alliance/group of people….like Andy for example who would have jumped ship and kept going with Elissa/Helen had one of them won HOH (which he said himself that he’d do)…That Is a Floater.
      Someone who really hasn’t done much or won much of anything is just a weak player. At least that’s my understanding.

      • That is just it. They did not have the votes because they did not think about a long game. They took out possible alliance members and votes against McCranda all the way up to this point. Now they are screwed.
        I don’t know how many times Helen sat there with them and said.. Let’s just get out all of the floaters and then it will be everyone for themselves. Nice in theory but that is not how the game is played.
        Good players realize their place on the Totem pole and if they are at the bottom…. They round up the people that are the floaters and on the outs and flip the house.

      • They had 3 sure votes in Helen, Elissa and Jessie. All they needed is one more yet, Helen did not even try to flip Judd or Gina Marie? Helen can persuade most house guest in this house like in the Nick eviction but, if Helen will not even lift her little finger to try then, it won’t happen! The truth is Helen was scared to even try. She did not have any cojones to get the job done so, she deserves to be evicted because she had two weeks to do so and she passed on it both times! She never even half tried and ended up backstabbing Jessie when she was trying to get it done!

      • Spencer could have been the 4th vote had they told GM to put Judd up instead of Spencer. That’s the difference between Amanda and Helen. Amanda would have thought about that.

    • toatally agree she had the chance to get Amanda out she,s dumb as a box of rocks if she believed McCray was going to final 3 with her instead of Amanda. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!

  4. When are they going to stop being so predictable? Not that I am mad at Helen on the block but Aryan needs to play her own game, not Mcranda’s.

  5. I hope Helen wins veto and then Amanda gets put up and voted off! Yeah that would be awesome!

    • that would be epic move, but sounds too good to happen. plus the devil got all her demons backing her and they wouldn’t go for that

    • Aaryn would never place Amanda. Spencer is the substitute. If he wins the veto, GM is the substitute.
      AAryn is just a doll into Amanda hands… like Mcrae.

  6. It doesn’t matter to me who goes this week, I’m just waiting to see the looks on the remaining HGs faces when one of the evicted Jury members walks back through that door on Thursday night.

    • I hope it’s Judd so he could raise H.E.double hockey sticks, win competitions, start with evicting Amanda, turn Aryan into his cuddle buddy and evict her next.

      • Let me see. This is the same Judd that cannot figure out who voted him out? Aaryn put him on the block, the vote was 7-0 and yet, he blames Jessie (who was on the block) and Elissa for his eviction? This guy is a dumbass! He still does not know Aaryn put him on the block? And that his whole alliance voted him out? And he is supposed to take Amanda down? LOL Judd would be kissing Amanda’s butt the moment he enters the Big Brother House and he will be evicted that very week! So much for that fantasy! Remember this is the same Judd with Helen who passed on evicting Amanda not once but, twice! He does not have any cojones and will never have the cojones to go against Amanda! Amanda has Judd wrapped around her little finger!

      • Yes, I’m afraid that he would just get in line and do whatever Demanda wanted. I don’t want him back, I think Candice may stir up some sh@t but not any of the others in the jury house including Jessie, because she lowered herself to apologizing to people in the house after causing trouble when she knew she was up for eviction

      • Jessie did more than Judd, Candice and Helen if she ends up joining the jury house ever did! She stood up for herself against Amanda and Helen! She exposed lies told the house guests and she shredded Helen’s game to pieces that Amanda knew without a doubt that Helen was not to be trusted! Had Jessie not done that, Helen would still be safe!
        Jessie apologizing probably because she felt drained of her energies. After all, she has been battling everyone in the house! Even Spencer who tried to evict Amanda ended up like a meek lamb and lasted like one week! Amanda cowed him but, Jessie by her actions got respect as a player. They know that if she were to win HOH, she would put the big threats up! So, I will still take Jessie to come back into the house!
        If Jessie can damage Helen’s game she can damage Amanda’s as well!

  7. That wack job Amanda needs to go… her second story is totally empty..And don’t these fools know… that couples take each other to the end…. they need to oust one of them NOW…

  8. well this season started looking good , I think the twist will bring more to the game, all three of those will come back swinging and I hope they do not trust anyone, they need to play and stay and kick all the floaters butts.
    Oh and by the way rach, is disapointed with her sister and even called her a big foater and said if her sister did not start playing the game she would be gone. I loved Rach, she was a true big brother player , she played hard , and tried hard , she just did not sit back. And all those rach haters could not stand the fact she was an awsome player, her terrible laugh , which I think was fake, was just part of the game play. same as the crying boo hoo.
    they had some good players but they are gone,and we never got to see thier true game. they were playing some other game or trying to copy the past winners. this is half time and those stupid foaters who just do what nasty amanda wants better start playing thier own game, even mr Mcy.

  9. Helen and Amanda both run that house.everyone goes with whatever they say.they need to grow some and do what they want not what they tell them to do.i dont like either one of them.i hope mcCrae wins it all

    • McCrae is a lapdog and unless he makes a move on Amanda he does not deserve to win anything.

  10. if anybody needs the money its him or gm.the other people in the house dont even know the money.

  11. Did anybody watch BB Canada? I did and this season here seems to be just like that season. Jillian and Emmett gained control the second week in and played the whole house all the way to the end. The player that was voted back in from the jury house, made it to the end and Jillian won by a mistaken vote against him..Gary. So this seems to be a replay of that season.

    • Huge difference. In BBCan, they brought Gary at F4. Plus he was corrupted by been with other jury.
      Here we are going to have someone coming at F8 and from what it is believe, they are in sequester, i.e not all together.
      Very different and more acceptable.

  12. I’ve NEVER seen a BIG BROTHER season where so many pawns vote exactly as the 2-3 leaders of the house “force” or “hypnotize” them into doing. It has been a unanymous vote nearly every week. Don’t these pawns realize they are being used and soon will be the ones voted out with absolutely NO CHANCE of advancing to the finals? ANDY is such a immature little girl running to Amanda & MacCrae with everything he is told like he wants to PLEASE them. Why does everyone get appauld at AMANDA byt then fall in line to do her bidding, Helena criticizes the racism when half of it was about HER in the beginning. IS SHE REALLY that dumb not to reakize they talked about her being Asian just as much as the Blacks being Black?

  13. AMANDA is the NASTIEST trashiest HG ever on the series – racist, vulgar, sluty – wearing see-through underwear and bras that show way to much of her over0filled saline implanted boobs. And her cruel mouth when she belittles people and hurts them like Candice who was adopted, telling her “her own mother didn’y even want her.” Those things in the past BIG BROTHER would have never tolerated. I hate the way BIG BROTHER has allowed s been as harmful & hurtful as any physical contact which would have resulted in immediate termination from the game.

  14. I’ve watched EVERY season & the first thing that happens when a showmance pairs 2 together is to send 1 of the pair PACKING because the pair yields TOO MUCH power. This year the HG act as tho they want Amanda & MacCrae to stay together ubtil the final 2. It’s also sickening how much Amanda has MacCrae so PW. She has transferrred his balls from between his legs to hers (if he ever had any.)

  15. Break up the only remaining couple already…Amanda/McR . Seriously Aaryn is such a coward like most of the others.
    A potential winner plays with their head….not with their heart, ego or emotions.

    What good is it if you can win things but are not using these wins to your best advantage!
    Bunch of dumbasses!

    • I agree. While I do not want Aaryn to win, the smart move for her would be to evict McCrae or Amanda. Elissa is small potatoes and can be evicted any time in the future. But Aaryn has to realize she cannot win HOH every week. I am sure Amanda knows this too and will wait for a week when Aaryn is not HOH and back door her. before they get to the final 3.

    • Amanda and Mcrae will carry Aaryn through to final 5 at least. It’s smart to hang around them because shes #3 target in that alliance right now. She’s also proven that she can beat out both of them in competition when it comes time to turn.

  16. When Helen is sitting with Julie Chen on Thursday night she’ll say “Well Julie, it’s still too early to evict Amanda.”

    • I think she is going to say, “You know, I love Elissa and she is the best friend I had in the house, but aligning with her was a mistake and that’s the reason I was evicted.” That will follow some comment about her being the biggest threat to Amanda.

      I can;t wait till Julie tells her Andy was actually in an alliance with Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda and that 3 person alliance was actually fake and a plan hatched by Amanda. Boy is her face going to turn beet red!

  17. I don’t really likeany of the HGs, but I seriously dislike several. It would have been interesting to see how Nick might have changed the season had he stayed longer. Had Howard started playing the game earlier, he might have gone the distance. Elissa and Helen are the two I dislike least. If one of them is evicted, as seems likely, I hope they win the opportunity to come right back in the house and then turn the game on its ear.

    • I can see Helen winning a comp against Jessie, Judd and Candice. I do not see Elissa winning any comps that require a brain.

  18. Elissa deserves to go but I hope it is Helen who is blindsided like Judd. For the last two nights Helen has been throwing Elissa under the bus and letting it back up over her while trying to pretend she is actually trying to keep Elissa in the game. Helen is showing a disloyal side of her that is pretty ugly.

    I am glad that Amanda told Elissa that Helen made her look bad last night when she went up to the room crying about how she can’t deal with Elissa anymore. You could see how Amanda saw right through Helen’s fake tears. Tonight, Helen kept bringing Elissa up while she hung out in the HOH room with Aaryn and GM.

    Helen deserves to go home too because she has repeatedly thrown her own alliance members under the bus. She had the audacity to complain that Jessie stabbed her in the back by telling Amanda and Aaryn how she was trying to get Amanda out. Jessie would have remained loyal to Helen had Helen not stabbed her in the back first but conspiring with Amanda to get Jessie out in the first place!

    Elissa can go home next week. But this week I want to see the blindside of Helen. I can’t wait to see her find out how stupid she has been in this game.

    • Helen has been loyal to NO ONE. She betrayed Candice, Judd, Jessie and now Elyssa. She’s only been loyal to Andy. Nasty piece of work. I know being loyal is not the be all/end all to winning…but damn…she’s got NO ONE now. She’s been a major participant in getting out her own alliance. Even if she stays this week (and she won’t), she only has Andy. Some seriously bad judgements on her part.

  19. If Aaryn thinks sticking with Amanda & McCrae is smart she is really playing the Dumb Blonde to a tee! Those 2 will NEVER take anyone else to the Final 2 but each other & to hope otherwise is just flat out itiotic game playing, but go ahead Aaryn be #3 or “hey girl” just wait till next week when they Vote You out because of your winning streak, I mean come on they would be as Dumb as You keeping them this week not too!!! Aaryn needs to hook-up with Helen, Elissa, GM & Spencer that 4-some could do some Damage by 1st of getting rid of the “please quit having sex on tape duo”!!! & Leave double dirt dealing Andy to go on the block a few times like Spencer has had to do that sounds pretty good to Me :D:D:D
    Angel Luscious ♡

    • I agree with you. Spencer, Aaryn and GM got hung up on evicting Jessie, but what Jessie was telling them is true. Amanda and McCrae are not going to take all of them to the final 3 or 4. And frankly, making it to the final 3 but not the final 2 is just being the last one to lose but you are a loser none-the-less.

      Spencer in particular needs to work some deals or he will be next. If it could happen to Judd who had a final 4 alliance with Amanda and McCrae then it will certainly happen to Spencer pretty soon.

      • You got it Right on the Button Prince!!! I just hope if 1 of them has to go it is Helen because She has been backstabbing Elissa for a few weeks now however Elissa has stayed Loyal to Helen even when it was against her better judgement. If I could have My Dream outcome this week Elissa Wins POV & up goes McCrae since Amanda cannot seem to Win anything only Her mouth is a threat (a threat of torture listening to Her) even when they are trying to give it to Her She LOSES what a waste of a Houseguest!!! Even though Amanda will explode that will just make the House go hardcore after next week, if anything just to Shut Her Up!!! In BB it never goes as planned so shake it up Elissa & Win your 2nd POV!!!

  20. I wonder how will Allison Grodner explain awarding Aaryn $500,000 for winning, or $50,000 for being runner-up.

    • Actually Gina Marie is the one that is gonna need the money. Therapy sessions are expensive and shes gonna need them for a long time. I could make a joke out of it by saying that she has her hopes pinned on a “gay guy” ( not being mean) or that she will explode when she finds out that the hat she has been wearing and worshiping belongs to somebody else. Then on the serious side she lost her job. Aaryn Spencer McCrae Amanda and Andy will survive any fallout (may take awhile) that results from being on BB. But Gina Marie is the most vulnerable to an actual breakdown. Just my opinion…

  21. Serves Helen right! Should have gotten that b&tch Aaryn out when you had the chance, but noooooo you wanted to keep her and the same goes with Amanda. So now that your closest person in the house is going home, you are stuck with out someone in the game, that’s IF she goes home, because Helen just might be blindsided. Aaryn has GM, Amanda and McCrae, Spencer and Andy…If Judd the Dudd comes back then he’ll side with Amanda and McCrae. America gave you Amanda TWICE to evict and you brushed it aside saying it wasn’t the right time. I dislike Helen, but I hate Amanda and if anything she deserves to leave. The only thing Helen can hope for is the POV, because I think she WILL be blindsided in the game, but I hope Elissa wins it. If Helen does leave she’ll get an opportunity to compete to get back in the house, but good luck with that. You could of had this game when Howard, Kaitlin, and others were in the house, and you decided to latch onto Amanda and McCrae and trust that worst floater in the game, Andy. Aaryn is an idiot to think if she’ll make it to the end with McCrae or Amanda, because they will cast her aside like garbage, the same goes for Andy. I feel for Elissa because she didn’t get to play her game. She listened to the other idiots in the house. She wanted to keep Kaitlin over Aaryn, she wanted Howard to stay, she wanted Candice to stay, Jessie could have worked with her…so many stupid moves. Early on things looked promising, but they missed the mark when not eliminating Aaryn over Kaitlin. Overall, I would like to see Helen evicted over Elissa, because rule #1, you never turn against your partner, and that’s exactly what Helen did. Throwing your best bud under the bus to make yourself look good is bad BB play, my friend. You ride or die until the end with them. Many have shown that, except for wuss Spencer who didn’t want to go against the grain when it came to voting out his main man, Howard. Elissa is small potatoes to get rid of in the end, but she will go soon next week unless Spencer wins it, or even Elissa, if she’s still there. Like I said, I feel bad for Elissa because she never thought of what was best for her, only what was best for everyone else, and that’s going to cost her, unless she comes up big when it counts. Like I said, Helen turned on people in the game, especially Jessie, and that is going to end up costing her, which I hope it does.

    • Helen wanted Katlyn out because she is smarter than aaryn. Helen knew that she could mentally manipulate aaryn because she was more “wounded” and hated in the house than Katlyn.
      Moreover, Elissa is mentally unstable. She appears to be a bit entitled and use to getting what she wants, when she wants it and that’s just not what BB is all about. Based on my viewing of her behavior in the hosue she appears to be used to having people cater to her wishes and not having to work with others and compromise.
      Finally, Jessie did do a good job of blowing up Helen’s game. That’s a good thing. That’s why Helen was crying Thursday night on BBAD. She realizes that all of her strategy was wrong! She should have backdoored Amanda when she had a chance. Now she’s just a jury member.

  22. sorry guys..I like this season mostly.. If there was harmony no one would watch.

  23. Have you nutjobs realized this is just a game, this isn’t The Glass House, what you want and what BB gives out is two different things, the viewers have no say what the outcome of the show is…..just because you want Helen and Amanda out, doesn’t mean it is going to happen, it’s a game for crying out load….Helen and Amanda are playing the game like your suppose too….you rule the house and you win, Dick did it and won the game….but I guess you floater fans want a floater to win? Elissa shouldn’t win, just because she’s Rachel’s sister…..hell, Rachel shouldn’t won either….you don’t win because your a dumb bitch…..BB rigged Rachel’s win, and you can’t deny it….

    • Plus neither one, is going home….one of them will win veto, save themselves and backdoor someone else…..

      • Wow, you have a crystal ball! You know who is going to win the POV before it even starts! Very well done. And what are the winning numbers for the Powerball? I want to make sure I get the winning numbers.

      • It doesn’t matter who win…..whowver is left on the block, Elyssa/Helen is going home. The ‘house’ has told Helen that. Helen is Target #1, Elyssa Target #2.

      • I meant to say….they’ve told Helen she’s the pawn, Elyssa the target. They’ve told Elyssa the only way she stays is to win Veto. What is true is that the only way Helen stays is if she wins Veto. The house talked about this all night.

      • Wow! Neither one will go home even though only one can win POV? Judd the double dumb is obviously 10 times smarter than you! And how can they backdoor someone else when Aaryn is the HOH and the one choosing the renominations? Like they are going to let Elissa survive eviction if Helen wins POV or vice versa?

    • I don’t consider myself to be a “nutjob” as u labeled the posters in here. If u have such disdain and dislike for the show and the people on it why are u in here commenting? We don’t claim to have control over who stays in the house or who wins the game: unless it’s Americas vote we don’t have a say. We post our opinions as to what we think needs to or might happen or the reasons we don’t like a certain HG. We can and do send our thoughts and opinions to CBS. It is our prerogative as fans of the show just as it ur prerogative being the “troll” that u are to come in here and slam us. But we don’t put stock in what “trolls” have to say cause it’s always dribble…U have a good rest of the day.. I know I will….one more thing…I am sure that “dumb bitch” Rachel enjoyed getting that check for $500,000..When was the last time somebody handed u a check for being a “dumb ass troll”??

    • You are all over the place – thought wise. Try and stay focused on one thought per sentence.
      Moreover, you did note that this is a board for fans of the BB game. Therefore, when you click onto the site and take your valuable time to read our posts you should know that we are likely to have very different views regarding the outcomes about everything!

  24. Helen is the only one who ill put up Amanda. The others are
    the worst game players and do not see the end game and
    the 500.000 they may be giving away.

    • Nonsense. Helen along with Judd passed on even trying to evict Amanda! Helen deserves to stay in the jury house with Judd. They can reminisce about the 2 chances they were given to evict Amanda and passed on! That would be their just desserts as it should be!
      Jessie went after Amanda and stood for herself against Amanda and Helen. Also, Jessie shredded Helen’s game to pieces which is why Helen is now suddenly on the chopping block! If there is anyone who deserves a 2nd chance—-it is Jessie! If she happens to win HOH, she will put up Amanda and McCrae or Amanda and Aaryn!

      • I generally agree with you on Jessie. However, Jessie’s biggest problem is her mouth! She’s a typical American in that she believes everyone needs to hear what she’s thinking!
        BB is alot about being able to hide our cards until the last second. I’m not certain that Jessie is able to do that because she’s emotionally too immature and needy.

  25. I hope elissa goes. She does nothing in terms of gameplay and threatens leaving jury. That’s so lame.

  26. PISSES ME OFF THEY ALL FREAKED OUT AND SAID HOWARD WAS ” A SNAKE AND A LIAR” dont think ive seen so meny lies and stories going around,and right to each others face lol

  27. It serves Helen right. She should have used Aaryn and Jessie to break up Macranda when she had the chance! NOw her BFF is in meltdown mode and they both find themseleves on the block! I hate to see power wasted.
    I just don’t get why these stupid people can’t see how dangerous amanda is to everyone’s game. She would likely win against her boy toy macray in a final two because houseguest have to respect her game play.
    Finally, Aaryn has really done well in the comps but she can’t win the game because all the houseguest know that she’s nothing but a typical racist, bigoted Texas hick. She’s getting all the blood on her hands for $50K.

  28. how is getting out helen a big move its so damn predictable.. this whole season has been predictable

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