Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Friday Daytime Highlights


It was a another late night and late morning in the Big Brother 15 house, but we did get to catch a few glimpses of what’s going to go down with nominations today. Aaryn is planning to put up Helen and Elissa but the target won’t be clear to either of the targets.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 16, 2013

8:40 AM BBT – Wake-up time. houseguests start stirring.

9:12 AM BBT – All HGs are back in bed.

9:20 AM BBT – Helen up to start her morning run. She does so inside because they’re still on lockdown.

11:25 AM BBT – Aaryn practicing her nomination speech to Amanda. She is definitely nominating Helen and Elissa.

11:30 AM BBT – Amanda says she doesn’t think Big Brother will bring back a houseguest because its too late in the game.

12:00 PM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn her first alliance with Kaitlin, etc. was the worst alliance ever.

12:08 PM BBT – Elissa goes to the HOH room to talk to Aaryn about what she said yesterday. Elissa said she didn’t want to sit next to Aaryn and GinaMarie on the live show. Elissa says she was just nervous and didn’t mean anything by it.

12:15 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Elissa that Spencer is the target this week but the plan is to backdoor him.

1:00 PM BBT – Amanda told Helen not to be surprised if Aaryn nominates her along with Elissa so Helen can’t save her with the veto.

1:18 PM BBT – Helen asks Andy to leave so she can talk to Aaryn alone. Helen tells her she knows she’s going to put up Elissa and that she promises to not use the veto on Elissa if she wins. Helen really doesn’t want to go up. Helen thinks Spencer is and should be the target this week.

1:33 PM BBT – But later, Helen learns Spencer isn’t the target. Aaryn tells Helen if she and Elissa are up and Aaryn wins veto she might keep nominations the same. So now Helen thinks Elissa is the target, but the target is really Helen. Aaryn says she wants Helen to win veto so Elissa or Spencer can go home.

1:53 PM BBT – Aaryn gets called to the Diary Room and then feeds cut to trivia. Likely for the Have-Not competition.


So right now, Helen is the target, but if she wins veto, then the rest of the HGs are just as happy to send Elissa to jury. And if something crazy happens, then Spencer will go. But that isn’t likely to happen.

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    • Do you really consider this action though? I mean, Helen and Elissa are on the bottom of the totem pole and Amanda wants them out. So what happens…. Aaryn wins and puts up Helen and Elissa. There is no action there.
      It is going to be unanimous votes from here until the end. Name two powers in the house?? There are not two or three powers. There is one and the rest of the house guests do what ever She says.
      Helen and Elissa even helped Amanda get to this point. Such a STUPID season and such the worst game playing houseguests EVER!

      • It is Helen’s fault for being the dummy she is! Who moves to evict her own allies like Candice and Jessie? If Helen did not evict them and went after Amanda instead, she would be the one in power and Amanda would be at the bottom of the totem pole! Helen and Judd did not even half try evicting Amanda twice—they just passed on it!

      • I agree. Let’s not pin her as the only dummy. Move could have been made, just split the votes. But, no…we get yeah whatever the house wants and I do not want blood on my has. BS play.

      • Hopefully, Helen does not win POV so that, she remains on the block! That would be sweet justice for Helen!

      • Helen is hardly at the bottom of the totem pole. Everybody in the house wants her evicted except Elissa.
        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Helen wanted Amanda to stay in the house because she’s a much bigger target which allows Helen to do her undercover work. That’s the main reason she’ll stir up trouble just so it gives the hg’s something else to talk about instead of her! rofl

    • Actually Aaryn nomming Helen and Elissa is COMPLETELY personal. She detests Elissa and Elissa has made it quite clear that Aaryn is at the top of her sh*t list. And Helen forced her to basically hand over her HOH to her or face eviction. I’d say that’s pretty personal and hardly strategic.

    • Aaryn putting Elissa on the block is totally personal. Listen to her talk smack about her to GM or anyone one else. Aaryn putting up Helen is also personal. Flash back to the rice comment Aaryn made to Helen, and continues to dislike her. If the was actual game play, you put Amanda and McCrae up period. Rule number one in the House is to break up the showmance. Showmances do not get a pass.

      • I agree. BUt what cracks me up is GinaMarie saying she never talks bad about people! LOL. When her and Aaryn get together its like someone dumped the catnip on the floor. They both get wound up talking nothing but garbage about the other women in the house.

        Elissa is a terrible player and should go home but I agree, with Aaryn its personal and the same can be said for Elissa’s grudge against Aaryn.

        But Aaryn has nothing to fear form Elissa. She stinks at competitions and will never be able to put Aaryn on the block.

  1. Bye Helen! I hope Elissa isn’t evicted because she’ll be sent right back into the game. I really hope Judd comes back.

  2. Since it’s a competition between 4 evicted HG I think Judd has a chance to win. Of course sometimes BB sets the comp to favor one or more HG. Candice, Judd, Jessie are pretty even matched in physical comps. If Helen is evicted and it’s a quiz between them then I would say they are favoring Helen as she does pretty good on the quizzes. Hard to say who will win. I am pulling for Judd, but it won’t do any of the 4 any good unless they get to compete in the HOH and win because they will be voted right back out.

    • I fear Judd falling back into being McCrandass soldier. My hope is Spencer says hey, lets get the spilt up and gone. Amanda-zilla is the reason why you are gone. Aaryn, could snuggle him into being her pet, and McCrandass yet again is protected. Plus, Andy and McCrae turning on the water works, come on. They are both insecure game players, and knew they do not compare to Judd.

      • The only way to get rid of Amanda’s mind control of everyone is to evict her! That is a tough job for Judd or Helen if either of them get back into the Big Brother House. They both do not have the cojones to go after Amanda. They had two chances remember? And yet, they passed on it, not even trying hard enough!
        Jessie tried to get Amanda out but, Helen stabbed her in the back as her reward! ananyone goesh

      • Um, Judd passed it up, he was a necessary vote. Jessie tried to turn him. Jessie reported the plan failed to Helen, and the plan was squashed.

      • During the veto during the week of the double eviction, Candice told Judd that the house thinks he’s MVP. He should have put that into consideration because the paranoia of who MVP is was at an all-time high with Helen and especially Amanda.

    • How are Judd Jessie and Candice on an even playing field. Candice can’t win anything (not even an argument!)

  3. I just want someone to play the stupid game instead of just giving the money to Amanda! I’d rather go out guns blazing than to lay down and die or surrender with a white flag! It’s almost like their goal was to get to jury and then let the diehards fight it out.

  4. Good. I hope Helen goes to the jury house. moron was given 2 chances to evict Amanda and 2 chances to evict Aaryn.

    Now the moron can enjoy her jury house.

    • After last night. Helen going packing would serve her right. Her political skills are no longer. I know believe she is dumb as a rock. I was watcher her talk and talk, I don’t know about you my ears were bleeding. Helen should have just shut up and drank her wine. Also, she has no game face, and is throwing her only ally in the house, to the wolves! Helen believing she in in some lame, alliance that makes Zero sense.

      • She had it going on for a while, but like a lot of people in powerful positions, she isolated herself with only her closest allies and didn’t take note of what they were doing when she wasn’t around…

    • Depends who wins HoH at the right time (between McCrae & Aaryn). That will determine which way the final 4 will shake down…

      • Aaryn might have exposed herself with her 4 HoHs now. With that record, anybody would be pretty stupid to want to take her further than F5. So, has you say, it will depend who win HoH for the next 3 evictions after this week.

  5. They had a chance to evict Aaryn and DrManda and did not do it so now they have to live with the consequences of their stupid “game play”. Just my opinion.

  6. Posted that earlier and reposting here. I found this on Youtube. There a new video called:
    Did Amanda Rape McCrae? #BB15
    It’ s a 10 minutes video, seems to be from last week, wednesday more than likely, because Amanda says she could be gone tomorrow.
    You can clearly hear McCrae say no many times throughtout the video, but still. The poster ask a very good question, what would the reaction be if the role were reversed, the girl saying no and the guy doing it anyway.
    Tell me what you think.

    • McCrea made the comment on the couch to Spenser and Andy. I was, excuse me after I barf, okay, the faux wedding he made the Amanda raping him comment. He also, was deflated when he tried to point out a reference in the bible regarding wives and honoring and obeying and she went off on him. She told him the bible doesn’t say that. You are wrong, tirade.

      • That relationship will last all but 5 minutes when they get out of the house. McCrae’s parent will slap her with a restraining order. I almost feel like saying LOL, but it’s not really funny.

      • I do hope McCrae’s parents put McCrae in psychological counseling he truly needs. He needs a 72 hour hold. I would get a restraining order ASAP. I do not want the sociopath Amanda showing up at my door. The police should check the properties that Amanda listed for dead bodies she is hiding.

      • lol. Oh my too funny. Don’t worry follks, I’m pretty sure that Amanda will drop McCrae like a sack of pizza dough once the next lawyer, business man, or doctor comes around… I want to watch the video, but my fear is I’ll become upset and start advocating for equal rights too much…

    • Oh, also that night Spencer was trying to create the “no mam” alliance, with McCrae and Andy. To no avail nothing came of it.

    • Her parents have to be humiliated. All of America is watching not to mention the actual camera people right up in the action.. Gross . I would be demanding to let me in or my daughter out lol…. How disgusting . I bet McRaes family cringes as well .

  7. Aaryn has been building her credentials, and has a good shot of winning this game. Unfortunately, we’re not the one deciding it. It’s the Jury. She already has good argument with the Jury . They’ll be crazy to take Aaryn to F2.

    • Actually, with Aaryn being a beast in competitions, she can take over this game and send Amanda and McCrae packing. But, will she? She has been very cautious so far not wanting to topple the apple cart but, it is in her interest to get rid of McCrae and Amanda. They have no intention of taking Aaryn to Final 2. McCrae said it to himself that when they reach Final 4, he will get rid of Aaryn and Andy! Aaryn is only useful because of her winning HOH and POV and taking out the other remaining threats. After they are all gone, she becomes expendable!

      • I already have stopped watching the feeds last night, but I will resume watching it when it’s F5. Right now, It’s still so predictable

      • I agree. Aaryn owes no game alliance to McCrandass. She should set fire to the 3a.m. BS and smoke them out. Andy would be running around the house for being a liar liar liar pants on fire. Also, she appears to have clarity of mind at times, about game moves. To think she would not reward Amanda to go on the block, because she did not do Amanda’s bidding of throwing the challenge is incredulous.

      • I think she’s still in the mindset of ”these people saved me” (which Amanda keeps reminding her about). Once she realizes that she no longer needs them, she’ll make a move. BUT will it be too late by that time? Time will tell. She’s actually the strongest player left in the game (competition wise), but she has to get past (or get onside with) Amanda who is the strongest protected player.

    • Amanda’s been floating since Day 1 so I think it’s time for her to go actually. Elissa has at least won something.

      • Thank you very much :) plus, Elissa made a real game move, but choosing who she wanted on the block, upon winning the second MVP, not what the house dictated.

      • Exactly! I’m tired of people hating on Elissa for literally nothing. She hasn’t floated whatsoever. She also took the target off of herself when she was on the block multiple times and she won a veto when she most needed it. She’s just been laying low the past few weeks.

      • Ok can I take a 3rd path that is neither hating Elissa, nor liking her? It seemed to me that in the first few weeks (and a couple times recently) Elissa would really rub people the wrong way with her tone and her choice of words. Not a crime I know, and definitely not in the same realm as the racist, sexist, elitist comments. But she has been pretty hurtful, or rude, or condescending at times… On the plus side, she has been fairly quiet, meek, and consistently ”nice” to most people the past few weeks. It’s just that every now and then the house guests (and we the audience) see Elissa ”The Self-Proclaimed Math Genius” or they see ”Elissa the girl who turns her back and doesn’t sit with you.” …so I guess the question is who is the real Elissa underneath it all? I’m sadly inclined to assume that like most people in the house this year, she’s not somebody I like when she feels secure, and she’s somebody who could be likeable when she’s trying to go unnoticed.

      • Okay, fair play. I agree with most of your points but I feel like Elissa’s tone of voice is the cause of all this. Elissa is very sarcastic and loves to banter back and forth. Sometimes, I think she’s being totally serious but it turns out she’s joking or being sarcastic. The way she talks and carries herself makes people think she’s being rude but most of the time it’s not that. I mean, she’s not really maliciously said anything to hurt someone. It’s usually just been her opinion. I agree some of the things could have been left unsaid but she’s not really been like anyone else in the house so I have a much higher respect of her.

      • Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, I think compared to the others she’s almost saint like (just rude and hard to get along with). ;)

      • I like elissa more than anyone else in the house. And it was pretty obvious she was kidding about being a math wizard, didn’t you notice she laughed & rolled her eyes after she said it? Helen has backstabbed all her so called friends, I’d like to see her & amanda both gone!

      • Yes! You understand me ahaha! At lot of what she says is a joke. Helens got rid of all her allies and Amanda is just a bully, bleh!

      • I have no bone to pick with Elissa. She is clearly an odd person, as Andy wrote in his blog. But forget the competitions. She simply has no idea or desire to play the game. She can hate Aaryn and GM or she can hate everyone in the house. But she needs to make nice to them while in the house. Amanda can;t win anything either and she is running the house for weeks! The fact that Elissa would not hang out with these people outside the house is irrelevant. And, btw, that’s something she should have kept to herself from the beginning of the game until the game is over. When she says that to Amanda and Helen she can expect the blowback she gets.

        She also messed up by making it so obvious she has money at home. There is no doubt that McCrae and GM resent the fact that she is wealthy, or so they think. When she makes comments about her husband’s wedding band with 23 diamonds, etc. she is basically telling the rest of the house to evict her!

        I would like to root for Elissa, but she makes it so dang hard for me to do so. She just sucks at this game and there is no getting around that.

      • Can we Concentrate on getting out at least One annoying magistrate for a change. Helen is at risk, and everyone is balking for someone else. The final 4 will get out the Grinch What Stole Christmas in due time, but Pu’leeze people, if only for me, let’s direct our collective powers to booting this delusional clown from the house(just in the event I start watching the feeds or BBAD again)….Helen must GO! ….We can do this…many thanks:)

      • Look, I hate Amanda, but she’s playing a good social game. Actually, Amanda’s eclipsed Helen’s social game–which is the only reason Elissa is still there.

      • I actually don’t think Amanda has a good social game. She’s just good at bullying and threatening people. She’s been in numerous arguments and she’s showed her ugly personality while tormenting Candice. The house guests just seem to overlook it though.

      • Her social game is actually horrendous. A social game usually comes down to likability and she’s just not likable. She’s screwed up many a time. It’s just everyone else is doing the work and she’s sitting there.

      • In the end when you plead your case to the jury you rarely have any proof as to what you did. Actually, doing you’re own dirty work helps you win the game.

      • What have you been watching? Social and Amanda in the same sentence. Ahhh. You have got to be joking.

      • Well I don’t think Amanda is the type of person most of us would want in our lives for sure. However, I will say that she was smart enough to jump into bed with McCrae the moment he dominated the first week of challenges (and put himself into the first seemingly strong alliance). So if a person defines a good social game by abiilty to manipulate others (by force, or sex, or suggesting) then yes she’s got a great social game. But if a great social game requires a person to be likeable, then my God no, this woman is truly delusional if she thinks anyone other than Andy & McCrae enjoy her company. ;)

      • common misconception: people that dont win comps are not always floaters. Amanda is not a floater, she actually is the one making the majority of the calls…

      • I understand what a floater is. Amanda is definitely a floater game-wise. On the other hand, she does control the house but if she was in a F2 the jury wouldn’t award her with the win because she hasn’t won anything so yeah, floater.

      • no. she has a defined side and has for a long time. floater is someone that floats to power. So what she hasnt won anything? shes still pulling the majority of the strings in the house; how can you be a floater if you’re constantly in the middle of game decisions?

      • Elissa was a strong part of the game decisions in the beginning of the game so she is sure as hell not a floater. If you look at the jury it’s almost positive that even if Amanda was in the F2 they wouldn’t vote her to won (unless it’s fixed) because so far all they know that she has done is whine, complain and bully.

      • Elissa was given a power she didnt deserve and was told by helen and amanda what to do with. if she didnt have mvp advantage, she wouldnt have done anything.

  8. Helen literally believes that big moves have happened so far in the game but boy is she far off. Getting Judd out was not a big move whatsoever, he hadn’t won anything and he had no control over anyone. The biggest move would have been to get out Amanda but she passed on two opportunities plus she made that deal with Aaryn and kept her and now she may be sent packing because of that stupid decision. I’ll be glad when Helen’s gone, her gameplay has been terrible.

    • Helen did say to Julie….watch for big moves still to come! Who would have thought that in saying that, the next big move is to blindside Helen herself? LOL

    • And some people enjoy being bullied believe it or not!
      These house guest prove that! The only way someone is able to bully you is if you allow them to!

  9. Seriously, these have to be biggest idiots I have ever seen in the BB house! The only one to see the BS is actually Elissa. I have never seen the wool pulled so far over house guest’s eyes that they don’t even see their own eviction coming!!!

    • That would be Helen, the sweetheart. She was so busy taking out her allies one by one, she did not even notice she was the next one in line! LOL

      • True. She is SO gonna regret that she did not give a second thought to either Candice or Jesse!!! It’s going to come back and bite her in the ASS!!!

  10. Does anybody know anything about Elissa having a deal with Amanda? It supposedly happened in the last couple of days when the 2 of them shared info.

    • I believe it’s just Amanda reassuring both Helen & Elissa that each other needs to go on the block to ensure a veto wont be used. (Least that’s what I took out of it all). Oh Amanda you evil elitist.

      • It’s funny how Helen is falling for the very same thing that Helen does – being nice, reassuring the person they are ”in tight” with you, then BLAMMO! Something tells me Helen is somewhat aware of what’s happening though.

      • Really?! Helen seems totally convinced. Just like she’s convinced McCrae is in n a F3 alliance with her and Andy and that he would actually help her get Amanda out.

      • I think everyone has a certain amount of doubt with the alliances they have. Look at Amanda – she’s in one of the strongest most protected positions in the house, but she’s paranoid non-stop! I think Helen is fooled in the sense that she’s banking too much on the trick she’s fallen for, but I don’t think she’s 100% convinced. It will be funny when she comes to realize just how rediculous she looks by believing in that alliance by any amount! ;)

      • So who do you want to win Veto?! I’d prefer Elissa just because Helen needs to go and I think maybe if Helen’s gone Elissa will fight for herself in the game.

  11. Andy should be renamed “Little Running Tattletail” of the silly little bit@h tribe! LOL hate em all!

  12. If Aaryn wants to win this game, she should put H & E on the block (keeps her in with 3AM), should one of them win veto and pulls themselves off, she can get S & GM to vote her way and then put up Mccrae, and send him out the door because Amanda’s game or more so her ”control” goes out the door with him, as he is playing for her and him, she on the other hand is only playing for her. If he comes back she then can blame it on Andy, telling them that she made a deal with him, that he wouldn’t put her up, if she would put up Mccrae if she won HOH, now that would be a move!

  13. When Helen watch this season back she is going to feel like the worst BB ever if she would have kept Howard,Candice and Jessie she would have had the power and most likely won this game but she got rid of all her allies listening to Amanda Amanda must be a witch because she had mind control over everyone worst cast ever!!!!!!

    • totally agree worse big brother season ever even worse than the first when we voted to send someone home.

  14. What we need is now is Pandora’s box. Maybe a nice tempting reward and something that messes with the nominations. Something that would force a nomination change or an extra veto. What about the robot, I think his name is Zingbot.

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