Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Friday Night Highlights

Big Brother 15 - August 16, 2013

It was a busy Friday night in the Big Brother 15 house as the HGs had a very long and messy Have-Not competition that left half of them with some really nasty food with cheese & habaneros as their only options outside Slop. After that it was on to nominations and then plotting and planning for the upcoming Veto comp.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 16, 2013

5:50 PM BBT – The Feeds return from a very long Have-Not competition. Amanda, Elissa, GM, & Helen are HN’s this week.

6:15 PM BBT – Aaryn and Amanda discuss the upcoming nominations. Aaryn is preparing her speech. She lets Amanda know that Helen expects to go up.

6:30 PM BBT – Helen grabs McCrae and tells her what he already knows: Helen & Elissa are going up with Spencer as the renom. A few mins later she tells Amanda the same thing.

7:45 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Nomination Ceremony. Helen & Elissa are on the block. Helen doesn’t know it, but she’s the target.

8:05 PM BBT – Amanda is planning to feed Elissa just enough info to make them seem connected. This is anticipation of Helen going and Elissa having no one next week. Then if Elissa wins HoH Amanda can control her nominations.

8:15 PM BBT – Andy says he can’t win the Veto because Helen expects him to save her with it.

9:40 PM BBT – Amanda and Elissa talking about the nominations. Elissa feels Helen is blaming her for being on the block. Amanda pretending to be a sympathetic listener.

10:30 PM BBT – McCranda fooling around, but Amanda is more in to it than McCrae.

11:15 PM BBT – Helen and Amanda are discussing past HGs and who did what. Aaryn is critical of Jessie and downplays her role in previous evictions.

12:10 AM BBT – Helen and Elissa planning for Saturday’s Veto competition. Helen thinks if one of them can get off the block then they campaign to get Spencer evicted. Not likely.

1:35 AM BBT – Amanda complaining about Elissa using a regular blanket since she couldn’t find the HN blanket. McCrae finds the HN blankets. Amanda wants Elissa to swap it out.

1:50 AM BBT – HGs speculate Judd and Jessie are making good use of there being no cameras in the Jury house.

2:30 AM BBT – Amanda points out that despite having won HoH 4 times, Aaryn has not received a letter from either of her parents. GM says they didn’t sign a release.

2:45 AM BBT – Aaryn says Helen still has no idea she’s the target.

2:55 AM BBT – Aaryn suggests America was doing the MVP noms. Amanda says that wasn’t the case.

3:05 AM BBT – Amanda gets upset when Aaryn makes a joke about McCrae staying in the HoH room with her tonight. Amanda reminds her what happened to the last girl that tried to hit on McCrae.

3:20 AM BBT – McCrae jokes he’s going to try and get Elissa to DOR before she gets evicted.

3:25 AM BBT – Andy doesn’t want to be picked for Veto so he doesn’t have to be in the position of Helen expecting him to save her.

4:20 AM BBT – HGs are asleep and resting up for the Veto comp.

Helen doesn’t know how bad things look for her. She’s got one shot at survival with the Veto and even then she’ll lose her last real ally in Elissa. Saturday’s going to be a high-stakes day in the house. Stick close by to get all the updates.

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    • I voted for the head cheese because I don’t like these people, it would be funny if they knew this.

  1. This week would be interesting atleast, with the Helen nomination! Hopefully, Helen does not win POV so that, she ends up going to the jury house! If Jessie has exposed Helen’s lies, it would be interesting what Candice and Judd would be saying to Helen! What would be better is if Jessie wins the competition to go back inside the Big Brother House. Then, Helen and Judd could keep each other company in the Big Brother House!
    Judd: I knew it, we should have voted Amanda out!
    Helen: You turned down the chance buddy. And you had two chances remember?
    Judd: What about you? You kept saying now is not the right time, the week after, now is not the right time!
    Helen: Well, I felt this week was the time to evict Amanda but, got evicted instead!
    Judd: Well, I am ready to evict Amanda as soon as I get back inside the house!
    Helen: No, you won’t because I am the one going back in!
    Jessie: Shut up you two wimps! You cannot get the job done then, and you certainly cannot do it now. I will go back in and do what you two cannot do on your best day!
    Candice: Helen and Judd, you made your beds, now go sleep on it! If you kept me and Jessie, we all would still be inside the house!
    Judd: Urm… I don’t really know why Jessie and Elissa evicted me!
    Jessie: Judd….you still do not know Aaryn put you on the block and your alliance voted you out? You are just double
    dumb! That is what the two DDs in your name stand for “double dumb”.
    Helen: Well, it was not the right time and until the right time comes, I cannot evict Amanda.
    Candice: Helen, and when is the right time to evict Amanda, when she is cashing that $500,000 check?

    • That would be fine if they were allowed to see & talk to each other….. but they will be kept apart till Thursday.

      • I think they are all inside the jury house but, without maybe, a tv to see what is happening inside the Big Brother House. So, more than likely, they have every opportunity to talk to each other and maybe, compare notes. Only one person is coming back inside the house.
        And even with the additional info, these guys sure need it! When that person comes back, he or she will immediately be targeted by Amanda’s 3AM alliance and could end up evicted that very week! So, it is not like they are getting a huge advantage talking to each other and the other 3 will still stay in the jury house!

      • They are all being sequestered separately. Just like when Brendon came back and America voted for him to compete against Lamar they were all sequestered separately. They cannot talk to each other.

      • In that case, it is only Jessie who knows pretty much the alliances and biggest threats in the game and stands the best chance of wrecking havoc on the Big Brother House. Helen has shown herself as not too smart and the same can be said for Judd. Candice is just horrible in reading alliances let alone who is on her side! Go Jessie and win that competition!

      • It would be awesome if the person who comes back in wins the HOH, puts up one of the remaining idiots and makes it all the way to the end!!!

  2. I still don’t have a clear favorite for this season…only those who I absolutely cannot stand. It’s so frustrating to see that it looks like one of them may win. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

    • It may be a poor consolation but, those who made pretty bad decisions and kept the bad ones inside the house have been evicted or about to be evicted! I am rooting for Helen not to win POV tonight so that, she is sent packing! The look on Helen’s face would be priceless! Yeah, I have to agree that at this point, it looks like Amanda or Aaryn will win that $500,000 whether one likes it or not! Unless those remaining house guests form a new alliance and take Aaryn and Amanda out! Not very likely to happen. Probably a 1% chance of that ever happening!

      • I agree to a point, but just like Helen only has Elissa now, Amanda only has McCrae. I think Aaryn is going to figure out she needs to get rid of McCrae or Amanda at some point.

      • Aaryn is a beast in competitions and both McCrae and Amanda know that! She is only useful to them as long as she evicts the remaining house guests. The challenge for Aaryn is does she have the cojones to put on the block McCrae and Amanda? If she does, she will win this thing! If she is like Helen waiting for the week then, the week after that for the right time—-Amanda will evict her when she is not HOH! It becomes a question of who takes out whom first! After all when either Aaryn or Amanda go, there is no more 2nd chances to get back into the game! So, who is the guts to go for it! Aaryn has the edge if she takes it while, the chance is there—-if not, too bad for her!

      • Get rid of McCrae and Amanda has NO ONE. Get rid of Amanda and McCrae has EVERYONE. Am I the only one to think this?

      • No, you are right. The right move is to get rid of McCrae. Then the house needs to get rid of Aaryn. After that the competitions will be more even, I think.

  3. I am quite disappointed in the BB season. The houseguests are such sheep! I can’t see any one of them as a favorite at this point. Maybe Judd, but even he disappointed … ah well, maybe next season there will be some independently minded and intelligent house guests. Pretty boring this season — lots of “drama” and self-centered complaining, but little strategy by anyone other than Cruella Amanda. If McRae would get it together and dump her, he’d have a good shot.

      • Good Lord people. McCrae is going all the way unless someone gets smart. FORGET ABOUT AMANDA…Get McCrae. Everyone seems to be thinking just about this week…..Fast forward to finals…he can win comps, has no blood on him, no enemies, etc., etc., etc. How can he lose?

      • If Amanda evicts him and takes someone else like Spencer or Elissa? After all, you want someone who has not played the game at all and who is better than Spencer or Elissa? Spencer probably is the better choice because of his disgusting comments which make it very likely he will not get one vote!

  4. I have a dumb question.. I am a BB fan for last couple of years but not so much in the beginning of BB. Can someone give me some insight as to how a juror coming back in might work? I thought earlier in this season a group of these HG stated that if anyone was threw back in the game, all of them would ban together to get that HG back out. If they do not give the HG coming back in some kind of power then I don’t see that being much of a twist. We don’t have 2 powerful alliances in the house. We have one group of followers following MCranda. I don;t see anyone in the house willing to work with Jessie or Candice. Judd is a possibility but I also don’t think anyone will work with Helen or Elissa(whichever one is evicted) Judd imo is the only one with a shot and that is if they find out that he was not MVP. I can see Aaryn, GM and Spencer maybe working with Judd. That leaves Amanda, McCrae and Andy but if the HG are scared to make any type move now. I don’t see that changing. I’m just trying to figure out how it could be a game changer and I don’t see that with this group of HG. I’m looking for something to spice this season up I guess, I just don’t see it happening with this group of idiots. I am still hopeful tho….

    • You are right. The one coming back in would be at a huge disadvantage. I recall one season of Big Brother where they gave a house guest a diamond POV which allowed that person to nullify a nomination by the HOH and put in his own nomination. Unless, they give the person coming back a diamond POV, his or her only chance is to win HOH or POV. Otherwise, he or she would have a very shot lived stay in the Big Brother House! It is quite possible, the returning house guest could get evicted that very week he or she came in!

      • If a juror comes back they can compete in the HOH competition. If they win then it changes everything, as every single hg will be running scared. its endurance which means whoever returns to the game is going to fight like hell to stay and win HOH to shake the game to its core.

    • All it takes is one person like Spencer, GM or the returning house guest to win HOH when Aaryn’s HOH is over. Then that person can put Amanda and McCrae up on the block. I think if Spencer wins HOH, we will all get what we have been waiting for. Spencer seems to be the only one who realizes what position he is in.

  5. i sure hope jesse or even candice is the one to come back because they will go after amanda

    • Whoever comes back has to win comps to stay in the game and find out who truly has their back. If Judd came back he would go to Spencer first ( I THINK) to try and get the truth. Candice/Jessee not sure but If Elissa was still there she would be their choice. But Candice & Jessee gotta get over the personal crap and play the game. If Helen goes back in she will have to make amends with Elissa to have anybody at all on her side. I don’t see Elissa getting voted out unless Helen wins the veto so I won’t comment on her. It’s anybodys game/guess as to what might happen.

      • If Helen goes back in the house, I would bet my lunch she goes to Andy or Aaryn. Yes, she is that dumb.

      • Nope. She’ll know they set her up. She’ll stick close to Elissa and try to use GM, but Aaryn, Andy McCrae and Amanda would indeed be on her radar so their alliance would be blow.

      • Even when Helen finds out she got played. It is still going to be tough for her, unless she wins the HOH coming back. 3AM has the numbers right now, and Aaryn probably can still somewhat control GM vote

  6. I thought being in the house was supposed to be fully isolated… on the BBAD, it’s obvious that they have access to twitter… what’ s up with that? Quote from GinaMarie, “Well Helen said there was going to be power moves this week, thanks twitter questioner”. Might as well let them watch TV while there at it.

    • I think that was the question that Julie ask Helen during the live show. It was a twitter question but Julie read the question about there being no big moves yet and Helen said they were coming(the big moves). GM was probably mocking Helen since their big move is moving Helen out.

    • HGs do not have access to any outside information other than what Julie tells them during the live shows. During Thursday’s show Julie posed a question to them from a Twitter follower of the show. That’s what they are discussing.

  7. Why is it with these people that evicting someone is not enough. They have to blindside them and rub it in too? Then McCrae wants to force Elissa to self-evict? The meanness runs deep in this house – which is why I don’t want any of them to win.

    • The reason McCrae would rather see Elissa self evict. Is really comes from greed stand point. He think she is going to automatically win America’s favorite player’s cash prize because of Rachel. Self Evicting would prevent that.

      • Valid point although McCrae is way off I think. Based on what I read here and the MVP nominations I don’t think Elissa will win America’s favorite player. I hope it goes to Jessie because that would send a message to the other idiots about what America thinks of them.

      • I think they want her to self evict…so in the case of a tie…America would vote the winner. Amanda WRONGLY believes America loves her. McCrae on the other hand, would probably get America’s vote, if needed. GET HIM OUT!! Aaryn is the ONLY ONE I’ve heard mention what a threat he is of winning.

      • I think the viewing public votes for America’s Favorite Player and the cash reward that goes with it! Hopefully, Jessie wins it because she atleast, tried to upset the apple cart and played the best of a very bad hand!

      • I actually think Howard would win America’s Favorite Player. He had a lovely edit and well, he was a lovely guy. Tons of people respected him over anyone else.

  8. whomever comes back they definaetly need the diamond power of veto to keep them safe for at least wo weeks…..

    • That would be great but he/she would have to use it to save himself/herself, the first week they are back in the house. So let’s say its Candice who comes back. They would put her on the block immediately most likely with Spencer. She would use the Diamond power to save herself the first week so Spencer and GM would be on the block with Spencer going home. Candice would just go up the following week and get evicted again.

      The problme is, they got rid of all of the people who could win competitions early in the game so now only Aaryn is any good at them with McCrae and Andy behind her. No matter what Amanda thinks, it is Aaryn who is going to control the house from here on out.

      • That’s not how the diamond power of veto works. It allows its holder to change the HOH nominations meaning anyone, except for the HOH can be put on the block. That would indeed be a game changer so let’s hope it happens.

  9. What time is POV comp today. I am very anxiously to see who wins….hoping Elissa..this would seal Helen’s back stabbing departure……I want to see her REAL tears!!!!!!

    • Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to see Amanda comforting Helen as she cries after losing POV. Don’t worry, you will be safe I promise you! Nothing to worry about! Amanda, of course is smiling her devious smile if you catch my drift while, they embrace!

      Of course, the best part is when Helen gets evicted and the look of shock on her face would be priceless!

  10. If I’m not mistaken, in the past when a HG was allowed to return they was given a “free” week. I’m rooting for Candice or Jessie. I’m hoping some of the other HG will wake up and see Amanda and Helen (hopefully she will be eliminated) is running the house. As much as I like Judd, I can’t feel sorry for because he should’ve got on board to breaking that group up. Plus I think if he went back in he would let them fool him again. Somebody (Candice or Jessie) would put Amanda & Aaryn up against each other. McCrae & Andy can’t/don’t think for themselves. As much as I love BB this has definitely been one of the worst seasons to me. JMO

    • I dont ever remember Returing players get a free week. They usually return right before they hold the HOH competition. Most of times the returning Player has won the HOH competition . The same week they returned.

      • Ummmm I’m not sure…either way I hope BB gives the returning player a littlt help because common sense tells us all they will be back out the house immediately…

  11. Ginamarie recently said that she doesn’t date anyone outside of her species. She’s so racist, much more than Aaryn so I don’t know why CBS refuses to show it. GM’ has said the worst out of everyone.

    • I am not convinced Aaryn isn’t just as bad as GM. I think GM is just not smart enough to filter her comments like Aaryn does. I think Aaryn is very conscious of what America is seeing now and she is biting her tongue before she blurts anymore racist remarks out. She has even said as much at time with comments she has made in the last few weeks.

      But Aaryn has never admitted that the comments she did make were at all racist.

      You can see Aaryn is starting to revert back to the old Aaryn slowly with each HOH she wins.

      • I am totally convinced GM is worse than Aaryn. The fact that Aaryn is filtering what she says and is conscious about it proves exactly that. She knows that she needs to watch what she says which speaks volumes that she knows the things that she’s said were bad. GM on the other hand, doesn’t filter her mouth which means she doesn’t think what she says or has said is bad.

      • Too late the damage is already done. They’ll be in for a shock when they get out of that house and the media will paint them so bad it’ll be the karma they deserve.

      • Of course, they deserve the karma they’ll be getting once out of the house. I’m not defending Aaryn. I’m just saying that GM is getting such a good edit on the show.

    • She probably has had a problem finding anybody else in her “SPECIES” Whatever that might be

      • Well, maybe her species is extinct like the Do Do Bird. So, pretty hard to find another one! Of course, they can clone her. Oh, the horror! That would be a huge waste of scientific marvel
        of cloning! They may ban cloning altogether if that happens!

    • Aaryn is as bad if not worse than GM. Some of Aaryn friend outside the house have said publicly, that she was worry how she would feel about been in the house with minorities ( to stay polite). She is just better about holding her tongue than GM. Remember the bed flipping incident, that’s the true Aaryn. In the heat of the moment, she just didn’t tought of holding back.

      • Thank you, Captain. The things she said and did were just a month ago, not ten years ago. Some people have very short memories.

      • Excuse me? I don’t have a “short memory”. I know what she’s said and I don’t condone any of it. People seem to only care about what Aaryn’s said yet GM says things every single day and no one cares to say anything.

      • I was watching BBAD from last night earlier today. GM and Aaryn are in the HoH and talking. Listen to that. GM is saying that now that they know about 11 in jury, she wish they would have voted Cancide out first before Howard because, hold your breath, she said Howard would have voted for her if her and Aaryn made it to F2. Priceless.

      • Hilarious. They’re so delusional and the fact that Helen keeps telling GM that she’s going to win America’s Favorite Player is laughable! I hope Howard wins it.

      • I would love that too, but I think that if she make it to F6, Elissa will win. Thanks to Rachel followers.

      • Bleh, I love Elissa but she definitely does not deserve America’s Favorite Player at all.

      • Yet GM says things everyday and you’re basically defending her over Aaryn?! I’m just pointing out that Aaryn hasn’t said much for the past few weeks and GM says thing every single day yet CBS doesn’t care to show it. Aaryn’s racist and once a racist, awlays a racist but GM is getting a great edit when she’s just as bad.

    • I think both of them are bad. Aaryn might have been warned by her sister in her letter to her. Aaryn is probably acting nice considering she is now in a very good position to win that $500,000. Give me that $500,000 and I will put up a good acting job myself!

      • I’m not defending Aaryn whatsoever. She is bad and the things she’s said were disgusting. I’m just pointing out GM to everyone. Everyone loves to hate Aaryn but GM has said things yet no one seems to care.

      • They are both bad and if I had the power, I would evict them both right now.
        Actually, why stop there. If I did have the power, I will clean the house and send Amanda, Spencer, Aaryn and Gina Marie all out of the house. That would leave just the returning house guest with Elissa, McCrae and Andy. Atleast, with those 4 it would not be as bad! Oh, well, we can dream can’t we!

  12. Got an idea. This probably has a 5% chance of ever happening but, what if Spencer, Gina Marie and Elissa (assuming Helen gets evicted this week) talks together and form their own alliance? That would be 3 versus 3 (McCrae, Amanda, Andy) for the next HOH! One of Spencer, Gina Marie and Elissa win HOH. Jessie comes back into the game and is asked by the new alliance to join them! That makes 4 votes now. They put up Amanda and Aaryn with Andy as the renom!
    How awesome would that be?

    • That would be pretty awesome but I don;t see Jessie winning the competition. I can only envision Judd or Helen, assuming she is evicted, winning. If its Judd, who knows what he will do. He was always a little odd and never seemed to commit to anything.

      The one thing we cannot be sure of is if the evicted house guests are together or apart right now. Has Jessie filled Judd in on everything? Does he know Aaryn and Amanda did him in as much as Helen? Or is he still blaming only Helen and Elissa?

      Hopefully if he comes back Judd will be smart enough to know he must form an alliance against Amanda and Aaryn if he wants to stay in the house more than a week.

      • My understanding is that all the houseguest are sequested in different houses. This was in anticipation of one of them coming back and not sharing any info that they have.

      • If that is the case, Judd is still clueless and still believes Jessie and Elissa evicted him! It would be a huge waste for him to get back into the house! Helen does not really know who she is in an alliance with so, she is also useless. Jessie atleast, knows who the big threats are and the alliances! I hope somehow Jessie wins that competition whatever it is! She can do the best damage to the Big Brother House if she comes in again! Jessie destroyed Helen’s game and can also destroy Amanda’s game if given a chance!

      • But didn’t Julie say something to Jessie about seeing Judd and Candice in the jury house? The only place I have read that they are separated is here and I thought that was mostly fan speculation. Does anyone know for sure?

      • Julie could have said that to Jessie just she didn’t know she was allowed a chance back in the game. Nobody knows if for sure they are sequestered or together. I would assume they are sequestered seperately.

      • Judd won’t make any moves. Candice, Jessie or Helen will. I hate to say this, but if Helen gets evicted and comes back it will be one helluva week, especially with the endurance comp she would rally herself and elissa to fight for it. And considering its endurance elissa has a shot of winning it. Looks on Amanda, Aaryn, McCrae and Andy’s face when Helen comes back will be priceless. She will know who her true allies are and that’s only Elissa.

    • I will say this….in the last 2 weeks I have noticed that Aaryn is not sharing all the info of the conversations that she has been having. She has been storing up quite a bit of knowledge and not repeating it to anybody. Amanda might thnk she has Aaryn under her thumb but I ain’t too sure about that. Aaryn maybe racist crude and vulgar but she is not dumb. Just have to see where her thinking is headed.

      • I think you are right, but I also think Amanda has a plan for Aaryn too, right after Helen goes home. Amanda can’t say anything this week because she needs Aaryn to make the moves she wants her to make. Once the veto conversation is over and Helen is evicted, I think Amanda will try to get the new HOH to put up Aaryn. Spencer will become the new final 4 member in the 3 am alliance.

      • That I know…LOL but its the plan that Aaryn may have for Amanda & McCrae that I wanna know about…lol

  13. Unless the evicted HG who comes back in on Thursday has an immediate power given to them, they will be evicted the very next week, (Brendon, season 13) unless they win HOH. So, to make it interesting and not to waste a twist..give them something right off the bat on Thursday night. Please, we beg you as BB viewers this year..we need some excitement!

  14. Dear CBS,
    Can you just give us the Power to evict one bleeping player?………Come on ! Make us happy, just one time.
    sincerely, Cyril

    • Give us back the MVP to put someone else on the block. I think by now the remaining houses guests will get the message.

      • I will settle for that Prince. In fact it’s the best time to have that in the game, and Hell !..let them them know this time,…rub it in !

  15. Hey big brother network,
    I’ve noticed you’ve been leaving out the racist and homophobic remarks the majority of the house has been making along with gina Marie’s unnatural obsession and slander fest of Candice.
    I understand that we as viewers and reader have been reminded constantly of the racism in this crop of houseguest- I do not believe that omitting statements made by these people will help the problem. Just because its not on the air does not mean these comments have stopped.
    Please bring back focus to this. Not to “bully” these houseguest but to remind us that the reality of bb15 is not a pretty one.

    • Honestly, because I bet he’s sick of it too. Plus, as you said, the houseguests are doing it all the time and there’s just no point in bringing it up again.

  16. If Helen doesn’t win Veto and she gets evicted I believe that if she won to come back into the house she would have the best chance of going after Amanda, Aaryn, McCrae, and Andy. It would be absolutely fantastic! Helen would have Elissa and she could rally Spencer and GM.

    Helen annoys me but she would actually make a big move if she were to come back and win HOH. Unlike, Judd who would just go to McCranda and Jessie who just sucks and Candice who just sleeps all day.

      • I already did go there… out of all the jury members she’s the only one capable of it.

      • I think Judd and Jessie are more likely to make a big move if one of them come back.

      • I’ll bet my money on the most angry HG, which is Jessie..Well, Judd too, and he might have some fresh strategy.

      • Judd would just go back to Amanda and McCrae. I don’t know about Jessie though but she’s only really been close at getting HOH once so I think she’d just get evicted.

  17. The only big moves being made in the house so far are the ones being made by the HG’s bowels.

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