‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

Houseguests have wrapped up the Veto Ceremony for this week on Big Brother 15.” You can sign-up for the live feeds now and watch the houseguests plot and plan for Thursday now that they have the final nominations.

Read on to find out the latest spoilers and discover who is on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Andy, decided not to use the Power of Veto. His decision comes as no surprise based on what we’ve been hearing from him for days now.

Andy wants to get through this week with as many HGs happy as possible and he believes this move accomplishes that goal.

The final nominations for BB15 Week 7 are Jessie and Spencer.

Do you think Andy made the right choice for the Veto? Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted next?

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    • His gameplay is not the most aggressive but he has the best social game, and be a deadly person to bring to the final two.

      Which….is not saying much…

    • Call him a wuss all you want, but if you were in his shoes (meaning close with literally everyone in the house) would YOU have shaken things up? Andy has NOBODY coming after him. Why stir things up when everybody trusts and wants to work with you?

      Is this move boring and predictable? Sure. But sometimes playing it safe is playing it smart. He’s got the two biggest alliances in the house (Ellisa/Helen & McCrea/Amanda) trusting him fully. Why turn your back on one and get blood on your hands when you can do it during someone else’s HOH reign?

      It’s easy to call him a wuss, but if you were in his spot, you would’ve done the same exact thing. I’m not even an Andy fan, I just know good game play.

      • well i hope he’s not that smart so something would’ve happened and someone strong will be going home. I feel bad for BB because Andy’s HOH will affect the boringness of the show!

      • Don’t feel sorry for BB. They’re the ones who did the casting. They’re the ones who turned BB into a glorified “Real World”.

      • They should’ve flipped the house last week on GM’s reign. They tried to get Helen to vote with them and the time wasn’t right, per her opinion. Now, a week later, Helen thinks it’s the week to do it after they are short one HG that wanted to stay. (Candance) I feel Helen’s days are short numbered!

      • If you’re a conservative player, you would do what Andy does. I would try to take McCrae out. I like big moves. …it’s just a difference in game play.

      • Look at the wild differences of opinion just here on this site. Now consider all the differences between the hgs. However, it should be a small snapshot of America, but it isn’t. It’s a snapshot of ‘Bigot Nation”. Great casting…NOT!

    • Maybe, but honestly it would be stupid for him to choose a side. Him not using it and gettin a person thats not with an alliance is his best move. because now Helen, Ellisa, will be fighting against McCrae and Amanda, while Andy can just watch it from the sidelines.

  1. After watching the show last night, I’ve determined that Helen needs to go. She’s super annoying.

    • The moment she likened Aaryn to Janelle I was wanted to throw something at my tv. I liked her in the beginning but I’m done with her now.

      • I use to like her too but she is much like Amanda, trying to run evrryones vote. I hate it when Helen says….. I’ll see what I can do, that pisses me off.She isn’t anyone. I think Helen goes with whatever the other one says. Such a floater.

  2. This season is filled with people who are followers and can’t do ANYTHING for themselves
    It’s like a bunch of people are in a race but they are all afraid to cross the yellow tape

  3. Does anyone in that house have the guts to back door Amanda or Mccrae?! These people are playing for Amanda and Mccrae to win! This has to be the worst big brother ever!

  4. With the pace and predictability of this season…we might as well watch the previous season and pretend it’s current.

  5. It would be nice to see someone make a big move! Would like to see Amanda and her boy toy go on the block!

  6. After Helen proposed to Andy about putting up Amanda or McCrae and he refused, she’s now on to him. She was testing him to see if he’s really with her or them. If she gets HOH next, Andy will be on the block quicker than you can say Buh Bye.

    • Highly unlikely. He might go up as a replacement nominee, but if Helen wins HOH she’ll put up McCrea and Amanda before him.

    • If Amanda wins the show is fixed? Do you think about what you post before you post it? If Amanda wins it’s because she is one of the only people playing. Not do to some “anon” posting simply testing the gullibility of posters to groups like this for the lulz.

      • I didn’t realize yelling at people to do things you’re incapable of doing yourself counts as “playing.”

        Under normal circumstances she should have been out two-three weeks ago.

  7. Now I’m hoping Helen wins HOH. She has been telling people for weeks to put Amanda. Want to see if she does it if she wins.

  8. Andy is toast, Helen will know now that he is working with someone else and she knows who it is.
    The Helen alliance was his safest alliance because Amanda will dump Andy as soon as he isn’t useful anymore.

  9. He should have did a big move and back door Helen they don’t get her and Amanda out soon those two will be the final two and I don’t want that. They both are running the house.

  10. Andy’s a chicken. Useless player can’t wait till they find out he’s playing both sides. Especially Helen

    • They KNOW it. He told Helen he’s just as loyal to her as he is to McCranda. McCranda know he’s also loyal to Helen.

  11. They should rename the show Big Boring!! I knew this week was going to be a waste. I haven’t watched feeds since Andy won. He’s so afraid to make any real moves. Seriously at this rate they should just go ahead and give Amanda the money and put us all out of our misery. Horrible season!!!!

  12. He made the right move for his game but not the best move for the show. People want to see a big move but I think we just got that with Judd. Andy wants to continue playing both sides hoping he can sneak under the radar to the final 3.

    • Boring is right. They got rid of all the actual game players. Either Helen or Amanda will be the winner in the end if someone doesn’t step up and take them out.

      • what game players are you referring to? David? his game was? Nick? inventor of the worst alliance ever? and so on,no one evicted had any game at all

      • Judd? what exactly was judd’s game? Refusing to go along with taking out power players? wasting his hoh, everyone goes on like Judd was Dan reborn but I never saw judd do anything

  13. Now I know who I’m rooting for. I’m rooting for Professor Andy to be on the block !………….that should teach him a lesson.

  14. Some of you needed to quit watching. Seems like you have forgotten how awful Dr Will was. He called the shots and now he is a legend. Helen is playing an amazing game and none of the house guests are on to her. She is running it all. Amanda is more obvious but still getting everyone in her side. I find it being because it is so predictable, but players are playing. Don’t read the feeds so much if you are bored.

    • Ah, but the difference is that Dr. Will was calculated and had charisma. He’d either lie or be 100% honest and the houseguests continued to keep him around. He could do no wrong when in fact that’s all he did. It was an amazing thing to watch. With Helen, the problem is that she rubs the viewers the wrong way. I originally really liked her, until she pulled that crap on Candice. I don’t know, there’s something in her approach that makes me dislike her game play. I started reading the feeds to see if it was just me…turns out it’s not.

      • Dr. Will lied, but he told everyone he would lie. He didn’t pretend to be an angel all the while acting like the devil, which is exactly the ugly game Helen is playing. She lies constantly about what other HGs have said. And then she tells them all she loves them. UGHly.

      • Lying is part of the game but, you do not need to turn the knife inside the person after you have backstabbed them! That is very sadistic and way overdone! That is the way Helen does it!

    • Dr. Will Kirby was smart, charming, cunning and knew how to play the Big Brother game which is why he was able to get away with a lot of the things. He is way better than anyone of these guys Helen included! Helen to her credit is playing the game, she has put her political experience to good use manipulating the other house guests. Where Helen fails is in the strategy part. Helen was lucky Amanda and McCrae did not move to get her evicted this week! If they did, she would be gone because they had all 4 votes to evict her!

    • I think Alysshas made a good come back because she had almost everyone wanting her outbut not anymore.

      • likely cause they realized, she can’t win anything and has no game what so ever

      • You are probably right. I don’t think she will make it to the end. I think Macrae will make it though simply because he don’t let the drama into his game

      • Helen is already suspicious of Andy’s loyalties. Said last night…she’ll get a much better feel for Andy when she sees what he does with POV. Well he did nothing. That should tell her all she needs to know.

  15. Why oh why don’t they see that even if t hey go along with the house and are safe maybe at the most a couple of times…when they do all the dirty work and the dirty work is done…it’s bye bye time …need to get rid of Amanda, Helen, McCrae, Aaron, Gina Marie…and hmmm who does that leave…so boring these players

  16. McCrea & Amanda, Helen & Elisa, Aaryn & Gina. The writing is on the wall. Andy you and Spence/Jessie are f***ed. Period. Too many power couples to compete against.

    • That was what I was saying too—-even if you make it to Final 3 with one of these power two somes, will they evict one of them to take Andy with them? Fat chance of that happening! It is just common sense. Andy will not get anything! Not the $50,000 2nd prize nor the $500,000 winners prize so, it is doubly dumb to settle for 3rd place and get nothing for all your troubles! If you break them up now, you have a chance at that 2nd slot and $50,000 atleast!

  17. Best case scenario as of how it looks like at this moment: Jessie gets evicted. If the reset button comes back, make someone push it, and get Candice, Judd and Jessie back in the game. If this doesn’t happen, well, might as well turn off the tv.

    • That is not going to change anything much. Judd did not want to evict Amanda and he had two chances to do it! He was blaming Elissa and Jessie who was on the block for his eviction! Dumb is written on his forehead.
      What we need is a Pandora’s Box twist where the nominees of Andy is pulled off the block and give both Jessie and Spencer a diamond POV to nominate one new house guest on the block—-their choice not Andy’s. That is the way to stir the house!

      • Richie…oh I really like that idea. EXCELLENT Jessie would put up Amanda. I don’t know what the hell Spencer would do.

      • That was so childish of Judd and worst, he was blaming the wrong people for his eviction! He ignores the fact that Aaryn put him up which caused his eviction and even hugged Aaryn and by the votes, 7-0 would have told him his whole alliance voted him out! Judd is plain dumb and lacks any class! Helen, Judd rightly blames but, Jessie and Elissa? Come on, how dumb is that?

    • Well see, if that happened Jenna……would still be stupid moves. Candice would go at GM for eviction (not a power player). Judd would go after Aaryn (for putting him up) and Elyssa (I don’t know why). And Jessie would go after Judd (again ????). I just don’t see that as good for any of them. LET US VOTE

  18. Timing is everything and these houseguests don’t have a good sense of that. It makes for a very boring season. Not enjoying this year near as much as other seasons.

  19. I’m so over this playing it safe crap, no one wants blood on their hands. I’m sick of watching these idiots on live feed. I feel cheated just for purchasing the live feed back. BB need to have two BB show this year. I’m sick of Mcranda, Helen, and the rest of the house running scared.

    • That’s exactly my point. I feel cheated w the feeds too. I wish i never paid for it. They need to make up for it next season.

  20. The only thing to look forward to is the others fighting to take each other out. They have to realize that at some point they all got to go!!

  21. Joe parks u are right Andy is a pussy and he scared of making a power play in the game if andy would have put up Amanda % Mcray he would have been a hero he said he got a final 4 deel with them i am pretty sure he got a final for deel with ever -body in the house who ever wins next week Hoh as long as not Aaron amamda or mmcray andy best watch his back ..

  22. I can’t stand Amanda, but she is so playing this game. She is constantly thinking things out soooo if she wins she’s at least worked hard for it…..

  23. I never thought I’d say this, but I find myself missing the days when Jeremy used Elissa’s hat as an ass wipe. And I REALLY wanted him gone, too!

  24. You know this is actually a weak move by him and not helping him to win BB. He had a chance to get out a big player and he chose not to. He has been a scardy hiding behind others the entire game! Okay he won HOH but it’s what you do with it.. Jessie or spencer are not big moves. He’ll say I didn’t make anyone mad ..well that is being a safe player the easiest way to play.

    • Some people say, you play a different strategy with different set of players. Well, that’s true but when you’re given an opportunity to take out a big player, you do it, before it’s too late…that’s just a given.

      • When you are out of the game, you will be still asking when it a good time? Seriously, they had no problems evicting Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and Judd of late and yet, Amanda and Helen seems to have either a truce not to target each other or worst a Final 2 deal? It is just strange that you have the 2 biggest threats in the Big Brother House and they both pass on the huge
        opportunities to take each other out? They are not even half trying to take each other out!

  25. Andy is a wussy…..I swear…is anybody gonna make any real moves in this game???? Amanda and Helen need to go or the rest of the house can kiss there game goodbye!!
    It isn’t rocket science!

  26. Definitely not edge of your seat tv. Must been hard to find interesting people these days.

  27. This season is so predictable, drives me crazy!!! what a bunch of idiots!! I can’t even watch BBAD anymore. I just want it to be over already!!

  28. Been watching the feeds for awhile now..The 3am guys were talking Aa/Am/ Mc/An. Aaryn was questioning their game play and it’s plain she don’t trust em…. Amanda said more than she should to Andy causing him to doubt the he is “with them” and we should see his putting a distance between them very soon…To little to late Andy U had ur chance to get Amanda out and u blew it…. Ha ha Karma is a bitch…

  29. Do these house guests not realize that if you’re in the finals the people in the jury look at the moves you’ve made. Sitting pretty the entire game does not warrant a win. Big game moves when you have the chance is how you win. No one has made a big game move so far…

    Andy should have just thrown the HOH if he didn’t want to get any blood on his hands. His HOH week has been pathetic.

  30. Amanda, Spencer and Andy were basically saying that people can say whatever they want but it’s people who are being “too sensitive”. Apparently, saying racist and misogynistic comments as well as homophobic slurs are perfectly fine if it’s in jest, it’s just because other people take it differently. I am appalled at these people.

    Plus, Amanda was talking to McCrae about her ex-boyfriend saying that she’s going to get threats from him and so are her family and McCrae said he sounds like a shithead but Amanda, the one who cheated on him on national television is a saint…

    Ugh, these people…

  31. What proves that this cast is the worst in history is, by looking at all the posts on this site, that we want ALL of these losers gone. We have totally lost patience with the lack of nerve of these “players”, the constant unanimous votes (I can’t believe not 1 person was moved by Judd’s plea) and the absolute immaturity that they display (Amanda crying about McCrea not letting her win). I wish there was an eviction every show and THEN hit the reset button and fit another season in before Survivor debuts.

    • Not just on this site, but if you go around, it’s the same complaint on every site on the net.

  32. At the rate we are going, there won’t be any major moves until Spencer, Gina Marie, Elissa and Andy are all gone! That is 4 more weeks of boring evictions on the horizon! Big Brother should just do a 5 person mass eviction now including Jesse who they want to vote out now! That way, McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn, Helen can play what is left of this sorry ass season and start targeting each other! If things continue the way they are now—-that is your Final 4! Week after week of wasted sorry ass game play! It is so sickening and the producers have not even tried to insert a Pandora’s Box to shake things up a tiny bit!

    • Pandora’s box should be so tempting that Andy opens it….he gets $$$$ America gets to vote out a houseguest!! That is the only way big moves will happen.

  33. Obviously Andy’s game play isn’t the most exciting to watch, but he’s smart to wait for Helen/Ellissa and McCrae/Amanda to go after each other instead of throwing the first stone himself. I’m not a big Andy fan; I forgot he was even in the house until this week. But there are too many flip floppy players in the house for a player like Andy to take a big risk by targeting a big player. He’s positioned himself well to sit in the middle, let the power alliances go after each other and let the deals come to him. Not a winning strategy because he will become disposable to his alliance eventually, but it’ll buy him a couple weeks.

    I think McCrae has the best chance of taking this season. Although someone will target him and Amanda, Amanda will go home and he will drop off everyone’s radar. He’s likeable in the house, stays cool and I think he could pull some wins when he needs them. He’s smart to not play too hard but I think has the ability to ensure his safety when he need

    • Well if the winner is going to be someone without balls…then I want it to be a woman!!! PUT UP MCCRAE…get him out or he is the winner. Am I the only one who sees this?

      • Helen and Elissa have talked about getting McCrae out (of course, he’s a guy), but they also know he’s more likely to win it all than Amanda, and without McCrae, Amanda will really be a basket case.

  34. What a boring game. These players are just ridiculous! No spine! Did they not see how quickly the “house” turned on Judd? Guess what Andy… Soon all the easy outs will be gone and it will come down to you and you will be GONE too! Shoulda kept some people around who wanted to play the game and turned the tables on the house. Can already predict jesse is leaving his week, Spencer next week unless he wins HOH, the Gina Marie, then Andy or Aaron then the real game will start. What a yawner!

  35. Also, did anyone notice that the moment Aaryns mom hired a PR person, her editing became more favourable? I want her voted out… I already hate that she’s going to get paid to be on jury and I just don’t want to watch her anymore.

    • I really cannot stand GinaMarie, who is worse than Aaryn, as hard as that may be to fathom. She is just vile.

  36. I wish the lack of big moves was the only thing wrong with BB 15. Even if the house guests starting making big moves, it still won’t change the fact that there are only spineless, whiney, pathetic, bullying, lying, passive aggressive, hypocritical, racist, bigoted, horrible sacks of excrement left in the house. If there was a decent person among them Aaryn would have been gone a long time ago. I really don’t know if I can stomach another week of theses people.

  37. Come on, it is only Monday. Let us have a Pandora’s Box. Give Andy $5,000 to open Pandora’s Box which gives both Jessie and Spencer a diamond POV to save themselves from the block and the power to nullify their nominations and to nominate two new house guests on the block! That is what we need right now! And wouldn’t it be great if those two house guests are Helen and Amanda? or Amanda and McCrae? Force Andy and the others to vote out Amanda or Helen because these guys are like nails. You need to hit them on the head to drive them and make them move!

    • I love this idea. If the house guests won’t shake things up then production needs to give them a shove.

  38. Helen and Elissa were talking about missing Candice. Helen said it wasn’t nice of Candice to say that GM was still living with her parents… I didn’t realize that stating an actual fact was rude. Elissa is defending Candice (props to her) but Helen keeps defending both Aaryn in GM in subtle ways. Like saying Candice is older so she should have been more mature about it and should have known better. Candice is 29 and GM is 33…

    I have so much respect for Elissa. She seems to be the only person in the hose who realizes things people have said were bad. Everyone else likes to push it aside and defend the people who’ve said horrible things but when Candice finally stands up for herself she gets trash talked.

  39. Everyone keeps saying that they didn’t like Judd because he didn’t get rid of Amanda mcrea or Helen but do you forget that everyone had the same opportunity as him to get them out

    • Yeah, but Judd was the swing vote. They did not have the 4 votes they needed to evict Amanda! And of course, they did not half try. It amazes me that Helen and Amanda can take out anyone with relative ease like Nick or Jeremy if they really want to but, have all sorts of reasons why they cannot take out each other!
      Maybe, there is an agreement between Helen and Amanda to take each other to Final 2? It seem very strange they would pass up the chance to evict each other when that would increase their chances at winning that $500,000.

  40. I wish someone had the balls to put up amanda and mccrae and send her home, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself

  41. this show should be renamed DD as in I am dumb I am dumber I am dumbest I am a dummy I am dummier and I am the biggest dumb and I am the biggest dumb game changer

  42. What the hell is everyone trying to get jessie out, she’s not mean and really has no game…As a gay person i want this gay guy gone…… he’s a wuss of a gay guy-lol

    • The only way this season can get shaken up big is when Helen and Amanda both get evicted! They have so much control over the rest of the house guests with the exception of Jessie and Spencer of all people. You would think you were watching Stepford Wives. In this case, the wives would be Gina Marie, Elissa, Andy. Spencer, has been cowed by Amanda and put on the block over and over and Jessie has gotten the same treatment. To solve the problem, let us have a Pandora’s Box now and entice Andy with a nice cash reward like $5000 and give diamond POVs to Jessie and Spencer and let them nominate two new house guests on the block! Let it be Helen and Amanda or McCrae and Amanda so this week is not a total waste!

  43. Rainbow Brite should have placed Aaryn, Helen or Amanda on the block so that a real threat could have gone home. He just doesn’t have the testicular fortitude as a man.

  44. Agree..Andy is a wimp. He needed to evict Amanda or Aaryn cause Helen will be off in the coming wks. I think only Helen or Elissa will make big moves but they have to win HOH first. Win this week Elissa and make your own move and not Helen’s.

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