Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Monday Daytime Highlights


It was quite the quiet day in the Big Brother 15 house. Even after the veto ceremony, which can only mean one thing: Andy did not make any big moves and wants to keep his HOH running as smoothly as possible.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Monday, Aug. 12, 2013

8:14 AM BBT – Feeds cut. It’s wake-up time.

8:24 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Houseguests are slowly starting to get up.

8:30 AM BBT – Amanda and Helen talking about Candice and the moment when they knew she had to go.

9:15 AM BBT – Amanda is talking herself up, saying she’s strong and hasn’t gone back on her word to anyone in the game. Umm, Judd?

9:37 AM BBT – Jessie goes to Andy for a few last minute words about using the veto on her.

10:00 AM BBT – Aaryn is acting very odd and questioning Big Brother and why it exists. She says they clearly cast all the different people so they would fight. She says she is having a panic attack.

10:55 AM BBT – Feeds cut for the veto ceremony.

11:36 AM BBT – Feeds return and HGs have already resumed their day. It takes a bit to realize Andy did not use the veto. Jessie and Spencer are still on the block.

11:46 AM BBT – Helen thanks Andy for not backdooring her. She was worried because Jessie seemed so happy before the veto meeting. Andy tells her to trust him.

11:58 AM BBT – Aaryn and McCrae are talking about Helen. Aaryn says she’s kind of stupid and McCrae agrees. He says she’s always plotting some big move.

12:08 PM BBT – Helen tells Andy that McCrae wants to take Aaryn out to gain jury respect. Helen says she does not want Aaryn out anytime soon.

1:48 PM BBT – Amanda STILL talking about Judd being the MVP.

2:12 PM BBT – Amanda tells Andy that she thinks he’ll make it to the final 3 with ease because of his social game.

2:32 PM BBT – Andy, McCrae and Amanda hear noise behind the wall where Pandora’s Box usually is. They think he might be getting Pandora’s Box.

2:55 PM BBT – Amanda, McCrae and Andy are talking about Aaryn and say she deserves to make it to final four with them.

Unless Amanda and/or Helen get bored or paranoid against Spencer, then Jessie will be heading out the door this week. But right now it’s looking like we might have a quiet few days of Live Feeds on our hands.

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  1. Helen is worse than stupid. She thinks she is smarter than everyone else. Elissa is a monumentally lousy game player, but Helen should have listened to her when she said get rid of Aaryn and keep Kaitlyn. Elissa is still saying get rid of Aaryn and nobody will listen. As they reach the end of the game and Aaryn is winning the HOH comps, they will realize it will be Aaryn choosing who goes to the final 3 then 2 and it will not be Helen, Andy, Amanda or McCrae.

    She will take someone she can beat in jury votes and that will have to be Jessie or Elissa.

      • I wouldn’t say Helen is stupid. In fact, she’s managed to be one of the smartest people in the house – now that doesn’t mean she’s likeable…but she has managed to wrap people around her finger without threatening them.

      • She so easily has so many people wrapped around her finger because she talks people up and always compliments them. Pretty smart to be honest, but with the type of people in the house being one of the smartest people doesn’t really say much.

      • Helen was lucky enough that America bloodlessly put Amanda on the block for two weeks straight — YET HELEN CHOSE TO REMOVE HOWARD, CANDICE, AND JUDD INSTEAD! She had every chance to break up McCrae and Amanda, and chose not too! Sorry, but that is STUPID! Worse, she NOW says that she needs to worry about Amanda and McCrae! Huh?! Duh, it’s too late now, Helen. She is Queen of the Stupids in BB15: Summer of the Stupids

      • …and yet she’s still in the house. Howard lied to her, and Candice was goo goo for Howard which kept Candice away from Helen. So far I’m not sure where the ”stupid Helen” part comes in.

      • Her stupidity has been revealed in her unwillingness to take out bigger threats , like Amanda and McCrae…not to mention her unlimited paranoia and the fact that she misjudges people CONSTANTLY !

      • She’ll think twice as to who she is aligning herself with once she learns of Rice-Gate and Nailgate. But that will probably happen after the show or if she gets evicted and Julie tells her about it.

      • Julie won’t be able to tell her about it because she would be heading to jury if evicted. She would go in blind and vote for someone to win the money that has insulted her behind her back.

    • Helen is a dweeb as far as the eyes can see. But it is because of her experience in politics, that she has become the player to be. The behind the scenes are sick and mean. It makes her slate squeaky clean.

  2. Your fixation on Judd reminds me of the special connection Matthew felt he had with Regan a few years back. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

  3. I have to say this is the dumbest cast of all Big Brothers I don’t even enjoy watching this season like I did all the rest everyone is cowards and everyone ignored the fact that Aaryn is a bitch she only changed for the moment but being a bitch is in her DNA BB15 sucks

  4. I can’t believe they think they are playing a good game. They keep saying it’s to soon to vote certain people and make a big move. Well after Amanda or Aaryn win it all they will know what complete morons they are. Stupid, Stupid people!!

    • Gotta let them sink or swim based on their own strategy… time will tell if they were right or you were.

    • I think you and a lot of people are saying this a lot this season is because it mid way through the game already. But I think people forget that there is actually still like 9 people left in the game!!!! Its basically like week 4 in the house with the normal amount of people. They played it smart espcially Andy why stir stuff up when all that would do for his particular game right now would put him in a worse spot. If Jessie or Spencer, or Amanda would of won this week a big move would of happened.

      • Agreed. It makes sense for most of the people to play along with Helen & Amanda for now. In about 2 more weeks (when the alliance starts to feed on its own) then the middle players can start to become ”Big Move Makers”, but until that time, there’s no incentive for them to rock the boat (unless of course the fans are paying the 500k cheque, then I’m sure they’d do whatever the heck we wanted them to do)!

  5. Isn’t it amazing that Elissa hears the racist comments and Helen has buried her head in the sand where GM, Aaryn and Amanda are concerned??? How she missed GM’s tirade last Thursday night is beyond me. I keep screaming at the feeds and Helen keeps going Ostrich!!!.

    • I’ve always said that one of the big disappointments with this season is that the ”good guys” (the few who haven’t managed to say something racist, sexist, elitist or homophobic) haven’t stood up to say these things are unacceptable. On the Amanda Youtube video you hear somebody off camera (sounds like Judd) correcting Amanda and telling her that her Puerto Rican jokes are indeed a form of racism… but that’s about the closest we get to somebody saying ”Knock It Off!”

    • Racism its not gonna affect Helen until she find out how Aaryn was mocking her culture, and that might be after she realize she helped Aaryn win the game!!!!!

    • Since she thinks everyone likes her and no one is going to turn their backs on her, I think she doesn’t want to get into a argument with anyone.

    • The worst part about this is if Elissa or anyone else made a big issue out of the racist remark, she would become the next target.

  6. I have been waiting to see one of these HG’s give a final recorded goodbye message like the one Brittney gave to Mike Boggie, the fake phone call and the laugh. I always go back and watch that show over and over and laugh, it is really funny. I hope some one can use it on Amanda or Aaryn and even on Helen, that will be great but I don’t expect it from these spineless HG’s

  7. I love Big Brother. This season isn’t one of my favorites but I still like it. I think Amanda should go because she is always trying to make the decisions on who should be evicted every week no matter who is hoh. She said one night that she’s the one that’s been sending the tough ones home. She thinks everything should go her and if not then she wines and frankly I think Macrae is getting tired of her attitude.

    • He is but can’t get rid of her too soon because everyone else wants Amanda gone. He’s going to be like Judd and be sitting next to Julie saying “What just happened”

      • I agree with yiu there that you got to wait to get her out but she does need to go.

      • Exactly. I don’t understand why people are finding this hard to accept (that until Amanda & Helen go at each other, then there’s no need to rock the boat)! Unless of course you’re GM, Spencer or Jessie, but they aren’t able to get their act together in a ”Save My Butt!” alliance!

    • I was okay with Amanda for a while. Bu the way her and McCrae behave is really irksome at this point. The rarely socialize with anyone else in the house unless those people come to their “private suite” or if they go take over the HOH room. The act like they are the masters of the house and every is required to do their bidding. Their hubris is just hard to watch and I just wish someone besides Jessie would muster the courage to go after them and get one of them out.

      We think this years cast is stupid because we cannot believe their zombie-like behaviors as they do Amanda’s bidding for her.

      • Yep I agree one of the best seasons. I like several of them a lot. Seems like they all start slow. I kept thinking this ones going to get better. Wrong on my guess.

      • This season would have gotten a lot better if the houseguests would’ve gotten rid of Amanda right from the start. She is what makes this season boring by running everyones decision and everyone lets her.What a bunch of idiots. Elissa and GM are the only ones who is not letting her run things for them, they are doing things the way they want.

  8. this show should be renamed DD
    I am dumb I am dumbest I am a dummy I am dumber I am the best dumb at great moves I am the classiest dumb and so we go

  9. Why is Aaryn so worried about all the” different people”(as she called it) that BB cast this season ?? girl it all out now, we know you walking around under that sheet… you have been exposed, Don’t be shame now.

  10. I have to say that I’m appalled at the integrity and the constant bigotry on this show.

  11. I have resorted to watching reruns of BB14. Amanda and McCrae don’t deserve to go to final 4, all they do is sleep the days away and when they are awake, Amanda is bullying and telling people what to do. McCrae is like her little whipping boy who follows her around the house. Helen thinks she has it all under control, but really has no idea what may be coming her way. Up until this season, I was watching the feeds all the time, this season, not so much, it’s gotten to the point where I check in every now and then.

    • McCrae is really a big wimp. I think at this point he wants to dump Amanda but he’s afraid of her.

      • Being afraid of Amanda is no excuse. He should put on his big boy pants on, orchestrate Amanda’s demise. Figure out hey, if I get 500k I can have the pick of the litter, not a summer vile snapper.

  12. Can we skip this week? Just, you know, evict Jessie and get a new HOH? No? Anybody? Producer?

    • Its incredible that anyone could like Spencer after hearing the vile comments he made in reference to child porn.

    • I have to give Andy credit for playing his game, but at some point he is going to be exposed and we’ll see how he behaves once his treachery is out in the open. McCrae is just too subservient to Amanda to be likeable. Being spineless is not a quality.

      Every time Spencer talks, I get the feeling he is lying. I know its part of the game but with Spencer I get the feeling its too natural.

      I guess what I am saying is I don;t like any of them. Is it possible that David would have been the one person we could like if he actually stayed in the game for more than a week? NAH!

  13. I hope spencer/jessie whoever is not evicted won HOH and put McRanda up for eviction and one of them won veto and take themself out of the block and replacement nominee is andy and people said to andy that they don’t want people to make a big move and evict amanda or mccrae so he is going home!!!!!!

  14. Omg someone posted earlier that Amanda wants to be BB15 “Rachel ” I totally agree I just heard her and not the first time either say Ain’t nobody coming in between me and my man That has got to be the truest statement I read so far thanks for opening my eyes. Just got a great laugh

    • Rachel is real funny when she says things in the house. You may get annoyed at her but, she does stir the house. I like Rachel because she is not racist or being mean. Most of the time she just cries a lot as she is playing with her heart. The same with Jordan which is why she is loved by a lot of the fans. I would trade Rachel and Jordan for Amanda and Helen in the Big Brother House this season.

      • I agree I always liked Rachel just thought it was true that Amanda is trying to be her she don’t even come close that is like comparing big bird to pig pen you can’t Rachel had some class where Amanda would not know where to find it if she had a map

  15. It is really hard to watch a season where you can’t decide who you’d like to see win Big Bros. LESS. Amanda, Gina Marie and Aaryn are all disgusting racists, Andy is a total snake, Spencer is a complete misogynist douchebag, McCrae is a first class pussy, Helen is a coward and a fake. That leaves Elissa and Jessie. Jessie is on her way out for daring to suggest that someone NOT do what the house wants. If I have to hear that stupid phrase one more time I will barf.. I dislike this cast so much the only reason I am watching now is to see some of these delusional fools get bounced out the door.

  16. Aaryn missed the entire objective of BB when she failed to put Amanda and McCrae on the block. Though Andy never would, these HG’s are so dumb that they do not realize 2 automatic votes that can be targeted against them. Some body needs to buy Pizza Boy a pair of skates because that’s all he’s done, SKATE BY.

  17. Would someone please explain to me why exactly Elissa is considered such a terrible player? She went from having the biggest target on her back for the first few weeks, to completely sliding under the radar. She may have only won one comp, but that’s what most of the house guests have won. She has shown to be willing to make a big move by supporting the idea of targeting Amanda. She has made no derogatory comments, and has been one of the only house guests that has seemed seriously offended by those who have. So why exactly is she so terrible?

    • I love Elissa for all the reasons you stated. She’s been playing a great game considering she was the biggest target for the first 2 weeks. She’s come a long way.

      Some people dislike her because she’s “annoying”. I beg to differ.

      • I can not believe I have changed my mind over Elissa. I was unhappy that she was Rachel’s sister an thought disadvantage to the house. We know Amanda is a fraud with a huge disadvantage for the HGS. So, I like that Elissa is still in and playing the game. She non toxic, and not a vile mean person. For that kudos. I do hope she is able to find the correct target. Put Amanda and McCrae up. Put Andy on the block if the nom is vetoed. Pull Andy’s covers on his so called social game. I know her heart is probably set on Aaryn and GM, but that would be another boring week, again there would be a chance to backdoor say McCrea. Since, the women of the house don’t want a man to win.

      • Same, I had doubts about her because of Rachel but she’s totally changed my view. I hope so too! I know she wants to get Aaryn and GM out because of the horrible comments but they’re going to be easier to get rid of later on, the real target needs to be McCranda (I threw up a little in my mouth when I typed that oh my).

      • It’s ok. Just barf and let it out, do not swallow it. I have had a barf bucket all season. I agree that McCranda first then Aaryn and GM and Spencer too. Because of Andy things are not progressing. He is so far both McCrae and Amanda waszoos? what have they done for him? Maybe he is their surrogate BB child. Andy does dress like a boy. Yikes, my imagination scares me sometimes. Sorry, if I scared you too.

      • I’m going to need to buy a barf bucket especially for watching this season, goodness! He’s a part of every alliance and he keeps shutting down big moves, ugh, but I guess when Jessie leaves we have a glimmer of hope that a big move will finally happen. Woah, you definitely scared me. The thought of McCrae and Amanda taking care of a baby is pretty damn scary.

    • Aaryn tries to make the same thing that Elissa.
      One funny thing i saw last sunday was that Aaryn called everyone but she was always saying probably and yes… until Helen and elissa where talking with her. Even with so much things that Helen was saying, Aaryn was only watching if Elissa gives her the “yes. Do that!”.
      When Alissa node, Aaryn let a smile out.
      Even that Aaryn looked like to be drugged all the night, she only left out 2 smiles during the things we saw on the episode: when Elissa node to her and when she placed judd on the stump.

      Don´t know if Aaryn is like a teenage fight between the cheerleader and the geek girl for the geek guy attention or if Aaryn still thinks that Elissa is her biggest enemy.

      Last night Aaryn have gone to elissa on the bathroom asking her if the aaryn would get better with a small hair or if she should let it get bigger than what it is. Elissa left the option to aaryn “since that hair can take years to be back with the size you have it now.”. Aaryn got out like a little girl that her mother let her get a choice about something very personal… (and now she doesn´t look like she is drugged like it happened on Sunday).

  18. Helens claims to be this huge Big Brother fan but she asked if the Jury gets to see the DR sessions… IS SHE SERIOUS?!

  19. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Big Brother Reunion, maybe a month after the last show? Like they do in Survivor. I would love to know what people think after finding out someone they trusted lied to them. This would be awesome!

    • Yes, I would love to see something like that. I don’t care for the BB finale, because many don’t know what really went on in the house. Plus, they don’t allow the hgs to asked their own questions.

  20. I hope candice and judd or candice and jessie come back. . and get rid of Mcranda and arayn be like. . . payback is a bitch xD

  21. I am s o sick of this BB season. I wish the hose guest would vote the way they want instead of voting with the house. It will never be the way the first few seasons were. These past couple if seasons everyone plays the game to safe. Please just start voting the way you want to vote!

  22. I find it curious no one in the game can figure out that Amanda and McCrae are two ppl.. No matter how the game unfolds you would be the third person, meaning odd man/woman out. Basically, you gave the game away. You would have a better chance breaking them up, one of them bitter on the jury, is better than rolling the dice thus far.

    • There is no way that I would make a final three/four deal with McCranda. Just like I would not make one with Helen and Elissa. Andy is so dumb. He should have fought for Judd to stay and he should have agreed to a final two deal with him. Idiots!

      • Agreed. Again I wonder if I were McCrae is being boinked this summer more important than 500K? If he won he could get the pick of the litter, Instead he choose a vile snapper.

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