Big Brother 15 – Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Coming Up

Andy winks on Big Brother 15

Later today the next Big Brother 15 Power of Veto Ceremony will be held and while the Veto winner is telling a particular HG to expect one thing the rest of us know what’s really going to happen.

Read on for the latest spoilers on what’s heading our way at today’s Veto meeting.

Jessie is in trouble here, but she doesn’t know it yet. Andy holds all the power as both HoH and Veto winner, but while he’s been telling Jessie to expect a “big move” this week he’s heading in the opposite direction.

When the time comes Andy will not use the Veto which means both Jessie and Spencer will stay on the block and in danger of eviction. With only two nominees this week one of them will be going to Jury.

If the eviction votes were revealed today then Jessie would be following in Judd’s footsteps and unless something surprising happens between now and Thursday then I’d still expect that to be the case.

I’m sure Judd will be tickled to see Jessie walk through that Jury house door, but if they’re being isolated for a possible return like I suspect then Judd might not get the satisfaction of her arrival.

What do you think Andy should do at the Veto Ceremony? While many would probably like to see a bigger target up on the block it’s not surprising for Andy to avoid rocking the boat and keep his head down just like he’s done all season. It’s worked well for him so far so we shouldn’t be surprised to see him keep on in the same direction.

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  1. I think the Helen, Aaryn, GM and Elissa should vote out spencer and keep jessie. They have the votes 4-2.

    • Omg are you crazy!?!? They’d be rocking the boat WAY too much! I mean, that isn’t a unanimous vote, they could never do it if the whole house wasn’t on board! Plus it’s too early for Spencer to go home. Jessie is a very big threat by never winning a competition and when she has, it was handed to her. Don’t you understand how Jessie is the bigger target!?!

      • Spencer should have been removed from the game after his kiddie porn remarks. He’s a total sicko.

      • I agree with Jennifer. If this sicko won BB 15, what does that say about our values. Sick, sick, sick! Vote out Spencer, keep Jessie because she would not be afraid to make a big move. I don’t care for Jessie at all, but maybe she could turn the game in the direction in needs to go.

      • LOL! I agree with what I am detecting as sarcasm. At least Jessie can win every now and then. I don’t understand why Helen doesn’t say the same thing to Andy that she said to Aaryn-Vote this way or we will be coming after you, or we will keep you safe-whichever sounds better to Andy. Anyone notice how Andy’s face turns beet red every time anyone mentions voting out or nominating Amanda or McCrae? He is one of the only houseguests who has his agenda written all over his face! Yet, no one sees it!

    • I wish that would happen but Helen and Amanda want Spencer gone and we all know whatever Helen and Amanda want they get. I hope Spencer wins POV and puts up Helen and Amanda. That would be funny after they saved him.

      • I think you’re confused they plan to vote off jessie. I want them to vote off spencer. POV has already been played, Andy won it.

      • Wow I reread my post and I really screwed up. I know POV was played and Andy won. What I meant to say is Helen and Amanda want Jessie gone and I hope Spencer wins HOH. I swear I’m not drinking. LOL

  2. I wish that Andy will make a decision between his alliances and put up either Amanda or Helen, but he will not do it which will lead to Jessie being evicted.
    Then unless Spencer wins HOH or the veto he will be out the door next because nobody has the guts to make a big move.

  3. Whoever wins HOH next, Helen will try to get them to put up Andy next. He would not listen to her and put up McCranda, so she will be done with him.


    • I say the same thing all the time. This is the first time EVER I’ve not been excited on BB night. No one in the house has balls enough to do anything, and the ones who would rock the boat never win anything. Sorry casting directors, you guys messed up this season! Next time, try to get people who can actually think for themselves instead of following the crowd. Blind leading the blind!

  4. I’m tired of this, “let’s vote with the house!” all season. Like, I get doing it when you have to, but on other nights, just vote for who YOU want out. Stir up the house, let there be some suspicion. Amanda and Helen are running the house and are making the most spineless decisions every week. The only action this summer has been when Amanda wanted to bully someone.

    • LOL. I can’t watch Helen pull a strand of her hair over the top of her and and look at it anymore. That habit of hers makes me cringe whenever I see her do it. Then Elissa and Amanda, smell their hair all the time. Cringe-worthy as well. Then again, all of that is mild compared to Spencer with his hand down his pants!

      I guess sometimes they forget they are on TV.

  5. I wish Andy would use the Veto & put up GinaMarie & everyone vote her out!!! Her remarks to Candice were completely uncalled for & hateful!!!

    • Well Candice started that whole thing on national TV. She was acting like a 12yr old. Doesn’t excuse GM but I blame Candice for all of that.

      • Well yes on her eviction day it was all her but all she has put up with I say that she gets a pass on that

      • I don’t give her a pass. She flipped out on several people. Even everyone in the house talked about all Candice did was sleep and get up every once in awhile to yell at someone then go back to bed. I’m glad she’s gone. She started the fight with Spencer (and by the way I think Spencer is a pig) and all Spencer did was try to campaign for Howard. He was playing the game. She got into several fights with Amanda (don’t care for her either). so she’s no better than any of them. Bye bye Candice.

      • Mostly agree with what you say. But on that last argument with GM, I give her a pass. That was her last chance to give GM a piece of her mind, and GM more than deserved it.

      • You don’t get my point. She chose the wrong time. Not something you do on a live show. Just made her look like an idiot. Therefore no pass.

      • I don’t think she could do much more than sleep because if she was awake she was being attacked I am not saying she did not contribute to it I just think that it was a fight or flight kind of situation and as far as the spencer thing yes she was being stupid and paranoid. He was on her side and should have confronted him first but maybe she thought that every one was out to get her there sure were a lot of people who were

      • She was not always being attacked. Maybe if she did more than sleep and pick fights she would still be in the house.

      • Yea I guess or maybe she will be the one that comes back or Judd or Jesse or maybe know one will I guess we will just have to wait and see

  6. I can find a reason to put every person in that house on the block. Right now I want to get out Spencer. After his despicable child porn comments I”m so done with him. Pedophilia is NOT something to joke about. Period.

    • I agree with agr8wrld. If this sicko won BB 15, what would that say about
      our values. Sick, sick, sick! Vote out Spencer, keep Jessie because she
      would not be afraid to make a big move. I don’t care for Jessie at all,
      but maybe she could turn the game in the direction in needs to go.

    • I”m not a big fan either after she pulled the thing with Judd. Everything they said about him was a lie.

      They won’t get Helen out because she hasn’t done anything nasty to anybody who is still in the house, at least to their knowledge, lol Granted, she goes over the top with her “positive reinforcements” but the majority of them don’t feel threatened by her. It’s a shame none of them can pull themselves out of the Helen spell. When they do it’ll be too late.

      • Not so sure… I think a few people are playing the role of potential swing voters. We essentially have 2 teams of three at work (with overlaps I’m aware, but I’m simplifying to prove a point)…



        Leaving Jessie, Spencer & GM in between each of those 3… If any of those remaining 3 can get in the middle of both teams then they have a pretty strong foothold given that THIS season, nobody makes ”closed door promises” that are being kept from the other side of the house.

      • Amanda promised Aaryn final 4 after Judd was evicted. Her first mistake as Aaryn and Andy can win comps.

      • Exactly… Why do people in Big Brother ever allow themselves to believe the promises? Dan swore on the freakin’ BIBLE (he lied) and people seem to love him as a ‘good player’! If you expect to find honesty in Big Brother you’ve gone to the wrong place…

      • Exactly! I think the biggest reason people hate this season is all the uncalled for bigotry and bullying in the house.

      • Racism, Elitism, Self-Entitlement, Homophobia and even Pedophilia… take your pick! This cast has the infamy of being the worst representation of America ever! I could see any of them hanging with Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton after the show ends!

      • You missed rape. Did you hear the convo of what they wanted to do to Jessie? Horrible. I really hope that they’re not a representation of America…

      • It truly is a horrible group of people (for the most part). I should point out that some people are simply unlikeable (and not horrible). Helen, Andy & Jessie aren’t people I would enjoy based on who they’ve shown themselves to be, but far as I know none of them have committed any hate crimes like the ones listed above. So there’s actually 2-levels of unlikeable contestants.

      • That’s so true Matt. Every time I choose someone, they say or do something I don’t like, whether it’s hateful or just annoying and then I’m back to disliking everyone.

      • Huh, the latest update says she’s actually trying to keep Aaryn whereas McCranda are trying to get her out.

      • Really??? I haven’t watched the feeds in a few hours. Helen changes her mind every 5 minutes. She needs to go or at least get put up.

  7. If the HG’s want to actually PLAY THE GAME and vote out the strong/dangerous players, they need to backdoor Helen! Helen is in absolute total control of this house, making her the most dangerous player, and I don’t understand why no one sees this! She tells the HoH’s who to nominate, and they generally do it (except Andy didn’t do it this week). She tells the HG’s who to vote for, and they do it. She told Aaryn to backdoor Judd, and Aaryn nominated him even though she told Helen she didn’t want to. Helen then got the entire house to vote Judd out, even though everyone was crying because they didn’t want to do it. She has gotten others to do her dirty work, without getting any blood on her hands. Helen is in absolute control of the house! If she is allowed to stay in the house, she will win the $500K easily. She is the most dangerous player this year, by far, and if the other HG’s have any shot of winning, someone MUST backdoor her!
    However, if the HG’s are only interested in evicting the players they don’t like, and those who are not strong players, then they should evict Jessie this week, and probably Amanda next week. This is how they have played all season. Jessie is no threat, yet they want to evict her. Amanda has never won a single comp, yet they want to evict her. Howard was no threat, yet they evicted him. Candice was no threat, yet they evicted her. The strategy of the entire house seems to be to evict the weak players — I just don’t get it. If ANYONE in this house wants to win the $500K, they need to backdoor Helen, regardless of how much they may “like” her!

    • Judy that is the smartest thing I have read on here. I agree 100% girl. I don’t get how these people are not getting out the strongest players.

    • Helen THINKS she controls the house. The Judd eviction was not just Helen’s doing. Amanda wanted Judd gone too. If not for Amanda, Helen could not have gotten Aaryn to put up Judd and it certainly wold not have been a 7-0 vote. Helen only has Elissa with her at this point. The rest of them are floaters or with Amanda.

      • I agree with you to a certain degree. I think, to a point, Amanda is also controlling the house. But I still think Helen is the more dangerous of the two. Amanda has made more enemies than Helen (i.e., her fight with Spencer, her fight with Jessie, the almost constant bullying, etc.), and I think the HG’s would vote to evict her if she was up against someone even remotely likeable (and if Helen told them to vote her out). Recently, even McCrae has hinted that he might want Amanda out, as long as she can’t sabotage his game. So far, when Amanda has been up on the block, she has been up against a huge target, so the HG’s were more focused on getting the other nom out. I think the ONLY reason Amanda has any power whatsoever is because the HG’s know she actually represents TWO votes (hers and McCrae’s). If these two were split up, I think she would be evicted in a heartbeat. Also, Amanda is totally useless in the competitions, so there is practically no chance she will ever be HoH or POV winner. Although Helen hasn’t won much, if any, so far, I think she is a better competitor than Amanda and has the potential to win HoH. Actually, if anything, I think Helen has purposely not won anything so far, because at this point, it’s a better strategy to let the others win and do her dirty work, and get the blood on their hands. Basically, I think the HG’s would turn on Amanda in a heartbeat if the right opportunity arose, but the HG’s would have to be persuaded to turn on Helen.

    • In their sick minds (Helen/Amanda) they know the nice people will beat them if they are in final 2. That’s why Helen is attached to Elissa, she thinks she can beat her in final 2. Amanda will dump McRae for Aaryn if they get to final 3.

    • I’m going to say something here which I’ll probably be lambasted for but I think it’s an interesting point.

      Out here in the real world I see so much more volatility, animosity and negativity than I’ve seen in a very long time. At times I’m shocked at posts people make on facebook, twitter, message boards, etc… I think some of that mentality went into the BB house so I’m really not surprised we’ve seen some of the behavior that creeps up with the hg’s. If you add the stress that they feel in that closed environment it’s no wonder these people are losing their minds.

      Please know I’m not excusing any of their actions. I’m simply trying to figure out why this year is so much worse than any we’ve seen. There have been some pretty negative people in BB over the years but I don’t think we’ve had a season like this. I’ve watched this show since season one and today the behavior is simply out of control.

  8. Helen: “You did so GOOD! I’m so PROUD of you! That was such a BIG MOVE! You’re so AWESOME!” Pretty soon she’ll be scratching their ears and having them lay down so she can rub their belly’s.

    • You forgot nobody is after you, doesn’t that feel good. And then a few hours later stabbing her in the back. Helen the control freak needs to go.

  9. Is it too much to hope for him to backdoor Amanda or Helen. If Andy even backdoored one of them, I would like him a little more.
    Maybe Andy has a secret plan and he’s just not sharing it with anyone. A girl can dream.

    • That would not be smart for Andy’s game. He is deliberately playing both sides. He wants them to go after each other while he stays out of the line of fire. If Helen goes at Amanda’s hands, he will just slide under Amanda. If Amanda goes, he will slide over and side with Helen. It me be sneaky but it has been effective up till now. I think Amanda is going to use Aaryn to take out Helen.

  10. This year is horrible! Every one is playing it safe, stupid but safe. Amanda or Helen should go this week. Getting Jessie out is such a waste of an HOH. Come on players smarten up! I cannot wait to see Amanda go, Helen too for that matter. Both are so sickening. I’ve had just about enough of Helen jumping up and down screaming and clapping for every new HOH. I mean why don’t they just bend over so she can kiss their butts! Amanda crying because Mcrea didn’t throw the game for her, what a loser! She expects everyone to just forfeit the game and fight for her to win, idiot! I so hope it isn’t true about production fixing it so she wins, please don’t be true. I know if it is they will lose a lot of viewers. who wants to watch a game that had the winner locked in place. I too wish they would tell Amanda that it was America that voted her sorry @ss on the block.

    • I was totally against production stepping in for anything before, but this time I agree. I really wish all the HG’s knew America was MVP those weeks.

      • 100% agree. It would have been great. Wonder how Amanda would have reacted? Maybe that would have sent her off the deep end…

      • Yup… followed by this season’s mantra: ”I’m not the villain, I’m the victim… well.. or if I said something it was justified cause of that person x did! …and well yeah they can just kiss my butt!” (Moving from shocked to justification to unapologetic in a matter of minutes)!

      • It already happened when she was on the block she started to melt down yes she said “Why would america vote to put me up?? Few tears but Dr gave her another dose if adderall.

    • How is anyone playing this stupid?
      Andy isn’t going to make a “big move” because he has 2 separate alliances with helen/elissa and mcranda. Not to mention he’s also aligned with spencer.

      Aaryn not making big moves? She’s doing exactly what she has to do to further herself in the game and make herself seem useful to those that wanted her out.

      Ginamarie? Hell, at least she won something. Didn’t see that coming.

      They got David, Nick, and Jeremy out the first 3 weeks. 3 strong physical competitors. Nick was also smart, but stupid at the same time.

      The only week there wasn’t a big move was when they got Kaitlin out in Week 4. (Judd’s HoH)

      • You forgot that Howard and Candice are weak players. As for the alliance argument with Helen and Amanda—-sure it would save Andy for maybe, one or two more weeks then, what?
        I would be extra generous and make the assumption that Andy makes it to Final 3 with either, McCrae/Amanda, Aaryn/Gina Marie or even Helen/Elissa. Does Andy really believe anyone of those pairs will turn on each other so that Andy can be in Final 2? If those pairs had to make a choice, Andy would be odd man out and eliminated! He will not see the $50,000 2nd prize nor the $500,000 for winning it all!

      • It’s really a matter of opinion how you want to play it to win, game wise. I’ve read comments from previous players of BB. Andy’s best move at this point of the game is to eliminate players you can’t beat in the finals. McCrae, Amanda and Helen. He has to knock one of them out, if he wants to increase his chance of winning

      • …Or he can wait until he’s the ‘swing vote’ (Elissa/Helen vs. McCrae/Amanda). This would put him in a final 3 position. I think that’s pretty smart.

      • Exactly… he’s been (sigh) the perfect middle-man which in past season’s would get you ratted out, but in this season seems to be a position of power. Not every season employs the same strategy and house dynamics. (My personal fave was how they pulled off ”The Brigade” in their season).

    • I wish they would tell Amanda how much America hates her then maybe she would realize how sorry of a player she is and quit bullying everyone else to do what she wants. She has to do that because she can’t win anything for herself. She acts like the HOH room is hers!!!!! I’m with you if BB lets her win after she hasn’t won anything I won’t be watching anymore either and I’m sure there will be a lot of other people not watching. Who wants to watch something that you know has been set up from the beginning. AMANDA NEEDS TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I can’t help but wonder how different this season would have been without the MVP. David, Nick,…Strong players…put up by MVP Elyssa at Miranda’s direction. I felt it was a good twist at the time….but All knew it was Elyssa and she did their dirty work. To have had an MVP that no one knew about would have really pushed the paranoia, as it did when America Voted.

  12. Does any one know if the HG’s in the jury can unanimously vote for no one to win the 500K, by just voting “NO” . Just asking!

    • No. The have to vote for one of those in the Final 2. You do not get to abstain from the vote! Which is why even if it is Aaryn and Amanda in Final 2—-one of them will still win it! That is why the fringe players like Andy, Gina Marie, Spencer, Elissa are all dumb not to see that their best chance is to form an alliance and take out Amanda, Helen, McCrae and Aaryn then, one of them can win it!

      • I went an did some research on previous BB, members of the jury vote by names, but can they say none of the two who ever they might be. I would love to see the result as NONE becaue none of these bunch deserve the prize

      • There were previous winners that some people think they don’t deserve it. The show has been running for 13 years and the one that you’re suggesting has never been an option.

  13. This season has been soooooo predictable. They should be Playing the game and Not telling everybody in the house what each of them are doing!

  14. So this is my first comment for the season. The reason being is that I’m finding it difficult to root for anyone. I missed the first three weeks so I have no idea if any of those players were worth keeping. But I have to say, I don’t feel great after watching an episode or reading some of the horrible things the houseguests have said or done. Where is the strategy? I want everyone to lose. How weird is that?

    • Agreed. Actually Nick might (wasn’t in long enough to be sure) have been a great player if he hadn’t been up against a bunch of bigoted paranoid players.

      • But in THIS season, he wasn’t a great player. In another season he may have done well. In this season if you didn’t tightly align yourself with Helen or Amanda, you’d be on the outs (and a failure to see this, makes the leaving players ‘weak’ by this season’s standards). Now having said that, I don’t like ANY of the remaining players either (Jessie comes close).

      • Same here. Judd was the last one I liked. Knew Howard didn’t have a chance because he was trying to play the game without lying and backstabbing. Can’t do it in BB.

      • Yep. That’s the problem I’m having. Everyone turns on each other for no good reason at any moment in time.

    • Nick could have been great but he was friends with the racists mean girls and Jermery. He also picked a bad alliance that quickly turned on him. But thats not really his fault because there wasn’t much to work with this season. Maybe if him and Helen had teamed up this season could have been better.

    • You did miss how horrible Aaryn and GM were until two of their alliance members were evicted but we still have to put up with their trash now. Helen and Elissa were targets in the beginning. Helen was thought of as someone that was picked on and she was up on the block. She was saved and now her ego has gone to her head and is so annoying.

  15. You know what would be exciting? Is if America gets to vote out the houseguest of their choice. For example, this week houseguests vote for Spencer or Jessie to go home. But then Julie comes on the air and says “sorry houseguests, America has chosen to veto your vote and they have voted Amanda out of the house (or Helen)”. How exciting would that be!!!

  16. It just occurred to me that Amanda is trying to be this season’s Rachel. The showmance, the “faux” wedding (vomit), the smart mouth comments. It’s like she’s trying to channel Rachel. I was never a big fan of Rachel’s, but Amanda, you ain’t no Rachel – she had a sharp tongue, but never a bigotted tongue.

    • That’s an interesting observation – I totally see it now. It seems this season that the players are a bit bland and unoriginal. Maybe because last season they were so over the top and it felt like they were more original.

    • Amen to that. I also was not a Rachel fan and totally agree as mean as she was she NEVER said racist remarks.

  17. Better yet have Amanda and Helen go into separate seclusion for 12 or 24 hours. These 2 has yoked everyone’s strings……..Lets see who would wise up and yoke their strings… Amanda would freak out….no sex and no info would send her paranoia through the house.

  18. Ready for Pandora’s box. We might at least get some excitement instead of same old stuff.

  19. Does anyone else wonder why Cbs hasn’t shown GM ‘ hate filled comments?? Why has’t she been yanked from the show?? Candice is no longer in the house GM is constantly still making horrific remarks

    • Very true… I think they gave us a pretty good sampling of GM however. I’m still annoyed they haven’t given the ”villain edit” to Amanda & Spencer yet.

      • Well what they have “aired” on Cbs is polite from what she says and does on live feeds. Candice hasn’t been in the house since Thursday.. you would think ok it will stop… GM has shown an endless supply if racial remarks and below the belt I think she hit ankle level as of this am.. it’s all timed stamped for those without live feeds

  20. Pandora’s Box fan fiction………..

    Andy opens up Pandora’s Box and Dan come out, slaps him in the face and tells him that America hates this cast and to make a big move or he doesn’t get an invite to Dan’s Badass Big Brother Playa’s Club. Crestfallen Andy decides to tell Helen she is awesome and special and just like Janelle and then puts her on the block and she goes to jury where Judd can tell her that he wasn’t MVP and that he is coming back in the house from America’s vote.

    And scene.

  21. Let’s petition the producers to acknowledge that America voted for the MVP. Then, we will really see some paranoia from Helen and Amanda. The other HG’s will see them as the liars they are.

  22. Helen is the sheep herder & the rest are the sheep. They ALL listen to her. Andy needs to backdoor her or she will win the money! He needs to take her out before she takes him out. I dislike her intensely but she is the only one actually playing the game.

  23. Why does everyone think that Jessie going to jury house will mean trouble between her and Judd she had nothing to do with Judd leaving she was on the block she thought she was going home if it were the other way around Judd being the one who was removed he would be happy too he gave Jessie the veto for the his hoh right ?

  24. Andy has totally whimped out!! He had the chance to make the biggest move of the season–but he is a big yellow chicken!! He doesn’t wast antone to be “mad” at him, so he continues to FLOAT! He was takling with Spencer last night and said if Spencer got HOH next–he needed to make the big move and take out Helen! It could have been done this week (I so much want Amanda to go!!). Andy needs to leave NOW!! So disapointing–but expected! Andy is a woose!!

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