Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Big Brother 15 nominations

It’s spoiler time for Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers from the Live Feeds. The Feeds are back and we’re watching to see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

Earlier today we listened in as the new HoH explained this week’s nominations and renom plans with several HGs. There’s little mystery as to how this week will play out but we can also hope for a surprise change.

Big Brother 15 Week 7 Nominations:

  • Jessie
  • Spencer

Last week Jessie was the pawn, but this week she’s the target because she’s just such a huge target, right? Sigh. Spencer is the pawn and has been guaranteed his safety and I believe they mean that at least for now.

Jessie and Spencer will face off against Andy and three other players tomorrow in the Veto competition. Should Jessie win the Veto she’ll be replaced by GinaMarie as the new target and she will be marked for eviction.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Remember that the MVP twist is no more so we won’t get a 3rd nominee this week or even anymore this season. That opens up an extra spot in the Power of Veto comp.

That Veto competition will be held very soon, probably on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.


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      • i would LOVE to see Helen and Elissa gone! More so Helen than Elissa but still both. I think Andy and Amanda have a shot at winning the entire thing. I’d love for Jessie or Spencer to win HOH because they are the only 2 that would put Helen and Elissa up together or atleast try to get one of them out.

      • I’m pretty sure if either one of them were HOH, they would most likely be going after Amanda, not Helen/Elissa.

      • With the abandonment of the MVP twist, what is Elissa’s purpose on the show? She is floater extradinaire, and rarely is seen on the prime time show.

      • I don’t understand how a group cannot figure out what is happening with Helen running one side of the House and Amanda the other. Shameful group!

      • because most of them hadn’t heard of big brother and went on it thinking it was a dating show.

    • Andy wanted Judd out for weeks. Amanda became convinced Judd was the MVP. Then there was the whole thing about him revealing the Grasshopper alliance. The stars aligned and Judd was caught in a bad spot.

    • Because Amanduh thought that Judd was the mvp for the two weeks she was up on the block. What’s funny is that I heard McC say that if he finds out that Judd wasn’t the mvp, he was gonna be pissed. He’s gonna be so upset with Amanduh!! And then there’s the thing about the grasshopper alliance he joined when he was hoh with Spencer, GM, Kaitlin, and 1 or 2 others. Nobody really knew if Judd was serious about that alliance or not. But he sure made a lot of fake and real alliances.

      • I sure do wish they (especially Amanda and McCrae) would find out NOW that we have been putting Amanda up! Then maybe they would get the picture that we want her out,and we know something they don’t! Why else would we consistantly nominate her? Duh! McCrae, you need to know for sure and get pissed at her, big time!

    • I agree she & Andy come from the same cloth they both run and tell more on Andy side> But she didn’t make her own decision, while HOH. she ask Aaryn.

  1. Never seen such a STUPID bunch of houseguests in mylife….Pathetic…not even worth watching anymore……Im disgusted with this show…..

      • I think it’s been proven time and time again that it really doesn’t matter who you are in an alliance with because if it’s “what the house wants” then you are gone. Everyone in the house is following Helen and Amanda and are basically giving them 550k like it’s no big deal.

      • So stupid! I liked the three nominations. Bring it back! I want to have a say in who goes up, since they are too stupid to figure it out themselves.

      • I’m thinking the reason they wanted to stop the mvp because Amanda, keep going up and for some reason they want to keep her on the show.

  2. When will someone do something with their HoH besides putting up who Demanda or Helen want up? It’s getting so frustrating.

    • Patience. Amanda will become the target once Jessie & Spencer are gone. It’s only a matter of time.

  3. How sad is it that everyone already knew this and would have still known it without the live feeds or spoilers?

    • I agree, all you have to do is listen to these dumb individuals and can figure out their game. The way BB is calculated, results in too much down time. Wed, shows we know everything from Sunday after dark. Then by Monday-Tuesish we already know whose going to be evicted. We already know whose going up.Then Thursday night we already know whose the new Hg, By Friday in the same week we know whose going up for Next Thursday. The system needs to be rethought out. I wouldn’t buy feeds a waste, by BB doing this way, especially with boring floater, it makes a recipe for boredom. I dont even watch on wednesday night, because I already know whose going up.

  4. I have an idea for a twist let America be the HOH next week so something interesting would actually happen with the nominations.

    • The will not do that because they just took the MVP vote from us when it cannot even coerce the house guests to vote the way we want them to!

  5. Aaryn (racist b@#%) should have put Amanda & Helen on the block together for a power move

    • i agree with part of that.i think she should have put amanda and mccrae up against each other.then if aaryn had won the veto she could have taken off mccrae and put helen up.if helen had played an won the veto and saved either one of them she could have put up andy or gm.she had a big chance to get out at least one threat to her and she blew it big time.

      • way too scared.she better wake up and smell the coffee.she needs to realize she is being carried and used for the dirty work.the way i see it she has no choice but to put up amanda and some of the others.if she fails to get out any of the threats to her and then goes home it doesnt matter.because if she stays by doing the dirty work she is not going to get any votes if she makes it to the final two.

    • All she wants to do is whine and complain, but she’s really doesn’t want to do anything

    • Agree! Aaryn blew her chance. But, unless all of them just fell off the turnip truck (possible), pretty sure Helen is about to become a target.

    • Getting out Judd is still a good move. Now, Aaryn is in a safe spot waiting for Helen and Amanda to take each other out! When one of them is left, Aaryn if she wins HOH can then, take her out! That would guarantee a Final 2 without Helen or Amanda. Aaryn could dominate this at the end with this horrible bunch by winning HOH and POV time and time again! Aaryn stands a good chance of winning it all! I am only talking about the game play as I still hate Aaryn but, she is playing a very smart game so far!

  6. Even if ONE person was trying to gun for Amanda or Helen they’d fail due to everyone being spineless, catty, delusional, and paranoid inept players that lack any testicular fortitude.

    • How can their be any testicular fortitude when clearly the bb15 woman are getting rid of every guy in the house

      • Kinda funny to think that in a few weeks time, we may have ourselves an all-female cast once Andy and Spencer and possibly even McCrae are evicted ahead of the rest and the claws will all come out, especially Amanda’s blood-sucking fangs.

      • This is true,but Amanda’s weapon is here mouth.She has not won anything,she just uses threats against the other hgs.I would have gotten her out long before now.And Helen right there by her side.And Andy next.

  7. Imagine that! I think I’m over this season already!!!’ You can predict what’s going to happen without even watching it! Boring bunch! BB is not good this year

  8. Oh my!!!! SHOCKER!!!! Come on, this is pathetic, someone step up, play the damn game, u all r ruining BB!!!!

  9. Well one good thing is they’re running out of safe people to put up so things should start changing next week. (I hope). Amanda already is talking about getting rid of Helen next week. And Helen has been wanting to get Amanda out the past couple of weeks so stay tuned. I think those two are going to go after each other.

    • Helen should’ve gotten rid of her the last 2 weeks when she had a chance. She was handed an eviction on a silver platter with a bowtie and no one took advantage because the cast is a bunch of spineless idiots.

  10. Can no one in that house make a move on there own..Grow a pair or get a Fn backbone. Aaryn GM and Amanda are twofaced bitches. They talk about how the other house guess are playing both sides and say stuff that isn’t true…Have they not been listening to what the hell they are saying…They should take a long look in a mirror. The person that looks back at them within the mirror knows what a twofaced bitxh she is..But just doesn’t care.They say what kind helpful ppl they are outside that house..I think not..The BB house brings out who you really are in time…And America and Canada are seeing it…Get those 3 out of the house..Come on

    • They have no clue on how to play the game and increase ratings for the network simultaneously. They vote with the house all the time….how dumb. When they go to f4, they will still vote with the house….LOL

  11. This season is so boring :( I don’t even get excited to watch it like I usually do. The same people are up every week and they’re not even threats

  12. I can’t stand people not going against the grain..make a big move people!!
    Heck just move!!!!!

  13. Hey HGs this is America… vote whatever you want to vote, not what someone tells you or pressures you to do. Total cowards

  14. What a shocker! First BB season I don’t mind missing. Thank goodness for this site. I have more fun here, reading the updates, spoilers, recaps, and comments than watching these dumbs dumbs.

    • I was just thinking I should just read here instead of being frustrated watching these idiots!

  15. Helen, GM, Elissa and Aryn have the numbers to control the vot. THey should keep Jessie and get rid of spencer.

    • I think Aaryn and Gina Marie is now on Amanda and McCrae’s side but, the plan is to backdoor Gina Marie if Spencer or Jessie gets off so, Aaryn could lose her ally and friend! I am not complaining and would rather Spencer or Gina Marie get evicted instead of Jessie!

  16. Why won’t these idiots get out big threats? As much of a nonthreat that Andy is he SHOULD have his eyes set on bigger badder targets! What a fool!

    • the fact that Andy is a nonthreat should tell him he’ll be one of the next to go. He says everyone likes that means they will vote for him to win so no one will take him final 2

  17. When is someone in this house going to realize Andy is the one running back and forth telling everything to each side of the house.

  18. what the hell. why are they after Jessie when there are those three horrid racist aaryn and amanda and GM…

  19. Such bullshit!! When is this house gonna grow a pair of balls and tell Amanda that they are tired of her laying on her no ass and telling everyone what they should do. They are all puppets and afraid of her bullying tactics. I think I am pretty done with this season. Have watched since season 3 and this year SUCKS!! Rather watch paint dry….

  20. I’m going to lose it if either Spencer or Jessie wins POV and Andy puts up GM as the replacement nominee. It would certainly cement this as the worst season ever

    • Spencer and Jessie should not have been on the block anyways. If Andy was smart which he isn’t, he would have talked to both Spencer and Jessie and got into an alliance with them! Then, he should have put up Amanda and McCrae! He would have a bigger foothold to take out Helen and Aaryn the next biggest threats after Amanda the week after if his allies get power. Instead, he follows the Queen Bee, Amanda ensuring she is safe yet, again as Amanda, Helen and Aaryn march closer to Final 3! How dumb can you get?

  21. It would be an absolute travesty if Amanda, Aaron, and Ginamarie make it to the final 3!! I’m kinda glad that CBS is at war with Time Warner!! Here in LA area, we haven’t been able to watch BB for over a week!

  22. cbs better have something spectacular to make this big brother better. these houseguests are neurotic idiots that don’t know what the heck is going on or how to play the game.

  23. Amanda’s realty website was suspended today by her realty company. Does anyone know anything more about this?

    • There is an article online that says she was fired due to her license being pulled after some of her comments.

    • Go to Youtube and search Amanda Zuckerman Social Justice Warrior. You’ll probaby see why due to her nasty mouth.

  24. This season is a big disappointment to those of us that are true Big Brother fans! None of the houseguests have any guts they all follow one another even if they dont agree! Guess CBS couldn’t find any better players! Boring and so tired of the racist and nasty comments, especially from GM!

  25. I have2 predictions final 2 is Amanda and elissa…and Amanda gets evey vote besides Candice! Or possibly aaryn and Amanda in the final 2 and aaryn could have a shot at the money she is wining a lot and made a major move…I def think Amanda is going to the end. We really can’t blame Amanda or aaryn or staying..we have to blame the other hgs for keeping them.

  26. I’m so thankful we have such an accurate and active BB fan site. This season of BB has given me inspiration at a transitional time in my career and life. I’ve been honored to see the strategic moves each player has had to make, both social and competitively, to remain in the game this far. This is definitely a season that provides a lesson in perserverance and gritting it out without giving up. A don’t quit before the miracle happens, if you will. Each player has given up their whole life for a summer to lay it all on the line and go all out for victory. I have nothing but respect for their moxie. Go Spencer, Go Gina Marie, Go Andy, Go Helen, Go Amanda, Go Mcrae, Go Jessie, Go Aaryn- I respect all of you and wish you nothing but the best.

    I love this game. Thank you all for providing such a lively place for discussion of our favorite game. Go BB!!!

      • Big Brother has been one of the highlights of my summer for several years. I just have a special place in my heart for this game. God Bless you, and I hope you enjoy watching BB. I admire all viewpoints regarding this season, but have really enjoyed watching. It could be that I have just gotten a great promotion at work and things are really going well at home. BB just makes it that much sweeter.

        Thank you bbnetwork.

      • Congratulations on your promotion! Three HG’s are not so lucky like you. They lost their job.

        Thank you for sharing

  27. Gee what’s it gonna take for them to think on their own? It only takes one to turn and all hell will break loose. We already know who the winner is so lets see some entertainment.

  28. Julie, please please tell HG’s about America being MVP! I want to see their reaction to knowing WE nominated Amanda.

  29. Jessie who is all alone in the Big Brother House is the big threat? She lobbied to evict Amanda like that is such a huge deal! I hope she wins POV because I would be very disappointment if she goes! Amanda and Helen will just roll out the rest the way things are going! Go Jessie! Win POV!

    • Do you really think that there is anyone that will put either up in the next two weeks? I don’t think so.

      • It has to be Helen or Amanda targeting each other. The first one who evicts the other gets a chance at $500,000. Whoever gets evicted just blew her chances! The first one who moves wins!

  30. I hope Jessie wins veto so that dirty Staten Island b*tch GM goes home! She disgraced herself on the double eviction!!!

  31. Goodness, these individuals are weak. Tonight on After dark, Ellissa and Andy are talking about Gm haven an Eaten Disorder.Gm & Aaryn ( better be glad she’s in Jersey & Texas) Because she really got away with, How she spoken to Candice. I really dont think these shebeast would do that to someone of color, in their face in person. I would Love to meet her face to face really tired of all this disguise racial insults.

  32. Why am I not surprised? Oh wait because Jessie is such a huge “threat”.

    Sorry Andy. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  33. I’m just hoping that Amanda and Helen to finally make a final 2 deal so they both can control the house ultimately. I’m done with hoping them gone

  34. It’s funny that Amanda thinks America would never vote her out.. Boy will she be surprised how she is viewed . I bet McRaes family just cringes … I’m hoping Judd comes back and wins it all. I think he is the only one that deserves the money

    • “I’m hoping Judd comes back and wins it all. I think he is the only one that deserves the money”

      Wait, so even though he got evicted w/ 9 people left, he’s the “only one that deserves the money”? That doesn’t make sense, at all.

      This is Big Brother. Not “Who’s the nicest person”. Judd’s game was sloppy and he got exposed. You don’t win Big Brother by being the kindest person. If Judd deserved the money, he’d still be in the BB house.

  35. Yawn…I predicted it when I heard Andy won. I bet if Amanda would have told him to vote himself out, he would. Time will tell, Andy, because you are definitely low on the totem pole my friend.

  36. I think Andy has been throwing competitions waiting until it was time for jury. Like Ian did last year

  37. Andy is a smart person and I think I would’ve liked him if he wasn’t obsessed with mccranda and telling them everything. And doing everything what eryone else

  38. If I was Andy… I would have put up Jessie and Spencer as well. If one of them come off the block due to veto win. Then you make your power play move. If they remain on the block then it was safe bet.

    • Andy wasted his HOH because he is expendable! Does he really think Amanda and McCrae are going to protect him? He should be playing for himself and the best move was to put up McCrae and Amanda—-one of them would have been gone and he does not have to fear Amanda ever again! He should also realise that eliminating Helen and Amanda increases his chances at that $500,000. Eliminating floaters like Jessie and Spencer who could be potential allies to help evict Helen and Amanda is a dumb move! He could have bought himself a week or so, but, he will on the chopping block himself too because they are evicting the weaker players and that would include Andy too!

      • Putting up Amanda and McCrae straight up on the block as Nominations is a stupid move.
        1. You burned all bridges of his alliance with them.
        2. They will have all week to campaign.
        3. Just because they are on the block doesn’t mean either would actually go home. BB History has shown time after time when you put a duo/couple on the block. They have been able to save themselves.
        4. Andy is final Three deals with Amanda and McCrae… Most likely in Final three deal Helen and Elissa and Final 2 deal with spencer. With all those deals. Why would he want to make waves? Because some people of America don’t like them on personal level.

      • Only one of them can get off via POV and the HOH had the renom. Andy can put up Helen on the block and they can pick either one but, one of them will get evicted! Judd already saw how turning down two chances at evicting Amanda got himself evicted! And Andy can form a new alliance with Jessie and Spencer and he probably can get Aaryn and Gina Marie too! It is in all their interest to evict Amanda and Helen then, it becomes a free for all among them for that $500,000—-no Helen or Amanda at the very end!

      • I say America and Judd not taking the veto and using it on Amanda. Got him evicted. I also think the reason Andy keeps going back and telling Amanda that they are certain people gunning after her is that he sees Amanda and McCrae as a great shield to get him to final three. Seeing they are a couple.

  39. Wow! There’s a lot of Jessie fans here. Sorry, but I’m not with you. I really don’t like her at all, and I can’t pinpoint a reason. I know why I don’t like Aryan, GM, Spencer, and now Amanduh, for reasons that are obvious. But Jessie just grates on my nerves. I probably don’t like her because she whines all the time and is constantly seeking attention…so all the little things she does aggravates me. I won’t be upset if she gets evicted, but I’d rather see the other jerks go first. I’m just venting…

    • Atleast, Jessie is trying to play the game. If she whines it is because she is all alone in the Big Brother House. Even Helen outed her as she is lobbying to get Amanda out! Much like Candice did to Spencer when he was campaigning to get Amanda evicted. That pretty much destroyed Spencer’s efforts and both he and Jessie are on the block week after week because of it! When Jessie is gone, who is left to stop Amanda and Helen? Everyone just follows Amanda or Helen which is why we have this boring game.

  40. Helen is the mother… Amanda is the father… Andy is the son that wants to get all the things the mother and father have… all the others (except Spencer) are the brothers of Andy.

    Everyone is following Amanda and Helen. Andy is moving around trying to be the one that mother and father love and they must get him everything when they are “dead”.
    The other ones are just going around playing happy that they don´t even bother to what is around them.

  41. I’m am so tired of this season its so predictable, nobody wants to make moves and do anything!! I can’t stand Amanda why doesn’t anyone put her up!!! If I was HOH I would’ve put up Amanda and Helen now that would’ve been a great game move!!!

  42. The biggest threat now is Aaryn. I do not like her one bit but, am commenting only on her game play. So far, she has been playing very low key, not upsetting the apple cart but, if both Helen and Amanda get evicted—-Aaryn can dominate this game. Nobody else in the game has won as many HOH and POV as she has and the rest in the game has won how many HOH and POV? Much as we want her out, the decision to coddle Aaryn by Judd, Helen and Amanda is probably the biggest blunder they have made! Judd has already been evicted. Once, Amanda and Helen are gone—-Aaryn can really get to Final 2!

    • Aaryn is capable of winning challenges but has no pull in the house at all. If Amanda or Helen wanted to vote her off they could. Get rid of Amanda then Aayrn then Andy.

      • If both Helen and Amanda get evicted—-Aaryn can win it all! Don’t say it is impossible as Aaryn has been a beast in competitions. If you are HOH or have POV—-they cannot evict you!
        Kim Spradlin of Survivor 24 won 4 immunity challenges the last couple of weeks and got into the Finals going away! That could happen if it is just Aaryn and this weak bunch. Amanda for one has not won anything. Helen has won 1 HOH. Gina Marie has won HOH but, she is also Aaryn’s close ally! Helen and Amanda will go after each other that is for sure and if Aaryn is HOH when there is just Helen or Amanda then, they stand a good chance of being evicted as well!

      • If Helen and Amanad both get evicted Aaryn can make it to final 2. Even if Aaryn is in final to no one will vote for her to win no matter who she’s against. I said get rid of Amanad than Aaryn. Helen will still have control of the house and Aaryn will go home.

      • This is a game. Nothing is personal in the end. House guests will vote for the best player whether that player evicted them or not! So, you are wrong to think Aaryn cannot win that $500,000. I hate Aaryn for the despicable racist that she is but, if she is in Final 2 with a floater—-Aaryn will win that $500,000!

      • You’re wrong this season has been completely personal. There haven’t been an strategic game moves since the first few weeks.

        There is no way that Candice will forget Aaryn being racist and vote for her to win. Same goes for others if its GM and aaryn at the end GM will win.

      • “House guests will vote for the best player whether that player evicted them or not!”

        False. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If that were the case, Dan would have won last season with a unanimous vote. Some jury members, not all, do vote personally.

  43. now wait i thought andy said “if i get hoh i am going to make a big move”? wow and big move there just being the little sock puppet monkey you have been the whole season dumba$$

  44. I want to see Amanda out. They say this game is fixed by her friend who workes for CBS. If she wins, then its true and i will never watch this show again. Ita sadbthat production does not jump in and stop the ugly thing that are being said. I remember Dick being a big ass on the show but he never hit below the belt. I would kick GM, Ayran, Amanda, Spencer out as a twist and bring back old players who can get this gaback on track. Those player have said some really bad things on TV and hit so far below the beltbit its crazy. It takes alot to get me mad but with production not stoping it on live TV. I would take my punishment and get kicked out, but before I left I would beat some ass on the way out. Those 4 people are going to have a hard time finding work and as Howie said, Ill let God deal with it. Good job to him and candice for taking the crap and moving on.

    • Evil Dick poured a drink on Jen Johnson’s head and blew cigarette smoke into her face! I never liked Evil Dick as he was a bully!

      • That is for sure but, atleast, Evil Dick was not racist as some of this year’s house guests are!

      • She also retaliated by destroying his cigarettes, so by no means was she innocent in all that. Evel Dick did it to play mind games. Jen Johnson did it to retaliate for what he did. He was a bully, but that’s no excuse for her destroying his property.

    • Their bad karma will hit them when they least expect it. You can be sure of that! And they can run and hide but, it matters not because when karma comes to collect—-she is going to collect with interest and penalties to boot! They would wish they were dealing with the IRS!

  45. Andy: Can I give you a check for $500,000?
    Amanda: Yes, you may!
    Helen: No, you will give it to me because you are awesome!
    Amanda: Helen, I am going to evict you and get that check!
    Helen: Amanda, I am going to evict you too but, now is not the right time! Next week for sure!

    Aaryn: Andy, just hold onto it for me, hun. When, Amanda and Helen are done evicting each other—-I will buy you some designer clothes and shoes and we are going to party.
    Andy: Sounds great, Aaryn. I will hold it for you!

  46. Big Brother has morphed into a pale imitation of the excitement and surprises of the early seasons. Contestants act by group agreement rather than by individual strategy.

  47. I have watched every season of BB and usually get live feeds. This year it is unwatchable. What a waste of my money to get live feeds. I come here for updates but haven’t watched the show or feeds for weeks. Has BB jumped the shark?

  48. You have to admit Aaryn was circling the drain for racist antics and appears now to be in control of the house. She deserves to win the way she is winning and tearing up the house. Is she a puppet? Yep….but she influences appropriately and let’s others think they are making the decisions. Watch your back

    • Aaryn is just biding her time. Once, either Helen or Amanda is evicted—-she will then, move to evict whoever is still in the house when she wins HOH! Aaryn can then, dominate the game winning HOH and POV and romp to Final 2 with no Helen or Amanda at the end! Aaryn could end up winning that $500,000! I am just commenting on the game play and still hate Aaryn as a despicable person that she is! Looking pretty good for Aaryn at this point of the game!

  49. I am so tired of everyone being afraid to be a “target” WAKE UP PPL ALL OF YOU ARE TARGETS!!!

  50. so glad i stopped watching about two weeks ago, the season keeps getting worse, already over it, bring on BBCan or the next season, and they better be well cast.

  51. The dynamic that these house guests have created for playing this game has ruined this season of BB! The HOH calls each person in to verify they will be voting in line with who the Houses target is WTF???? Helen thinking that is might be the best season of BB Yet???? No way.

  52. helen a snake of in the grass player but the girl can play the game
    amanda is just plan NUTS
    GM need to go I hope jessie win veto & gm go up & out the door
    picture candice & gm in same house lol

  53. Very disappointed with this season. Another wuss move by Andy. It will cost him. Amanda needs to go. She has bullied her way long enough. Who will have a guts to go get her? Helen, Elissa and now Aaryn are playing the smartest games, IMO.

  54. I want Helen out followed by Gina Marie then aaryn with Elissa. There’s so much hate it is sickining. I really don’t know who I want to win. I don’t care for any of them. Bring back Howard

  55. I’m also sick of the no balls voting. “Oh much as I hate I have to vote sos n so cause the puppet master said to.” Can’t any of the dumb shits think for themselves? NO I STUPID.

  56. I dont understand how one person, Helen, is running this whole game….?!?!? I agree with u Bonny…..!!!!

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