‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 7 HoH Competition Results

Big Brother 15 - Week 7 HoH spoilers

After a wild, crazy, and ultimately disappointing Double Eviction live show earlier tonight the Big Brother 15 Houseguests gathered in the backyard for the next HoH comp.

We’re expecting the comp to have involved a similar set up to what the HGs practiced on Wednesday. This could be similar to BB13’s post Double Eviction HoH tourney comp.

Read on to find out who won the comp and is the new Head of Household or you can wait until Sunday’s broadcast on CBS to find out. Hah! As if you could wait to find out! Keep going for the spoilers.

Big Brother 15 Week 7 HoH Comp Spoilers:

Andy is the new Head of Household.

Bonus news: Aaryn is a Have-Not along with GinaMarie, Helen, & Elissa.

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The Houseguests are back inside now and reacting to the comp results. You can turn on the Live Feeds or grab the Free Trial and watch them uncensored right now.

Nominations will be coming up on Friday night with the Veto competition following close behind on Saturday afternoon. We’ll keep you up to date on everything as it happens.

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  1. Well, looks like Amanda is safe…..

    Cue epic Luke Skywalker’s, “Nooooooooooooo” from many BB fans.

  2. So Andy is the new HOH. That means Amanda is still controlling the house because Andy will do what Amanda tells him to do. No balls. These people are all cowards. All of them sniffling and sniveling as the reluctantly evict one of their friends because that’s what “the house” wants……read THAT’S WHAT AMANDA WANTS!! They had the perfect opportunity to backdoor her and they get rid of Judd. Yep, because Amanda said so…..again. This is so predictable. I don’t even want to watch the Live Feeds because they’re all so smarmy, weak, lazy, floaters!!!

    • i totally agree, it’s gonna be Amanda’s HOH this week. Why are these idiots so afraid of this woman? These people are PUSSIES

      • did you miss last week, and this week? 3 people kicked howard, candice, and judd by the asian mastermind aka Helen who threatened Aaryn to backdoor judd or get kicked… like wtf if you didn’t see those episodes rewatch those eviction episodes she basically goes straight to the HoH winners each week gets her picks up on the block

      • No, saying Helen went all Jackie Chan on Aaryn’s ass to evict Judd may be racist. Saying Helen built a rairoad and steamed over Aaryn’s choices is racist. However, it’s also true. Helen uses that peer pressure gimmick on the little girls way to much. It’s going to bite her in the ass is she makes it into the F2. The jury is going to NOT reward her.

      • This is a game and nobody takes anything personal at the end. Majority of the time, it is the best player winning it provided you take a floater who has done nothing in the game!

      • Peer pressure then turns into their cheerleader when they do exactly what she wants… “you are great. We love you. I love you. Way to go!”

    • Couldn’t agree more, I was pulling for Jessie to win this because, shes obviously the only one with balls to go against Amanda, seriously, up until tonight I thought this season was okay, now It probly the worst ever next to BB9

      • I soooo agree! And I’m bummed they ended the MVP! It was the best because we could choose who goes on the block since no one in the house has any cahones

      • I agree! Why is it that this season no one can think for themselves and vote the way they want too! Its soo boring! UGH!!

      • Lol.. Julie said it Twice!! Just bc one goes to jury house… Does not mean their game is over.. She said it to the house ince and directly to Candice !!! Roast me if you want but that is the only one who remained classy yet stood her ground!! Without cheap shots.. Can’t wait when BB sends her back in and shocks the hell out of the 3 racists. It will be EPIC meltdowns!!

      • Meltdown to the tenth power, GM especailly. GM’s jaw would drop, she (GM) would stupidly get into an altercation with Candice once again showing her ignorance to the other houseguest and the rest of us, which would then lead to her being evicted. Because GM has a big mouth and you know if Candice was to come back GM would not hesitate to confront Candice about her eviction speech she made. And Candice, not one to back down would gladly let her know what the deal is. In my personal opinion, not only does GM dislike black people, espeically women, but she hate “Educated” black women.

    • Judd’s backdoor had helen written all over it. she promissed aaryn 2 weeks of safety. amanda wanted it but helen made it happen.

      • It doesn’t really matter who’s more responsible for Judd’s eviction. What she was saying is, they are all followers, and had no decision of their own.

      • Judd is too dumb to see he slit his own throat by passing up two chances to evict Amanda! He has only himself to blame! When Aaryn put him on the block, you can see Judd’s face that he could not believe he is about to be backdoored! Believe it Judd, why do you think they put you up as renom?

      • He didn’t even hug Helen goodbyeHe must have said something hurtful to Elissa when he was leaving because she said I had nothing to do with this.Elissa looked very hurt.

      • It’s amazing how these sheep think Helen can make promises for weeks she’s not going to be HOH.

    • I totally agree!!! I have stopped watching feeds… Its a waste of my money!! I wish some of them would grow a pair and take her out!!

    • I agree since when have the HOW done what the house wants…These unanimous votes are getting on my nevers

    • Aint that the truth! Just who really deserves or “EARNED” to win? They ALL actually suck! No backbone & a bunch of brown nose idiots.

  3. Great so now we know Amanda is in the house for another week. Fudgecicles!!!!

  4. Andy as HOH, oh brother. So I guess Spencer and Jessie will most likely be nominated for eviction this week since Amanda and Helen is safe. And no MVP nominee, wow this will be some interesting week. Yes even I’m disappointed.

    • Andy does not want to make any waves. I am amazed the he won HOH. Probably by mistake. He does not want that power.

    • He will allow Amanda to “pick” the Nom, count on seeing Spencer and Jessie up on the Block.

      • Well, he is Howdy Doody.

        I can just hear it now, “Who wants to see my HOH?” Cue “Jazz Hands!”

    • If there’s no MVP from the start Amanda might already been evicted for long ago. I think MVP stop at a very bad time, maybe it should just be paused coz of double eviction. I’m still willing to vote amanda for nomination

  5. The live feds would be a joke this year. Hmm wonder who Amanda oops I mean Andy will put up. Love the twists but hate the people in the house. Aaryn Nation should have been booted a long time ago. Now they know they can say or do anything and not get the boot.

  6. Well, congratulations to Andy for winning his first comp. No matter what happens in this game, it’s always nice to see a fresh face win every once in a while.

    And THANK YOU – Aaryn’s a Have Not! There is a God in the Big Brother House!

    Speaking of Aaryn, what was it that she said about nobody voting for any nominees that Andy put up (only she used a more derogatory word)? Now that there’s no MVP, she’s gonna have to eat those words, lol.

    • Because she knows he won’t be putting up anyone. Either Helen or Amanda will tell him to put up Spencer and Jessie. I hope either one of them wins POV so he has to deside to put up either Helen’s pick or Amanda’s pick. Could be interesting

    • Fresh Face????? He is the biggest snake in the house running from one side to the next and repeating everything he hears

      • Didn’t say I liked him, just said that it was nice to see somebody win a comp who hasn’t won anything yet.

  7. Andy may have the title of “HoH” this week, but we all know who’s nominations these really are: Amanda

    • yep i agree, it seems that all those who protect the queen b—— seem to get HOH, and nominate who she wants than makes a big scene so she can get her way. I think it is setup for her to win. i didn’t get the live feeds this year and glad i didn’t, bb should have booted the mean girls and miss b—- when they started the racial slurs, andy is just amanda’s puppet i wonder how long it will be before she throws him under the bus.

  8. Andy!! Really?? OMG. This season has gone from bad to worse to sickening. I hate these people. They make me wanna throw up. They are a bunch of sheep following the sheep herder Amanda. I’m so over this season. I’m done watching. Just gotta say ‘Go Jesse’. I hope she wins BB 15. Until l next year.

    • & it had the potential to be one of the best with it being longer and the mvp twist! disappointing!

      • If they had the MVP the whole time would have been great. The first 3 weeks with it being the MVE sucked

  9. So bored with it… They are boring. Nit looking forward to watching anymore. Hope Judd comes back on and wins it all!!

  10. Last year’s Big Brother was one of the best seasons, while this year’s is one of the worst. This week will be dull and predictable unless Jessie wins POV, and once she leaves there will be truly no one worth rooting for.

      • It was great except for stupid coach nonsense, it was so obvious they would become players

      • I agree Brad, and last year it was fixed for Rachel to win. If you remember everytime she was on the block eihter her or as she called him,her man won pov.Sory, i ment the year before last.lol

  11. Ok after listening to the conversation Jessie and Elissa had with Helen last night regarding the medication Aaryn is on, they are absolutely right. I was watching her do the HOH comp, and she was cool as a cucumber. She had no nerves whatsoever. Elissa said this drug helps you keep your concentration. I also believe that this is why she has such a priss face. These houseguests are going to keep screwing around and they are going to hand this girl $500,000. And to those that think she is playing the game, I don’t think so.

    • Amanda too She’s on Adderall, although it doesn’t seem to help her focus on anything but being a major B—ch!!

  12. i agree,worst year of BB yet. Andy kisses Amanda’s butt and McCrae is her puppet. Andy may win the whole thing. He just sticks to the “POWER” group. I don’t even like Helen, Andy, Amanda or McCrae. I wouldn’t mind Spencer winning the whole thing but i don’t think that will happen either. Hope its better next year and glad i didn’t waste my money on Live shows.

  13. I think the game isn’t over for the jury members because they pick the 3rd nominee

  14. watching the live show tonight I totally saw Helen running things Amanda only put the “judd needs to go” idea in her head. Helen works in politics after all and knows how to manipulate the masses and it looks as though she is guiding no one. (wrong!!!) to say that Amanda is controlling the house is ridiculous! didn’t anyone see Helen run to Aaryn after her HOH win to be sure she was ready to do her bidding??? and she stayed right with her till the noms were announced. then when she won pov Helen again kept roght on her prodding the judd rem. Helen needs to be evicted!!!

    • Helen’s ego is huge in the DR’s she takes credit for everyone being evicted. It is all I did this and My plan is …Grrrrrr her ego enters the room before she does….andy would be smart to start thinking for himself and backdoor Helen this week!

    • Helen thinks she runs house, Amanda ACTUALLY runs it. Amanda been wanting Judd out past few days, not so much Helen. Helen thinks she’s a great player but she really isn’t, and will find that out when she is voted out directly by Amanda or Aaryn

      • Amanda wants everyone out of the house. If anyone in there doesn’t they are in the wrong place.

  15. Wow…So Amanda is picking nominees this week? Only good thing about tonight, the have nots!!

  16. It’s quite clear as to who should be the winner now. Mcranda, Mean Girls (that includes Helen btw!), and a HG that might be more ridiculous than Jenn and Joe from BB14 combined, Andy, made themselves look like the biggest snakes in the game. The clear winner is Jessie. She turned her game upside down from being the “stuck-up” to BB15 sweetheart and the only one that has the guts to unmask the snakes.

  17. Amanda has spoken and Andy will carry out her demands. I still want Aaryn gone before she wins the whole bloody season!!

  18. This season is the biggest cast of losers i have ever seen in my life. This makes Jenn from BB8 look like a class act amongst all of them.

  19. It’s really ironic judd was worried about sending amanda home and how they’re in a alliance and she evicted him with no problem really dumb move.

    • And that is the King’s failings as a player. He already saw the opportunity thanks to Jessie but let it all pass.

      Even when Candice told Judd about Helen and Amanda’s MVP suspicions about him, he still wouldn’t budge.

    • Dumb move on Judd’s part. We served Amanda on the house guests twice and twice, Helen and Judd turned it down! It could have been Helen evicted instead of Judd. Just went that way. Moral of the story. When you have a big threat hanging by a thread—-cut that thread, do not save that threat because he or she could be more ruthless than you and not show you any mercy when it is you dangling by that thread!

  20. GM is one the meanest people I have ever seen ! Did u hear her tell candice at least my mom wanted me ! I cannot believe a grown woman would say anything that hurtful! I can’t imagine how her family must feel, unless they r just as mean n racist as she is !

    • I agree GM is a b…… so is amanda. Such mean nasty girls how embarrassing for their families. I am now rooting for Jessie tho she probably will be heading out soon to jury land. Please don’t let GM or amanda then Aaryn win. Spencer I could deal with the rest not so much

    • GM also called Candace a “degenerate” because she was adopted and that is why her birth mom didnt want her. She is a dispicable piece of white trash and needs to get her rear back to New York.

      • Good thing the show didn’t censor Candice and GM’s scuffle during the final plea segment.

  21. They should have told them that America was the MVP…so Amanda would know what a loser she really is! That would have really burst her bubble and started another crying tantrum…Need to bring Judd back with a twist! Need to spice whole show some way and expose Andy for his two-facedness!

    • Yes I agree they should of told them America picked amanda would be having a tantrum!!

      • I’m sure she will in the end. If ever she gets to jury, I’m sure she’ll be having the time of her life with Candice and Judd.

    • Judd got the shaft. Totally unfair. The MVP really hurt his game and that just isn’t right. He lied, so what, they all lie.

  22. Really hate the houseguests this season! They are all afraid and cant think with the brains they were born with? Helen is flying under the radar, Amanda is a big baby and bully along with Aaryn and GinaMarie someone needs to get some guts and put any of them up together or they are wasting their time playing.

  23. Am so disappointed with Bb right now. Amanda has total control of the house and sick that they all cried when Judd left get your adult panties on and make your own decisions!

    • What about when evicted Howard and majority started was all “I sadly choose to evict Howard” um if most of you are sad about it he wouldn’t be the one evicted…

    • Usually thinks start getting boring when they’re down to 5 HGs. Last season was bad, this one is worse. I going to switch over to BB Australia. Hopefully, that version is better.

  24. I honestly wouldn’t mind if Spenser went home after the comments he made masterbating to child porn he should be sent home. Him and Amanda and ayran

    • It was a frickin’ joke. (Granted he seems to be someone who’s on a list you check before you buy a house in the neighborhood.) But still it’s a joke. I’ve heard it before but I can’t remember the name of the stand-up that said it. Am actually surprised that Spencer would remember it.
      There are other comments he has made that are worse. He’s not even the worse in the house. Even Aaryn doesn’t rank any higher than 4th place.

      • Being in an environment watched by people 24/7, everything that comes out the HG’s mouths, intentional or not, will always be subject to interpretation. Spencer and the rest need to face them up to prevent their lives outside the house to be forever ruined beyond repair.

      • No sane person jokes about kiddie porn or pedophelia. Spencer is vile. He is an embarrassment to CBS and an insult to the network’s viewers.

  25. Will Andy be Helen’s b!tch or Amanda’s ginger puppet. Tune in this Sunday’s nomination highlights show to find out!

    Only on CBS!

    • I know..I am still trying to figure out who in the heck Andy is REALLY loyal to, Helen or Amanda? Anyone know for sure?

      • Andy has proven to be a true blue follower of McCranda. I don’t think he even has the guts to stand up against those two because he already have a deal with them for F4 for safety reasons. But given how everyone in the Goof Troop turned their backs on Judd, he will follow anyone who best meets his interests.

        Andy: Certified Ninja-Butterfly-Worm-Ssssssnake!

  26. It’s a shame that Judd had to be sent home since Amanda corrupted everyone else with her false information.

  27. I don’t like that Andy won. It annoys me how anytime anyone goes to him and tells him something he runs around the house telling a bunch of people.

  28. Jessie and Spencer could both be on the block. However, someone can still be backdoored yet, again! Only question is who? Helen, Amanda or Aaryn? Those 3 are the biggest threats in the house obviously.

  29. I have to disagree with most of the comments. I think this has been one of the better years so far but as some of the comments have indicated it is starting to be predictable, but hopefully someone will realize they will have to make a move and shake up the house again. The MVP was a nice twist and I do hope they bring it back but they might not want to put it in America’s hands next time. I do miss that After Dark is not on Showtime but hopefully next year it will be back.

  30. I give up on this season. I don’t even watch anymore I just come here to see if Amanda aka ‘man…da’ and arryan nation kkk lover aryan has been eliminated but sadly they are still there. also still there is racist and child porn and hitler lover spencer. this season is just one big mess!! lets not forget am a fatal attraction to anyone that has a pen..s ginamarie

  31. All the good players were voted out by the new nerd heard.Andy is a little worm.Amanda is just gross.McCray could have been one of my favorite players ever but then he got with that sheman Amanda so now I dont like him at all.Nobody on this season have any balls.Bring back the evil dick”s the Dan’s the Dr Will’s.This is the worse season ever.Could be the end of big brother.I know last night was the final straw for me.

    • You can’t compare these houseguest to the nerd heard. As much as we disliked the nerd heard at least they had balls.

      • True and power has always been shifting between the Friendship and the Sov 6 during that season up until a diminished Nerd Herd managed to make it to the end. :)

  32. So glad MVP is over!! The MVP twist was horrible, but we have mainly ourselves (America) to blame. Elissa did nothing but we continued to reward her bc her sister is a fierce competitor. So BB mixed it up. That’s when the houseguest come into play on this twist being awful. We hand Amanda to them on a silver platter not 1 but 2 weeks in a row and they all decide to “vote with the house” What is that? I predict that the MVP will be brought back in a Pandora’s box for one week (like it brought back the duo twist in bb13). Maybe by then America would actually vote on the “best player” (if one exist) instead of the best player’s sister. Maybe then the twist would work as intended.

  33. I hope next week Helen or Aaryn win HOH and they work with Elssia, GM, and Jessie or Specncer to over though Amanda.

    If they wait any longer they won’t have the votes. Mayba Andy will see without Judd he’s alone because Amanda and MC will be final 2.

  34. So……..it’s looking like this season is rigged after all. There is no way their getting Amanda out that house now. Helen has played herself and basically given the game away. GM continues to be a bigot and an idiot. Aaryn the lead racist is still around and now their trying to make people feel sorry for her and the sore loser, sometimes bigot and racist, spoiled and delusional Amanda will win it all. I’ve lost interest in this season as it seems CBS rewards horrible behavior. I mean seriously, who is left in the house to root for. Jessie will be gone this week, Helen gets mad at other houseguest for doing exactly what she does….lie,Aaryn,GM, or Spencer……seriously? Amanda….NO, McCrae….only if he got away from Amanda, Ellissa is a maybe and Andy is basically Amanda’s right hand.

    • Weirdly enough, I don’t think this season is as rigged as usual. I think CBS is actually TRYING to please the audience (ie giving us MVP so that we can put up awful Amanda) but its just backfiring lol

  35. To make this really fun then they need to put Amanda and Helen on the block. Then we will see some real action!!!

  36. Ugh another boring week of Jessie/Spencer noms. Congrats BB15 cast, I’m usually addicted to the live feeds but this cast is so awful that I legitimately don’t care to watch this boring and predictable week.

  37. Who are the 2 ppl aaryn spoke of that did not want judd up? bc no one had the balls to give him their sympathy vote.

  38. Could you all just see Amanda’s face if she was told that America actually put her skank a$$ on the block 2 weeks in a row and not Judd.

    • I can’t wait for the finale when we all get to see the look on we face when Julie says “Amanda, Judd was NOT the MVP, America was” and then Judd proceeds to win Americas Favorite. It’ll be a beautiful moment for us all.

    • I was wanting Julie to tell her so bad..wonder why she didn’t? Amanda would have had a total meltdown if she knew America couldn’t stand her..that would have been fun to watch!

      • Maybe they didn’t mention America’s vote cause that power is coming up and maybe Judd will be back….and they will STILL think he’s been the MVP. Damn dopes.

      • If he returns (or Candice/whoever) and with their paranoia, they may also assume he has a special power (like Coup D’Etat or something) and play up to him, etc. Since he “knew” right before he went up, then he should use that to his benefit and not be that gullible if/when he returns to the game.

      • I agree because last night Helen said when she was with Elissa, Aaryn, Jessie and GM that she expected either Judd or get this Jeremy to be brought back. For a supposed smart person she is not smart at all with her thinking. She said whoever it was that was brought back they needed to just vote them out right away. She said they worked hard to get out who they did and they would just do it again and not give the person another chance. She also thinks Judd and other guys are related to past players. What I never get with Helen is that it is okay for her to lie, but no one else is allowed. She thinks Judd is lying about who he is and yet she has never told what her job is. Wait until she finds out that Judd is just what he said he was and lives a simple life from a small town.

  39. Judd should have listened to Candice, but now it’s too late. He was loyal to his final 4…..too bad they weren’t loyal to him. They cry for evicting him, yet no one had the balls to stand up and vote for him.

  40. So, Amanda pulls Aaryn into the HaveNot room and tells her how awesome she is and that she will never ever doubt her again in the game and that she wants her to be in Final 4 with herself, McCrae and Andy..now, does Aaryn really think that if McCranda is in the final 4 that they will actually take Aaryn with them? If McCrae and Amanda are left in that Final 3, does Aaryn really think that she will be sitting in Final 2? I know she is a little racist and conceited biotch..but, surely she’s not that dumb! Although, the way she has been winning comps, maybe she will be the one who gets to choose who to take with her..wouldn’t that mess up CBS’s plans? I don’t think America would be happen with that outcome, Anyway, another predictable week, Andy will put up Jessie and Spencer. Ho-Hum!

  41. Didn’t think I would like Elyssa, but now I want her to win the game!! Amanda is Annoying, McCrae is a sap, Andy is a snake and the are all COWARDS!!

  42. Really liked Helen at first, CAN NOT stand her or Amanda now. For that matter I do not like Ginna Marie, Aaryn, Andy, Jessie or Spencer…..That just leaves McCray, and Elissa…..This season has been the lowest of the low…..

  43. I just read a post that said Amanda will win it all because she is a friend of a CBS producer. If that is true, Nobody will watch
    BB ever again and this year will be it’s last.
    I hope this is not true, it would be very unfair and at the
    expense of someone deserving losing $500.000.
    Hard to believe but that is what the posting said.

  44. I have watched BB for years; I don’t know where they got these contestants from, but they don’t know how to talk with each other, especially Amanda. I hope that she gets voted out next.

  45. I admit I have no life but how can so many get so emotional about a silly show filled with a bunch of bigots, tools and a bubble-head bleach blonde straight out of “Jersey Shore”? God, could you imagine a foreign visitor’s reaction if this was his first taste of what America is really like?

    • Seriously, you are concerned about what a foreigner thinks about a stupid reality show? Your life must be fraught with worry over what others think about your every move.

  46. Let me get this straight. The HG’s who are lying, making alliances and playing the game, just voted Judd out for doing the same thing. Can you say hypocrites? No winner this season because they are all losers.

  47. I couldn’t even post last night because I was so disappointed in the whole thing. This season is truly the worst season ever. I see just about everyone agrees and even past HGs that have played have tweeted their disgust and disappointment with this season. At one point Aaryn said I wonder if when we get out we find out that people didn’t like us or our season. Something close to that and I actually shouted at the TV that all of them are in for a rude awakening when they learn how disgusted we are by all of them for their behavior, remarks, and their non-playing methods of voting in a block and afraid to make moves. Every HOH is run by Amanda and Helen. Amanda decides who goes and makes sure Helen hears some lie that she always believes and runs with it to make sure that person goes. Both Amanda and Helen are lucky in the sense that all these HGs are followers and none are leaders. If this was a different crew Amanda and Helen would never be able to be pull these things off. I was further disappointed that Julie didn’t tell these HGs that we were the ones responsible for putting Amanda up so we could get to see the look on her face. Jessie was the only one who was willing to make a move and flip the house, but there were no takers. Andy the rat is just that. Elissa may be sympathetic to what was said, but that’s not enough because that’s not a game move to do anything. I don’t get this notion of “no blood on your hands.” Even Dan Gheesling tweeted something about how they needed to put on latex gloves if they were afraid to get blood on their hands.

  48. l can’t understand why CBS HAS allowed some of the remarks to continue. This is the worst season yet.

  49. Told. Ya America! You didn’t listen to me! Now you people are getting racist.and they are playing their game!! I DON’T SEE YOU ON BB15!!!! Lol

  50. Whoever thinks it is Amanda that is running the house is sooo wrong, How about HELEN?


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