Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Thursday Night Highlights


Amanda and Helen’s paranoia came to fruition in the Big Brother 15 house as Helen forced Aaryn to put up Judd so the house could blindside him. So a lot of the night afterward was a lot of guilt and tears for what they all did to Judd. Not even one pity vote to one of the best personalities of the season. We also got to find out who the brand new HOH is. And it’s not exactly who you’d expect.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, Aug. 7, 2013

7:04 PM BBT – Feeds return after the live show. Everyone seems upset that they just back-stabbed Judd and sent him out without any of his belongings.

7:07 PM BBT – Helen is telling Aaryn and the others they made a fantastic move getting Judd out. Helen keeps blabbing on and on and on.

7:15 PM BBT – They’re all still mourning Judd like he was taken from them and not like they just sent him out the door.

7:24 PM BBT – GinaMarie is defending why she had to stand up to Candice tonight on live television. No one seems to care that she made an awful jab about Candice being adopted on live television.

7:28 PM BBT – Amanda got Judd out so now she starts talking about him coming back into the game. This will likely be her new obsession/thing to be paranoid about.

7:30 PM BBT – Amanda thanks Aaryn for doing what she did and swears she’ll never doubt her again. She says their final four with McCrae and Andy is solid.

7:34 PM BBT – Spencer tells GinaMarie to never speak of the “Grasshopper” alliance being real because that’s one of the things that sent Judd home. Everyone thought he made it up.

7:51 PM BBT – Helen says this is probably the best season of Big Brother ever. Hmm. Doubtful.

8:00 PM BBT – Aaryn calls Candice racist. No, really. She did. I promise. Can’t make this stuff up.

8:40 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the next Head of Household competition.

10:01 PM BBT – Feeds return. Andy wearing HOH key. Amanda is upset and crying because she lost another competition. She’s yelling at McCrae because he apparently knocked her out of the competition.

10:03 PM BBT – Aaryn, Helen, Elissa and GinaMarie volunteered to be have-nots so Andy wouldn’t have to pick.

10:10 PM BBT – Amanda is still upset and says she feels like a sore loser.

10:30 PM BBT – Andy tells Amanda he will put up Jessie and Spencer and will promise Spencer he is not going home. He’s afraid to put anyone else up against her because she might not go home.

11:00 PM BBT – Andy and McCrae are both crying about Judd being gone. These people are so confusing.

11:15 PM BBT – Aaryn and others going through her HOH basket.

11:25 PM BBT – GinaMarie says Candice did not leave with any class.

12:10 AM BBT – HGs discussing who could get voted back in. Aaryn doesn’t think Candice has a shot after her blow-up tonight.

12:50 AM BBT – Andy gets his HoH room.

1:15 AM BBT – The backyard is open again. HGs get alcohol.

2:40 AM BBT – HGs discussing the first eviction and what GinaMarie said to Candice about being adopted and her mom not wanting her. They agree it wasn’t funny.

2:45 AM BBT – Jessie asks Elissa if she should be worried about nominations. Elissa says Andy will talk to the house and follow what they want.

3:05 AM BBT – Helen, GinaMarie, Elissa, and Aaryn discussing whether or not Spencer should go before Jessie.

3:15 AM BBT – Judd’s final two dealings being out’d by Elissa, Aaryn, & GM.

3:25 AM BBT – Aaryn promises GinaMarie she’ll be safe this week and Jessie is the target.

So now that Judd is out, it will be interesting to see which of their allies Helen and Amanda become obsessed with getting out next. I’m going to predict Elissa! But for this week it looks like Andy will go the easy route and target Jessie. Unless Helen or Amanda tell him otherwise.

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  1. Once again the two witches are running HOH. No one has balls. Grow balls people. Amanda or Helen will win if you don’t. Geez.

    • Heck, Amanda is one scarey witch. I would not want to be stuck in that house with her, but hope someone grows some balls and gets her out soon. She is one mean person!!!

  2. So ridiculous that they voted out Judd. I wish they would reveal America was MVP so they realize how stupid and paranoid everyone’s being. And what wis with Helen’s “jazz hands” when she evicted him last night? I hate how she seems to delight in sending people home then cried to them as they go out the door.

    • Thank Grodner and Co. They had to tinker with the MVP and it ended up costing him his game…

    • Yeah but that’s the whole point. They want them to be paranoid about the MVP over the past couple of weeks. They had to blame someone and in their world Elissa had been using it in the beginning so it must have shifted to another hg. I think it was the right call to NOT tell them at this point. Inject paranoia then sit back and see what happens. lol

    • Who was Aaryn referring to when she said that all but 2 houseguests came to her and said that Judd was playing her?

  3. this people are unreal I wish we could see their reaction after BB is over and the consequences of their behaviour becomes clear to them or not since they are so ignorant it seems to me that been an awful human been gets rewarded with all the anti bulling going on this to me seems like 10 steps backward itt is awful and painful to watch Ginamarie last night comments to Candice should have had her booted out BB I just do not understand

    • Totally agree that Gina Marie’s comments were awful, but props to Candice who started it an got some good jabs in as well. Gina Marie’s were not just mean comments they were cruel and that is hitting way below the belt. Wand Gina Marie gone because she is just cruel, Helen because she is becoming a worse bully than Jeremy, and Amanda for being the horrible human being that she is.

  4. Okay I have decided to just watch on Thursday’s. This is so ridiculous. Jessie and Spencer should just go ahead and nominate themselves at this point. They are going up every week. Elissa you are next. Then maybe this season will start.

  5. So Spencer going on the block the 5th straight week in a row and prob won’t be thrown out, for a large guy he sure is good at dodging bullets

  6. You all can thank Boyer and in turn America for the eviction of JUDD, the blood is on your hands

  7. To be fair, the BB15 houseguests doesn’t see what we see and they’re basically on their own playing the game.

    It’s just that it’s frustrating to see a lot of them aren’t willing to go and stand up against Helen and McCranda. Maybe it’s because they know they have the most power in the house but sometimes the game in general is becoming stale when the dominance of power doesn’t shift as often as it should.

    Although one silver lining would be the possible return of one jury member to the house in a few weeks time. Hopefully BBUS won’t repeat the mistake made by BBCan by allowing jury members to talk about the jury house to the remaining HG’s as it basically equivalent to sharing info from the outside world (I think lying what they know can be permitted). That or maybe put them to sequestration for the meantime.

    Likely the public will have the power to send 1 jury member back to the game before Final 4 so I have a feeling the odds may be in favor to both Candice and Judd. If Jessie and Elissa get evicted in the succeeding weeks, methinks Jessie might have a slightly higher probability to return than Elissa to be brought back.

    And I think everyone can agree Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Aaryn, Andy, Spencer, and GinaMarie all have a little to basically zero chance to return if any of them fail to reach final 4 and final 3.
    *I apologize for the uber long post. I just have so much to say after watching the episode. :D

    • “they know they have the most power ”
      They don’t have sh1t. The only power they have is because all the other are giving it to them.

    • “allowing jury members to talk about the jury house to the remaining HG’s”
      Not a problem if it’s done at F7. At F4, then it’s a problem.

    • At least Aaryn is actually winning HOH; the others couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag.

      • I actually think she is really good, but agree the others are horrible at any an all competitions. The only ones Aaryn did not win were the ones that she did not play. If she plays she wins so I think that pretty much makes her great in comps.

      • Basically everyone remaining in the game has had won at least a competition except for Amanda. If she continues this losing comp streak, I’ll be a happy camper.

      • Yea, lets see how long it takes them to realize that she has won, what 3 times as the HOH and at least once as POV? If they truly do play the game and vote according to game play, since they all keep saying “it’s just a game,” (yeah, right) then they would have to give Aaryn the money. She has kept herself safe.

      • Come on now KKK are you serious. She did not like the girl, but wow putting a white hood on her is ridiculous.

      • BS.. u must be a relative. . Paula Dean lost her empire by saying the N… word 30 yrs ago and this white trash has been bad mouthing blacks and Asians….did she not tell Helen to make rice? or have someone hit Helen in the head to make her eyes straight?
        What is she just a Jr KKK member?

      • Those HOH felt in her lap because of the ineptitude of the other. Not because she very good.

  8. Note to Helen, this is NOT one of the best seasons ever… actually I would rank in the bottom 3 and Helen is also NOT one of the best power players ever, if she were playing with smarter contestants she would be voted out by now because she plays too hard and too across the board.

    • I would rank it the worst. So much so that this may turn me off. Waited for months to see it and it has been awful.

      • Of the three Anglophone BB’s on the air right now, I suggest you get started with Australia’s BB to relief yourself from the frustration with this season like I did before going back to the mayhem of the US version. :D

      • It’s on Youtube, search BBAU.

        It’s everything BBUS can and probably should be. Everyone there is on game mode even on nominations despite not being allowed to discuss them. And the Aussie housemates are always expecting the unexpected.

  9. Go Jessie! Win POV! I hope Jessie gets off and they backdoor either Helen or Amanda! It is a good opportunity to backdoor someone! Let it be Amanda or Helen!

    • Andy will never go against Amanada and Helen is the best chance of rallying the rest of the house against Amanada. Hopefully Spencer or Jessie leave and Helen gets everyone else, except Amanda, Andy and Mc to turn on Amanda

      • Helen & McCrae made a deal that Amanda will be backdoored . Mc said that he was cool with it but he did not want to be the one to do it. Elissa was in the room when they sealed the deal. Helen is getting all the strong players (mental) out and leaving the weak for her to manipulate. Helen cannot manipulate Amanda .. Andy will do it with McCreas approval … Cause Helen will threaten Andy. Helen has Elissa GM Jessee & Aaryn. 3 votes this week is all it will take. I hope Amanda gets blindsided just like Judd.. Karma is a bitch..

      • I hope that will be the case. That’s one of the few things I like about Helen. Such a shame the rest aren’t up to speed to match the three dominating powers in the house (I’ll give props for Jessie at least because she’s smart enough to know she can’t let Amanda get the best of her and we know who won the latest round of Amanda versus Jessie/Candice and it wasn’t the one who went out the door).

      • Hope you are right because Amanda will freak out when she gets put on the block and once, more when evicted! Her look of shock will be a classic! LOL

      • I didn’t watch the feeds last night. When did this deal took place? I really hope this will happen, but I’m worried about Aaryn, coz she has a tendency to reveal secrets.

      • Do you know when this deal took place..I would love to watch it on flashback? Maybe that is why Helen told Andy today that is she were HOH she would put up Amanda and McCrae, to throw him off.

      • Judd was robbed of his game because of everyone blaming him for being MVP and putting up Queen Amanda. Not fair to Judd at all.

      • If the plan gets hatched and Helen approves it, Andy will go along with it because he will be a scared cat if he does not! There would be hell to pay and he knows he will be the next target!

  10. “7:51 PM BBT – Helen says this is probably the best season of Big Brother ever.”
    Can someone be more delusional than that ? NOT

  11. GM should be ashamed of herself. I would like to see her face when she finds out she has lost her job.

      • I feel bad for all NYers.. As she self proclaimed she reps for NY. She’s a disgrace to NY!!

      • Im from NY this bitch is not from NY idc what anybody says. New Yorkers dont act the way GM acts. She has to be from Jersey or something.

  12. “2:45 AM BBT – Jessie asks Elissa if she should be worried about nominations. Elissa says Andy will talk to the house and follow what they want.”
    Hello McFly. This is BIG BROTHER, for god sake. Why don’t they just divide up the money right now and save us the suffering of watching these bozos follow the leader.
    Off my soap box.

  13. Can we all agree this isn’t big brother, it is now a show were ppl can be controlled. That’s not the point of this show!

  14. I tried to listen closely to the conversations last night especially when there were only two people talking. From what I gather Judd wasn’t doing anything different than anybody else in that house. He kept people laughing with his antics which is why several of them were upset when he was voted out. Several of the things they “blamed” on Judd were not lies and the actual truth but it ended up getting twisted in order to cover the backsides of a couple of the hg’s who had actually told the lie in the first place.
    I thought Judd was playing a pretty good game. You could tell he loved BB and was so stoked to be there. I was sad to see him go because he was a bit of sunshine in a paranoid world. lol

    • Judd left because Amanda wanted him to…plain and simple. She was convinced he was the only one in the house who would put her up…being the MVP and all….and convinced everyone else. Wait till they see how loyal he was to Amanda/McCrae/Andy. What a bunch of dopes.

  15. No one is playing their own game! They are all playing follow the leader and just doing what everyone else wants to do. It is so boring and predictable to watch! No one wanted to really evict Judd, they just did it because that’s what “the house” was doing… AKA Amanda. They are all cowards and too afraid to make their own decisions in the house. They need to all come together and overthrow Amanda! I think Helen has a lot to do with this season’s “do what the house wants instead of what you want” thing. It’s so annoying.

  16. I am still in mourning over Judd’s eviction. I can’t believe it. I hope there will be a twist where America votes him back into the house and he win’s HOH right away and puts up Amanda and Helen for eviction. That would be the perfect revenge. He did nothing to them and there stupid paranoia got to the rest of the house.

    • I think he would put up Helen and Jessie. Jessie is the one who stabbed him in the back the worst

      • What did Jessie do? Jessie is all alone in the house with no allies. She is fighting to just stay in the game. Judd got evicted because he ignored Jessie’s warning about Amanda, he ignored Candice’s warning about Amanda and refused to evict Amanda twice when he had the chance! Dumb moves by Judd which got him evicted! If Judd got evicted, it is because he did not use his head! So, whose fault is it but, Judd’s!

  17. I honestly hope they just get Jessie out this week. It stops that never ending train. I see it going like this the next couple of weeks

    Then top 3 is Mcrae, Amanda, and Helen
    I guarantee this is what is going to happen unless the house guests grow a pair and throw Amanda out the door. Ideally, Elissa (The underdog at the beginning) and Candace (probably the sassiest competitor ever) will make the final two, in my opinion. But that can only happen if Candace comes back.

  18. Don’t turn your back on Helen unless you want to be stabbed. This creature is the dragon lady of BB15.

    • But not very smart. She is taking out all of the people she will need to get Amanda out eventually. Instead of evicting Howard, she should have tried to work out an alliance deal with him and Spencer. Then with her, Jessie, Elissa, Howard, Spencer and Candice (and maybe even GM) should could have turned the tables on Amanda. At this pint, I think Helen has only Elissa and Jessie as real allies and Amanda is going to pick them off one by one, with Helen’s help!

      • Helen needs to foresee all possibilities if she wants to make it to Final 3, including pleasing the jury, in particular a possible returning jury member that could end up getting evicted early enough to share what he/she knows in his 2nd time in the house.

  19. Truth be told IF and that’s a big if, Helen and Amanda were in the house with stronger players they would be gone. The first strong player was Nick that they got rid of. If you had 6 or 7 strong players in there the house would be changing power every time they changed HOH. With only 2 nothing changes, hence the boring season.

    • If the floaters just used their heads, there is no reason not to evict the stronger players. You have numbers going for you and can take down the 3 strong players in the house if you form a strong alliance and back each other up! They are also playing for $500,000 which should be more than enough incentive to take the strong players out of the game! In Survivor, they always take the strong players out first even on day 1!

  20. Dear BB.. Let America Vote to send Candice back in as an Hoh surprise!! That would set some serious wrongs to right.. After all racists remarks and pure hate aimed directly at her.. She earned it.. More so then any competition the hg’s could battle over and win. Plus ratings would skyrocket!! Candice would nom 2 of three rasicts..

      • No, Judd does not know how to play the game. If Jessie is evicted, I will vote for Jessie. If not, Candice. Atleast, Candice is sure to go after Aaryn and Amanda if given a chance. Judd will just go along as usual—-follow Amanda’s like a puppy! He is a lousy player who does not deserve a 2nd chance!

      • Candice is a horrible player and would get booted back out again. Judd would turn the house upside down and get out Helen and Amanda.

      • There’s a lot of pros and cons when it comes to Candice. For one, she can’t play decent game but she doe make it up by winning word wars with Amanda and GinaMarie. If only she have not only good jabs and but also good game.

      • I do believe if Candice had Not been under attack on such a personal level her game would have been entirely different.. After all she figured out each alliance.. Before anyone else. Basically every single hg saw and wittnessed the remarks aim directly at her. Yes clearly turned into sheep because not one of them wanted that directed at them.

      • True, the hateful atmosphere have really blinded her from playing the game.

        But she could have also dealt with things that could have save her butt from eviction like getting a good hint that Spencer was trying to rally the house against Amanda. He was only lying about throwing Candice under the bus to save both her and Howard. I wish she could have seen that.

      • She could of campaigned to stay but instead she put all of that on Helen to do. All candace did was stay in bed. If after the Amanda attack she would of gone with Helen and Elissa and tried to talk game and put hurt feelings aside with Aaryn and Jessie she would still be here, but instead she went to bed. The girl just had no idea how to play the game at all.

      • Cherie, I beg to differ, you must have been watching a different show, your comment is very SAD if I may add

  21. Helen if Judd was MVP do you think he would keep refusing to go with the plan to remove Amanda. Then telling Aaryn she made this bold move. Really? You put a gun to someones head and say do this or you get it. That is bold? Helen is delusional if she thinks this season is i one of the best. Saying Judd is sneaking around scheming when you have Andy the “rat” scurrying around is just laughable.

  22. As much as I hate to see Candice go, it sure was a joy to see Judd go too, Judd leaving is exactly what happens when he allign himself with the wrong people, he wasn’t stable with his game, he was looking for a showmance with Aaryn or Jessie and get bounced by the same Aaryn who had just kissed and moon him. In short, the men in the house has no balls, they are all followers. I bet you he was shocked when Aaryn put him on the hot seat, that’s what happens when you dance with the devil and play evil, he was against Candice and guess what, he is sitting in the jury room with Candice who never did anything to him but defended herself from the likes of Amanda, Ginamarie and Aaryn. Karma sure have a way of displaying revenge, how sweet it is to see him evicted with out his belongings, ha ha ha ha ha, now it is time for the other big mouth racist to go starting with Ginamarie, Aaryn and Amanda then follow by that little weasel tattletale Andy.
    Weasel in a good way not for being Gay guys for clearification. Ginamarie, is a disgrace, she can’t speak, can’t write, her language is white ebonics, street talk what a dumb ass and also a jackass with no class.

    • Judd was shocked all right. Did you see his face when Aaryn nominated him as replacement and he sat down? He was in utter disbelief but, he knew what was coming which is the backdoor! Jessie warned you about Amanda, Candice warned you about Amanda and you passed on evicting Amanda twice! He deserved to be evicted because he did not use his head!

      • Spot on, Richie, he looked like a lost puppy, I laughed my ass off when I saw the look on his face, well observed

      • He did just not the one on his shoulders!!! Lol he was shocked because aaryn did to him what he was planning on doing to Jesse.. Priceless

      • Just minutes earlier when Aaryn won HoH, she jumped into Judd’s arms and wrapped her legs around him. Poor guy had no idea..

    • GM is as low class as they come. That’s why she can’t stand being show up by “the blacks”.

      • she was being called out hard on national television. Would you sit by and let it happen? i wouldnt.

      • So she responded to being called a low class racist by being a low class racist? Cool strategy.

      • she didnt say anything about race. is it racist to defend yourself against someone, who happens to be black, blasting you on national tv?

      • GM is white trash. Calling someone a “degenerate” simply because they are adopted and that is the reason her birth mother gave her up..that is none of GM’s business..she is scum. She, along with Aaryn attacked Candace on a regular basis, I don’t blame Candice for fighting back.

      • You don’t understand what I was saying. You don’t call someone a “degenerate” simply because they were adopted. I never mentioned the word racist. She is scum and white trash in my opinion. The comments she made to Candace on live TV about her mom were despicable.

      • Gellie, get your brain out of your ass and stop defending the facts that everyone else is talking about, GM, Aaryn and now Amanda are all racist and you too in disguise.

      • I love it. “you disagree with me on what malicious racism constitutes so you must be racist.” Classic.

      • Denying racism when it’s slapping you in the face is racist, and a pathetic attempt to gaslight and discredit the experiences of people of color. Outright discrediting the experiences and judgment of people of color and assuming you know better than them what is racist is presumptuous and ridiculous.

      • Have you been watching the same show everyone else has been watching? You know, where GM constantly says derogatory things about blacks unprompted and for no reason?

        Not to mention she initiated the final confrontation with Candice in the first place talking about ‘Don’t let the door hit you in the a**”. Pure Trash. Don’t know why you’re defending this girl unless you’re a racist.

      • “Dont let the door hit you in the ass” is racist? do you honestly think that was fueled by race? How ignorant are you? And yes i have been watching, and i have seen racial hate. Ive seen racial jokes, but no hate. Ive seen regular hate between two individuals tho, but its not racially charged.

      • You are purposefully misreading everything everyone is telling you. GM’s and Aaryn’s entire unfounded animosity toward Candice is fueled by racism and PROBABLY jealousy that she’s a real NFL cheerleader and Beauty queen and they are just a couple of wannabes. Candice is clearly offended by said “racial jokes’, not to mention those jokes are ignorant and untrue.

        They are bullying her by calling her “Shaniqua” and saying she said “axed” and she’s “ghetto”, none of which applies since her name is Candice, she’s a speech therapist so I’m pretty sure she knows how to pronounce words, and she hasn’t acted low class or ghetto, unlike trash-bucket GM. So basically they are trying to marginalize her based on a bunch of ignorant black stereotypes that Candice is nothing like, which is OBVIOUSLY RACIST to everyone else on this board but you. Reevaluate your life.

      • Ill clear this up because it seems some people only watch the TV. Aaryn said to GM that she had her saying axed, not to Candice. The Shaniqua comment was from Amanda, and amanda is racist, and thats obvious.
        If thats the case, is it ok to call GM white trash? Thats racially charged…

      • Aaryn DID call Candice Shaniqua, and also said that Candice said “Axed”; you can youtube that since they won’t let me post links. Neither Candice nor Howard said anything about GM or Aaryn being white trash, displaying a heck of a lot more restraint and class than either of those ignorant twats. Aaryn, Amanda, and Gina Marie are all racist.

      • Also, do you think maybe they dont like her because their personalities clash and it has nothing to do with racism?

      • Exactly and add to that the Spencer lie about the hat. Go try staying in a sorority house and you will see cat fighting no different than what you see these girls well without the cruelty that Gm did last night or Amanda’s rants. Girls do not like girls. It seriously not because of just her race. Did you watch BBAD last night where they stated that Candace slammed doors, borrowed other people things without asking and did not put them back and did not clean up after herself and that was not Aaryn or GM or Amanda saying it but Andy and Spencer and Helen and Elissa. Girls do not like girls that borrow their things without asking pure and simple that that has nothing to do with race but with simple courtesy and manners. That is just the truth, and that does not condone in anyway what GM and Amanda said about Candice at all.

      • If that were the case, then they should just said that to her instead of attacking her based on racist stereotypes. Also, the racial jokes started way before last night so that’s not really an excuse. I’m sure since Candice knew she was going home she didn’t give a crap about cleaning up.

      • She didn’t know she was going home on the first night did she. I agree that Candice is owed a ton of apologies from all in that house, and I also agree they should of done just what you said, but I just wish that they would of taken them all in a room and sat down with them and explained to the clueless idiots why Candice and Howard were so offended and educate the idiots on why racially hurtful statements like they made are wrong. A lot of people in the world make racially hurtful comments all the time, and I think to see that on the show would of brought a lot of education on what is and what is not acceptable and why to a lot of people. Of course CBS and BB did not want to do that which would of at least made them empathize with Candice and Howard because CBS and BB wanted the ratings.

      • Both Amanda AND Candice told Aaryn the things she said were racist and offensive and she dismissed it entirely and continued anyway. What more explanation does she need? It was very clearly her choice to continue her behavior. Amanda and GM are ALSO old enough and have been around enough to know that these stereotypes are offensive and yet they also CHOOSE to continue the behavior.

      • If it was just about their personalities, then there would be no need to resort to racist attacks bc they would have something specific to be angry at Candice about.

        Candice hasn’t done anything to them for them to be attacking her with racial stereotypes. They have to use racial stereotypes against Candice because they have no real reason to have beef with her.

        They’re not even attacking her over something she’s actually done in the game. Instead GM starts saying she doesn’t like Candice because she’s trying to be white and they think she’s fat and in the same breath says she needs to “turn down the blackness”. What does that even mean? Oh, right, she’s RACIST.

      • Do you actually watch the show. I am sorry but if you took my belongings without asking me I would not like you either. Candice did that so she needs to take responsibility for that. Someone that did pageants should of known better than to do that, and for Candice to of done pageants she knows how girls feel about their own belongings. That was not nice.

      • So why couldn’t they just say that to her? Why did they resort to racist attacks? And why were they racist at the beginning before any of that?

      • Most of that house are total dumbass idiots with the mentality of a flea and no one I guarantee it has bothered to explain to these clueless immature idiots anything and that inappropriate racial comments are WRONG. I mean the GM girl things that a guy she knew what 9 days is going to marry her. I mean their mentality is sorely lacking and they are not the brightest tools in the shed. I hope that at the least BB has the sense to bring a therapist at least in the jury house and sit down with the clueless idiots and educate them so at least they will go out of this with a clear understanding that what they did was wrong and hurtful and unacceptable. I think that would be worth much more than any $500,000 that they might win.

  23. My favorite discussion from last night’s episode was when Helen said that “they” have never done anything to her. I think that Candice was telling them that it was wrong to leave people in the house who have said and done such nasty things and made disparaging remarks, and Helen’s defense was that she had not been directly offended. Wait until you watch the show, Helen! What an idiot!

    • Other than the mean girls, are there anyone else in the house who were aware about Rice-gate?

      • I thought that there was an entire group of people standing there, but I may have it confused with Aaryn’s Asian nail technician bit that she did in the kitchen.

      • Rice-gate happened when the three mean girls were on the hammock. Everyone else were either somewhere near the smoking/billiard area or inside.

      • I remember 3 peoples were in the hammock. Aaryn, Ginamarie and, I’m pretty sure the 3rd one was Kaitlyn.

      • Did he tell Helen? Although if he did, I think Helen might have dismissed it after lying to her about TMC.

    • Speaks volumes IMO. Helen doesnt care, and she’s one of the “victims”. Meanwhile on this site, every white guy is taking unbelievable offense. Its so phony.

      • Helen didn’t see it, and so far Aaryn has not been daring enough to say it to her face.

        You’re not taking offense because you’re probably racist.

      • Ah there it is! I’ve been waiting for someone to call me racist because they disagree with me. seems to be the new trend.

      • It’s because you keep defending racist behavior, obviously. But you’re too racist to see that.

      • No, im defending the label of “racist” that you seem pretty eager to throw around even though you dont quite understand what you’re saying.

      • Racist: A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

        I understand quite well. Is your argument that a person who says and does racist things or defends racist behavior is not a racist? Because that’s a ridiculous argument.

      • Did you get the superiority complex from them? i didnt. i saw racial jabs, but nothing that seemed to say she thought her race as a whole was better.

      • They are attacking her a mocking her with racial stereotypes that don’t even apply to Candice. Calling her “Shaniqua” when her name is Candice and saying she needs to “turn down the blackness” is clearly indicating they think she’s inferior. They’re trying to shove this girl into box based on their ignorant racist assumptions.

      • i dont think that is implying they feel they’re better than her though. I just think thats their idea of ribbing. It’s in bad taste, but i dont think its malicious

      • GM said welfare is “N-word” insurance, even though she’s the one on welfare and Candice isn’t. The mental gymnastics she has to do to justify that one is astounding.

        They are clearly maliciously attacking her. The whole bed tipping incident with Aaryn and GM getting in Candice’s face was a malicious attack for absolutely no reason. In ADDITION to all the racist attacks they did that night.

      • I think she said that because shes stupid. She didnt come up with that term – lots of people say that. And i dont think the bed flipping was racially charged. I think they were both pissed because they didnt do what aaryn wanted them to do during her HOH week.

      • No, she said that because she is Racist. Stop insulting everyone’s intelligence. Somehow Elissa and Jessie manage to go about their daily lives and exist in that house without saying offensive things like that, so her behavior is ridiculous.

      • GM, by the way she talks, is very uneducated. I think we can agree on that. I think shes just ignorant to what shes saying.

      • You very clearly must think people on this board and people of color are not intelligent enough to discern racism from normal mean stupidity, otherwise you wouldn’t be here making ridiculous arguments.

      • wow. thats a rediculous assumption. am i not allowed an opinion? When did i ever say anything like that? I’m insulted that you would even insinuate that that is what i think. Im sharing an opinion. Sorry you dont like it.

      • If you watched the feeds and once again not defending the act Candice was outside of the door making really mean comments after Nick or who it was that was kicked out that night and once again, GM, was egging that one one, but it was anger about who just got sent home and the egging on comments she was making on the other side of the door. In no way defending the action because it was Really WRONG and MEAN, but there were other circumstances that were not shown on the show.

      • Agree with all else you said Gellie but do say I do think a lot of it was extremely malicious.

  24. I’ve had bosses, coworkers, and classmates like Aaryn, GM, and Amanda. They’re all extremely racist but they’ll never believe it about themselves.They’re delusional and need to feel superior to black people to boost their fragile self esteem. Candice is everything they’re not; I absolutely believe GM is pressed that Candice is a real beauty pageant queen and she’s just a long time wannabe. I’m glad America is finally getting to see what these people are like, and that people of color are not making it up when they say racism effects their everyday life. Rest assured, if the cameras weren’t live 24 hrs people would have only seen the edited show and then accused Candice of “playing the race card’ on poor innocent Aaryn.

    • Working in a fairly large office when I was still working before our large layoffs, I had to deal with the likes of Aaryn, GM, Amanda and there were supervisors and managers too! I did not deal with it in fear. Sure they had powers over you but, I played it the Big Brother way! I smiled at their faces the same way they smiled at me with their treacherous faces. I compiled evidence of their incompetence to use against them and went over their heads when I had the chance. I did not waffle nor say now is not a good week to do so! I went after a supervisor and manager who were trying to ruin my character among other things. The manager got reprimanded by her superior and the supervisor who was rotten trying to destroy others got his career destroyed by me! He can never figure out why he cannot get any promotion. Why would he when he is damaged goods and I gave him a dose of his own medicine. Unlike, him I just proved he was incompetent and a person not to be trusted by anyone!

    • I wish but know it will never be shown on TV. During Aaryn’s second HOH the clip from Live Feeds of GM and AAryn in the HOH Bathroom raising arms while saying ” white Power” it is time stamped on joker’s updates.. These girls know they are being racist. So does the rest of house. Look at Amanda at first she stood against it all.. Then she changed to be included on it only to keep from having them go after her as they did against Howard and Candice..

      • So, please enlighten me. Why do you think GM and Aaryn decided to say the racist things that they did, unprompted?

      • What they said was racist, yes. But was it malicious hate spewing? no. Theres a difference. Labelling them as “racists” means that they legitimitely hate other races, which i havent gotten from them.

      • Please explain to me the difference. Malicious hate spewing is when you have on a Klan hood? You’re right, though. If they were legitimate racists the human body has a way of shutting that whole thing down.

      • No malicious hate spewing would be non-joking distain for another race as a whole. Hating Candice isnt racist. Hating Candice because of her skin color is.

      • So saying they don’t like Candice and that she needs to “turn down the blackness” isn’t hating her because of her skin color? Why are you twisting yourself into knots trying to defend these racist idiots?

      • Are you nuts or something? WHO in that house had on a clan hood? No one and sorry but that is ridiculous.

      • You missed it and been in a sorority house in college and what went on in that house is no different than girls who do not like one another in a sorority house. It is a lot of mean girls, not racist, angry at a girl who one feels destroyed her hat, yes a lie made up by Spencer but not corrected, and who took their things without asking them and did not put them back, slammed doors which is inconsiderate, and did not clean up about herself. Where they wrong in what they said yes completely, and was what GM said to Candice unfair, mean, horrid, cruel and sorry but cannot come up with enough words to describe how awful what GM did to Candice was on last nights show, and what Amanda did to her she needed to be biotch slapped for yes, and Aaryn needs to grow the Heck up and get out of that high school mentality and apologize, but to label them all as white hooded clansmen is beyond ridiculous. Mean and cruel yes, but racist no. They all liked Howard excluding that biotch Amanda who I think liked him to but he would not show any interest in him, so no the label of Racist does not fit, but mean, immature, ignorant definitely does.

      • Not everyone racist dons a Klan hat. I was indicating that just because they are not wearing a Klan hood doesn’t mean what they are saying is not malicious and racist. You AGAIN missed the point.

        And you also never addressed why they made fun of Asians for no reason. What did Helen do to them? They are attacking these people based on racial stereotypes that neither Candice, Howard, or Helen have displayed. Why do you think Howard was just as offended at the things they did to Candice even though they weren’t directed toward him? Because the things they said and did to her were racist. This is RACISM. Stop trying to justify it.

      • I agree what they did was be mean and made comments that were malicious and based on racial stereotypes do not get me wrong on that one. I agree 100 percent on that. That does not make someone a racist. It makes them stupid, ignorant, dumb, hateful, mean and other things but not necessarily a Racist. You are trying so hard to justify that they are that you refuse to see anyone’s point but that of your own. I also am not saying that they definitely are not but just because they said things that are malicious and based on racial stereotypes that does not brand them as a Racist. Amanda has said on the feeds that she is a Racist and after the fight that she had with Candice at the competition I do tend to think she may of for once told the truth.

      • So saying racist things doesn’t make you a racist? Someone is only a racist if they admit they are a racist like Amanda?

        You can say whatever racist things you want to outloud but as long as you don’t admit it’s racist, it’s okay? Come on, now.

      • Because she took people’s things without asking, slammed doors, did not pick up after herself, and the Spencer incident did not help. Geez it had Zero to do with her color but they were mad at her for doing that and yes I guess they could of said biotch stop that, and yes they resorted to racial name calling, but to say they belong to the KKK because of that is just blatantly nuts. It is more because they were mad and being catty biotchy girls.

      • You have very little reading comprehension. Are you seriouisly trying to justify their racist attacks because Candice is messy? Because there are no white people who are messy?

        Despite all that, Why was Aaryn making fun of Asians then? Helen hasn’t done anything. What about GM saying welfare is “N-word insurance’. Candice isn’t on welfare but GM’s pathetic behind is.

      • You lack any comprehension if you honestly look at them as KKK racist? The did not attack Candice physically; they did make racially inappropriate, mean, hateful, ignorant comments about Candice which I agree they did and which was wrong. You are not dealing with 40 something adults here in this house. You are dealing with immature idiots who do not comprehend the stupidity and ignorance that comes out of their mouths when they are angry at what someone does. If you watched the show you know the comment came out of GM’s mouth first about the rice comment and then Aaryn agreed, and no it is not PC correct but is it racist NO. It was a stereotype dumb comment from two dumb ignorant idiots. Oh, I agree anyone that says the N word is a sick nasty person and probably may be racist but that only came from GM and Kaitlin and there are no words to describe what a nasty comment that was when GM or Kaitlin made it or the comments about Candice’s mom, but do not think cruel comments like those make you a racist. They just make you one horrible person on the inside.

      • So we should excuse their racism because they are supposedly young? GM is THIRTY-TWO YEARS OLD, Aaryn is TWENTY-THREE, and Amanda is TWENTY-EIGHT. They KNOW better, at least they SHOULD. These aren’t teenagers, these are grown women.

      • A number does not mean you are emotionally or intellectually that age. I mean look at these people in this house it is proof that they are still so emotionally and intellectually immature. I think a lot of that comes when you start working after college and get out of that high school mentality of wanting to be liked by the “cool” kids, and Aaryn who it is apparent has not worked a day in her life and not out of college is not there yet, and GM well not sure she will be there in her lifetime or if it is possible in her case as think she needs a lot of therapy, and as for Amanda there is absolutely no explanation because she works with the public all the time. Not excusing their racial comments at all but sometimes we all say comments that are pretty bad when we are angry but that does not make us all racists.

      • All of this does not excuse their behavior and make it not racist. If they were teenagers, MAYBE the maturity and ignorance thing would be an argument. But they are very much grown women, who very clearly know they are being offensive to Candice and Howard by saying the things they’ve said, which is why they keep saying it.

  25. As much as I despise Spencer, I really need for Jessie and him to be safe this week. Unless one of them wins PoV and convinces Andy to target a player he’s comfortable with nominating (GM), one of them may be leaving this week, and I sure as hell hope it’s not Jessie!

    • Like you, I want Jessie to stay this week. There is talk about an Amanda backdoor this week. Hopefully, it happens and I think there are enough votes to evict Amanda. With the dull and boring evictions of Howard and Candice, we deserve a double dose of excitement that a back to back backdoor of Judd and Amanda can give us! I hope they succeed in backdooring Amanda this week!

  26. These people are so pathetic. Just going to do what the “house” wants. Terrible. Complete waste of power.
    Someone needs to grow a pair and do what they want to do instead of what they’re told to do.

  27. Well, Helen can kiss her game goodbye, Andy just asked her who she would put up if she were HOH, she says Amanda and McCrae..wonder how long it will take Andy to tell them what she said.

      • He hasn’t done it yet, but, I am sure within the next hour, they will know! Since Helen doesn’t know about The Goof Troop, now minus Judd, she could be in real trouble now. If Amanda finds out she is wanting them up…Helen better buckle up!

      • I agree I was not watching just kind of joking because everyone knows Andy can’t keep a secret it probably killing him his brain is brewing I must tell Amanda LOL

  28. This is the worst BB ever, No I really They have no Balls. I really don’t know where they found these stupid people.

  29. GinaMarie sure hit a new low. I wasn’t sure that was possible, but she made it.

    Aaryn also sealed her fate in the real world again. Those 2 can expect nothing but lifelong grief.

    Amanda is no better & Helen showed America that she is just a lying backstabber. But then again, she’s a political consultant. ‘Nuff said?

    Andy is a floating snitch bitch & Spencer? Just pathetic.

    I still like Elissa & Jessie, but since they’re likely on the way out next all we have left is McCrae?

    God Grodner, you picked the worst possible cast. You could have found nicer people in prisons on death row.

    Just SAD! BB13 is a wasted CBS production. I get sick just thinking about this cast.

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