Big Brother 15 Episode 19 Recap: A Double Eviction Travesty


It was double eviction night in the Big Brother 15 house and it wasn’t as predictable as I thought. Instead it was absolutely despicable.

From GinaMarie making an adoption jab at Candice on live television to Aaryn winning HOH and veto, to a completely random and unwarranted backdooring of arguably the only player in the house with the right combo of game play and integrity.

The episode picks up right after GinaMarie named Spencer as the replacement nominee. Spencer isn’t too worried because he knows that Candice is the target. Candice, however, sees an opportunity to work on other people to get Amanda out. So Amanda feels like it’s time to play nice so she doesn’t take the target off Candice and plant it on her own back.

Amanda does her thing and she does it terribly. Instead of spending time being nice to everyone while she’s on the block, she spends it trying to convince everyone that Judd is the MVP and needs to go out next. It’s as if her on the block this week doesn’t even matter to her.

Candice continues fighting to stay and send Amanda out the door. Jessie likes that idea too, so she starts working on the idea with Helen and Judd. Helen talks to Andy about getting Amanda out because they might not get another try. Andy is not too interested in taking part in this. So Helen shuts it down and that’s that. Helen is queen, after all.

Julie cuts in to tell the houseguests that not only is there a double eviction, but they’ve already made it to jury.

Candice gets to let GinaMarie have it but we can barely make anything out because GinaMarie is yelling back. But it was still pretty awesome. Go Candi.

The first vote

  • McCrae votes to evict Candice
  • Aaryn votes to evict Candice
  • Helen votes to evict Candice
  • Jessie votes to evict Candice
  • Elissa votes to evict Candice
  • Andy votes to evict Candice
  • Judd votes to evict Candice


By a vote of 7-0-0, Candice is evicted from the Big Brother house.

It’s time for the Head of Household competition. It’s a quiz.

Order of finish:

  • Elissa is out first.
  • Andy and Jessie are out next.
  • Aaryn wins HOH. Again.

After just some fast deliberating, it’s time for Aaryn to make her nominations. She decides to nominate Jessie and Spencer for eviction.

It’s time for the veto competition. Playing along with Aaryn, Spencer and Jessie are Andy, Judd and Amanda. Aaryn won the power of veto. So she held ALL the power tonight. Aaryn pulls Jessie off the block and puts Judd up on the block.

The second vote

  • Amanda votes to evict Judd
  • McCrae votes to evict Judd
  • GinaMarie votes to evict Judd
  • Andy votes to edit Judd
  • Helen votes to evict Judd
  • Elissa votes to evict Judd
  • Jessie votes to evict Judd


By a vote of 7-0 Judd is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Judd was blindsided by a house filled with paranoid people for something he wasn’t guilty of. Helen was heard telling Aaryn she is now Janelle for making the biggest move in the house. Helen couldn’t be more wrong. Not when Amanda was presented to them on a silver platter for two weeks in a row and Judd walked out the door tonight. Despicable.

The second HoH competition of the night was held hours after the eviction show ended. Find out who won HoH with our spoilers!


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      • She’s not the kind to do that, that’s all Amanda’s gig. Helen’s M.O. is to tell the person she’s “coaching” to use the “I was threatened” excuse.

      • You have to remember that she lives in the politico world. She knows how to coerce without actually coercing.

      • Helen DId threaten her. Saw it myself on my TV. Thats all Helen does is threaten. Shes Amanda sans the violent threats.

      • She also threatened Kat, can’t remember her fulna me, that she had to tkae her self off the block not Jeremey or they would evict her..

      • Nope. Helen and Amanda could not control Judd. Therefore, he had to go. Helen is more intelligent than Amanda but just as rutheless!

      • Helen might as well have won that HOH, because she controlled Aaryn’s nominations!

    • I wish when Julie announced the MVP was over she would of said the last three weeks America was MVP. The look on Amanda’s face…priceless!

      • It will be kind of a priceless gagreel of Helen and Amanda being so sure of MVP and finding out they are wrong.

      • Yeah the worst part of ending the twist with no announcement is these morons get to keep on thinking they got out the super sneaky MVPs when they really just got out middling players who were doing their level best to NOT shake anything up.

        The game going on in Helen and Amanda’s head is an amazing strategic whirlwind. The game going on in reality is a slow (and I do mean slow) moving train wreck.

        How messed up is this game? IM ROOTING FOR JESSIE TO WIN HOH! Jessie!

        She might be the only one who would do something remotely interesting. Now that its jury Spencer might, but I doubt it.

      • I think Jessie would make a big move. Plus she hates Amanda. Not to get off the subject but are you from Vegas? My favorite place. I go there every year. Going back in October.

      • I think Jessie would put up Amanda and McCrae. I’d LIKE her to put up Helen and Elissa and cut a deal and tell them “you had your shot but you played scared”.

        Nope, I’m not from vegas. Just enjoy going.

      • I agree completely, Jessie for the HOH all the way, honestly right now in the game Jessie is the only one there is to root for! Aaryn GM Andy Amanda and McCrae are on the bad side, and Helen is good crazy right now, Elissa is really not doing much right now so it’s hard to root her, hhowever she is still a great person, and her reaction to Candice leaving proves that, lastly Spencer is closest to Jessie and Elissa for rooting for, but he’s just not interesting

      • Jesse is the only one who has the nerve to put Amanda and McCrae up on the block! Let’s all pray for her to win HOH!!

    • Hey now, the first Coup De Tat was used for good to get that womanizing, pompous, egotistical jerk Jessie out of the house. It needed to happen.

      • Two problems. That wasn’t the first coup d’etat.

        Just the first one used, and the first one 100% unearned.

        Second, that season fell to pieces when Jesse left, no matter what you think of him. It was a mediocre year anyway, but the coup was the nail in the coffin.

        Who knows what this year could have been without MVP? Terrible twist that mangled the early weeks, and then productions attempt to save it was too little too late.

      • The real reason MVP failed was very simple: Elissa. It was her DNA. She’s the sister of — for some reason — one of the most popular and polarizing Big Brother contestants ever. It was obvious she would get it every week. Which is why production changed it to America. If Elissa had gone out sooner I doubt America would have been MVP once, and I really believe that. If they try that again they have to do a clean slate, no former HGs, no relatives of former HGs. Then it might work.

      • Even if she was getting it all the time, if she had keep it a secret, it would have worked. Or at least better.

      • But I think the whole idea behind the twist is that it would go to a different player every week. But since it was a popular vote, and Rachel is who she is (polarizing but popular)…that wasn’t going to happen.

      • They brought Elissa in because she’s Rachel’s sister and she (Rachel) was popular. (Elissa may have applied first, BUT she wasn’t picked until after Rachel was on twice. Just saying…). They couldn’t have predicted it I guess but they had to know it was at least a potential risk.

      • Elissa never applied. She was approched this year by Allison Grodnor who asked her to be on BB15.

      • Exactly how can you have a discussion about the MVP without mentioning Elisa who won it the first couple weeks(and her very famous sister)

      • She shouldn’t have gotten it at all because she did not stand for what it was ment for. She was a rotten player.She doen’t have one thought of her own, she let the other HG choose who she should put up.

      • Oh Jesse earned it by bullying everyone in the house. Everyone was sick of it except Lydia, Chyma, and Ratalie. And the fact that the show fell apart afterwards fell solely in the hands of the behavior of Chyma and Lydia. And even Lydia got to the point where she thought Chyma’s behavior was abhorrent. Jeff did everyone a favor that season.

        And yes the MVP twist was god awful this year. Especially with Elissa in the house. It made for a completely unfair 3 weeks of play.

      • they were saying the Coup d’Etat power was unearned. It was an America’s vote whereas when Boogie won it in BB All-Stars he had to solve clues and what not to get it.

      • Yeah it may have been unearned with Jeff, but it got a poison out of the house. And maybe if that kliq would’ve acted better in the house they might’ve had a shot at the “Wizard Power”. Lol.

      • I think the mvp was good in theory, but it only would have worked if no one was known and no one had ties to an old house guest. I think it is my third favorite twist after the whole identical twin swap and the sabator (sp) which also bombed

  1. Hey Helen fyi your not gonna have a chance to have Amanda on the block again probably…way to go and vote someone out over paranoia

    • Only thing really left to get forward to is Helen somehow getting massively blindsided. Probably still a couple weeks away.

  2. I hope Helen and Amanda are on the block next. Jessie or Spencer need to win HOH. And I can’t believe I am saying Spencer because I still think he’s a pig. But Amanda and Helen need to go then everyone can play their own game. Helen is making me want to vomit watching her on the feeds. Telling McCrae this was best for your game and this is what the house wanted. NO Helen this is what you and Amanda wanted. Helen is the biggest liar in the house. Telling McCrae I’ll always have yours and Amanda’s back. Yet she was talking about voting Amanda out.

    • But everyone in the house is handing Amanda and Helen what they want. So if they both end up at the end they can thank all their housemates. They are turning into a bunch of followers.

      • Exactly Right!! Can’t believe Aaryn & Amanda are still in the house! Candice & Judd should be in & Amanda & Aaryn should be out!

      • I had seriously hoped that Amanday would have gone first and Aaryn right behind her. So disappointing!

    • OMG, really? What about Andy? Dude has no game and is a tool for Helen and Amanda. Andy needs to go before anyone else.

      • Andy’s basically a floater. It would be interesting to see what he’d do without Amanda and Helen.

      • Andy is literally the new definition of a floater. The only game play he has is tattling to just about everyone in the house and ruining the gameplay of Howard/Candice. He’s extremely annoying.

    • Candice has actually participated in pageants, whereas GinaMarie works backstage and behind the scenes.

    • I agree. GM is a hog. I would hate to have someone like her representing my state.
      I’m sure most everyone from NY hates her. So

      uneducated. I am also so glad she lost her job.

    • They are both far to vein in my opinion. Gm “having” to win hoh to get her hair dye and Candice demanding a new clown suit because the 1st one was too baggy and did not “show off her body” and those are just 2examples out of many that were said

  3. This was a very interesting week in the house. Here’s to hoping the strategic players make it to the end…

  4. This season is tainted, first the 3 weeks with the elissa mvp, then the 3 weeks, in which cbs pretty much screwed judd by trying to get aaryn out only to have you fools “america” gun for amanda(america as mvp), cbs could have righted these wrongs an revealed america prior to the double eviction but nope judd got screwed and

    Ps julie made it seem like someone from the jury will come back, if we vote judd in the mvp suspicious would be assumed by the hgs to be confirmed

  5. So, is it basically set in stone that someone is coming back according to what Julie said to Candice about there being “a lot of summer left”? At first, I thought the jurors were gonna be MVP, but then Julie said it was over. So what does everyone think? Are we going to see someone come back?

    • Julie’s Instagram peeked at the reset button again… I’m all for revive-a-hamster if it’s Judd.

  6. I am so disappointed in this house right now… Thank you BB for proving that nice guys finish last by letting all of these nasty, mean girls make it to the top.

    • Judd is not a nice guy. He has been horrible to the women in this house. He is not the same person he was at the beginning of the game. I am taking it you don’t watch the feeds.

      • I have the feeds and I don’t think that Judd was that bad towards the girls in the house.

      • Kara, I was actually referring to Candice… guess I should’ve said people instead of guys. I know she lost her cool, but she held it together extremely well for someone dealing with everything she did in that house. There was no reason for those girls treating her the way they did. It was disgusting to watch and made me physically sick to my stomach.

        I know Judd said some terrible things too… but compared to the rest, he’s an angel.

      • In that case, I agree about Candice! I wasn’t a huge fan but she wasn’t afraid to call out crap going on in that house and for that I applaud her. And now they have turned a lot of their ire to Jessie, though it might calm down now that Judd is gone.

        Still can’t say I agree about Judd. I was a big fan of his up until last week when he started calling women cunts and whores. And the things he said to Jessie in the bathroom today? Inexcusable.

    • I think the fix is in for Amanda to win it all, it seems awful funny all those who are protecting her keep getting HOH. I’d love to see jessie get HOH put up Amaanda and mcrae and then win the veto and keep them the same, then vote the paranoid b—- out. that would break up the bed hopping showmance, and mcrae would be on his own,and Amanda would be having a crying fit in the jury and candice would get her revenge.

      • also believe the fix is in for Amanda and if any of you remember when Rachel and Brandan were on,every time rachel was on the block either her or brandan won the pov and he got off the block. Way too phony to suit me.

  7. Judd is a moron. He should have listened to Candice when she was saying his alliance wanted him out.

    Also what did Judd say to Elissa when he was leaving because she said “Judd this had nothing to do with me”

    His alliance wins HOH, his alliance back doors him and it’s Elissa’s fault. What a moron!!!!!

  8. They shouldn’t have taken the BBMVP out of the game yet. Instead, they should’ve let the Jury members decide, since they are allowed watch the episodes also.

  9. WORST. SEASON. EVER. Congrats Jordan and Rachel, you are now the winners of the second and third worst seasons. Show can’t be salvaged from here. Only person who remotely deserves it is McCrae, and even he is boring and basically letting the others lead.

    • No…the second worst season ever was that winter time one they did during the Writers’ Guild of America strike when CBS was hard up for programming. One of the biggest jackwads in BB history was on that season and I unfortunately share a home city with him.

      • That wasn’t the season. It was the season that the apparent drug dealer Adam won.

      • That the one. It was the couple season. There was a Nathalie match with a Matt. That’s all I remember, Nathalie.

      • yes. BB paired the HGs up according to “compatibility” and Matt (from Boston, MA) ended up with Natalie and he was a complete asshole to her. I think he and the eventual winner ended up getting arrested for selling drugs…

      • I think that season was far worse than BB11 or BB13. Even if you are someone that thinks it was rigged to help Jordan & Rachel (S13 I mean), I still think BB9 was worse. it was a complete cluster.

      • yeah — they needed filler programming because of the Writers’ Guild of America strike that was going on. That was the only reason they had a Winter edition of a summer time show.

  10. So glad Judd is gone. He is scum on the feeds and degrades women left and right. The word c*nt is a regular part of his language. He’s played Jessie and Aaryn against each other and got caught. He wasn’t MVP, no, but he was not a good game player and was incredibly paranoid and went against Jessie who would have had his back until the end. STUPID. He deserved to go.

  11. I couldn’t possibly agree more at all. Ridiculous. I’m so tired of hearing her eyebrows speak.

  12. They are unbelievably the most stupid group of people ever to play BB. Judd a threat…oh please & they let Amanda go …. AGAIN!

  13. these house cast has to be the most worthless, gutless players ever! just cut helen the check now and start casting BB16

  14. I’m disappointed I loved Judd it seems like every houseguest I like gets evicted. hoping that Jessie or Spencer wins HOH this tie around and put up Helen and Amanda

  15. This is starting to look like the bad is prevailing over the good. Amanda, Aaryn, Helen and GinaMarie all need to go. I sure hope Spencer and Jessie step up there game and win HOH! Can anybody explain to me why Candice was so hated?

    • Some things are tough to tell without being in the house. Cameras and mikes show a lot but its not the same as living with someone or being face to face with them. The truth is that no one was ever really close to Candice but Howard.

      From the non racial complaints in the feeds, Candice was inconsiderate, slamming doors and cabinets (all season, not out of rage) even when others are sleeping, borrowing things without asking, and generally acting entitled. Even among those that didn’t hate her, she wasn’t their favourite person.

      And her attempts at being detective in chief and taking people to “candi-land” also didn’t go over.

      I feel bad for the racial stuff Candice had to go through this year, but make no mistake, she had zero social game.

  16. I’m like pissed that Judd got evicted, and he did ABSOLUTELY no wrong. Judd wasn’t even a threat, while Amanda, Helen and Aaryn are the three that’ll will make it to the end, and everyone is blind to that.


    • He was dumb not to evict Amanda twice! Also, he ignored Jessie and Candice warning him about Amanda! He deserved to go because he did not use his head when he should have! If Judd evicted Amanda, he probably would still be in the game!

    • I do have to say if I were on the jury and it all ended right now I would vote aaryn the winner. She is be far not the most likeable person on the house but she has been playing the game. She is a beast in the comps. 2 or 3 hohs and a veto or 2

  17. I said I was staying away for a week and this is the one week mark. I’m sure you all missed me (haha).

    On to business: I watched tonight’s episode and I have to say, both Candice and GinaMarie were a bit immature. Candice took her allotted time (plus more) to launch a personal attack against GM instead of last second campaigning. Foolish if you ask me. but GM was right there, screaming back at her, and that comment about how GM’s mother loves her unlike Candice’s mother, really angered me.

    As for Helen calling Aaryn “Janelle”….stop. That’s an insult to Janelle.

      • Hey glad to see ya back RedSx. Although I like Janelle as a player, I don’t think her manipulation skills were much more than men being taken in by a ‘barbie doll’ who used both her sexuality (and yes her strength in comps) to her advantage… One could argue that Janelle & Rachel are very similar in that regard (only Janelle didn’t have a showmance crutch as an extra vote).

      • Janelle was a beast in competitions but, a horrible player as far as strategy goes which is why she has not won Big Brother yet! As a player, Janelle is way over rated just like Brittney Haynes and Danielle Donato for that matter! All can win competitions but, strategy wise, they just do not have it!

      • She did. She tweeted that if Aaryn was her, Amanda and Helen would be on the block. Lol

  18. man this season has just kinda of ended up wierd, while i disagree with people saying its the worst i do think its really suffered from its far more interesting cast members being booted early (nick, jeremy, howard, judd, candice), those guys on any other season tend to last longer and become fan favorites or atleast rating gold but this year they all seemed to fall victim to the bigest floater alliance in years, which is kinda of ironic considering the “no floater” summer card they kept playing. Theres just no one really left to cheer for, i want to cheer for spencer untill i remember all the stuff he’s said over live feeds that conveniently get cut from broadcast. any chance the actual twist can be the first half who get evicted get to change places with the ones that are still in? no? well darn.

  19. Janelle should come in the BB house and Bitch slap Helen and Aaryn …how can they compare themselves to her Thats just wrong

  20. The houseguests this season are all like little sheep following a shepherd. None of them seem to be able to think for themselves!! Elissa said that she *had* to vote with the house….that’s what they *all* say…but I haven’t seen anyone holding a gun to any of their heads!! If “the house” said they were going to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge without a bungee rope or anything, would everyone else follow? My guess is yes they would because NONE of them have ANY common sense!!!!!!!

  21. What a waste of a double eviction! They should have turned the game and voted out Amanda. After Spencer’s “kiddie porn” comments, he should be gone. I loved Judd. They need to get rid of Helen and Amanda. They are the masterminds at this point and no one seems to notice or care. Elissa, Andy, and Spencer are such floaters. they bring nothing to the game.
    I really see all the “mean girls” at the end. I do not seem to care who wins this now. I don’t like any of them. Jessie needed to win HOH and turn this game upside down and nominate Helen and Amanda. Gina Marie is a joke and they should have evicted Aaryn weeks ago. Them winning $500,000 is appalling after their racist remarks.

      • I can’t wait to see who he puts up. Won’t be Helen or Amanda which is a bummer.

      • There could still be another backdoor attempt on either Helen or Amanda. I am sure they are eyeing each other. You would be a fool to rest easy knowing someone has you on their target list at number 1! Andy is going to have to pick a side if it happens!

  22. Now they are thinking that Judd is related to Howie from whatever season he was on..the paranoia of these HG’s is getting beyond absurd now.

    • There are reports that Aaryn is related to the Donatos so, anything is possible. And of course, Amanda is a close friend of Allison Grodner? I would not be surprised if anything of it is true!

  23. I understand why alot of people dont like helen. But shes a political consultant. And we all know politicians lie and offer deals to get what they want. I wouldve been disappointed if a political consultant didnt make it to jury. Unlike amanda , she actually won something

      • Same as Dr. Will Kirby. It is called manipulation and is part of the game. What I do not like about Helen is she lacks the ruthlessness of Danielle Donato. Amanda was served to her on a silver platter and she turned it down twice! She is lucky she has a number of allies in the house. If not, it could have been Helen evicted instead, of Judd! Next time Helen waffles—-she is going to get evicted!

  24. Is anyone besides me thrilled that Candice called out GM on her Nick delusion during her rant?

    • Honestly, I thought Candice was a bit immature with what she did. I get that GM was a complete bitch to her, but her ranting and raving like that only validated their decision to evict her because they felt she might be a ticking time bomb and she blew up tonight…

      • Well yeah, it was way over the top, I’m not arguing that at all, everyone probably agrees there, but still it is well beyond time someone called it out. I just can’t hear one more thing about GM and Nick having a relationship.

  25. Im.startin to think its fixed. How can Spencer, who likes child porn, aaryn whose rascist, and gm still be playing?

  26. Judd did it to himself. When Helen’s alliance approached him to flip, he chose to support Amanda and now she (Amanda) has ousted him. Too bad he didn’t flip when it was necessary. Bye Bye Judd!

  27. i hope someone with guts wins HOH wich i think would be jesse,spencer or ellissa i would like to see someone use their hoh as their own

    • There’s virtually no chance of that happening now (not enough votes to break into that alliance of 6 people)… I think we’re stuck for about 3 weeks until they have to feed on each other.

  28. Just because you don’t like the outcome doesn’t make it despicable. The only thing despicable about tonight was GinaMarie’s behavior. She is the very definition of despicable.

  29. Actually, Helen couldn’t have been more right. Don’t pretend that Janelle had a strategic bone in her body. All the times she was in the house she made other peoples decisions.

    • Janelle was an “All Star” and there’s a reason for that. Come on, you really don’t think Aaryn plays like Janelle do you?..In all aspect of the game, there’s no comparison. She may not be a strategist, but Aaryn is no Janelle…….at all

      • I could see why the comparison is made, but I would say they are different also. Aaryn despite being despicable as a person is a strong competitor. Janelle, despite being a wanna be porn star, was more of a behind the scenes manipulator (and strong at competitions). There’s a big difference in there ”house position” however – Janelle had power behind the scenes. Aaryn only has power as a pawn of the alliance that has saved her.

    • Janelle was a beast in competitions and that is about it! As far as strategy, she was very poor at it! Last season she got backdoored because she turned down an alliance with Mike Boogie and Dan Gheesling when it was the right decision for her! You need a good social game, a good strategy and being a beast in competitions cannot hurt but, you have to have those 3 qualities to have a good chance at that $500,000!

  30. Judd is a super fan of BB and I’m just sad he got picked up on a season with people who have virtually no interest in strategy or big moves, but rather working to please the two queen bees, Helen and Amanda. Judd did not deserve to go home as a result of Amanda and Helen’s MVP paranoia. (Judd was my favorite player so I’m a little bit passionate about this. He’s a sweetheart and he’s a cutie!) He had a lot of potential in this game and I feel he was robbed tonight. I hope Judd gets another chance to play the game. Who’s left to root for? The only one I find remotely worth paying attention to is McCrae, but only with Amanda gone. Oh, and I’m still dying at Helen’s comment to Aaryn, comparing her to Janelle. What. A. Joke.

    • I think we’re on the same page Megan. McCrae is the only person who merits being left in that house (maybe an argument could be made for Helen, but really, this is such a bad cast this season)!

    • Judd deserved to go home because he ignored the fact that Amanda was served up on a silver platter twice to him and Helen. Both opportunities they turned down! Unfortunately, for Judd, Helen had more allies in the house otherwise, it could have easily been Helen being evicted! Also, he was warned by Candice about Amanda and was warned by Jessie too which, again Judd just ignored! If Judd evicted Amanda as he should have—-it would have been Amanda who is out and not him!

  31. CBS – Get Spencer out of the house before you lose all your sponsors. Almost every newspaper in the country has articles about his sick kiddie porn remarks.

    • Yes Spencer for his kiddie porn comments… YES GinaMarie for her ”Your momma didn’t even want you!” comments… YES for Aaryn and her ”smack her to straighten her eyes out” comments… YES to Amanda for (there’s too much to list here). YES to most of these people, yes, Yes, YES!!!

      • Are you really comparing the jokes that some people made to the creepy things spencer said. I know some say he was joking/pranking but you don’t say those things unless that filth fills your head

    • I stopped counting at 30. That story is on fire. It’s strange that someone can get a search warrant issued on them, but that’s not enough to get them kicked out of the house. The child porn comments were in addition to all the other sicko things he’s said. It’s really sad.

      • All of this mess could have been avoided. When Aaryn flip Amanda’s bed, you kick her out, right there. You show these stupid HGs that you mean business, you scare them into playing nice.

  32. Wow there certainly is a lot to vent about after tonight’s episode… Where to start? Candice & GM sounding like two soccer moms fighting over the last Cabbage Patch Kid in the store? Aaryn although detestable, being possibly the best competitor left in the house? Aaryn taking the easy way out with Spencer, Jessie (then Judd) going up? Where to begin?!!

    • Well, looks like Aryan doesn’t really NEED Adderall after all. After seeing her compete tonight, I’m convinced that she does not truly have ADD, and does not need Adderall. It certainly looks as if she has an unfair advantage. For that to happen, she’s taking it without needing it, therefore the drug affects her differently (like a drug and not a medication…imo).

      • She did that puzzle in like 2 seconds! This Adderall is like steroids for this broad, and BB is doing NOTHING about it!

      • This is only a preliminary observation (as a former clinical counselor) but Aaryn’s body language does sometimes tell me that there is a potential of ADD (or ADHD). Now of course the biggest challenge is determining to which degree of symptoms displayed does one determine a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Even people giving these diagnosis don’t agree on the degree to which symptoms need to be evident…

      • That’s true…I just feel the need to vent tonight. I was so dissapointed by the results of the show. Ugh!

      • Oh me too – not enjoying the outcome of tonight. It’s like watching a Game Of Thrones hoping that eventually the ”good guys” will come out on top but of course it never happens! :(

      • She’s probably primarily taking it to keep her weight down. I notice that many model have “ADD.”

    • Grrr… noooo! I really can’t believe the way this season is turning out. There’s been no redemption for the ”good guys” (mind you there’s hardly any of those). I really can’t believe how dislikeable this cast is.

      • Please don’t bring “mr pectacular” back. He is the most conceded person I’ve ever seen

      • Oh, please no. No. What did we do to deserve such horrible torture? :)
        I wish I could stop watching, but for some sick reason I can’t. I keep hoping that Jessie will get real lucky and find some way to get out Amanda, would love that. Then Judd gets to come back and take out Helen or that Candice comes back and takes out Aaryn. I’m just hopeless.

      • Of all the scenarios that could have happened…Judd gets blindsided AND Andy wins HoH. I half expected Ashton Kutcher to run in and tell everyone they have been punked.

        Maybe we will get lucky and Andy will show his true Andyconda colors and throw Helen under the bus and on the block.

        RIP Judd’s game.

      • lol. Good one! I kinda wish it really was an episode of punked now… at least that would’ve had a happy ending!

  33. LOL from Janelle’s twitter “Helen, Aaryn is not me because you and Amanda would of been on the block!” So true!

      • No Helen was talking about last season when Danielle backdoor Janelle when Danielle won veto took will off the block and put her up in his place

  34. Ok, I must have missed something important…why was Judd evicted tonight? And if hgs were crying while casting their vote, then why the hell did they vote that way? I just don’t get it…

    • Amanda got everyone to vote Judd out becasue she thought he was the one who got MVP and keep puting her up. Their were people who did not want to vote him off but had to becasue they did not want to go against Amanda rule of the house

      • It was Helen and Amanda. Amanda is bat-nuts-crazy paranoid and Helen wants to get rid of all the men first, before she starts to consume her sheeple minions.

      • Amanda was bailing on mcreas shoulder right before aaryn made the veto renom. Why was she bailing so much if she wanted him out so bad

    • Exactly! This is out of control crazy! Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Helen & Elissa have the final 5 locked up if they can get by Aaryn (who keeps winning comps)!

      • At this point in the game, I do not see it happening. What can happen is the HOH nominates both McCrae and Amanda on the block and McCrae then, moves to save himself by brokering a deal. Amanda was on the chopping block twice, McCrae could have cut her loose and she would have been evicted yet, he chose to stick with her!
        No, McCrae is not likely to bail out on Amanda—-not until his own neck is on the chopping block!

  35. I don’t see what bad about Helen she is playing a good social game with the alliance she has made and she is able to talk other into voteing. I hate all the comments about bossiness and everything season have someone that was bosse and nobody complained about it and know people are comping. Helen is playing a good game becasue of her good social game. Helen playing Amanda. Amanda think she running thing but Helen is playing Amanda. I can see Helen going to end be of her going social game and getting other to do want she want to do.

    • I somewhat agree with you M.N. I think Helen’s big downfall isn’t that she isn’t playing a good game. It’s that she’s doing something people don’t really admire (playing the role of the ”Big Sister” who comforts everyone when they most need it, then befriending them, then turning on them and telling them ”I was the one who knocked you out of the house!”). She’s been doing a great job at it – but again, people aren’t too happy with that approach so they are knocking her game. (Ironically people would rather be backstabbed by somebody like Dan than they would Helen)…

      • People hate Helen not because of her game play, but because she can’t shut up on how smart she thinks she is. She’s always commenting like she sees herself as some great Bond villain.
        It they didn’t stick a low class, ignorant cast in there with her, her tactics wouldn’t work. Her political maneuvering is 20 years old-timey Chicago. Then she adds the whisper campaigning, the faux victim stance, the drama, and generally the overkill crap. She one of the proponents in the house that makes everything personal to get her way.

      • Thee only thing she’s probably thankful at the moment is that McCranda’s own issues are protecting her from being a front-yard target. They are after-all, her first-line of defense.

        Although she has to get them out or the very least cut off their life support in Andy when the opportunity comes.

    • Helen loves you too! LOL! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. If she says that she loves somebody one more time, I think I’m gonna scream!

  36. When Aryan won hoh, I literally heard my heart drop. The only redeeming thing was that she wasn’t going to be able to enjoy a true hoh (the room, the bennies, etc). But what a wasted eviction (and she’s FINALLY a have-not!!). I honestly thought that since the mvp twist had ended, that Julie would tell the hgs that America had been voting for the last 3 weeks. It wouldn’t have hurt anything, and the benefit would be that Judd obviously wasn’t the mvp and he wouldn’t have been evicted. AND, Amanda would have gotten b!tch slapped by America. She needs to be checked. I always said that Nick should run before GM gets out of the house (that classless troll), and now I think McCrae should run…even if it’s just in circles it would be away from that awful Amanda. She is so selfish! Did she really think that ANYONE would throw a comp FOR HER?! News flash…not even McCrae!

    • I am not sure Judd would not have been a target. It is either Helen, Amanda and Judd. Helen and Judd passed on evicting Amanda twice! That is a big no-no on this game. As some astutely pointed to the dumb argument that now is not a good time, this same bunch had no problems taking out Nick or Jeremy which was a huge risk too if you failed to take them out then so, what is different now? If you try to take someone out, they could go after you but, if you do not, they could take the pre-emptive strike on you as well! The object of the game is to be there at the end to have a chance at that $500,000. Being evicted is not the way to do it! You can argue that Judd could come back into the game. Sure, he can but, he is fighting long odds as he will be targeted again once, in the game. Remember Brendon’s return, he was evicted in short order again so, coming back to the game with a huge target on your back does not help you!

  37. no!!! not Judd!!! wow Helen is really playing the house! aaryn should have blindsided Helen so she wouldn’t have to listen to her anymore! Judd was the last one I was rooting for, I don’t know who to go for now…

  38. Helen I love your game,you seem to know exactly how to
    play it..Apparently the HG’s look to you as a strong
    voice otherwise they would have voted their own way and
    let the cards fall without worry.People this whole game is
    based on backstabbing,backdooring,lies,false friendships
    etc.Its survival and in the end you stab your ally for
    the chance of 1/2 million…Thats how its played..
    Not a kumbaya friendship village.

    • No, she playing a weaker, more annoying version of the game. I don’t see lasting to jury if she was in any other season. She just leader of the catty parade.

  39. They aren’t the brightest lightbulbs. Here’s to a boring week ahead since Andy who does nothing but float is hoh

  40. For Candices benefit only, I an relieved Judd was the second eviction. Could you imagine if she had to spend a week alone with Amanda, GM, or Aaryn?

  41. Judd’s eviction puts everyone on notice that if you pass on evicting a huge threat on your game—-that threat could evict you next! I am sure Helen and Amanda are both eyeing each other knowing they will be fools not to take each other out the sooner the better! The bigger threat in the game right now although, she has gained a lot of trust is Aaryn because she has proven she can win HOH and POV. Those thinking of taking Aaryn to Final 2 should think twice because now, Aaryn can claim to have played the best game winning HOH and POV multiple times and since, most house guests will vote for the best player of the game since, most are fair people—-you cannot count Aaryn out winning that $500,000. I do not like Aaryn, never have but, merely commenting on the game play on Big Brother.

  42. I don’t think I have ever been so mad after ANY show!!! I had trouble falling asleep last night. It’s not has much that Judd went home, but the WAY he left. Jesse and aaryn are back stabbing jerks. Jesse and Judd were my favorites. No I have NO clue who I’m going to cheer for

    • To be fair to Jessie, Judd was a jerk to her. He came off as this innocent, slightly dopey, small town southern boy but he was mean to Jessie. And as much as I dislike Aaryn, he was playing her, but that is really part of the game so…

  43. Lmao!! Helen is going to win this,, she has everyone under her thumb, she’s playing the game better than everyone in there, if they don’t get rid of her soon, she will WIN!!!!!kudos to her…

  44. Call it a blog if you’re going to whine and moan over your favorite players throughout the “recap”.

  45. Im done. Im not watching any more CBS till Survivor comes back on Sept 18. I find it disgusting and offensive that hateful GM, the Aryan Nation, brownnosing Uncle Tom Helen, two-faced Andy, and pervo Spencer are, to take a cliche from another great show that went to hell this year, “in it to win it.” I will never watch Big Brother again, and I had loved this show.

  46. I was so glad Candice let that ignorant creature GM have
    last night. In true form GM shouted over Candice. She’s able to dish it but not take it (real Staten Island class).

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