Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The latest Big Brother 15 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the spoiler results for you. After a stressful afternoon thanks to the MVP nom reveal the House was anxious for the competition to take place. Now the Feeds are back and we have results.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

Spencer won Veto

  • Spencer won the Power of Veto

Playing in today’s comp were Howard & Spencer as HoH’s noms, Aaryn as HoH, and Amanda as the MVP nom. Also playing were Candice & Jessie who were picked from the box. Helen (I think it was Helen.) hosted the competition.

Big Brother Live Feeds

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday afternoon. We’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Spencer??! I didn’t know he was capable of winning anything lol But, now, I think Candice or Elissa will go up.

      • agreed, she adds zero to the game other than the return of the rachel duck face

      • It’s too bad because she could have come in and really done something different or played the game, but I have to agree – she’s not adding anything to the game. Unfortunate, but it’s time for her to go.

      • I think Aaryn is trying to appease most of the other houseguests who seem to want Howard out, therefore it would make more sense to put up Candice instead of Elissa because Candice could better serve as a pawn. Plus maybe she’s actually trying to honor her agreement with Helen, she needs all of the goodwill gestures she can muster up considering how much the others hate her!

      • I think Candice is going up so it’s sure to be one less vote for Howard to stay.

    • Candice goes up, you know Howard is evicted. Elissa on the block with Amanda, get the popcorn ready.

  2. Likely scenario now:
    Howard Candice Amanda on block
    Votes to evict amanda: Spencer, GM
    Votes to evict Howard: Mcrae, Andy, Judd
    Possible toss up votes: Helen, ellisa, Jessie (most of these will vote for howard evict, but if there is any flipping it will be them)
    Also Aaryn and amanda pretty tight so howard goes in tie break

    • Elissa is still pretty popular with the viewers in spite of her having had a bad week (who wouldn’t under those circumstances?), I think ratings would go down if Elissa is evicted before Aaryn is!

  3. If he uses it on himself, Howard is going home (no matter what, anyway), but if he uses it on Howard, either him or Amanda will be going home. If it does use it on Howard, who do you think will be going him? Spencer or Amanda? or the replacement nominee?

    • But you have to admit she is playing a good game. I just don’t like the way she bully’s everyone.

      • Amanda is not playing a good game. If she did not coddle Aaryn, she would not be on the MVP nomination. This is the backlash from Aaryn nomination of majority of viewers. Amanda will get evicted because she is the bigger threat. Howard is no threat but, Amanda is with her machinations so, will get evicted!

      • Ok you just said Amanda will get evicted because she is the bigger threat then you say she’s not playing a good game…which is it? She is playing a good game. And she was nominated because like I said she is a bully.

      • Remember that America voted her on the block. So America is the one seeing her (maybe) as a bully. In the house, she is more seeing as a leader. If (and a big if) she is evicted this week, it will be because HGs see her as an obstacle between them and the money.

      • Let me clarify my remarks. Amanda compared to Howard is a bigger threat.
        She is not playing a good game because she has already put a huge target on her back because of the way she has been bullying the other players on their nominations. Add her coddling of Aaryn. She pissed off a lot of viewers who hate Aaryn with that move. I liked Amanda at the start but, not anymore and have nominated her. Will nominate Helen and Judd as well as Aaryn. I spread my votes now so, one of them probably will wind up on the block. And if Amanda gets off this week, she will be on my target list next week too!

      • I don’t like Amanda either but her controlling everyone is why I think she’s playing a good game. And anyone that is a strong player will put a target on their back. JMO. I actually would like to see Amanda, Elissa and Helen all on the block together. That would be some interesting feed to watch.

    • so am i …and Judd couldnt get her butt out of his bed last week….she really needs to go…her and Mcrae are too tight…they need to be split up…NOW

      • Amanda is far more of a threat to the others than Elissa is, in my opinion. I think you make an excellent point about splitting up the power couple, one of the biggest mistakes they make on BB (or even Survivor) is trying to have a “showmance” – all they’re really doing is putting a target on each one of them.

      • with the mvp twist, elissa is a huge threat to anyone’s game. if the houseguests were thinking clearly, they’d realize that and get her out asap.

    • I agree. It was great seeing her melt down along with McCrae, but she and McCrae are already back to thinking they are in charge. I wish these HGs would wake up and realize that this is the best time to get Amanda out. The longer she is in the harder it will be and should go for it now. I don’t know why they don’t go for the big move when they have this chance. Instead they are going for Howard who has not shown to be good at comps. or have any super game play. Still hoping for it to change somehow, but not looking good so far. Would love to see it turn around as the week plays out.

  4. how awkward will it be for CBS when Aaryn puts both black houseguests on the block after nominating Candice…

      • I agree with you Lavendargirl. Even though I want Candice and Howard to stay, it only makes sense to put Candice on the block. Aryan thinks if she puts Candice on the block, Candice will view it as being racial. Aryan is making it about race and that is sad. Aryan still doesn’t think that anything is her fault and is blaming Candice for making her look like a racist. How in the hell does someone make you look like a racist?

      • Well they want howard out. Who is Howard best friend? (well spencer is his partner on the games…)
        It´s Candice. So no racial thing exists.
        She is just pointing that she wants Howard out.
        Anybody that would be hoh and had howard on the block and had to pic another one to be beside him… would choose the one that would not vote for howard in any case… and that is Candice.
        That way, spencer is out candice in. 1 vote to anyone else and not 2 votes.

    • It never occurred to me think that putting Candice up against Howard/Amanda as a “racist” move. She’s trying to split up a couple.
      I agree that Aaryn & GM have made racist remarks, but to turn every aspect of the game into some kind of KKK conspiracy is a bit much!

    • I think it almost has to be Candice because Aaryn and her don’t get along anyway, so she would not be creating a new enemy by putting her on the block.

      • I know, she made a few derogatory remarks and that is not okay and I do not condone it at all, but it has gotten to the point where we are acting as if she has held KKK gatherings in the living room.

    • If Spencer uses his veto on Howard, then he really is as dumb as I think he is.
      BB is like the first 73 years of “The Hunger Games”, there can only be one victor!
      “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

      • Oh, like there hasn’t been any other stupid decisions in the house already this season? Face it. this season, all the contestants have been making stupid decisions.

  5. Aaryn currently talking to mcranda saying that candice is cause of all problems in the house. Also that candice makes aaryn look racist by twisting her words. God hate this bitch

      • Not trying to say this in a mean way, but can you please stop calling her Aryan? It’s annoying to read.

      • Not trying to say this in a mean way, but can you please just stop reading my comments.

      • Okay, no need to mock me. I’m just saying it’s annoying to read everybody calling her Aryan. She has a name, and it’s Aaryn.

      • You can call her whatever you want to call her, but you most certainly will not tell me what I should call her. I know her name and until she apologizes for her comments, she will be Aryan to me.

      • Okay, lmfao. I hope you enjoy keeping the controversy going. You ruin the thread by adding to the subject of the racism.

      • Just for the record, I am not a child. I am grown women who chooses to stand behind what I believe.

      • Just for the record, are you saying you BELIEVE her name is Aryan, or are you standing behind the belief that by using the word “Aryan” you are being just as racist as she is, or are you just making a statement that you are allowed to say whatever you want, and thus agreeing with her in making comments concerning race? ROFLMAO!!!!

      • exactly. no matter what, the behavior is just bad. And she is just as ignorant to it as the person she criticizes. It’s ridiculous!

      • Ignorant, please. You are the ignorant one. You are the person who refuses to accept the true meaning of Aryan or Aryan Nation. You researched it and came back with “a” meaning that best supported your argument. Which I find to be quite sad. The only people that could ever be offended (and I don’t even know why they would) are members of the Aryan Nation. Could one of those people be you?

      • Bull! You’re a racist. That simple. But at least now we know. No point in arguing anymore. You’re not going to magically stop being racist in a discussion board conversation. You’re a lost cause…

      • Good Morning! I hope you had a pleasant night sleep. Your comment gave me a good chuckle this morning.

      • Too be honest with you, I’m not angry at all. I find the whole conversation hilarious.

      • You sure sound angry by jumping down everyone’s throat for any comment they make.

      • Thanks, way to try to put me down. I’m not delusional. All I did was ask you to stop calling her Aryan. But I’m done talking to you. You’re clearly very rude if you’re going to call people you don’t know delusional.

      • I asked you several comments ago to just stop reading my comments. I believe this might be a good solution to YOUR PROBLEM.

      • when she apologizes for being racist, will you also apologize for being racist? you’re being a hypocrite.

      • I don’t see why calling her Aaryn is racist. He is drawing equivalence to “Aryan Nation” and “Aryan Brotherhood”, well known white supremacist organizations. It is a clever manipulation of an obvious racist’s first name. If the shoe fits…

      • if a black man named Nigel was in the house who said something racist, would it be okay to call him … well you already know which word. No, it wouldn’t be acceptable. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Making statements that diminish a person to a single trait… that trait being the color of their skin, is racist.

      • “Aryan” and the n-word (assuming that’s what you were hinting at–correct me, if I’m wrong) are not equivalent.

      • as a white person, I find the word aryan extremely offensive! are you as ignorant to your racism as you accuse Aaryn of being?

      • By the way, my calling Aaryn Aryan has nothing to do with my trying to offend anyone other than Aryan. No one can deny (well, some may) that Aaryn is a racist. So, instead of calling her a racist, I just call her Aryan (which is about the same thing).

      • that’s ridiculous. that’d be like Aaryn saying she wasn’t a racist for making derogatory comments, because she was only aiming them at specific people. racism is racism. And calling her a word that reduces her to a single trait, her skin color, is racist. Period!

      • Well, Aryan has said that she isn’t a racist even though she has made derogatory comments, because she was only aiming them at specific people. Again, you need to preach your sermon to Aryan.

      • two wrongs don’t make a right. if she is a racist, it doesn’t mean you aren’t one. and if you are a racist, and are criticizing a person for being a racist by doing the same exact things you criticize them for doing, that makes you a hypocrite. By the very definition of the word! So right now, we have determined that you are a racist hypocrite, by mere definition!

      • is aaryan not a term used to describe a white person? are you not using it in a way to berate and belittle her? your actions are what is racist! Your intent is racist! And you’re just as ignorant as you accuse Aaryn of being for not being able to see it.

      • No it isn’t! Why not google it? It may describe a racist group of people (by the way, I believe those same people named their group Aryan Nation), but it does not describe an entire race.

      • the term is a term that was used, and whose origin is used, to describe white europeans. just because a group of hate mongerers incorporated it into the title is irrelevent. Black isn’t a term to describe a person’s negative character just because the black panthers (a racist group) incorporated into their title.

        Once again, your words are being used with a specific intent, and that intent is racist. You are trying to berate a person using a word that isolates her to a description of the color of her skin. You’re a racist. It’s that simple. At that point, you can either stop being a racist, or continue being a racist. I understand the concept of trying to deny being a racist, but that’s not working… because you’re a racist!

      • Aryan Nation is a White Christian Separatist,, a religious organization which has worldwide headquarters and the N word is……….

      • aryan is a term that describes white europeans. that is a completely different thing from the aryan nation. just because a group incorporated the word into their title doesn’t meant the word is a word to describe character instead of race.

      • Rob: honestly, look the word “aryan” up from an encyclopedia. I know you will be quite embarrassed about the stance you’ve taken because it is based on misunderstanding the term. Just go look, and then you will understand.

      • it is a wprd that originates from the sanskrit language. refer to my other post. I think you will be embarrassed. I know perfectly well what it means, and where it originates from. The nazis did not just make it up out of nowhere.

      • So, what exactly have I said that makes me ignorant or racist? I’ll wait. I would like to hear this response.

      • you don’t think that referring to someone as Aryan, a term used to describe a white person in a negative way, is racist.. and you don’t think that defending the use of that word as non-racist is ignorant? Really?

      • You must be mistaking me for another poster. That was the first comment I’ve made on this issue. I simply stated that ‘Aryan’ and the n-word are not equivalent. Because frankly, they’re not. Are you at all familiar with the history of the n-word? The n-word is a derogatory term used to refer to black people. Aryan is not a common word that is used to refer to white people in a derogatory way. I, for one, have never heard a white person referred to as an ‘Aryan.’

      • I disagree. I have heard it used plenty of times. In this case, it is obviously being used to incinuate a negative meaning, that can’t be denied. and when that negative meaning is linked to the color of her skin instead of the content of her character, then what we are dealing with is racism. If you believe she is racist, you have the right to accuse her of racism. That is not hateful or mean spirited, but by doing so in a way that uses her race as a defining method to declare her racism…. that’s racist!. By definition, it is the same thing because the intent is the same…

      • My using Aryan has not to do with Aaryn skin color or anyone else’s skin color. My using the word Aryan has everything to do with her character, and that being a racist one.

      • I’m not even on either side (Rob S. Baker vs. LeeArmie) here, but I must say that you insinuating that LeeArmie is racist because she is referring to Aaryn as Aryan isn’t completely rational. Let’s say there is a racist HG whose name is Kristin Kimberly Kaiser and I decided to refer to her as KKK because not only is it her initials, but she’s also racist, does it make me racist to call her KKK now? No. It’s simply a clever/witty way to refer to a racist HG. That was my interpretation of Aaryn being referred to as Aryan.

        And, with that said, this is the last I’ll be commenting on this issue. It’s unnecessary and has gone on too long on this thread. Can we, PLEASE, get back to game talk? PLEASE.

      • kkk is a group of racist people. aryan is an entire ethnic group of people. there is a difference.

      • What??!! The Germans came up with the word “Aryan” to describe their “superior race”. That word in no way refers to white people in general. Honestly, look it up for yourself. Aryan is not a race. White is a race.

      • wrong. it’s origins are from the sanskrit language, it was popularized by nazis. When the Nazis started using the term, it was already being used as a word that described European white people. nazis declared that Norwegians were true Aryans because they were less mixed than other European cultures, and were therefore “more aryan”. In a way, they were saying “we’re more white than everybody else.” It wasn’t just created out of thin air by the Germans. Get your facts straight!

      • It described more of a nationality, not race. You sure are one angry little fella…

      • It absolutely disgraces me how stubborn you are and how you have made such a big deal over you being just plain rude. Lee, you are not being clever by calling her Aryan. Her name is Aaryn and I see you say you are allowed to call her whatever you want. You no what? You can, but you shouldn’t. You are the idiocy that remains on planet. Do you call her Aryan when you are actually speaking? You are trying to be different or cool by saying her name like that. What if you saw someone referred to another person as a Mexican when they weren’t. You then went up to them and asked them why, and they said I call him a Mexican, because I believe he is lazy. It is all about character.(I do not believe in that stereotype. It is just a largely used one and I used it strictly for my example)That is just as rude as what you are doing by calling Aaryn Aryan. I think you are stooping to her level. Goodbye

      • I made a big deal…..please! First, I would like to say Good Morning and I hope you enjoy your Sunday. Next, I would like to say that I have said countless times that my using “Aryan” has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with being a racist. Since I do not generalize people or put all people in the same category, I would never say that because a person is lazy, they are Mexican. Now, go back and read your racist comment about Mexicans and tell me how you really feel. By the way, yes I call her Aryan when I’m really speaking, since that is the pronunciation of her name. Goodbye and continue to enjoy your Sunday.

      • I see where you don’t get it. Being white does not equal being in the Aryan Nation. Whatever made you think that? The Aryan Nation is an organization like the KKK. They CONSIST of mostly white people (racist), but do not DESCRIBE white people. I’m sorry you thought that.

      • Ugh, really? I mean, really? I’m white, but I am not offended because i am definitely NOT racist and not part of the Aryan Nation (which is a racist organization).

      • aryan nation and aryan race are two different things. calling a person an aryan is not the bad part, that’s the same as just saying white person. but saying it in a way in which the intent is to demean the person, that is the offensive part. It’s like saying it is a despicable thing to be white. I find that to be offensive. Very offensive!

      • You are an uneducated fool then. On every government form, when it asks for your race at the bottom, no where does it indicate aryan as a race. You are foolish for even suggesting it. I am white, not aryan. And “the Aryan Nation” IS an organization like the “KKK”. Wow! Yikes!

      • these are r used to berate a person because of the color off her si, by deThere iss no excuse for thaat.s ra

      • Rob, let me put this issue to rest, ok? You’ve heard of the skinheads, right? Racist white folk who shave their heads? Well, they consider themselves brothers of the Aryan Nation (which is an actual organization). We are calling her Aryan Nation due to her racist comments, not her race. We are using the term in the more common vernacular, not the origin of the term. Are we good now? Friends? LOL

      • That is the intolerance of the Aaryn supporters. Yeah, just give Aaryn a pass for her racial comments. Majority of viewers will still vote to evict Aaryn. It is harder because Amanda and Helen have been coddling Aaryn. No problem, get Amanda and Helen evicted first. Then, Aaryn can get evicted!

      • I am with you. I still want Aaryn out of this game the soonest. If that means getting Amanda and Helen out of the game which are Aaryn’s coddlers then, so be it! No big loss there!

      • he’s got a point. calling her aryan is pretty racist. which makes everyone doing it a hypocrite.

  6. Everyone keeps getting mad for people playing the game. I can’t believe Aaryn is still there. Get upset about them keeping her there not for playing the game

  7. Wow. Good for Spencer. I honestly didn’t expect that. I thought Aaryn would win. Either way, it’s wasn’t going to make much of a difference. One of those two guys will be leaving the house on Thursday. Thanks to today’s POV, we know who.

  8. well, howards done unless production swoops in to save him but i don’t think they can without it being blatant, the only hope for howard now is production throwing him back in the house in a few weeks right before or at teh start of jurry, it woulndt be the first time theyve done that to save a popular HG when they were voted out pre jury (Kaysar BB6, James BB9, BrendonBB13? not positive on the last one because i actually didnt watch that season but i thought i read somewhere that he was sent back in.)

    • Brenden was sent back in. … But does anyone consider Howard a popular player. That bible thumping drives me bonkers.

      • yeah, im pretty sure he’d be right behind elissa in a popularity poll, while i dont think he’s as heroic as his edit makes him out, i still think he’s the closest were probobly going to get this season.

    • they don’t have time for it with the current production schedule. as it stands, we should already expect 2 double eviction weeks.

  9. The HG’s have mentioned Pandora’s Box recently. IF it happens this week here’s what I want to see: Aaryn opens it & is forced to watch all the bad negative video of her that America has seen.

  10. This cast is the worst ever. I think that I will not buy feeds next year unless I know that the cast is not affiliated with any PR agents nor wanting to be some kind of star. I miss the days of long ago when we had real people playing this game.

    • favorite seasons so far are seasons 2 and 5, and they had some fugly ass people in it!

      • I made a comment to my friend as the last bimbette was walking out the door …
        The dresses keep getting shorter & the shoes keep getting higher. This isn’t BB; it’s Project Runaway.
        Everybody wants to be in a “romance”, because it gets you TV time.
        IMO, we should have a BB season with all gay men. Now THAT would be entertaining!

      • the part of the game that intrigues me the most is the strategy. these people, for the most part, are terrible strategists. but then again, that’s what to expect when you hire models to compete in your competition instead of doctors…

      • That is why I loved my dark horse Ethan last year. He knew how to play the game & deserved his win!

  11. Wow. Spencer winning the POV was unexpected. Props to him! Since Candice is going up maybe, just maybe, they might keep Howard and vote out Candice?! I like them both but it could be a possibility.

    • I think it is safe to say that Howard will use the POV. I know I would, if I were on the block. I would save my butt, and let others worry about saving theirs.

  12. Dang it. Oh well bye bye Howard or Candice (Aayrn is going to love this). How disappointing…… But good job Spencer :(

  13. I am hoping that the house is getting really tired of Amanda and her demands on who should be on the block. They need to send her home.

    • There is still a good chance of that happening. Amanda is the bigger threat. Howard has no clue on how to play this game! He is a bad liar and all his lies are easily exposed. In contrast, Amanda is bullying other house guests on their nominations, has coddled Aaryn and thinking of Final 2 like Helen when there are 12 people left in the house? Serves her right if she gets evicted this week!

  14. Wow. If Howard goes, I don’t know who i will root for. Everyone else just aren’t likable in my opinion.

    • I like Jessie and Candice. They may still make good game moves later on. Lots of game play left.

  15. Maybe just maybe, Aaryn replaces Spencer with Candice. Howard is evicted but doesn’t leave for some reason. Now we will have at least 4 people who if they become HOH will lead the charge to finally evict Aaryn

    • And what happens when Aaryn tells them that all she did was listen to Helen and the rest of them about nominations to keep up her end of a deal that kept her from being evicted?

    • unless someone drops out of the game, this isn’t happening. judging by the production schedule and the number of contestants, we will have 2 double evictions this year. it wouldn’t make sense for them to keep someone who has been voted out unless they have a 3rd double eviction, or if someone voluntarily leaves the game.

  16. Now I know why Big Brother brings back old houseguests, this has been the most boring season yet, nothing exciting happens. Oh well, bye Howard.

    • The MVP in the hands of the viewing public is a great twist! They should leave it that way and not give it to the house guests because they blab it to everyone in the house and destroys the mystery of it to the house guests.

    • not a live feeder but guessing that happens sometimes. The cameras are technology and sometimes glitches happen.

      • If BB-Canada is the same, then it’s because production has something going on in the other rooms (or requires people/things moving through those rooms). I think people get the wrong idea about ”Live Feeds” and believe they get to see everything that happens in the house. But you ONLY get to see whichever cameras the producers want you to see (with the standard 6-min delay in broadcast)… It is a ”show”…the ”Live Feeds” are part of the show.

  17. I recognize it as one of the rules of the game, but am I the only “die hard” fan here (i think watching and possessing a copy of every season that has ever aired multiple times qualifies me) who hopes that this is just a one-season rule? This MVP thing kind of sucks. I think it’s forcing our houseguests to be tame and boring, afraid of making a big move that america might disagree with. The game was more interesting without it.

    • The MVP is this summer’s “Twist”…don’t expect it to return in BB16 or beyond.

      • I know the twist normally doesn’t remain a factr in future games, but they did add the power of veto in season 3, and eventually changed the golden power of veto to a standard competition instead of just an occasional gimmick. So it gets me worried that they might change things up permanently.

      • again – I really wouldn’t expect that to happen. PoV added another comp to the game. MVP adds a weekly America’s Vote; they would have other things to use America’s Votes for.

    • The mvp twist has changed the game way too much, in a lot of different ways. I really hope it doesn’t come back.

  18. Ugh!!! This season has been extremely painful to watch. Now that Howard is most likely leaving, there’s absolutely no one to root for. He was the only HG I found remotely likable. I might not watch the rest of the season. Out of everyone left, I don’t want to see any of them win. I can’t even think of one HG in the house who actually deserves to win the game in terms of great game play. Maybe amanda, but she is horribly unlikable.

  19. the only racial comment that Aaryn ever made could be towards Helen for the dish comment that is a natural predatory statement lighter fish stay up to the top with a blend into the sunlight dark stay to the bottom to blend in with the shadows my god people get a grip. Google this its fact.

      • Then why did you comment on this site. This is a discussion board. If you want to spout your opinions with no feedback talk to a mirror

      • I never said you weren’t. What I said was, if you want to spout you opinion (which you are entitled to) and not be given feedback, a mirror is a more appropriate place. Because this commenting section is a discussion board. You are going to get replies if people strongly disagree with what you said.

    • i agree. she did say the one racist thing about Helen, but as for the other comments… it’s not racism just because the person you’re being mean to is black… is she a mean girl? yes. Does she take it overboard sometimes? yes, she did. But unless there are things I’m not seeing (I don’t subscribe to the feeds), then I don’t see where all the racism allegations are coming from (other than Helen, as previously stated).

      • If you don’t subscribe to the feeds and you don’t watch BBAD, you don’t really know the truth about hgs.

      • I like the show. I think that for the most part, you can judge who will win the season moreso by watching the show rather than getting things lost and distorted with a constant feed. I do watch BBAD, but not religiously. mainly just when nothing else is on, and I tend to do other things while I’m doing it. But as far as the racism goes, what am I missing?

      • Rob, I don’t have the time or the patience to recap. However, the way that Aryan, Gina Marie, and several others have carried on is just despicable. They have said many unbelievable things.

      • There have been plenty of documented things that Aaryn has said that have been repeated ad nauseum. Some of the things she said could be explained away with a “she was just joking” but many of the things Aaryn has said are hurtful and were meant to be hurtful and it seemed that Aaryn was targeting Candice because of her skin color.

    • Are you kidding me? She was saying about Helen: “shut up and go make some rice”, was teasing her about “doing nails” etc, talking with an asian accent…and that was directed to only one minority in the house. Do you have a short memory or something? Wow! There are a multitude of racial slurs that have come out of that mouth.

  20. Google has been known to be wrong before. She has made many more comments than that.

  21. Well, Amanda didn’t win veto, good. Spencer got it. Huh?Howard is still number one target, just wrong. Hope the house pulls their head out of their ” wazoo” and make the big move of evicting “Demanda.” Helen, forget about Howard, start the campaign and get Amanda out. Howard isn’t doing anything wrong i.e. evil. Lop the preying mantis Amanda head off.

    • Counter-argument: Howard is likely a bigger threat physically than Amanda and there are endurance style HoH’s coming up

      • Look Amanda could find her way out of the a paper bag, She has McCrea and the other dummies to get HOH and anything else she demands. Howard a physical threat, haven’t seen it. Endurance Helen, with all the laps she runs.

      • Remember the first comp, an endurance HoH, Howard intentionally dropped off early to avoid displaying his physical prowess on day 1. So yes.

      • I’ve come to realize (both in reality shows and in real life) that physique is not the same thing as performance. In fact they are often opposite. Survivor, BB, Amazing Race…etc. ALL of them have shown time and time again a well cut physique doesn’t do anything other than intimidate others, but it doesn’t usually produce results.

      • I’d have to agree with you on that. The bulky-looking guys don’t always perform well. Their physique sometimes only serves to intimidate others. It doesn’t guarantee superior performance.

      • Since Howard hasn’t won anything, I don’t really consider him to be a threat. Also, the big guys don’t do well in the endurance challenges. So, I have to agree with you.

      • From what I’ve read, it has something to do with oxygen delivery to the the body. They don’t do well on endurance because of inefficient O2 delivery and they spend more energy.

      • I think it was all apparent during a recent episode where Elissa was teaching Howard some easy-to-do yoga moves. I don’t think it was she wasn’t too far off with the teaching when “Howie” began sweating and trying to catch his breathe. He may have been lacking in stamina to endure an activity that even non-yoga practitioners may be able to perform without much difficulty.

        I do think that the type of body Howard has is akin of those certain type of bodybuilders who tend to work on their bodies for display purposes. Which is why, I’m guessing, that despite his massive physique, it’s proving to be a disadvantage for him, limiting him to certain physical tasks only in BB.

        Did Jessie from BB10-BB11 had a similar dilemma when he was still playing? I think he was segueing from being a bodybuilder to a full-time wrestler so it may have been a factor. :D

      • Yeah, I saw that episode. Just look at the marathon runners. They have the best cardio.

      • Fair point! Fair point! a lot of times the endurance comps go to the smaller HouseGuests. but at the same time, if it comes down to a decision between Howard who is physically strong and Amanda who was worried about popping her implant during the second HoH comp, I think Howard is likely the bigger threat. Also factoring in is the anger she has caused among other HGs vs Howard’s nice guy strategy

      • lol… It really depends ‘how’ one is threatened. If I am a physical player, I want other physical threats gone. If I’m a social player, I want the better manipulator gone.

      • In immunity challenges on Survivor by example, if you are buffed and muscled, chances are you are heavy but, usually the challenges put weight on the foot or the back and if you are buffed—-you have huge muscles right?
        However, you are very heavy too which creates stress on your foot, shoulders, back and is a huge disadvantage to winning the competitions. Some of the HOH competitions on Big Brother favor smaller, lighter people so, Aaryn and Helen probably can do better at those!

  22. Has anybody thougt about andy, jessie, judd are just floaters they need 2 go they are playing both sides of the house

  23. Disappointed Howard didn’t win the VETO. Fingers crossed we can still get Amanda out!!!! (Holding my breathe.) Confused why Howard wasn’t the winner.???

  24. Think strategically people – Howard is the bigger threat physically and there are endurance HoH comps coming up soon. The house would be wise to evict him now while they have the chance. Plus Amanda would be the better one to bring to jury b/c she’s made more enemies than Howard has.

    • What the house has been stacked against him for weeks. The only ppl that like him are Spenser and Candice. Again the 1st endurance challenge he threw in the towel. If he could have gone on he should have and got the HOH. I never bought his story about jumping off cause he doesn’t wan to come out as a physical threat. Just a dumb move.

      • Yeah, if he was to throw a comp like that, throw it when the time is right and not early on. Muscles as big as his don’t lie.

  25. Oooo. Helen is thinking about getting the votes for against Amanda…she is seeing Amanda and Aaryn alliance. A glimmer of hope. Maybe. Dummies still think Howard is MVP. Argh. Candice on the block could be a good thing. Helen thinking to save Howard for Candice. Come on Helen and Elissa, think big move. Argh, you two quit teasing me!

    • Why is everyone listening to Helen? Who made her Queen Bee? Personally, I don’t like or trust her.

      • Helen in the real world is a political consultant. It seems to be ingrained in her DNA to be the campaign Jedi master or politician of the house. Ppl buy what she sells.

  26. I thought with the twist Aaryn don’t pick the next person to replace it’s the next in line

  27. I don’t think Elissa is going up. Aaryn is following Helens orders. I think Candice will be up cause that will be one less vote for Howard to stay. So, Helen and Elissa thinking out different plans of who to evict. Nice. Howard not a done deal. Hope Howard campaigns and shows some heart. Jessie and Andy the floaters will vote with Helen. Helen: Aaryn and Amanda/McCrea alliance running the house. Not good.Vote Amanda smart. I am biting my nails, and I am not a nail biter. Anyone else stressing out?

  28. I am so tired of Amanda manipulating the house & this game. Time to break up another couple…send Amanda home NOW!!!

    • Agreed. Amanda is also attaching to Aaryn. That will be the fire and brimstone alliance, plus McCrea. Helen is catching a whiff of that and is thinking.

  29. Candice will probably go up. I don’t see Aaryn putting up Elissa, even though Aaryn wants to, but because of the deals she made she doesn’t want to go against that, not yet anyways. I think the game would be so much more interesting with Elissa on the block, but sadly I don’t see it happening. I’m hoping the HG see Amanda as the bigger threat, Its time to shut Amanda and McCrae down and show they don’t run sh**. Unfortunately you have Judd so far up her a** and Andy too, that she probably will stay. Howard poses no threat in my opinion. Even if he is losing comps on purpose, I think he still poses no threat, but I don’t think he is losing on purpose, maybe a few, but I honestly believe he isn’t capable of winning. I hope America gets to choose MVP from here on out, because I like that Amanda is up on the block, someone different and makes things more interesting.

  30. Isn’t it still Americas choice? Aaryn won’t have a say in who goes up it will be the next in line with the votes.

    • America would have chosen the replacement only if Amanda (their original choice) were to be taken down. The HOH replaces her nominees.

  31. What if spencer used it on Howard instead? That would hell of rocked the house.

  32. Helen is the real threat in the house. She is playing a balanced game. She can win comps. She has a savvy social game, she’s persuasive and has no enemies. She will get the houseguest votes if she makes it to final 2. She’s keeping the game in the forefront of her mind and leaving the emotion to the other HG’s.

    • Helen will not make it to Final 2. She has a huge target on her back. Amanda and Helen coddling Aaryn will get them evicted ahead of Aaryn if they do not watch out! They just made it easier for the floaters and racists in the house to go deep in this game! Serves them right too when they get evicted!

    • I think Helen is in trouble once A) MVP stops being a factor and B) The safety in numbers she offers become the only numbers left in the house.

      Most of America would prefer to put Amanda on the block and if Elissa remains the MVP nom once America’s reign is over, Helen has one less variable to worry about than most of the house. She isn’t a target of either MVP thus far. As long as Amanda, Aaryn and Howard stay, Helen’s target remains minimal.

      I do think Helen is playing a very good game. But I think her flock will turn on her once she is the only power player left.

  33. Go Spencer the Train! Praise Allah that he finally won something meaningful. That Jim Crow is going home now. Got to get that Aryan Aaryn out next.

    • you realize that Spencer has said things more objectionable than Aaryn has right? Praising Hitler; saying the Holocaust was beneficial; and the things he’s said about women….some of the things he’s said about women are vile.

      • Hitler was misunderstood. He got crazy from those Wiccan and the Jewish laws. Lets compare people, Red. Aaryn is like Susan Smith and Casey Anthony. Andy is Harvey Milk. Amanda is Jodi Arias. In all means, you have to blame Howard. He should have voted for that Neo-Nazi blonde hair and blue eyed bimbo and he would not be in this dire situation. Spencer is finally making strides and you have to give him props.

      • That I agree with 100%. Howard and Candice were hurled racist slurs and bullied by Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn, Spencer and Jeremy. And yet, who does Howard allied with? The racist bunch no less! I understand that Howard had alliances with Jeremy and Spencer but, to continue to hang and vote with the racists is something hard to comprehend. Take note too that their alliance is weak and in the minority as to numbers. Common sense will dictate that to survive, you do not vote against the stronger alliance unless, you have gotten the house to flip which he has not! Maybe, Howard hates other blacks? The reason I say so is he keeps saying he hates the racial slurs but, keeps associating with the racists, forming alliances with them?

  34. The ladies will definitely have the numbers if the guys keep leaving. These broads need to unite!

  35. I so much prefer America being MVP…. giving non-entity Elissa the vote three weeks in a row was getting dull. I know a lot of fans miss Rachel, but by becoming a rabid Elissa fan will not morph her into her sister. The only thing the two share is DNA… but obviously not good game play! And the sooner the other HGs realize this, the better.

  36. Honestly I have nothing personal against Elissa, but she’s had the unfair advantage of being mvp for 3 weeks just because of a relative, not her skills. I also just don’t like her personality that much, nor her gameplay. She should leave

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