Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds 20130727

Saturday was a fun one for “Big Brother 15.” We had paranoia, MVP nomination, panic combined with paranoia, Veto competition, and more paranoia. It was a fantastic day to watch as the HGs reacted and fed off one another to create even more anxiety and stress.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 27, 2013

9:30 AM BBT – HGs are waking up and getting ready for a busy day.

9:40 AM BBT – Judd talks with Helen about Howard and then Jeremy. After she leaves he mumbles that he wouldn’t have gotten rid of Jeremy.

11:05 AM BBT – Andy and Judd talking about Howard. Judd repeating previous comments that Howard is tugging at heartstrings to influence HGs. He wants Howard gone.

11:40 AM BBT – HGs looking at the Memory Wall and picking dogs to match each HG. Later Andy starts a game of “which HG” with different questions. It’s pretty funny and goes on for awhile. Most HGs agree the HG they’d want to punch based on their picture is Nick.

12:26 PM BBT – Feeds are back and there is chaos. Amanda was nominated and everyone is going nuts. McCrae is pissed and Amanda is panicked.

12:45 PM BBT – Amanda and McCrae taking turns pacing with worry. McCrae thinks it has to be Howard. It’s not. McC tries threatening Spencer that he’s going home. Spencer doesn’t get that line of reasoning. Neither do I.

1:00 PM BBT – Judd is upset about Helen then Howard then Helen. HGs try to calm him. It seems he didn’t like something Helen said after that short meeting and he’s still mad at Howard about the “heart strings.”

1:10 PM BBT – Helen pulls Elissa in to the SR and tells her it’s too early to get out Amanda. They’re going to keep the target on Howard.

1:35 PM BBT – Amanda talking with Jessie, another Veto player, to not go for prizes in the competition. Jessie was saying she might take prizes and that has Amanda stressed out.

2:15 PM BBT – McCrae still convinced Howard is the MVP.

2:55 PM BBT – Howard and Amanda have a private talk in the Have-Not room. She seems to believe that he’s not MVP. After a long talk she asks if he has anything else he wants to say. “Good luck,” he tells her and they hug.

3:30 PM BBT – McCrae reminds Amanda not to threaten other HGs like she was doing with Jessie over the Veto. McC previously explained it as he plays good cop, bad cop with Amanda to other HGs.

4:30 PM BBT – HGs getting very anxious for the Veto competition which is now later than usual.

5:38 PM BBT – Veto competition finally underway.

7:24 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Spencer won the Power of Veto.

7:30 PM BBT – Aaryn says she’s going to put up Candice and thinks she’ll be branded racist for her nominees. She says viewers think she’s racist because Candice twists her words to make her look that way. Nope, that’s not it, Aaryn.

7:55 PM BBT – Candice talking to Jessie about votes. Jessie says she’s going to vote with the house so she’s not the HG Candice should be working to convince.

8:40 PM BBT – Amanda, McCrae, & Andy going over scenarios if Candice stays and wins HoH. They think GM would be her target.

8:47 PM BBT – Feeds cut out due to technical error.

9:31 PM BBT – Feeds return.

9:45 PM BBT – Helen wonders when they should target Amanda. She’s talking with Elissa. Both are worried about Aaryn and Amanda buddying up.

10:00 PM BBT – Candice talking with Howard. She believes Helen isn’t supporting her. Discussing Howard as the target.

11:30 PM BBT – Helen, Elissa, and Candice discussing MVP and who it might be. Candice doesn’t think it’s Howard or he would have told her.

11:45 PM BBT – Helen gets upset when Candice says she (Helen) is controlling the house. Helen leaves the room.

12:05 AM BBT – Helen tells Jessie she knows she revealed Helen’s deal with Aaryn, but she’s not mad at her about it.

12:45 AM BBT – Elissa talking with Candice and Howard in the Lounge Room. Candice is trying to protect Howard and she’s upset with the moves Helen is making in the game.

2:25 AM BBT – Spencer working on McCrae to keep Howard over Candice. McC doesn’t seem particularly opposed to the idea, but he’s not going to actively support it either.

3:30 AM BBT – Spencer coaching Howard on how to behave this week thinking Candice could self-destruct and make him look like a good option to keep by comparison.

3:35 AM BBT – Judd admits to Amanda he made up the story that Kaitlin was coming after Helen to get the target off Aaryn last week.

4:00 AM BBT – Howard is campaigning to Amanda, Judd, and McCrae. He’s attempting to distance himself from Candice.

4:35 AM BBT – Amanda and McCrae are hooking up and going at it.

What an insane day on the Big Brother Feeds! So much action and craziness in the house. It was exciting to see Amanda go up on the block. I was hoping she would while knowing she’d most likely be safe just to put her back in the game. It’s time for McCranda to get out of bed and start playing Big Brother again. Today’s events should make that happen for at least a few more days.

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    • I fear that if they don’t get her out this week, she will make it to finals. She has McCrae protecting her, now she has Aaryn gaining her trust more and more everyday, I think they are going to turn on Helen sooner rather than later, I am not too crazy about the players like Amanda who just sit back and control votes, while winning no comps, and dictates to the house what to do. Annoying. I wish she would go. McCrae would maybe then start actually playing his game the way he wants to.

      • I agree. They do need to be broken up.. ASAP! On the other hand, if they don’t take advantage of this golden opportunity to send her out, they have no one to blame but themselves. It will be on them for “obeying” her demands.

      • You have that right – her demands. She just lays in bed with McCrae like she is a Queen and gets her subjects to obey her. Makes me want to gag.

      • Jacee2, you have that right,and she is a ” Porker “, wow she was busting out of that outfit she wore for Mcnuts birthday.

      • I agree. The only thing I can do is if America keeps getting the votes, I will vote Amanda as the third nom. No one in the house will. Maybe someone will pull their head out of Amanda’s scary butt, like a groundhog and see the light, that she needs to go. The McCrea hook up is in your face, the Aaryn alignment will be a giant slap in everyone’s face. So, wake up kids.

    • I agree. Helen was talking to Elissa about how close Aaryn and Amanda are. The thought of a Aaryn and Amanda alliance scares her. The light is being turned on in her head. Plus, Helen made a comment if Candice is on the block she my save Howard for Candice, so that leaves a door open for the BIG move and send Amanda packing. But, sadly is was just talk for now.

      • Yeah, I say get the popcorn ready. With Amanda gone, McCrea can find his missing jewels, since Amanda castrated him. It is his game to lose. Some big moves have happened in the game, Two showmances down, the most lethal is McCrea/Amanda who sloth in the HOH room. Why not break them, up, is my question to the HGs? Does the Amanda talk of marrying McCrea make you want to puke? The HGs aren’t fazed and don’t think to break that up? Dummies.

      • It makes me want to puke big time. They are not even original since Rachel and Brendon already did a BB wedding in their last season. These HGs are dummies. Please let at least one wake up and realize it is the right week to get Amanda out. I heard Helen tell Jessie it was not the right week. We will get her out later. I just shake my head.

      • I 100 percent agree. Yeah, Helen telling Jessie that. Helen was at least talking about getting Amanda out to Elissa, but both of them were teasing me. Yeah, so when is the right time? Helen did say to Elissa she noticed Amanda and Aaryn are close and what if those too align. Um, they are Helen hello? Argh, makes me mad. Sorry you are puking too. LOL

      • REALLY….wth are they thinking….couples should always be the target to seperate them so they dont have that much power in the game…these ppl are brainless….and are not playing the games…worst yr ever

      • Didn’t Helen also try to make an alliance deal with Aaryn a few weeks ago? Either Aaryn or Elissa are perfect to be in the final two because they cannot win a jury vote against anyone but each other. Perhaps Amanda realizes that and is hoping to take Aaryn.

      • If Helen could just sit with the devil for 5 minutes and talk to him, I’m sure she could bring him back to the good side.

  1. This use to be my number 1 show!! How anxious I was counting the months and now I’m content with reading the live feeds!! Worst BB EVER!!

      • Definitely agree with both of you… they couldn’t have picked a worst (overall) cast this year.

      • You can add me to the list as well. Have watched since Season 1 and couldn’t wait for summer and BB to start. So disappointed. :(

    • It is definitely different than in the past. I am not sure yet if I like it more or less. Let’s see how it ends first.

  2. So, Judd is another Aaryn coddler? Guess what bud, if the viewing public still has the votes—-you just got nominated along with Aaryn! See if you make Final 2 dumbass!

      • Thanks. I have to say, this has been the most confusing season yet. I feel like I am in an alliance, but no clue which one.

      • Found out last night that Judd confessed to having made up the rumor that Kaitlyn was going after Helen if she stayed in he house. He did it to protect Aaryn for some reason or so he claims now.

  3. I had a feeling Judd made up that story about Kaitlyn going after Helen. Judd is turning out to be a double -triple-quadruple agent. I wonder how Helen will feel if she finds out about it?

    Candice is so dumb to protect Howard over herself. It seems like in these showmances, it is always the girls who protect the guys. The guys rarely protect the girls. Brendan might have been the only guy protecting Rachel and we hated him for that!

      • Jeff is a homophobe. Shame on Julie and CBS for interviewing him as if he’s some sort of god.

      • Unless its something you like or agree with, you rip and degrade us. You need to get a f’&#ing life. Geesh. Such a person full of ennui and stupidity.

      • Read my posts I may disagree or agree but keep to the subject at hand until I read posts from people complaining about racist comments and they do the same effing thing like you. I’m done arguing with a racist. It’s like talking to a wall.

      • Join the Aryan Aaryan express train to Hell. your first class ticket.

      • He’s trying to hold onto his 15 minutes of fame. He’ll do whatever BB wants, he’s still trying to get a Jeff & Jordan reality show. Guess he has nothing in life. It’s kinda sad, like the HS quarterback who’s only self worth was the touchdown pass way back when.

    • Judd told Helen he started it to get the target off Arryn…dumb move i think…and he was my favorite..:(

    • What I’ve been saying all along. Howard is NOT good (strategically or emotionally) for Candice! She is far too sweet and trusting for Howard who is intentionally using her…

      • Oh man, that wasn’t even me who thumbs downed this… I haven’t seen the feeds where she was being mean, but I’m going to guess it might be because she’s being pinched out by her former alliance members? That would make anyone upset and hissy. Feel free to let me know if she does anything else to show a not so nice side… ;)

      • She’s just acting weird and like she’s entitled. Her alliance is kind of turning on her because of the way she’s acting.

    • Like I said yesterday Judd is playing the best game. He’s a very smart player and plays for the end game.

      • Really…watch who he talks to and what he says.(If you can make out what he’s saying). Lol. He’s keeping himself safe with everyone and plans ahead.

      • Lol. I like Judd but I don’t have the live feeds so maybe that’s why I don’t know if he’s playing the best game… I’ll try to keep listening to what he says. He’s not too hard to understand most times lol.

      • Judd is not even that good of a player. He is coddling Aaryn so, along with Amanda and Helen are now in my nomination list. He will get evicted soon enough!

      • Well I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I think Judd is playing the best game. ;-)

    • Right on someone else get’s my Succubus anology of Amanda :O I named her that. Someone commented that a succubus somewhere is insulted, So, I clarified she is dark fae succubus. Plus, I have called her a preying mantis. She will eat the head off their mate/ McCrea. LOL

    • Pizza boy can’t handle her. He will succumb to her and downfall will come

  4. I’m down to 2 likeable HGs now–Howard and Candice. Judd was the third up until this past day. *sigh*

    • Sadly i’m about the same, except i don’t like em i just don’t dislike them same with jesse.

      • I feel the same way mike. I don’t like them for their game play because they don’t seem to have any, nor do I dislike them as people.

    • I don’t find any of them particularly likeable. Just when I think someone is, they do something to make me go UGH! I kind of like Judd but every now and then he says something that makes me wonder if he is high or something. He is also telling everyone everything so its hard to figure out who he is aligned with. Now it appears he is sorry they evicted Jeremy? Really, Judd? At least Judd is pretty funny to watch.

    • Hey we had the same faves, but for me it was Judd & Candice (with Howard 3rd until he started intentionally using Candice)…

      • Candice and Judd were my favorites and I’ve been trying to hope Howard learns how to play the game. I think Candice is smart (she catches on to a lot that’s going on in the house) but I don’t think people are considering her for an alliance member and they should. I really like(d) Judd but when he blabbed about his “faux” alliance so quickly it just really disappointed me. Why can’t anyone be smart and make a “good” two person alliance. There has to be some season that can produce another “Danielle and Jason” right? I can only hope.

  5. I miss the way BB use to be. I have never seen such a frustrating season. These HGs were given a golden opportunity to get out a strong player and instead we see Amanda and McCrae go crazy for a little while and the next thing you know it is business as usual. So many things about this season make no sense. Helen saying it is not the time to get Amanda out this week who is a strong player and instead has to go after Howard who has shown he is not a strong player. Now they might jump on Candace who should have stayed away from Howard in the first place. Both these players are not a threat to anyone’s game. You would think that someone would realize this is a perfect time to get rid of Amanda all in the name off good game play. It seems like you have two sides. One with Helen and one with Amanda/McCrae and yet within those sides they are all together with each other. What about all the other players that are in these alliances and are clearly not at the top? When are they going to make their moves? There are no real secrets because everyone just runs and spills whatever they know right back to Amanda/McCrae and Helen. I have never watched BB without having a favorite, but I can honestly say I don’t care who wins this season because I have no favorite.

    • This is the first season that I haven’t had a favorite, also. All I have are the ones I strongly dislike. (Aryan, Demanda, GM, Spencer and McCrae for his association w/demanda)

      • Yes, I feel the same and I had hope for Judd, but sadly even he has let me down.

    • I’m still hoping for Candice, and yes, her worst move was getting hooked up with Howard (both emotionally and strategically)…

      • Unless she changes her mind very early this am I think she finally decided to let Howard go and play his own game. Hopefully, she will stick with it. Problem is now the rest of the HGs seem against her. She sacrificed her own game for him. I felt so bad for her.

      • I wanted Candice to be in the final 2 but the last 2 days she’s been kind of mean to people. That’s not the way to get votes.

      • The sad thing about the Howard/Candice situation is, I don’t think Howard ever liked Candice in a romantic way. For some reason, I felt like Howard was always using Candice to advance his game. I think deep down inside, Candice knows this, as well.

      • lol… well now you’re just egging me on. I’ve been saying this since they hooked up together in bed.

      • Matt, I couldn’t figure it out at first. I thought Howard might be sincere. I kept listening to a conversation he and Candice were having and realize he was not. If he were serious, he would have told Candice to deny their showmance, as well.

      • I was actually fine when they were just cuddling, or when he was being a big brother (protector) to her when she needed it the most… But then she took it farther, he said NOTHING (that is recorded anywhere), and after their first sexual contact, she says to him: ”I just did that for you and I don’t even get a kiss?” His response? He just rolls over and goes to sleep… Oh Howard. I love the work he does outside the house, but inside the house he has used the sweetest person and manipulated her.

      • lol… and where were you 2 days ago when everyone was saying that Howard is perfectly within his right to treat her this way and that Candice isn’t a victim? Now that it’s been shown on tv that he’s using her to save his butt everyone doesn’t think it’s so ”ok” anymore. lol… funny people, funny people… ;)

      • Matt, I was not around and did not read any comments where people were condoning Howard’s behavior toward Candice . I don’t read every comment. I would have never said that Howard was perfectly within his rights. I don’t have the feeds, but I try to watch BBAD. I watched BBAD a couple of nights ago and saw the conversation where Candice confronted Howard for telling other hgs that they were not having a showmance. I thought that conversation was strange. So, the next day I posted a comment and said that i couldn’t figure out if Howard is just using Candice. Some one responded and said yes he is and that Candice offered Howard a “job”. I was shocked and disappointed, as well. I spoke up about my disappointment with Howard immediately after my suspicions were confirmed.

    • It’s a missed opportunity for Helen to organized and revolt against Amanda. You have Andy that’s hooked on Amanda. Judd, the most undecisive player in the house. Howard, who lets Candice do the work and just lay in bed moaning…any one of the HG’s deserve to be evicted.

      • I think Judd is playing for the end game. He is telling people what they want to hear to position himself from week to week. I think he is playing the smartest game in the house. Just watch and listen to him. (If you can figure out what he is saying). Lol

      • I do, I turn up the volume every time he speaks. I can’t read his lips either, because they’re not moving.

      • Judd reminds me of Jeff Boomhauer from King of the Hill! I laughed when he said one of his favorite cartoon characters was Hank Hill.

      • Lol Maybe that’s why I kind of understand what he says since I watch King of the Hill a bit.

  6. Howard is the worst. God. Distancing yourself with someone you are showmancing. . I hope he goes home. I love Candice. I hope she gets HOH next week. . and Then put up Amanda and McCrae. Then hope GM/Aaryn are America’s MVP and then GM goes. . . Or Amanda.

    • Spencer and Judd keep this show interesting and intriguing. They make me want to play with trains and hunt wabbits. Howard better take heed to the white man’s advice. It is time for the black fish, rainbow boy and the blonde Auschwitz killer to go.

      • I suppose you think you’re clever and witty. You’re just as awful as Aaryn.

      • I’m a little tipsy bit I can function. Don’t cast stones at me sinners if you have the nerve to say that you both have never sinned. Both of you should be evicted of this board.

      • Haha!!! You are quite the little jokester aren’t you? You really think you are saying something with this little “sinner” comment don’t you? Ha. It tickles me. I’m sitting here trying to figure out when me or kifferslady ever wrote anywhere on our comments that we are indeed “not sinners”. I can’t seem to find that comment, help me out good sir.

      • What is your real name anonymous?? Keep your feeble and weak threats to yourself. You need join my congregation and clean your soul.

      • Threats? My goodness, I have failed to see where I made a threat. Would you be so kind to tell me the threat that I made over a computer screen? Did you invent your congregation in your head as well sir? Thank you for your comments this afternoon, you have truly entertained me with the irrelevant things you add to the conversations.

      • Foolish and unnecessary comment. I see comments where you complain about Aaryn and then you make nasty comments about other house guests. It’s just ridiculous.

  7. If this is how much anxiety Amanda gets every time she’s on the block, Hell ! Let’s just give it to her. Let’s nominate Amanda every Can you imagine we get to torture a player every week “live” on TV…how fun is that !

    • I just wish it lasted longer and one of these HGs would wake up. I am all in for nominating her each and every week. Maybe we will finally get lucky and she will be gone.

    • I would like to see Helen, Amanda and Elissa on the block together. And none of them win POV. Now that would be fun to watch.

    • I voted for her the first time America was the MVP and voted for her again this week. If America continues to get the MVP vote, I’ll vote for her every single time. I don’t like how push she’s been since day one, nor do I like how she threatens people. She’s a lazy cow who does nothing but lay around with her boy McCrae. He’s also getting on my nerves. He’s also not above threatening people because he feels safe hiding behind Amanda’s skirts. He’s whipped!!

      • I never like her method. Her social game is too strong. Unfortunately it’s working.They’re all intimidated by her. There’s a very good chance she could take this game.

      • Grumpy face Amanda never had a social game until she hooked into McCrea. She sniffed out that he was gullible kid. She just picked a pony, who was awkward, funny, and likeable pizza guy. She struck gold when she found out the kid is well versed in the game and smart. Now, he has lost his powers to Amanda who is pushing marriage to him in the house. Also, she said if I leave quote “you have to win the $500.000 so we can have the wedding of our dreams.” This is McCrea’s game to lose.

      • I agree. I will continue too! vote against the “lazy cow, who threatens ppl.” Yeah, what was with the McCrea threatening ppl too? I did not see that coming since Amanda has his balls in a vice. Weird.

  8. If they don’t get Helen out soon she’s going to wi the game. She’s a liar, manipulator and is controlling the house. Why everyone is pandering to her is beyond me.

    • I so agree with you. Helen talks like she has this game won. Telling Elissa about votes in the jury house. A little early to talk about votes. Who says you won’t be evicted next. She thinks she runs the house and she is getting on my nerves.

    • In the real world Helen is a political consultant. Helen is doing what’s engrained in her, person, she is the politician of the House. She lies, deals, and schemes just like a political candidate would. Yes, she can get on my nerves but, I have a bigger issue which is Aaryn/Amanda possilble allining together. Helen seems to be the only person to motivate ppl think. Also. Amanda has McCrea by his jewels. So, that makes 3.

    • Helen is the other Amanda only sllightly less aggressive. If Amanda goes my guess is the weaklings will turn on Helen too.

      Funny, but by the end of this thing we may all be rooting for Aaryn and Elissa in the final two :>)

    • Any of the house guests dreaming of a Final 2 are in Lalaland which is why I find all this coddling of Aaryn by Amanda, Helen and Judd laughable. What they should be worrying about is lasting in the Big Brother House longer than Aaryn. At the rate they are going, they will find themselves all evicted and Aaryn still safe and sound in the Big Brother House—-that would be so funny! There are still 12 people in the house, remember that!

  9. Can we get new houseguests and start over again? Absolutely most boring, uneventful, and pointless season ever. Julie, Allison, and the rest of the CBS that collabrated and produced needs to be fired for created such unworthy entertainment. I’m watching Housewives of NJ tonight instead…I’m just waiting for Thursday.

    • Allison Grodnor’s production company should have been fired long ago. They’ve rigged the show for years, and this summer they cast the worst HGs in BB history.

      • LOL. I remember when I saw the movie “Orca the Killer Whale”. In the first 2 minutes I realized this is the worst movie ever made and nothing else comes close. But I watched it to the end for the same reason. I wanted to see just how bad it could be! It actually got worse as it progressed. I think part of me could not believe a movie could be that bad and still be released so I watched thinking it had to get better.

      • Worst movie for me and I fell asleep in the movie theatre was Sphere. It started well with some suspense but, died down and was so boring, I fell asleep. Enjoyed my nap so, was worth the nap atleast!

      • Every week, we hope thing will change. I for one, am very close on giving up. The only thing that still keeping me interrested is this site, where I can vent.

      • I agree with you fully. I have been close to giving up several times, as well.

      • I’ll never give up. Love, love, love it. And every season we all complain about the houseguests. lol

      • Only thing keeping me on is the MVP votes. I enjoy voting and tormenting the house guests that I hate the most! Amanda got nominated this week and I am looking at Helen and Judd to be on the block too in addition to Aaryn again!
        I will keep voting till I get some of these house guests out! I still have Gina Marie and Spencer in the target list but, I have to wait till I get Amanda, Helen and Judd evicted because these Aaryn coddlers are getting in the way!

      • No don’t give up. Wait a minute I seem to recall about a week ago you said you weren’t going to watch anymore. Lol

      • No, I said the same thing I just said, I’m close. I’m just hoping something good will happen, but it never does.

      • Grodnor is only running the production team. She is trying to do the best with what they give to her.
        The cast was pick by Robyn Kass (Kassting Inc).

    • I couldn’t agree more Scottyfrom42nsSt. I guess you are going to give up on the famous BB wedding (what a joke) as I think they are planning it for this week. I guess that is why they couldn’t evict Amanda since you can’t have a wedding without the bride. lol I’ll be passing on it as well.

  10. If the house does not send Amanda home this week I hope it’s America choice again because I am going to keep picking Amanda to go up on the block she has to go and tired of seeing her and McCare laying around

      • I will put up Aaryn and Amanda or Helen if she refuses to take out Amanda. Judd will be the third choice. Now, I spread my votes so, one of these guys will be on the block. If we are real lucky—-all of them. Best twist is this MVP in the viewers hands where the house guests are always guessing! I will gladly nominate these guys because they are just as bad as Aaryn for coddling her and keeping her safe. If they want to keep Aaryn safe—-they can be on the block in her place!

      • But if everyone splits their votes then we will never get the person we want nominated. We all need to vote together each week for someone. My vote is going for Helen this time only because I don’t think Amanda will go home. But I may change after I see who gets HOH.

  11. BB used to be clever with interesting guests. Now its just a mess with boring houseguests, constant racial slurs, and rigged comps. Very sad.

    • Did you hear Spencer talking about not getting his girlfriend anything for her birthday, not even a card? HIs excuse was he didn;t want to spoil her because women always expect more! LOL. I wonder if she will still be there when he gets home. What a cad.

      • She’s going to be long gone if she watches the feeds. He’s a filthy pig.

  12. Helen is a hypocrite. She got so pissed off with Elissa when she thought she told about the deal with Aaryn. But she finds out it was Jessie and she’s like “Oh it’s fine, don’t worry about it, I’m not mad.” She needs to go, I’m getting tired of her trying to run everything.

    • So true! They all criticized Elissa for everything she does. Yet they all do the same things. Elissa has been on the block 3 times, more than anyone and they talked about her behavior. Then Amanda is nominated ans he immediately goes nuts and bullies Jessie of all people. GM did the cock-a-roach rant when Nick left and Aaryn was flipping beds when the house turned.

      They all need to not be so quick to judge people and just play the game.

    • I would rather Jessie win it all if it means Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Amanda, Judd and Helen do not get it! None of them deserve to win it the way they have played the game! Only other player I might root for is Candace.

  13. On BBAD last night, Aaryn told GM and some others in the HOH room that after the nominations Elissa went up to her and hugged and thanked he for not putting her up. I didn’t think Elissa had that in her but at least she is not a total idiot in this game. I did not hear if Helen or anyone put her up to it.

  14. Amanda said that Candice is just using the racist card against Aaryn to keep her and Howard safe and that people have said anti-semitic things and that it hasn’t offended her…

    Has anyone heard any HG say anything anti-semitic? It doesn’t seem like Amanda even practices Judaism she is just Jewish by name anyway. Candice should use the racist remarks against Aaryn because nothing she said should ever be excused.

    This just goes to show that Amanda doesn’t really care what Aaryn said or even thinks any of it was racist, she plays it off like it’s no big deal.

    • The racist remarks of Aaryn should not be excused. Jeremy and Kaitlyn both have shown no remorse when interviewed by Julie. The fact that they did not acknowledge their racism and bullying just means they meant what they said! If Aaryn gets evicted, I am sure she will blame the victims for whatever she said! That is why I do not buy the I am a good guy now act when they have not shown any remorse or even any acknowledgement of the racist remarks they have said! The only reason they act nice now is so that they can last deep in the game and have a chance at that $50,000 or even $500,000 prize!

      • I am not defending any of them (Aaryn, Jermey, Katyln)

        One thing to consider is that while they are living the game they might experience things one way, from their personally perspective.

        When they go home and watch their behavior and everyones’ action as a whole they might realize how wrong they were.

        From what I saw Aaryn’s behavior was the only racist. The others were just bullies and selfish which is bad but really common.

      • Amanda has said racist things, many stereotypes of black people and used them in a derogatory manner. Ginamarie said the “N” word and she said “hitting Helen in the head to make her eyes straight” so actually, it’s been mostly GM, Aaryn and Amanda.

        and the things Spencer has said are vile and disgusting.

      • Aaryn is worse, because she said what she said, to people face and a manner that was meant to hurt.

      • Aaryn has actually not said anything to anyone’s face… (other than the Candice bed flipping incident) her most racist remarks were in the comfort of Ginamarie and Kaitlin.

        And whether someone is saying racist, rude, derogatory things to someone’s face or behind their back they are just as bad. Saying it to someone’s face isn’t worse than saying it behind their back.

      • You have to go back before the bed incident. I clearly remember Howard saying that she was saying all kind of thing, right in his face, He had to bite his lips and hold on tight not to ring her neck.

      • Actually Howard overheard her talking with Kaitlin, GM and Amanda. She never said anything to anyone’s face. Not that it makes it any better.

      • Yes, Howard was on the side exercising when Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin said the worst of the what’s been said. He only overheard it which is why he didn’t insert himself into the conversation.

      • I don’t watch the live feeds and haven’t watched Sunday night episode. I don’t remember Amanada or Spencer saying anything racist. Ginamarie is hard to understand. They must edit a lot out to make the cast look better.

      • GM said that Candice is on the dark side because she’s already dark and Aaryn said watch what you say in the dark you might not be able to see her. The were both saying that stuff that one day the first week or so in the house. Aaryn and GM are the worst with what they’ve said.

  15. I don’t really know what to think of this season. I did actually like Amanda after she stood up to the mean girls. She has gotten pretty bossy though, and she doesn’t really win any comps. That’s her downfall. Helen also is getting on my nerves a bit thinking that she’s running the house. Jessie went over to the other side of the house, but is now buddying up to Aaryn. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch, but usually I have a fave by now and I really don’t. I don’t have the feeds, so I’m not seeing everything, but it just doesn’t seem that entertaining this year. Above all, I wanna see Aaryn and GM gone.

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