Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

It’s week five of Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers from the Live Feeds. The Feeds are on and we’re able to listen in and see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

Things were all set since last night for this week’s nominations and we didn’t expect any changes. Aaryn is acting like her hands are tied even though this might have been her last chance to make a move. Once her power is over she could be next out that door.

Read on for the spoilers to find out who is on the block.

Big Brother 15 Week 5 Nominations:

Big Brother 15 Week 5 nominations

  • Howard
  • Spencer

Howard is the main target and there’s no denying that. Aaryn had already warned Spencer that he’d be going up but wouldn’t be the house’s main concern. We also heard Aaryn telling Spencer that she had another target in mind so if she gets the chance to name a renom we just might see Elisa back up on the block.

Big Brother Live Feeds

The third nominee will be revealed tomorrow before the Veto competition. Remember that if America votes for one of the nominated HGs or the HoH then it’ll go to the next in line. According to the votes in this week’s poll (unofficial, non-CBS results) we might see Amanda up on the block. If that happens then I’m expecting things to really boil over and go nuts. It also means Amanda might have to get out of bed more than twice a day!

That Veto competition will be held very soon, likely on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.


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  1. Saw this comming, but really helen + andy hugging aaryn dancing around in joy? You seemed less happy when jeremy went up.

    Really what has howard done to deserve the hate?

    • My question exactly. Howard has not done anything to deserve the target on his back. Sure, he looks very fit, but that’s about it. He hasn’t won anything major. I don’t get it.

      • I suppose they are sort of mad at him for lying about moving company and the hinky vote, but so did Spencer and Mcrae. Howard at least proved his loyalty tho and willingness to stand by alliance

      • I think that’s it. And remember, even after he confessed about it, he lied to Helen again so I can see why she doesn’t trust him. But It could also mean they are happy because Aaryn didn’t put any of them up.

      • I just don’t understand holding a grudge against him for lying. It’s effin’ BIG BROTHER! EVERYBODY lies!

      • If I were in the house, I would want to evict him for the damage he’s doing to Candice (by leading her on and taking her ‘favours’ but giving nothing back). He is also a potential threat physically in challenges.

      • Leading her on? I can’t blame him for what. I’m pretty sure he hinted to her at some point, that he has a ‘situation’/an ex girl back home. She’s choosing to be led on, at this point.

      • I didn’t even know they had sex. But, I definitely didn’t say she is choosing to be used for sex. I’m saying she’s choosing to be invested in him. He is not invested in her and his loyalty, ultimately, is to Spencer, not her. Candice is not a victim.

      • Howard has told her that his loyalty was to Spencer and that she was a wildcard because of her temper. He can only protect her so much.

      • A victim is an UNWILLING participant, thus CANDICE is no victim, she’s a happy recipient of whatever Howard gives her!!

      • I think we’ll have to disagree with your definition…. I see a victim as somebody who has been manipulated and/or controlled physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially into an outcome they would not choose for themselves. Not to be trite, but by your definition there are a lot of people who ‘deserve’ systemic racism by the courts and laws of the USA, because they chose to show up to their court cases and participate with the hopes of finding justice.

      • She’s not being “used” at this point. She knows the score with him and fine with it. It is consensual. If she ends up being hurt in the end, it is her own damn fault, not his.

      • I respectfully disagree, but then again that’s what these online forums are about… I personally have a lowered opinion of Howard as a result of his actions.

      • Up front yes, but still doesn’t mind taking her favours and using the emotional manipulation that comes with it. I’m surprised (shocked really) that the women commentators here seem to be ok with this happening… I guess I learn something new everyday.

      • If it has happened, she chose it, he didn’t force her. BB would never allow that. Your talking major lawsuit for a force.

      • The way I see it is this: if a guy I’m interested in tells me that he is emotionally unavailable (this is essentially what he’s told her) and I continue to be close and chummy with him, I have only myself to blame for being hurt. The feelings are not mutual with Howard and Candice. Howard does not want her.

      • But you’re not offended that he gladly accepts her sexual favours and using her emotions for his advantage? That sounds like a ”good guy who’s done nothing wrong?” to you? I’m really shocked you (and Brenda) aren’t crucifying Howard for this. But again, I’m not a woman, so I can’t say I have the right to be offended for women – I guess I’m learning that many women still feel there are reasons to be used… I’m just surprised cause I’m offended (as a guy) by his behaviour.

      • Nope, I’m not offended. Should he be having sex (if this indeed happened) with a girl he’s not interested in? No, I don’t think he should. However, my point is that he’s made his feelings clear enough. If she chooses to give it up or continue to be invested in him, even with the knowledge that nothing will come of it, then it’s on her. I’m a girl and thus, I can’t speak for all guys. But, I will say that most of the single guys I know won’t turn it down, ‘it’ being an attractive girl offering (for lack of a better word) herself to them.

      • Of course MOST guys will take that offer! But my point is that you’ve said Howard has done NOTHING to deserve the target on his back. I disagree – I think he has intentionally wounded one of the most sweet & sincere people on this year’s cast, and I am not going to condone his actions even if MOST guys would do the same thing.

      • I see what you’re saying. I just don’t think hurting Candice’s feelings is worthy of a target on his back. And, that’s definitely not why he’s on the block.

      • Nor did I say this was the reason. I simply stated that this is a valid reason for him being up there (as valid a reason as any other reason people want to choose I suppose)… For you it’s not a big deal that he’s using her for sex. For me, this is beyond imagineably evil to use somebody so vulnerable and sweet. Now if it were Aaryn or GM or Amanda, I would be disappointed, but not as upset. Howard is very lucky that production and editing has decided not to show this side of his character on the show.

      • I’m a female and I completely agree with you. If a man lays his cards on the table, and I still pursue him, then hey, I knew what I was getting myself into. Perhaps more men should be as honest as Howard has been to Candice. It’s like a married man telling his mistress that he loves his wife and family and isn’t leaving them for anyone, and she still chooses to remain his mistress. It’s what she chose to do, therefore, that’s all she’s getting, and nohing more because she will never be more than just a mistress!!

      • Ditto, AnomyChick!! All the men I know won’t turn down any woman who is willing and able. All the women I know won’t push themselves on any man either.

      • thank you! I said the same thing when Helen got mad as HoH and started her “crying” its BB everyone lies, they don’t have to be honest with you all the time. So not fair to target Howard when there are bigger players that will win the whole game if they dont start getting them out.

      • Not when they “claim” to be holier than thou…and I hope Howard goes this week and Aaryn next week!!!

      • I have not seen Howard display any holier-than-thou attitude, but that, of course, is up for interpretation. He is very vocal about his faith, yes, but nothing about him screams holier-than-thou. Christians, including Howard, are not perfect. We all sin and fall to temptation. Yes, he has done things that are unChrist-like, but who hasn’t? I’m not saying it’s ok. I just don’t think he should go home for it. I really hope he wins the veto.

      • It’s funny how they were mad about Howard lying about The Moving Company even though Big Brother is all about alliances and lying. He wasn’t supposed to go around telling everyone he had a secret alliance.

        These houseguests are hilarious!

      • I totally agree! These hugs are amateurs….they should have read Dan Gheesling’s book before they went into the house. All followers and two dictators.

      • How come everyone is on Dan’s bird?? He is the product of a weak cast and suspect production tactics. He practically stole that 500k and did nothing. I still don’t know why he was on BBCanada. Still baffled.

      • Only Amanda wants him out because of that. Why would Helen or Elissa, for example, want Howard out because he wants Amanda out? If he’s not coming after them they don’t need to evict him. Amanda’s just been trying too hard to get him out.

      • He hasn’t really done anything…. that IS the answer. While others have aligned themselves, re-aligned themselves, and then re-aligned again, Howard and Spencer have stayed to themselves and haven’t veered from that. I can’t say I’m happy that Howard is using Candice’s emotions (and sexual favours) to get him further in the game – not impressed with the man who at one point seemed to be the hero of the season.

      • Watch the videos…they’re everywhere on the net. She even says to him after one of her favours: “You mean I don’t even get a kiss after I’ve done that for you?” …remember, just because they choose to edit Howard as a victim, (and he is a victim of racism in the house), doesn’t mean that he isn’t also victimizing other people.

      • what dirty minds. how do you know she didn’t cook for him or wash his clothes or heck anything NOT pertaining to sex of any form.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying. I thought he was a bad cast. I mean, if you’re not a gamer, you have to be at least entertaining. I only hear the guy talk when he’s on the block.

      • Still better to me than Jessie, Candice, and Andy, and Judd of the non entertaining houseguests

      • Well, the 4 people you mentioned are in better position than him Unless he wins a Veto or pull a Dan Gheesling, his ass is out the door.

      • really? that’s half of the house lol..well he’s actually entertaining the house right now, so thats good.

      • he almost won the last 2 HoHs, is a physical and social threat, and has been going after amanda for four consecutive weeks – talk about a grudge. obviously he’d be her and her alliance’s #1 target

      • They believe he is holding back when competing. I hope he stays. That’s why I voted for Amanda. Hope the HG see the chance to get rid of her. Just hope she doesn’t win pov.

      • Have they accepted America as MVP yet? I know they discussed that possibility before. If not, I wonder who’ll get blamed for the 3rd nom. this week.

      • I dont think they will vote Amanda out.
        Will be stupid for Helen, Jessie, Andy to do that…. they know at least Amanda is on their side.

        But I am sure CBS will give POV for Candice that way she will save Howard, at least Useless Spencer goes home/

        Anyways Howard should go home

      • He’s a compulsive liar who gets caught. Sounds like the perfect reason to get rid of him.

      • He is kind o floater., The only thing he did was being part of the Moving Company

        He gotta go..

    • omg SHUT UP i am sooo sick of all this whiny bitchy “deserve” talk. it’s an competition series not a measure of morality, not that howard has that much anyways! #byebyedouchebag
      plus, amanda has gotten so much more hate than howard, so honey don’t victimize him

      • howard has been gunning for amanda since week 2 – that’s four consecutive weeks. naturally amanda and her allies would hate anyone with that big of a personal grudge or vendetta on her

      • He started gunning for her after she started after him… and he is only even going after her because she has a very large vendetta against him

      • howard and the moving company targeted amanda week 2, that’s why mccrae flipped and thus the start of howard vs. amanda

      • The Moving Company is Dead & Gone like that T.I. & Justin Timberlake song. It is example of America’s infrastructure and economy. Weak

      • Stop the hate. Mike is right. You are the wrong. Your opinion is frivolous and simple. Howard is this generation’s Jim Crow but he doesn’t need your stupid comments.

      • Amanda gets more hate because Amanda has said some of the most disgusting things about people in the house. If Howard starts talking about how someone ought to be killed before she’s raped, then maybe they’d be comparable.

    • Howard did absolutely nothing but be a man of color. All the house guests want Howard and Candice gone. What does that say about all of them besides some having weak minds and allowing other players to dictate what to do.

    • No hate, just good judgement he is a powerhouse & he’s been throwing games and preaching god, and playing Candice to stay in good with the girls, Wake up people, He’s playing the game or should I say the house!

  2. Amanda will crap her pants when she is nominated!
    Who would be against her?

    • candice is only definite
      Jessie some chance she is crying her eyes out right now
      GM + ellisa decent possibilites
      Would need one more tho which would be hard since mcrae + andy def not flipping
      small chance for judd + helen to flip
      Or also unlikley is Aaryn evciting Amanda in tie breaker.

      Best hope is to have Candice win pov and pull howard off.

      • Candice has to be picked to play but you are right this is the only chance to save Howard and Candice. After Candice went after Amanda to Aaryn, If Howard wins and takes himself off, Candice will replace him I think. I was thinking Elissa would go home this week but Candice’s move may have taken the target off Elissa’s back fro at least one more week.

      • I dunno Helen seems to have an anti man vendetta so maybe Spencer would go over Candice if on block together

    • You’ll never know. We’ve seen this in previous season. S**t can happen in BB house.

  3. Oh man I’m super bummed about the nomination but I knew it was coming. They’re not going to be in power forever. There will be a shift in power and things will change.

  4. I don’t get why all the house guests are so anti Howard. Whatever, I hope the big man pulls himself off the block, Amanda goes up as MVP nom, and either Amanda or Spencer go home.

    • I did (and still do a bit) like Howard, but the moment he decided to lead Candice on (and take her ‘favours’) is the moment he lost his ”hero” status in my mind.

      • Wait a minute even though I do like Howard, isn’t this the same thing The famous Will and Mike Boogey do in their seasons. Wasn’t Jannell totally used?

      • Janelle was used for sex, then developed feelings for them, to which they used for their advantage? I think we’re talking about something different here…

      • I think it’s a bit much to say Candace is used for sex. If Howard was lying to her, saying he loved her and that he wanted to be with her, then I’d agree with you. But he’s been 100% honest that he doesn’t see her that way and would even choose Spencer over her. That’s not using someone, or manipulating someone, etc.

        Candace is a grown woman. If she didn’t like those terms, she didn’t have to try to be involved with Howard in that way.

      • As I’ve said before, watch the video replays, and if you feel Howard is being open and honest with her, then no worries… but even IF (and that’s a big if) you feel he is being open and honest with her about his intentions, then I still can’t say I approve of his actions… Again, I don’t put myself in the camp of those who say people ‘deserve’ to get used (even IF the other person was to warn you that they are going to use you)…Candice has my vote of support all the way.

  5. Amanda is all smile and jumping for joy today. Tomorrow, I expect her to dunk her head in the fish tank..hihihi

  6. Howard leaves I’m done watching this season he seems like the only person in the house that isn’t a complete nut case (Helen included).

    Why has it been 4 weeks in a row of HOH comps that are crap-shoots (meaning anyone can win no real skill involved)?

    This season has went to complete crap nothing but floaters everywhere with Amanda being the biggest.

    I’m so sick of Amanda she makes me want to smash my TV!!!

    • That memorization comps is definitley not a crapshoot. Seriously waking up in middle of night and remembering things on a conveyor belt not that easy.

      Also the BBQ sauce comp required real endurance

    • Not sure I agree Nick. I think many of the HoH competitions involved skills that people simply don’t appreciate as skills. Take the last one for example. People have been saying it’s all ”luck” where the ball landed….really? So you’re telling me if somebody practiced for an hour or so, they’d do just as well as somebody who didn’t look and threw the ball while not even watching the board? It’s not an exact science of course, but it’s also not ”luck”.

    • I agree about the floaters like Andy, Jesse, Judd who just turn up in the HOH room whenever someone wins. It’s getting sickening to watch.

      But have you watched any of the live feeds or BBAD? Howard walks around the house sometimes like he is stalking prey. He looks like he is about to blow a fuse.

      I understand there are better targets than Howard, but its a game and everyone has to go at some point, except the final two. Howard is the best target for the big alliance at this time. And btw, he isn’t gone yet. I am wondering if Amanda goes up as the 3rd nominee will the house take an even bigger opportunity to get rid of her?

      • I think Judd is playing a better game then people think. He looks ahead and figures a way to keep himself safe for the following week. Listen to his conversations and who he talks too. He is covered from all sides of the house.

      • For now he is fine, but during the late stages of the game who will really have his back?

      • True, but atm his only real close tie is Jessie, so he is gotta work on getting closer to maybe Andy or Mcrae to have his back

      • And is low man on the totem pole in that and including Helen i find he is below her also.

      • Helen is not in that final alliance. She’s in the 5 person one with them but they made another one without her.

      • True, but since helen disscused cutting ellisa, she’s been getting closer to andy + mcranda

      • Yeah, during the later stages, he’ll be screwed, seeing as the girls are trying to clean house. Jessie might be the only chick who’ll have his back later.

      • Jessee has info lots of info but no influence unless she choses to share some of that “stored” info. Jessee could blow the entire game for Helen McCrae Amanda and Andy if she told what she has heard and continues to hear

      • I disagree. Jessie is a fraud and a floater. She is boring. I rather watch C-Span at 3am rather than to watch her.

      • True, but Judd’s been in about the same position the last 3 weeks or so, while not a bad position he is only guaranteed safety to bout final 6 or so then he will be in trouble possibly

      • You can’t be serious. Judd is getting lucky like Daft Punk in this house. He’s lost and clueless. He needs to go back to squirrel hunting or whatever he does. I almost threw my TV on the floor when he won HOH. I shed a tear when that witch Aaryn won.

    • Jude won an HOH for crying out loud lol.

      No one in the house strikes me as intelligent though.

      Ellissa isn’t Rachel.

      McrapDa isn’t Jeff and Jordan.

      Andy isn’t Regan.

      writers just suck this year its not creative at all. The games have
      been poor choices. The players are very boring and seem to be a house
      full of racists they are so dumb that they try to defend there hate too.

      • All those racists need to go. Even those idiotic writers. GM is an undercover Jew that needs to embellish her heritage. This show is trying strike nerves and hearts. Its sexist and morally corrupt. There’s no Jordan or any wholesome people on the show. Howard said that he is a Christian but he suffers from Angry Black Man Syndrome. It’s embarrassing to admit but we need to wake up smell the Folgers. This is not Sambo’s BB. If Aaryn wins, I will file a civil rights petition and greivance against Allison Grodner and her affiliates at CBS.

      • I wouldn’t put it quite that way Scotty, but yes, I agree I’m a bit saddened by people saying ”It’s big brother, it’s no big deal to commit acts of hatred, racism, elitism, sexism, homophobia or otherwise.” I wish we could get back to the majority of the cast being ”everyday people” (who truly deserve to win 500k), and maybe a couple characters in there to provide the self absorbed or villain role… The show is normalizing bad behaviour without most people realizing it.

      • Agreed, some of these seem to be privileged and haven’t dealt with regular people before. Don’t get up in arms about this statement because there are people out there who have gone to private (rich) schools and have not had a lot of contact with regular working folk. Most of them are decent people too.

      • Yay, we agree on this one Brenda! I don’t think privileged people should be excluded, but can’t we have a few people who actually ‘need’ (and I mean need, not want) this money to be on the show? Over 40% of the North American population live at or below the poverty line, and yet we see spoiled rich kids (and/or adults) for the most part who simply want to boost their acting, modelling, or celebrity status…

      • You are right Brother Matt. It is a shame that BB needs a disclaimer before the show starts now.

      • I can understand some characters (for ratings purposes), but to have a cast of mostly privileged and extremist personalities? Really?

      • Exactly…who screens these people. At least there is no Russell family members on here calling out degrading terms and headbutting people this time around.

    • Totally agree. Spencer has not really been doing much and the things he is doing and saying, aren’t impressing me.

      • Since Howard is the target I think the only way Spencer goes is if Howard wins POV. But on the other hand if Candice gets picked and wins and takes Howard down I think maybe Elissa goes up and will go home.

    • Why are you hating those of the Asian descent? What nationality are you? Do you call shots or you the submissive one? I’m tired of the crazy posts on here by these buffoons.

  7. i would have voted mccrae and andy in. those sneaky bitches can easily make top 3 and have amanda get nom’d by america.

  8. Current feed update: Aaryn tells Jess she thinks pp will go in order of Howard, Spencer, Candice, GM def before Elissa & then Her before Jess & Jess.

    If you know this is going to happen get together and stop it my god

  9. I hope Candice wins HOH next week and puts Aryan up and out. What I don’t understand is Helen/Amanda wanted Katelyn gone because she was after them but wouldn’t see Elyssa point about evicting Aryan because aryan was coming after her (Elyssa). For now it’s water under the bridge for now. Reading the discussions I feel people are forgetting what Aryan has done to just Elyssa alone. She immediately named her a have not and then sarcastically read what the have nots can eat. All this because of who Elyssa’ s sister is.

      • She is a hell spawn and a succubus. Her heart is small as the Grinch and black as a piece of coal.

  10. Why is Spencer up? I can understand that Jim Crow Howard up for eviction. Amanda should be up there. Elissa will be up again or GM because of the America’s vote. I pray to God that Spence wins. Jesus friggin Christ. This is the worst scenario of the season. Aryan Arryn should have been sent packing.

      • Racism has to stop. MLK and Trayvon are turning in their graves because of the tomfoolery and hijinks on this season.

      • Totally agree with you Brother, but racism has to stop by everyone. The problem is we justify our own hatred (by using terms like Aryan), but then we’re baffled when people become hateful…round and round the hate circle goes. Somebody needs to stand up and say ”No more, it stops here!” “The only enemy I have doesn’t have a colour of skin. It has a heart that divides people and sets them against each other!”

  11. I really hope America voted for Amanda she is such a bully I don’t even know why the whole house listens to her she don’t win any of the competitions I hope this week Amanda is leaving the house not Howard

    • Helen wants her out as she has talked about it…If it happened that Amanda was MVP Helen might work to get her out.

      • I know Helen wants to get her out, but I don’t think she’s ready for that yet. But, maybe, she’ll change her mind, once Am. is on the block.

      • what better time to get her out…Helens hands will be clean Aaryn and the MVP will take the blame

  12. It is gonna be hysterical if Amanda does go on the block with Howard & Spencer.. the 2 guys she so desperately wanted to be nomed. OMG OMG What a world what a world..

  13. Howard does deserves this. He had a chance to evict Aaryn, but didn’t…hmmmm ill keep the one person who has been racists towards me and never gotten along with..

    Well you lay in the bed you make.

    Howard only has himself to blame.

    I know its just one vote. But its his and he has to live with the consequence. …

    • Oh Canada. For shame. How can you say that when your version of BB is lame?

      • Agreed our version was less exciting Scotty, but we also didn’t cast racists, sexists, elitists, and homophobes (actually there was one)… So I guess there has to be a balance in there somewhere.

      • I’m pretty sure Gary is gay, not transexual… There are many transexuals in Toronto also, but I don’t believe Gary is one of them.

      • Oh Tom was pretty bad if you watched him on the live feeds. He’s a Western Canada boy who really didn’t accept Gary the boy toy from Toronto…

      • Oh, I didn’t watch the live feeds. Although, I realize now he did seem a bit uncomfortable with Gary!

      • I have to admit our BB is sad. But there is only one BB. Just like there is only one survivor. . Any copies are lame.

        But Howard is up for a reason… he should not be surprised Keep the person you don’t get along with. The person who has shown racists attitude. Don’t be surprised your on the block

  14. Aryan Aaryn must go! Repeal her HOH status and her nominations. Set Thomas the Train and the 2013 Jim Crow go. They are pawns. We must rise and rebel. Aryan Aaryn must go. I’m so happy they fired her pale ass. Karma is something else. I can’t wait for Julie to tell her when she exits the house. I will have my popcorn, and my vodka and cranberry ready. That racist woman must go. Take Gina off too.

  15. Amanda needs to hit the side walk. She is a way bigger problem for everyone than Howie.

  16. But Howard is up for a reason… he should not be surprised Keep the person you don’t get along with. The person who has shown racists attitude. Don’t be surprised your on the block

    • He wasn’t the only person who had a chance to vote her out. If he had voted to evict Aaryn he would have been the only vote… Everyone else was locked in keeping Aaryn over Kaitlin so Howard would have been in the same situation.

  17. It is me or Amanda is going to win this game? She is untouchable like Elliot Ness.

  18. Everyone in the BB House has come clean about their identity Except Helen….nuff said. So who’s the biggest liar in the house… nuff said.

  19. I buy that Elissa was voted 2nd last week. The CBS viewers are less informed, so they all voted for Aaryn. But, we knew Judd would nom Aaryn, so some of us voted for other people here. But since a majority of people voted for Aaryn, the very few Aaryn fans, voted for Elissa, and it was enough since the Aaryn votes were negated. Hopefully, this week, someone besides Elissa gets all the votes since Aaryn isn’t an option.

  20. I grew up in the Bronx and I knew people who were not as bad as GM but near to it. She’s an embarrassment to all NY’ers.

  21. Nice..

    Now Howard or Candice can not win the veto.
    Even if Amanda gets up on the block. I doubt that the house will go agnist her.

    Bye bye Howard

  22. Howard’s a waste of a nomination. Sure, he looks big and intimidating, but all those muscles weigh him down, so he’s not very agile and he’s not light. So he’s not going to win any endurance or physical comps unless they’re weight-lighting competitions.

    As far as the lying, yeah, sure, he did that, but who hasn’t in this game? He’s pretty much isolated now (outside of Candice and Spencer) because no one trusts him, which further proves that he’s not their biggest threat.

  23. they better be looking at andy!he’s the 1 sitting back and being everyones little

  24. Totally agree. There are some things you can forget from one week to the next. But the things Aryan has said is NOT forgive able. This is what Elissa is saying and doing

  25. You don’t have to have sex to be using someone on their emotions. I am not sure how deep Candace’s feelings for Howard are, but he knows he has her at least on emotions. So he feels he can use her this way. This is what I meant about what Will and Mike did to Janelle and ? Not sure of the other girl’s name

  26. People Howard did not JUST lie. He slso made an alliance w/caitlyn and campaigned to het aaryian (sp intended) out instead AND above all he is pretending to have a shoemance w/candace but leaves her out of all his alliances

  27. Aaryn is an embarrassment to all Texans….please get her out already…hopefully next week….

  28. I hope howard wins pov there are much more deserving people that should get the boot. number one aaryn then gina marie and then Amanda, not one of them deserves to even be there there all an embarrassment to decent people.

  29. I actually don’t think theres one smart person in that house youd think none of them ever watched the show before. lying and backstabbing has always been a part of bb and it always will be.

  30. Helen needs to go , don’t know why all of them can’t see that she is running the house

  31. Howard and Spencer, really? It’s seems like a waste of a nomination to me, I see no real game moves here. Candice, GinaMarie, would have made better nominations, as a matter of fact I hate to say it, but America voting for the MVP nominee (who to put on the block) might be the only way to get some real game moves this week unless the house is looking to back door someone. Of course if it was Elissa, she can’t play the veto anyway (because of last week’s veto comp), so why not just put her up…

  32. Howard needs to start playing. His poor performances in the challenges are getting old.

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