Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Friday Night Highlights

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It was Nominations night in the “Big Brother 15” house and that always gives the HGs something to talk about. The house was mostly unified with these picks and there was even some odd celebrations following the ceremony. The night went by quietly, but the real drama could arrive with the MVP twist early on Saturday.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 26/Saturday, July 27, 2013

3:58 PM BBT – Feeds return. GinaMarie, Amanda, Judd, & Candice are Have-Nots. They’ll be eating ramen noodles and raisins. That’s not too bad.

4:10 PM BBT – Aaryn warns Howard the house wants him out, but she’ll give him a chance to play for the Veto.

5:30 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Nominations.

6:58 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Howard & Spencer are on the block.

7:02 PM BBT – Andy, McC, & Amanda take turns dancing in the Storage Room. Upstairs Helen is celebrating with Aaryn.

7:20 PM BBT – Candice and Howard believe Amanda is pulling the strings on the nominations.

7:50 PM BBT – GM expects Candice to have a breakdown this week since she’s a Have-Not, on her period, and Howard went up on the block.

7:55 PM BBT – Aaryn noticed her sister’s letter was much more serious this time than last. She wonders what that was about.

8:35 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae she’s in love with him.

9:35 PM BBT – McC confirms to Spencer that he’s not the target but says it’s unlikely that he could save Howard this week.

9:55 PM BBT – Aaryn explains to Judd his key was last on purpose, but it was to disguise that she’s not really against him.

11:30 PM BBT – Howard calls an impromptu meeting in the kitchen. He announces that he doesn’t want the game taken to a personal level and says he isn’t going to change who he is for the game.

11:50 PM BBT – McCrae is very worried about the Veto competition. He thinks Howard will win it.

12:00 AM BBT – Aaryn talking about Howard swearing on the Bible. McCrae reveals he was the one who asked Howard to do it so he could believe him.

1:20 AM BBT – Jessie is feeling poorly so Judd puts her to bed and holds her for a bit. He can’t stay though since he’s a Have-Not

1:40 AM BBT – Amanda & McCrae wonder if Howard could be Danielle’s (BB3) brother. He’s not.

1:55 AM BBT – Andy & Amanda speculate about the MVP. Andy still thinks it’s America voting.

Howard and Spencer are on the block with Howard as the main target. The Houseguests are anxiously awaiting the MVP reveal which will be made known on Saturday when the Veto players are drawn. If Amanda goes up on the block she’ll probably be safe, but it’ll make for a very dramatic few days. Keep watching to see what happens next!

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  1. I think Amada is a great player and just because she is putting it out their dose not mean that they have to do it !! I hope Amada goes all the way!! If it is her fault don’t these people have a mind of their own. I want Elissa to go and Howard to go first Aaron is what she is !! Elissa thinks is perfect and no one is !!

    • I agree….I love Amanda and I hope she and McCrae are final 2. I hate to even say this but if they were smart they would keep Aaryn to final 3. Even if she makes F2….nobody would vote for her. I was rooting for Elissa to go far but I hate the way she constantly stabs her alliance members in the back. And Howard def needs to go. He’s not loyal to anyone and if he really has been throwing comps (which I don’t believe) then no telling what kind of actual threat he is.

      • Nobody in the house is LOYAL!! They came to play a game and now everybody trying to b all like h/she lied to me!! And why would anybody wanna take Amanda & McC with them to final 4 or 3 r totally stupid!! Cause if it comes down to anybody with those 2 will turn on u.

      • Coddling Aaryn was never a good move. Howard is no threat and how is it that Spencer,
        Gina Marie and Aaryn deserve to be in the game longer just because they are racists? They get too many passes and before you know it—-these racists are in the Final 2 and one of them ends up winning that $500,000!
        Too early to be thinking of Final 2 or even Final 3 when there are 12 people left in the house.
        The time to be thinking of Final 2 is when you are down to 4 people! Amanda and Helen might think they are safe but, at this point, they have put huge targets on their backs! Judd, Andy and the racists Gina Marie and Aaryn could be the ones that stick those knives in their backs! And deservedly so!

    • I agree with all except about Elissa.She doesn’t think she’s perfect….it’s a front for all her insecurities.She thinks too little of herself…Some people hide and others overdue.Like depression….some people eat and others starve themselves.

      • I don’t want to judge anyone too harshly, but I don’t think Elissa is an insecure person. She is insecure in the house and that is very different. Many previous BB players have said the house turns people into crazies and I think some of what we see from all of the guests is the result of confinement and boredom with the added paranoia from not knowing if they are staying or going on any given week.

    • I agree. I don’t know why all the Amanda hate all of a sudden. I think people have let themselves be manipulated by the shows editing. Amanda all the way!

      • Not really all of a sudden and show is giving her great edit. I dislike her because of a general dislike for over the top showmances, her thinking she is untouchable, befriending aaryn, that and i’m a Howard fan and her irrational hatred of him bothers me.

      • I don’t think she “hates” Howard. I think she just sees him as a threat, which he is. I give her props for that. I like that she goes after big players. Maybe for you it isn’t “sudden,” but it most definitely is for a majority of people. For a long time she was lauded for standing up to the racists and for saying it how it is in a house filled with people scared to be bold and honest. Her unlikely showmance is captivating. In addition to her leading the rebel army against the Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin/GM/Nick alliance. I guess we just have to disagree, but I do spite a fickle audience.

      • So her standing up to the racists is a good thing. What about all her racist comments?

      • Live feeder here… not only is she a bully, but a hypocrite…. and Yes, a bigot… or she just plays one on tv. ;) Amanda has become the new mean (meaner, I should say) girl, by way of cattiness, name calling, including the derogatory sort. If you’re not aware, go to jokers updates & make it useful. Skip down to ‘Highlights’ & enjoy….. by the way, on youtube there was a video which showed Amanda earlier on bashing Elissa, expressing her hatred for her while “jokingly” calling for her to be beaten & raped… if you find that comical.

      • I agree. Demanda has made some derogatory comments, too. I was already not a fan of hers, but her comments about Candice’s “nappy, greasy hair” sealed the deal. HYPORCRIT!

      • You are so right about that. I tend to forget not all of America has the live feed.

      • Exactly! Everyone attacks Aaryn above everyone else and overlooks what Amanda and others are just as guilty of.

      • she makes fun of all the players in the house I agree that she is just as mean as the other mean girls back stabbing everyone at some time or the other she is some one that deserves to go home as a mother would like to know how her mother really feels about her game it is bad…………………………

      • Um. What BB have you been watching? if you had the live feeds, better yet you are on this site, Amanda and Aaryn again on the live feeds bashing Candice. Amanda has said of Candice she is fat and want’s to eat her. Um the nappy hair, and greasy comments from Amanda. Really, you think that no hate should be thrown Amanda’s way?

      • Watch the live feeds and youll see why. I used to love Amanda, but then I subscribed to the live feeds last week and I’ve seen her making all kinds of racist comments about Candice that are just as bad as Aaryn’s and GM’s. I’m no fan at all of Aaryn, but she is not the only racist in the house–CBS needs to give an honest edit of Amanda, GM, and Spencer as well.

    • I agree about Amanda. She is playing the game. Her skill may not be comps but she plays a good social game. She has a strong personality for sure, but I don;t see her as a bully or overly aggressive. She is smart and sure of her decisions. If they get rid of her its going to get boring very quickly.

      • Not a bully?? What are you watching? She’s the biggest hypocrite in the house.

      • Who is not a hypocrite in the BB house? Every single person in that house has said one thing and done another! It’s part of the game. Amanda is domineering, its her personality, but she isn’t a bully like Jeremy, for example.

        I am not rooting for Amanda to win, but her and Helen are the only ones who are playing a somewhat daring game. The rest are floaters or stupid. If the players leave and all that is left are floaters, what kind of game will we watch after that?

        People need to remember that there is a lot of time left in this game and there will be a lot more back-stabbing before its all said and done.

  2. Ready to see the drama if and when Demanda is MVPs choice! She is going to blow a fuse. I think she will start scrambling around the house so much dissing Howie and Candice even more and put a bigger target on her back. Hopefully, it’s bye -bye Demanda.

      • I’ve heard Helen, Judd, and Jessie say that Amanda needs to go several times because they feel she is to controlling and because she is running the game. Judd wants to play the game with McCrae without Amanda, so hopefully if she does gets put up as the MVP nom, they all seize the opportunity to get rid of her. It may be their only chance to do so. If not, it would definitely be Mcmanda in the final 2

      • I am really hoping that they will take advantage of the chance to get her out. She is getting on my nerves so bad trying to get people to put up Howard. If she is up as MVPs nom (and I think she will be) and the HGs don’t use that opportunity, its their own fault.

      • If not for Andy, I believe Helen would act on it, however, Andy has been redirecting any talk of Amanda leaving, Constantly reassuring Helen that they can ‘trust’ her….all the while, running back giving Amanda the 411.

      • Dictator’s can be taken out, Khadafi, Hussein & Hitler. Just saying, time for the house to rise against “Demanda.” .

    • I just want to see her face when she gets put next to the 2 she wants out so badly! I especially like to see Howard win the veto and see her face when that happens as well! She feels so safe and comfortable I wish they send her home!

    • People voting for Amanda are just wasting their votes again just like last week when they voted for Aaryn when they already knew she was going up on the block.If Amanda goes up she will be safe because she has the votes to stay so it’s a wasted vote. I voted for Elissa and hope she goes home.

      • I am not so sure about that. I am pretty sure it will be Demanda with the most votes to go up. (based on several cites polls, although not official) I have a feeling that many of the HGs are tired of her trying to control them. They will also want to break up a couple. To me, it doesn’t look great for Demanda.

      • I agree. If Helen was going honest when she spoke to Candice and Elissa the other day, then it sounds like Jesse, Judd, Candice, Helen and Elissa may all vote out Amanda. But Helen has spun a of of tall tales so who knows.

      • She has an alliance of final 5 and they will vote to keep her. Like I said wasted vote.

      • Actually, it wasn’t wasted at all… we got who we wanted on the block. Its only been a little while and she’s already squirming. Imagine if she doesn’t win PoV how nuts she will go. She may dig her own grave with it. As far as her alliance.. those things haven’t worked too well this season.

      • Well she’ll be safe but kind of fun to watch the drama. I hope she wins pov because I think Elissa would go up.

  3. Kind of mad how much their celebrating over howard going up like he is the big bad guy finally leaving

    • These house guests are not bold enough to make a power move. They should break up McManda if Amanda is the 3rd nominee.

      Poor Howard has done nothing wrong to any of them. It’s all about Amanda wanting him out. I hope the house flips. Helen should be the one to do it.

      • I totally agree with everything you said. The house always points out that Elissa seems to have a personal vendetta against Aaryn, when Amanda seems to have a personal vendetta against Howard. Helen is starting to piss me off with the way she lied on Elissa and threw her under the bus to the “knockouts”

      • Poor Howard has done nothing in general. He’s just there…not playing the game at all. I’m not fond of how he uses his “religion” to try to keep himself in the game. He prays and reads his Bible and then the next minute he is using language that is appalling…HE NEEDS TO GO!!!

    • It’s a game. And its not unusual for one side to celebrate although I think Helen is a little too cheerleader enthusiastic for me.

      • When 37 year old Helen jumps around like a HS cheerleader she looks ridiculous. I can’t stand her.

    • Howard is definitely big but not bad in the least. He has done NOTHING in this game but sit around and do nothing. No social skills and hasn’t won anything. He deserves to go home!!!

      • But he also told everyone he threw them implying he is some kind of a threat if he decides to play for real. He’s on the block because people believed him.

      • But still, it was so apparent that he can’t throw one if he doesn’t know when he has to (first HOH), and when he needed to (Have Nots Week 2, and Have Nots Week 4).

    • I love Howard, but he’s a poor social player. He would have been better on Survivor. BB just ain’t for him.

  4. Lol how “in love with” McCrae will Amanda be when she realizes he actually delivers pizzas

  5. If Amanda is blindsided and go home how terrific would that be? To see her face on the block next to Howard and if Howard wins the veto. I just wish that happens! Lol

  6. I like Amanda. I think she’s playing too hard, but at least she’s playing. Too bad she keeps targeting all the other competitors, leaving all the weaklings in the house, but isn’t that what smart players should do? I know I would.

    • She is not really playing a very smart game alienating her allies so that she can coddle Aaryn. The same goes for Helen. Howard is no threat because he is not good in forming alliances nor even lying and manipulating people. Aaryn and Gina Marie and Spencer can slip thru if they get passes because of the thinking oh, they are easy to get out! They assume that these guys will not win HOH and will not make a move to evict them given half a chance! It was a smart move of Aaryn to let Helen and Amanda target Howard because it puts a bigger target on Amanda and Helen.
      Aaryn looking more reasonable because she is behaving herself (good acting, of course) and the racists know they are expendable if they do not move to evict Amanda and Helen when the opportunities arise! Only fools thinks about Final 2 at this early stage of the game where there are 12 people still in the house! And where you have huge targets on your backs, thinking you are nice and cozy is a huge mistake!

      • Do you think her coddling is sincere though? I think they still want to evict Aaryn before too long, maybe right after the get rid of Howard.

    • She is smart for doing that. She knows she is not great at competitions so she needs to level the playing field.

  7. I’m still a little upset that they said no floaters this season and the house is full of floaters. Amanda is a somewhat good thinker on the game but she is a bully. Getting in peoples face and saying do this or your next. Too bad Katilin didn’t see she was next anyway no matter what she did.

    • The MVP twist was supposed to take care of the floater, i.e. HG would play hard to earn the MVP. But it didn’t work that way.
      But then they completely miss on their casting. Nobody can really be considered an MVP at this point. Good thing we are MVP for the last 2 weeks.

      • It was a smart decision to give the MVP to the fans because these house guests have no clue on how to play this game. Dan Gheesling should have been paid by Big Brother to give them lessons before they entered the Big Brother House then, we would have had better game play. Common sense, rhyme and reason continue to go out the window. The MVP atleast, gives the fans a measure of putting paranoia on the house guests and maybe, make them use their heads once in a while!

      • It’s not too late. In a few weeks when they hit 9 HGs (jury), send Dan in for a couples of days to coach them.
        They did it in BB Canada. Altough they waited too late, they sent Dan in for a day when they were only 4 left.

    • I think the result of the MVP may have been to create more floaters. They know who the HOH is but not knowing who the MVP will be forces them to play everyone in the hopes they will not get put up by the MVP. Too bad the rules around the MVP did not force the winner to keep it a secret. I always thought Elissa was a dummy for telling everyone she was MVP. I know she did it to try to keep herself off the block but I think it had more to do with the fact that she cannot keep anything a secret for long. In any case, had she kept it quiet and just put her choice up denying that she was MVP, maybe should would not have the target on her back that she has now. But like I said, expecting her to remain quiet for long is expecting too much.

    • It really depends on the strategy of a floater. Popular opinion states that floaters only sit back by the sidelines and are primarily used as swing votes, having done nothing to benefit their game, which it actually has been the case for several seasons now.

      A good few this season are actually making good on their floater status to deflect any suspicions off of them. Andy, for the most part is playing “house butterfly ninja” who basically gets the receiving end of valuable info he gets from being in conversations from all sides of the house. He manage to use that kind of viable knowledge to his advantage to stay in the game.

      Judd meanwhile, focuses on being sociable with the rest of the houseguest to gain their trust and at the same time maintain his position below the radar. He has particular knowledge of the game if we are to base it on his casual conversations on the feeds. I think he knows when he has to play aggressive when there’s a need to do so. I think he is someone to watch out for by the time they reach final 10.

      It’d be a travesty to see the weaker players who aren’t really doing much yet are being carried over to another week.

  8. Did Aaryn read her sister’s letter out loud. I missed that part and cant’ find it on flashback, said it was more serious this time, I wonder if she told Aaryn a little about what is going on outside the house with Aaryn? Anyone know?

    • Yes she read it aloud. Flashback to around 11pm BB time on Thursday night. They are all hiding upstairs so when she comes out of DR nobody is around. She reads her letter shortly after that.

      • Did it say anything about warning her about what she has said. I wouldn’t think CBS would allow outside “help” hope she is out the door. Don’t want her in jury. She will vote emotionally.

      • No it just said don’t forget who you are and don’t let the game change you. She knows it meant something because she was talking about it with Jessie. So obviously she is a different person outside of this game.

      • Thanks for sharing But listening to her talk, she is calm and relaxed. So she doesn’t realize that what she says is wrong and her sister’s letter may have gone over her head. She probably was in the mean girls club in high school

  9. Once again people want Elissa out! And over Aaryn and Amanda of all people! People talk crap in the house, what else is new? But it seems no matter what Elissa is target #1. There are way more threats in the game besides her.

    • I wasn’t a big proponent of Elissa in the beginning I have to admit. But, Elissa does have a moral compass, and we should not fault her for championing against racism. I applaud her going toe to toe with Aaryn and Amanda. She needs to say and keep those two in check.

    • I agree, Eliisa is not a threat to anyone except Aaryn and even then she doesn’t pose much of a threat. They just don’t like her because she has no filter when she speaks. She can’t be trusted not to divulge secrets in the house but then again who in this house can keep a secret? That’s one thing about this crew that makes them bad at BB. They all talk to everyone and there is nothing hidden for long.

  10. There’s a slim chance that Amanda will go if she gets put up by MVP, but let me enjoy her misery for a while.

  11. I don’t understand how the house can easily forgive Aaryn for all the harsh things she has said in the house about Helen, Andy, Howard and Candice but can’t forgive Spencer and Howard for lying to them and it was part of their game.

  12. Amanda is 3rd nominee..she is freaking out right now! McCrae is a nervous wreck. he can’t lose his sugar mama! Everyone is so convinced that Howard is MVP. Why is it so hard to believe that it could be us..they don’t even want to entertain that idea..I think Andy is the only one who thinks it is us.

  13. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone who admires themselves as much as Elissa does. She is constantly looking at herself in the mirror, sticking her chest out, looking at her rear end, she has really been annoying me lately!

  14. I thought I remember Helen, Jessie and Candace talking about how they need to get Amanda out of the house, well, this is their shot. Someone needs to make a big move in the house, and that would be it. If they don’t do it now, she will be the BB player who will not win a single competition, bully everyone by telling them what to do and how to vote, get no blood on her hands and walk out with the money, I say go for it!!

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