Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The latest Big Brother 15 Power of Veto ceremony has been held and the results are in on the Live Feeds. With three nominations this season there are even more combinations of what could go down during this ceremony Read on for the BB15 spoilers to find out if the Veto was used and who are the latest nominations.

With America voting as the MVP this week things were a little more up in the air leading to even more intense pressure in the house.

There was no surprise that Elissa, as this week’s MVP nom & Veto winner, used the Veto to save herself from the chopping block and clear the path for a renom of America’s choosing. The surprise was just which HG that would be and how the house would react.

As it turned out GinaMarie replaced Elissa on the block as the third nominee. Well that’s a bummer. I mean I won’t miss GM one bit, but she won’t be a target and Amanda going up would have been far more entertaining for us.

As things now stand, GinaMarie is the MVP nom while Aaryn & Kaitlin remain as Judd’s HoH noms. One of the three Mean Girls will be going home on Thursday. This will be the first evicted female HG of the season.

The HGs thought the renom would make it clear who was the MVP this week as they had not yet been told it was America voting for the third nominee. At this point they still don’t know America voted GM in to being a nom, but they’re still speculating about who is controlling that 3rd nom.

Later this week we’ll see who heads out the door when this week’s live eviction arrives on Thursday’s BB15.

Jump on your Live Feeds now to watch the house react. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Get your Free Trial right now and see what other fans are watching right now.


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      • I wish it was Amanda too. But after GM went up she started all over again with her racist remarks. She needs to shut up.

      • I think Kaitlin is going by all the talk. But anything can change by Thursday.

  1. All 3 bad girls are up for eviction, I really hope it is Aaryn as I just want her gone in hopes that her leaving will provide a good house cleanse.
    Amanda needs to stop being so bossy and nasty, if she doesn’t watch it she will be cut short of the sequester house.

  2. I think so too. It’s good. It’s give a better chance for an Aaryn eviction. All depend on Kaitlyn power of persuasion. She will have to campaign.

  3. Chances are Big Brother/producers aren’t going to tell the houseguests the truth. So like I said earlier this week, I wonder who the HG’s are going to blame? My guess would be Howard or Spencer. If Amanda had her way (who is playing way too hard right now), it will be Howard.

    But anyway, great to see Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie on the block and hopefully without any twists this week, one will go home….my guess Aaryn unless Amanda decides to keep her around and then it would be GM.

  4. amanda next week, now no matter who goes its someone who deserves to hopefully aaryn but if not gm :)

  5. The things is, Aaryn while being a terrible person and probobly extremely dificult to live with is still a verry small threat, she really has no one but GM and is actually the best person to take to the end, Kaitlin on the other hand is scarry good at comps, especially trivia wich tends to be half of the HOH comps, she would be who i would vote out if i was in the house but it is hard to think strategically if you had to deal with Aaryn constantly.

    • This is very true. If I could actually still stand to watch Aaryn, then I’d be hoping Kaitlin gets voted out this week. As it is, Aaryn’s dug a hole so deep I don’t think her new PR team is gonna be able to get her out of it.

      • Agreed, and I can’t stand listening to the mouth on GM. Awful! I wish all 3 could go at once.

  6. I think they should vote out the strongest player, Kaitlyn. Always vote out the strongest player unless you have a very solid alliance with them.

  7. I hope Big Brother does not reveal who the MVP is (America). I think keeping it a secret and letting the house guests stay paranoid makes it more interesting. They should keep it a secret every week.

    • When the MVP was a houseguest, their identity was kept secret. It makes no sense for production to reveal who the MVP was, even if it was “america”…

  8. I expect that the MVP will be used this same way the rest of the season with America voting for the person on the block. I say this because yesterday we heard our first HOH letter and saw our first family pictures. I think they have eliminated coverage of the HOH rooms to avoid swaying MVP voting. But, if we are no longer voting for the MVP but the MVP nominee instead, they can start showing the HOH rooms again.

    At least, that is what I am thinking about it.

    • You could still see the HOH room opening on BBAD. The reason it didn’t make the sunday show before, it’s because there was so many other things to cover. It took a backseat for a couples of week.

  9. I really wish it had been Amanda although GM is extremely annoying.

  10. To me, this 2nd twist is so cool. To observe the HG’s confusion on the replacement, is fascinating to watch. All their theories and speculation just went out the window. They all think the renom. is a dumb move. I agree, America is dumb when it comes to voting. lol

    • This is what the twist was supposed to be in the first place, if there weren’t a returning HG…and if the MVP didn’t tell anyone, which is the smart play…and if America votes based on strategy, not popularity.

      • Elissa getting the mvp was a total sham… she was not a good player and didn’t deserve it. What really got me mad was that the other houseguests all just assume that the mvp is going to be elissa every week (why?)… they all knew who mvp was… there was no keeping the secret… these players are all totally USELESS at keeping secrets or telling white lies…. they all deserve to lose… hopefully a better cast next season.

      • I think as soon as they figured out she was Rachel’s sister it was obvious that she’d get all the MVP votes. America is always predictable. It did the predictable the first 3 weeks. It did the predictable this week. Even if Elissa had never admitted she was MVP (which she should have done), they still would have assumed that America would be voting for her. This twist can never be about strategy; even if Elissa is gone, America will always choose popularity over gameplay. This is why the twist is a failure and why so many people dislike it.

  11. I suspect Aaryn will be evicted unless they open their eyes to the threat Kaitlin has become. It may not be an exciting eviction this week but it certainly will be a satisfying one.

    • It will be a short interview, but I’m sure we’ll see more of her in other shows doing damage control, since she has handlers now.

  12. I bet GM campaigns to get herself evicted so she can go spend time with Nick. I for one hope she’s the one that goes out, she’s annoyed me from Day 1. :|

  13. Are they ever go to let them know that it was America who voted for the third nominee?

    • By their own rules, the MVP’s identity is not revealed to the other houseguests… but since when did production adhere to , or enforce any rules… rarely.

  14. I hope Amanda get HOH next week and puts Spencer and Howard on the block.

  15. No idea who they are going to vote out. Kaitlin or Aaryn are each targets for different people. I can’t see them voting GM out…unless Julie says that GM was put on the block by America before the live vote (but that may be too late for the HGs to think about)…so I think that it’s a coinflip between Aaryn and Kaitlin. It would be interesting if the HGs can agree on one and unamoiously vote that person out…well maybe more interesting if they can’t agree and the vote divides the house.

    • Are you talking about about who they picked in the BBMVP. or generally in all the other recent elections?

  16. *snooze* Well this is boring. I guess you can do eenie meanie miney moe at this point. We’ll see what next week brings.

  17. If they start talking about what they talked with other people, like they did with Amanda (some of them already blow her cover), they will see that Kaitlin is now the biggest threat.
    Aaryn can only talk with Kaitlin and GM. Nobody else cares for her.
    GM is the same. But Kaitlin still talks with much of the house. She is a strong competitor… and if they saw her to be the head of Aaryn and GM, they will evict Kaitlin.
    GM showed that she is not a competitor in everything they already did. Aaryn won hoh because Jeremy made some cheating.
    So, sending Kaitlin out, GM and Aaryn are on the chopping block next week (only if one of them gets the HOH… GM could even nominate Aaryn). But, if they kick out Aaryn (i think GM is safe) Kaitlin will place Elissa and Helen on the block.

    • Kaitlyn’s a threat, obviously, as close as she’s come lately, and Aaryn was the last girl hanging in the first HoH comp. Still I think GM, no matter how annoying, is the least of a threat among the Mean Girls (and no one listens to her crazy self now, thanks to the mess she made of her image in the house)…..that is, unless future comps will all be swallowing comps. Then – better get rid of GM, post-haste! Lol.

      • Exactly. Considering I was rooting for the Mean Girls to be have nots (with an unfortunate casualty in Helen) I was unhappy to see GM win. But the mean girls sure are lucky GM is used to opening wide like that.

  18. if they really want to shake up the houseguests… they should call each of them to the diary room and let them each think they are the MVP. let the game begin….

  19. I wonder if GM really got the next highest votes or CBS wanted all 3 of them on the block together to make sure one goes home. I hope Kaitlin goes, Aaryn wins HOH and puts up Elipssa and Andy. Now that would be fun to watch.

    • Aaryn got the most votes, Elissa 2nd highest but, it was a fluke and more because the fans did not read the website explanation of the votes. Gina Marie got 3rd highest. That is from the CBS website. Big Brother polls cannot be relied upon because it only has a limited number of votes for people who go to this site. If fans voted correctly, it would have been Gina Marie voted as the MVP nominee and not Elissa and maybe, Spencer are renom if Gina Marie won POV.

      • It does not but, one can assume easily that Aaryn got the most votes and we already know the fans voted for Elissa by mistake and if you read the Facebook remarks of fans, majority hates Aaryn and Gina Marie so, the result is no big surprise! If fans who voted for Elissa voted correctly, Gina Marie would have gotten 2nd highest votes instead of 3rd highest votes.

      • I’m not buying the people voted for Elissa by mistake thing. I voted for her, on purpose. She wasted the MVP power and got it too many times. Then she started to talk like she was special.

  20. Just as I wanted it. Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn all on the chopping block. Let them campaign and diss each other now!
    Between now and Thursday, should be interesting. I still want Aaryn evicted this week but, will settle on the other two if she is not evicted this week!

  21. Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn have 3 days to campaign to stay in the Big Brother House. Let the bashing and dissing begin!
    Maybe, we will hear of other horrible things these women have said about others in the Big Brother House. Now they can let it all come out in hopes of saving themselves! Whoppeeee!

  22. If CBS comes clean about America. Being the MVP, then the houseguest won’t have that fear of America hating them if Elissa was voted out anymore. They will think America hates Elissa and want her out. This whole thing was screwy.

    • Common sense will tell you that the Elissa haters are less than those who like her. If you want to decrease Elissa’s sympathy votes—-leave her alone! That is the best way to reduce her sympathy votes. Also, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer are all still in the Big Brother House. The focus and ire of the majority of viewers will be on them until all of them are gone! That you can take to the bank. When all the undesirables are gone, we can focus on getting Big Brother played the way it should be played based on strategy, manipulation and lies without the BS racism and bullying we have seen thus far! I will not help evict any other player in the Big Brother House while, any undesirable player remains in the house! So, get all the undesirables out and we can get back to having Big Brother played the way it should be!

    • The whole “vote for MVP” was a scam by production so they could hand pick a houseguest who they knew would do their bidding… it’s all fake, there is no vote count, don’t waste your texting money or any other effort on this. This idea was cooked up in their boardroom so they could get more control over who was evicted each week. I work for CBS and I have insider information about all these “twists”. Its all scripted and its all about ratings.

  23. Just wondering, is anyone else having trouble loading the mobile view of this site on your phone. I can’t get there even with my bookmark. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  24. I would think that production wants Kaitlin to go.

    She’s not a “personality”. Aaryn is good for saying racist & mean things & clueless about it. GM is dumber than dirt & also has a habit of spewing crap.

    Those 2 make for more “entertaining” TV than Kaitlin.

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