Big Brother 15 Week 4 Veto Ceremony – Let Chaos Reign

Amanda and Elissa

The Big Brother 15 Power of Veto ceremony will be held later today and for once we’re as uncertain as the HGs as to what is going to happen. With the outcome in America’s hands we’re waiting to see who will go up on the block when America’s MVP nominee comes down.

Read on for the rest of the spoilers and discussion on what’s possibly going to happen.

What we know for sure is that Elissa, winner of this week’s Power of Veto, will use the PoV to save herself. Since Elissa was the BBMVP nominee her replacement won’t come from Judd, the current HoH. Instead, Elissa’s replacement will be a result of the voting last week in CBS’s poll. Elissa was likely the second, possibly the third, option in the results behind Aaryn. Now that she’s off we’ll get the next in line HG going down the list.

According to our poll, Elissa was fourth behind Aaryn, Amanda, and GinaMarie. Since things obviously didn’t work out that way it’s hard to have any great confidence in those numbers for who will be the replacement. I’d still guess we’ll see either GM or Amanda going up on the block, but I’m not sure which to expect. We’d get way, way more drama and excitement out of Amanda going up on the block, but America’s TV-only BB15 viewers, the bulk of the voters, might have a different perspective on who should be nominated than online readers who are more informed.

As for the HGs, they don’t know what’s going on. A lot of them think Elissa was the MVP and nominated herself to throw the other HGs off her trail. That’s the stupidest strategy I’ve ever heard, but that’s what they think. There’s a whole stack of theories on “if HG X goes up then it means Y is the MVP” and they’re all going to be wrong. A few times we’ve heard HGs guess that America voted, but then they’re confused why they’d suddenly turn on Elissa after weeks of support.

If GinaMarie goes up then it’ll be a quiet few days while the house waits to evict either Aaryn or Kaitlin. If Amanda goes up then all hell could break loose as she rampages around the house seeking out her predator. Of course she won’t find us in there, but she doesn’t know that which means someone (Elissa most likely) will take the blame.

What do you want to see happen today at the BB15 Veto ceremony? Would you rather see GinaMarie, Amanda, or some other HG up there in Elissa’s spot?

We’ll keep our eye on the Live Feeds and share the spoiler results when the Veto ceremony is over this afternoon. In the mean time, be sure to sign-up for the in-house Live Feeds and see what happens next.



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  1. There was an evict helen and amanda twitter campaign so i see either of them most likely.

  2. I hope Amanda is put on the block.

    It would be fun to see her scramble for vote.
    would she ask Howie for his vote? I bet she would.

  3. I hope all hell breaks loose in the house today, i desperately need the entertainment.

  4. I’m kinda hoping Amanda gets put up. I liked her the first couple of weeks but she has become really bossy/pushy lately. Being on the block may be a message for her to tone her game down.

  5. Amanda, no questions asked should go up and get the hack out of there. She tries to run every hoh. Just a big mouth

  6. I hope Amanda goes up on the block as third nominee. This creates some drama and the hgs must vote her out in order to move forward with a good game. Aaryn should go next.

  7. If Aaryn does NOT go home this week, she better be a have not until she does go. Seems so unfair that she is just living it up in there while others suffer through their 3rd week on slop. Especially since she was allowed to pick the have nots when she won HOH.

    • I agree I think the 3 mean girls must be put on slop..I think just having her choose was very unfair !!!

    • It is time to get Aaryn out of the Big Brother House. As much as Amanda has been annoying of late, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer needs to be evicted first!

  8. Please “O” Please let it be Amanda as America’s Mvp
    replacement… Elissa got the wrong end of the stick America

  9. Spencer is a big mosquito, and has the most stupid theory about MVP. He’s not gonna win s**t, but he’s on everyone’s ear selling his stupid logic. Andy, the “Ginger Ninja” and the most informed HG, has the best theory so far. Anyway, to add more chaos in the house, I would like to see ARMADA on the block.

    • Great description of Spencer and he needs to be found out. He is so disgusting and makes me sick with some of his comments. I am also amazed that these HGs have not wondered about Andy since he has to be in every alliance there is and is everywhere, but you are right he has the best theory there is. I’m with you regarding Amanda being put on the block. She needs to be knocked down off her high horse. I just hope that CBS tells them the truth about America being MVP this week. I also hope Kaitlin stays. I am beginning to like her since Jeremy left.

      • Kaitlin HAS upped her game since Jeremy went back to his boat. But that also puts her in the “major” threat category. If she can find the right alliance she will go far. I DO think she has some of the “mean girl” left in her. She’s just better at hiding it now that Jeremy is not there to bring out the worst in her.

  10. Since I’ve always thought this week’s twist was CBS’ ploy to best ensure that Aaryn was put on the block (and evicted), I don’t think Amanda will end up as the third nominee. There would be too much of a chance for Amanda to be evicted against CBS’ wishes. lol

  11. While I think she’s playing a little heavy handed this past week, I absolutely love Amanda. Quite honestly, if she were to go home this early, I’m not sure I’m all that interested in watching the rest of this crew for the remainder of the summer.

    GinaMarie needs to go up and the “Mean Girls” need to be picked off one-by-one. None of them should be allowed to squeak by and possibly win big money in the end.

    • I agree, why should the racists be allowed to stay longer in the Big Brother House? The sooner they are all out—-the better as we can have good Big Brother play. Right now, they are taking valuable space while, being a distraction in the house!

  12. Definitly Amanda shes annoying and she thinks shes running the house hope she goes up and goes home, Howard and Spencer would vote her out in a second.

  13. Since so many people got confused and thought they were voting for MVP, I think it’s impossible to really say who’s next. It will be the 3rd or 4rd most hated person or the second most popular.

  14. Amanda is getting too bossy and controlling. She has put a huge target on herself. She needs to be back doored.

  15. I don’t get the fans of the show who seem to be supporting the most arrogant of players. Elissa and Helen are the two players who need to go. They are the ones who have been running the house since the beginning. It is time to get them out. I get why America wants Aaryn out but why Kaitlyn? Do viewers have something against the nice people players?

    • From everything I’ve seen, Kaitlyn is NOT a “nice people player”. She is Aaryn’s closest friend in the house, and always seems to be right in the middle of Aaryn’s racist rants and bullying of other HG’s. When Aaryn flipped Candice’s mattress and started saying such horrible racist things to her, there was Kaitlyn by Aaryn’s side, giggling away. And that same night, Kaitlyn and Jeremy were trying to bully Jessie out of her bed. To Kaitlyn’s credit, though, she seems to have gotten somewhat nicer since Jeremy left. But in my opinion, it’s too little, too late. I think Aaryn will be evicted this week, and Kaitlyn will go next week.

    • Kaitlyn is also a racist and bully which is why she is on the racist and bullies group. She is also just as arrogant as Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Jeremy who just got evicted! Helen and Elissa have done nothing on the level of these racists and bullies which is why majority of viewers want them all out! And hopefully, they will all be voted out one by one before
      they get deep in the game and be rewarded with more monies1

      • Time to put the trash out! We need good players to go to the other house so they can vote best player in the end, WITHOUT predudice. Vote out GM AA K and yes Amanda PLEASE

  16. If I was Elissa I would announce to the entire house “I am not MVP this week” SOOOO GET OFF OF MY ASS!!!!!!!!!! But she don’t have the common sense to do it.

  17. I think either GinaMarie or Helen should be the 3rd nominee. GinaMarie irritates the heck out of me, and I would be so THRILLED to see all of the mean girls on the chopping block! I thought Helen was OK until she won HoH, and she just seems like such a self-absorbed know-it-all ever since. I know Amanda has become more aggressive lately, but I still love her. I have been a huge Big Brother fan since Season 1, but this is the first season that I have absolutely no clue who will win. I just hope all of the mean girls and racists are evicted early! They definitely don’t deserve to win any of the money, and I hope they aren’t even on the jury!

    • I am with you on this. Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer in addition to Jeremy do not deserve that $500,000 nor the $50,000 or even the America’s Favorite Player with its cash reward. It would be a huge injustice for any of these players to be awarded huge sums of money because of their disgusting display towards the other players! Hopefully, we get Aaryn out this week which would leave Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn to be evicted next. Then, we can have the Big Brother we all deserve. One played hard based on game play without the racism and bullying which has gone on long enough!

  18. !.Moving Company
    2. Goof Troop
    3. The Knockouts
    4.The Grasshoppers(latest)

    It looks like a Horse Race program. I feel like betting “trifecta”

  19. I actually seen all this coming. As soon as I heard the twist, that America would be the MVP. Seconds later I told my family that since it will go by order, that Aaryn and Kaitlin would be put on the block and I figured that Elissa would go up for America’s choice. I was right on. And when I voted for America’s choice, I gave my votes to Ginamarie. So, I’m hoping GM gets nominated. It’s all happening exactly the way I thought. I’ll be praying Aaryn gets booted right on out of the house! She don’t deserve nothing! I’m completely hoping Elissa wins BB15. It would be awesome!

  20. I can’t stand Aaryn, but Kaitlin is a far bigger threat. Amanda on the block would be hilarious. I always love to see people who think they run things get put in a precarious position. And I really like McCrae and think is only shot at a win is if Amanda goes soon. I actually like everyone in the Goof Troup but Amanda. Judd, Andy and McCrae are my 3 faves.

  21. You said the polls show Elissa 4th in line of votes. I guess BB production is controlling everything by putting her up so I hope they put up the next in line but I doubt it.

    • The poll on this site, that has people who read about the live feeds. The CBS poll could be very different because there are a lot of people who just watch the televised shows.

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