Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

It’s week four in Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers thanks to the Live Feeds. The Feeds are on and we’re able to listen in and see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

Things were all set this morning for the nominations, but then after today’s Have-Not competition Judd was making some changes to that plan. It seemed like whoever would be the last HG in his ear would have the control.

Read on for the spoilers to find out who is on the block.

Big Brother 15 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Aaryn
  • Kaitlin

At the start of the day Judd was set on nominating GinaMarie and Kaitlin. He had told Aaryn that he’d keep her safe and he had heard GM was naming him as her target. With that in mind his choice was easy.

Later that shifted after he talked more with GM and decided she was not coming after him. Judd then talked with Aaryn and prepared her for going up on the block, but promised she was a pawn and he’d have more control of her fate if she was one of his noms rather than what they anticipate to be Elissa’s MVP nom. They don’t know that’s not happening like that this time around. Of course he also told Kaitlin that she’s just going up as a pawn. So everyone is just a pawn? Careful, Judd.

We heard from Judd in another discussion that he thinks this mysterious twist will be a Coup D’Etat this week (it’s not) which could explain why he’s trying to so hard to be extra nice to the potential nominees.

Big Brother Live Feeds

The third nominee will be revealed tomorrow before the Veto competition. Remember that if America votes for one of the nominated HGs then it’ll go to the next in line. Aaryn is obviously going to get the most votes to be nominated by America, but if she is up on the block by Judd’s hands then that goes to whoever came in second (or third). We could get some very interesting results.

That Veto competition will be held very soon, likely on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.


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  1. dang I didnt want him to nominate Aaryn cause I really want her to know how much america hates her. Hopefully America’s choice will be GinaMarie and all three of them can be on the block.

    • Maybe they will tell Aaryn she was the first vote getter, and than say second vote getter is third nominee.

      • That would be a shame cause it would shape the way the players play the rest of the way (trying to appease America in order to become MVP)…

      • The public can always see through the facade so it’d be telling who’s trying to shove their faces down to our throats to get some sympathy.

      • Yeah… players like Helen, Elissa & Amanda would probably catch on and use the info pretty quickly to their advantage… but then they’d tell others (foolishly) what they know and next thing you know it’s back to everyone playing it up for the cameras.

      • The same public who goes out of its way to support Jordan, Jeff, Brenchel, and Elissa because they’re either cute and/or sympathetic?

      • Elissa is not even a good player and could have been evicted if she was not bullied by Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn, Spencer and Jeremy. Yes, she got sympathy votes but, whose fault is it? Her because she got bullied or the ones doing the bullying because she is Rachel’s sister? That is the pathetic excuse they give for bullying her! Well, tough luck Jacks—-you reap what you sow! Jeremy just got his, we got 4 more to go! Take note too that Rachel who is not the most likeable house guest the season she won—-got sympathy from the viewing public because Danielle bullied her relentlessly during their season! Bullying is never right and most people have a sense of what is right and who is wrong!

      • I’ve been doing it all wrong this season! I’ve been voting for MVP, when I should have been voting for MSP: Most Sympathetic Player. Frankly, I have no problem with Elissa. She’s much more tolerable than Rachel. But she’s a strategic 0 in the house. And the vast majority of the bullying is CBS editing. The whole point of this MVP was to have a “no floater summer”. Elissa is the house’s biggest floater. Get a lifevest!

      • And the previous seasons of Big Brother did not have any floaters? There will always be floaters even in Survivor which is probably one of the hardest fought reality shows even compared to Big Brother! The MVP did not get the results desired because of the racism and the bullying. Again, the question is whose fault is It? You will never get a no floater season because in all the years I have watched Big Brother or Survivor—-there will always be floaters! If they want everyone to play the game then, give a nice cash prize each week to the HOH then, everyone will be playing to win! Give a cash prize to the POV winner too then, everyone will play to win! MVP alone is not sufficient as you will have a big target on your back.

      • I’m with you. Frankly, I’ve got no problem with floaters. It’s a legitimate strategy (well, if you’re using the true definition of floater and not the idea that a floater is just someone who isn’t competitive in challenges). I just don’t like the fact that the MVP was designed to give votes to Elissa because she’s Rachel’s sister (she wasn’t picked on when the first vote was announced before the season began!). I have nothing against her, but she’s getting a golden key this season. No, she’s not immune to the block, but who’s going to eliminate her when they can use her week after week as an extra HoH?

      • Elissa has been on the block twice already. You are thinking too far ahead when we still have Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer in the Big Brother House. It is shaping up as a Amanda’s group versus Helen’s group so, just because she has MVP does not guarantee her safety. Even when Elissa had MVP twice, she was on the block and could have been voted out! Helen and Amanda saved Elissa and not her MVP! All the MVP is good for is nominating someone but, doesn’t help you if you are on the block yourself because you can still be voted out! At some point, lines will be drawn and they will go after each other. I could live with that but, only after Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn have all been evicted! Then, I could care less who wins!

      • I’d like those 5 people out first too. But the reason that Helen and Amanda saved Elissa (and are fighting over her now) is because she’s always the MVP. As long as she can be used for that power, no one will be able to gather enough votes to get her out. It’s a major reason they were able to break up the Moving Company. Sure, Jeremy was putting too much pressure, but the reliability of knowing who the MVP is a great relief to having a secret MVP running around the house. The worst thing Elissa did in the house (and the reason she shouldn’t be MVP) is that she told people. She should have denied it. And if they didn’t believe her, she could have thrown out hinky nominations to throw anyone off the trail.

      • I agree with you that Elissa should not have told anyone she was MVP because they would not have known of it if she kept it a secret! Everyone would be guessing on who had it! She had no clue on how to play this game which is why she felt she had to tell McCrae the very first week.

      • UPB13, glad to see I’m not the only one thatf eels that way and when she first became one of the Have Nots and was in the diary room and said NO ONE COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY HOT SHOWERS, I want to cut my throagt. Sounded just like Rachel.

      • They can, most certainly, say that Aryan got the most votes, but since she is already on the block the number two person was selected. It is only fair that it is announced that Aryan got the most votes (that’s if she did).

      • I dont know how else they can do this. Like every other twist they put They have to explain the HG’s how the twist work, and the result.

      • Exactly. I don’t think they have to tell where everyone placed, but to say that America’s number one pick is a person that wasn’t, would be very deceptive.

      • Exactly, They have to say, since America”s nominee is on the block already, as a rule the nominee would go to the 2nd who has the most vote. There’s no other way to explain the MVP twist without announcing the true result.

      • I suppose they could always say that Americas choice is already on the block without revealing whether it is Aaryn or Kaitlin. Then tell who the second highest vote getter was and is therefore on the block. It may not be fair to Aaryn or Kaitlin but it would definitely keep them guessing.

      • I agree. This is what I think will happen.

        It would be more unfair to single out one player and say America hates you most. Everyone knows that if America’s involved in this vote, it’s not good. But to be told you’re #1, and then to have all of the HGs vote you out to suck up to America would be highly unfair.

        No one likes Aaryn. We get that. But if you announce to the HGs that she’s America’s most hated player, you destroy the gameplan of someone who wants to take her far, knowing that she’s got no shot with the jury.

      • I agree with you. I honestly think this plan CBS has cooked up may turn on them. And whether you agree or not with the things Aaryn has said, the game should be played out without interference from the powers that be. I don’t think they thought this all the way through. Or if they did, they just don’t care if it’s seen as unfair since they will be potentially ridding themselves of a problem.

      • Well, when have they ever cared if it’s unfair as long as they get good ratings and they’re not sued? #Pandora’sBox

      • The answer to that question is NEVER. It’s all about the bottom line. And protecting their a$$.

      • Considering she ought to have been warned/penalized directly for her comments and actions (doesn’t sound at all like she has been, based on how she reacted to Amanda telling her that production’s been asking about her), I see this as a fair compromise. It’s not like they weren’t itching to vote her out anyway, so I don’t see how telling them that even America can’t stand her changes the votes all that much.

        Plus it’d be a boost to those who have been subjected to her horrid behavior; they’d get confirmation that Aaryn may be a bigot, but America recognizes that and wants her punished for it.

      • Well. I guess they can do that. Now we have 2 people America hate LOL…well, one of them. Im ok with that

    • My money is on Gina Marie as the 3rd nominee and in that case—-it does not probably matter. One of the three will get evicted. I am rooting for Aaryn to still get evicted this week!

  2. I think the people hoping Aaryn would hear she was America’s least favorite will be disappointed. Now we just sit back and see who America gives the chair.

      • Oh I don’t doubt Aaryn got the most votes, but Judd put her up already. So it is the next highest vote getter. Things will get interesting if it turns out to be Amanda or Elissa.

      • Not likely to happen. The most hated house guests are Aaryn and Gina Marie so, chances are pretty good they will all be on the hot seat!

      • I’m not ruling anything out. If Aaryn and Kaitlin got 1st and 2nd place then we are looking at positions 3 and 4, which could be anyone.

      • it will be interesting to see who placed 2/3/4 as Aaryn likely got the most votes meaning a lot of people probably didn’t vote for GM and Kaitlin as they were so focused on voting on Aaryn. Spencer has to come in at #4, he would be next most disliked.

      • The poor people who wasted money on texting votes for Aaryn. I wonder if they will want a refund. lol

      • I was just thinking, everyone hates AAryan and GM for the racist remarks they said but isn’t it bulling AAryan and GM with all this hate. I say you all should feel sorry for her, she had to learn how to be such a racist from a very young age.

  3. Not surprised by the nominations. And now this idea of America being MVP backfired on CBS. Unless they do some more manipulation. All those votes for Aaryn wasted. LOL That’s why I voted for Amanda and I sure hope she goes up.

    • Not necessarily. CBS clearly wanted Aaryn on the block, one way or another. Allowing America to control who went up as the third nominee was set up as a fail safe, but since Judd put her up, they’re covered.

      Chances are the other highest votes were for Elissa, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin (though most likely NOT in that order), so it’ll be interesting to see who’s going up on the block as the third nom. If it is GinaMarie, then it still sends the “racism is not tolerated” message.

      • I really don’t think Elissa will get any votes. America voted her MVP for the last 3 weeks why would they vote to get her nominated??? I hope Amanda goes up. Maybe it will knock her down to size.

      • Elissa got a lot of votes. There was a concerted effort on Twitter by people who don’t like the whole MVP twist to throw votes to her, and there are a lot of Elissa fans who misunderstood this week’s twist and voted for Elissa by mistake. But that might only be a miniscule amount. However, I think everyone threw all of their votes to Aaryn, so it may not take many to get a minority nominee.

      • Where can you see the votes? I looked on the CBS website and can’t find any voting results. I don’t think they would show any of the voting but I could be wrong.

      • They won’t show the votes. I just saw a lot of people on Twitter were pushing Elissa as a protest, or complaining that they misinterpreted the CBS rules and voted for her by mistake.

        Probably not enough to sway anything though.

      • Oh…someone posted earlier that GM was getting a lot of votes on the CBS website and I could not find anything about the results that’s why I was wondering.

      • Nah, CBS will never give you a true accounting of any America’s votes except for America’s Choice at the end of the season. I’m sure they can’t lie about the numbers because I’ve heard that there’s always a lawyer in the production studio, but they won’t lay them out for America to see.

      • As much as I want the racism to be done with and Aaryn and her buddies shown the door I have to agree with you about Amanda. She needs to have some air let out of her tires. She is a loud no it all.

      • Totally agree. This was CBSs backup plan. Only it may not work out like they wish. They can plan until the cows come home but they can’t force the HGs to vote her out. Most of them vote for who is the biggest threat. And she is clearly not a threat. The most disliked by fans AND HGs but also someone they could possibly win against in F2. The best laid plans often go awry CBS.

  4. Please be all girls… PLEASE be all girls!!! It’s not that I have a problem with girls, it’s that I’m sick that only guys have been evicted out of the house so far.

    • You know, now that you mention it, Mike, I think this is the first time in BB history that nearly all of the strongest physical players have been voted out in the initial weeks of the game.

  5. Well, I would rather he nominated GM just so (like others have commented) Aaryn Nation would know how much we dislike her. But… what’s done is done. I’m pretty confident GM will be America’s vote for the 3rd nom and … hopefully, if Aaryn Nation doesn’t pull herself off with the veto, we will finally get that seminal moment this season when she exits the house… is booed mercifully and then faces an extended interview with Julie Chen about her racism (and is booed some more after she denies she is racist after being forced to watch/listen to her own comments in front of everyone). Please let this happen.

    • I’m not so sure. I think America’s votes were all in Aaryn’s basket. Did you throw any of your 10 votes to GM or all to Aaryn? This might end up with someone unexpected on the block.

      • I voted all 10 for Amanda. I knew this would happen so I wasn’t going to waste my votes on Aaryn.

      • Well, if everyone is like you, we’ll get something interesting soon. But why did it have to be Amanda???? Couldn’t it have been anyone else?

      • I don’t like Amanda. Her and McCrae think they run the house. And she bully’s everyone to do what she wants. Her own alliance is already starting to turn on her because she’s so controlling. Helen and Candice and Elissa were talking about backdooring her soon. I thought maybe her going up would humble her a little.

      • Helen is just as bad, if not worse, than Amanda. She had a serious case of HoHitis last week, and it’s carrying on to this week. I’m hoping Amanda will tone it down soon. I think she’s starting to realize that she can’t beat the Howard drum too much more.

      • I agree about Helen. I didn’t think many people would vote for her though. But she’s getting annoying and I think she is not so much the favorite anymore. Andy is another one that bugs me but I didn’t want to split my votes.

      • Amanda’s said her share of crap too. Aaryn’s been the worst so far because she’s backed up her bigotry with both direct insults and actions, but GM, Amanda, Kaitlin, and Spencer haven’t exactly been innocent either.

      • I’ll be very honest, I gave all my votes to Elissa because I thought it wass o unfair that she was MVP for three weeks. It suspose to mean MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, not the Most popular player. I really believe CBs brought her on thiss eason because their ratings were dropping. Want to see her gone.

      • If I were in the house, and I knew who she was, and there were no MVP twist, I wouldn’t necessarily have targeted her. Just because she’s Rachel’s sister doesn’t mean she knows how to play the game. This was almost an even playing field this season after the last few. Until it wasn’t.

  6. Aaryn’s nomination no problem
    GM will most likely be the second choice
    Then again America might surprise me
    Like in BB9 when James was voted America’s Favorite
    Didn’t know he had such a huge fan base then, lol

  7. If American selected Aryan to be the third person, then I believe they must announce that she was selected. They can’t just put the number two person on the block, that’s deceptive.

    • All they have to tell the players is that America voted, and if America’s vote was nominated by Judd, then they moved on to the next vote. They don’t have to say that it actually happened.

      • It would be unfair for them not to tell who got the most votes. If a person wins something, you can’t just chose another person without explaining why a person, other than the winner, was chosen.

      • That would not be unfair, nor would it be illegal. All they have to do is state the rules that were given to America. They absolutely do not have to say whether 1, 2, or 3 was put up. Now, Julie will announce it to America, but they are under no obligation to tell it to the players.

      • So what you are saying is it is okay to make people think that the #2 person got the most votes? I don’t think so.

      • You tell America that Aaryn got the most votes but #2 had to go up. You tell the HGs that America voted, and if America’s vote was put up by Judd, then America’s #2 (or #3 even) was put up instead. It would be blatantly unfair to tell the HGs that America voted Aaryn #1 and whoever is the actual nominee #2.

      • The only fair thing to do is to tell them truth. If the first or second pick is already on the block, then that is how the cookie crumbles. But, to tell a person that America choose them, when they didn’t, is a big lie.

      • It’s not a lie. CBS wants to create suspense. What’s more suspenseful than the nominee wondering if he was America’s first choice or its third?

      • To say that America chose anyone other than the person that they actually chose would be a lie. I don’t care what kind of spin you try to put on it.

      • But that’s the point!!!!! They’re not going to say who America chose.

        They’re going to say, “America chose one of you three. Figure it out for yourselves who they really chose. Either way, there are 10 other people in the house who weren’t in the top 3 vote getters, so you might want to think about the way America perceives you.”

      • Makes absolutely no sense to me. But, if that is how you think it will work, then fine.

      • You don’t understand his point. Julie will say America voted and since Judd already nominated the person America voted for than the person who got the second highest vote will go up on the block. Then Julie will announce who got the 2nd most votes.

      • Well, that would narrow it down to two people, which would be sufficient (still think they should reveal the name of the number one person, though). But, to put the number 2 person on the block without saying why would be very deceptive.

      • Why would it be unfair when they are only stating the truth? The truth is Aaryn got the most votes. Say Gina Marie got the 2nd most votes, to tell the viewing public she was the MVP choice would be a big, fat lie because she did not get the most votes. Telling the house guests who got the most votes and explaining the rules is the fairest thing to do! And I think that is what CBS will do when the time comes!

      • I’m not saying they’re going to hide it from the viewing public. They won’t and they shouldn’t. But they won’t tell the HGs. They will explain the rules, but they shouldn’t say who the vote went to, only that it went to one of the 3 nominees.

      • And it’s possible they might tell the HGs. But they’re under absolutely no obligation (out of fairness or legality) to do so.

    • I agree. I think they will let the house guests know Aaryn got the most votes but, since, she was already nominated, the 2nd highest vote getter got the nomination in her place! It is important to let the house guests know that! Probably lessens the chance of any stupid backdoor play from Amanda’s group.

      • Exactly! How could they not be truthful about the vote. People have to remember that not everybody watches the feeds, BBAD, and reads about BB online. Therefore, the name of the #1 pick must be televised. They can’t say that the number 2 pick is the person that America selected, either. That would be a lie.

      • They may not even say America voted. Remember the MVP is a secret but Elissa always opened her big mouth.

      • I would like this, but I think they might have to acknowledge it since they told them that something this week is unexpected.

  8. This proves BB doesn’t rig the show. They very obviously wanted MVP to pick Aaryn so they could announce that America hates her and put her up. If it were truly rigged, they wouldn’t want Judd to nominate her and avoid that situation.

    But this whole MVP thing was meant to give Elissa a leg up from day 1. It may backfire on her this week, as everyone put their eggs in the Aaryn basket except for a minority that’s sick of the MVP meddling, who voted for Elissa to be the MVP nom.

    And if Elissa were smart (I’m not sure she is), she could really use being the MVP nom to her advantage, proving that she’s not always the MVP (even though she will be again next week), and play her own game (instead of being everyone else’s MVP tool).

    • They could still make changes to how MVP is selected so it won’t be the same person every week.

      • They could, but I’m sure they want Elissa to keep winning after this week is over. This America’s vote was intended to ensure Aaryn goes on the block. They’ve gotten the ratings use out of her, but it’s now at the point where they don’t want BB to be forever known as the racist show.

  9. AAAhhh MAN!!! I was hoping he would put up GM – let America (& Whoever else) put up Aaryn & get her ass out!!! I can’t wait to see Aaryn’s face when she’s told she was put up since she think she’s America’s “Sweetheart” or as she put herself in her Blog on the CBS site….”BB BUNNY” (WHATEVER)!!!! THE GIRL HAS TO GOOOOOOO so she can get her true RUDE AWAKENING when she realizes she is now JOBLESS & probably has lost a lot of friends & MANY people’s RESPECT!!! Either way, whether they want to admit it or not….both Aaryn & GM have A LOT to be SORRY about!!!!

    • They will get theirs. It is called karma and nobody would want to get hit with any bad karma because it will hit you when you least expect it including your own family! And you can run and hide but, karma will find you and give you your just deserts soon enough. I have personally seen this happen too many times which is why I believe it! You reap what you sow!

      • If you believe that—-do something bad to someone. Just to test it. I dare you!
        Then, tell me there is no such thing when you get your just deserts!
        Personally, I have had a number of people do bad things to me who ended up paying dearly for it! I did not have to lift my little pinkie but, bad karma hits you when you least expect it! So, if you believe it does not exist—-that is your choice but, try and tempt it by doing something bad then, tell me it isn’t real because it is!

  10. Wow, the number of pop-ups on this website are ridiculous… come on… that is almost as annoying as listening to Helen.

    • How many are you getting? There’s one for Facebook, but only supposed to show up on front page & only once per 3 days. Then one for the Feeds, but can be permanently blocked or will vanish after 3 views. If you’re seeing more than that please let me know so I can check what’s going wrong w/ the settings.

      • I get 3 or 4 pop ups every time I get on this site. I always get a pop up about live feeds (which I have) and I’ll pay attention to the others if you want to know what they are. I just hit the close as soon as they pop up and don’t even read what they are.

  11. McCrea and Amanda need to get a room. Preferably, one with no lights or camera. I’m not interesting in seeing their love fest…..disgusting.

    • Lol Jeremy and Kaitlin were just as bad. In fact maybe worse since they actually had sex with the cameras going. Yuck.

      • No wonder they were saying that Jeremy entered the Big Brother House not for the money but, for……..You fill in the blanks.

        And yet, Jeremy said about Kaitlyn to Helen:
        I came here not to get married but, to win that
        $500,000! LOL

      • I don’t have the feeds. Jeremy and Kaitlin had sex? I didn’t know that. That’s sad

      • It sure looked like it and then they were talking about a stain in the HOH bed afterwards. So they did something. Very sad! Amanda and McCrae have also done something.

  12. I really hope that Elissa is not the second highest in votes. I voted for Aaryn, I want her gone so bad. I wish Judd would have put up Kaitlin and GinaMarie.

    • Hopefully, it will be Gina Marie. If you read the facebook comments, majority really hate Aaryn and Gina Marie. The poll on this site is only good for this site. What counts is the CBS website votes where there are more viewers voting! I used all 10 votes on Aaryn.

      • I really do not like GM but this girl is nuts and will go off the deep in when she finds out she lost her job and Nick never liked her. Really CBS should be very careful, this girl has deep issues. Aaryn will be OK when she is told how hated she is because she will choose not to believe it.

      • ginamarie needs professional help. on an interview which you can watch on youtube she says that she was bringing into the big brother house a picture of someone she has had a crush on for 2yrs and that hopefully we get to see him when she wins hoh. she says she is 32 yrs old. I think she is so desperate to find love and get married that it has made her crazy. how can you have a crush on someone for 2yrs and be walking around with his picture and you guys are not even in a relationship and then she gets into the house and hooks on to poor nick and starts walking around with his mug and cap crying hysterically? omg cbs has to get ginamarie off the show so that she can get the help she so desperately needs.

    • No the person who got the second highest votes will be nominated. Judd has no say in the 3rd nominee.

  13. Amanda and McCrae spend a long time in DR today. Word is, they’re being check for bed sores.

  14. I figured Aaryn would get the most votes so I decided to place all my votes for Spencer. I find his comments extremely offensive and will be so glad to see him walk out the door as well.

    I think it would be hysterical if the third nominee is GM. Just to see all three of those girls on the block would be fabulous! lol

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