Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 3 MVP

Big Brother 15 MVP

The latest MVP of the Big Brother 15 season has been revealed on the Live Feeds. The voting ended last night and the HG who won was informed privately in the DR. That HG has been discussing it on the Feeds so we can positively confirm the winner.

Read on for the MVP spoilers for BB15 this week.

Big Brother 15 Week 3 MVP:

Big Brother 15 Diary Room leak of MVP

  • Elissa is the MVP this week

With nearly half the votes in our poll no one should be surprised she won. It’s worth noting that she dropped about ten points this week over last. I’m expecting a new fan favorite to rise and usurp her role as repeat MVP before long.

Helen was pushing Elissa to put Howard up on the block for lying to her about the MC and his vote, but word is that Elissa went with Spencer as an alternative. We’ll have to wait and see how this impacts Helen’s alleged plan to backdoor Jeremy. Howard may have been a better competitor to get the Veto win and clear a path for Jeremy’s renom.

Are you surprised by Elissa winning the MVP? Who do you think she should nominate as the MVP player?


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  1. She is still one of the most likable in the Big Brother House so,
    probably the reason she got it. I gave it to Helen who got 17% in the poll. Someone else could win it next time out! It does not really matter too much as long as they evict Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer. My preference is for them to take out Jeremy this week because that will further weaken the other 4 from the racists and bullies group. I am sure Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn will continue with their racist rants and try to start fights in the house but, if Jeremy goes this week–they should know one of them is next on the eviction list!

    • Yeah, I know some people will be upset that Elissa got it again, but really the power goes to the team/alliance. I don’t think the final outcome will be that much diff if Helen had gotten it. Unless of course this whole Spencer vs Howard nom screws up the Jeremy BD.

      • upset because it stands for MOST VALUABLE PLAYER and she is not – she is riding her sisters coat tails

      • Bonnie. glad to see someone other then me sees what MVP stands for, It doesn’t stand for floater of the house on her sisters coat tails.

      • @Josephine Ruggieri Diliberto guess you haven’t seen my posts because I have posted plenty of times what the MVP stands for and people still don’t seem to care. Elissa is riding on her sister’s coat tails and imo it was never fair to anyone from the beginning. Very frustrating. I just heard on the live feeds that she lied about getting it, but Amanda got her to admit it. They are not happy with who she put up because she went against her own group of who they wanted to go up. Amanda is livid as of a short time ago and thinks it doesn’t make sense. Not sure what will happen as things change every 5 mins. on the feeds.

      • I agree also. That’s why I want her gone first. Then everyone has a fair chance.


      • I totally agree, she has done nothing. when in the past has someone not won a single comp and gotten rid of two straight people who were actually playing the game. this is a rigged game for somone who has done nothing but been related to a former player

      • Elissa did NOT “get rid of” David and Nick. She just nominated them. OTHERS masterminded their eviction.

      • Elissa gets it because people know it bothers the mean girls alliance. They are obsessed with Elissa and every time Elissa wins, it bothers the heck out of them. That is more than enough reason to give it to Elissa as far as I am concerned. Once these pigs are evicted, the game will return to normal I think but right now America want to take down the evil empire.

      • That’s a good point Prince. However, Elissa is STILL getting and taking most of her strategic advice from Helen. That’s why I think Helen should get it.

      • Agreed. I think it should go to Helen. She’s smart and is not afraid to play the game.

      • OK, so who in the history of big brother at week 2 has been able to nominate and see evicted 2 different targets? BOTH MVP noms have went home. So far this season No One that has been nominated by an HOH has left. Get over the fact that she is related to Rachel and see her actual gameplay.

      • It does not really matter who has MVP as long as the rebel alliance sticks together and evicts Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn, Jeremy, Spencer one by one! Then, the odds on the remaining 9 house guest cashing that $500,000 winners check or that $50,000 runner up check just got better! They all help themselves by evicting the bullies and racists out of the house!

      • I wonder how long that will be? Amanda was furious this morning about who was put up because it is not who the group wanted and she thinks something is not right.

      • I hope it bites that entire group in the ass because they only wanted to keep Elissa because of the MVP. They wanted to use her for that. The only one that really wanted her there was Helen. Maybe if one of their group goes home they will get rid of Elissa and the stupid MVP.

      • You mean it doesn’t matter who gets HOH anymore because of the MVP. Used to be you fight to get HOH and you control who you want gone. You might not get your target out because of the POV but you can still get the next person you want out. Now HOH means nothing except safety and a room. Stupid idea CBS. It might of worked if you hadn’t brought Elissa into the house or if she was just Eissa and not Rachel’s sister. Then it would at least be interesting and have people wondering who would get MVP.

      • No, the MVP thing means you have to play a good social game. As bad as people think Elissa is playing, are Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlyn playing any better? Obviously their game play has made them enemies of the entire house. The only thing I would like to see change is they should make teh MVP keep it a secret like they did with the Diamond Power of Veto. If the MVP reveals he/she has the power it should be revoked by Big Brother. A nomination with no blood on hands would be awesome.

      • I don’t think it does. There’s no guarantee Howard would have won the veto. It will be interesting to see what Candice does if she wins the veto. If Helen wions, she takes someone off. If Aaryn wins, she takes herself off. If Kaitlin wins, who knows what she’ll really do. She needs to remember why she signed up for this show in the first place. If GM wins, she’ll probably take Aaryn off the block. I tink it doesn’t matter if Howard or Spencer were nominated; the results will be the same.

      • Obviously, you are in the minority because majority still voted for her! I did not even vote for her except last week as a sympathy vote! I voted for Helen this week. You want Elissa to lose? Then, do not bully her or be mean to her like the racists and bullies, Gina Marie, Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Jeremy or Spencer. Each time they bully her, she gets more and more sympathy votes! And compared to the racists and bullies, she is an angel! People will always root for the underdog and those that others oppress but, Gina Marie, Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer, Kaitlyn and their fans cannot see that simple fact! You want Elissa to lose, be nice to her. Although, the chances of that happening is slim to none!

      • there is no way of telling if these are legit votes or CBS just keeping elissa in the house. it really is in CBS’s best interest to cause some divide in the house because 9v4 will not make for a good season

  2. Of course….. Whatever…. Even if I did vote, the person would lose if Elissa is still in the house. This season isn’t really that great anyway.

  3. I do not really car who gets MVP as long as it isn’t on of the evil ones. What is funny is that Jeremy, Aryan, GM and Kaitlin all think the only thing standing between them and MVP is Elissa with the Rachel fan base. I almost want Elissa evicted just to see their reactions when they still don’t.

    • Even if Elissa was out, the Rebel Alliance will still get MVP. The chances of any of bullies and racists in the house is slim to none. I for one will never vote for the Gina Marie, Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer or Kaitlyn. They will never get my vote. All I want is for all of them to be evicted then, we can have a game based on strategy, lying, game play instead of the racist and bulying crap we have seen these past 3 weeks!

      • I totally with you, Richie. I long for the past seasons when the worst thing your most hated HG did was lie and backstab. GAME strategy, no matter how vicious, is fun. Even annoying cockiness or whining is OK and entertaining.

        When things are brought to the level of real life personal attacks, especially continuous racism, it’s sickening.

      • While I agree completely regarding racism, bullying, etc. I am amazed at the outpouring from people about BB guests when it is around every single day. I don’t think a day goes by in real life that these same types of comments aren’t made and by people who certainly should know better. I wish people got as upset about what surrounds many people in their every day life. It needs to stop everywhere.

      • I find it hysterical when someone stabs someone else in the back and the one who got tricked gets all ticked off as if no one ever does that in the BB House! The entire game is based on deceit and tomfoolery. When Aaryn was attacking Jessie for voting out Nick, it was laughable. This is how you play the game!

      • So true, the most silly thing I have seen is GM crying for Nick, they have only know each other for not even 3 weeks, really he did not like her like that, he is scared of any female, too young I guess to get involved! Those racist are going down one by one but Jeremy is a bully he needs to go like yesterday!


      • Did you read Nick’s exit interview? He didn’t want a showmance to begin with, but as time went on his feelings changed and it went from a fauxmance to a showmance. He said they are going on a date to a Monster Truck Rally. He felt he wanted to protect her emotions because he cared for her and he knew if the MC had gone further she would be cut at some point.

  4. I don’t think she’ll lose MVP anytime soon. She’s the safest bet against Aaryn.

    • That’s true. Elissa will never make a deal with Aaryn, Jeremy, GM or Kaitlyn. I am not so sure about the others.

  5. Just wondering why you still are so concerned about the MVP instead of the racist garbage stinking up BB priorities people

  6. I actually voted for Helen. I know there was a lot of BB fans pushing for a switch up. I like Elissa but I mean, c’mon. Give someone else a chance that is actually winning @ things. That’s what MVP is about.

  7. Hmmmm… interesting. If I remember correctly, Elissa’s pals were not too pleased with her MVP nomination of Nick last week and look how that turned out. He ends up getting evicted and the power in the entire house flips. Elissa knows what she’s doing. If she wants to put up Spencer, well hopefully she has the same goal as Helen – to BD that pig Jeremy. Though, I’d reallllllllly love to see Aaryn walk out and have to face Julie and the rest of the world. That will be must-see TV.

    • I agree except it is never a good idea to go against the whole house. But if the target is Jeremy or Aaryn nominating Spencer ensures one of them goes home instead of Howard. I am worried Amanda is trying to get Howard out and is not totally on board with the Jeremy or Aaryn eviction.

      • Amanda really turned me OFF last night for the first time. I’ve been a fan. But her Howard bashing really annoys me. In addition to her telling Aryan EVERYTHING about the Rebel Alliance. Not liking Amanda so much today.

  8. When is somebody gonna get that poor excuse for a player out! Aaryn makes me sick….I cant even watch her anymore!

  9. I thought the MVP was for who played the best game.. not who has the biggest fan base because your sister won before. Yup.. to me, this game is rigged.

    • It is a double edge sword. She gets MVP but also has a big target. I think she is playing the game and doing it well. She is trying to be low key but can’t because of her sister. She is the underdog and America likes rooting for the underdog. What is REALLY important is that Big Brother is allowing the racist remarks and Bullying continue. WE have been fighting this in America for generations. Kids are killing themselves over this very issue. CBS should stop it, knowing families across america watch this together. It is time to let the kids know it does not matter who does this type of actions, it will not be accepted.

      • If it starts dialogs at home, then it will have accomplished a good purpose. These people are so hateful, for no real reason.

      • I agree with that. I wrote out of emotion to begin with. I have turned it into a learning event at home. It does seem that A is just so ignorant and immature to realize she is being racist.

      • CBS can’t stop it. People forgot part of the appeal of this game is the social interaction, and there are people who enjoy what at it’s roots is a sociology experiment (as are most long term reality tv like this), watching how people react to being stuck with the same people for months, watching people get ugly, alliances made and broken, etc, etc. Racism is a part of society, and freedom of speech is important in this country.
        I do feel things went a little too far the other night, with the mattress flipping and all.
        Plus, it seems like Aaryn really doesn’t think/intend it to be racist. I think CBS may be taken that into account. Now, if she was just walking around going “here comes the N****ers” or “uh oh n***er’s in the room” then I would hope CBS would step in a bit and tell her to cool it off.

      • You are right. this is a show to represent the diversity in out country. It is sad that someone so young has not been taught what is appropriate. I can only imagine how she acts when no one is watching.

    • I have been sayingt hat for years and if anyone remembers last year everytime Rachel was on the block either her or her man as she called him wont he pov

  10. Though I’m glad Elissa got MVP because she will do great things with it
    I’m going to get tired of seeing her walk in the Diary Room and act all surprised about getting MVP
    Hopefully, a fan favorite emerges (as long as it’s not Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and maybe Spencer) and someone else wins MVP :)

    • I agree a little bit. But the more I watch of Elissa, the more I like her as a person. She does not appear to have any meanness in her. She is the anti-Aaryn which is why I think she gets so many MVP votes.

  11. im voting for Helen, I think she is the dark horse of the season and could come up outta no where and win!

  12. I think in order to see any real play coming from Elissa she has to not win MVP. Once she realizes she has been usurped as “the favorite” we’ll see how skillful she really is.

  13. I think there was a bit of controversy on the feeds last night. One side wants to put up Howard as an MVP pawn but Helen was told by production Howard cannot be put up on the nomination block for week 3. When Amanda was brought to the HOH room and was told about it, she kinda flipped and everything went to fish. Speculation now is to to put up Spencer instead.

    • I missed it. Do you know what time that happened because I want to flash back. Why would production say they can’t put Howard up? They can put anyone they want up and if that’s the case everyone needs to complain to CBS just like their doing about the racism. I know production manipulates the game and edits how they want the show to look but come on saying you can’t put somebody up. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  14. I think elissa is a sweetheart and should not be targeted because she’s Rachel’s sister. Let her play her game and see how long she stays in the house based on her performance.

    GET RID of Jeremy, Gina Maria, that disgusting Aaryn. Kaitlyn. They all have to go. Spencer too

    • Elissa isn’t playing the game Helen is playing it for her. And I guess you didn’t watch Rachel’s wedding because Elissa showed who she really is a real bitch! And she’s being targeted not because she’s Rachel’s sister it’s because she came into this house with an advantage with all of Brenchel’s fans behind her and the MVP CBS created to keep her in the game.

      • Agree with your comments, and i wonder how much longer CBS can keep this charade going and when the real game is going to start because elissa should be gone twice over in a traditional season

      • No I didn’t see the wedding and i’m sorry I like her. To each their own opinions

      • Hey you don’t have to apologize to me for who you like. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just my opinion.

      • I like it but they should make it be a secret instead of allowing the MVP to tell everyone. It would make things more interesting.

  15. So happy Elissa got MVP again, I will vote for her everytime. She is so sweet to people when they are upset, and I really admire her for not talking to Aaryn one on one. Aaryn told Andy she wanted to talk to Elissa, she said I won’t apologize to her but I want to talk to her. Ha Ha Elissa wouldn’t do it. Aaryn makes my skin crawl! She is truly a mean mean girl.

    • At the root of Aaryn’s problem is her vanity. She is extremely vain, as evidenced by her constant peek into the mirrors around the house the fist week. She judges everyone else on appearance too. That’s why she is fixated on color, and race.

  16. After Helen’s HOH I am sure Helen will get it next week. I hope MVP stays until the very end! Even during double evictions, we can vote for an MVP during the 5 minute commercial!!

    • I think the MVP is the worst idea CBS has ever had. Let’s just call this the Elissa show. Her head is already getting bigger and bigger. We might as well just write her a check now because there’s no room for anyone else in the house with her head so big.

      • I really do think people will turn on her soon enough… Just need one or two more gone from the ”mouths R’ us” alliance, and people will go and target Elissa. :)

      • Oooh like that alliance name. “mouths R’ us”. Can I use that too? Lol

    • there’s no need to vote just give it to Elissa its the only part of her game play, thats the CBS way


  18. Production is running the entire show from beginning to end. They told Helen she couldn’t nominate Howard this week. BB15 is worthless garbage.

    • they are ruining what has been a good show for so many years to keep someone with horrid gameplay in for as long as they can

      • Production wants Elissa to win the game. Another $500,000 for a Reilly sister. That would be top news and a ratings boost. For BB16 Mama Reilly could be a HG!

  19. LOL!! This whole MVP thing is silly. Elissa should be evicted by now, but since America likes her, she gets to keep nominating players. There’s no need for her to ever win HOH at this point.

  20. Oh my god, America. Just stop. Elissa has not been the best player for one week, let alone three.

  21. I don’t think its as much that America loves Elissa, it just that her sister’s fan base is always going to win versus votes divided among so many others. Please send her home. I am tired of the fake screechy voice she uses in the DR and she doesn’t know what to do with the MVP power anyway.

  22. Big brother messed up huge by bringing in someone that might as well be a veteran. They wanted an all newbie season to introduce this new MVP power but its back fired bringing in a fan favorite sibling…sigh /palm2face

  23. they just giving the mvp to Elissa for doing nothing. she hasn’t won any comps but yet she get the mvp every week. they handed to her like they handed Rachel bb13.

  24. That’s it. I’m done with this show. I refuse to watch it anymore. I’ve been watching this show for years now, and I’ve always known that they would fix some things, but this year they aren’t even trying to hide it.

    THREE weeks in a row, for doing absolutely nothing? For winning nothing? This season had great potential. I thought I was watching Big Brother, not the Elissa show.

  25. MVP might stand for Most Valuable Player, but the reality is that it is a popularity contest…so far Elissa is by far the most popular houseguest, so it is fitting that she continues to win this special power. It doesn’t matter anyway, if nothing else it helps her alliance as it continues to put more of a target on Elissa. If it’s not far for Elissa to receive MVP because she’s Rachel’s sister, then it’s not fair that she was targeted from the very beginning ONLY for that reason. I hope she continues to win MVP, she needs the extra leverage since she is still the most vulnerable member of her alliance. I do agree with the comments about Helen being very deserving of MVP, though, maybe it will happen as soon as The Mean Girl Alliance is dismantled or at least weakened to the point of being of little threat to Elissa.

  26. My MVP votes went to Helen simply because i wanted to see what would happen if the HoH got it for once. Maybe we wont know until Elissa wins HOH

  27. I think Gina Marie, has a serious Mental problem, or has a Stash of Alcohol or Happy Wacky Meds? Something is wrong??

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